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Aug 25, 2014|

Yeah, baby! It’s football time—time to SECOND GUESS with the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert, and NFL analyst Mike Detillier…live from the Silver Slipper Casino on the beach in Hancock County Mississippi today from 4 till 8pm. Talk Saint/Colts…your top takeaways after 3 pre-season games…did Drew Brees look like he’s in mid-season form or did he have some ‘rust’ and what about the other newcomers we got to see for the first time…Jairus Byrd and Champ Baily?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back tennis I can get show Mike that the -- obviate bear witness it almost looked a casino beach side in Hancock county Mississippi. But you know I'll be on until 8 o'clock tonight so in the area couple bond business. And wanna tell everybody -- -- -- definitely -- -- ready Jack or opinion poll at the three receiving games the loss biggest oddsmakers. Right NFL's top three teams as the Seattle Seahawks that Denver Broncos and the New Orleans Saints. Wanna hear back from you where would you rank the Saints in that top three you can -- people at every at gmail.com. All. Breaking news that happened. Apparently one of the -- running backs. Senior running back Robert Kelly who was not on the team in this spring and it was -- net com reported that possibly be an academic issue well. It's become more than that now he's facing criminal torches the simple robbery and simple battery after allegedly beating a fellow complaints student. And stealing his bicycle. And it's been confirmed but that is -- channel more Eyewitness News Kelly who's 21 years old was booked on August 4 and it freed after posting on. -- -- -- walker standout was a really good golf god. For Curtis Johnson into playing so he's facing some some real -- distorted here but. Well wait -- it does not even -- and that's Mike Jack Mike connected so to speak to what you and you enemies that that -- that that's ridiculous. So against senior running back Robert Kelly in a fumble every walk of stories facing criminal charges of simple robbery is simple battery. After allegedly beating fellow Schilling's team and stealing his bicycle. This is being reported Bob Mike -- steam. From channel four -- -- television Eyewitness News and again we're not we don't already know but. His status with the football team and he's not currently with the team today so Bob again. This a situation dozen times young men in the you know moment and consultant in well you can put yourself in that type of. You can't put yourself in that situation and also if you look in the news that the late. You can't slap your -- I mean you know to spot being politically correct. And it's kind of ironic we play in the Baltimore Ravens. Come there in night. Which looks that you mama on the weekend -- these brand of hot off the -- seasons in the longer. Having -- locals blacks on the television during pre season games. When the faith a re direct they'll. -- walker and done and incorporated the parent company like you -- products. That Cox sports television had been instructed by the NFL. The pulled advertisement in -- -- domestic violence issues honestly couldn't let it happen. With Ravens are running back Ray Rice W arrested February. After a physical the K Hugh wood is beyond the at Atlanta Atlanta Atlantic City casino. Now that being said. And obviously. With the Ravens -- that -- it is ironic. That would be trying to advertise in -- things in his politically correct eight K you've blown out of proportion. That now all of walker done is that an NFL is that the NFL's and it's -- that -- The elite teams Jackson have to stop the red they'll virtual signed it Jack -- pre season broadcasts. Now the thing that I think it I don't know what you think flat you -- I mean I think it's almost like. It's so good that you -- -- your mom now I can tell you this. With that Jack the walker. -- the company's vice president and his release he maintains that. The name refers. Loving flat. On the back and a kiss on the cheek -- mama. As that they. That make you are preparing in the other great tasting the I don't know it's fun that that's pretty good -- -- that Bubba -- -- New -- -- yeah yeah I -- you know when -- give him credit -- -- almost like an approach and obviously with domestic violence we have to -- that wells and yet and it's -- -- -- -- that that -- -- -- -- that -- would -- would rate -- And all that what he did. But I know that old things that you mommies because it's so good that you woods not your mama and obviously today there's no way you can. He's the bar that used an advertising. The NFL. They have a number or problems. It's still appears to defeat the Washington Redskins. Their first game. Now watch it and you paper. It basically saying they can refer. To the read me at all in Washington. The united when -- comment on -- team. They NFC Washington and not even bring up nickname Redskins -- that is with the Indian youth. That's bars. You know political correctness. And you mamma and -- directly affected the thing because the FD. And obviously play in the Ravens come third tonight in the pre season. While we're gonna go back -- the tunnel lines and go to pony into Billy Tony you know huddle with Bob and Mike. -- I don't think in. There. -- don't. Believe because they review our. Any. Use so they're like on a beautiful. And that sort of -- -- 10. -- -- happy about that that they -- on the line and Orton and keying a there are every nick and -- to the better it is called that. But. -- like. It. Bobby you write out a line. In whom he called and obviously these. Something. -- That's the easy question drew -- They'll climb back at it on this football every pitch approval yet junior coalesced. He's got a hybrid knees behind my back and rush the passer. Now I can tell you this. That Curtis Lofton. Might be the most Rodney Dangerfield. Tight -- back in and it felt like respect well that it done. He'll have a hook it. Wanna tackle the more. Now I think the pro bowler. But how McNabb gets exploited I think we don't have that down at times. Which received a great linebackers -- more good. Like you're not equally aren't. -- Davis. But -- very serviceable to educate everybody. So Heidi trying to feel your team -- what you look down the line -- list. Curtis Lofton. Kevin ready. To back up but -- cars in an awful and more backup and special teams. David thought the art article they have PM -- this year but he's good enough and leave everything out that David ought to Portland in two separate seasons. -- -- with Seattle you let it make tackles at every position. -- side and the outside. So although we think if Seattle beat -- now they probably thought they can upgrade and they've all the lower and -- want to pay him but I is that your production. I hit a six more with David ought to aren't healthy and it was last year he was right there -- over. Number is Rob Ryan did an admirable robbery might be one about that. Past depending linebackers. In a time getting picked on May be exploited. But overall odds lately he's pretty good and what it would develop press coverage and a nation as a alone with god Gaffney has -- got them me special teams this that you are better. Cairo or. Not you're looking at -- well fourth round draft pick I think they you know put him. Wanted to reserve. Idiotic Austin. I mean we got him the ball I've -- some with the union yes yet but look I mean. -- yet it's significant clause we'll all get that out on the road. When they were in the red zone and still a serviceable enough Rondo -- technical part of the -- from -- -- In the united column not. And looking now like you know. In the years that guy is is there anything in that Ballard. You look at -- ability. Started in Seattle yes he went to Jacksonville it is that Gus Bradley admitted what he's done now here. I mean we talked about -- training -- he -- me he plays an old pro football. I think now not to me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When I look at like that back up they can play a couple of column oxidant category. Victor Butler. It isn't that big question -- that rob Ronnie type player you brought him here the big question mark that you brought up -- you know let. In a Parys Haralson. He would start the party dollars -- bit public step. Yeah any color ethnic can't last year you know we are doing almost the same time this year and they come week one yet he was starting or or us. So when I look at that very serviceable ended dark arts would be Kassim at a volley. The rookie out of Boston College I think I don't know they'll make upon -- the but I think for sure a practice squad guy like comment on him. The cycle all the -- rookie yet Wilson's numbers number -- -- one. He's had two sacks now. You know yeah and I had seen him on -- started out in that German. American football yes yes actually retirement him and beyond wore out hope that it it'd be on -- who was the first round pick of the Colts both went to the same high school. Well right now if you look at the top -- getters. Can't start -- ten sacks. Could -- metabolic hefty tax. Now can't jarred it may be at three anyone's got a -- -- against slut you know but you -- -- a volley and he was right there at the end. On the last four foul play -- right now behind Virgil you don't -- not not been a virtual fan I don't know who make the practice squad. But the guy had a Valdosta State. That the that the climate now lords Virgil got a sack but I thought anybody got to have a -- that they gave it to -- with. This team anabolic to look at our linebackers. On goal that's serviceable about what Rob Ryan what to do. -- a lot more here on this thing nationals Bill Allen hang on to where yet we'll be right back here with sports and -- ratio that negates. -- back to second guess you'll like it to -- -- a bear witness who was with the casino side and Hancock county Mississippi. A personal life changing weather conditions we get that comedy year you always wanted to know what the weather sign up now -- definitely -- text alerts this text the word whether. Now 287870. And message and data rates may apply we're gonna go to fill in Mississippi -- you know Ottawa Bob and Mike. -- badly and might have out all right though I but again yes and rip that left you situated. Well it would have been company printed them out but he surely left you -- movement that gave them -- again and even doing season. Just -- and it you know couldn't do it. I mean I think they could do whatever they want as far as making stop beat them and then out you know these shirts as fours like you mama. But I know as far as advertisement you know one that. All the Theres the on any. Type promotion associating with the Saints simply because though with -- Boller -- rise. And him being arrested. You know with domestic violence. Bradley that but as far as that it's not your mama. If in this Jack he walker -- at a budget T shirts. I mean I mean anybody like that -- -- there's probably. You know wearing. I mean because when you look at the product. The hot -- that this evening the product is excellent I didn't really good I mean. I have this evening slap your -- and I knew. Yeah I thought I mean you might wanna call their company it was a few light years I don't know. The this -- of the NFL. And how they keep your PR machine yet how big your machine and the NFL don't they have like our advertising. It is -- -- -- NFL. If he'd probably throw it. What do we want to win the truth is that -- done about it security comes to remove. I don't know I don't think -- don't go well and it -- every fan when it's like your mom a T shirt a picnic you're out that. Thanks so much at all but it we appreciated also to his -- about you know getting some of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at maybe Pittsburgh that -- shows -- how -- with the Bucs -- -- went up about a guy I would of public relations does that pretty reason why. He can play a little bit he's probably better it well because they got very little yeah and then you look at their offensive line. I think people pick him as this -- with the opposite I think they got a terrific -- special teams offensive line is horrific. Picking -- protect anybody and you've got to win. We would. All like oh my at this level -- really shall be addictive with the football in that spot so. It goes to show some desperation a little bit on the books sport -- -- -- -- not -- -- -- like nobody's got it's got a bullseye on his back it's you know. Well it'd be amazing to look at it upon football. On October 5 if rich octave Richie got needle is the players he's been in the past when I look at it -- fight. You look at him in the trenches -- is Brodrick Bunkley and making it. It might be a fight every the play all of the fight because before the situation happened -- With him anymore he was always known as -- borderline very dirty player in this league and very productive and he has been productive you gotta give them credit. Now now I'd -- on and W a caller -- and made those desperate the light and we beat -- -- -- separate him block. You know it's -- -- about it well what about I had at note they'll likely be in helpless and obviously got out of trouble they can get an opportunity. We're gonna go to Allen in Covington Allen you know huddle with Bob and Mike. Arriaga line to sponsor. I was Colin they don't need of a performance that he's seen -- pretty -- And everything you know only is he can't keep on going on there and play out and didn't sit well. -- -- Made the prediction last night -- fourth Donald for channel four I think the Saints will played in New England Patriots in the Super Bowl in Arizona. Yeah is is that. Honestly it helped -- in it and improve in the running game I think you have a very good change and I like that -- has initiated bears' talented. Our adopt him -- -- your prediction well. I I think it's going to be critical that they happen of one the don't look at that as the demands that and it's the when I'll look at who played the Packers of the united -- while come playoff time we need to play them at all. Thinks Seattle. That the 49ers film at the top team that needs to get that the Ruble. Being able Philip that it all Phillip and it means that much difference. -- like where rat right now. That's bars that -- -- that I think we've upgraded. And nothing outscored the it dubious that it was last year we weren't meant. And now I think all that is going to be Roland. So. The ball -- that way. I mean but -- played as. 2009. And it's one it's admirable but we weren't as -- -- as the lower at 2011. They -- but did you how good we word 2011. With a great each -- who we go -- have a physical. We have five turnovers. Okay you can do it right it's the yep five of united -- -- -- at five turnovers. In the second quarter we're down by seventeen point. -- wrote down a seventeen point we take the lead twice. Under five minutes and we lose the game. Able to keep it -- take it that year. Its ninth would have to come back in all anyone know that you guys and we have played a Patriot to mobile -- matchup against them. That's -- right now. He could have a better team. Knew we had an old Bible and its global what you got to go out there and do it you got to go out there to land the 2011 we had the team. I don't know what's gonna happen idol in Anaheim. And we among the best and and I take the objective of -- approach like the better -- laws Vegas. That they don't care where you probably look at a talent and you've got it where you're at where you're playing. -- and right now -- happen to think that number three when that's pretty damn good. I mean you got Seattle ahead of us and the Broncos make our about the Broncos we get our by Seattle -- whose blown marital. That's what I'll look at I don't with dollar Ruble -- but right now. Over or under. I expect hate to regret. In that nation that it probably could be fit you know we don't get to eleven wins that's why expectations. You etiquette you get a bit more and eleven if you want a home field advantage. But but -- just -- right now a successful season. You think right now how we structured eleven wins and probably beyond that. I really think that this is the year I think nickel back usable and I really think his New England here it's it's I think what everybody wants to watch -- Brady. Belichick Manny you you could write a better script and a lot more here on -- I guess you're right up as you break with him and so what about that a second guess he'll likely take a obviate -- -- -- so -- -- a casino -- side in -- got county Mississippi will be here until 8 o'clock tonight. I'm gonna go to Donald cell -- -- you know. Guess with Mike and Bob. I don't know I don't. Does it. This. But with standard engine that would you know. You know -- accomplish it's never. -- whatever or more in our situation. Our. You've got a guy who like he did something. Right and they're just sitting and watching. A lot of luck. Two games but it's still a big double will what he did. And everybody else is -- a paid a price I agree with you. I mean it's got absolutely nothing to do with it but it's the NFL's version of political correctness image and you'll write. About the fact that you would let Ray Rice all -- a two game suspension. And yeah you can -- the global response. Just alternate shot in the -- pursuit of this guy -- every move he makes it's all about the new York and making himself look good. Well adult thing that Ray Rice I think. You look I don't know -- that out how they. You know that you things as far as the stuff that -- -- And but I mean I think a lot of it would had a problem Davis has been there before working I think is expected in the spotlight for -- blood but only to gain at the end. You know they bring a man and that is. Its future wives fiancee. I think I kind of had his back but it doesn't matter. If that happens -- one time trying to nip it in the blood which is that to be -- third. Now I I think. Yea yea it is sheriff's that he pretends to be you to -- he's almost like a -- -- boy. With this every once in awhile he puts up -- hard ball and any backs often. This is my thing is we're seeking -- counsel that the university. What is he gonna make a Beagle that now that -- -- usually don't do anything because Jim Irsay put him in the position he's in. That's why he's done not that it -- other owners say hey wait a minute we don't want you ticketed adult without personal life. Where to order that the Colts fool with -- drug users these next drug dealer I mean at the K let's that -- -- -- -- that the players. Actually 830000. Dollars cash on you you got I got all these -- on you and it's not c'mon prescribed to use up. I mean so good he's already he get away when he got away with the -- I put him in that position if you protecting -- he'll. And it's -- victory required a theme whether you coach. A play here older gentleman or whatever so I guess the cut down harder Earth Day and not just -- that it doesn't. I'm just mellow -- at the end of the line on the tell. I'll bet he doesn't we're gonna go to Christie Garrett Christian was that the training camp facility today put a practice sessions -- Ellis. Would happen today at practice. Turning like for you -- -- -- we talked about early on top beyond. The show. We used -- game four. The only reason reports something that we will year pretty soon. -- and in terms of in the child and you were here expecting it is -- you grow and now. We don't we I'm sure those that are on Twitter and we'll find out or one out there. And that news on the recently via I would've thought -- -- and Andy you know on. When when -- and treatment wouldn't count work with the ones. And Brees and in my body in his pocket more and more like the record. -- no question no lift a little bit wondering and execute and not cut lines are so acute injury it would count and nothing. But playing well they deserve that spot -- that spot. Nothing Christian about it is the trust factor. And while you see some potential certainly would like Griffin. Is the trust factor -- no second set applause from Brees and the fact that a matter is it is -- -- ball down to this. Or you -- into the season with a guy who is -- we're making an NFL -- with a 35 year old quarterback and I think the trust factor with goals at those -- rooms and that. All balls now that a fact you're gonna keep three quarterbacks on the wrong well -- Yeah and it. Definitely account. And it -- in. He connected on the ball down in the Seagram on other people in the way people on other people and to me to something he particularly sharp today in practice -- go yet. Hello when -- saying is that is that like you ought to rebuilding the you know like the Raiders -- Jaguars it. And it's like well we do is -- you know -- whoever's next and a Europe playing on a championship team. You have to have that stability at quarterback. That's lie and it got that against Ryan -- we UK the unique -- -- so meaningful. And I think he's got a crack and his fans -- -- we all know that's what you brits with an attitude and rush a bit of blitz heavy. I'm happy that yeah. You saw it oh. The Colts came out of you know him being. But the Rams came after a week before the Tennessee the Tennessee Titans now with that on that particular week when your rookie quarterback one -- -- need -- to. Also I think it's announced the reluctantly. We injured. Andy Kennedy and I think the fan favorite of course but -- you do about an injury. But he certainly entered your relievers and they make a decision on that would bring him back putting -- -- of that putting. On injured reserve all eyes Zimmerman excitement he -- alignment. The woman think you should have been robbed him of the current roster is really going to be. Down 75 players like law and it's 3 PM local. Well Chris and it if you gonna speculate. When they when they get down to 7580 surprises. You think because today it's always. We know apprised of and get the 75. With surprises come when you get that 53. It's always through to him maybe a handful this. Yes it ought to always veteran players that yes that you know what that guy out they should make the team last year we will come out like timlin was gonna make this team. And yet but late. So it does I think that's a surprise. That it took him but I think gonna be a veteran blatant that maybe you can make. Would be cut. Like what above what you look Christian like it's his backup that the Patriots yeah. Yeah and also threw the ball I thought you know that you had to make a decision on Victor Butler whether. -- -- outright release him but he was back on the practice field today now he won't get far in utero. I but the player that the fans really. Haven't had a chance to evaluate last year missing. It's hard to do with an eight CL going down early in training camp outs with a difficult decision there but they can't get him back healthy. You know older people on the way to put him back on injured reserve will be outright release. When that now president of what we let it go look obviously. No significant injuries. Now while we haven't. Seen him much but Kenny -- Do you think where can he still does that right now. That they keep six receivers yet came in those. Yeah it's. Who we want the problem is that the guy. Odd man out at the political game with Robert Meachem that point but I think that changes with it in practice today. And now he had a couple that that -- if you admit that. A couple of days ago we abaco. I wondered just how far along how long it going to take you know let him. Beyond -- wanna look at are -- to. I'd -- who like it does mean it would mean it's obvious now that. It's taken about it probably would be two -- and as -- field. If indeed you're battling. On the -- is -- accurate on the rock after we -- on it now. Yup he's out there he's for the years that the top spot. Christian thanks so much split the updates we appreciated by -- so much Chris and Garrett who was at the Saints practice today a lot more here on this issue right at -- -- -- on -- lot of back to the second guess you'll like it that your body there but it's almost like a casino -- side in on the Mississippi. Is the peak of hurricane season is of him but -- we've been lucky so for. But we need to stay prepared all the information you need you got to go to the video not -- It apparent -- instructions pocket -- and evacuation routes every plant and also -- -- -- A checklist in the list of emergency contacts plus lined up -- text alerts and much much more -- to -- L dot com. Hurricane central your companion before. Jury after hurricane all major weather events across the deep south especially in south Louisiana. Sponsored by -- -- you aluminum the hurricane protection people in your official America's team management station. WWL. We're gonna go to the court date on the -- full squad it he would huddle with Bob and Mike. -- Which ones. That. I'll take what it is just not the way but I'll -- that didn't -- that there. Might. In there. They got it all. I -- to use him. What did. Makes the 53 man roster you know to see you know listen but that gene pool which is that Eagles -- -- -- make plays. And he's kind of a hybrid player -- a port weak side linebacker reports on safety. And he's a really good special teams player so yes I think any sincerity makes the 53 man roster -- yeah so what they don't want to put you with your restaurant and really enjoyed. Oh well that book makes it going and and in letting go you've experienced it like you had a good time it did it's it's very. You know you hear this -- all the time or about players. You know coach's son. Kind of expected at the coach then hell and just build the way equally well it that it did not tell you this now would look at it West Virginia. And being objective. That there was times when you look at the second airing here warned parliament yes that he was second fiddle. To Pierre war. And then also Markus -- August -- -- making plays constantly you know who's navy. You know UK. Always collide this fours -- -- the receiver. And all they completed that passed on him. Of the navy you could be a hypocrite as aggressive as you wanted to be to maybe knock the ball up in the air. But how he's continually to progress. Since late July early August. And if you look at right now out of the whole roster. -- yet though fourteen total tackles eleven solo. That is number one. Number -- with Ramon Humber. Twelve total tackles ten solo. And and then you have. Hiram walker eleven total eight -- when you look at guys given an opportunity to play and then making plays. But I just think because no better example. And now look at it Rob Ryan Rex Ryan's background. I think -- -- that type of player. And I think he makes. That 53 man roster. Just look at that the -- from defensive player of the year who or. You know you can see -- look -- -- -- -- I think it got a little bit leader usable -- quicker. So on body in the training camp you're less healthy I mean he's healthy now do you see you make it's already played so right now really is. A very improved football player that you looked at him more as a run stuffer type guy but -- his ability to penetrate get in -- -- may yet pick played the back few. Also if this in the three preseason games the most improved the principally they have it and I wrote this actually a couple weeks back I think is our walk. Yeah he also has this acknowledgment. That made you look along with -- eleven total tackles. Now what I thought of practice that way at Virginia. Is that you know obviously it means you familiar with me you'll look at who's also making plays. And -- team that a four run I don't know where it's a pretty England Boston. Who lead -- Todd Walker. It's the out of it guys that on the back end you know Rickie plays the player to me. That obviously we know -- arm and I think it you know proctor Buckley you know looking -- Excited to -- intriguing to me is in Brandon the the theory about it. From them Alabama a fighter guy from the Jack the Jaguars. Started with the Patriots because yet. That guy cable over the Patriot Act it out to the Saints five here better. That kind of doubt that it would look at that depth in the -- that nose tackle. And you look at his experience when you look at Bunkley. And hit -- and -- -- -- -- Buckley in -- in. That -- either streaking guy. That I think this -- nobody does maybe Thursday night they can throw up there look at Oakland's payroll. Yeah I know that what they pay him you know note the one thing about Buckley but I've been impressed quit. He's had a sack and he's been getting -- flag. That they've -- beside Bunkley and renegotiated our restructured. Is -- if you aboard because he's been significant. That being rock movement -- theater and -- at the -- and all the team isn't just came on board. Villa -- -- Buckley to me has been impressive. This camp right now. As he was last year. At this time training camp he was always known as the run stuffer but you know what looks quicker today white does that put more active -- that. Now and at particular to have a game like that. He's been in -- Been that he would have a go -- -- -- got a sack the quarterback up or heroes like initial product that is written all of that negates. Back here on the second guess Joseph we finishing up -- -- numbers. On -- I -- show like the obvious there will be talking a lot about -- you southeast conference football and -- 7 o'clock power. You know -- of such a huge game that season opener against Wisconsin. Might get might -- -- Powell well. Old school football win in the trenches and I think in college at the slight edge because I think. They're deep it's a line a little more experienced in Wisconsin beat with the -- so blessed you know putting a level -- Wisconsin this old game but it Tigers. Be back with more thinking -- -- break with Jim hands though.

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