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Aug 25, 2014|

Yeah, baby! It’s football time—time to SECOND GUESS with the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert, and NFL analyst Mike Detillier…live from the Silver Slipper Casino on the beach in Hancock County Mississippi today from 4 till 8pm. Talk Saint/Colts…your top takeaways after 3 pre-season games…did Drew Brees look like he’s in mid-season form or did he have some ‘rust’ and what about the other newcomers we got to see for the first time…Jairus Byrd and Champ Baily?

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Lot of -- -- I can get killed like that that your body gave -- but this will slip a casino beach side in -- got on the Mississippi -- bond business and I'll be on 8 o'clock tonight and a this -- we've pretty much so popular but Saints certainly a little bit but a lot more but SEC football the start of the college football season right around the corner yeah. And you know it can be anything in the AFC team all the losses that they had at that position at quarterback. Money man sell it themselves I met her overall thing thing there with Alabama. You got a situation now where. Last year you see you know what they get one of those teams because of made him a chance to experience as the -- because of Johnny -- now. One of those guys -- end -- being in the SEC championship game or Connor -- Certainly from South Carolina what thought had a really good season book or the game gone. That ever played in the SEC championship game local -- there it was Auburn with nick Marshall and Missouri. So you look at it this year. Where you talk about the quarterback position now a lot of -- -- experience habits authorities good news that their running game. Played great easements in space football SEC wise changed the world. Well I'm excited story might you know with my body. In July I took committee. I guess a youth basketball to go to Saint Louis. Memphis Orlando all around Atlanta. You know looks like kind of my second son. Along with -- I totally by Julian hard at Arkansas and -- wells Hutson Mason woke. The starting quarterback -- Georgia Bulldogs right now. I do him up to 9891011. Year old twelve year old the whole thing. You remind you count like wait there's opportunity -- transferred kind of like boo Matt Flynn. In immaculate and LSU will Woody played just fifteen year right. He played that bowl game into Martin's got hurt in there is his year right so Hutson Mason now all of -- -- People are putting confidence and hype that Nathan. Now it is that because with the coaches that missing a bottom. We can look at the SEC east and he knows how to -- Iran and the football that not -- had to put follow -- -- in the passing game. Did not and -- management. Whatever but but it's amazing. How all of -- That even Aaron Murray's goal -- on -- -- -- -- -- it. So Hutson Mason object robotic decade. His mom and dad. -- -- -- that grew up a weakness he relative and is that from Illinois fighting Illini. You -- in Atlanta Aaron Miles not -- that connection yes I didn't need it and go to work has to work you end up at the Atlanta area that's basically what it Atlanta in Georgia the double commute nobody's actually from Jordan Roddick hit -- good movement there and it here here -- opportunity of the article I got the chance that. Talked to him a little bit at the Manning passing academy he gained there and I really. Well spoken young man and -- -- with the opportunity. You put. You know he just kind of waited his time than ever got hurt. Last season so -- got some snaps and got some opportunities who bought. You've done about a team that is -- that would some expectations. Because of girly. And what they would joy to have always had good defense. Now at any take about -- why not charges in the SEC east you know -- thought you know -- Carolina's good to go but I mean that that the right there right there I. I mean this they who knows what else that it who's gonna reverence that. The east in the SEC championship but -- right there we Carolina. Go back through that situation. You saw last year Marshall really. You know it was a guy that he's on the football mania hit it well but it now all of a sudden. Yes we -- votes on one side was really good receiver. And Bob I'll be honest with you big guy that. I've seen a lot of high school players -- -- -- Williams. A tendency to many years east football Blair went to east Mississippi community college ends up the university of ball or. What he can stay focused you give them another element as well as the receivers -- the market is gonna put the ball up in the air with those two receivers they got. That's -- to go up -- of meat grinder. Auburn's schedule is really really difficult. I don't see him going back I think he'll be -- good what I mean but I I still think cut is still Alabama. Yeah okay you don't like but Alabama what you look obviously Ellis who would question marks at quarterback that is still fit my question marks in Alabama. That I game Jamison Wednesday lot of runs for his money. Well let out the -- again but will look around thing it's not like all of us that it he's been -- -- no right no it's not beaten. Yeah it's typical what they've -- -- you've got to learn it yeah yeah you got right well that makes it that. It obviously. Mike you look at. Past history got a little bit more optimism. And here we -- an assistant here at at the -- was for another department or optimism little bit instantly they. And at the same time yet it's being done about it know what's gonna happen. What you look at SEC west then. And maybe their particular few upsets here -- there are a lot of optimism but -- it's admits it may well. About both teams really strong from the offensive line and I think that's key to win -- I think that's really gonna keep relevant efforts of and it's really been. Tremendous. And you know AJ was. Give him props -- -- -- -- as a quarterback that they were not a great passing team but. They could run the football play great defense but I agree with few expectations never hire. I just look at that press got him and I had as compensation that but I like the Manning camp about. Man you know. Things could be changed if you read LSU today he just laughed about it he said no. He said to -- -- you sit in on his mother everybody goes passed away last year what. With cancer that he ended up not winning. And he said you know Ellison came in late to recruit me but. My mom told me that Mississippi State was with me from start to finish and and you gave your commitment and you stay loyal to them. I it was nothing against LSU but basically it was you -- you -- of Mississippi State. And they stayed with you threw everything what you look at that type player and Bob he's built like a linebacker I mean you know he's 61 out what worked what -- lap belt would. IDs from Houghton Houghton and series of library of that because dollars and -- Houghton because of who. Delanie. Running back at it on the -- it was rookie year with the chief he passed away. Without ever heard of Houghton -- note Laney and now what you look press gotten. And his opportunities -- at least eight that's ridiculous. Archie Manning and -- watching him in passing drills and it was like this team was -- not -- in the that the pats would you make that -- me yet you don't. Alone those throws a mean that the guy can really -- it now feel we have a lot more -- -- all the second guess you're right up that is break here on the negates it. A lot of back to the thinking goes she'll likely take about BA bear witness elbows looked a casino beach side in Hancock county Mississippi come -- my business we're the only. Until 8 o'clock tonight. We're joined here at the second -- show by Edward shelf from espn.com. Covers the SEC and that he's got a broken up the coverage political buddy of mine Chris -- -- with the likes of much but Jonas. -- Thanks so much ever know Bobby dollar talking about this we we do initial here in Mississippi and expectations have never been higher. We'll pull the rebels and the bulldogs and a lot of it has to do certainly with the experience at the quarterback position with Paul Wallace that press got. But I think even more impressive you look at yes -- he would have won or. Alabama or LSU has been stripped of the defensive line and when I'll look at Ole miss and look at Mississippi State. The depth and the talent that it defensive line positions are really really is a football teams along with what they have a quarterback. Yeah. Very I think that this is the strongest -- the line. That old but certainly. And long time and I think that to be a. Across the board the -- incredibly impressed that that that. You know -- -- are maybe outside of what the. And we think that Chris Young could be -- -- and Christiane might be a better have put up wrong and collector cock. But he's still young guys that -- -- have -- along Robert -- that year but I you'd think that the year vote got to really make up. So that next step in that they're Super Bowl they're obviously playing tackle this year but he blew outside. Decent vision -- -- almost -- the couple you know power can be standing up -- -- not yet you've heard. It's a complete -- -- -- want working out at that I think we need to understand the game he. He slowed things down and the Vietnam I think it's much he's going off of instinct and that kind of -- -- -- -- you know the funny thing to be stated. Ultimately the depth chart doesn't really tell you know who's gonna play -- that you know. He might not be what it is starter right now but their plan -- -- -- game so even if he's not the guy and come out. Played the first couple snaps he's gonna get the majority of reps and I think if you buy that or I looked up on the watch I think he equaled -- It's TJ you know he didn't play much more accurate -- that leg injury he let them. Tackle -- block it back a couple of years -- I think if you -- in Canada and another element to that defense and after they missed a lot they would. They went from. 3435. Back in 2012. To be one of the worst teams in the lead. It's backlash to because they did that cracked I think it could be huge upgrade. -- -- I think you know we look at Daunte follow it at University of Florida and I think NL honor here -- -- you -- really good. But I agree with you I think Johnson may be the best natural pass rusher in the southeast conference today at that the incidents while. Yet and the thing about -- he's certainly blow more that you can buy it that much. What -- purple in the you know he's old enough. At the he's the leader out all of them when he talks people listen. I simply someone you know they have to move him around those other guys on the field and it. Of all around hasn't gotten it like to play -- analyze why it is an attractive and had brought him. I'm like which I think would be this year I think it. As much to people talk about each each operated he'd be -- Now I have -- you look the SEC east obviously. Seen the very predictions either thought Carolina Chargers are just talk Carolina. We do look at that the Florida Gators and their tradition. Obviously. I still think peaking yet it did defensively what is your take. As far as could -- turn a car offensively I know that the schedule once again it's brutal. -- cross over gained it's Alabama LSU then obviously. A road trip at that level one Florida State. Authority look at Florida gators as well must have had trouble what. I that we you'd think the -- job but I think that the topic going to be and you know they've been locked -- starters last year even in the injury including their quarterback and kept circles finally running in on that. But he knows how to run he that he bet he'd been. You're running guy. -- right now up some -- -- that don't worry you've been acting out a couple years you know he'd throw the ball out. You block out well -- -- that rushing off that the in yet he's beaten up by the Portland game that's why they were. He'll go way. Net Notre Dame Pittsburgh game from playing per play for a national championship itself it. That the big thing -- optic that I legal quirk got throw down field opened up. Attacking game he will. I went down there pockets of those -- that popped out. You do on your -- were difficult manner that they'd. I'm. Happy that so culpable. I hurt broke off that they know that they're going to be make plays -- the -- that the better you're getting frustrated. When they're talking about the receivers group of pushing him so much that simple hurting. And yet it is in the world younger. It was more athletic and what what -- don't have a record right now our he'll earn heart -- -- or back country. We -- part of it out even bat after might be that. I would later in the week I think they have really good at the end on -- that they're -- -- -- the year. The schedule is to capture on him -- Georgia. -- -- -- All paid for an LSU on the in order that's up in the -- it up so I think they have the chance to TD for the -- But it's gonna come. Now I've ever heard I'll look at -- parts obviously we all excited to go to Houston. And kick off the season August 30 is that Wisconsin Badgers. -- respective non conference full obviously. They look at that as a great I guess that confidence builder. If they'd be able be able to come away with a win. When you look at it at the strength of both teams obviously they're better profit that lines. Both well over both also have stud running backs with. Immediate differences when you look at Wisconsin's defense. He needed just undersized and inexperienced. Especially an -- its front seven not look at it as secondary I think they can hang it. Their front seven decided look at LSU. Basically been a home game in Houston. And that even though LSU both -- -- lineup I don't think we have all the slowdown. Wisconsin may be as far as dominate. But I think if you look at the difference. I mean I think Wisconsin way undersized and inexperienced compared to maybe AIL issue whether it. But only injury I think that that kind of fit perfectly. -- -- you're gonna try to do it beginning deep and Anthony and. -- -- -- to the quarterback spot it left -- -- never needed. Vertical game he didn't he know that Denver but the one very long time. -- he's an NFL and. Yeah isn't a development he -- putt and it being that what this match it if you doubt weapons range. And I think. He's completely comfortable. Would not happen for a -- -- -- forty sweet spot on. I think it happened in order for that obviously we haven't seen him in the college game. Everybody in the cougar -- I I I really think it ten -- Humble author of why aren't you -- the line and that's where you know was content at -- guys they rotate. In an out throughout the entire game you talk about. I won't know -- -- Not to dwell on that tackle it's not only will it keep it in the country he could well. In the NFL on the -- getting second round -- in the first round the aura outlook compact. I think it up they anchor on it well. They're going to be all that can make the quarterback who I think really he. But we're confident he did for LSU is what -- those corners what that they you. In the -- for now Al Gore like yeah those aren't bad and linebacker out of the you know -- come and play -- -- -- would -- be -- and come and play. They're gonna happen with pot throw the ball in the game I think that worked out for us to the -- -- -- make -- proud -- the line. I think the experience he played it low should have last year but she's done the middle now. There are some question that. Well what potter looks like but can it be guys played more certainly -- -- Jamar Iraq though the guys. That cap structure. That's the big questions from the heat without the sense -- is the perfect time as -- -- but yeah. And one of the things. If you're good yeah. As the cute name Gerald Hawkins -- -- right tackle relatives started last year as a redshirt freshman. It man the -- and this guy is. He may be a better prospect in the Al Collins. Selected high school music and learn 55 now because of an idea and not a stand -- outside linebacker. He's got to be a regular now that he is. He's a monster up front and the other thing is to all atoms at that safety position I had never heard more. Upperclassmen. Talk about a freshman in the same realm. The ball out of its star that you -- -- home before you go to you hear that name a lot. On this LSU football and he is a ball out of UC stood football player. Plays with a lot of athletic arrogance you know reminds me a lot of a guy that's wearing a black and gold that they can give you look our. It's not fair he's done with players and it outfield remote on the at them. We -- beginning in the and I remember Payne. Forget that more clipboard and the Yankees C in interceptions. And our matches in -- lead yet be the. Ed because it cuts down -- quote you closed you'll you'll let it. Grow out guy. And and -- plays that are in the players and you know that Mercury now because how well -- got he. Got hit. -- -- Now at -- you look at obviously you look at SEC quarterback position last year. What all the experience you look at John McNally Q -- Aaron Murray that meant Bernard Connors shot James Franklin it goes on and on. And that you look at marquee teams like Alabama LSU. Tech is seen him they get to the year were to big question. Obviously at the quarterback position. Who do you think -- navy. Comes out of nowhere you -- Jeff Driscoll report Florida. And you look at Missouri's dramatic -- are receiving that that faction. A privilege frankly got I heard he had eleven touchdowns. A couple of intercepts you look at Jennings I don't know if you be that guy Hutson Mason -- charges. Who do you think that guy Dallas so we talking about when all's said and done after the season a guy maybe -- that -- not -- -- -- at that position. I think that -- and certainly -- You know anybody thought about Carolina until I'm. I think they -- Landry did well he did a couple years ago when you come. Opt for Connor Shaw but I think it you've got to make it you know and he's been an 84 years. He's going to be fine back there he's got that step up the line. In the country in front and got my agent who can run the ball. As well as anybody else out there I think champ car that. And guys look at running back in shape he is negated. I'm Brandon Watson a walk on in -- critical top runners so he might not. At what you know Beckman murdered and thrown ball downfield and making -- iron and came and here. But he's someone in the throw the ball around because he's -- that -- -- -- wanted and he got when he landed. To Europe I know that pitchers keeping court that the -- jump out -- Alabama. And Georgia but. You know they're out player that the emperor had gotten reliever out Earl Cooper. -- that can't. -- lol at all the talent but -- best receivers in the league it is -- a park with you know it. So I like -- often -- -- out are you back and run the ball -- -- you know American. Hit on it on in there and he'll make plays. You -- one good thing with him who is -- the now I think it was you can argue if it helped you know on the left side which is abused blind side that's upwards ball. -- -- Mental weight -- when they got there did you really got to do a great job no bottom line is because Alabama. You know and bring back so many really good -- nobody can run the football. Question mark is in that guy -- and in Juno won the coin critical games that the quarterback position I know gave him as -- run where his money. But I think that's the big question mark going into this season as Alabama got a lot at the eases some of young. But again a lot of pieces of the puzzle there that can make another run at a national team. And like you look at it and we did they don't have the -- Jordan I do like the yellow line. It didn't work well the usual. That you have to -- oh you know in the -- We don't know what they're going to be they're going to be and it I think that out. Certainly -- did you look at any you know it is attracting more it will maybe it notes you know you he would -- certainly. What so ever get here I'll -- you gonna be different he'd -- you get here and it felt it quarterback situation. -- kind of a premiere but not to me we think that. He and out and no matter what Jake -- -- didn't. They have such -- -- -- -- coming back you know Marc Cooper. -- -- going to be like that of that that -- at night here gutting it out about our. That incredibly personal pride and opposite one. What what part of art -- that one. That one of those by -- and -- you think it. -- ball in the law is what else whichever quarterback is not that that could be chick so I would be out. Yeah we got the beginning even though I didn't -- but if you know what it. In his power by you but they're honoring. She stopped that -- but try to keep that. And at. From that and not a parent -- -- but what we've been in Alabama but incredibly well actually. -- come out and I've been built on the guy that the -- talked about by the you know not treat her. -- I think that that -- -- -- going to be fine you can happen you know a lot and look but what -- -- -- -- president of the. A year before they -- like. You know that broke 2000 yards to win games with the national championship and looked like that I don't. -- -- but I thought that the country you know he's so it is prepared that he'd been through that or I don't think they're gonna problem cornerback spot. Is it it'd be and they keep that up as we saw couple years ago. -- -- been -- in here I think you'll. Edward wanted things to -- them know that grinds the enamel off of people here in Louisiana is the adult and sell the ball. And Landon Collins -- to get full league to high school football in the state Louisiana nick brought a political ideology of the go to Alabama. You know it -- -- more than. Things where I want one way huge national is not the -- out situation. We only you know is you you know it typified -- my heart that it from running. Ellis you don't look too good job and a you know they have to give Nick -- a lot of credit he recruited. Heck out of that they are now and my outlook is reaping the benefits to doing is -- great recruiting. I'll let you know one thing that it out of the -- keep me out evidence or about it -- crop -- that -- that they can that you found that out. At Louisiana now people are starting job but -- the fans it will -- that. When he does got weeping -- mistake to go play it out -- -- You know terrible or -- to play at Florida put -- the talent level you know they keep me in Louisiana still. Everybody Dartmouth college and it was big news and they've done it and you know -- -- -- I didn't. I agree -- because you know now. All -- at the car was a quarterback now is now listed as the starting wide receiver and punt return to put Texas they have them. Yeah -- to -- you -- this -- it's just unbelievable and that would be honest with you with -- the Katrina -- and -- you wondered. Because of relocation how all that would work out it's been unbelievable in this state now. However before we let you go before the break if you look at the year crystal ball there's the SEC get two out of four teams in the playoffs. I I think it's just wanted I you know undo my prediction tomorrow and I'm going back with something I think. Yet he's he's won the national championship this year -- I don't see anything coming out with what the law that now that I think the league and I think that whatever you want yet -- -- to Alabama right now is going to be incredibly beat up from playoff. What a good thing if you got a month to prepare I'd never get -- splits -- delegate Mike this team -- in late November you that was it did in early January. -- -- -- Ever so much but darn it but it appreciated. International from espn.com. The SEC the -- more here witnessing additional. Desperate to own them. Lot of practicing just feel like it's about being there were moments here does that show. -- I missed the first to know what breaking news about the Wallace. -- Tigers. Wallace -- -- basketball season right around the -- You can sign up -- it definitely helped excellent use the -- sports 77. But you know -- -- about this all the care about the teams that I wouldn't do it in them being in the national championship game. And -- political well able home. They could you repeat of these shoot a low blow and I just think game 11 in Oklahoma -- the football team a lot of guys back. Robert Knight. And I. Yeah Mike you go about it the Manning asking we -- -- or roll around and watch him and he was really impressive throwing the football. You've got very inconsistent opponent last year. Recently had a signature game with everything count so to speak for -- yeah I guess they're really talent than Alabama team and he read them in that game. He really was impressed have thrown the football out Thibodeau. And at the end you know Alabama experience they've been. I type games. And you know I knew it wouldn't it was talking about being beat up but -- thing about -- you've got almost four weeks before you played at that game. So you've got a lot of the deal up in a lot of experienced all of that staff. At Alabama I think Alabama and Oklahoma play for a national championship. Now like with that being said you know you can. Against speculate -- -- guess who's gonna be in the final four you'd have to think. That you like Michigan State's chances not a Ohio I would drive the Miller out yet I that because they're Michigan State it if they win. You look at the region that high you'll wanna. Have proper representation. And that you have the record and -- in your conference. That I think -- Michigan State that the that is they'll top the Big Ten. How -- it -- -- be in their right. Right I mean I don't think it'll land right but you think the Oklahoma Alabama its its date there what you -- and are -- or who you gonna win. One of the things is that. Think about Michigan State you would say you know those top teams Ohio State Michigan you know what it -- biggest goal of the way it's out of Michigan happy stole it. And then he'd done a great job coaching those players and developing guys I think to beat -- out west. Because we look at it all of papal markets the best team. -- -- You you're really figure out. UCLA with a really good quarterback regret only jail or has done there and he's done a fantastic job this week -- team and it's hard to say it. But it's not that now which Cody Cassel at quarterback they got a lot of guys returning on the defensive side the -- -- to eight starters. Does suck you in that role you know while ultimately you hope that it will look because of a bit yet at that. You know holed it there I'm open but I don't -- -- look at the guy right at right now like animal. Yeah seed only because they it robbed me of that opportunity. But it appears that it's the only significant happened talent. That you know one thing I know that you're the alumni. They could not except that they're not the top dog in Los Angeles. The meeting about that you feel like when they got to -- the hot this cherish you go out -- -- -- about UCLA basketball but it's a -- -- -- the football but details -- now it kind of -- it done. That a great job recruiting -- look at you know Jack would play linebacker running back on Brett Hundley at the -- is pretty salty but Stanford. I'm just telling you that's a team built like it. Didn't stand for the Cardinals and David -- does a great job recruiting. It got Elmer to stick to -- -- Jim Harbaugh established it would be continue to do that and I don't think he had to open at. They'll -- golf football I'll pampered it is like that that date much in them well you don't intellectuals cool it feel like all of a sudden. Vanderbilt. Our -- the last city Chicago. All of a sudden Artie as dominant on the line of scrimmage and just running over you -- And you get in the Stanford it would expire I don't -- -- You gotta have some academics we look at that team how well they've recruited. In the Texas area yeah -- actually when he -- units from the state of Texas on that scampered roster. So I know what they would David Shaw you -- his -- really was the defense at secondary coach -- your. We've we've Mike Ditka would -- like to know -- -- little -- to see David and what do unbelievable job pretty good job with some huge markets since the field. Listen that is it easy you might you know he set it up with David know that's difficult to not only win at his level. But he could be expanded that it it would Harbaugh did -- thing. And now Mike we've looked at all the congress who talked about a -- talked about Oklahoma your. And you know you look at Baylor and at the top quarterback help -- ready yet that you look at SEC but blood and now the Big Ten. Now what you look -- out east in the ACC. Is that Florida State -- buzz is there anybody out there and nobody does nobody else does. Don't think anybody -- going to be able to complete with him in that conference I mean great talent. And you know the one thing -- Jim -- took him a little while me but he gets them -- As the head coach but he's almost like it raised it double it that is exactly I got -- approach and now I mean he's only grown -- to that manner he's the guy there at Florida State income but talent. They got tremendous talent and I think -- -- -- LSU and Alabama and so -- count you know Texas all the schools like that. You're gonna lose guys early to the National Football League. What would that -- that he's got in Florida and he can reach out now and get recruiting heavily probably right now. The most heavily recruited Nazis Florida State this they know with the years they don't really try to recruit the state of Louisiana for. Well at all you're now back around a lot going to look at the background you -- pitchers would you look what significantly the past Warrick -- by analogy is back yard. Mean Warrick -- Look at him as a running back not only the college level the NFL level we have an eligible pitcher Noah at all its statement. That you've got players they'll go find you lady from Texas went to Louisiana Florida. California the Indiana hang with the big dogs because per capita. -- build their lawyer -- Yeah -- the last five years the capital -- has been on top. In jails and -- in Louisiana a lot recruited -- -- gotten bad economic help out. Some of will be back with boards second guessed right after the break you -- the -- and closing it out here on the last are the second game if you wanna tell everybody -- on it after we finish up little pickle out the 8 o'clock hour. And probably you know thought about this that the Washington Redskins beat you Brandon Bair though who really lowered the pool want to -- Smith of the Ravens. You've suspended. Two games in this is in his sixth violation of the rules against unnecessary roughness. You know I didn't say they can paint his -- that -- the -- -- got a lot old school they'll pat you on the -- that now they just pack your pocketbook it they'd pick pocket. Yet in this opinion. Last year he was suspended for two games to get returns while one game but that Cottrell was arbitrator. Now this year -- -- arbitrator. Derrick Brooks. So he goes to arbitration guys get out depleted -- that Derrick Brooks -- -- it's the guy you get that opportunity but I am -- whether. -- about a I don't know what he's gonna be learned a lesson on that as a football player but he's become my head under in this -- that if it up and -- Thomas now. The whole thing -- you gotta learn -- shoulder tackle you have to do that it between the shoulder pads and ways though Wes Welker don't Stuckey had I don't know how. You could really happen and it equals being with us but the legal age all good night people. That.