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8-25 6:15am Tommy, Saints win

Aug 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints win over the Colts

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker startle a bit behind schedule but then again what's new Mike to tell EA I guess jones' WW LN FL and college football analyst and Mike to tell DA. For some of the morning. Secondly. I think you'd be hard not to be optimistic after what we saw from the first name on Saturday night. Yeah I agree with you you know -- that this is what three weeks and I'll say it again. -- did you. This book being physically. Dominated. The code of -- -- of the line he's been good line I mean. Just. The priest he. That. Good altered the line has been the that was the point election that -- get more. And gotten more than any other thank in the wanted to run the ball record of the year. And that is would -- out how physical and how -- they run the football and court the quarterback. Not -- late in the game that was impressive but. I think. -- -- -- -- cut you know -- the Cold -- political team won a playoff game get into the Iowa. -- -- By the State's front seven. Defensively. And I want a great job so. That's wild Indians welcome. -- -- -- green bit in the -- all that I mean I mean they've really thought -- -- -- I agree at a loss in LT bark is you know you have to and it has nothing to do with what happens on the field but. At Sam Bradford over the weekend I'm just -- If we can just meant to say it but if we suggest what you do is set to take a break Mike is running lately but when we come back on talk about that. The defense and and we've often said if the defense and just be a little bit better. And Nabil a better man and -- when you look at that when you look at Drew Brees how sharp he was a receivers Brandon cooks didn't even play. I think -- says the lakers and the potential to be an awesome team six when he won timely hit traffic when you're from -- to -- so like seventy. Till 3866889087. Right now time for traffic with -- Robinson I tummy -- -- and WL talking with -- to tell -- as we do every month there's got to WL NFL and college football analysts. Mike when it comes to. The football team we saw on Saturday night at least as far as first stringers. How how much better do you think your defense could be that was last year. I think he can be -- because turnover ratio. That's been struck in the autopsy. I'll let you got the pressure you've got -- facts. In mid term focus. While there at all and -- lectures. I mean he's he's a playmaker. Well. And very few guys can take in all that I'm -- basically inept and Nokia eight years of training -- And he came -- -- like you know -- fully. It is sure use some guys that -- it'd be bad. And in -- won it he's a big addition. In helping create those turnovers. Ensure the deal that he didn't get last year you got the -- now. And I think that's important. The KGB that's pretty stout against Iran but they're built to create turnovers that they can be easy thing that we get. In twenty -- team. A big part of that certainly is bird and also -- can -- -- what do. It you know practice. Walking walking it doesn't -- becomes like you'll like you that. They eat canned -- -- -- came -- slow -- coming -- in Seattle I would dislike the music video really good a lot of good -- will be -- And market fallen incidents Jerricho so it really did he won't eat it's you can put pressure on the quarterback. I think he defensively go beyond actual use low turnover ratio that was such a big part of the outline to. I was saga on the other side line of scrimmage with Mark Ingram it would appear somebody lit a fire under his you know what. And this is that the dependent on number Kerry's keep that fire burn in is it because of his contract year is it you tell me. Well you know it's one guy on your verdict will call in and yeah it is different. And accurately this season. Anti trust his instincts as a runner today probably is -- vision is to build upon arrival. And I his career he was one of the guys that he felt like if things -- inside. You gonna try to and you -- -- like Reggie Bush. -- He's trusting -- new vision it is instinct is -- a -- day. -- where we. Miniature. Ball -- real strong. It is -- -- -- you know getting -- quality. That that always help a little bit but I think it's a combination that we know all along. Does. It. But he becoming much more instinctive rather. Similar to what you saw that truck engine. And it may not always. Well as well let me get to the it didn't finish it there weren't strong. The only question mark at this point to me and it may seem minor who you really needed is the kicker. And do you have any idea who we wind up with. -- -- I just thought don't always been lecturing Graham in the election. The inflow outer edge of the -- he is really really -- -- it. But you know what all those years. That that veteran -- a bit is there. In I want a little bit the way to you know probably as of August 32. Terms. If you but they're dinky is going to be -- waiting now. Continue getting back quickly and personally I think that you go with the veteran bench Ingram -- -- -- level. It was cool but I looked almost coaches. Have played games real decades that much about that. It's a tough spot for Sean Payton BN as silly as it seems did talk about the ticket but if you know he keeps someone not the other and he's gonna have to bend if they miss one then he's an idiot for keeping this guy -- staying. Make the game clincher than -- Boyd and John that's correct decision. When you look at the -- Ingraham what animals I've accurate kickers in the history and national football. Be argued against that can be council you know. What you want about it it is accurate -- -- yup that'll be tricky at times but you know. The -- it shouldn't which I darn yeah I don't look at it this way. That it -- -- you can game. Our guys that would -- -- one and I think global culture it's. They would tape veteran kicker all or. Not done it in and -- -- regular season game. I think you have to because it's all about you know the odds -- second -- and I -- agent and -- there and NFL analyst -- to yank. You guys -- live from this overslept a casino on the beach in Hancock county Mississippi. From four until eighteen talks things cults saints colts ran the top. Takeaways at the three pre season games and did Drew Brees looked like he's in mid season form. The thinking was -- rusty. About the other newcomers we get the seat for the first time cares burden Champ Bailey second guess today fortunately. On the station of the saints in the NFL football not to mention -- detail -- -- WL thank you Mike.

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