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Aug 25, 2014|

Yeah, baby! It’s football time—time to SECOND GUESS with the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert, and NFL analyst Mike Detillier…live from the Silver Slipper Casino on the beach in Hancock County Mississippi today from 4 till 8pm. Talk Saint/Colts…your top takeaways after 3 pre-season games…did Drew Brees look like he’s in mid-season form or did he have some ‘rust’ and what about the other newcomers we got to see for the first time…Jairus Byrd and Champ Baily?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back in the second guess -- -- figure obviate bear wetness so most local casino beach side and had gotten on a Mississippi novel by business will be on until 8 o'clock that night. Wanna repeat god definitely operating catwalk that you bullet pre pre season games. Las Vegas oddsmakers -- the NFL's top three teams that Seattle. Denver. And while the play when he hear back from you how would you rate the Saints. In your own -- cash pupil at definitely out dot com Bob and I talked about it but -- some places when you. When you go to Vegas New England green Bay's right up there -- you walloped San Francisco's out fallen back at Pitt team that it dropped in the -- and has dropped back a little bit in there. But in the team that's got a picked up a little bit has been through you Wallace and Green Bay. Those in team took on a couple themselves back up into the pack so it's interesting to see in this of those guys don't lose lots because you lose money. I mean those bright lights they got it up or reason in Las Vegas well we. Very helpful for quite some thoughts of -- go to him carry on the -- Rick -- in the huddle with Bob and Mike. Question talk about these nineteen. You. In game. It won't. You walls where you are like Jack -- And -- partner possible. And ran for the touchdown out according. To. It's few -- had touched the ball that Franco. That's correct. -- K. Okay. -- -- -- ten years to be in the big play in the superdome. Oracle and a win the game by virtue. -- offensive player in the ball and not all kinds -- players such in the ball. But. You know shadow. And Bledsoe or in. Play. We actually why didn't they apply their rule in the first place as far as that doesn't matter of two offensive guys notice it. Basically it was a cool thing with the Saints defensive back also not to. So. Yeah -- -- it was not a foot jump ball situation a ball got popped up into the air and then. To just makes the net so it was basically a jump ball situation DePaul got popped up into the air and that's when they make the big event yet. Well I don't know whatever mentioned Richie squad named -- and and sports talk over -- -- by Richie few claw. He was so. I guess it is time. When he was a cat and Iran you know you look clock while light breeze at that -- -- me -- -- few while I was walking around a Pittsburgh. When platform shoes and you never know platform shoes. And he had -- acrylic like. At the bottom of the issues that live goldfish in it. -- -- -- water and he's walking around with these black or human and have like -- -- -- sent them and listening to a lot of fashion statement. And to think with -- he played that out. That immaculate reception above as well as anybody could because you know listen to play in the -- the -- -- you play. You know you're pretty good football player but he'll always be remembered for that but we all we -- yet but that is no doubt in my mind watching that went over and over again. There is no visual evidence. That Richie touch that ball. Jack Tatum was the got it -- -- that ball out and Franco Harris made that yet as we look at boarded the support of bill. And nobody has been able to basically come up with the fact that actually Duke law. Touch the football I think when you look at the way to ball bounced back there was no there are certain that it was. He'll out hit a quick you -- about great names Lloyd and it -- quality first if I'm John and heavily Greek both operates you know it just sounds better you know its also also thought the -- my youngest. Son and it was -- you know it is my. They got a African American quarterback I think he's real probably has gone from Lafayette is Connie Figaro. And everybody knows is that C Cedric who girl playing at nickel state Figueroa does that -- Gado Gado and instead let Austin in my opinion on forget that mean. And and we all remember is that you played at Notre Dame went through with the San Diego Chargers for awhile but it's not a man he's a -- -- yet can run the football nice. It is fascinating it's gotten better but he's not which you wanna call pocket type passable -- can take off and run with it. But -- -- you question on that play. It was a simultaneous to put a ball and the ball got popped up in the air so -- it would have applied there do. Yeah it. Certain pressure it. Actually happens -- end game. At a course that you're in the -- wants to know that Spain and I appreciate your. No problem thanks so much -- -- -- we appreciated bit holed up in the las beat golden you know huddle with Bob and Mike. You know we're I think go to. You know like golfers -- all be. Back in and welcome to blow. Well the thing is if you don't like fickle and you know it's so scary right now is that okay you look at Deborah a number of people comment despite vetoed that states team at Roland paper. Debut look at it we've gone through all the key -- mini camp and out training camp where Iraq right now -- start this season. It that you look from a national perspective. That we're considered right below Seattle. What I thought we got to actually got to get past -- get a represented at the bull so look at -- -- meaningful game. And expectation that we looked up this'll -- -- a Gary might that would like on paper that we fulfilling that it is no -- It's not -- it's reality with occurring on the field. Because loaded the other thing is a bit more than maybe every any -- season. Everything Spain and the on at school board watching this -- -- what happens in Seattle what happens in Green Bay because you know what. It's -- being held and where are you standing in January. Do not want to be -- -- Seattle you want film. They come down to the superdome in New Orleans and have to face the Saints here so it'll be more scoreboard watches. I think it any other year because you know what. I know the Giants have done it a couple times that way but got a little bit caught up all that -- -- on -- Where you play that is will be important Indiana come January. And then if you look at kids think about this how good this thing our annual look at the team what they've accomplished. And that this is -- its architecture coating anything. If you look at the thing about their fourth trip -- -- both in five years last year. There are few reasons not has that been right here a pro football weekly debates there has to expect that this year's team. Wall make it five -- -- -- if you throw out that the body -- Peyton 2012. The Saints have averaged. Twelve -- this year that this probable that the season 2009. The average twelve years they'll. Twelve wins the year. Omega active all over the faith that good so I'm telling you might take thirteen wouldn't. The double team which you could not happen this season. What happened last year is we tangle and act like we did against the -- You can't go lay an egg like we get against the Rams at Saint Louis because -- -- they all that they -- in the world whether Seattle Green Bay whoever it might be. That they have the cup the yards that you article that you that only one week at a time. No we need to stay focused and not only beat -- teams that that maybe we look alike but we're calling. But dull and they get to you that you know you better. And the other there 200 got to go to break the Green Bay you know you look back you know like. -- that game and not -- on that Sunday guys ahead and take care of business because that they had they had backed up the -- thanks so much for the top brother. We appreciate it will have a lot more here on the second -- -- -- to his -- negate them and back here on this like he did feel like -- -- -- realized that the single most of the casino beach side and not coming Mississippi. We got to go to -- in Metairie -- you know huddle with Bob and Mike. How we -- guys are right you are you. I'll -- it you know I mean it's for the -- and go. You gotta you gotta get that number one spot even thought he could do it in Seattle and dependent simple they're a -- and it and it looked pretty. Yeah I don't look at him look good depart is the game and that's what I'm the last one season game didn't look good. It looked great note they're hopeful that there. But but the bottom line is that all league team that's going to be able to compete. Which Seattle no doubt in my mind now than anybody else who ran program content with which. Would get witnesses who is no -- thing. And only comment that out we expect week fact that -- from drew. And everybody else that my guy I do not know little by marketing group here. Because I haven't seen a ball like he's performed over the last week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- without a doubt I mean you've got to give credit where credit is due Mark Ingram is bring in is a team and he I think he's ready to roll. You know it's like I said this earlier in the show it's like almost like. In no I don't never a good idea to had a problem with this it means it is from the get go you can kind of all the guys neutral when you know like crap make. They thought he -- had its three season. From the get go. You know like he's gonna come out the -- spoken when not in. People at the end you know go -- but that's human nature but right now of this -- we loud barking. I know Martina and kicks but. Because that you know authentic it is there's -- could be a pass the ball -- can run the ball -- at not by accident. We look at who -- its global 2009. Now this is kind of a freaky when you think about a 2009 we had the sixth best rushing attack like it's doable in 2011. That's a -- batted. But that your with the became the Grady shoulder. With our -- the rant about the chronicles their path out but we also that year at this steak. Best rushing attack. So when you look at that I mean. That that -- got to run the ball you gotta run the ball you gotta have success. Now like you know what's grazing. Because I think the game all of a watch NFL -- and audit. It right the first games at pivotal fourth. Definitely Seattle. Green Green Bay on Thursday night football are are you kidding me a few -- -- but you won't put a pack that you could we got to be greens and the next game will be. If that happens when you -- But it's anybody's getting comfortable now hold serve better and literally and it can't get back. Yet team like the practically every -- -- do you remember last time when they had that strike with the officials. How Green Bay got robbed. It Democrat it was that Seattle. When they had those replacement officials and that's what that it lost at home and -- are you kidding -- -- -- Green -- that the big -- you know that game so. It's amazing that the first game of the season. But that's -- that's you know. Look at nimble feet and beat them and all that low -- there that there was the fact that the win at Seattle and that we beat them and when they come to all of them tonight. Night ticket and and I think I I'm not -- It's Al clubs hit -- public reading it out pretty -- book Green Bay popped me you know at Seattle Ira I'll pull the book green there right right I'm not in. Right well that would the commute that about him you know because -- home because. Yeah it that rarely rarely will drop that game. What you -- out there and it would all that excitement of what that flag up we'll beat the champs and everything else. Green Bay and look what it also but I think it got -- to go out and run at it and brought it right. We're gonna go to Ireland it's Italian Ottawa Bob -- -- Down -- what you got. Don't know wants the right area right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It all I want to -- -- -- and implement -- -- and you would -- up in the chip. You do police -- and uprooted. Trees and advocates all the games were we had a bit cute restaurant. Which you guys. Grow our shooters. Well I UConn or break it up but I think -- that's been what you're talking about but if you look at it to me. Football is here. And and not an open is quite on the level this -- sitting -- teams ago rank -- thirteen of fourteen. A very meaningful game what you look at their respective non conference full. I'll likely Wisconsin Badgers Alexei. It's right below and Ellison played Oregon. In Dallas I think argue with double ordination. At that time on the without the coming out party basically of the honey badger and it also -- its main goal. And still accomplish the -- you had so I would think not big on that level -- -- that notch below what you kick and all. This season now. What's interesting is that. I think is came out -- on Friday. And that -- you look at his starting quarterback that we did note depleted starting quarterback LSU we do look at Wisconsin Indian think that they going with tenor. -- boy who will start instead I heard him is that it kills -- -- started last year proper count of that right now not his thoughts now about Mack and Michael blog -- play wide receiver and safety. But the fact is classy and that would that's telling me that even -- Bobby -- pro style drop back quarterback. You want more of a guy -- that you have the racketeering elegy speed. And out -- -- that look we're preparing. The defense all fit they have. That would be run it past whatever that means you -- coach miles it's been three uncles that are fans but I think it could be power of football. Coach miles you look at the ground game. Both Ellis hue and with constant I got stuck running backs. I would Gordon yet another but I think the differences it'd be. That was constant -- -- is undersized and inexperienced. Compared. To what elegy is gonna happen -- fourth the size especially in that front seven. I still think a home game basically Ellis shoot that they'll win and I think what we gonna happen awesome. Pregame. Show. -- at the big growth it's right you if you walked over line. I hated that the -- eleven chimney rock wrote who we want to tell everybody. -- -- -- all Wisconsin Saturday night in Houston wall to wall coverage right here at the big 8:7 starts at 3 o'clock without Gulf Coast bank and trust. I can't tailgate with Bobby. The -- cheap and -- live from Houston a hot spot. The Ellis -- hot spot. In Houston did what Rose at eleven chimney rock wrote have you gone to the game you could join nick and it bobbled a -- but now. I'll Ellis in the national pregame show it to walk on picked so let's call it blocked. At that night about his bar big more growth in Houston and you'd think -- Louisiana if I cared Allen shoot it basically kick you out. I mean I Q -- you got to go yeah. You know it you've got to get -- -- if you look at the alumni base in Houston and I don't Louisiana I don't know if -- one. At Dallas alumni beat now aren't going to be unbelievable atmosphere. You walk to Reliant Stadium and all of I think also with the -- Crosby Crosby Doug Melvin has pulled this off. Because I'll tell you it's going to be you had to get -- to get felt like saint rent UB -- sided -- there and hopefully Ellis will -- where it would away and because volume all books out there I think it's going to be old school football. And elsewhere and that you know the you know that you don't generate a lot of the -- spread the ball out. All of that they'll run the option at Clark in the gun the pistol and all that it's gonna be I think -- mile. More whip in the trenches and it was last move was not. You know that's why they get a pride themselves that they in my trying to beat LSU Earl game. People way I think both teams are gonna try to do that and missing you can hear that game right hero tiger radio definitely out. -- all politics all at six kick off at eight which you -- hit a pregame show right here -- the biggest celebrity get good plot. Not born here on the second guess you'll -- -- that is huge -- -- Japan so. A lot of activists like again show Mike -- tell you a body there love -- syllables with the casino beach side and not pounding. Mississippi and we don't have -- now about almost think running back. Now an analyst but -- NFL network he. Evans Heath thanks so much -- dog is the night. Man -- dog you've got. Yeah it's take so much again and and listened -- salt into the word we get a pre season. Some of that dominance the NFC teams you watch Green -- you watch Seattle and you Wallace you felt as -- -- the body that. Man look at -- now the cut above between the upper Echelon teams in the NFC. In what appears in the AFC just how dominant those three teams were in you might suitable significant pre season game that you've got to play also. He got literally it does get it -- is. I think Green Bay in particular the B I don't want to get shellacked so. I might be wrong but there's been three teams in the event -- made it. They're on the watch and they are definitely they're kind of -- -- everyone -- shot the way. All of San Francisco they'll get it right -- -- you know with the -- -- -- offensively. That crap that happened Bob you know as well I think they might have a together by the end of the year but. Right now that often the -- watch. Now what he look at it your business to the fullback position we all know how well you caught the ball -- out of the backfield. We -- look at the Saints. Obviously the signing tackle Eric glory. But from Tampa Bay to be -- lead blocker now he's injured. What is your take witness that's states. I've often that what it what do you you've been in that meeting room. If the pass receiving fullback born poor and -- lead blocker. Are if you could catch the ball and be a good enough lead blocker -- that sufficient a coach because that's they'd like. Austin Johnson might be that guy to -- it brought it better. Like -- -- of Florida State who played eleven years ability. Well I mean you probably -- I was never the best blocking fullback ability that. I was the guy that you know Mike I was never gonna make -- play in. -- quit trying to run people over but you're by what I got it -- The ability to catch the ball played third down. Pass protect note that that's what you want but you know I think we've been enough -- lost in the -- but he can he'll snatch a ball over the past abilities and do some nice things -- you -- Without Greg Jones is the health wise I haven't talked to Greg in awhile but he's a terrible -- back you want you've got some arms up and -- tank. He say he's a physical point in victory just scared to look at. But but to me he's he's -- with the early luck with some of the best -- rule I'm in great hands a lot of versatility in. In this offense. But when you have to back in the backfield. That one can lead block. There's a lot that this job was to do in the passing game. Now he look at it now what Rob Ryan that would be the unit. I think obviously -- -- around it is unbelievable how bad the bad -- and beat them at that rate him. We look at I thought it is ironic. Is that that magic number last year to see -- -- sport naval port and the total beat that. Fourth and a total sacks. And it thwart the scoring keep it -- right now it's crazy at the three team that knows the pre season. -- -- -- Right now have eleven sacks at the three games to get in -- number in the high party's 4849. In that regard. Which to me if it make -- way to football right now they're plus five. And that turnover ratio it in its glory -- it's been -- -- -- you've given up. -- in the teens 1990. And have built -- in the -- out of the other thing that can help but win 1112 games. Eleven or twelve -- would be enough if not they get it's it's it's been cool overnight viewpoint. -- -- -- -- yards on fourteen apparently you know so -- Alou and yeah I mean it's that we know what drew -- -- the table and with all its own people that are. And I went back and got -- just got a good script and thought that old film of last year's just. A lot of uncharacteristic mistakes from the offense that put this defense in bad positions at times in this state defense was still one of the best in the league itself. Bob is going to be rob I think -- -- on collectively are such a great team. I think properly challenge on a lot of involvement of the kind of thought process but I also think Sean really isn't that Robin and what they going to a game plan with his -- against -- or so years. It was convoluted that can sometimes seem confused don't players huge blockbuster you've got to see this defense. Week to week they would change a little bit but -- -- we they would come out do one thing right they can rush the passer with a vengeance. They protective cup in week to week you definitely do -- -- -- do it if you had that Rob Ryan kind of pick apart on it but I think this match of Sean -- Rob Ryan is this something that only get better and better and better as the season goes on. Now he's -- the -- NFL and obviously. The officials. You know their present with all the flags are throwing. And coach -- with picked off the seat -- against the Titans. When it was a ridiculous number of penalties but. You look at the three games right now the Saints have party -- penalties. But 37372. Yards on my understanding. Remember looking back -- break it down that you never -- You never what nine penalties are more are near a hundred yards so I think that's get a come about on the regular season. You'd think he'd make an obvious call in and not necessarily that the -- call what is your take on that right now what the league. And obviously that because you gain. Because it's a divot there because now what you around our yards -- nine -- ten penalties. Yeah well I mean I hate the pre season this year has been just atrocious to watch the games have been so slow. Part for anybody to get a rhythm because of all the flags so. I think it's gonna kind of be your give and take relationship I think the players are gonna have to give him a little bit I think the league -- -- reps to give him a little bit of mean fox and CBS and in BC. He has been in the pulling their hair out. You know trying to hit three hour window game when you've got 25 black people -- these games when that -- three hours and 45 minutes to. You know with the network TV -- just can't have that bill. There's some not rule things in place it's that we can't have this many black but I do think the players. Have to bend towards kind of the new emphasis the mean he's on the rules that are just. Okay Seattle win and there has been for in this offensive. There were a lot of -- pushing each other on both offense and defense to pass an appearance in. I think a lot of coaches want to complain about -- Seattle plays defense and so now we have this new emphasis on. But you can't ball and stop these these wide receivers which. Obviously -- -- the super ball away it was last year or so. That note on the whole penalty thing -- what I hated imagine you know as well with the guys that. You know match would be third point six you know your -- the pick of the proposed now are we have been not probably -- 2% and you get a -- -- that automatically give the team the first down. You mentioned a minute ago it's costing teams games we got it the putting -- and what about these teams that are -- that mindset -- -- should've been -- it's because of a bad call. In and that's what I hate about sometimes the -- officiating in this business it's not just. It's keeping people games and I just don't want to beat at this one -- down. And a key part of game as a team that deserves to lose them all away -- we have. And put in the opposite of that in this country where it should be played in this in the play well. You -- so much for joining us tonight we appreciate it and we enjoy your coverage. On the NFL network did a great job yeah it's a variety I think but Heath Evans now analysts thought. NFL network will be. Yeah with a lot more so I -- show -- at this -- your own to be. Back here on this second guess he'll likely be about me bear witness the -- that the casino -- side it had not counting Mississippi. Medical back at the local hospital to -- in anarchy in the huddle and might. -- -- about it about. Making itself. -- -- -- I think this thing needs some improvement I mean it's deep and -- -- -- and loud and people -- get through. What made -- yardage in -- I think that happens. And away -- -- -- it all your role and Stanley Cutler from now would you a lot of my time to be Morse out on on run defense. Because it then also if you look at the beginning. And well acknowledged that. They had a busted coverage. If if you look at that a touchdown. And and that means not being in the film room I don't know whose fault was that with the -- -- -- Cairo Curtis Lofton. That you could I give up that kind of touchdown doing all look at that Lofton. Yeah and let him loose impediments. Bubba McKie explained to me well why you maybe could there wouldn't be fit. Because you know like -- I mean they did them a few plays you've been pretty you know when he as. And -- -- -- -- they go out and put them they gain yards on the ground it today and I'll open it aptly. When he allowed people that -- catch the -- you know funded you know him being. He picked up professionals on the other side through and listening you gotta give the other team a little bit of credit and you have or inaudible the football in this league that that's part of the pitching that game. The bet if you come away from that game. Saturday night and weren't impressed. Offensively and defensively with that team and make every play your -- a lot of guys out there is always -- -- me. He's he's a real. And really us. And in it then they'll look on the docket this year called he wants perfection. But no matter what the -- got to look at it too. Even all hands on day you might look at what happens in the second half Okie guess that reality and that's not gonna happen in this season because who's played. Look at all the injuries. Who's actually play. Now all of a sudden. If you have any of the Carol. Jerry has burden. He is Lewis Patrick Robinson Champ Bailey and even Corey wide on the public at Rafael bush of the good at all those guys that that's who we count Millen. Now a dead end to bury that game so getting dark. No I could see that but we try to you know play a budget that -- players and economy the team that's why you gotta be objective. And that Rob Ryan might put him in the right position to succeed -- that doesn't mean they can have success. So that's why you gotta be objective. And like the look at who's actually playing but I can tell you this. Whatever Roger is gonna come to town Sunday night against the thing that we we Green Bay. You can have all had a bit and it still might not. Good enough. On -- -- -- you play running back at you with. About that I agree with Bobby in the secondary with batons beat me it's really good they got that for a yeah and -- let Cameron Jordan that push up the middle that's been the biggest change of this defense they gonna get sacks. Now's Phillip Bobby I put that now but if you want in his class by partnering you have good we were talking about it -- it over Portland route and out yet. Thanks so much football we appreciate it up or you don't second guess you're right that is -- the.