WWL>Topics>>8-25-14 3:10pm Angela: on cold cases

8-25-14 3:10pm Angela: on cold cases

Aug 25, 2014|

Angela talks cold cases with NOPD detectives Ryan Aucoin and Winston Harbin and cold case squad commander Sgt. Daniel McMullen.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When anyone is murdered it's -- heartbreak. Families and friends mourn in their own ways. But for those who never know who killed one series and never ending pain. That's why members of the new Orleans police department's cold case squad are so committed to finding those who murder. No longer how long it takes. Which is why we're so glad to have cold case squad members back in the studio to update us on cases they have that you can possibly help it. And I really mean that. If you listen to these cases and it's just remembered something. Please give -- -- call 2601870. And they'll certainly be giving their numbers out during this program. But joining us is not sergeant Daniel McMullen commander of the cold case squad. And cold case detectives Ryan -- plan and Winston -- I thank you for coming back I'm sorry descended Barnes could join us today she is also part of this fabulous team that you have that's exactly which you are the team. We had this is what our third time. Third time together yes. That's -- family now that -- but the goal is truly. To help and it is to say somebody knows something something saw something they may not even know what they saw. He's out and if they hear about these cases again he might trigger. And they they can be solved. I know that detective mark and you are. You're sort of like the heart beat out there. And I know that at your core it is you were so committed to families of these people there's. Self when we begin with you on one of your newer cases. -- -- This man this case takes us back to July 26 2006. Shortly after Katrina. 25 year old lovely. African American female who was in the city. Thirty investigation. I learned she had a child who was being taken care about our parents and taxes. She was found. Shot to death in -- garage. In the forty from -- block Paris avenue an early morning hours of the day. Through my investigation. Learned that she was a an exotic dancer. At the club passions. She -- in the name of serenity. I'll stop here in just encouraged those who worked with her new her whether it intimate or just in passing their work mr. estimate calls. In just a little back story which is it is again is when these cases is just to repeat heart out to chest. Communicating with the parents. Once we figure out her identity which we -- difficulty -- early stages of states that if found out that she it'll hit a little girl. Who was born with a heart defects and approximately. Two years after the investigation started. The little girl died. And non. As a pharma announced a grant for a year and a half from. You know the wife. You really get to the fall there really -- you you can literally that. In the cost of the investigation. From a develop the name of Chris. As an individual who who was affiliated with ms. Jackson. Also known as serenity. I tracked him down the 16100 block and artillery street at that point in time we were never able to make contact with them. And I know one person that knew who we was but only knew him as Chris -- anybody has at any information relative to chris' identity. We greatly appreciated. Give us a number to call. 658 and Erica final 46585300. Is the main line it's my line directly is 658. 5315. -- mean just wanna leave a message or just call me I'll be in the office on occasion and I answer your calls and then do it again. You know it's interesting when you sent it took awhile to identical get a -- I've often wondered when somebody is found panda. In sort of an isolated area like that and they have no idea where you began. Well hi I had an experience like that when I worked early on in the second district as young lady who. We never recovered a body -- we we obtain a conviction for second Greenberg and a gentleman is doing life and angle. It took me about a -- figure out scriptural identity don't think I have to go on Wednesday. Screen name from a Yahoo! email and through my investigation if you let me -- -- to Texas where the name that she used. Linked her to her ex boyfriend. Who was arrested at some point -- domestic violence and then that's when I was able to get her true identity. So it from if somebody is not wearing any identification. You have a body in a morgue and let somebody starts calling hospitals that are missing a friend correct. And yet so you found out that she was at this dancer and she was working under mr. And it turned out -- in her adolescence is about fourteen years old she actually ran away from Texas was a runaway. Juba now in New Orleans at one point one. OK again if you know anything about Chris -- you certainly know anything about. -- Andrew Jackson known -- serenity. Who was murdered on July 26 2006 game right after. Katrina give them a call 6585315. For the detective. Detective Brian Oakley. And. I'm mom on the start out with the Melvin -- not insist lose the first as well talk about forget into the case bonuses out of my sons William and my daughter and I. My -- was very upset the last -- on and say hi but I think -- and might miss analyst is on them. So what to say economists on a month and my daughter Ashley. Which leads me to a father's love my development is very much and in this case this case that the homicide of -- insists a -- happened. On November 29 2010 at 9:40 in the morning the 17100 block it to a street. Middle of the morning broad daylight there was several several witnesses out there we haven't been in identifying any of those witnesses but we do know that the witnesses present. Mr. Siskel was shot on approximately fifteen times. And the -- in the middle of the street. He. His father in this series about bring this case does that mean this this case is special to me to there was one on one of my original ones that I handled that as an act of homicides. This fall -- still coughing pretty much every day and it and it is heartbreaking for me tip is that I don't always have the comet opted to all of them in on the beaches are so many you know. But as they had never fail doesn't appear as he always calls and and when the opportunity karma column back. And it's heartbreaking that I never come -- talked does that you know I have to explain to them. That we having gotten any new information you know I haven't received a single a single cropped up -- tip on this case since I got in 2010. And -- of trying to work with the neighborhood we've gotten some cooperation from the neighborhood just not enough to get. What we need to properly prosecute and against where was this -- is in the 17100 block -- -- -- history. And how how long was mr. Simpson mr. Siskel was born in 1974 set the -- That's homicide it would have been. Maybe. 36 is 036. Years old thirty property taxes -- He it was a neighborhood barber and -- violent notebook did that to get -- heck -- -- well known in the neighborhood. He. Just a big guy just images. You eliminate but he died. And and and that's the and that's and in broad daylight brought it at 9:40 AM and people were. Walking around that's correct yes been tons -- matter on. Please. Exactly and it wasn't that Colette de an official added that there are people out they -- it was in November but our government of the day vividly. He -- next to a dumped. On in the middle of the street so. There anybody was out there we've been wanting to give -- a colleague called -- stoppers but they call homicide office 6585300. My direct line 6585310. Props up as a 212222. Until I have that wrong 8221111. For crops. Is it 211. On current shoppers. You know that's the heart -- it right there when you know somebody saw something this is a man who worked and lived in the neighborhood that's where his father still crying. And somebody just need to get a little conscience. Absolutely pick up that phone call well we're all human we're all -- that is right stay with -- everyone we're gonna continue our talk. On cold cases wide -- its. We've got the cold case detective squad up here has put an continue to do because. There's somebody else they're listening right now -- knows something that can help. And it could be something very minor history listen to these cases. Remember these were real people. Who had real families and lives and and their families agonized to this day. I'm always so grateful that a commander. Daniel McMullen a detective Ryan -- -- and went to Harvard. That will join us again for this hour talking about some of the cases they're working on commander what what have you. This is the case. We've pretty much looked in one of the first cases we've looked into it took over the unit and now 2011. It evolved. Mr. crystal Roberts who was shot and killed. Won't fall Tuesday June 17 2007. At his residence in ninety esplanade. Mr. Roberts wasn't. Avid motorcyclist he bill motorcycles rode motorcycles -- life. Com. Which was somewhere -- Connell went someone called me about the motorcycle and -- can people ride motorcycles as a certain mentality about the bike so we started looking into that. And figured out what happened and mr. Roberts was. We believe in as residents. When somebody was trying to -- -- motorcycle which was parked right outside of the window of his residence when believe when he went to exit -- Apartment to come from home they shot and killed him he was shot twice in the hallway of his bald. Which they probably might have heard the door open in the subtly that we do know after the shooting an attempt to take the motorcycle couldn't. I don't know if people started coming out or anything like that because we did have descriptions it was two black males. One with twists in this but at the time at the time that was described as the only teams the very early twenties double file files. To five -- -- on the panel on news different walls off I want -- Obviously it'd be much different. Now days now in their current state especially if they were teams -- -- probably still grown. We do. -- from the case of what the real problem in this case. Is we had people come forward we have -- locate witnesses which way of knowing -- name. And this is one of those cases where if we just got a name you probably move on it for that we have we -- work on us in 2011. And this is one that they're all priority but this is one that was. Has become their -- me because -- won the first ones reopened -- as a unit one started doing this back into the Caucasian. And now -- ascend to Roberts well. Was all about the motorcycles and -- he was and billions of motorcycle community. In the city new walls and building bikes and he has just as it was all falls and he had just become a -- a couple months prior. You know and then -- -- the -- seven years old now. In on and that's the things that they catch you when you've been dornin has the specialist a cold case or any case but when you get that gap in time and will get calls from people. Who then -- follow brother system might have been killed when I wanna two years old. They're columns now and then and it's warnings and it just a case you try to -- unity -- clothes for every single case. But just the ones I really like Polonia. Because these people the limo -- entire life. You know having to deal with a fair amount being killed and unfortunately it's all too common city -- Bike enthusiast himself now we believe it was to probably to younger -- from the neighborhood that's on a bike because he had recently got the bike you know had to buy for about a week. On the -- like a city both worked -- what it's like to -- he built motorcycles. And it was a -- he had just recently purchased. And home day when we're trying to get the motorcycle. Apparently went outside to confront them and they shot him before he was able to come outside of -- Because it was the hallway of the opponent. Anybody knows anything and again the date of that was. Father's Day Joseph -- seventeenth 217 2007 at 8:22. PM. Not on ninety heart esplanade avenue. If you were driving. Anything. That's hard it's another heartbreak they're all part breaks. Let's go back to detective Winston. Yes ma'am the next few cases. First when but both them involve the death of three people. October 15 2003. And missed LaToya. Tory government Gary 28 years old. Al Mondesi Martan 26 years old and -- -- ground. Wall found murdered inside residents. And as a result of this case do we haven't been able to develop any possible suspects at this point. Through the investigation and another horrifying aspect of this case was that the young boys the suns in this missy. Who. We're sleeping in the back room awoke that morning and prepare themselves the school and when he exited their room they found a mother. In in net lifeless state and they were actually a little boys actually called and I'm on one. Operator -- all these people were shocked yes -- that all shot and the boys did not hear that the shots yet as fourth we can tell from the investigation and interviews with them. They could not I hate to ask that would have been silent serves on guns. Is -- I doubt it. Very seriously don't think it was that. Intelligent of a group of people that. At that point you know kids sleep tyranny -- her. This mindset of that. But what a shock children thinking they're getting up going to school walk out -- three dead bodies management -- war. Now that's very bad again this happened. October 15 2003. -- year yes -- Will get effect that is at that but. That by itself three bodies in a home with two little boys. Unreal. Unreal and just no. No information at all. No ma'am there was some vague information received from the family and in overtime different information gets fed into -- entity. The scheme of things and there was some speculation and it was perhaps it was some local people. In a neighborhood or somebody that knew mr. brown or may have been linked to another crime but none of that has been them none of that has been able to be substantiated by myself. So it's open I'm open for any information that they could lead me to. The ability to go to at least -- -- Gary's. Grandmother who have been consulting -- And let her know what happens it will all so she can move more at this point. And tech department's direct line number is 658531565853. 15 we're gonna have to take a break very quickly go to the newsroom but we'll come back we have more cold case cases right after this. Well as I just heard the commanders say there are thousands of unsolved murders and yet there's this great team of people. -- in the cold case squad that just fight every day to solve them. And it makes a difference these people it's families and friends wanna know and as sort of fellow human beings I think we should join him and help. We're gonna go to frank we have a caller frank. -- You okay. Get it to stereo I think. Commanders. And -- Yes well I'm trying to write things. On work on. And -- he knew anything about it co pay. Off and on. -- nor -- I -- can't progress and and it no later. But it came -- yes and it made me but he mentioned in the war and as mentioned. Territorial dispute provisions -- This is normal for Katrina probably. -- -- -- All want. Middle initial page. As in Victor. I get out of itty bitty have access and patient. Has the mention territorial dispute. He came out and all. -- -- This right well what he'd do you know who did the initial police report prior to Katrina because that would. -- -- -- no it just how real sketchy and I property is. But yeah. Mean -- laws and mr. chicken and tour. -- and that can change -- buyers. Churchill also detected in terms of and he said he checked integrity instantly and has been. -- long time ago. Just you just reminded me not -- this is chase. -- -- -- On stems frank if you and we have you -- of a video of the year it will write it down and I value your call will we get back to the office and and it's some potatoes -- -- if a Pinocchio. Am he was placing annual owns around actually quicker and I'm not sure what year ordered a couple of them. It when you say loudly -- 2005 all week all well. -- and probably 2000 Torre. Bullet. Upstairs. Remember. I thought it was straight victory -- Doesn't approve it or whatever story and yet there. A -- Katrina. So he is missing they have not found him. You know. -- page is just banned from the face severe. -- I appreciate you listening frank and I appreciate you calling in very much. -- Okay. No anybody out there who. Knows anything he keeps at repeating myself but it's that simple I wanna go to detective Brian Oakley you have another case. I do this case is that 2011. September 10 2011 -- -- line and Robinson. Restaurants it was a 2.3 oh. Mail. And believe -- -- -- in this case he was found he was found that desolate area he was found in the press park apartments which work. Destroyed during Hurricane Katrina there was still that was stolen. And an occupied state in 201166. His way to. He was found in the driveway between two apartments shot once in the head. Mr. Robinson it was about 6:40 in the morning when he was -- to -- who have -- the work happen passed by the this complex. And on this us the kind of thing on out of the driveway and then between the houses. And they they called police. What's strange about this cases is mister Robertson have been -- 2009 and he was paralyzed from the waist down. They he was in a wheelchair. He spent just to does not at this time we'll champ and now people that shot and killed and stole his wheelchair. Did to his wheelchair and let them India and -- way. So as far as witnesses go to this case I wouldn't believe that there are too many witnesses. That there was more than one more than 11 person there when he was shot. That would that would be a witness you know he. This area was what was really and it was really really really desolate does does that boost the apartments is -- the occupied apartments around there. Based on. Based on his condition of his body we do we kind of assumed that he had been anywhere between six and twelve -- by the -- -- around. So we will look at and anywhere between. 10 o'clock the night before all the way up until. Yeah 3:3 o'clock and it was there any reason that he would have been out there. That -- and Allen and he was from new loans east. He hung out and in the first district around broaden. Room broadened. All things come up in that area that neighborhood back there. He. I know of any ties that he would hit it to the fit into the fifth district to design neighborhood of oppressed park. So for him to be there that don't only reason I can think that they put on those as they figured nobody would finally be awhile what's might sound. He them again -- said he was he was paralyzed from the waist down. His wheelchair was going so they they adopt them out -- -- and then and -- this is still as coaches well. -- don't get much lower than that. Now they're really doesn't it's it's it is discussed actually mean it would would would would it would human being can do to another human being really it's it's it's. It just goes to show you that that some people just does have a lack of of respect for the food food for the human humans you know. Stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our discussion with the out cold case detectives and Byron stay with this as well we'll be right back. We are talking with members of the cold case squad with NO PD and Byron you've been holding you have a question. Who just -- Must Christian -- and onward march date marry me. And you. Sure that there -- fuel sales. He crossbow to the the and their vehicle -- He was excuse from the vehicle bought some people certain. -- you wish port and it was about a -- district what. Our 2000 what it through districts bird we have ordered and it's change. -- ordered as a possible that -- K Gandhi. Are insulting that they used to work. Could your son's name one more time. And Chris. Christopher Albert sterling in problem and you'll. See. And shop engine fields. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It and I don't and enterprise blackmail. You know Canadian location. And an aggregate -- -- All of that book published in the history of this this debt load as. Do any of this. And -- the salary is not a fact I'm not listening to this case. Call me. Tell you what it will -- a number of it will give your call for tomorrow. And we'll look at -- a simple case problems if there's anything that we could we investigator does and -- to help with. I'm partial government. -- do is sound. We're not we're gonna get the person who accepted your call to get your number and he'll get it to this officer. Okay let's go ahead and go to -- in Algiers. OK I record if it was it's all. -- -- they had their man and currently that was in the law. I'm buying property you're looking at property. In people and who saw my -- about electricity Shaq hill. And the paper are a week or so and record anything else. So -- Napa would that have the effect and that the. Yes that was a matter of fact it is an act of cold case we have been working. Since. Shortly after that the year past and the actually detective Richard chambers has a case now and is one of our active investigations that we're working right now. A home. It's windy is it like a set. I don't wanna go into particulars of the case actual probably. Highlight that case when -- the next episode solo shows we do -- bill. But on the other cases unsolved at a time and McDougall we have but we are investigating this national endowment for him on shipment to a highway. Business guy looking at property yup yup yes OK if anybody knows about that is well we're gonna go back to run. Detective the Winston -- and you have another triple murder. Yes ma'am the previous case I mentioned about missed LaToya and missy that occurred 1763. North Roman street -- October 15 2003. Never gonna go to the case. Originally him but detective Michael Cleary. Current December 13 2008. He involves three members of transgender community. The victims were Darryl. Stage name. Felix. To -- decrease shipped per -- Kenneth -- -- star Monroe. The victims -- found a senate 2533 probably street approximately 12:45 PM won't even December 13. The investigation into all shot to death. Investigation led detectives. To learn it -- of the Europe its victims. Two Rica. Creation also known as Pearson and this month mr. Monroe ocean bonus shinning star or at the Bergen club. -- 800 block of Burma street when he eleventh early morning house at the eleventh. They were brought home along with two males. Who the driver. Was not able to provide names. To -- the -- develop a possible person of interest of their name Jonathan Washington. The -- ran out with -- Washington at this point. Information received. Through further investigation. Mentioned a person by the name of Tebow. Laws. Tebow is as as a nickname it's always have to go one with his with this gentleman here he would dread -- here at the time. If anybody has any information that could identify this individual. Please. Give us a call so we can work the case. And again that was on December 13 20082533. Parker street. Three people three young men. All killed just -- age 2227. And you've got just the name deep -- if anybody knows that nickname. -- again. You know just continued on before we go up very quickly from -- on the -- -- can we get this real quick. You set record there an ambulance to practice -- any. -- -- the off. For a protective ordered an adult criminal law. -- -- phone numbers here bill are -- number. As there recording. And Iran -- -- -- caught the and the program and -- political -- -- And I just called into Cecilia. We talked about. -- an opportunity for a better future to describe. July 11 2000 church. -- not long -- under our street and call once. Yes knowing that I haven't. Mr. Billy. Of course -- -- such cases still mine and it hasn't gone anywhere yet. But to next time we come on Angela I'll bring information and put it out -- who can gather to absolutely. -- -- -- -- because our culture has done I think it's the want the full service for. Border field where there are there are are you -- -- -- Yes they are this is the third time these great group of men have been here. And we will continue to do this and and and definitely will get your your sons on so sorry but that just happened. But you know you -- percent so many -- -- still. In agony looking for answers and that's what these guys do day in day -- try to solve these these cases thank you very much for calling -- stay with -- we'll be right back.