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WWL>Topics>>8-25 7:15am Tommy, civilian patrol in the Quarter?

8-25 7:15am Tommy, civilian patrol in the Quarter?

Aug 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to Bob Simms with the French Quarter Management District and Andy Kopplin, the CAO of the City of New Orleans, about a proposal to have civilians patrol the French Quarter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- rights to it they don't get right to Monday morning. Get it done then. -- Start -- season. At this rate will be a -- -- think there's no matter how well. I first since Denver the -- says they approached beat thank you momma for some good food red zone. But well you know how on the local broadcasts of the saints' games they have the slept imam red zone probably count -- in on an awkward because in a thousand Nokia you can't do it because. What happens is you know these are not network games and Cox televised is them and a -- costs money to televise the game saying -- a sponsor in the exactly so they sponsored the red zone. And -- the NFL didn't think that -- you momma was consistent with the NFL's anti domestic violence message. Put a little boy I don't mean any disrespect to slap you mommy cajun products. I grew up here -- gang yeah. Money and maybe it's as I was by youth saying that. I never did understand the connection to. Striking your mother because she cook something good you know seem like it your -- don't regard -- -- -- -- slap your -- why -- -- -- And and they got a commercial at their run -- and again you know like it's a great product there's nothing wrong with the product but the mom puts a helmet on. When she's cooking with it and tables -- let's get this started as though so it's all -- a funny funny -- I guess I don't know it's kind of like. Well would you what did you think -- food it's it's greatly punch in the things I don't. I don't quite get why widget. Never did understand it maybe somebody can I thought it was acute thing because I think they've. Well okay able much attention whatever it evidence that your dad -- let -- daddy here's our zone. You would wannabes slept because. You cook some good food and do good. -- there sorry about your tongue. Or you you can I can't I can't remember the phrase your tongue comes out and slap somebody your Vijay -- about this -- and having seen over the weekend. Carry on track are Munster. But I can't remember our guards -- thing is not against the company it's just misunderstanding about the phrase and it was a -- I slept in my homily it was -- it's -- -- -- Gotta -- a lot of room. And just kind of -- yeah I don't know the origins of -- having grown up yeah. Okay. We'd we'd be so thankful and you know some that was collected now actually have food in the house last thing we do is -- -- inside joke. But I don't understand why it's a joke that's on and -- -- -- Why do you. Yeah kind of lie tell me just because it's it's ridiculous. You're not gonna slap your mama. But it's so good idol. One answer it's a good idea -- house down about and why would you do that. It's so good you can completely. You know -- every drainage thing and house -- I don't get the logic of -- Tim and David noted Kolb talk about a ready to Hague -- opinion all. On call verse text depends on which went to him you're from -- don't you understand the origins of slap you mama. They have an I don't know exactly word came from is this just like it's just like that term commands. You know that that's a derogatory term to a lot of people but -- global. -- listen this is on says slap your mama and mean slapper on the back from -- a good meal now that I understand but this and then they do but that helmet on. That could be and it is just stupid like a lot of things are I don't wanna and particularly in marketing. And then again. Texas is it's a metaphor a metaphor for what it. Tell me what you want to call about Colleen vs texting. Well we're big buildings today out on the call about the fact that if you want nothing but the notation you used to. That is you have no emotions no feelings known nothing but good you have you know. The F you know and everybody knows -- best friend forever boats that are. B or B be right back so that sit. On the other hand if you wish to talk. Then obviously the receiver is going to hear you and know how you feel about face certain subject. They're in the same place slap your momma can -- and I suppose but factually as well as can be the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I gotcha and never heard of the thing on the back -- I think it is originally. -- it it's so good that you would do something. Unforgiven like sloppy amount. Well this says it's because the food that your eating. Isn't as good as of food she's been -- your bed all your life cius slapper. I don't -- I don't know I don't think that's a good message thank you Tim I'm glad -- -- let's take a break when we come back. I'll talk about a citizens -- in new wall and to augment French Quarter police and we'll keep the slap you -- conversation going to a lot of people. Seemed to have a haven't have a different take on this one M says it's so good you wish you mother live cook said well you're eating something your mother didn't caught. But the one helmet to helmet as -- seasons as they -- hot -- fighters on the so it would seem in me and I'm not trying to over think is the that would be it distance and it cooked food and everybody -- if you like -- slap me says from a deal. Here's he is a boiled aid with no -- And it you don't have to -- now. We'll be right back at W I Tommy Tucker with his seven -- -- -- 60% chance for showers that data break that he times to be around 91 without the rain and a -- money 505. And I think after the weekend we all could use a little rain in little respite from that. Brutally hot weather. The mayor says the city of new long -- citizens and people it. Understand that a visit the French Quarter need to respite from the crime problems of league that areas of late. He says we have a responsibility to ensure our city is safe for resonance employees and visitors so he's. I'm suggesting and -- -- troll which would be unarmed uniformed civilian officers. That would free up and understaffed. And OPD to focus on more serious crimes and talk about this morning we began. With -- -- French Quarter management district and just be clear that the district does not hand an official opinion on this. These are just Bob's thoughts as -- -- morning Bob. Good morning tell me what you think about media the idea of this news Nolan patrol. Well -- all the reasons that -- you're right now from the -- statement. Clearly true you know. And not gospel classical it's fossils in look and how best to provide up. And then the last few months and we came to conclusion that what we're really need it is. Our biggest -- -- -- Pope mobile. And LP DD PD officers on the street to provide additional police presence and he -- crime you know so. -- know patrol is something we needed it more details on the full we could come true conclusion on that you know. If it doesn't people more officers on the street might be -- saying you know. But they're not -- offices and you know the you know what freed him up to do other things. But not the point that you don't believe -- -- off. A district offices -- so they disrupt as good now. You know be in uniform on the street you know provide minimal additional police presence so -- things we don't really know yet. They said they'd -- Foyt with some of the hotel motel tax about 200000 dollars a month and I'm just wondering. What would that not pay for enough DTL officers or they're not enough officers to go around a I don't know how far 200000 miles would go. Two from 200000 dollar problem ways you know what the original hospitality assessment. Was dedicated to four to five different various security lights and sanitation infrastructure and quality of life. And so -- used to in -- thousand in my own mind. It probably the patent details system and tried to put in place in the quarter that they this and so some businessmen agreed to do for their area. And -- to look now with the other areas the third that but it epic and I thought I wanted to do it with these costs about 100000 among. About half this amount would pull. You know eight to ten more officers on the street. While some Bob I appreciate your time around a little bit later we'll continue to discuss this with our other guests coming up -- am -- year accent. And guessing you're not from new loans originally I would say -- we go warmer RO. And the reason people on in England a close. Came to -- -- too -- new loans in 1979401. Year's time. That's what they also say in what many people. Thank him pledged at the time -- and -- his state. Thank you have a great day I will continue to discuss this with their guests only comeback still. The comments in the text about slap you momma the phrase. And is endorsing it says they're not talking about these slapping it's a -- panel on mom's posterior and she's bent over in front of the stove this PC attitude is out of control. I don't know about. A PC attitude but. I don't know that -- -- whatever slap my mom and Fanny is she spent over the stove that that seems like some weird wild wacky stuff to me 724. But look at your house your family do you lines. I Tommy Tucker will continue talking about the mayor's proposed civilian patrol in audio had some. I comments on -- great slap your mama debate continues David Blake one of them says. I partake of all of the seasonings. I use -- daddy on ribs and burgers drop the baby on -- -- a -- on wild game -- So little sarcastic note. -- -- when you're the one about the tong. And comes up and slap something. Somebody knows that -- tax contain nine. -- young newlywed bride was a little insecure about cooking this text says because her mother in law's center great champs or husband trying to encourages Bryant said. Who'll leave this is so good it makes me wanna slap my mama. And I get another one. It says you -- it is my favorite you're missing the entire point about slap you mama. The point is that the NFL has solved the problem of domestic abuse very a year ago did that was so easy man. Take a break -- WL first news and then we'll talk more about the civilians patrol and slap you mama. Ready jaguar opinion -- David the mayor's office has proposed having unarmed uniformed civilians handle non emergencies and a quarter. To free up NO PD good or bad idea 71%. As saying ban idea -- it's just been floated and -- just got thrown out there and save it sticks but we're trying to act yes we're trying to. It wouldn't have if Sidney Torres still cleaning the streets in different mount -- to make a point. Civil talking in the count on about this and gaining some tax -- it's gonna do is. Get somebody hurt or killed the bad guys will know who doesn't have a gun and one question I have just administratively. Is it. It's gonna cost 200000 dollars a month from the hotel motel tax by -- is -- more uniform now officers on detail exactly we have enough to go around because. I realize they're trying and with everything in ten. To hire more officers it will take a break come back talk to -- 80. Of New Orleans and accomplice nice not to join us and we will talk to him in a flash and other W. I Tommy suckered have a WL spending some time this morning talking about the mayor's idea that. Help with crime and a French Quarter it would involve a -- patrol. And here to tell us more about it CA EO of the city new loans and decoupling morning Andy. I'm well thank you we appreciate your time so. To make sure everybody understands. What exactly the mayor's proposing to give us a little thumbnail sketch him. Sure what -- the hotel motel industry. Done a voluntary assessment on all their guests. That dedicated. About two and a half million dollars a year to the city for help in the French Quarter. In what we want to do is expand our. Enforcement resources in the French Quarter and in state district. With it will call in middle patrol modeled after. You know the traffic enforcement in equality like division. That new York city police he's in Times Square. I get a Texas says 200000 dollars is to point a month is 2.4 million a year they can't pay for 48 NO PD officers. At fifty K a year how many -- patrols are we gonna get well. I would imagine part of the problem is getting officers that's why they're surgery -- campaign going on. The first person -- math is wrong -- it's about the 50% more than -- for the end of the opposite they get paid more. But more importantly. We didn't say anything about recruiting -- of the opposite we're trying to recruit as many offices that is we can. And articles you'll get force backed up to around 16100. That this supplements. That -- I. So take me to the streets of the French Quarter and we hand the the Nolo patrol. And they're wearing uniforms. But they're not armed -- That is correct that the uniform. You know vehicles that he felt them like bars. And I'll be moving traffic LP. Dealing with all of life issues is that the police officers who -- arm. I can focus on the higher order criminal activity and again -- is this'll be -- force multiplier. As quickly as possible we can hire and train -- patrol officer is much more quickly. That PD officers they can supplement that -- French Quarter -- beginning within months. Why not DTL offices supplement. The crime fighting in the quarter or are they simply not enough. Officers than it did to work within the restrictions of the overtime rules etc. do for the 200000. It does the truth is that we're trying to expand capacity as quickly as possible. We have a good partnership with French Quarter business leaders. Who are expanding the sales. She noted that were hiring and a PD officers as quickly as we can't we also think this diet supplement. To providing again you know a number of extra sets of buys all of the French Quarter to enhance safety and quality of life. Upward at the folks who live and visit the French Quarter. So are there enough police offices to go around if you're gonna have. DTL officers instead of -- patrol. You know I think is that the truth is that we're trying to grow the -- PD and this is they wait to. Do you have both increased the president you know we don't want to have all of our officers. Haven't -- 6070 hours a week. Because that will be if you fired for their jobs so the point we don't listen now. Offices support that -- being proposed by the French Quarter businesses but we also think. That is a good way to supplement. Are told police presence in the eighth district's. Do you think any of these they'll patrol. Officers I guess it be an officer would you call. -- we did it would it be a way of you know almost like a minor league for a penalty anywhere from there you would find out who -- company and who's not and and then maybe they progress on -- that would be an additional recruiting tool. That's absolutely part of the idea from the very beginning. Psychedelic again. Man or woman just graduating from high school. Good showing the -- patrol they would have a job and income they can -- as -- -- or UNL Delgado hit. Sixty hours they needed when they get one years old. They look at experience in criminal justice that we'll have the degree they need them at the age. And they'll be among the first people will be looking for -- joined the and a PD that we got that recruiting pool going they get it needs a win win. All around. In terms Andy of the new superintendent Michael Harrison and I'll have the standards for being a police officer -- he ended trouble getting new recruits is there any chance that that could be. Revisited perhaps an and then it may be -- college experience -- the the college credit being done away with -- anything. It would certainly always willing to to look at what works -- And we had a big recruitment day it churches across the city that that -- intrusion in she prepared to lead. And you know who were -- to get more and more applicants we're gonna have another class starting shortly -- hope that we can have a third class starting by the end of the year. And we are hiring -- and a PD and so if there I think that that makes sense for us to -- changes. The terms of that education requirements will continue to look at it but you know we all want great quality police officers. And the statistics that the chiefs are -- brought to that suggested that this is recommendation for having. Sixty hours of college would help improve. The long term quality of force and so again we're recruiting successfully. Despite. What some people believe this is too high an academic requirements. They -- gonna keep that it until we fill up those slots. Anyone -- and -- we didn't mention. No I -- and I think that did. Books have made a lot of you know comets around the civilian patrol. What is the books are armed or not I think you just have to to see it. A lot of time to police officers. Are interacting with the public doing traffic accidents -- traffic control and quality of life things that they. Don't require an armed officer and and so in the French Quarter with a soul patrol. We're gonna put fifty new officers out there dealing with a smaller level of quality of life of trafficking conveniences. And will reserve that the at the time. And that focus of our. And a PD officers for those higher order crimes. You know which are required and you -- expertise we take it -- the best way to supplement. Safety in the French Quarter. In short order. So procedurally what happens from here that the mayor can enacted Diego well before the council get the money. Via we've got to go request the money of the council and the wind. The council proves it should they approve it will start hiring and then start training folks didn't and deploy him just as quickly as possible. No excitement some kind of academy that they go through lower classes. That's correct they'll they'll be it's -- six week training is supposed to yearlong training for the and a PD officers. And so again will be able to hire books more quickly train -- more quickly deploy him. A more quickly and it is the quickest way to get additional. A law enforcement resources out there. And since we're talking about. Requirements for an LP DDT know what the requirements for the Snow Patrol would be. The other day there that but civil service but it it it will be eighteen years old in and you don't have to have. A college degree your college hours to be able to qualify. Thank candy appreciate your time albeit a good day you can't take it easier rights and 52 times take a look at traffic and your calls when we come back about. -- patrol in the inning it's a good idea will it lead to more officers on the force and I just wonder if practically it can work out with people in the quarter Nolan. That these Snow Patrol officers are not police at setter at setter will talk to you when we come back right now time for traffic -- Terrell Robinson. Sally to record -- WL will continue our conversation about a -- patrol an unarmed civilian patrol in the French Quarter. With Donovan with the Kerry spokesman for the fraternal order of police. Would seem to me if I'm a police officer I don't mind working the extra hours of -- get the extra money. But we'll see when we come back in and I say that because 200000 dollars a month. The hotel motel tax to be devoted to the citizens patrol when maybe he get real police. On detail anyway Tommy race and I did join in on the great slap your momma debate. -- -- -- Good morning. -- done all right listen. I didn't quite get the whole thing about three and a half ago and air stem. Well what -- -- an -- -- they can't use cell you can have a zone sponsored locally like the the red zone like the you know the slap you -- red zone -- on NFL's one consideration I grew up here and I just don't get the expression and I never did. About it who as a model -- cage. You know -- -- the last justice but that's just that's just what I'm discounting in the south and I -- -- in the NFL watch. Anything besides football -- daisy that rice football players -- corporate wipe out in the in the elevator -- you know. Got a family values did you worked up would that. -- what I think is up with that I think it goes back in an obtuse way. Did Jimmie Johnson talking about disciplining a player he says if he finds. A third string running back -- he would find a third string running back sleeping in a meeting he'd cut the guy. If they'd be Troy Aikman sleep and at a meeting that it kind of nudge human waking -- it would seem like it doubles and it will come back continue our conversation about all this stuff and other WL.

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