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Aug 25, 2014|

What's trending in news, sports & social media?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to Monday when you're saying it's going great it is great to be it's I miss the guys -- sitting in front of my. We're going to be trending in just a moment I wanted to mention what's coming up for the rest of the show -- very excited. At 2 o'clock we're gonna get to know the man who has taken over the and a PD Michael Harrison. Interim chief. We're gonna see. How he sees what's going on how he see how what his answers may be to the many issues facing and a PD and the community. Really looking forward to that. And then at 3 o'clock the return of our great NO PD cold case detectives. As you know we've had them on several times. They are as committed a group of NO PD officers is I've ever met. And we're gonna talk about some of their cold cases and from the last time they were on my understanding guts and hit so. There's every reason to to pay attention because they are really trying to solve murders. But we're gonna begin our trending. In new -- Chris Miller a double that -- radio. Right here very good. In sports Todd Manassas co host of first take with steep courts when it's Paris and in social media our beloved -- program director of being Chinese again I think I feel better. Knowing that you Lawler here -- still. Here. Because -- -- you bring a lot to the table I think we're gonna have to start however with news. Because it was only gosh. Do you remember where you were the last big quake in 1989. In California. Is that the World Series or yeah -- guys' families are terrific and the giants and the eighties tonight to north California teams and then. People watch and and and also would upload. And then the collapse of the highway and the deaths and it was very very bad was an Al Michaels on in the year ago in the and I felt that I had to grab an earthquake. Now. There's -- broadcast and Israel tournaments in the broadcast well now there's another quake and and luckily Nolan was killed yet they don't want -- hurt apparently badly hurt notes that nobody killed zone. Lots of lots of wind lost yeah that's painful at his -- I don't know how this'll affect wine prices -- the only museum did they still have aftershocks. For him maybe the next few days there's a risk of aftershocks of the worried about that. They're trying to get gas lines repaired her you know we've sealed off the ones that are ruptured so I don't oppose more right. The utility company -- their Pacific gas and electric says it has gotten power back to all of -- 150 of the 70000 customers. Who lost power Padilla that was quite a wake up call. For northern California early yesterday morning literally most people -- asleep yap about 3:30 in the morning and you know you orient yourself when you. You know well something's moving and then in the moment jump off. I don't know I've I've never experienced battle in those on the heavy sleeper I'm not even sure who would've happened if it's tough stuff but then again I've never experienced it so I don't know but. I've just what I've slowed to a lot of other stuff. I've been through one I never really noticed -- enforcement -- my wife and daughter woke them up by the I was. I was -- mornings in Chattanooga I was actually in my weight of the radio station. And apparently when it happened there was a -- in Chattanooga. I was driving and if those on the four over the the damn it goes over the Tennessee River. At the time so I really didn't feel also FO my car vibrate and I thought my truck drivers like at the front and the liner -- on the -- about five seconds. And it wanna get to the stationary thing was fallen down really huge field earthquake island odd and really feel it. And then it clicked that's when it happened when I was on the on the them. Like done Anderson thanks for -- -- at. You know a couple of weeks -- Angeles up there for vacation and for two or three days in the -- in the Bay Area and I'm like. Just knowing smile it's gonna happen when I'm here and I didn't and it just I skipped by a couple of weeks couple. Now I would on my honeymoon to ignore that area actually Sonoma County right next -- Napa -- this -- you know several years ago but -- I've missed my chance to make the earth move. Let me tell -- it's never too late to make them think and I'm not known that is good well. Let's move right on over sports we got to continue to talk about slapped him on the. Yeah Steve court -- we brought I brought this up on the first take -- game if you watched any of the State's local pre season broadcast not the one this past Saturday night because that was on CBS that was a national broadcast game. But the ones that were done locally. And they do this and every market locally the local team has control of the pre season broadcast meaning they can sell the advertising and so forth and so on. So what a lot of teams have started doing his super imposing and and on to the field when the team gets to like you know it was in the red zone well. A couple weeks ago we play the titans it was this slap you mama cajun seasoning that we all know and love here in Louisiana. Was the sponsor and they put it on the field well when the games get played back all the pre season games get played back on NFL network. Someone saw it and kind of tweeted woke me and some Smart Alec said it will -- they were playing the ravens and remember we went through this whole thing with Ray Rice in the domestic abuse and so forth and so on. So that then got the attention of the NFL it and go with the saints today and got with the slept mama folks and you will not see the -- -- red zone. End zone for the final pre season game which happens to be against the Baltimore Ravens this Thursday night. So the NFL and slap you bomb on. Stands and -- it's like it'd really not a good idea use that and now in this game especially with everything we've gone through. And I think the NFL is some fans are upset. And tweeting its English it's just a seasoning at the spy case -- the saying we say down here you know soaks -- the taste so good you're gonna slap you mama that sort of thing. But the NFL is so now oh super sensitive as they before they were they weren't remember that there were. Blind sided by the reserve I was so upset Ray Rice only get to. Game suspension for for domestic abuse. Him now of their super sensitive to it and Tony what does that anywhere near. I'm very curious and because -- -- that Roger Goodell has an explanation about wind descendants was one at once the penalty was what was. But I'm I'm really curious if that won't change that the. Database says that they are lick humans was last week I think we talked about this. They expect him to change next year. For stiffer penalties for the first time first offense probably a six game suspension. Second suspense probably. Second time probably a six full year suspension is what they're looking at that to set a precedent for it but. Would also this also brought attention to is that. The NFL doesn't like when you superimpose the ads on the field. So they sent a warning out again to all the local teams -- -- -- you got the rights to it but we don't want that kind of stuff. One on her. Was found near -- interest I want everyone to stay with this -- and come back we have much to talk about in news and sports but also. -- has the latest on beyoncé I -- -- Conte. It's great -- -- as winners will be right back and we are trending with Chris Miller of our newsroom Todd Manassas from sports and -- -- 97. And yes it was a real big night for beyoncé. Green Day took control industry. She didn't she totally different now not only did beyoncé shut down a -- 2014. MTV video music awards last night but she also. Kind of put the brakes on the all the rumors going around that maybe her and -- had a little issue with their marriage. With really nice little family portrait at the end it was her and Hammond and maybe politely they'll hug and kisses it was great I think it was kind of Morgan for the cameras and real. I still think they may have some drama and that and the marriage shall wait and see about that. But that'll happen this year except of the Michael Jackson vanguard award yes just given out every year and she is really on top of the charts right now I mean. She's probably the peak of her career as -- -- -- here a couple of weeks ago it in the world to me she just what we crunch took control. I would say that she's at the peak of where Madonna was you know on top of her career. So there's a lot of people that love beyond takes most people like cheesy but everybody -- Do you so you think she knew. That the baby was gonna come out because I saw her face when she turned it should almost became a little I don't think -- those -- any -- is not planned out. Perfectly for the camera and you'd think it was. You know real not that -- not that they're going to be together and elect I think it's all freak. Out like it now likely you know the Michael Jackson Lisa Marie -- island. Where really loved black and I don't think anything happens we're -- to that. Is and 100% planned -- -- just -- thought well you're probably the majority. Of fluid but she's on top of -- game right now -- If she isn't she is a wonderful person and wonderful town wonderful person. Let this go over back to news. I wanted to let's first talk about the the Michael Brown's funeral which was today. And there were there were many Obama administration officials there. -- -- three in particular of course the attorney general's been there are the last week or so I guess is the Justice Department looks into this whole thing. And -- Fox News. Being Fox News and and knowing their audience they pointed out that there are actually more White House officials will be Michael Brown funeral. Then they're worth the Margaret Thatcher funeral. Now not exactly sure I compare Michael Brown Margaret Thatcher but they've pointed out that there were. You know three people who currently serve in the administration at this funeral were -- -- the former prime minister of Great Britain was laid to rest. There was -- actually anybody there from this White House they sent former US secretary of state James Baker and George Schultz. And former US ambassador. And down this of course pretty much shot to the top of the trending section of the Fox News web page. Because you -- among American conservatives there is Ronald Reagan you know very top in the right below that as Margaret Thatcher and so this I loved those two were together. Whole time and ended this administration had no dealings with -- Margaret Thatcher I mean that's true to say that -- also it's a little shorter flight to Ferguson and his to London this and all these -- Average you know we -- out there there's really no excuse they should send somebody to market but but really that the essence of what's happening right now that the parents -- -- in their grief. Are still calling for peace. Yeah out -- as they have been invaded you know praying for peace at this service today and they're. It hasn't been ugly in the last few days or so like it was last week and before that at least so. Tensions seemed to at least be maybe not subsiding but they are boiling over in the fashion that they were before. Okay. Let this go back them are gonna swing over back to Todd and a Todd talked to me it was great to see drew play. It was very good to see Drew Brees play and I know for the last two weeks we've been taken calls about people saying oh drew needs to play if you keep him out for these two games he's gonna be rusty. He's not gonna play well. Look what happened with -- RG three -- in play in any of the pre season games last year and he was horrible last year and. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Well he looked like there was little or no rust on him they he marched the team down the field the first possessions scored. I mean that is what you wanna do with your first team in the first. Time you get the ball as the marched all the way down to fielding get a touchdown which is basically what they did. And he was and so in sync with receivers now Brandon cook the news cooks in new guys that are -- talking about didn't play. Because he had a stomach virus during the week and have he was running fevers so they kept him out of the game. However you saw some of the same old guys you you've been saying. Year Thomas once again run in the great screens. Catching the ball from from all the the other quarterbacks Mark Ingram ran well he holds very well like he was supposed to very decisive in -- cuts. Marcus Colston again another big target you can see. You concealment touchdown he caught a veteran. Knowing exactly where he is when he put he looked to put his feet down to make -- both feet were in her when he caught that ball and it just looks like they're going to be. You know a big a force again this year in the NFL is looking for them to be. A big offensive force isn't this exciting yes we defense didn't do too bad either and though also they've forcing more turnovers which is what. Rob Ryan wanted to -- the week before they had that -- five turnovers they had more turnovers this week I think it was three maybe you can remember. How many off the top of my head that. They continue to force the turnovers and their world lasts. Penalties that come down a lot on the -- -- they had fewer than half the penalties they have the week before except of course when he had 22 of the week it's party has to do that yeah. Ten penalties is still something having the coach wants to send it. And it's more than fifty cent or not now with four to 1010 is more along the average of a normal regular season game that you would see in the game is about ten penalties. In view of the 2223. Was what they were averaging those first two games NFL wide. Which is right. Is -- no. No but it makes for a very exciting season ahead this. A little we have to our daily saint factoid thank you William Taylor. What happened 32 years ago today. Speaking of quarterbacks. Chris Miller was born. Now you're too kind activists say thirty to know that it's not. I bear no saints signed quarterback Ken stabler. -- -- -- Precipitation is correct the Manning trade I. Very impressed that you know this that is very that is correct. But he had worked under a bum Phillips and came in -- that are also very quickly. What happened seventeen years ago today I thought I did I forgot about this. 19971990. Spends seven it was a do or might do it is double bird to the crowd in superdome. And missed that too. How about Ricky Jackson and his comeback attempt as a player one their retirement. I love these things I -- these things that's trivia. That is very very good trip let us move on to we are happening in the world of media this is startling -- Miley thought smiling. Mightily. -- everybody come down if you're driving around right now put the brakes on Miley was good last night. Miley has come down are you guys solid right. -- now she's out on top and she's not you know like last year when you talk about just smiling. But when you do something good like that you're not at the top of the -- not everybody's talking about but it was good for her reputation I think she realized that it was a mistake which he did last year. And if you missed it Miley is on stage -- didn't actually include her. After Jimmy Fallon announced that she'd won the via video -- of the year vina made for wrecking ball. Might -- and the young formerly homeless man named Jesse to the stage to accept the award on her behalf. And to do that to raise money you know in in helping helping him in that whole thing raise money for runaways and homeless -- finale which was very nice. And she was crying on the sideline you know on on the side of the stage and it was a very touching moment. The maturity growth I mean in one year she has really realize that I think she is on the verge of wrecking your career. And now somebody talk to her and finally Suton or had that he'd -- to -- -- -- company continues. And but she still is vying for attention this is a very good way of jerked a positive you know yeah see what happens next let's see what happens next settled with the baby steps -- yet been routed to a quick mental shift -- we're not we're gonna -- little quick. Newscast. And never gonna come back and we're gonna talk about. Something the horrific beheading of that reporter -- activists and some things it is trending as the just so far out of the reporter the journalist James Foley being beheaded. But the news now that they have identified that the person who missed on the kind of shocking. In a British intelligence. And got to work on this -- mirror in the videos the execution was speaking with the British accent. And using those voice recognition and whatever other you know top secret. Who do they have. They believe that the person on the video from will be headed journal's James Foley is Abdel margin -- Bill Berry. Who prior to running off to join prices are Beisel what are they are was a rapper. In London. Apparently going by the name LG any earlier -- gin Lee apparently had a budding music career up until 2012 when need. Dropped out and apparently went to Syria or -- -- wherever to join this group. And his father. It is and al-Qaeda suspect. Adel Abdul Barea extradited. In 2012 from Great Britain to the US to face charges that he was part of the 1998 attack. On the embassies in Africa. That got in that al-Qaeda Perot took responsibility for forensic pinned on them -- that he perpetrated. And -- they've noticed that. Around that time the lyrics. That. -- Ginny was wrapping had gone from the kind of standard rapper stuff about you know Roland fatty or whatever. To being a bow elect we elected to camera about what specific. -- This rappers like to rap about marijuana all that and that's what he rapped about but then his lyrics changed it is stuff about note anger it is father's arrest and deportation. Download Iraq and Syria and violence have been about you know killing cops man. In episode mark that shift in and now they think he is the one who murdered James full. Well I saw Prentice I saw report somewhere. I think it was on one under the CBS news that. A lot of these fighters that are there. -- from. Iraq there they're from Europe and there are a lot of more young. Impressionable teens that feel -- they have to go and they're they're being freedom fighters as what they think. And they get there and it's not really what it is and there was a story about a guy who is a mercenary. And parents are sending him into. Iraq to bring their kids back who were fighting for -- -- with. He's he's been able to bring next several so far. He had to go get his own son is on sun went in there and do that and how does he then changed their mind. They say that's the heart thing getting him back ago lot a lot of them get there and realize that it's not. They civil wars not a freedom thing like it's it's a religious thing and that's not really what they went there for not not a lot of -- are -- some homered just mercenaries who just wanna go and fight. And think they're fighting a good fight and they find -- they're not. This is going to be the scariest thing lately that now having to -- mean just you know when it went out -- when al-Qaeda says their methods are too too vicious and violent. We lol you gotta watch him. Yeah I don't. 500 British subjects are believed to have now joined. With the crisis in Syria Iraq I believe. US authorities think their about a hundred Americans. Who have gone there yet it. The other -- you know people feeling disenfranchised. Or people -- to -- the wrong idea about the cost -- joining me. Instead of speaking at the -- you know deposing dictatorship they find out no actually what these people doing rounding up. Non believers and shooting them and had. Or removing him is just the war it's another level of brutality that is it's almost hard to comfort him and I think that we see it because -- so to your visual. World now it's it's almost unbelievable how could it's like cave mandates. This is not progress this is regression. OK I've pontificate. I think we need to move on to something a little more. Lighthearted perhaps not for Sam Bradford. Well -- rams fans are probably used to this by now. It's Chris Miller will attest rams quarterback Sam Bradford is. Out for this season. Again. It seems that even -- for the season starts this year he is tour according to a ESPN's Chris mortenson. He's gonna miss the entire season he tore his ACL the same when he tour last October. But don't -- feel too badly for me still -- earn his base salary of get this fourteen point 015. Million this year. For not doing a darn thing. So he will have earned 65 million dollars total. For the five years he's been in the league only playing two full seasons out of those alive. But to do is the last of those really big a rookie contracts in the NFL he was the number one draft pick overall and missiles before. Blocked out in the new collective bargaining agreement so as a rookie in the number one pick overall in a quarterback he was able to demand a huge salary. A huge contract and St. Louis Rams about ever actually having played it down a professional and there was. Already doubt in his durability because he was hurt and Oklahoma when he got play when he when he played there and they they still went ahead and said he was the guy. Now interesting sidebar is that the rams may be interested in a trade for Mark Sanchez. Who is the third string quarterback now at the Eagles of the Eagles and back to court -- the Eagles. Who was also high draft pick with the jets he was drafted in the first round was their quarterback for awhile simply because. -- time Schottenheimer who is now the offensive coordinator with the rams was also with the jets when he first -- so he kind of knows the system. Sanchez though says I don't wanna be treated I'd rather be a back up. Instead the starting quarterbacks I think wow you gotta wonder about the Iowa and a shook my head when I heard Sanchez -- and says this guy couldn't keep his job in New York the only reason is because they think he would know the system has apparently been lighting it up into three seasons tobacco now he's also going up against you know other teams backups but he is apparently been amazingly accurate over 80% of this throws. Have been for completions and like you said he does have the history Schottenheimer have also heard that he doesn't really care for shop and I know he doesn't because that's the other thing you have they had a good a couple of the first year there were together was great the second year wasn't so great so he doesn't really care for him. But he does know that system -- -- he has no say in a tree right at this point if the Eagles wanna make a trade they can treat him. However he can't decide not to play if they nutria last season when they were having quarterback trouble in Saint Louis and the were apparently got to try and coach Brian Griffin off of the saints' practice squad. That's what got the saints to put Griffin on their active roster by the -- so it does have some out there and who Dat -- speculating at Saint Louis might come calling with trade offers and maybe should the -- that are -- entertain a tradeoff for considering you're getting a draft pick for someone who was undrafted. They've beaten. While there they offer discussion here. Everyone stay with this we're gonna continue trending because you know tonight's a big night big -- I try to not AM ES and cameras -- -- -- all about it. Went up to its Todd Manassas and Chris Miller and our beloved -- in 97 who is gonna talk about tonight tonight for the -- Now yesterday it was all about the music and tonight it's all about the you know the HBO series. AMC Netflix PBS -- shows. The Emmys are on tonight and nominees for outstanding drama series 2004 team ready germ world because we're we're all really excited about this. And stop me -- I when I get to your favorite one if it's been nominated on AMC's breaking bad. That's still nominated the -- but this season well it did Bluetooth and a -- yet -- -- this and the cycle so it is nominated yeah I -- breaking I don't -- here on breaking up and -- just wonder how it's nominated the series is that yes Downton -- And yes Downton -- HBO and you guys have its -- a team of the roles which is very burglary and while critically acclaimed. And Netflix witches everybody's favorite house of cards her it was her. AMC mad men may or may not take it -- I doubt that and win I mean it's agreed show. And I can't believe some of the things went on back in the fifties you know work and -- and a they end of that one tune I think I don't know I don't. And HBO part of this was film and constantly true detect it. And everybody who watches loves it's just not seen it but everybody. With -- becoming. Smokers there so I believe that it's going to be breaking bad. An expletive yeah you know that will be true detective. And so. -- haven't seen evidence or a lot of good things about it either economy coming off an Oscar win. Does that breaking bad though I mean it's it's it's every year in its roots and continuing its launched a crime and stressed -- producers even. Even the bad -- Godzilla movie idol and I'm under his career at this point. But it is continuing in -- non samarra. Right very combat is over it's done -- it is a percentage and all but they are doing it's been off right -- at a cost call Saul yeah. I think his knees and so would you -- I'm picking breaking bad okay. I'm gonna pick breaking bad too it's kind of you know full disclosure I really seen any of the others nominated series. I -- also on one of these people who's just now catching up on breaking bad actually haven't seen this season this nominated. But -- the previous threes -- the first three seasons are any indication. Outstanding show -- incredible with justice. -- -- -- go out alone on a limb here and I'm an -- breaking bad as I've seen any of the she got up and significance that there's just such a buzz about this and Janelle and I mad and still continuing consistent I do look down and -- just a little voice in the wilderness help us out so does my wife Betsy that's very good just to be -- nice beautiful yeah. Big night for Hollywood itself because as we mentioned true detective shot in and around New Orleans and there bunch of other Hollywood south shot series of them nominations American horror story confidently -- no -- -- I believe is I think there's extra may have many nominations. NIC I think I I mentioned did read that it does it's I think it's best series or anything like that happen to believe it there's got some nominations. And probably top shelf is nominated. -- would be didn't. You know but just -- here in New Orleans and did the other -- and often should part of -- -- broader in here but this could be a big night for Hollywood south. Which is. One time has come one -- thing though on the Downton -- that made built. Stuff last week and you -- that the trending news sent out publicity pictures of the knicks' season. And the picture went viral -- -- this picture it was -- that the -- guy Ian and his wife standing by the fire place. And if you look really close. One of the actors that left the plastic water bottle on the mantle behind them don't know so that doesn't fit the time -- of Atlantic also or wasn't a big thing like you can't Wear designer underwear or something like that because of the water bottle it apparently. Prompted a bit of an over correction by others by the producers of Downton -- in another wanna make sure there is absolutely nothing ever on the set that is not within the period so even the actors underwear they have got to change in two puree appropriate you know like I'm -- Edwardian England so under the -- are easy to see him walk and a little different in the next couple Aussie semis and a little last year. This season. This is such a wonderful conversations with my read a lot of the trending as we get to know the inside scoop we're gonna take another break. We'll be right back and we are trending once again with top Manassas and Chris Miller and Jammer. And I just wanted to throw this out it was -- -- 500 has topped 2000 for the first time. And but what's interesting to me as they say that the advance comes amid a variety of cautious signals for the economy. Including a tepid US growth waning stimulus from the Federal Reserve and a simmering conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Here's the -- though all the world events -- negative people are just shrugging them off says some authority. I think we're going to continue to see gains my thought was. It's that we just feel like we have no control over these things and just left. -- move on maybe it's finally got to the point where investors and other seal this stuff in the news and just say. Net Sonia by so. Do we challenge yes into the ice bucket challenged me going and going keep going on. A very good we'll let us not let -- quickly do sort of the final round. Starting with -- Yet just some early MVP predictions does the NFL this season hasn't started. Most think Aaron Rodgers is gonna win it but Drew Brees is the other name that's being mentioned and they also feel that Drew -- in this saints' offense could overthrow. Peyton Manning and the Broncos from last year being the most prolific offense so. Drew may get his. Passing record back again that would be I still think the MVP voters will find a way to keep the NBP's holes. And I don't -- tonight Bryan Cranston breaking bad mean BV nominee for outstanding actor and it's obvious now yeah yeah yeah yeah I would rather than the. Sure John hand with the amendment yes but we don't -- Woody Harrelson. Matthew McConaughey to Kevin Spacey to have a Spacek got -- and watch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You all are great thank you everyone stay with this because the new interim chief will spend the next full hour with this talking about what can be done to change our community. When it.