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8-25-14 4:10pm Bobby & Mike: on Saints football

Aug 25, 2014|

Bobby and Mike talk Saints football on the Second Guess Show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome tennis I think I shall I can take -- obviously I love this ovals but -- beside him it got -- Mississippi Bobby you know appeal. From -- ate that night in Indianapolis couple bonds he has become a lot about the Saints. An opening. We college football bomb run around wanna. And and I don't know Oakland. Season opener for LSU in the last miles arrow where it won't be as physically be as ridiculous he would LSU plays Wisconsin. I told you last week what went on on the rushing Kerry's got -- 71 and made everybody's seen it's mobile but we look at those two football teams. This is you'll like the end now it is -- -- -- -- -- ready catwalk in bowl. At the pre season games the loss Vegas oddsmakers rate and -- -- -- -- not giving away you gamble. It may be a little bit different but basically bottom line is -- rate at Seattle Seahawks know -- one. That book chronicles soon. Wallace thing there. Would you feel on how would you rate -- lacking goal. That you vote it inevitably not now bottle. The -- odds that decreased you can get some some pretty decent -- back in June. I think San Francisco has brought the little bit because the injury factor. You wig ready because their offense hadn't played very well you wiggled in a lot of places are complicated what you wallets. What that three spot but basically talking about. Seattle. Did bird you Wallace wing when I made that one team that's -- that's not in there is Green Bay it's -- I think anybody. Luckily when I've seen they had now they had this that they were like -- upon that and learn apply to me into it. I think I guess if you there. A New England is it that that sort but it's just that you know all the fans would rate the Patriots -- all. This game. And to show with Tommy Tucker just more mental -- It wasn't so much. Mean if saint you know competent out -- winning that game because they beat us in a lot of him in the trenches. That was to me this story that game date but the coaches on both sides of the football but if you shall not gone well. Do you comment gets some confidence back you football team this is a dress rehearsal and if this was a street fight -- stop it. Midway into the second want it witnessing just manhandled them. All -- all -- at the offensive line wise. For a football team that's been in the playoffs twice. It -- the second round of the playoffs last year but the pressure on quarterback in the game and it -- who was frustrating -- all the pressure USA to get it you know. Opt to meet its -- not so but this but this story is you is it you're -- they've really. If you -- coach and let -- then you've got a consultant. Wanted to pull some sunshine up because that's the spot that. This late in the pre season we get manhandled the way you did the first -- that's not a good sign and it. We'll just before I really think -- comes out in -- the if it's Wallace or -- Seattle or Green Bay. Or San Francisco. A couple of -- AFC -- you can see it clear cut above a one game. Situation you might -- Turnovers have they been honest with the other way the man right now it's clear but which got in the NFC is better than which you have in the AFC with those fourteen. Well that they'll the team that I think can handle with NFC. Not that happens -- -- beat the chronicle and the Patriots I think the Patriots. -- to be better. You know I've I think he could be better he definitely got that look good entries. What you mean you look at that I think it was more elliptical not a good I think the things that good. When you when you break it down the courts are playoff team. Now and not the Broncos and Patriots which you don't have to put him at the playoff team. Atlanta rough you've got to put a Christian -- Christians that's the word from the Saints camp Christian we will go right you. Yeah might in an obvious. That is earth shattering but it bouncing -- -- Drew Brees not as bracket they put either mine. And his wife is expecting any moment now so we're kind of guessing you haven't gotten official word. But we'll kind of get things that they might -- -- be -- for if you -- How. You know a -- yet -- is there -- union -- flavor and I narcotic control what you want their -- -- I think you know what ten days ago. It looked like that -- was gonna have read I don't know what the eagle I mean football is she's big and Britain and. You built your first one -- -- a little bit early in the Dodgers a little bit early so. You know what you got to experience that like -- you are a little bit on you understand that that situation. Yes we're all has turned into working class about it. You know -- treatment than this 10 -- these guys. -- know it's it's all over Twitter. And whatnot but I mean when it's been a little commitments from. He looked great you mean he's been having that fact that the other and he thought that they know it was all in all likelihood. Well I mean has -- example yeah. Let's comets is better to have the baby this week did rednecks would I prepare for the Falcons only that but that's all to be out there might say it's accurately it could be also along with. Say that's pretty good timing yeah that's really good diving off of it. -- Yeah okay thanks so much Christian we appreciated we're talking about -- those top teams in the NFC and I agree with you I think the Edberg. And New England in pain but -- out there watching the Colts and and little doubt they will team with the LP because and muck. That the pit stop the run and they don't run the ball. If you look at the total domination. Listen to say that it first happened when I look at the start vs the starters. The -- scorer for the team's first five possessions. Including move the ball more and eight yards on three of those drives it wasn't a short field you had sustained drives. Mean you look at the first half. I'll gain the Colts 28830. New. And yet there reverie was a lot -- reported two minute mark from project and it and it looked out fraction of a -- 24. In the first half rushing yards but I think we take get a nickname. So we had heard one reported at 38 and a marketing of continued to impress. I mean bottom line is. I'm a possession. Let the ball twenty minutes then thirty seconds that there's six minutes and 32 basically fifteen played the party played. Know that that the Colts were shot it was impressive. That'd been having -- super all what happened on the road you got a big consideration that -- an -- to pre season but no everyone's trying to get ready. But this season in the fashion experts have you can look at any NFL game but and that the measures that. But a fast practice like that bill. It's different when it's outside bit different -- Play that game controlled environment with that type -- and I elected that your NC pumped up McDonnell Murdoch gave him that night seemed poised. -- gonna happen a little sunshine up these guys that we we got manhandled on that team how to think to me is. -- bird making his first appearances in uniform. And Bob it was a comedies on seize the moment it's not that those things off. In that you know what and I completed game at a pretty high level and just solid impact but what was impressive not so much to the -- but it came up and make it -- stick early in the game. Right I mean it was all hands on day and got to have luck could entries in. Right now we still don't like Kenny stills. That might help maybe Robert Meachem I think arguments don't -- -- yet to be on their birthday roster. But we all patient and we were for the Mets in sacks. Well that's about we average and after three games to have eleven yeah both of you could -- continue that then you look. I mean that two goal line stand that's what we've seen in practice. Of the West Virginia I'll be there to stop and our offense. And you know inside the five yard line but he did that twice against the Colts also and it was. You know shared -- well that was the starters did it and in the second unit also did it Ronald Powell. You Kimmo would have been -- work out stop now Ronald Powell is the guy that that they want him. But to succeed and as of late movement turned a corner and and really. Played like a guy that more experience he gets I think he can utilize them because need to be on top -- things mentally. We'll have a lot more here on the second guess you're right up -- -- break there on the negates that and a lot of activists like -- -- like it to you -- -- bear witness and Wilson but casino -- side in Hancock county Mississippi. On only 8 o'clock that night we got them detonation. Out with that hit that night so welcomed home by business like and operating. -- that reality gap or opinion poll is not the pre pre season games the loss Vegas oddsmakers right NFL's top three needs a Seattle. The number brothels and New Orleans Saints wanna hear from you how you would rank the sites. And you can -- people at they're going to be out dot com Bob yet. Go back to the football game we talked a little bit about dominant up front office of the -- have won the turnover ratio against speeding toward the -- you know -- -- and I think Rob Ryan. Sean Payton put a lot of at a -- media picked that up was he ruled last year basically it was. Comic book awards a bush yeah you've got to a situation where you got a lot of sacks. We got a lot of pressure not so much eternal with. Sort of get that now and I think with more heat on the quarterback I think that's certainly helps but you got -- got that can make plays on the football. And I think that's one thing Jared Burton brings to the table that he would make that big play. We saw people -- that was a pretty units that doubles almost like -- the ball got thrown to him right that spot. But again it goes to show you that. There is a part of pre season that can carry on that a regular season and not think. The you know playmaker. In getting the -- was I think that carried over from these. Yeah I mean I think you are creatures of habits and we didn't start out that way -- -- minus three after their first game against the Rams that applies to but he came week plus five for the season. If you want it didn't hit me. -- what would get better at over all you'd have to say. It is our rugby it. Now and I'm not saying that to be in the top ten I don't know how we structure could be gonna rush the passer. And now you know we hopefully we can create an -- to continue to do that when you look at our run defense felt last year the final number. That we were 26. And -- we are not act like nineteen no we are nineteen details looking at the Colts we were nineteenth though. We can't get somewhere around 101112 right now we're given up a -- a half yards of run. That's not necessarily what you want it to be now like you look at a lot of people are playing effectively. But that's one area but evident that you know you were dominating in in all areas when you look at. Like a third down all that. That's where it needed to be particularly when you -- -- to reach that first drive and that was critical. Well what do some of scoring excellent pay needing knowledge that that he felt that was really important those drives. Where all of us that when you look at it. The group recommitted to come converted. Three of 43 down. Including 23 and eight situations. So I think cars are very discard -- defense. When you can't come up big -- on third down. But they do -- you saw a little bit about how this the we'll come out of solutions that Darren Sproles. Pierre Thomas again man you know does anybody would benefit him in the NFL even when you know it's. Moment you really can't stop it. You saw -- Catch the football real welcoming on the back field. And I'll be honest with you this last year the first technical mind but -- -- of -- catch the football -- out in the flat. He's got good hands taking care of what what all I know is. You turned it went 25 pounds -- -- on the open phew we go flat out out relative or run you over. In that spotlight BCS an -- is -- by committee. In that spot but you can see kind of how they gonna do it certainly Randy -- we can get to see. In that -- you you'll also have to -- reports that. La Pierre does make -- people -- I mean when you wanna talk about I still think when all's said and done. You probably have to third both rushing attempts this year after Ingram. Car Robinson but when I'm not all about touched on this in my purely running the ball. Where he was that -- one Russia last year -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- just yet yet I think that's where I can out jump you have to look at it now. And I think you'll get every opportunity to Ingram make -- Robinson it. He's almost like that steady insurance policy. That a good note note that that it fluctuate. Yankee game or depending on the production we haven't during the season. How to utilize it Pierre Thomas but I'm looking at the turnover ratio and you part of -- about Harrisburg. I mean this speaks for itself but why you'd think. This number will go up that. If you look at it wouldn't fit the bill. Yet that team record for the most effective at -- -- interceptions. Yet five straight games he got -- if they're picking imagined I think you know on this year five streaking you'd get an offensive. -- static we'd be and then also he had. He recorded multiple interception. Yet no more interceptions. In three straight games. Now that that you've got to go back as the first player to accomplish that he got back in 1960. So all of a study that -- apartment get to get breeze and it didn't think an apartment in the -- economic terrorists are on the eagle. Not all that you would want to feel about it now because I think Jared Burton could have that much influence. All of this done index ratio. No holds that hey we're we we double digits absolutely you know instead of zero -- that we around. Love to -- three no we're plus well are looking at a. I'll get out picked -- the if you can yet did -- on this with Seattle gets it's just unbelievable. All we have a lot of times you walk on in games like you played right hand and a lot of it -- to -- -- pressured you a -- -- -- on the second guess -- Right up this news -- quit. Jim and flew. Welcome back to the thinking goes through my -- yeah Bobby -- there. But they'll detonation dealt with it you could screen -- gains at WWL that now. What -- deaths are laptop -- remember. You know bill does not allow us to -- Gainesville mobile devices like pulls them out with but. If you -- -- Saints games you can do at WWL that now off your desk top. All our lap now -- good go to using it in Houston easier to huddle with Bob and Mike. -- And you. Can. Call me. It didn't. Go out there that can't practice squad but I don't think you. Well it's a viable upwards all Hawkins from all of -- at the witness then. And -- you have a coach Bates likes them. When Utley likes Nevada. You know because his effort not only Burnett -- plays that he was he was like -- last week. Going against the Saints in given him a good look -- -- -- get ready political. I still think tells -- that they would put him. On the practice squad. And and then build but he can do from there he works parties fast. I thought -- it better and -- -- -- that he can't any kind of slack off. Come training camp. Now Randy Colvin Coleman. I thought it it is all about not the state people big guys called at 66. John Davidson -- six foot three. But but I thought it's not Davis had better OT mini camp. Big moment out hitting Goodwin Coleman. Yet what really good data could great Tennessee Q back to back these -- at Indy in he had -- -- being he dropped a ball. Now I think best case scenario -- him. -- quickly after practice squad now. With nobody else that -- But he is that we keep it five or six receivers. And he's not at that number. He's not. He had -- the sixth best receiver yeah but the thing right now. Easy got to pick who would Brad Coleman a scouted him coming out of high school he was god it was a terrific basketball player. And you know it's not that he has bad hands its focus. He doesn't focus well you make one great -- -- -- -- an easy one right that tells me is not about hand it's about focus with Brandon Coleman. But what I look this team is when you're a practice squad learn this system become a more focused football player has nothing in his hands up read that. In this the U basketball player at this level -- can catch some of the passes he gets it is not a watch your hands but it is about. You concentration and you focus with what Hawkins he gives you everything he's got. You say past Luke who battled the football field you hope that maybe -- make it but -- -- -- don't to me it would seem to me that he owns. And Coleman would be it -- odds on favorite to be on the practice. Well not against it and the only thing even those that it did and you gotta look at matchup that -- you run the scout team. The more talk the more QY Hilton kind with all of -- I -- according to play on the roster that they look at the future. Good -- run the scout team and jeez if he sees on David jolt of Randy Coleman would not give a look like you like -- That's why they had self talker so I think the only he wanted to big guys could -- it is the entire receivers David Bell to Brandon Coleman. The more like the key hawk at the they -- about. The scout team look also develop itself that you practiced -- beat. You gotta give a great look. For all -- it I think that's at -- look at it but I can tell you -- David Gerald. I think Coleman Artrell Hawkins if you look at all the NFL practice squad. I think -- alien couple wanna get out yet that they that like in other words it's safe to say to Cutler that somebody else. With it did not think racquet club would be that somebody else that they get -- -- that it's kind of like the wrong place -- -- talk -- and the manner. I mean eerie you know you that you -- bill needs to make this thing about it and -- may be used at a different and every a different situation. But you know you look at what does he bring to the table. He's not quite Lance Moore and that the different than maybe not make an actor -- to -- time. Yes I think it will be practicing now would it experiences. In man practice squad is a really missed it went well. That's really put -- development all the right you really need to do a little added value is there there is not that anymore Q -- well. He's not paying these guys that on the money to do that how that expanded roster and -- -- it was at the end. But really additional went to twelve -- what we talk about receivers and running back meeting with the development squads about the because you know what you don't develop -- that's never. And at tackle and and that sort of thing that's where I think a practice squad would really help out at a young quarterback like which you got. -- -- -- -- Who really haven't seen a lot of who made he's got a right colonial. Yet nine and you know he's gotten better compared to receive an OT him and he can't we just looked at it if there. The pats quarterback -- can feel a -- been an excellent can't feel and you look at right now I think it's safe to almost hard pressed. -- three quarterbacks. On his body he got a technical on a two week one. Because I think that trust factor. Because dry grip and I think the sky's the limit for him. But right now he's -- all that it wasn't a real game -- that big is gonna blitz the crap out of and in that time that you hear pick up the blitz and other times. He's maybe a tad late and in its getting sacked where that's. Why you've got to bring the ball real well I think we've you've been in this situation Bob as a quarterback it's -- the field rule. The second set of eyes. And you know Drew Brees and the account and how well they get along with they see that field rule. And experience at that quarterback position you have a 35 year old quarterback. I just think almost back the lead to the situation where you -- keep three quarterbacks. Was like -- just between broken true all the meetings they've been in this 25 years of experience. Amicable -- -- -- accounts almost even when he's not playing like a -- -- is trying Brittany that it went five games are right right I mean Pete Carmichael they'll get together I know that does. Make a difference it might be one or two tidbits to gain. All of a sudden the quarterback you want that. Because that that you beat -- different that you making a big play are you not be successful. Have a lot more here on the -- special right up -- this break you know on the big 87. Bottom activists like intentional like to think about -- there we assume most of the casino beats and it got out in Mississippi. The only -- 8 o'clock at night all the lines that we're gonna go to work delicious but -- possessions you're not Obama might. So who have brother. Any theory -- And make an. -- yeah I think he makes the remains line. Yeah yeah he's like he merit my jubilant yet there -- -- Leonard you know you look at the background Rex and Rob Ryan the Jets in the Ravens. Real intelligent as far as and at the bottom line is though -- the -- He's produced when you look at his numbers and I mean god how could you not given that opportunity. -- for instance after three games and at this could -- be a trivia question. He's leading the team in -- I mean I've been able -- fourteen total tackles eleven solo. So he's been he's been real active. Now why he has help on special -- interception. Past the pin and all that but I still think. That if he was in a real game he's till we get picked on it you know he made plays. But I think -- all around skills that and how special teams and all that that you let them make the team. Michael is not a thing to me is that's what he was at Alabama he was audible or linebacker. Or strong safety played all across the board in all the nickel dime packages. But you know what if -- double plays and it felt game one thing they can put on his tombstone. It kept the best high school football player in the state of Louisiana Landon Collins sat on the pitch. Because. Basically the statement but he was better suited for the defense as a starter. In Collins gets hurt all of becomes. Almost like an all American type player Nick Saban a -- because he likes you. He's played you because you know what you do what I out of -- -- -- right -- trust what you know but just think about the fact that -- decent salary. Was ahead of Landon Collins on the depth chart and make it back guy you dug up a lot of star football player probably -- top of the twelfth pick in. In the next. Year's draft you got it. Wouldn't blame because of many then it's a good football player a kid he's dubious spot cleared the NFL he's gonna pick his spots. Nickel dime coverage to help on special teams but I knew -- he's a playmaker and he's always around the football and that's something you can't teach. Yeah well -- if you look at. He's got -- -- that close to the top three if you look at the top three safeties. You got errors Byrd Kenny the Carroll and you got Raphael bush. We looked at Harrisburg. To me you don't feel coming down the policies that center fielder. Talent we've seen in the tournament demanded bill that I might think guys easily 2530 yards the without sustaining Earl Thomas does though which Seattle how they can go sideline to sideline. And that's kind of like what made -- -- they'd all but angled at me like Kenny apparel. That you can put it wherever you want but I could see him as. Is not for quarterbacks better than him as four's coverage in the slot. Opinion that Raphael bush where you look at Roman Harper available in the team and who would you put in the box at times not all that it play. You know the middle with you slide down you get in the box -- look at. More of -- the theory being more Raphael bush is tight and maybe backing him up and inhabit that rule. -- -- Appreciated brought in -- rather you know -- would love him like. It was gonna brother. -- from ma. I'll -- That the city is Rory. And I didn't know yet but got him at practice then. But according to -- to Cleveland picked up but lo -- And it. Thank you brother and brother and yourself version of Christian here -- -- the solid given reports and any luck this online yet. Boy I don't know maybe you might know more like to speculate that the Butler as kind of like when he wasn't out there on the side bottom line. Another you don't go that it puts Rob Ryan knows what he has been it victim Butler -- victim on the line if he's on the roster. And it is not to -- on the rise and it just like and he and I think he's on the -- you're seeking to attribute and I trust Rob Ryan. Have rob -- I think if you trim and you play on the I think why is the only team no I mean so I don't know that's that is. That's like kind of look at whatever -- think make a decision or him. But we haven't really comment on him because he hasn't been out there so inhumane practice obviously that's news now when you look at Kenny stills. I think I help the Kenny stills. Then you probably. Of speculating we keep five receivers and not sixth because I didn't keep in America because his health status. Now the reason why we can't sixth in the past. When you had a guy like Courtney Roby is because he was that always want to with three. And -- kick off or put -- but there's bill Courtney Roby as a receiver on the backing it. You know as far as that being that dominant so that's how you look at now -- who they keep it and not. This it is critical down the wire where is gonna be 45 guys. That you civil they -- him is that it at that one and to everybody gonna have a different. Maybe 53 man roster and it's gonna probably be. Giving guys -- not for five. It's going to be shuffled -- little bit yes like call -- but if you can keep three quarterbacks have six receivers gets in picks they hit. The defense. You cannot have a linebacker or defensive back that you don't keep on this football team. Lot more gear on the second guess she'll -- up that break your own to negate them. The pitching it up near all our number one of the second -- shall we got a lot more like you will be on it until 8 o'clock at night so -- -- -- -- carries -- and I will be put you -- produced news they quit. -- -- --