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Aug 24, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the win in the preseason game against the Colts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Egg eating a lot of good point out on the saints' radio network final score tonight from focus almost aiming Indianapolis it was the Saints 23. And the Colts seventy. That's -- -- fourth station identification on the New Orleans Saints radio network bottles going to Wallace point three Indianapolis seventeen cage again if you liked the saints' first team against the Colts from team deceit. Well I mean that's account. Manhattan you'd read an image it's they have this kind of game in the first half vs. The first other thing gamer him in the fourth game because it's the closest thing you gonna get. To the regular the regular season in what I wanna -- real competition accounts. The Colts are twelve team. If you look at the background there is at thirteen. All the time that we've. Played him in the pre season you know got to go back to Baltimore. Now they hold day came into the game to seven of five edge now. It's seven to six. But you look at in the regular season. And we've only played him eleven times in the Saints have six wins at the five losses. But Colts fans are well aware of the Saints in the -- detonation. First off. When you look back in 2009. After the 2009 season one assume will we beat Indianapolis Colts 31 to seventeen. And -- -- then the shellacking. And he crushing defeat we became did you greatest show on turf. In 2011 we beat him 62. 27. -- Drew Brees is not -- the rusty he was real. Confident on it in his game and so the Colts they're not adults anymore the Colts are relevant. Oh and Andrew Luck. I think the Rivers and AFC south. But they still not. In the Saints -- Now what I like and we seen is that practice to look at on both sides of the ball laden. The Colts were open too and goal and on the goal line. We seen that in practice when they went live will -- did I. Our defense stopped our offense. A wanna say eight out of ten times 80% of the time so that was very encouraging. -- you'd be competing against someone else. And boy when you force the goal Florida poured down that'll get ready got to settle for a field goal. Of the that is huge -- -- -- -- -- a confidence standpoint it's gonna go along way when rob brought into the -- whenever you have those goal line stand to look at sacks. We continue to get out that a opposing quarterback. After three games of we have eleven sacks. That has to be amongst the best right now in the NFL even though it is pre season. Now penalties. You might see well we -- better the average still too many -- that would tend to 84 yards. Never want anywhere near. Nine penalties aren't a hundred yards will roll that but I look at more what we did in the first that was a mistake that. Of the starters that 88 for sixty yards and that's way. Too much then I'll look at our run defense. I still think at times if you try to shorten a game and keep the ball out Drew Brees -- hands. I still think teams would try. And and run against -- There might be a low scoring game. And in you know -- -- football but I adding if you would truly be the Saints I think at times it would be more. A run the ball Adam and I could say well go ahead. And nine at camps of the 38 yard but it is still a four point two yard average but all's said and done. And now big gash is that the back of the in the haven't heard his 62 yards. Five point six. Averages 29 it is that we ran the ball well. You gotta give props out to Mark Ingram. He continues to run at a high level five. Point eight average you look at -- a first half. 23 rushing it gets -- -- Nolan the last time Sean Payton. As run the ball on 23 times in have -- we averaged five and have yards attempt. -- 124 yards so so that was moving courage in. -- get a turnover ratio. Were plus two for the game and now we're plus five for the preceding considering. You know who started out let's say minus three. Against the Rams so plus five of the preceding Olerud that are Ravens game. That that agreed that right now. Third down offense is outstanding with the first unit we're above 60% six for nine. Third on a -- agency deep it is outstanding. They were all in one of four. Now as the game progressed. They got a little better and now we can do quite as well mistake and -- profits that third down. Bit of a good third down efficiency. Oh with a one. We won big time over them now what was ironic. It was like to show you how dominant a performance. It was I mean basically. A two to two minute warning. They had the ball fifteen plays in the things that it we had a 448 please. Time of possession to what name is thirty seconds to six minutes and 27 seconds -- and that's what I look at right then as like. Okay you're going best against the best and now we're on the road that's also impressive to go and do that on the road. That that is dominant now. Not gonna make it macho coach Bates as substitution -- A substitution probably everyone is stupid penalties like that when you have twelve men. On the field or or even if you don't have -- twelve or ten as far substitution. But I think that's because an expanded roster. And I don't see that. You know being a factor when this season you know unfolds Drew Brees -- -- -- a Mark Ingram up Derrick Thomas I mean give Pierre Thomas a game ball. Just missed a steady he only had three rushing it is but he averaged four point three yards but he led -- team. Not only in receptions and also yards he had four catches. The 66 yards. Look at Adam. -- like made plays at times. Defensively. Now this to be a trivia question after three games. When I'll look at and out who's leading the Saints. In tackles well it's a -- since Jerry. He has fourteen total tackles eleven solo. And Tyrone walker. -- eleven total tackles and eight solo would be any sincerity. Leading the way. With fourteen total tackles and eleven solos one of my dark horses. And junior go that acknowledges. -- anabolic. Out of Boston College became obvious that -- -- the -- gimmick sacked in there have been Lawrence Virgil. I don't know Jackson posting again at state I guess was their first thirty game today and cam Jordan. Cam Jordan had a sag should add two sacks he gets another quarterback you might be two sacks. Because I don't know bill -- as strong. As Andrew Luck and in Ronnie Powell I think he. Violate played up to his billing as potential. You know the expectations he was time had been necessary it was six total tackles. And -- had now for an assisted can't have a Carroll outstanding in his session. Brian Dixon. Also came up when interception but. With him his flight either feast or famine. Because he get the -- -- -- gets burned. A fade out fade route. On the touchdown but Kenyatta Carol continues in to be that playmaker. As far as injuries. The only thing I don't know Kenny still I mean. I don't know the extent of it. I think had a -- beginning game to hold on to a ball that you gotta make. You know bottom line. The one negative play and I know from mental standpoint it's -- struggle to Rob Ryan. Their first touchdown. And looked at leaner and put it in our touchdown that was. Just miscommunication. Between Curtis Lofton. And I can -- Carroll but. You beat a good football team and -- at the Saints have to be. I'm jacked up by that especially going on the road and now we've kind of had the colts' number as of late like -- said. That's setting records against them. When you look at that 62. 27 win and then also winning is suitable against them so. Bottom line. He won everyone's healthy as they could be blown it to this season and you -- a lot of tobacco. -- Thursday night when the Ravens command down. But we got Betty ready we got to be ready to -- come week one at Atlanta and Cleveland. Is the nice way to do have this kind of went on the road. And there's no reason. Right now to me that we shouldn't be ready to take care of in this film we won against the Falcons. Indicate he came Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia it's a point after all All Saints radio network New Orleans 43 the Colts seventy this is the Saints radio network. And welcome back to the point after he all of a Saints radio networks sites three and oh the pre season one final pre season game. There is that I in the dome against the Baltimore Ravens would talk about one thing that become a trade -- Sean Payton era. Getting off to a hot stalked the Saints did in this league Bobby gone on long drives run with. A beat on a touchdown against the Titans and go to another it's thought tonight and then at 2317 victory over. You -- that quality -- you look at the second straight week the Saints scored a tires on their opening offensive drive. And not easy drive they went eighty yards thirteen plays. In their -- first of its a series of very similar Luke McCown did last week. Against the tidings if you look at. The New Orleans office scored on for the team's first five possessions. That that's just like well -- mean it's like blitzkrieg. You almost can't play catch it when you force a lot of times you force the ball force that situation to try. Play catch up and you and you look at Dole's for the team's first five possessions when the ball -- eighty yards. On three of those drives in the first half and just a totally dominate out -- the Colts. 288 yards to 132. In the wanna see a better running game. We would take this every week you visited -- the whole game well. Without Rose to COLT in the first half a 124. To 38 -- bigot and I know it's pre season. But in their first half. This is closing and get their regular season game we all know that did the balance a but Wilbon and if you look at nobody history. I didn't realize is that the Saints have won. Their first three -- -- gains in consecutive seasons. For the first time in franchise history. You know we've gone -- before but never in back to back seasons. And on now they've done that three you know last year to -- again. So and that's there's always time for first and as the first our franchise history and that's occurred. 260 Y 7866889. He rates have it to the fold we go -- let's go up to -- in -- Amanda thank you for calling the point out there on the saints' radio network. -- and all you men. Okay. I. Don't -- -- -- You Q in the last couple. Well we we got to do better against the run. They were getting after opposing quarterback. Now. Mean eleven sacks -- we have eleven sacks in three games. To me that's. You got to be among among the best. I mean you -- got to do is go. If you're averaging three of four sacks -- -- sixteen. Times through a sixteen times for the night got to do it every game now against the run no I'd have to agree -- you. That is not been the case. And I know Rob Ryan is well aware of that. That that we cannot afford. You know to be in this situation the scenario. Where were you given up Florida have five yards I Carrie Silva but I think overall reading you'd take way to football. And right now we're plus five for the season. And we gave great turn overs and a third down beavers look -- overdoing. Third down defense were outstanding. In their first -- they were only one of four on third down but realistically of that data and have the ball. So if you don't have the ball I'll continue. Execute on. The united had that many third down there -- one of four within ended up being five or twelve so look more what happened Amanda in the first half. And that's so much at times we were getting gas in the second half is that a lot of guys. They're not going to be on the team and they on the team. They gonna be played special teams. And -- be back Cubs primarily. On a regular on defense. Right in -- actually bordering south -- you know -- here two years ago probably in northern Michigan at bat. And the guy they're actually gonna go in the game and chilly October 19 and I am so excited about it. Well a man out to you what. -- -- now I think has to be a challenge to win at Detroit. I hope -- all that is collecting. Because at times I think their office can be really explosive. If Matthew Stafford now league he's -- sometimes to turn over a football. But but I think they're capable. Of putting up thirty plus points but I but I think we did take advantage of their defense. And and I look at that's what it -- gains ally college and is almost slam dunk. Buy a New Orleans but I Detroit that Beckett beat. Scenario where were we gonna have to have well a game off as they could be a track meet tight game. And -- that's again bedeviled auto wind the turnover ratio you can shoot yourself on in the foot on the road. And give them or Robertson is -- Matthew Stafford and and their butts. A journal of the ball I thought they would Reggie Bush. -- looked about as good as ever -- as he had eighty yard in his own NFL that wearing eighty yard touchdown run against Jacksonville. And and he flat out looked like he needs is coming out of USC. The Dallas kinda I guess what you'd expect him about it every third game. But is to be a challenging -- we have to go up. To Michigan in and played -- of -- -- and who dat nation in the should be a very entertaining game -- to Saints c'mon don't tell. All right back go to the phone to go to school to captain in -- -- thank you call of the on at the -- radio network. All. Right camp and is in otsuka. No although we it has been -- studio right now will be out there yeah when it does studio. Thursday night the getting will be in the studio again. And and will be -- dean he's the point after. Cubs season after the Falcons game. And -- before the game in the pregame we're going to be at my -- -- -- again about -- restaurant and -- -- all the states away games the greens. That that's what the word on the street as I finished back remembered by the way it's irrational and it not are quietly -- -- Only -- One out on top -- look at it on one thing happened in jail on new pieces to -- Yeah jail. But I think Shula yet now he's using money. I mean obviously talked about Ingram and all of one thing's for sure. Look at out in the morning and the easy you know not one back in -- you've got. Well is that. Insurance policy plus mentally today was gonna happen last year he led the team in carries. I would be shocked again this year when all's said and enough visiting everybody helped me. That he believed the team again in rushing and I'm not talking about touches by as many plays in and all that because he led the team. And receptions yet four receptions. 66 yards but he had three rushing attempts. For thirteen in it. You look -- at Robertson commitment about the main back ironic that he needed to have a of had aided him now with that being said. In Mark Ingram and -- Robinson. They're not getting it done. I think coach and he does it even -- and I and -- puts Pierre Thomas in there because that addressed back the first second. Third down. -- -- still got some wiggle. He makes of people miss. He falls forward. He did that tonight. Right and I mean you gotta do is look at the film. I like Kolb is the where -- -- is that -- -- of that guy he's he's productive but actually thing. That as far as rushing attempts then Mark Ingram. And Colorado and have more rushing at him and him. Did that doesn't mean he's not gonna have opportunities to touch the ball this season. All right thank you so much will come back we're putting a ball a -- calls final 460170. Total free 8668890870. New Orleans 23 Indianapolis seventeen this is the point after all the Saints radio network. He indicated he -- -- Bobby Hebert of the ability compiling some notes. Fall WWL dot com Bobby and look at some -- notes at the three -- replaces the -- to -- to three you know. The Saints have won efforts. Three pre season game to consecutive seasons for the first time in franchise history. There's an item Mercedes-Benz superdome it is only matchup in the final we could pre season with 23 in OT the three you know Saints host the three you know -- Snow at the bill -- a yeah got to -- the ring and try to get -- impala the Saints score eighty points. In the pre season about it they've allowed 65 to all of his offense is averaging 337. -- pro game at 1133. Games to Saints have. Recorded eleven quarterback sacks for minus 72 yards. The Saints have been sacked four times three tonight one prior and the first to gain the Saints have -- eight Toronto was the economy plus five of the turnover ratio. Nuance has been -- flag fortitude to iron to 372 yards. That's an average of fourteen flags and current point four -- the game. And Mark Ingram Bobby's -- the ball 21 past 448 yards that is six point eight -- -- Well and that's why we got to give kudos to marking yet. Mean it don't matter only got to give to would evolve and it and -- -- charity will start he had a bigger sense of -- -- -- -- -- yeah I mean no just keep billion doing whether you get in twelve attempts to gain -- -- -- 1518. Depending and they have a flow of the game. Now the only thing I -- today what we average of 141014. Pennants aren't won four rounds now. Depending on what happens -- Atlantic because there aren't disciplined. As of late bit that that could be here is it that dictates the game close yes he has that's what I'm saying if you look at it OK how they call on the game different. But the Colts only had three penalties of fourteen yards. A wanna say might have been to three seasons ago. They had the Falcons. With the least penalized team like the Colts. The -- all the most that we talk about what they do overall the the most disciplined team in the league did the least penalized team. And they've given the ball. Away the least amount. Well -- as a -- -- to be a student game didn't even notice received a B plus two against them a gets he added that that's a nice achievement. Become a week one. That that's going to be critical. You know -- -- over crucial -- it's a critical or crucial that we don't have double digit penalties against the Falcons on the road. Because of it is a close game that could cost you obviously has go to -- in Indiana job thank you for calling the point after on this radio. I've been in the could be -- world. And wanna come back on those and seeing it as an election Bob. -- -- -- position right now the Indianapolis and in the incident and I'll say GM local mountains and it's. Been how shall see in annual open looks like in the form. And like I don't have a lot more and -- eat out activity in jail so she didn't want. -- -- disposable. Cheers. That people. Well when I looked AM like I told Bobby when he is an attempt comedy is not at all. But I -- tonight all on all stars grows the Colts close I'll take -- -- of Indianapolis at that they -- -- -- In the south now whether or not if they -- out -- taking a step is that in the championship game -- you can see what the divisional round I don't know I don't. I think besides all that good I have I have not changed my opinion I think the -- of very good team but they did all the top tier team and they have seat but did just. I was bruises and yet to jog along those lines I'd be telling you do this I think. That you look at the things obviously. Look at the Saints Packers. 49ers Seahawks at the time I had outlook today ANC. Ugly divot -- -- that could yet the Colts are night Denver arguing no. Seeded that doesn't it could be a playoff team in good. The -- and all of those seen his name data different level you know that that that's why I mean. You could say like now what's wrong with the cold and that's what it's all the Colts did that the Saints at damage better than them. Well I agree and -- happened a lot of people are green as well so. Where -- -- technical. He's not thank you very much for the time toreros the Mike I think the call the point that don't saint radio network. So Mike and I called it the same area Hitler -- I would go might. It was. Well actually endorse -- -- -- a few questions sure Bobby didn't mind. Eleven. Probably of course -- the second place. The second corner well to start a game it was a -- Robinson a starting jobs -- a Keenan Lewis and -- times not that he and he made a significant political you know cause -- And now -- goes right now that he was getting better and yeah -- yeah and it also Champ Bailey saw some action. Of their Corey white. I think you know -- slot receiver. I still think. You know he can make plays in a ball and he will get picked on and when you get picked on -- look at that as opportunity. To make game changing play now. With that being said. To say that -- I don't know the -- eating at you rob pat Ramsey is the answer for sure. You know the -- note though I mean it can't be encouraged right in the garden it's like almost like well. He's gonna have every opportunity to succeed right and not now hopefully he can. But Woody keep Woody keep the two million dollar back yet and and and I and I think this year right now healthy they will but argued Davis. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gotta say go back to our stations and the Saints radio network onto a list is an allowance. Stick around football all of the point. Allison -- the gala and Balkman on occasion he came Bobby badly Bolivia. -- scored lowest 43 Indianapolis seventeen and its support out there and this is the New Orleans Saints radio network.

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