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8-25 8:15am Tommy, civilian patrols in the Quarter?

Aug 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to Donovan Liviccari, a spokesman for FOP, and Dr. George Capowich, a criminologist at Loyola, about a proposal to have civilians patrol the French Quarter and a change to the consent decree

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I've ever heard the jokes the aristocrats don't you dare. Say anything about it other than yes or no Mel. Well. From concerned show business and -- kind of way nick demonized last night at the video music award aria. And -- wardrobe malfunction it's amazing how a phrase. Can become part of the lexicon that helps a sudden it it's something we all know about it hasn't. Janet Jackson and -- for that nobody would have -- I'd like to know who -- afraid I would sort of health policy if they -- put down in the -- -- exactly whenever they got a moral government or whatever you have to do well apparently nick demonized -- had a problem with their dress. A cowboy she was kind of holding the top together that's what it and that's what it would appear to be able -- -- that are. Markers snake bit a -- a bit of backup dancer all realize and it just reminded me of the -- the aristocrats. With them. But the different things that are involved in the act. We're talking about is these citizen patrols Donovan living karaoke on this little bit a spokesman for the fraternal order -- and I get a couple its next year bottoms and you know now wait a minute if Z. You have some money making a traffic's a lot of times traffic stops. Where traffic confrontations turn in the -- -- UH yeah. So you have somebody that's unarmed. They'd be in trouble and I -- the one thing about all of this I do like. Is that. It could lead to recruiting more offices and like a feeder for that I'll -- Richard mania other get a taste of it. And -- like you have liked to do -- -- then I wonder if they don't. Goes somewhere else and I'm not trying to be Debbie downer here -- anything but in terms of attrition and so forth do you work cardinal patrol you get Euro on. You get your experience and you don't know a different department. And still didn't text about slap you mama. Still comment. And a gallon to ideology and he all my life went to saint Julien on the West Bank problem Lauderdale went to Sean and UN no. You're about his -- -- -- -- and Garrett I you know kind of taught new loans like going to -- -- -- in the call on -- tuchman Algiers if you want but I I try to clean it up for the radio my only point is this. I know the expression has been around for a long long time I just don't know what it means why would you. Why would you slap somebody that major good dish but then this text may explain it archive it says because. The food is so good so good you lose your mind and do something that you would never ever think about dual one. Well actually carry out that's why they don't say it makes you slapped your mama. It's so good it makes you want to Wear today wanna slap -- -- slot. Yeah yeah you don't actually slides used one a slot but then again your honor I would submit to the jury. That the woman in the commercial does put a helmet on helmet on. Why is not and well well time. -- you know you know why you now. But the thing that I don't like about that as you would think she would put a football common on. And she doesn't an opening and commercial. I go to talk about the Emmys next half hour. And I have some thoughts on those and -- here what you have to say as well David Blake like I got a thought Korea McConaughey hey. If he doesn't walk away with that thing from -- detective. Man was he goes well you'd just went exactly to my point about the Emmys and why am not. I'm not cylinders in them and we'll explain all of that at 830 -- come back we'll talk to Donovan with a Kerry's spokesman. For the flop fraternal order of police his thoughts on the Nolan civilian patrol. In a quarter Tommy Tucker glad you weather's here debit W. I Tommy Tucker of course were all thrilled they have and Julie hale as part of our family here at WWL in this afternoon at 2 o'clock. The news superintendent of NO PD will join lieutenant Michael Harrison. And he'll talk about them. Everything I guess whether or not he's going to be interim. Top challenges basin NO PD does he want the job does he think he'll get -- I presume something Angela's -- -- Michael Harrison today at two of course before that. 1 o'clock which running on that TWO great new feature candid funny and yet discussions. But the week's not trending stories in news sports and on social media today's -- Dave Cohen. That it embryos and uterine news director. 97. And Todd Manassas co host of bursting with Steve court then it too. Lieutenant Michael Harrison and then -- three you know PDs cold case squad of detectives opening you can help him. In solving some of the cases in the cold case files so like coming up for an open mind with the legendary Angela -- weekday afternoons. 124 -- to -- WL we're talking about canola. Patrol which would be civilian patrol unarmed but in uniform. To help. The officers help free up real police officers in the Snow Patrol would. In theory handled traffic in quality of life complaints Donovan would -- joins us right now spokesman for the fraternal order police morning Donovan. Our current thanks for taking the time it was the first thing while the dollar about me -- -- Q what's the first thing -- ran through your mind when you heard about -- I think we need more beat built on the employer. Com. The city has plenty of non -- people employees who engage in regulatory. Activities. On a deal would be so there's going to be an extension of that then. And I get -- worked so -- so that. I think we have to be careful not fall into the trap to think that that's really use corn that you argued the manpower problems that the please partner pregnant. You said it will moment. I can't believe that it will mean there's there are. A lot of situations that won't be able to be effectively and Barton -- commission personal. -- and when it comes of the costs of this 200000 dollars a month taken from the hotel motel tax. It would seem to me and I don't know Donovan of the numbers support this or not that. You could pay a lot of detail officers have real police there could you not know and are there enough to go around to work within the constraints. I don't know if -- the consent decree -- who was Ronald surpasses overtime policy as far as hours ago. -- -- -- I think we're really need to be looking -- papers is you know. We need to pull studio ranks of the police spot with real please also as a computer or are extra period. In -- is so your saying it it -- a stopgap measure the real answer is to increase. The salary of every police officers so that you could detract from other areas. It you know the the people who live in the current war buried in terms of their quality of life issues and that's helped them out them CommVault or -- about our residents and visitors a different order. In the big picture of things that we really need to stay focused on rebuilding the manpower as police stormed. And about way that we are going to attract suitable candidates are when everybody else in the world are right now is to have. Attractive compensation package. I let me ask -- a different way you get 200000 dollars a month suspend. And Bo Landry administration's talking about -- patrol unarmed civilians. Quality of life enforcement officers. On traffic enforcement officers to free up the real officers to do. You know the criminal work if you were in charge and he handed 200000 a month this man would you spend it on detail officers. If I was written in the front or maybe think about spending on teacher losses. But the question Donovan. The question I was -- in his. You know did given the constraints of of -- at the offices are under are there enough now to even make that a viable idea. Well I don't believe that using retail offices to. -- To replay each the regular -- burst out of that -- Libya and it's always there and supplemental to the regular services -- Products. Right so what is an officer may decide now. Are somewhere or out earlier you would like to see that raised -- -- do you have a tipping point where all of a sudden offices from other jurisdictions would say or. People are qualified would say you know what -- that sounds pretty good. I I think that we need to get -- -- 040 and we need the here's the other part of the problem. -- deputies Freescale is that is flattens out air guitar so there's no real career reconstruction. So -- Department should see. A diagonal progression was salaries but here -- -- -- -- -- right when -- demand flattens out so that people who've been here for twenty years and not make -- significantly more than those -- our. Let's about the consent decree for a second cousin and a little bit we're gonna talk to doctor George capital which -- about. They edited this dissent decree because of lose the detail officers at the superdome security was. I guess understaffed as far as NO PD goes I understand it from one game and inning hammered it out and the -- confuses me as I thought this consent decree was sacrosanct. But if it's not and you can go back and Alter it and I know you guys feel like you didn't have a seat at the table when this was established. Visits does that set some kind of new legal ground will UA it's like well wait let's go back and talk about all of this. Here or post them to -- two parties involved in the lawsuit. -- that the consent agreement could be in world from the department talks. -- -- and on the group's a truck or tried to intervene and to the case and would deny that by the art. So what it boils down to is that it when the two parties agree that they want to change something wild and that -- -- -- change it. If somebody else wants to -- all -- while injured you're just. Well there. Now understand what you are but I do Donovan for that discretion. I'll -- have a good day anything we're -- human and who would like to go. Are your record ninety -- Donovan living Kerry's spokesman for the internal order police. An idea what he's saying about the two parties to the agreement if they choose to. Consented big change into anything you're damn thing you know where two people mutually decide to change equally candid if you didn't have. Apart the original agreement but it would just seem to me. Although -- talked to doctor George temple which about this is much. That has been made so much disagreement with the -- details are handled now. It would seem -- -- revisit this the issue as it relates -- the -- -- could be revisited as it relates to. Everett police officer but maybe not a 25. Calls from you won't come back at -- 60187. Neitzel 3866. 889087. -- do you think this unarmed citizens patrol. In uniform. Today handled quality of life in traffic issues and free up. Officers real police officers tend to crime would be a good idea or not. You may call time for traffic that would go to Terrell Robinson. Unarmed civilians in the French Quarter in uniform health and now with the quality life issues and traffic so that the real police could be freed up for. Criminal activity Kevin always good morning thank you for calling you on -- WL what think uses. And -- those are indicative the -- quite some time on the line. Part one you're gonna take 2000 -- from the fund hometown track tests and they demand out in is that allocated to some that are -- Two I don't. Eighteen and nineteen year old street and soda and go to the police force -- I think that would be trying to do for a long term solution. I can't tell you Kevin when I heard the enthusiasm and anti Kaplan's voice is suddenly a light bulb went off with me as though wait a minute that's what this is all about. -- and -- -- -- before Obama who had a guy -- walk around the block with authorities and everything. Protect in the quarter that did work. I think they're the kind of -- them -- knows what that network. That a lot of issues that need to be addressed in law and the law and outside of -- program but -- -- -- -- think once they get into that 200 -- this site. Politicians. We would it would continue to do that could be -- terms today. We are ready at a couple who are on the consent decree. That get Baxter experts. But the problem and that thing came on and -- flattened out at 36 and maybe that was Obama reasoning may never see all our twenty year career and the problem. You know I think in need of those situations for. Well so many it seems like I -- get to news -- I'm glad you called so many times it seems like we hear that NO PD pay has been brought up to. Anybody else it might have been brought up from where it was but. Now it seems like it's it's not enough to attract offices more we come back 831 time for debit WL first news and for that. Go to David -- Any night tonight David Blake. Know you mentioned that you. You looking forward to it but the problem is I think that the fragmentation of cable and so many different networks and many of the nominees on page you are ha TV it's kind of hard to watch -- -- and you know back in the day when their relentless networks that think a lot of us had seen. All of the shows. Terror Ernie Freeman to work it was like Dallas but every act sought soundly as you know the competition wasn't gonna run through some of the the nominees here drama series of course breaking bad are -- Yeah it's definitely this season. And in downtown and the game and -- house of cards. Mad men and true detective -- a year big fan of that true detective yes I had seen how -- odds on. But one. Even when you do I I presume eventually. Even if you have to apply it. It's gonna just that you -- is fat meals and now it's deep Louisiana. Really it's everything from from over here at L mordant all the way out and two you know like Charles. -- current timeframe yeah. Who wonderful Sedona. So anyway drama series you're you're on nominees they're breaking bad downtown -- game of -- house of cards mad men and through detective. Which when you've taken. To detective early -- have to -- this -- Cool things that I did you need to understand helped us. Tunnel that you did this for the family did it for. Really liked it. -- car. Save a favorite line of the end as seen in the entire series right there for me I guess we should have issues spoiler. Comedy series Big Bang theory -- modern family oranges the new blacks Silicon Valley. Or -- and I don't watch Danielle mean neither actor in a drama Bryan Cranston breaking bad Jeff Daniels news is very good and I've -- that. Jon Hamm mad men Woody Harrelson true detective Matthew McConaughey true detective Kevin Spacey house of cards and you're gone with -- and how Sokaiya. Regulators expect reality competition program. The Amazing Race Dancing With The Stars Project Runway So You Think You Can Dance top chef and the voice. Where's hell's kitchen and then -- top shop is a little easier on guy won just 1000 hell's kitchen. Well I have any of that up and I thank you said he got burned out on the -- and you know all kitchen nightmares are okay. -- unstructured reality program Alaska the last frontier and at this point. I'll point out again. By October. Every person in Alaska will be on TV. Deadliest Catch it that's a good prediction yet -- it out million dollar listing New York wall borders and wild things with Dominick Monahan. Seth MacFarlane one of the nominees for character voice over performance and if he doesn't win I don't know who would does this guy does -- every voice on Asia it is about. In an editing for reality programming. The Amazing Race Deadliest Catch Project Runway survivor and the voice -- naked and afraid. I would think negative afraid would -- is that he'll put that. Little pixelated plots right we're supposed to have big problems a 43 coming back talking about no -- patrol. Unarmed. Civilian. Officers. In uniform that would -- quarter take care quality of life and traffic issues to free up. The real police to do what they wanted to do also talked about the consent decree. And how what I thought was etched in stone has been altered Tommy Tucker back in a flash and -- a -- I Tommy Tucker talking about the consent decree in something that happened last week that. I honestly didn't surprise -- heck out of me because I thought. That wants is consent decree was reached it was etched in stone but they amended it because of a problem at the superdome with the Tennessee Titans pre season game. And it content and concerns who assigns officers I guess who pays him in the office of secondary employment doctor George Campbell which. Former cop criminologists and department of sociology at Loyola nice enough to be patient and wait for his morning sir how -- -- Origami -- Well thanks has taken -- time tell me about this old consent decree as it works here and other cities and how easy it is TO or difficult to amended I don't think to use the word amendment and they -- any. Where they did have to get an exception except -- and they need you know there in order to do it at a course that goes charge to court. Because technically -- consent decrees in the court. Overseas. I think the problem. We're. After running into initially it was done. He created this office of secondary employment to try and change. But away off duty assignments more saw mind. To prevent abuses. Publicized in the past of both by people who world seeing it as well as officers who were doing it in some cases. News reports of a people double billing and so -- Owning money at all -- -- job at the same time that they schedule for work with the city. As you -- To come up with a different way of organizing it to prevent abuses. And and deer -- department and city at war on oversight. To to control. Off duty often -- work. One of the problems when they did it the way -- community is among other things is it reduced its the paper. So that made it less attractive. Excuse officer urged him -- understanding is one of the main reasons that -- range short. Police. Four titans. Games that people -- -- -- stopped working its contention more awesome. To. Up to strength and so. Exceptions -- change while others to try and addressed that. By raising the day. And then also against giving. Having to pay come directly from Super Bowl from absentee corporations. That controls. -- in the off secondary and one life right. And just be clear they didn't among raising ages 8 -- what they were paying symbols for the light to race. Good clarification. It was a Rasul what the rate would have been under the consent decrees and put it back to what it is for -- consent decree. I guess what I -- wondered about doctor because our time is limited here how -- desist not set a precedent for. Other big venues be it jazz fans be it from some of the -- says things that happen here in a city where. It is detailed. To details are needed a lot of them and I guess the other question is business not. In a wave proves that Willis really isn't work and when you factor in at least the last time I checked the office of secondary employment was bleeding money. Yeah out yeah it at its core I mean there I think which are finding is for army first -- answered your question does send a presidential war. You're still gonna any changes they wanna make coastal I have to get the courts. Approval. On the other hand the other thing I'd say is to win you have these kind of global. Changes. Tweaking is always necessary because -- when you go to actually implement them in and and use it. Vision problems come up whether it's this kind of problem or -- -- -- And so I suspect what happens to city in the court -- officer association. Whittle. Al work true try to address -- as they come up visited with the titans game we've got another game coming up next week. At the Super Bowl. Sort of thing since America after. Work out the -- wrinkles in getting it implemented so that there's coverage that they need in the off insurers. Find work attractive enough that they'll actually someone. Well and then the next question I had -- and we just about out of time is that you would think. And I'm not trying to be normal -- -- anything we knew -- thing. Superdome model would work as it related to all details we're very officer refused except detail work. For for some time period will then eventually the judge would say we know it is now -- we've got to change it and put it back like it was. Yeah that's that's probably true and I think it's you know and -- you know fire. Making guess I would guess that's what's gonna happen is these problems that confronted they're -- find ways to do. -- what was originally put him under consent decree. Thank you doctor I appreciate your time I wish we had more of it. You're. So nice -- users always like George cap which former police officer and criminologists in the department of sociology. At Loyola and I think as one of those things that seems like. And a technical administrative issue but I think it's gonna have far reaching effects maybe I'm wrong. As it relates to the police officer of secondary employment and how details are handled. In the city 854 timely to Traficant for that would have been Terrell province. I Tommy -- there -- reports of an active shooter at a military base in Fort Lee Virginia -- isn't in the days and will follow this is the details come out a tweet sent out around 930 set all personnel and active active shooter Broder calls. Immediately in the installations been placed on lockdown. Until further notice alarms being heard all over the base we will keep you updated. As soon as we know anything else here at WW.

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