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WWL>Topics>>8-25 6:45am Tommy, what's the latest with ISIL?

8-25 6:45am Tommy, what's the latest with ISIL?

Aug 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS military expert Mike Lyons about ISIL's latest moves

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about. A lot of things morning and you know it seems like. Some things become very newsworthy in and they'd drop off of them. The top of the list but they keep running in the background and major Mike Lyons CBS military expert jones' right now. About one of those things and that is the terrorist group -- morning major. Thanks for taking the time -- this -- I'm -- stories that that are saying over the weekend that ices as drones and scenes stories of former CIA. Officials saying you know what it's not a matter of if it's not a matter of when it's all about timing when they find that opportunity I guess of weakest link in the chain. Yeah I mean they're going to exploit. Your cat and don't focus well. Got an image side to move and then in that. If he were to try to survive and yeah Iraqi forces in the Pittsburgh and world that start in our government. I'm available to -- it's actually stepped -- -- to make its. Excuse and it turned out to be. Take. Well and British. And believe -- -- so you know. It -- -- extinct we can and should be doing. It's leading -- what you're actually a police in a couple of months. You know last year counterpart. Tom colonel. -- and note. Are we in a pre 9/11 positions where if if we building in time you know Bill Clinton had a chance -- Osama bin Laden didn't do it. And then all of a sudden. We have the 9/11 attacks and we look back. And it will we -- done this could we have done that could we have done the other thing are -- in a similar position with prices now. As we were then with al-Qaeda. You know the -- and eleven operation. Summit in its technical. And so the summary and -- -- right that took. Gone off the way it did. I think I think that situation is such. We're looking at Portland outscored the district the lone -- Chair and that the person at them and -- dirty bomb. Blows up the train station into that back and 9/11. But then again and would require an equal playing -- -- eavesdropping and to adopt what. But in terms of a dirty bomb borders not -- secure domain is something like that could render a facility. -- unusable for a long time could it now. Yeah I mean there's that they're due to elaborate -- that cute Iranian nuclear program I mean they're the reps are so much deeper. And why and and an in some ways that it just in we worked on the resilient and we got utility. Our -- -- hypocritical and construction -- -- -- right now there's an issue to try to improve all that. I'm you know -- -- all going to people. In the world that we live in but but again how can we talk about the fact that to air missile. It somewhat skewed data commercial airliner United States like would happen overseas. To me that the weapon of mass destruction did that shut down -- -- the industry for a -- there once you go bankrupt -- like that but it -- -- Down to the people like what happened element. On al-Qaeda. You know he -- the stated purpose was to leave American economy was. Right should focus which is why they targeted that symbolic World Trade Center in and that was important to them some nice Zelda. That's Smart in that recognizing what we just want. Intimidate each year. They had died in the blood -- on the mumbo Jumbo that they got there in terms of but it's one they want Ctrl+Alt. And control. Over the weekend. -- cable negotiate with -- -- people were negotiating and actually it. -- We. We unit. Junior. Would not declare war somebody and then at that point. And the that -- mean doesn't that that that you know the planet there. One thing I don't get is the the amount of people that are going to leave and there are native country and had an -- I guess through Syria and and Turkey. To get to Iraq and and join up with prices -- is what is the appeal of this team to somebody I mean are they that fervently. Muslim that they they wanna do this. Yeah I guess they're so desperate all sullen and indeed do you know we don't actually have that problem as much -- -- Europe it's gotten tremendously and I think. There's a real risk of having -- jihadist go there become more radicalized get -- know what to do go back. To London go back should Germany Spain you know Turkey does say that you're gonna that it's gonna come to their doorstep and -- -- -- and I think. Get them in game. He's gonna -- -- -- tickets and can't wait them out because. Because they can get at this point that there really more restricting than that -- -- -- -- -- and they have to go we have to go as well when they were gonna have a conversation about what is it that would attract somebody from the United States otherwise and it's happened before otherwise. A normal American life and now all of a sudden they get. Converted it to be a radical. Muslim and and I don't know I understand and I can and we'll talk about another date thank you major. Credit emigrate.

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