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Aug 25, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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I suck Crosby, Stills and Nash Saturday nights at the center -- and here where it's watching three license on stage they sounded great. David Crosby who has had his issues with drugs and alcohol and wait David Crosby looked rates an effect all look great I thought they sounded great it was a bust sold out crowd at this angered. We talking about down the shorter -- I've thought it was -- amazing that. Just a couple of days before that I got to see you one of the new bands today one Republican I think has the potential to be one of the iconic bands in the future for today's young generation. Glad you're with us on this Monday night it is -- it is warm and it is an argument -- Bob Mitchell for sitting in last week -- -- Angela here on every WL. It's it's warm and muggy but not as as warm as it was last night I was watching the 10 o'clock news last night he was ninety's still this is not the this is not the heat index. The actual temperature 90 degrees at 10 o'clock last site. Here's a WW up pretty gentle people something we will be talking about on the show tonight to the NFL make the right decision to ban the use of the slapped your -- logo during saints broadcast. It was your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and -- tractor -- and I give you an update coming up being just -- few minutes. Also on the -- blog tonight is about the slapped Ramallah controversy and you can -- venture with others on our website at WWL dot com. It's time for tonight's top trending -- dates these of the top trending stories we'd like you know as we -- our show tonight on to VW well. Number eight. Saints looked great at 4317 victory over the -- Saturday night in Indianapolis breeze. Played in his first and probably his last pre season game. The saints ran the ball. They pass the ball they forced turnovers on defense. And final pre season game -- Thursday nights against the Baltimore Ravens in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. There is an article on the nfl.com. By Bucky Brooks. And it's titled New Orleans Saints could -- explosive offense to Super -- here's part of what he says in his article. Since sharp pains arrival in 2006 the New Orleans Saints consistently. Have fielded one of the most explosive offenses in football. But this year is installment addition. On to be -- this year since -- in addition to be the most dynamic and reversal unit but I've ever seen under his direction. Now I know it's quite a statement. Based on the fireworks typically produced in the superdome but the saints. Have assembled and offensive line up that lacks a glaring weakness. Combined that with a fearless play calling of Payton who boasts a keen understanding of how to maximize schemes and personal deployment. And New Orleans could field the scariest offense. In 2014. That's article on nfl.com. Also last night on fourth down under before. Might actually able to -- of development NFL analyst. He said it could be the saints. And during the patriots. In the Super Bowl next February. So again -- a lot of this has to do with with what goes on during the season and and injuries. For those who were so quick to have Drew Brees played every pre season game think about that the St. Louis Rams right now. Sam Bradford are starting quarterback he's out for the season with an ACL -- I did too with those ACL tears into ACL reconstruction so at the same -- And -- but he did it to it jogging once and then snowboarding and the time and I can tell you that that is it's a tough injury to to come back from -- pleasure always you always tentative. However I really admire those players who dedicated and I guess I don't dedicate as much time as they do. To rehabbing it and and coming back on job jogging and still doing -- just about a reading nor do I start which still -- fire of the opportunity. -- saw I'd have stayed there stayed active but those guys what they do crises. Player come back after an ACL reconstruction. Surgery I'm absolutely amazed. It's a favorite fact I think it's the same ACL tear that he had last time. In fact my originally -- didn't hold up so they've had -- -- -- -- it is what it is snapped again and so for those of you who -- Drew Brees to play and every pre season game. This is one of the reasons why that might not be such a good idea. Number seven on tonight's list of the top dates at eight. Watching the MTV video awards last night I saw I saw a preview for an upcoming show this fall on MTV. And taking another state is gonna win some deflection away from from Louisiana when it comes to reality shows you know how many people were sensitive in Louisiana with swamp people and -- dynasty in and the issue was making fun of people from the Louisiana. Well -- into reality show is going to be set in Alaska. It features kooky bizarre behavior from people in Alaska. It's called slip -- And -- gets his looks like it's going to be kind of funny. I saw one scene where there's a there's a skiff the only secure -- applicants a skiff on the -- -- -- sit on the -- long ways. On the aren't on the scale of just writing down whatever water weight wise. And then there was another scene of an air boat colliding across so -- nicely. So is -- the -- being on the swampy marsh fury of Louisiana. It's on an ice -- -- -- necks I've new reality show coming to MTV. It's going to be interesting to see Sarah Palin and people in Alaska get upset because it's stereotyping people in Alaska. I think I might be watching number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- new study shows that those who read the erotic novel fifty shades of -- are more likely to get involved and unhealthy behavior. From binge drinking. To having more than five sex partners compared to people who haven't read the novel. Now could it be that those who choose to read the novel. Are already participating in behavior considered unhealthy. The study was published in the journal of women's health. It to focused on female participants. They had read the book and said that they were more likely the percentage was more likely to have a partner who yelled at him. -- -- -- Or shattered -- according to this survey women who are read all three novels 65%. Were more likely to engage in binge drinking. And 63% were more likely to have had more than five sex partners compared to. Not readers. Now the study did not distinguish whether women changed their behavior before or after reading the books. Researchers noted that their findings -- -- were troubling. But you know I would have to think that you're not everybody in people know what fifty -- agrees about it's an erotic novel. And the movie by the way is coming up to February next year I'm sure it'll be a lot of -- about that will be talking about -- description. The people -- with his books about any somebody doesn't know what it's about and you start reading it's not gonna take long before you figure out what it's about to peak at all the way through fifty Jaycee break has a while I did not that's what this was about. So I would think that the type of person who. Would pick up that book in and read it might be the kind of person who would be involved in. Behaviors that not the average person would be involved I'm sure there's a distinct difference between people who pick up fifty shades of gray and read that through and read group -- through the entire Bible. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight to our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven or tech's number is 87870. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. So a campaign to stop violence against kids in New Orleans following a recent -- by the left two year old and a four year old injured also too young people were killed. -- set music group is behind this campaign they were rallies held over the weekend in the planning. More rallies at two different parks around the greater New Orleans area this was the ninth were drive by shooting that took place on a Sunday afternoon two people died five people were shot. And among those injured a two year old and a four year old. And so this so organization. -- set music group. Here's a comment today -- if -- dot com. -- W of your TV dot com there's going to be a very long healing process for the family. And we need everybody in the city of New Orleans and everybody in the metropolitan areas to just reach out. And be part of the solution. Think twice before you take someone's life. Before you put someone else in danger just think about it think about the consequences. And I think the -- nearest thing. Because that's what people who commit these crimes don't do. They don't actually. Think. But -- -- music group is still watching this campaign to stop violence against kids and you know here's the problem. There are there are people who get involved in bad drug deals to get involved in really bad behavior can evolve -- bad people. And on a Sunday afternoon they might go to somebody's birthday party. Well somebody targets them there because they know the going to be there an innocent people get shot sometimes they get shot to. But sometimes target isn't always the one who has a debt it's innocent people. There are there are constant cases of of of children being shot in cars. Because the person in the car was the target. So for God's sake if if you are involved in this kind of behavior. Stop it. But also if your gonna continue with this kind of behavior please. Don't go around kids don't go around families. Stay among. Your criminal peers. Because. Dent fewer innocent people are gonna end up dead. Number four on our trending topic to date tonight's Honda VW well. Last year -- Cyrus stirred quite a controversy with her sexually charged performance. Of the working in this. The tongue gyrating -- itself that was going on last year. But last night at the MTV I've -- again last night last night at the MTV video music course. Miley Cyrus made a statement about young homeless people in Los Angeles. She had a homeless teen except her acceptance speech. Now I don't this is gonna change your opinion Miley Cyrus but I thought this was a brilliant move and -- this is something that Madonna has done over the years you know go to the edge and then you pulled back. Miley Cyrus is being handled in a very brilliant manner. And it's gonna be interesting to see what happens from this point but last night she won the and MTV video award. For the video of the year for the song a wrecking ball. And is so young man came out said my name is Jesse I'm accepting this award on behalf of the one point six million runaways and homeless youth in the United States who were starting. Lost and scared for their lives right now I know because I am one of those people. I have survived in shelters all of the city music industry will make over seven billion dollars this year. And outside these stores are 54000 human beings who have no place to call home. And that's an estimate from Los Angeles county that there are about 54000. Are homeless people there. It was a very powerful speech he asked everybody to go to Miley Cyrus is set FaceBook page and do what they can't help. You know she brings up an interesting point there'll always be these. These discrepancies between those who have and those who don't have. And it really is that the sand when you do you think about all the the wealth that is represented going into the forum for the MTV video music awards and yet literally they -- their passing by and it very near to foreign their their passing by people who work virtually homeless. Not that they can necessarily do anything about that but in an ideal world everybody who wants to work. Is actually working. Now we've talked about almost this on the show consistently. And we always and talking about how -- those people who don't wanna work. On those people who do have metal issues substance abuse issues and and and they can't work and and living downtown I see this every day. If if you live in the suburbs and you're not around homeless people are a regular basis. It's easy to use to put the body mind. But when you walk and it's my choice to live downtown. But when you walk by homeless people I mean I don't think I have anything. But. I know I have so much compared to these people on the street. And you do find yourself. Thinking about those people more when you live in and around the city. Then when you simply live in the suburbs and that's a criticism of those of you who live in the suburbs is just easy to put something on your mind. If it's not to if it's not always around and -- if you work downtown if the European executives for you and you make good money a lawyer drink and drive a nice car. You see homeless people on the street. Does it ever does it ever go through your mind that while you know -- or even even those of you don't make a lot of money you -- can't help but think. You know what I really have a lot. Compared to a lot of the people that I see every day so I think that's one of the points she was making we have the actual speech from the show -- man who did the acceptance speech from Miley Cyrus. Last night on the -- -- and we'll play before you look at later in the show number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. NFL is banning the use of slap your -- logo when the saints and the red zone during games locally broadcast on CTS. Because of domestic violence charges against NFL players the league deemed the logo promoting cajun products as inappropriate. Now suck your mama is a phrase that used in this area. The Adobe have go pretty general people tonight is -- the NFL make the right decision to ban the use of the slapped your -- logo. During six broadcast. Give assure opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com attracted pull through our -- give you updates are coming up in just few minutes. And the -- blog tonight is -- dislike your mama a controversy. I have to admit that's not a phrase that my family used. But the the woman I'm dating says a -- that's a phrase that her family used all the time it's in reference to something that tastes so good it makes you wanna slap your mom. Well most of us knew better than to slap amounts. I never accused him that they were I think we've just say I hate this really takes who it is supposed to say it's like your mom so. I'm watching the game with with her and it really stood out in my mind as soon as I saw that logo I -- you know that this is going to be controversy. And sure enough it turned into account for it was a big deal to her because she used to all the tar. But as you know colloquial listens those. Phrases to its debt are created in and if -- and in certain parts of the country. -- listens like -- you mama don't necessarily translate. To other parts of the country. It's on to win the big games locally broadcast here and Cox sports television on Cox and communications a cable. When the when the games are broadcast on the FL network a national audience sees this. I'm not offended by slap your mom. But I understand the NFL's point but I do support the NFL making an effort to. To ban those kind of logos I mean it's a big huge local on the field when the saints get get in the red zone. And to me it's very distracting. And I'm all for the NFL trying to clean up some of the graphics -- just just because you can do something graphically doesn't mean you should. And I think this is all about advertising which I totally support as. A necessary. Byproduct of the free enterprise system we live and working and however. There should be a limit and I'm OK with banning that big giant logo again they'd give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- counted the NFL make the right move. You know whether it was. Something that offended you the slap your -- logo or. If you just don't like a big logo. On the on the field to me it was very distracting and again it's it's not literally on the field but today it's very graphically projected. Now onto the field if you wanna join our show the comic light on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668870. And a tech's number is 8787. Number -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Palin drew is what you -- proposing a patrol of unarmed individuals to handle traffic and non emergency incidents in the fresh pork. Now this is already working. There's a person there's a civilian. Unarmed. Stands at the corner of bourbon and saying -- by the gay clubs. She's traffic -- Our name is Ashley and she's quite a tourist attraction. And she is a very good job directing traffic and directing pedestrians on a very very busy quarter on -- Friday night or Saturday it sometimes on a Sunday afternoon. So in in some -- this is already working with that with traffic training but do you like the idea of the -- -- patrol. This would -- unarmed civilians. It who would be paid by this this self imposed tax. That the the legislature gave hotels the right to to impose -- is is supposed to generate according to the mayor about 200000 dollars a month. So this would fund fifty people to patrol unarmed. On traffic and on emergency issues so I guess the theory is this would free up the police to handle the more serious issues. Are you OK with the idea of it we've we've talked about the armed civilians the armed militia. And it was a proposal for that well it was not from the mayor of the city of new world tourney officials. But it from civilians they wanted to arm themselves and -- demolition and go down there aren't. Escort people from work to their cars or their their destination the French Quarter. I didn't think that was a very good idea and as it turns out apparently there were a lot of other people we didn't think that was a very good idea because it's not happening. But I think this would be a great idea although there may be those who would say hey our -- in the French Quarter and yet your fault in some kind of some kind of some kind of law enforcement. Activity that might not be a good idea. We'll talk about this on the Sharon might as well and finally tonight's number one on the trending topics. And it's. -- of Michael Brown on the eighteen year old who was shot and killed by your Ferguson Missouri police officer so there are questions. Do you think America has learned anything from the shooting. And protesting. And the violence that followed have we learned anything. One Williams. Who I would I'm gonna described Juan Williams in you can disagree with me if you want I'm gonna describe Juan Williams as the liberal voice on Fox News Channel. In an op Ed article at foxnews.com. Juan Williams attacks Al Sharpton saying quote. I think he's absolutely taken the legacy of the civil rights movement. Monetized it's for his own benefit. And I'll have more of more fun of one williams' comments but what do we learn we learn the racial tension is still a big issue. Racial tension did not go away when President Obama became the first black president many people thought it would I was among them like I thought racial tension was going to ease in this country. But it's intensified. Which I think also tells us a lot about ourselves says his country. We also should have learned that we should not church. And justice is about what's fair. Not what you want justice to be. And I heard a lot of talk today I didn't hear all of it but I heard some talk today during the of the funerals are watching on and off. But the demand for justice and yes we want justice we should all want justice. But justice justice does it mean what you want. It means what's fair. And there are -- -- a lot of people who who argued that Michael Brown was it was a bad kid he was a fog and he apparently stole some cigars and then. And and pushed around an older man in the convenience store. But that's still the recent shoot some. And you can make mistakes in life. And not necessarily get shot and Michael Brown also should represent the issues that face a lot of young blacks. Also I think something else that we should learn is the white police officer Darren Wilson. Has a right to a fair investigation. And has a right to his supporters on the street people -- raising money for his opera to action is inviting. Offering security and Prius is legal fees. And people have a right to support him because you and I don't really know what happened. You might think you know what happened I might think I know what happened. But we really don't know to me that is the biggest thing that we should all take away from the Michael Brown funeral. If you enjoyed our show with your thoughts your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here -- seventy. And a text number is 877 it's Monday nights on the -- show. Like from New Orleans it'll be right back on WWL Adam Levine is sounding a bit like staying in this and decide this is maps by Maroon 5 it's. Formed last night just outside. Outside the forum during the MTV video games and this was the first time you Maroon 5 has reported got a new album coming out very soon. I enjoyed an icon Miley Cyrus did an amazing thing -- you and not being at an -- and I talked about how it at some point probably Cyrus who realized that she can't go any further. She needs to retreat. In the same way that Madonna did in the same way that so many people who have lasting power do. You know they go to the -- she did last year and this year she wins the award for the best video for wrecking ball. And she sends a young teenager who's who's homeless in Los Angeles to give her acceptance speech on behalf of all of the homeless people. In America we've got his full speech yours bulletin is easily like 3040 seconds -- played for deliberately at the show. Also -- talking about whether the NFL made the right decision to ban the use of the slapped your -- logo. During six broadcast. That's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll did the NFL make the right decision 24% say yes. 76%. Say no I'm gonna get to like your text here just a moment but to first after New Orleans Jason here under BW well. The AG's or that record and you're not -- that are there aren't. -- it is not believe that number out -- not yet. And their my dog that they're in the same treatment and Butler in the book. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For -- people. And that. 00. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- at the camera or. That is very. You know. So it. The point where -- -- chick -- and they're great equipment. Out. Where it is -- It so you think this is more about police brutality and not to boycott shooting. An eighteen year old black male. Yeah yeah. Yet because they know they are why aren't they are the boat didn't do well there's a static Erica I up into the black -- sunlight that. -- -- -- Jason sits sits it's not it's it's it's not fair to label all police officers by the behavior of some but there are police officers who currently. And in the past have abused -- That their power in society. I'm do you pass judgment on every cup. Yes yes you do and with that statement. Because our look at your account -- -- while you're at all the -- apartment here. You know particular all gone on and you are -- and what you are. But yet you cannot be let it go you go you go back our auto repair problems record. On -- you know within the department. He you know if you don't. You don't act upon. Well Jason you know I I understand the departure making and I've. You know that there there are problems on both sides you know there are. There are whites or racist and then and and I've talked about this on the show with this whole Ferguson a controversy. Not in terms of just a young black -- but in terms of anybody. Everybody has to be respectful to police even if they're wrong. Even if the police don't deserve respect in the moment because you're not gonna win. Any counter if you're disrespectful to the police. That's also to suggest that police need to be respectful to citizens and I had just countless calls from people who say that some. Police officers have been very disrespectful. And kinda hot headed with them. Oh yeah hope it on your blog that. -- all time low well down the political will not a couple of milk color or the moment and -- -- broke -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are ready tomorrow Cordero felt about it but want to do it. 400 -- -- completely popular. Why just because you were sitting in your car. Is there any -- because that would -- what you have been able to our planet payment rolled it out on an annual medical -- -- color like -- -- ivory bill. Widget that I'm sorry that happened -- I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us tonight I think there's so a lot that we should all try to learn from this and yet. There are there are two sides stick that are just so separated right now two sides had like no this was a black thought. And I know this was a white police officer who gunned down another young black men in America. They are both sides to -- now there won't be both sides once there's an investigation. What's -- investigations finished we -- figure out exactly what happened but until that point we should challenge ourselves to not be as judgmental. And we're -- based on. Our own prejudices. Based on our own preconceived ideas of what society. Is like and what goes on society. And whites and blacks see things differently not all whites and all blacks but many whites and blacks who thinks differently. If you wanna join Russia with your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a text number is 877. Here's a text if I slap my mom she would -- me with a frying pan and here's attacks listen to -- WL from College Station. Lived in -- while back in the nineties through your breath of fresh air good topics and agree to IP and you just keep listening. If your -- stay with Fisher calls or more of your techs are up next on his future on -- -- -- This was another one of the big ideas have featured at the video music awards and MTV last night. Sam Smith of the song stay with me. It's like the other nights it is you know Lakefront arena at the news band one republic covered this song stay with me -- that was really cool. Welcome back to our -- this Monday night I've got a couple of text about the study that I mentioned about it people who read the erotic novel fifty shades of gray. And unhealthy behavior. -- I'll get to those text here in just a moment here's a quick update on -- W you a pretty -- people tonight. Did the NFL make the right decision to ban the use of the slapped your -- logo during -- broadcast. 28% say yes. Right decision but 72% say no. Wrong decision give us your opinion by going to our web site over -- -- to -- And it was a funeral of eighteen year old Michael Brown he was scheduled to go to college and apparently had done some things to. Improve his life in the past of course it'll take one of those things was if it was indeed him. Going into the convenience stores and done. Bum rushing the Lord Byron rushing but -- kind of man handling the the guy -- is leaving with the there's a -- got a takes a moment ago from somebody says that. On that Michael Brown had a gun in that video I see this done that's something I saw. What is it that you think America should have learned from the shooting death of Michael Brown Ferguson mystery. And the protest what should we learn from it's white and black. Numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- receipts of the gates if -- or your text coming up. I'm calling us tonight from Missouri is Bobby Bobby welcome to the children right. -- -- Point is that what. And called her and and get it into art. Ali people get on radio. And the -- miss -- of -- more -- count but what happened. Come out and go -- -- -- options that it repeated the -- Is now sit there again. And both sides have neither side -- the truth. He's the nominee and want. On -- on that meant in any true. I agree with you Bobby and justice is not. Is not convicting the officer just to see is if he should be convicted -- convicted. Justice just is not growing image justices only throwing him in jail if he did wrong. And I got another text here from somebody who received who pretends to know exactly what he receivers they keep saying that. On the officer felt threatened well that's the story that we're hearing that we don't know for sure yet but both sides you're absolutely right Bobby both sides of the well described. Everybody -- everybody has -- eyewitness -- that people. Ali would try to tell Michael wrap it up the story. Michael Brown ride his vehicle. And -- a -- and not being well they did crap out of you know I'm not an accurate and I stopped it. Struggle let it. And don't. Count out yeah. Want and just seeing them all -- man on. Sonogram on at and T and AD. And and Bobby that's it that's one of the other problems that we have in America whether that is what happened in this case or not there is. A prejudice against young black males and the assumption that all young black males are -- and that's not true and that's a shame for young black males who are not -- And I think that that society -- at one ball everything out and want to help but shouldn't. You know. And beyond but to write a post. Right. Bobby enjoy your drive across America ecological estimate from Missouri specialists into derivative derailed. I here's a Texan -- scoots or brown had a gun in his hand but he pushed the guy in the convenience store that was an armed robbery he's a -- Why maybe there's some new information that has come out because I must have most of this that night I saw the video it is the gun. And as far as I know it was. It was a robbery but it wasn't -- -- considered armed robbery but again. One thing we should learn from this is how quick people are to believe what they wanna believe and to pass judgment based on their own. Their own observations of life. I'm -- we're coming right back -- more of your comments on W well. Number six in the trending topic to date tonight it would be an art show every night at 8 o'clock with Freddie topic today. I mentioned -- a new study that shows that those who read the erotic novel fifty shades -- -- are more likely to be involved -- unhealthy behavior. Like binge drinking or having more than five sex partners. I've got a text here is having more than 65 and having more than five sex partners unacceptable. Guys here's another text about that I disagree with you when you say the average woman would reach fifty shades. I've read all three of those books as well as the Bible cover to cover I think I'm pretty average and an. There are very average people who read this book that's not what which is trying to say. It's just that there are people who. Will reach fifty shades of -- Who may already be involved in -- am. Bondage type type stuff they may already be kind of edgy rebellious with them with their lifestyle in general and with behavior in general. So it doesn't surprise me that. There are a lot of people who would read the book I don't think -- influenced by the book but a lot of people who read the book. On May already be predispose to -- to certain behaviors so let's not blame the book for any negative behavior but you're Rosie said figuratively WL. Please let. Me opponent perhaps that's a question about what do we learn a tool that is. I guess -- some of the -- you know what should we. I think -- anyway and it black and white people the really do that. Ghetto and -- and I'm African American and eight and it is true that because Oregon and in front of the event. Talk about it but -- -- -- learn anything as soon be able to get along with each other PP just don't make -- with Egypt. Something ignited this award. And he made fun of the guy that was killed I get the it was an identity of these mentally ill who -- And I think he's still consult incidentally he told accomplishment in many -- and now it and it will. He extensions it will that you and -- that point animal like people -- -- -- When the -- -- in the between he says it equipment built Obama environment and gave me body. You know it and it's stuff like that even though it makes me. I keep my cool. And if it is is -- outlined it. I don't think Billy Cunningham and it'll be cut because it's about cool like who who hates who who cares about who -- -- -- point whatever it. Synagogue got to get to news regularly appreciate you calling are showing I think we're gonna continue this conversation coming up into the next hour. What should we have -- from what happened -- Ferguson the shooting of Michael Brown his funeral was today also the protests in the violence that followed. This is -- show Monday night if your -- -- -- for coming right back on WWL.