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Aug 25, 2014|

Monica in for Dave. Monica talks about the Saints, weekend movies, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey the -- surprised. Yes it's a surprise very nice to drive 888. Years each day on not bad where were you Saturday when we had beat. Excessive. Heat warning sledding in my hometown as well now you were all you -- there that was over and it was. I'm of the air conditioners were working. Evidence that outside air conditioner doesn't work does getting your car off and back at a bottled water in my car. In finishes so it was it was bubbling. High. I kid you not -- it doesn't play this is plastic it was so hot to touch my god I'm like yup that was the kind of hate the Jews getting from the car into the store. Was an ordeal yes. Borne illnesses were -- fields. Says not so 60% chance for rain. Later on. There -- well -- and we always began -- day with a look at our national. Eight our national -- and -- and -- All the bullet today like it its nationals. Whiskey sour day I'm on my toes and it was. I think you'd want them on your not a drinker and. They're pretty tasty -- articulate. -- kind of a Sweden's hours there are. You'll like this one national kiss and make. Yeah okay but not a quarrel with cell line argument by -- can make -- like to acknowledge -- -- -- -- Is too much effort it and don't go to the fight and America right and of course its nationals and wardrobe day. As previously used war and salad. -- do -- -- that bring you out. Listeners on about that got trying to dollars in in my pocket. Camera. Or come on. And was huge and mobilize for meaning -- Guys on his way to the second hand stories and dollars and news talk. Ultimately -- we'll find is just not me I -- -- -- each -- and get it I'm sure I know you're going to. And like this and I say the best for last today from the national day calendar dot com now. It is national goal. Some banana split day uh oh yes banana split it goes on Monday this fine Monday it has all the rise Gagnon it's -- a boat you know the banana cut lengthwise and have Gloria you scoop ice cream now. Not and that you can put out of the things on it yeah but I chocolate sauce when I wrap around you oh my goodness all the goods now bottom for you -- are known -- In -- noun not and that's the back yard pass from the not quite right and I don't like a lot of the like -- ice limitless whipped -- about cherries. And -- -- it's pretty but. In the eyes and now I'm doing it for the eyes and the banana and of an absolutely. -- bananas that was invented by -- 23 year old apprentice nemesis back in 1904. He just really enjoy it did in Sunday's season. And ask me now on ebony and and then pirates from where agreement droplets -- us. It's evolved over the years and bag and eighth bananas it's all the tenants than -- A lot of yeah. That was the day ending that you mentioned that a pharmacist. Came up with us because that's when the in the things they did. I don't know man the pharmacy and the soda stressed noticed that absolutely I understand their prints and things while most of the day is but. Okay and what everybody McConnell you know -- -- and actors and kinda moved away from you know I'm not. Mama's little helper today go right you'll be an excellent yeah. -- -- well let's let's write that what's wrong with people. A forty year old woman tackled -- twenty year old man who was actually flee from police in Washington State. And she taught him about being taken down by a forty year old grandmother. I'll Becky policy is minding your own business. Driving by when she saw the man taking off running from officers. She told -- husband speed up hey of the leading and I'm just gonna give out I'm gonna confront it I like it she did it. And then the -- -- step on her but she grabbed him she pulled it down even pulled shots down the process. Well you've got taken down by a mother of god and grandmother of the rate and your shirts are down two and aha -- and police say they really appreciate her actions but. Don't do this at home warning people not to get involved in police matters now and police say the man -- because he had an outstanding warrant. But he didn't well watch in the whole thing down with a forty year old -- months. We -- to each day and. Heidi yeah I'm might just let him run. -- You -- -- that I Donovan you know another guy can be -- a big way of life as if he's running from cops what would he do to me it -- yeah that's about it and figured out all right David thank you so mine are right. All right coming up how did drew look on Saturday. And of course we'll have the latest on crystal ball in our forecast alarm but talent at WL TV pinpoint forecast center. This is not at the end of the day going today on the early edition that WL first news. Time it's Angela hill invited me to join me every weekday at 1 o'clock. For -- -- 51990. Early edition -- WWL. First news I'm Monica pier in critical in this morning thank you so much for joining us on this Monday August 25. Well the good -- not quite as -- -- if you don't like rain not so good news on this Monday rain chances increasing to 60%. With -- right at 91 into the heat begins to relax and that goes to this week 92 for Tuesday and Wednesday in rain chances around thirty to 40% midweek. The pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark -- sell. Thanks Laura right now 84 out of but it's 85 at Newark International Airport also at the lake front and in the CBD over in Slidell 78 and mostly cloudy. Well how did Drew Brees looked -- on Saturday and LSU football this Saturday Al writes Steve Ellis joins us that morning feet. Good morning everybody and happy Monday Monica -- -- -- 23 you know pre season play with a 23 to seventeen win over the colts on Saturday. Overall -- coach Payton was pleased with his team's performance there -- a lot of positives -- felt the energy was good I thought situationally lot of areas we did some good things are still high in the penalty count -- -- Drew Brees made its pre season debut after missing the first two exhibition contest with an oblique strain he completed nine of his fifteen passing attempts for a 128 yards and two touchdowns but -- -- He still isn't fully recovered Celtics I'm a 100%. Yet but I feel like the temple in the -- and all those things are coming back as expected. Hussein's final game of the pre season is Thursday night in the superdome against the -- games. In other NFL news Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera says the quarterback Cam Newton. As a hairline fracture in his ribs and will miss the team's final pre season games. Taveras says -- that he expects -- to be ready for the -- September 7. Regular season opener against Tampa today. Don't tell Sam Bradford that lightning can't strike twice the St. Louis Rams quarterback as -- torn ACL in his left knee. And will miss the entire twentieth fourteen season -- the same injury that sidelined him last year. It's game week for the LSU football team at the tigers get set to tussle with Wisconsin. Appears to be chief with the latest on this. Top 25 matchup. Thought that it has high expectations on him as he comes to the LSU football program and the number one player in all of high school football we've -- it saying golf however -- afforded says this isn't high school football this is big time college football. Could not let -- -- not the best Palin -- and anymore there's muffled it and those who would you saw at saint Thomas is competitive to. They make you better. Opponent hits the field for the by -- bagels for the first time in his tiger career. Saturday night in Houston had a tigers take on Wisconsin Deke Bellavia WW real sports and over on the diamond South Korea beat Chicago eight to four in the Little League World Series championship. Today have -- it's the second -- show live from the silver slipper casino. What are your top takeaways after three pre season games for the saints -- Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. Think Steve I didn't know songs someone's at a Monica the song was thrift shop buy -- Mac McLemore but it was 99 cents is -- and I hit a -- -- -- She doesn't even know how out which are really people really come on really. OK I got into it I can take it. Because it's banana split date -- national bananas but they ought to go for that for sure all right how was -- your opinion how did he look I know he's man a couple of games pre season games. Yeah you would never think he was missing practice time at all or even any kind of you know bleak strain that he would had suffered. Looks good to me and -- everyone can be at ease even though he says he's still not a 100% right now. That come week one against the Atlanta Falcons the saints offense will be a full go I know he talked about also that. He's looking forward to more practice time with rookie receiver Brandon cooks this week so they can get more -- report going heading into the regular season. OK so coming up on its Thursday will -- play. Now I -- yeah I would definitely sit him out express you're hearing at these other quarterbacks. Like Cam Newton has a stress fracture now his ribs and Sam Bradford gets a torn ACL out for the regular season. We don't -- Drew Brees playing in a meaningless game let's save for week one. OK so the good news with the weather is not going to be as hot yes so is going to be indoor outdoor practice Wendy you know. All week long though I have right now except for outside but I know the weather does saying that might reign in -- might be some lightning so that -- -- things. In sizable stay -- as well the right now. 4 o'clock at the saints' practice facility in Metairie and is open to the public apathy where your shorts and keep the umbrella are just avoid the lightning we might just be in swimsuits have. It -- -- technical. And you know what anyone that -- want to challenge me to the ice -- talent I'm willing to do it -- practical. OK I have been putting this -- I wanna talk about have -- shallots apparently you have no I have not had nodded down no probably the only one not to mention that's I feel like my wife's been challenged three times I've got nothing. Talk about that Allen asked our -- have you been challenged. Who challenged you. And is it not so cool if you don't answer the challenge yet the kind of one of those things where peer pressure you need to really you know. At least do something all right you can text to be at 178 said he had taken the ice -- challenged who who challenged -- Did you challenge somebody. And if he would -- and use -- know why did you do that yet Saturday when a mobile law and I was I was begging my way to challenge the device buckets down to it now he wouldn't do it well coming up next half -- talked about LSU yes -- that day and absolutely. About this eye book now I mean have you been -- shelled. Now Georgia. Now Monica you know. OK and if you to -- eat is automatically say do you kinda go. It's a -- cons -- wanna do it because it -- still. Talk about that coming up -- Monica the year in for Dave Cohen on the early edition of them WL first news. Coming up laurel have the latest on crystal ball David Blake has news and Steve -- in with sports all coming up in just the moment this is the only edition of WWL. First news as talented text me David on the phone and think about it -- familiar and I'd you know I'd buy a Mac -- lord it's yes should be -- -- On the door that you should be -- I think that far not that far -- get rid. Monica Holland now so. Became -- there -- just. Walk out the door are you hear you can you keep your job you may have heard like noble. Every sign and without it which I thought you'd be right on top of that I didn't lie and apple more songs are you do. But not very -- It is the way. And makes I'm someone else's junior morning grab bag well let me go all -- yes yes yes yes yes movies at top movies -- hello I'm afraid to find out all I I understand a little birdie tells me that you thought that the number one be. Woods. The -- Here and can't even think in the title if I stay or should get a clue right was it if I stay in price than AM -- -- you thought you know teenage girls all love and they were gonna -- And by the out now now. So much in fact that kind of -- So out of here it is. Move over a ninja turtles is the image out of the guardians of the galaxy you know came back here again and back with seventeen million dollars. Oh boy. Number two. Teenage mutant ninja -- sixteen point eight million. If I stadium will be was sixteen point three PI. Every couple of male and a couple of -- here and there. -- -- let's beat cop I'm on the way out on the -- on now yeah how to -- -- cops do them before or eleven million. When the game stands tall nine million number five. Now I guess it might be interesting this weekend because they'll have a union movie's starting on win in November a man November man with. -- brought pennants and a now it's like against Napoli these heroes out of how -- you know in an ice at the trailer election is like a bond movie it does absolutely. He misses being -- and the calling. Does that Brandon also a ball as -- -- well that's that would scare me at the movie with ago all yeah mechanical thing they're good -- and around on the Arab looking for all deal -- Now -- now. -- would not -- so think about it between now and Friday down off. -- was summoned. -- -- -- -- -- -- Those two -- thank you all the best in people -- the water I but the challenge yet and I just wanted to donate OK okay that's asked people about that -- -- -- -- At a site is video on it was a pretty good yeah it was my -- you know here he is hair -- everything. And he's talking about -- as important is he's gonna do it. And it pops his umbrella and they -- ice bucket it was not so that. Couple what it couple marsh. On him. Came down on America's spirit you know within -- -- -- and -- unlike you know they'll messes hairdo -- -- drowned rat but I'll. It added -- I think a lot -- it gets you to exit visa if you take the challenge. Ten dollars and if not hundred dollars for -- to raise money for mrs. greens on the opposite he's not taken. The techsters says that just the 100 dollars. You know yet there's -- need to bomb lineup a little bit yeah yeah yeah so that's very important. Thanks a lot David we appreciate it. As you know we -- this thing going after the DAL lasts and then move on to something else. We might cure you know fight diseases. Absolutely -- -- criticizing it because they say it's a gimmick and everything and it's a trend for the summer but it's important it works it works there you go. There you -- speaking of working. It. Was so hot hot hot. -- this week it was unbearable. Magellan violent Laura buttons down the morning tomorrow morning in an Eyewitness News forecasts and a yeah I think I'm bearable at that good down way to put it like five yesterday at the heat index one of five to 110. It was pretty brutal let me tell you this is probably nothing scientific vote yes I was in charge point on Saturday and I left my bottled water in the car pool and a few hours later I came back I'm telling you it was blowing it was hot it was a but it touches to -- is that the outside -- as we know in this summer you know just from doing stories on how hot it inside car why don't leave your kids a year pets and even in the air for a minute because. It can get up -- 1526870. -- -- -- car oh absolutely and it was product and a bottle in the -- to -- at the end of that did that model. Well what about with the ball in the end yet he had plans -- attack and sit out there on the Atlantic it's right over the Bahamas. Lot of rain falling there and it's not moving much all there. Forward motion motion will take get to the north and northeast it's still expected to be a threat to anyone. Other than some higher serve maybe some rip currents along the eastern shores of Florida maybe some of the southeast that. At this point it -- -- -- offshore from the East Coast and takes it out into the open waters when it's kind of sits -- at that worry you mean yeah you know it would worry me more if that we're not you know almost due east of us -- you know it's it's already there in the Bahamas -- it would have to do some pretty crazy stuff senate. -- loop around and come to the golf and no models are showing that so I it doesn't worry me other than I just worry for the spokesman -- ominous. Are having to deal with the rainfall but as far as we're concerned we're looking good. This is gonna stay well east and maybe become a hurricane and he had its -- Ky LA it's always go to kind of wrap up but the forecast to sell -- become a category one. Hurricane -- that kind of gets closer to Bermuda over the next couple. What about our forecast it was hot hot hot -- find out week you know what I'm frank had called it a little mini heat wave at actually caught Beckett that new but this week it would start to break -- -- The lack of that the get really hot tents for this week it moved on through. This week is it still be warm and humid tenth kind of around 1992. But no more normal August weather with those scattered thunderstorms -- today all through next week at -- -- daily chances for rain. The coolest off -- after. It's simple to do it and be that illness ice bucket hats out adequately offer that we. Are good cause and to help out. To quote the -- -- is wrong with people -- -- -- people that found the -- Your eleventh at east Texas -- -- up. Close -- the police busted. Because they were selling and again and it's super secret menu that -- posted on the yeah yeah yeah yeah. Managed opposite him more than pastries if found synthetic marijuana being fell from the location during this hour with EP incident -- that would. -- -- Take some time was up -- she. Sharia laws the cable ads right. With me here emotions and special. Investigated for several months and they did find illegal substances while -- undercover. Two people were arrested at 27 year old and a one year old that possession and sale -- my schedule one controlled and it's usually Tyler yeah you know a lot of things that really went right you know that money but narcotics and actions on the premises. Illegal substances packets for sales. Boot code violations. Health officials to shut him down and I think at this point. We needed you know Rick -- may regroup there every event -- Reopen at a later date at a later date of how do you whatever time out and I it now it's funny that east Texas is that right yes ma'am okay how you let that Texas have you been in much east knowing -- -- southeast Texas eighteen they're kinda thing is cult lots. Yes and that's about I have some friends in Houston to whatever we can't drive -- into that area Texas. Go get my collection and it's quite a -- kind of donut shops -- a point -- every down back McClatchy's at times at the same place. I think they're they're so good they're like. Little funds that are stuffed with stuff whether it like eggs and sausage or be hand and she -- -- -- -- Will be analyzing a lot -- I saw the sign but I did not know by now you've got to punish Iraq or something like I have no idea -- our way out of my -- I I don't have a clip but yes if your average east Texas and we shall see signs that -- -- factory -- you'll -- ever stop and get them on telling -- it's OK a lot on the -- like an -- ago cannot yet and bring me back now. OK but hold a synthetic marijuana I don't want. It cut it at. All right Laura. I did have a great day. Lawrence is allowing it. Coming up we'll check in with Steve -- have the latest I think an important I think this is the early edition of WWL. First news. It is 549 on the early edition of WWL. First news my banks this morning to Shelden Williams and -- fetal producing the early edition with me thank you guys helping out. As well with my special thanks in the executive producer and agreed bath night. -- -- Help you with the got a distress as a good producer Dan and me noted that on the dance floor is that called them. 911. Up out there -- -- on how did Drew Brees looked on Saturday ambled through play this Thursday Steve Geller is in with the answers and a look at sports this morning. Good morning and happy Monday everybody Drew Brees was sharp tossing two touchdowns in the State's 23 to seventeen pre season went over the colts on Saturday. Despite being the quarterback's first game back since dealing with an oblique strain. Quote coach Sean Payton was asked -- the Pro Bowl signal caller might see some action on Thursday in the final game of exhibition play. Or be Smart especially with short week I think the key is just getting the reps stern of course the week to practice and he's experienced enough to understand the difference between practice and in game speed. Yet to meet. Be Smart translate to not a chance has -- admits he still that a 100% yet and could use the rest just for a time back and -- support you know I mean still just. This is that -- -- area. A few other roughed up signal callers in the NFL the Panthers cam -- been ruled out the Carolinas. Pre season finale. And he'll sit with a hairline fracture to his ribs head coach Ron Rivera remains confident though that Newton will be ready for week one against Tampa. Rams quarterback Sam Bradford is done for the season after re tearing his left ACL and Saturdays pre season contest against the browns. Saint Louis will now move forward with a veteran short hill as the signal caller. White tiger football opens the season just five more days against Wisconsin let's check you with a big sheet for the latest on this. Up to 45 match up the LSU tiger defense has two of the best it's pass rushers in the SEC returning Jeremiah -- go. And did -- content how to -- one key for him this season is getting off to a much fastest but then that of what he needed 2013. Less Julia. Slow start because home ice there's two out. No this season that's my playbook and I started studying more of us are good and -- it -- to me this season this can continue to improve and to build off last. It's a -- does and the batches sent it aged now right here on WW. Ballot via WW real sport. And south -- -- -- South Korea beat Chicago eight to four to win the Little League World Series championship. Today -- the second -- show live from the silver slipper casino. What are your top takeaways after three pre season games for the saints I'm Steve Geller and that is your early morning look at sports. Clearly want a little Chicago might still wind but it down they were really up the gates something that they haven't lost since god knows the team Korea's. Yeah Chicago's pitching didn't really. Quite live up to what South Korea had -- but the kids had a great run. Right it was in the wonderful in Chicago needs it because they have so much you know crime there's this is a good rallying for them sent. Very very good OK so let's talk LSU tiger so what are the expectations for this season I think. 810 win season is always expected with LSU just because less miles has been so successful. With the program since coming there and I had the tigers winning ten this year and I I know people usually. In tiger fans consider and national championship. Or nothing. And I think this year with all of the youth on this team on the offensive and defense this side of the football. Ten -- a pretty darn good accomplishment expression with two quarterback situation now remains unknown mum we have some returning. Running backs from last season -- leading rusher and Jeremy hill is gone too. 21000 yard receivers are gone from this team so the offense is definitely going to be struggling this year I do think the defense. The defensive side of the ball will be better for the tigers didn't last year because there are a lot of sloppy play some missed tackling in the tigers didn't quite live up to their defensive billing of pats but I know defensive quoted -- shave his. Will be whipping this team into shape for this game. And Wisconsin the federal quarterback situation of their own that's that's been a big question but I have a strong running game and also so. Tough defensive front as well so I think it's going to be a great matchup I do like Alicia to win the big game opening game of the year to. And quickly the fact that we had not settled the QB question is that good or bad are good strategy on the -- part are we shipment we should -- all right well teams of war. In the pads dealing with two quarterback systems I know I'm not a fan of bid but. Let's miles has basically said that we're gonna see both quarterbacks in this game between Brandon Harrison Anthony Jennings. I guess you have to get kind of a feel of who's going to be the leader who's gonna be that starting guy. And he can really only get that in the game situation not so much from practices so I kind of see where he's coming from -- but I think. Some point during the year he's gonna have to have. One starting quarterback and go with them. OK very good banks beat -- remember. National banana split -- -- I'll be yet month before prep or maybe after practice yet deleted after the practice -- excellent Steve. Coming up we'll have another check of our forecast with Laura black -- and I'm getting them techs that say I don't have to drive to Houston. To get the -- -- -- talking about that. It's not that far away I'll tell you what are taxes are saying I can find collect these all coming up in just a moment. Apparently it can also go to Crescent City to get some blotches and also the district don't it's -- magazine street all right thank you guys. I'm -- -- is up next have a great -- about if.

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