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Aug 24, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the win in the preseason game against the Colts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sunday Mauritania. And welcome to the point after it as a saint defeat the Indianapolis Colts last night and it Lucas Oil Stadium by a score. Of 23 to seventeen jump ball born at 5042601878038668890870. And -- -- Texas at 8787. -- sank 23 you know they'll take -- you know about them on their final exhibition game. Thursday night and the Mercedes-Benz. Superdome coming out we will hear whats a coach Sean Payton had to say. To the media after tonight's game Christie Garrett visit with Jerry Evans Marcus Colston and Keenan Lewis tonight. And we'll hear from Saints quarterback Drew Brees is just a few moments operated jaguar paid -- -- a ball a lot at WW dot com. At halftime the Kasey -- and Bobby Hebert said in his hip that commentary the Saints -- like a playoff team as the one square off against the wants from Indianapolis. Do you agree or disagree you can -- cast a vote online at WW -- Dot com nabbed forward to the top now break probably got a email and I'll read to you -- -- who responded to write this comes from Christie says. It seemed like drew you -- pushing impressing the ball too much trying to force it into very tight. Or even double coach yes I'm glad we won but do you just gotta be you your quarterback. -- drew was -- down with he's trying to force balls he's gunning for a disease especially with a seemingly improved running game. With more playing time in other words do you think he just needs. Some rust knocked off -- that I'm just concerned that pressing will come back to haunt us during the regular season. Who doesn't need to be Superman. When he doesn't do that we seem to do better. Though he has been Superman is why we won as a global right now no no -- with Stanley who could thoroughness now. The one. Drew Brees in the conversation. With Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning. They all force the ball in there it's all tight dwindles. C'mon anyone of those quarterbacks with -- to Jimmy Graham sometimes even if he's double covered. I got a greater percentage and know when the reds home and angles and all that. But to say that Drew Brees right now is pressing. Vinatieri was so impressive and about the reliability. Of Drew Brees. When you look at this he has missed just two starts in ten years nothing about that. He has missed just two starts. In ten years. In the past three seasons you throw a 128. Touchdown passes to -- five interceptions. For at least 5000 dollars 62 yards -- the season not 4000. With 5000. Now would you look at that touchdown interception ratio through to about tightly and those force in the ball. You considered success now the rules that changed -- favor. The quarterbacks has been age but if you were in like. If he always threw more touchdowns than interceptions. You were considered that you know you get the job. Now like almost if you you know we got -- Davidson it would be Pirates are reward of returned the ball over we got to get to back. Was telling you always no matter what the case scenario. You wanna throw more touchdowns and interceptions that -- -- day and age you want that to be not too brutal one. Macau like three to one. You know the way it's structured. Now when you think about this right now NFL history. Drew the second player in NFL history. The past over 4000. Yards and eight straight season H straight. And 32 an idea now that Florida second player in NFL history. So I mean. They get to that point it got to force the ball -- further right now and then yeah. So you again and he's the first player to have 45000. Yard. Passing seasons not -- is all a -- Less of jewelry is more as more he donated to over 5000 yards a week actually run the ball better. I think and and where we are defensively we take it away. That it may be better if we threw for 4000 is that a 5000. But we have to -- to run the ball from the get go -- the last four games like we did last year we get off. They're great started pre season. But if you -- could truly be great quarterbacks. Is always tight Wendell. And what you might think his double coverage. It might be double coverage you also have to look at the matchup. And double coverage at times to Jimmy Graham is still a plus for you. To -- -- ball and there are. So I'll tell you right now. As Drew Brees goes so goes the saying. We gotta go back that is doable. It's a team game. But a lot of it because it Drew Brees and the Patriots go back and it's doable is because that Tom Brady if the Packers Aaron Rodgers. Peyton Manning in the Bronco. But that being said you take those quarterbacks. For it is that you put him on the Buccaneers. You put him on the Cardinals. Rams. All of a sudden a tiny. Their playoff teams. They make that much of a different so that's why to critique right now. It is like that really truly being objective he gets those wild that you'd expect perfection. And he is a human. But by him being -- risk -- take chances. And rolling the dice and it works out weighed more on his behalf. That -- and it being negative if you look vote one time where. Now what drew had an -- game. And maybe you Kostis. Well I could show you a handful of by the games. Because he took those chances is why we won. All right welcomed -- and called just a moment but what a great way to talk about Drew Brees had to go to number nine himself here Drew Brees at the Saints 4317. Victory. Over the Colts it's by the way as the first action that Drew Brees has seen in ABC's game. So fall by the Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Address of the -- while Vegas and that's one thing we just ironically talking about the tight windows it's all like confidence. Mean if -- afraid to pull the trigger. They do is give me in the pocket Jack in the ball. -- not gonna do nothing in that get sacked. And you don't anticipate. Somalia high risk high reward. You almost have to take that approach. And big gonna go to a caller hope cat will any talks about. Drew Brees being a gunslinger now how well I can -- just and he's talking about Drew Brees being a gunslinger and and is true. You have to almost have that mentality. At that that you can't be scared. They AV scared -- make a mistake you know that in India and them not accomplishing anything right into regular -- become. -- his 2006. He won three offensive player of the year award. Seven Robles. I mean that that certainly VP yet a wrinkle on -- you got to play aggressive and I like this is just my. Does that this is just my opinion but I would think that the great quarterbacks. They do. Forced the ball -- -- Wendell is more times than not that's what a great. Because if everybody could force the ball and Taiwan though -- completed they would be great right and Andy how many times you might seem like. How did he get the ball in a perfect example. The touchdown pass against the Titans look McCallum. To Jimmy Graham him -- think it was late nineteen yards -- and I to a university. I don't care in the history of the NFL. Dan Marino Tom Brady looked at air Rodgers Drew Brees that was as pretty as a pass. As -- in the history of the NFL that was great coverage ID get the ball on their I don't know. But all of a sudden you get a touchdown. In the you don't take those chances they'd -- and you never know. Now he did bring up also and I think this is true. I know you wish -- -- have more work. It is going to be a work in progress so to speak of branding cooks. I think he knows Colston. And Jimmy Graham like the back -- -- -- and he knows enough of Kenny stills. He knows enough of the guys that are trying to make the team. And I don't know who begin a key was big to angels' Joseph Morgan. I still don't think he knows all the way branding coach like he wants to know. So -- now him being out the red Likud's being sick. That's gonna kind of be a cram session. Before a week one. When they play the Falcons but they'll get that actual work you know that we -- to have type process. You know -- at Falcons game but. As far as. The reason why we proceed as one of the best. And a chance to maybe Rivers and NFC and is suitable. Is we do have a great team and I mean dollar -- But we have to triggerman. We have the franchise quarterback and that's why people around the nation are given the Saints a lot of credit. He's the -- to get him Bobby -- a big blue take the time out come back to some phone calls to -- to hear from Saints coach Sean Payton also Christie Garrett Saints have now Puerto. Caught -- what Marcus Colston. Keenan Lewis and Jahri Evans New Orleans to 43. -- -- The Indianapolis Colts seventeen to support actor on Saints radio WW and welcome back about a season is it there that I -- -- -- -- it kicks off. -- -- -- Marines who prep football. There's tonight on pre season game Saturday. Big time college football Alabama. West Virginia Clinton Georgia. And I matchup issue at Wisconsin 3 o'clock and it's now god. From big Woodrow right outside of -- RG stadium. But -- 61 and all the the LSU sports network. The thirteenth ranked Tigers and the ball -- right back to LSU Wisconsin football season he's here last night. New Orleans beat Indianapolis twenty to seventy. And you know -- what you look at. It don't matter what level what kind of quarterback -- are you gonna get. We're so confident adding to -- nation because we have Drew Brees. You know what kind of consistent quarterback play -- get Ellis unit was constantly. And you know is kinda. You hope it works out of the does they'll note that confidence factor. Now the one thing begin. I'll order to bring a -- with abroad to -- in. In in the pre game. That you look at young -- becoming young franchise guy like Andrew Luck and you look at Drew Brees did you have a continues process. Who could be at that level. And I think it's so important. And as the case he Drew Brees even though he hasn't played. In -- Wallace as far as you know this pre season he -- he comes into the game I think for him. The game slows down. That if -- -- know what you doing for mental aspect and united -- than any kind of injury. The game slower -- slows down and you start to see things and you can anticipate things you priests that green. While they -- -- read this early that's what they were trying to get Andrew Luck Newman's first thrown out there in that's at the Jaguars are trying to get out of Blake portals. And he's been outstanding in pre season but it when they start game planning. And trying to stop you. That's when -- -- to take that next step and it just so that's why look at this that is true put a veteran quarterbacks -- a great quarterback that last. Double digits. Or even the truly franchise guys when it's. Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Peyton Manning. That. And this is truly how in the game. Slows down you feel a little. UCL lie. You see a lot is seen nothing so you don't look at the whole feel and the whole defense you break it down. You priests that read you anticipating how they got to rotate the coverage and that's how you can influence the defense -- article of the ball. And at that it's so critical these young quarterbacks coming up. UK that's why guys they just go run around like that their head cut off and I'll John immense though works out. If you're not disciplined somewhat. It catches up with you and you don't last long you get beat up party and live too much you -- celtics' ten plays like Aaron Rodgers. In a number of young quarterbacks Dave like RG three -- it's they helping. The John -- Els Colin cabernet. Perfect example look -- Russell Wilson. How poise he's played with the Seahawks actually think that he's getting at the point and get -- won a suitable and easy to get better and better today. He sees a little and he sees a lot. And he does not see a lot to their quarry doesn't seem nothing -- to break and it down and being the quarterback that they need him to be and that's what you got to hope for whoever's gonna develop at LSU and I don't know -- the quarterback is going to be I think. I don't think it's going to be -- that thing is going to be the youngster. -- you got to get him and I think coach Cam Cameron can do this. And you know the different abilities that he'll get to a point where -- try. Get the game to slowed down for Brian Harris. And then all of a sudden things will become second nature and he's not just swing and out there. Because you get have somewhat success. But you know -- gonna have overall success. Is you don't know what you're doing game -- game well. 260 wind 786688. Now it's here it's in before we give back to Sean Payton let's go to Jason in -- it Jason thank you for calling the on -- Saints radio. WW TO. -- -- -- -- -- First thing first. Thinkable sentinel on greens -- back correct call yet. My my question well you know really just say -- on Thursday should grant has toward them Odeo. So. -- misses in this person knows who makes the ball. Well didn't he comes back he comes and he keeps the window would wrong. Spent. Think that you would -- You don't Jason I don't know I don't know enough by kickers but I know it's wide open I don't know who's going to be indicate all of those courts patent -- to build that trust them. Very gently that was a pressure can get in earlier because gave us the lead 23 to seventeen. Where now you know they got to go scored Tarzan of the 45 yarder. And you could see his leg Trent. But I thought for instance I thought maybe -- Yankee had the edge all the big hole. The old veteran every get it in West Virginia. Shayne Graham makes a 53 to 58 yarder and did he miss -- both of them. Aren't all of us. Why is gone up and down back and forth Jays -- I don't know. And -- even speculated maybe. Because they've had their ups and downs may be dead that -- kicker on this team and not even on the team yet. -- -- he looked like a veteran like Jay Feely guys and I'm likely away used yes RR RRD maybe just sit back and staying in shape Colvin out maybe. Sort of have similar average yeah you know as far as a contract and I'll let pat days I don't know. To say. I don't know of course they'd even knows yet I -- -- but did teaching grabbed only thing as. That he's learned the most accurate kickers in NFL history rod on the 85%. And I did yeah I don't know if you had a on the big stage so to speak -- on that saying is -- that you know have an opportunity. And you see Reid does but. I don't know if you wanna take a chance and maybe that would -- your game right because you can go to misses that game winning K. Right that swallows -- a throw and -- homestead. Are you talk about him to. Well it we got beat around edge and on that one sag but overall. That that wave more pluses and minuses. I'm not alert at all right about the left tackle spot and I still think. Overall you -- get him better and better reps right right. -- appreciate -- is Jason thank you very much have a good Sunday BC -- -- well at the Saints. Point 370 victory over Indianapolis -- is why Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media. Pretty much what I told the players it was good to get the win. There -- a lot of positives I felt the energy was good I thought situationally in a lot of areas we did some good things. Still high in the penalty count with ten. Substitution -- That was a mass in the second half and part of the first staff won't get that squared away we need to because it -- timeouts and that. Just keep shown up too often but on the positive though I like the energy I thought that. But we came out pretty good focus and look we'll get to the tape and make the corrections and questions. Yeah I mean not listen I think it was good to see drew. You know back on the field and and he seemed to get in a pretty good rhythm I thought -- was real important in those drives especially the first one we're. The third down conversions because I think we have to convert two or three. To keep the drive going one of them longer situation and Marcus made a good player on our sideline so. But that's encouraging in and I thought during the course of the week he specifically drew would look real sharp. And continued over game. No there there is more it wasn't drive -- -- it was going to be player oriented you know. There's a handful players that were playing the first game the night and so we're going to be somewhere between fifty and Tony. Fifteen point places that existed for. Five or six players. -- Well listen normally we've done both me and either I don't know that there is a normal we've we've played -- First series or be Smart especially with the you know short week. I think they're the key is just getting the reps during the course of the week in practice and he's experienced enough to understand. The difference between practice and in game speed but I. I thought during the course of the week. Tuesday Wednesday. You know I I thought the ball's going off of his hand really sharp accurate and I think the same thing existed tonight so. You know how much or if he plays well -- sit down and kind of go through that. He's he he's got really good instincts and so in the Indy has good speed and so when you put a first step. With that you know he finds himself -- -- the play a lot and I thought -- little bit harder. If you're not watching specifically so we watched that tape tomorrow we'll have a chance two great out a lot of these players -- -- -- cast upon. You know the plan was just a fair catch it but nonetheless feel that it's something that he's able to do. But overall it was good to get him playing time it. Offensively or defense. Yeah but listen I think we do a lot of good things. Situationally with you know we -- penalties that that hurt us. And then like a said that the biggest disappointment for me is just the substitution ten guys on the field twelve guys in the field you know stuff like that that. -- under caution you in in a bigger game. Yeah that was encouraging with some real good plays on the ball. And I thought although a lot of that comes with the energy and passion thought. You know I thought are we got a little bit pressure there as the game went on and and I thought we were able to even in the first half. Get into some rush lanes in and make it difficult for the quarterback especially there was some. Third down throws that he was high and wide with that I think we did real good job of at least -- Someone in the space. It. Well listen it's it's a point of emphasis in you know I'd have just finished saying we're not a finished product right now and yet that's something that. Is encouraging I think tonight. You know we we we wanted to be balanced we wanted to build women in and have success -- on the football and I thought we defended pretty well and I don't know that we got a lot of run. Opportunities defensively as much in the first step but. You can only defend which he sees so. That'll be something we keep working on going into next week. -- -- -- To see where -- -- but I think to answer your question that it it I don't know to what degree. I thought yeah overall we will look at the tape but I I think. Listen I don't like government through our defense -- busted coverage. And and so we've got to get that ironed out but overall. I was please. As Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media will come back give Bobby Davis take -- when you Christie Garrett. Visit with three Saints players in the locker room Jahri Evans Marcus Colston and came into this New Orleans 43. And Indianapolis seventeen to the point after All Saints radio WW yeah. Are obviously as good have you been there. Back in the lineup he's talk about the cohesiveness along the office -- finally in the pre season game under your belt together. So good not good enough that you moved forward we had a long drive for excellence on and you know he that's -- -- and Coco is definitely. Youkilis and of course they do a good job out there for good in the. Did when drew came in that -- there and made his first debut of the season did you. Cracked a smile that -- you know to see him back and -- Oh yeah you I have been in the -- and you know so yeah you know it was. It is celebrity. -- -- that is his game that he's struggling team from the you know. Or is it kind of astounding in a way that. He'd come in with the amount of reps and we'll limited amount of reps he's had over the last three weeks and -- Play like he did -- -- me through that making it is order not to do. You know I think three weeks -- -- -- -- -- it's OK head over his career so. You know it just speaks lord you know the work he's put in the work he has put in -- including today. And you know he obviously. And. -- talk about the the running game in his point of emphasis. All offseason we thought actually it ad nauseam pretty much -- you -- like where you guys are offensively and then moving the ball on the ground. You run the ball very well -- conceded -- -- -- team to make sure. Lots of problems. But it's the right places normally -- -- -- definitely those holes in the likeness to a great. When. Mark is running extremely well you know take some of that in the holes -- season you know Tavares went well. It cost recoveries and those those are very excited thus far things we need to get better you know we'll be pretty competitive. Charts thanks appreciate it -- little -- -- just talk about. Overall the performance of the first team is when you guys throughout different most part a second and a first half. Oh definitely certainly disagree office you know Angela. He's gonna do a tremendous. Put points on the book as -- Q so it was a great challenge for us and I think we we can't not only do well. What happened on that. It was their busted coverage there -- miscommunication on their on -- a long touchdown pass to Clinton and don't. We got over the -- you know gotten some new guys at -- though there is. Kenya you know with some guy we didn't do with it busted plays sometimes to have had a book the good thing is appreciated and we get beautifully so. Those mistakes have -- political. -- like Kevin bird back there you were back out there Patrick Robinson can't. And the whole secondary back out there. How my -- Value city federal. You got so bad guys they're barely got out of you go to pieces. We've got to learn from occasionally this the first time we -- don't -- the same time so. We'll get it together and they can make too much of the pre season but what do you make so far were you guys are defensively. Oh he would fall we'll go we know and of those goggles. And it is what it is moving out of his -- narrative put our game. I guess it is the first time a lot of been on the field on time so -- came from what communication and I did -- It if it's. Chased it back here Louis thanks appreciate it brought Margaret I guess drew and so England roster is good to see him back he looked sharp. Yeah I mean he needs was able to get some with a good work in the last couple weeks and I think -- -- -- them through and they can't make too much of the pre season Miami guys are still. Rounding into form would have made at least through. Performances through three games in the preseason offensively. You know first in the sense that it is you know we won all three and and that's really -- -- -- times that one field. I'm just come out with a win. But I think we've been having made significant progress. -- those first -- pre season games and you know so much but to be made in. Religious position ourself and take events in the last two weeks of recent. -- she battled some injuries last year and you guys have -- cautious about your workload than just training camp certainly -- the -- but just talk about your health. Going into the season we. I'm I'm really feeling. As good as the you know few years now so. Just really an effort from the -- that coaches. You know mom and my lips and it's. -- -- is -- that way. As far as cuts are coming down. Tuesday and then again the following weekend how difficult is that having gone through which guys -- -- -- -- see guys that don't. Don't don't and make it. Mean it's it's obviously tough for me. We've been in here you know played and discussion on the give -- together. You know and -- to see in. Large majority of those guys. You know just not be able to make arrested because numbers. You know this is not. It's not an enviable position through the net front office and coaching staff. It's -- -- Marques Colston takes for us. At halftime Bobby Hebert said the same select a play Al team do you agree or disagree it's operating jaguar opinion poll at WWO dot com in the locker room Saints have -- -- Kristian -- one on -- -- caught up with three Saints players. Gary Evans Marcus -- Keenan Lewis here is Christian activist saints' victory over the Colts in the -- locker room. So it's Arab Puerto -- a Kristian -- at all a Twitter at Christie Garrett Guam -- move Marcus Colston about it just a staple. We -- about eight years ago was come into the National Football League. For a spaces away from being mr. irrelevant at a hoster a program that doesn't have football anymore. Now he's a seasoned veteran pinnacle to look back certainly unlock three blocks and his team you can't say steals in the sake -- he had to seek -- But Bobby what -- uncertain health of a guy like he's the -- I think now. Nick -- is probably a lock. It may be maybe geeky Meachem to just this and Indiana steals in as the season -- -- -- -- that's not going to be case. Yeah you'd you'd think that look in to rob the season. You keep six receivers but. It could be to start deceiving is the Falcons because. You know help lies that you keep six receivers instead of five so the ones. You know we've been breaking down in that fourth fifth spot when he had three receivers maybe find that two spot. And you know we speculating that was always Joseph Morgan. You know Robert Meachem and -- -- That they're probably golf all could in that being on that. Well on 53 man roster not a knows who reactivated. Consider we can -- -- all could be I know the extent of his injury. The I know Kenny stills has to be disappointing considering. The year he had last year. And now he pretty much got hurt to Thursday West Virginia yeah he's really served notice and they this year and right side about this often but he's he's been injury -- you sent yeah. And we've played in probably has a word -- hair hair doo ending Corey white you know they both. The Canada Mohawk look I don't know and would have little rat -- -- -- ineptitude of Rick those who got to joke and who has the most outrageous. There that mean Kenny stills are Corey wide -- -- sykora -- probably had to answer more questions. About that but one thing about Korda why Corey white. Because the -- But he'd he's is that that he take every rep in practice -- because it in music cornerbacks and he's he's ready to roll he's always throws and I went yeah and don't know yet and nine and then he's in shape and and and that's about part of the big part answering the bell after its. Bring football -- colleges they give like certain awards leadership award him you know. You know like -- and -- -- after the famous player like LSU there again in the second round know what to make great offensive linemen and also -- like best. Player during the camp and in most improved you know if you win it all Hussein's most improved camp. I would say -- -- eight. And Robinson are probably two. Right right up there by Abbott went out and doubt that they getting more experience they get more as a lot of it's more confident yeah I thought Marcel Jones and to know what you make you lazy just feel more confident. About yeah -- you ability -- and -- given that opportunity if you look at Marcus Colston beat tonight. We heard him commenting on you know drew greenback and everything that. His touchdown reception. Dallas -- typical. A Drew Brees to Marcus Colston you know the back and handle -- -- -- up two catches 45 yards but that players don't catch. He had to do with the back fooled and he cut and you there anticipation -- should say where drew was to do with the football not -- we talked about. Who's the leading tackler so far pre season. You look at who's the leading -- getters. A right now leading. The defense -- tackles. Vinny -- As fourteen total tackles to say the from Alabama. Fourteen total tackles eleven. A solo. And then you look at a second. Is Ramon Humber. And I think he's a Rob Ryan kind of guy however I think. Overall Rob Ryan likes his pass coverage ability as a linebacker he has twelve total tackles. -- -- solo. And then right behind have a Tyrone walker from New Iberia. From Westlake high school. Eleven total tackles eight solo but -- you don't -- tied. Which Cameron jar and the sacks cam Jordan has two -- schedule wells -- -- -- as to sack yet. -- is seen anabolic out of Boston college. And bigger and if you get after the quarterback. Put it this way everyone. Looks at the film all these other teams. That he could be a guy listed in my cut. He's a guided him I think he's having a very comparable years to the muted to Youkilis and his very few here. Yeah yeah and -- kinda on that a -- -- every now and then you call his name -- too much but did you think of sad not Kyle I -- -- Dunbar the same school Boston College. But. Kevin Redick. In all of a sudden you know really talking about that much bit. What he potentially could mean -- team that would be a guy that I think. At a volley that he put him on the price is -- so the team might snatch him up. And you look at numbers in a big physical presence yet and as so you don't know what -- think Kim and as far as how many linebackers zero. You know you putting on the roster how many -- that some linemen. But you look 62255. Nolan not any one. You know whenever -- their minds that Will Smith. And and he's been very active and -- and also. Been active in the and in the pre season games and it is a big part of it and getting after the quarterback. He had a sack -- towards ended large Virgil. For Jacksonville State registered for a quarter sack. On that fort down and Dallas the colts' final possession. But if you look right and -- at about it was right there with him. And I thought they might again given him assessment of our relievers who got their first in. It's not the article today at fort down when obviously. Trying to -- desperation type throw that maybe you know win the game that was crucial. Also. When you talk about meaningful cakes. The that's why they had to be more desperate with Derek and -- again -- made that 45 yard field goal -- got a six point lead in their four and not just a few Little League and ask -- David should come up. Would have big stop writing is only as it is Q mob and they'll. 80% of you agree to the Saints are a playoff team and 13% of you disagree. Thank you so much for partaking in operating jaguar you only 13% this group in that that's the that is Payton and not think that the run is Columbus Karen -- -- thank you for calling -- of. And let go I don't. Had a beta. Davis Carol you yet even feel better after this way compared. That it Titans game I mean we be getting better and better. Well well. You. Now. The Scotland and now they're and you -- At all. It's and we knew that -- -- yeah. Yeah and it. -- -- -- -- now we will be in your stomach grounds next Saturday will comment Houston. Next Saturday night so much to big Mo -- everybody -- -- restaurant offers. Countdown to pick -- out there along the foot they treated -- always on the food isn't as we will be there for the Falcons game as a saint open of the season. That first Sunday in September makes a must Allison Matt and Steven gala. And mark went off outscored New Orleans to 43. And at Indianapolis seventeen to say to three and know they'll wrap up the pre season there's -- -- -- a three you know Ravens on the -- they have knowledge about it agent can't and Bobby a man Tony gave it to you at times army as -- blown away relational. And -- people. Today.

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