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Aug 24, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the win in the preseason game against the Colts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the point out there are Saints radio WW LA MF MA dot com -- -- -- -- can't name Bobby a -- I'm -- ability at 504260178668890. -- -- -- one week tonight we will be in our G stadium. -- get close the end of the game between the Tigers and the badgers football season as he had a college football season at -- it's all there -- -- night. It's a final pre season game all the exhibition -- schedule for the black and gold and who knows. They've got to play -- -- -- -- them in the regular season. Could be the first of three meetings between the Ravens. And the Saints and Baltimore's Bobby pointed out is though all team in the National Football League at the Saints have not defeated in the Sean Payton and Drew Brees. Yeah Sean Payton and -- reason that defeated the ball Marines in their career. And big would say is. Yeah that's I know it's obvious some company that. Well at the figured out because I still receiver lined stadium. But you gotta do it right almost reminds like Joe Robbie Stadium simmered down and you know in South Florida tonight it would change in the 88 change its wise and I Atlanta show off that -- right. And I am in RG energy in the end OK yeah but yet again the -- so. A big guy Taylor I have so optimistic. In my acting like. I'm going overboard I am so optimistic. That first half outing on the road but even though. If you look before -- bye week October at 123 evolve first five games on the road only eagle. No I think we could be five and oh so I don't availability and gave me let me answer segment. What did you think. Before tonight he did that'd be phenomenal when you saw -- -- because I just think it you play on the road and how tough it is that time was limited that's the case if that's the case. You'd be -- and know that you play three of the key games already own room yes. And in no allergies you -- go baby seventy wanting a Nolan all nickel filed our -- road right right it did that's what you shoot for every year has shown he's a violent out left and you -- -- too -- you 53 -- well and and that's why you have a chance to truly. Get the normal NC. And the road to Arizona comes through in -- The -- better it will Wear better listed. I look at it -- were better than the Falcons were better than the Browns. The Vikings -- better and -- at Dallas that you can the cowgirls. Copeland but that we get a probably set more records. A come Sunday Night Football -- that maturity have bay Buccaneers. Now that's won a bigot and I cannot always that is NFC south. Always -- that we you know win one lose one but -- just -- a whole lot of role to be more at Tampa. Maybe widow played until the last game -- so when I look at that. Top table right this is justices have been. Right now in his division. Mildly I think and lose these nucleus of the best team in season. Well if you put drew reasoner clean in my beater bats by the -- -- wealth team I Drew Brees makes them much of a different I just know him defensively. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two good running backs and they don't have a more than serviceable quarterback now by Luke McCown -- brother that's there. Defense and -- I think they're a ballclub that I've I think it is an ability to sound right now -- -- -- -- status. And I think. That you could be five and oh. You gotta go Detroit a two we're -- about of that and B yeah the Packers and and I football I Carolina 49ers that being both. We can't be five and oh. And an index five gains good period to a two entry. That's hard I think -- got to -- because who you play if you go five and no Estes opens now lightly this year that you only go one single file arguments that. Right because it may even know him -- hate it and I think the season was much better. That you look at you break and a decent to a five minutes eleven anyway you slice but it's eleven how you got it right I haven't no decent who would eleven left man who. And we just go in. One more added if we're if we're seventh in foal. It was a number two UC. Right in the -- and you're at home in the you know I would -- that game at the I think unity NFC championship game at least you got a block there but you know I don't know but. That stretch that you just talked about and I don't know -- playoff team would you look at an explosive back is death. Aaron Rodgers cam knew how to Kapanen Dalton Joseph Flacco and Roethlisberger. Knew. Jay Cutler in the -- Matt ran best that that some of it. They got a lot of analysts and if we don't go five and we better go for one. -- that that that I truly think. That bad stretch but I think we're that good I think I've said it before it view. All Saints season tickets. I don't know of it's ever been more entertaining are are better than this. Come regular season time. When I look like Aaron Rodgers. In the Packers covenant town. You got the 49ers come in the town. The Bengals a playoff team coming to town Monday Night Football the Ravens on Pena Drew Brees had -- -- and -- football. Cam Newton then you throw Matt Ryan to Falcons know this is going to be. You wanna be and that number type season. And what you -- ended -- to make a difference. And be loud and proud kinda how they are in Seattle. And because I think it truly get a -- No it's alarming start to see -- but I truly think it's gonna make so much different. That if you playing Green Day. You -- Seattle San Francisco if you gotta go on the road come January. You're not gonna beat him and I think -- beat a monopoly of percentages. That's why you gotta get out to agree stars again have then -- feel bad Bobby. This Colts went only thirteen play 78 yard drive they got a the goat at the Ian of the first -- to make between team. And had that he had 27 -- of -- -- on 132 yards before their thirteenth place at the eight yard drive the safety fits -- -- -- close to 54 all it's. All fourteen play. No evidence that that as a chip company yes. That -- total. Domination is now like you do in that. Against the Raiders. -- to Jacksonville Jaguars. No and follow a guy like us -- -- rational line. I don't put the coach yet there. With the Broncos and Patriots. But it good play -- yes but it if you look at who makes the playoffs. That day and -- conversation. Where U gonna put my I don't know third fourth or fifth. You know I don't know that -- might say well. You know kind of like -- -- and maybe turn things around in Pittsburgh or Baltimore. You know overs of the Colts. But -- their playoff team -- have that kind of down it's even though was the pre season meaningful. You know. A first half. You know situation where you starters have played in. It was very humiliating put it this way we have been blast in the Saints. -- getting guys will. I'm like how we were of the Colts. But that was in the case we get passed -- could kind of take for granted how dominant the -- ours and they did today we weren't playing. The Tennessee kind and one play in. And now we haven't had success against the Rams but we wind -- also ranked team that was a good tennis. You're going against probably the best young franchise quarterback. Can have a character it would have an outstanding interception. And we just stopped them. I mean if you look Andrew Luck with that Andrew Luck -- you -- at the end of eighteen. 103 yards one touchdown one interception. Minute that's. In those days I almost 50%. That you would take it any game. I get the quarterback like luck. And being that -- that protected now I still productive now I still think. -- -- He began to turnovers. You know scoring David do we could stay this -- keep that 1819 points a game given up I still think at times was still scares me. It is that not on the goal line whose -- been stout style goal line defense. We see him practice. We get a ball carries them manage arguably good as the -- on the goal line. But still being. That like a slugfest type team and that's saying we've Burnett's. Because at times -- -- ball and we are yard considered the Nesbitt a good running team I still think we gonna have to play. Better on a run -- I think when all's said and done. When you go look at it and you don't wanna -- like god that was kind of like. Their Achilles heel of the team while we currently veteran -- could go look at it the and when you break it down last year. And when you look at run defense I don't know rob bright pays attention -- it is. That you know fired -- Rankin were given up 112 yards a game which is nineteen. Now if you look at. Rushing yards we hero given up four point three charging carrying that was when he. That's -- thing that you come back to bite you. If we don't get better in those categories. You want us when he created have a seventeen is the point at the coming -- the body of Saints quarterback Drew Brees on Saints radio WW. -- -- Indianapolis 17% of the -- to close out the pre season there's -- -- to dominate the pre you know Baltimore Ravens by Buffalo a 260. 1872038668890870. -- the number two gave him a ball because Texas. At 870 -- in -- it takes -- it will Brad Coleman make it three. And roster KG and no no he won't make the best case scenario practice squad that's going to be adding him also a I don't I don't know they keep only receiver to receiver in practice squad Hawkins. Out of southern because this cal team. I he was TY Hilton and practice he was he's the best of the special teams of those diseases -- the here have you looked like quickness and I don't know like guys is some little. You know the if like in the born -- in trying to catch their -- a bit chicken and -- -- all around my -- the -- -- PH UK Grabow. And that's that's sliding he gives that the the offense I just stated befits a good look are running scout team so did see him. Being on the practice -- -- about it to the phone must go to Don Don believing thank you for calling the point -- on Saints radio WW. April I don't I am. Well my question beyond watching you know went -- playing tackle all -- To tackle. And nowadays Gucci and you can extend plays on quarterback -- He can pitch and you'll ever what the future again. Well what happens Donnelly quarterback position. You look of -- of tackles block -- -- at the linemen. You see hands that a base or vice Versa but even at that land. Linemen. Pushing that sublime its face that kind of which it is an -- back. Now done -- errors that are penalty called. And I'd think they have that made ankle. If you hit a guy in the face -- and you continue to push. Like and -- back if you don't let it go and replace you and in the get a call the penalty. Now we're power which he needed to -- the way they waited I think. Will let it slide if you came up and it's a mind of face mask -- and you moved and it darted to the body it wouldn't call that but if you league and on the face masks all of it to be that sublime in a call that every time. Who would've thought he would go to the he'd do -- -- in the first quarter. In Spain in August and actually wanted to -- -- a -- that get you out at me you know that has a mound for the G. -- it that hard it is on the ER -- right now I think age is trying to overly protective. The quarterbacks and has not gonna change. Because. My understanding. Is that they take the approach that the fans they wanna see that Andrew looks at the world. Drew Brees. You know Tom Brady Aaron -- that's why it needed everything they can't protect not only. Hit them in the face -- become anywhere near -- it. -- achieving hitting above the shoulders. Or even listen you coming in low. -- the wasting Angola for their legs -- knees you got to hit him between the ways and the shoulders. We should've been like that. Back in the eighties maybe early ninety's -- -- its cracks Iowa are the -- ain't there -- and we played back but it. Nodded. It was all they actually took a step but I haven't still it yeah and in let's say a quick story right quick done. What downplaying the 49ers. And I threw two balls Wellemeyer and I got hit laid up like a tomahawk chop. On top of my head and all of that reference we had a -- -- Amendola. It was. Michael Carter Miller from us and you. And and and I told them look the fittest that you I'm gonna call that that you gotta be kidding me in and not sailing. And in he kind of losing -- they suck -- following them. An -- -- that was Joseph Montana you would have called it in the lead turn around and looked over his shoulder goes yeah you probably right. It's not like you meant I was so angry but up but now they doing the right thing. I think it's just because a TV. And the whole market one in the top notch. Our quarterbacks out there and obviously. The concussion issues why. It is not the football maybe that you grew up -- it. But as is the way it is -- going forward. Is not the two hand touch is still tackle but he tried to been the rules are -- the rules so where are you got taken those at. Should reread UCK's and you can read it out before you today -- -- seem like drew is still pushing impressing the ball too much tried to force it to very title even double coach. Yes some glaring one but do you think drew will settle down with his tried to force balls especially with a seemingly improved running game. With more playing time in other words do you think he just needs to knock off some rust out just concerned depressing will come back to haunt us during the regular season. Drew does -- need to be Superman when he does it do that we seem to do better. Well now that's just as an email phone email -- slow Chris -- We have BK can well. On and on a covenant that nobody's talking about Drew Brees the best that it best that means force in -- -- so he's not -- Note okay. When you disagree -- thing. Well if you look at it. I mean how many quarterbacks have thrown for 5000 yards if you look -- -- -- they were Drew Brees is that Chris did. Brees Brees could pass John Elway in week one -- week -- this season I think about it. Drew Brees could pass John Elway and we -- a week to it is season for being fourth on the all time passing your -- He needs 395. Yards to LeapFrog John Elway. For this NFL record or 395 yards could pass Dan Marino. The third on the all time touchdown passing list but the next two or three. Seasons. And that's at 363. Breezes through -- seven touchdown passes behind Marino three in the conversation. With which John Elway Dan Marino. That they that kind of speaks for itself if you look at it. I voted and will look -- Banco winner two time him more and we'll also hear from Drew Brees as he spoke to the media at his first action and fifteen point 4280 it's. Two touchdowns quarterback rating of 127 points and outscored New Orleans 23 to have a seventeen that's the point after all century you WW.