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8-25-14 12pm, Garland, NOLA Patroll

Aug 25, 2014|

Mayor Landrieu might form an unarmed civilian police force for the French Quarter. Would you volunteer? What about in other neighborhoods? And what does this say to the rest of the country when it comes to tourism?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well -- hello and sued the Maryland bedroom is planning. All armed civilian police force for the French Quarter. They call -- the know -- patrol. So the world 2000 civilians police duties there would be. On form or rest awards. Primary early traffic control and other non emergency duties. And I read in the and news reports -- 2013. Legislature passed a law. Then. Record do you a New Orleans convention and tourism industry to. Levity you expect from charge that dual audience who tells you begin assessing all and then sells April 1. And that words from this money would come -- Better understand that we have a good number of experts starting with the even -- presidency you and -- visitors. And convention bureau Stephen once again. Well. In the wrong and rightly so golfers break we'll come right back -- -- weeding Stephen Curry's new with a double a video brigades w.'s morning on the -- Are examining Perry would be done you'll includes interns and convention bureau called -- at the last moment couldn't -- show up well. So that you may want what you think about practice and we all well most of those sober living here. Certain remember back. Kim young. June. Unthinkable it's a ligament notes due 209. Shooting urban street made national. International news one -- nine shot. And think about seven days -- Morton says the couple of weeks ago. There was a stabbing. Near -- street to where they killed homeless and and that also got to national news and recently. The beatings. Neighbors in the by water former Maryland. -- and connected to the French Quarter and that married. National international news. And news reports over the last couple of they've reported that Merrill Lynch and drew. As -- get about a civilian. Police for the French Quarter knot in toe toe. Everything every says he's talking about several dozen people who work order. Would -- Have -- they would hire. And they would be trained in some police students and they would be paid. And of course government French Quarter -- they would be on form. No arrest powers. And basically -- -- traffic control. And Switzerland non emergency duties. They called me and no one patrol. And one reversed -- Were there and the U. Convention people -- tell people a big deal about those. And apparently. 2013. In our legislature. Past eighties special -- level. -- -- in New Orleans hotels began assessing themselves. Money for this sort these type things on April 1 -- would sing like the convention and tourism. Industry is on board. Also we've we've we've done the shows year. Where a number of people associated with the French Quarter management. Companies. Organizations or -- and treat. Said that. They've they border and come up with a plan and of the Rome. Two. Hired several of duty cops. And I think number. Of them subsided to about 101000 dollars per week. -- duty cops alone. And know what patrol. Would supplement. Some of those plants. The money for this is about two and a half million dollars per year. A reading room area a new report this this levity. That the hotel to assess and sells. Adds up to grow one and three quarter percent of hotel bills. And those proceeds go to the convention visitors bureau. And won several of them itself. Or about a quarter percent of until bill will go to the city or no control. And that when it's going to be about two and a million dollars per year. And it would be used to higher but the call hit the ground pulled -- officers. And pay for new vehicles. Interest -- three -- through thinking Stephen and you'll enduring double bill appreciate ago. You are now one thing it has not been brought. About the stabbing. Rumor and the guy that was step wipes. And he's supposed to rate -- seventy Euro girl supposedly. Yielding. -- -- seventeen year old girls or at least do it out and he was still a mystery. -- had -- -- this is loops in some reports from her. Let me know. One in the bar C. Would frequent occasionally. Aren't frequent and under the bark -- That the story that is on the street where exile. Q and I appreciate the call that certain information that you hadn't heard anything and if anybody's Cabrera provocation of that gives call. Golan back again and salute to normal patrol. And. This city would not provide the two and a half a million dollar per year. But this City Council. Would decide how to spend it. And and apparently there working with Stephen Perry. And New Orleans convention tourism industry -- to do just that. The the no well. We. Know will put. The -- patrol people would be praying for four to six weeks. -- years explains. Exactly but the trend would be. And they would get involved. In illegal parking. We have made me. Against they would play and Donald's. It's stopped oversize vehicles. And handled dumping and sanitation problems. I wonder if they've got the power subpoena power or. Some sort of power -- Saturday to the businesses do leave a lot of garbage out pro and there. Stores that they're gonna be 500 through open court or nurture that works either blood. 1235 -- and have been and it -- and hopefully. His version deputy -- also chief administrative officers or guarantees canoe to these questions. They're gonna take a looked as -- normal patrol people would take a look at illegal depending. And illegal taxicab. Operations Beatrice and true. How they would know of 2000 illegal operation. And again everything every session several. Dozen. House several dozen -- it will make up normal patrol. Nor -- powers but they would be authorized to issue court settlement so. I -- did go to a company -- dumping and sanitation problems. They would be able to sit in the morning give them some points to court. Respond to non emergency calls for service and quality -- complaints. Well it will happen again and hopefully talked and he -- get an idea of what that about. And the page should be about all morning 9000. Dollars that's less than than in copd often make. Notes that this is the part that caught my attention. Because we've played quite a bit more than. For purse time please. But we have it is it's been virtually impossible. -- of the goal the police recruitment classes. Govern now advertising. Giving special tempered. -- -- And we hadn't been able to do -- the much higher pay scale. And retirement benefits. And overtime benefits. A wonder whom and how well. We're going to attracted 29000. Dollars would be. Retired people would have beat people that. Live in the quarter and and they have -- time hopefully we're going to fund -- to. And our credit job or opinion -- -- W Oprah join the European global. Where -- the question we're talking about right now Maryland drew. Mike Foreman unarmed civilian police force for the record do you think it's good idea in 63%. Of you say you know. I can't think of why it would be. A -- -- That they're not. Formed. And they they can't get in the way. And they're doing things. Sterling from what police soon to -- please handling illegal parking. -- concern about oversized vehicles but all I'm concerned about doping sanitation problems. Only concerned about illegal been in legal tactic and strung out -- I expected to benefit the 2.3. Or 2.5 million dollars a year and cost inept. Initial costs. And -- anything that says more than that cost -- But initially 2.5 million a year. That probably wouldn't go very far -- with police officers but. If the urban street consortium. Of the -- and so French Quarter management district. We're gonna pay about 101000 dollars per week. Hired several. Off duty cop. Would two and a half million per year. You know maybe Britain is wrong let me read again won several of the assessment that this -- -- for apartments and rightly. By the hotel and tourism industry. They're assessing themselves cost. In 17 of the assessment would go to the city for no patrol. That money is estimated about two and a moving per year. And would be used to higher opinion in quotation. Brown patrol officers. And pay for new vehicles. Pardon my confusion because. In the beginning Italy's one of these news towards it says it's. Normal patrol would be. Made up of several dozen civilians. And then we -- and so it's about. Two and a half million for this cost. Seems to me that it is going to the normal patrol and you know lists and the -- that. And if that's correct question would be would be better served just two. Do like the French Quarter management district. And bring in more actual policemen. I mean. In Poland Puerto we have mountains. Did this of the part that suggest honest. There may be a good idea tomorrow -- already. Adopted. By other cities. And successfully deploy. That certainly it would suggest that maybe it's got more pluses than minuses. Let's go to Robert Robert -- your culture and a bit of bill approved should Rocco. I'm -- -- Or are we saw from that'll be in fact that you're now on that. These hotels -- Kamal the 2.5 million dollars just to. Our program. They will be better served if they actually took that morning that -- gave it to at least be partner. -- trading at thirteen -- of this thing that you mention that they would be able to do. We are all we have those -- already there's already. I shouldn't we have meet me. V8 it's actually do you wanted to go out those problems within the community about that garbage all of these things so -- we need. Our -- civilians. Down area and if they tell you that you're not with -- Powell -- -- because once you issue a subpoena community. Actually considered analysts. In general PD. So what the towel. Would occur on deck out your honor there or not cynical. What you want and you get eight. Interest in let limb -- emails could do and play doubles because it. We see it I think the -- problems always saying we want to bleaching barb and handle -- and primed and most important things that threatened. -- -- person light and property. If if if a policeman in the French Quarter didn't. Have to worry about illegal parking oversized vehicle so the trash problems illegal bending. Taxi -- operations. When that -- police up to add to concentrate on the more important things. You're on what is you'd listened to keep it one we are the -- -- -- scared are you let them enforcement and here are there particular attack came. Equally important have the equipment put in an area. You have quality like -- already gone to every police station. You get out -- job I mean and we go more meetings they need to be made community covenant are correct that when it. Official governor's and it ought to elect also. And then at that we -- still go up to 2.5 million dollars annually. Equal -- -- also -- I'll get more better out there and now in trying to get new people to comment. Robert you give me some things to think about it and the audience end. Couple questions as can become open to appreciate -- -- bury my -- of good. It is WW obligated celebrity get him one of 53 of well were good about them there Maryland drew. Planning on armed civilian police forces for the first quarter. And I don't think FitzGerald or burden it's for the current quarter. Anything good idea bad idea we're over. Governor of the Oprah the drug war opinion poll asking you mean what are they gonna do and 60%. Abuse they know. Everything -- says there would be several dozen -- called and do you know patrol won't. Oh absolutely students. On reform nor -- power. -- traffic control. And of their duties. One of the things that. A call group that claimed to be -- policeman sent. Where's that there re authorized to issue court Sullivan's and the caller says -- that a rushed. When he gives Somali coast of its elements your. Giving them basically and -- Notification. -- page somewhere in the area of 29000. Dollars obviously less than general PD officers. And a wonder about that figure because the police we have now. We're having trouble keeping. They -- billowing out on a daily basis. And on and on top of -- we can attract. Unknown to build those ranks. A lecture -- twenty -- 29000. Dollars a trucks. And how well. Basically this thing looked elegant being paid for. By the New Orleans convention and tourism industry. Very. Eleven and against themselves. Starting April 1. -- -- Upwards -- will be repaid for. And apart bridges correctly if it comes about two wanna have million dollars per year. And hit the ground patrol officers. Will be paid would -- money you know also twelve new vehicle. Story it's. Is it looks -- opened that is. So billion motivated civilian. Staff. But not police. And the things that they they do after being -- purported six weeks. And -- automobile accidents. And a and curious how that works with the insurance company. Because with the insurance companies usually. In particular at the epic series and I think you have to have please report problems and he. Have that ability. Also illegal parking. And as we talked about earlier. I was under the impression that illegal parking. Was handled by an -- Oversized vehicles. And no patrol with and that. Sanitation problems. I'd just assume that the sanitation department was in charge of that. Illegal vending illegal tactic elbow operations. The policeman that call cleaned and of course we know we're going to be ruby is policeman but he claimed. That films. Categories are filled by a policeman. They would respond to non emergency calls for service. And quality of life complaints. They would Wear uniforms in drug marked vehicles. That would be easily differentiated. From sworn officers. And again we've got these. Prince water management district. Whole group of -- three or rumors club owners business owners. They have decided among themselves to be about 101000 dollars per week. Prior several. Off duty cops. And the question I'm -- in a university official source somebody with the city that knows. If you've got to want to have million extra dollars. Why are we gonna pay. 29000. Or -- the normal patrol. Officers. When that -- it could be going to hire Rio police officers. And also. This. Good chance of may work against because it's been. Already. Employed by of the cities and has been successful. One of the places they reported two words and highly successful. The New York police department in Times Square. -- -- Coming right back. Governor bill biggest celebrity immortal five career and got a collection got a comment good idea bad idea. Tunes and 01 rates but he told three. Everywhere in the country -- 668. In and 087. I admitted I've been struggling to explain this normal patrol because. A number of the news reports he moved a little bit contradictory so. Thank goodness we event -- coupling with -- as a person openers and chief administrative. Officer and clippers shoot call. Happy to be here girl thank you very much happening unbelievably explaining viewed -- -- no control. It imagine the kind of civilian police patrol that they have but the Times Square in New York City that help clean up Times Square. This hotel motel industry. Has raised a voluntary assessment on their guests that we're talking about -- tourism money. To support improved quality of life in the French Quarter of negative provide that money to the city. And what we're proposing is adding. Ground patrol called -- patrol. About -- uniformed officers who would report to the NO PDA district right there in the French Quarter. And they would handle all the more minor traffic traffic accident quality of life kind of issues. Right there be uniformed presence of law enforcement. And relieve. The regular and OP offices in the eight district in the French Quarter. For for -- a more serious types of crime and patrol and so it the quickest way we think to get about fifty more officers right there in the French Watergate district. Helping improve quality of life and public safety down there. -- video to wanna have million dollars euros from under correctional. Yes that to our estimate we think it's about that to hire. And in pay and trained and equipped is the no patrol officers. Four years' time. Well why not put that to an -- million jokes for more police. Well that again we're trying to grow the police force back up to 16100 in and are hiring. Every day news police cadets and so this is not in. That this is in addition to. And so again we're gonna keep hired in as many and deputy offices as we can get we hope to have a new class start next month and another one before the end of the year. And we're just gonna keep hiring and higher and higher until we build -- force at the level the mayor wants. But in this case. There's something we can do in addition to that. They can start now. Bill patrol officers don't have to be twenty years old don't have to have college credits. They can start. Right now we can train and 46 weeks and they can be on the street before the end of the year. Head of 29000. Is via -- over. You. It's probably not -- nice thing to say but who were you -- attracted those kind of -- agents. I think you -- a lot of books is that you know that we can attract that kind of wages. And certainly. You know one of the things that we hope is that it becomes of recruiting feeder system for the and a PDs so imagine years young man young woman just finished up high school this spring. You think about sort of the end of PP. But you can't do it to -- when he you need to get sixty hours about joining middle control. And working the ball and roll and it Delgado horse you know what you're gonna get your criminal justice hours and then when you hit 20/20 one years old you'll join. The head of pediatric rate -- job for somebody like that there's also a lot of folks who are doing. About you know private security around the city who might. Be attracted to come to work for the city helping protect our city. They get because competitive wage. You know in that environment. Is the of French Quarter management assured that team. Us to old deciding to breed 101000 week for a number of off duty police and if that's still in place. -- -- normal patrol work with them. Well again we're really excited about the partnership the French Quarter businesses that the suburban street cheating. I got together and certainly -- -- we've tried several taxes that have been you know killed by not written. The French Quarter but it that important Arab businesses to have additional security. So they've agreed to hire to off duty and a PD officers to supplement. -- -- district patrol. Again there. Stepping up and in doing so that helped put more bodies on the street. The police chief disease and a lot of overtime within -- -- these budget but more -- on the street and then they'll patrol. Will supplement that in most importantly will allow those NO PD officers to focus on. The most dangerous criminals. The most significant law enforcement activities. And if there's a car record traffic tie up or somebody loitering we need to remove the long into the kind of quality of life species that are. Very apparent in the French Quarter outlook at the other group of folks -- -- able to address the quality of life issues right away without diverting one of them armed and -- the opposite. So again this -- -- supplemental. The French Quarter management district of French Quarter citizens BC -- at all. Endorsed this proposal that they -- can have real impact and really increasing the amount of uniformed presence in law enforcement in the quarter. Very quickly. Everything your roots the -- -- training for six weeks. And there they're going to be doing things like illegal parking and dumping sanitation problem. Illegal parking. I thought we admittedly true of that and sanitation -- thought that was just a a problem that sanitation department who's in charge. Well -- I think that there's there's a lot more to it -- that certainly we have meter. Readers to get tickets to vote. But we -- -- -- about. You know demanding that delivery truck move along. It's much better. Somebody who works for the -- police department who's got a radio who have been who have the person doesn't get the way they can get on the ticket right there other vehicle -- -- You know if they needed to. You're calling for back up I think did that again what you see in Times Square. People moving traffic movement along get get get movement and right now we -- -- vision vision. We need to do that and we don't wanna have. You know the the regular and a PD officers diverted from crime fighting. To be. -- in the quality of life issues these are very appropriate for a ground patrol we've had one in the walls before work well and then again that it is about a model that's been very effective it again. Getting law abiding activity back at Times Square in New York City it's been a big success there we think we can duplicated here. You're kidding me you'd do. Issue Salmons and if they do really isn't that like and rests. -- -- is -- -- arrested in fact it's been the opposite have been arrested is that the expectations that you need to appear. Before municipal court judge. And that that's very different from an arrest where somebody's taking -- that as of the parish jail. And so again we think it it strikes the right balance. There's lots of you know fender benders -- car wreck that I have traffic -- -- officers out of the you know the beach patrol. And and deal with with traffic problems. These no patrol officers can handle those. If you have waiters. Who need to be you know -- to have to move along or attempting to you know camp out in the French Quarter of those sorts of things. Or disrupting the business again having a uniformed law enforcement officer who works for the you know PB. And on radio. Communication with the commander in the eighth district there -- -- -- quality of life issues. We think that'll be real important. Two again. Having you know extra set of eyes to make sure that our businesses are residents or tourists are protected. Again it's funded you know by the tourists through their hotel motel bill. India think. Got a little better handle it and I've appreciated the call. -- thank you go and give good are good. Double a BO brigades so nobody is a mortal blood to reopen. -- in the yard WWO brother -- -- opinion poll Merrill Andrew. -- Borman unarmed civilian police force for the French Quarter good idea bad idea 71%. On the abuse. Yeah governor and accidentally killed -- I have beard trimmings show would -- cordoned. Talking about all their specialty is what they're working on. It's. Today in their category it's. Also. We're gonna meet the new -- tubman who PDs lieutenant Michael Harrison and more coming up on me and was. Don't go away dub -- --