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8-25 Scoot Show 9pm, Slap Ya Mama

Aug 25, 2014|

The NFL is banning future use of the “Slap Your Mama” logo when the Saints enter the “red zone” during games locally broadcast on CST. Because of domestic violence charges against NFL players – the league deemed the logo promoting Cajun products as inappropriate. Did the NFL make the right decision – or overreact? ALSO: Last year, Miley Cyrus stirred controversy over her sexually charged performance – but last night – Cyrus made a statement about the young and homeless in Los Angeles. She had a homeless teen give her acceptance speech. What’s your reaction to Miley Cyrus’ message?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The NFL is banning the use of the logo slapped your momma when the saints game in the end zone for the locally televised saints game signs CFT. The NFL said that there's an increasing presence of of virtual science that can distract from the telecast and create. A less desirable viewing experience for the fans. They also went on to say that's because of domestic violence is inappropriate to use the phrase slap your mama. I'm not as offended by the phrase because I know it's just a blow local thing that did people say around here. But I'm offended by the giant logo when the saints get into the Indians out here's an update on our WB or get close to the -- and here's an update on WW a -- general opinion poll. I did the NFL make the right decision to ban the use of the slap you -- logo during -- broadcast. 31% say yes 69%. Saying no give us your opinion by going to website WW real dot com here's a text that -- says the -- you -- logo pops up. Four. A fee or for maybe -- to say pre season. It is the same as having the Toyota halftime show or something like that the NFL is a nonprofit organization they have to make money somehow now. To keep the games televised. Well that there are people who buy the rights to. Televise the games and then they sell advertise. It's differ from the Toyota halftime show because they're not putting. The Toyota logo on the field which is very distracting. Their you know they're they're putting the dislike your monologue. I'm opposed to the phrase as much as I'm opposed to a -- gold being. She and graphically. Splashed on the field and it's a it's a big logo on. I don't often disappears in time I just I thought it was very distracting. And at a lot of things can be sold but I don't think is necessary to to sell that. How we're -- have -- -- part of our radio family. She's got a great show planned for you tomorrow last week a filled in for Angela and I loved doing a 1 o'clock hour what's trending on Debbie WL. Fun hour about the top trending stories in news sports entertainment. And a social media to our joint David Blake W ago news -- teapot co host of the B 97 afternoon -- And -- Manassas co host from first take which Steve court. At 2 o'clock central talk about higher education is it really worth the cost and that's becoming a more prominent question now than ever before. Stayed at 3 o'clock. You know it in New Orleans we love to eat. But can we eat our favorite new -- meals can also be healthy. If you've managed to way to -- red beans and rice. Gumbel or eight to -- into healthier version call and ensure your secrets. An open mind with a legendary Angela hill tomorrow weekdays -- attempt to do and we're also talking today about what we should learn this is the day of the funeral of eighteen year old Michael Brown in saint Louis Missouri. What should we learn from the shooting of Michael Brown the protesting in the violence that followed from gin chilly Tony you're on the -- showing every WL. -- to yet sort of platinum outlook saying it -- at a sub cultural colloquial caught. Yeah did you did you or did you use that and your family. No -- I mean. What is now Obama. I think you deterrent -- used to -- a. I get a text here from someone says the original saying sorted out that you wanna slap you -- law. As I don't focus just by Stanley never use the vicinity are not being critical of families who use it but it's not something that occurred to -- to slap Ramallah if she -- something I liked. -- campaign and it gets so much money they've got to protect them out -- as long as my window. I'm Obama -- you know it is. It would be ridiculous for anybody to blame real domestic violence on the name of productivity even if it's advertised during a game I I I'm not as opposed to the phrases I am to the big the logo when the saints get in the Reza I I thought it was really distracting. This track and it is then -- folks so take that to another level. In other promoting. Of domestic platinum. But -- we don't want to -- -- -- affordable for you -- -- -- you think it would have been different if you with the product was a slap you daddy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But then you know I I. And I'm serious it's some group would come up with some idea that it says it's incensed about kissing your mama and it's this complex and all that stuff. -- Obama. I think it would Michael -- outshooting. It is I think they'll opt out of country could be. Retrained -- and you know -- and gotten. You have to -- -- -- -- that means. To do that you would know that curriculum because once that happens now -- diversity. Problem. As well as and he can't even -- that you normally. You don't have that kill it. And I think that would be more acceptable in this country then they're killing him because. What -- you know but when it comes to shooting somebody. You know it's it's great if you could shoot somebody to wound them but sometimes in any kind of conflicted and injured. If you basically talked -- with the guardian you're not supposed to pull out a garden to. To injure somebody mean that's ideal bite you if you -- guy you supposed to shoot to kill. I'm also Michael Brown was it was unarmed but if if he was. Making a move for the officers garden there's only a split seconds between the moment that he would be armed and unmarked. If indeed that's what happened. Are you still -- -- It. Yeah you kind of breaking up so let's let's try this again. Fewest total. And it OK you you you -- him go ahead. -- and at L I mean that's so many. You know unlike the actual story is but man. Getting killed -- And I am just that you and it should be an alternative I'm a. Part Tony part of the problem news is the media focuses on that because of our history as a nation. Because of the scars of our past. The media focuses on that because that riles people up more than if a black cop shoots a white person. Or -- white person shoots a white person or if blacks shoot blacks are fortunately. Because of our our history. Here's more attention paid to win it is black. When it is white on on black -- is a reflection of the Russian from the -- I'm not saying it's fair but. You know I talked about this a lot we talked about this last week I think it's important for us. As consumers and get to talk about it but also understand that. You know. The media will make a bigger deal about this because it gets people's attention and that's the goal of the media to get the the cable news channels that they wanna get your attention. And they're gonna cover the stories that they thankful rile you up and get you to focus on them. Well on the days that week you doubt at all. Given out by police. Blacked out -- out you know it's too. -- and -- being while. That would have been Robert -- I'm scoot that would have been Robert Mitchell. You know you get more meetings Bob blacked out. Oh. America's history. That. -- about -- but all aboard. And understand what you coming from. The lead and it. But I'm saying why you killed a person. Well a lot of it again yeah a bit and then the topic comes up one about it -- why you wouldn't that be first option against -- I'm not a police -- certainly not fear from me to attempt to speak. On behalf of law enforcement because they are they're trained to do what they do. Now if there is a way to train police officers to go for the -- first over the gone. Then that should be a viable option because the press. That they need to be retrained. And should think it'll you know that's where you came -- mentioned -- -- loan them. Why do we have to kill them. -- -- when you can call. Yet but. If you don't want to know what is. It is nice to -- -- all the one. Bit of account when that won't you know. Well as as as as as we have as we've learned they were a lot of issues in Ferguson did that this was just a manifestation of a lot of frustration there. Tony I really enjoyed our conversation and I appreciate listen to WWL. Opera tenor Keith you're on the -- she'll -- doing. They getting his teeth -- in the -- -- the yeah how is that comment on the slap in my outlook coming up I came up -- the sixties and I don't remember really hearing that phrase discount that -- and Tibet. You know I heard it right making -- he's -- -- term. -- But I you know outcome and -- by navigating -- that Fareed you know. I didn't want either. I need to but they're -- and I'm dating her her family used it all the time. You know. I didn't hear it. I agree you'd do that in light I didn't particularly like and that. Didn't especially like -- on the field you you know in the red zone so out. The -- kind of -- because. It it takes up the whole space between where the the last receiver is on -- on the line. And the the sideline and into your your just your -- kind of preparing to see you know where the team's gonna go again I just. It diminished the it diminish the playing field. A visually and I thought it was totally unnecessary and I don't like it so I'm glad the NFL is banning any images not just slap your mama. I don't think the the product name or dislike you Ronald -- gonna cause anybody to commit. On domestic violence and you know most domestic violence cases involved a man on the hitting your abusing his wife for his girlfriend not his mother. It -- the ballot and make a little quiet Lou quite. A little -- -- wouldn't then -- California back in the eighties and I used to live ball out of the path. Park on the second floor apartment in every time the train would go by it would bribery. So I experience that earthquake in. Insanity at the -- was not in new experience that every night. When it's strikingly I used to vibrancy. And everybody was making a big deal but in any big deal it -- earthquake. In my mind that three point. I don't obviously it wasn't if things were falling off the shelves it was in it wasn't a big and I mean I I've filtered a bigger one I don't remember what the what the magnitude wise but I remember seeing things to fall off the shelves and in Portland on my experience of milder one and the San Diego and it it would be it is if it's a trains going by in the stops Bradley in -- market. Well that's what they remind India was the closest thing I can describe it. I lived on the second floor apartment in every night the train the goal line stuff would vibrate. It and that's quiet like everybody was screaming and that's why I -- I experience that -- of every night in my life you know in New Orleans. -- been part deterring illegal lines that would bribery. To me it like at that I didn't -- could be equally good. In it's just reminded me of that train going by. Either going to Coleman have a great -- if you wanna join us with your comment tonight about any we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. Nines -- it's -- And a text numbers 87870 here's attacks that reads a -- in my law also. Makes one called. Punch you daddy. And I never I never -- -- and as a product what you -- -- that's a very good idea course you know so many people back away from corporal punishment these days that I don't know maybe there's no danger which in your debt. There is a text you refer to the media. In a detached tone but you are part of the media. Well I do understand his point ports. In this study that I have done. And not everybody in my business studies the media. -- asserting that I've done of the media the relationship between mass media and society the audience. I don't always agree with the industry that I -- out and that will always be those people reported any industry. Who don't agree with everything the industry stands for. There are Republicans who don't agree with everything the Republican Party agrees with and the same thing with liberals in the Democratic Party. So. I I totally understand why you'd think that I shouldn't acts or detach from the media I am part of this this is industry. But it doesn't mean that I agree with everything in my industry does. And I can't help but to understand this phenomena and of sensational news. Attracting attention and it is the goal especially with the 24 hour seven day a week cable news networks. It is. The intent of the media to attract the biggest possible audience so they. Emphasize those stories they select and then emphasize those stories that they know. We'll get your attention. So is -- the media's fault or is it your fault because well you're gonna pay attention to it. If you enjoy it tonight our numbers 2601870. Chill free 86688. -- here it's -- text. It's -- Tiffany Tiffany. It's Monday night on the -- showed will be right back -- -- W well it's my idol Disco show the ESCO blog tonight on our website is titled a slap your mama controversy. And you can read and share with others is on our website at WW dot com and -- -- getting text about another tropical punch -- And this text says that their original a slap him on the phrase an adjustment the food was so good that you went home did something crazy. Like slap you mama. -- daddy is a barbecue season and I think. I mean what's next. To -- dog. Beat your brother. Here is a text and this says. About the media. Done. It suggests that the the media -- sometimes implants the desire in its audience. Well. I mean I guess that argument can always be made. But from my observations of the media over the years being unit in observing Aniston. -- it as best I can. The media seems to reflect society. Even more so today in an effort. And the media puts on what they think you will watch. So if there's something wrong that you don't like if there's an overabundance of some kind of story being covered. They're doing it they're making the decision because they cable attract you retention. Therefore I think audiences do bear responsibility for the things that are covered on TV. Think about a car a high speed chase. If if you work come across one of the the TV networks it's on carrying live coverage of a car chase. And you know they're different helicopter overhead in the -- guy might have a gun and -- these two armed robbery we don't know what's gonna happen here oh my god he's going to what do you do. Like I -- watch it like it's a drama. Because you don't know what's gonna happen and something bad might happen. You don't want something bad happened. But because something bad might happen to watching that's. That's part of human nature. So the audience really does bear a lot of responsibility for what the media shows us front rose's Gabriel you're on the -- showing to be WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This one. Say about it -- -- M or use the word panic you are right it's okay to an attack in moved that you an average patent repeated target and it. And the platinum -- people is not right -- -- -- I think it who now lead and we don't need a name like that you don't know rally in Italy Watergate thing. It -- did you see the actual logo on the field. And -- what -- more than that more than the words itself more than the phrase itself it still Vogel that bothers -- our. Out in order. To know the NF -- -- the NFL is reacting to both the NFL says that did the phrases -- appropriate because -- domestic violence but also the NFL is is I believe they're banning any. On any logos. Placed on the field like dislike you -- logo winning team gets in the red zone. -- there a collector respect to -- and let them use the word panic think it was that tentative saint platinum island at about stability can take -- -- the -- -- not to want to get back on it now Michael Brown thinks that it tone -- -- filming -- and -- come up first thing -- can do to get gutsy. YouTube and on his and the -- and ended with the black alike in animal. And I I can't answer that question it is that makes sense to to most of us but we're not police officers and you know maybe the training needs to to change again I. I can't speak on behalf of of of law enforcement but to put those of us but to those of us who -- in law enforcement. It seems like that's the the logical move and Italy there. There will be questions when an unarmed person he shot it doesn't matter what color -- -- -- locally officer is there will be questions about that. And they should be. I have thought -- to demand that the company curtain and the police are outward say. About first they would use and it is noted he'd taken and then in the put him now. That -- -- column -- -- public alike I think Leo would lead in this I think we should use. Gabriel there is -- there was also oh. There was also the other shooting last week in sales I was on during the day filling for a Angeles I talked about it that. Is -- a shooting his Saint Louis where the officer shot this man who is acting in an erratic erratic manner. Respect and also what about the coach of what we're about at that point the gun out of the crowd that he it or not well hey come on candy pointed out that BP. Well I'm delighted we -- you know go to -- due to crowd she who can you know endanger them respect and that they've got their finger on the trigger. The gala at the pain. Look I mean they really broke it down -- and -- think in the affairs of government. This thing when it was scope into the crowd that he. You know complete and everybody were born and kind of chemical pollution and you know at this point and now Eric they should be -- -- -- right now for the moment was no the angels there. David -- it was an image. I appreciate you calling our show and I do agree with you if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Saturday tax is 87870. I spent almost three hours with mr. Kirby yesterday mr. Kirby is the 92 year old World War II -- they called the show one night. And I helped him get to the World War II museum with the help of some other people without a tell you about my visit with the mister curry coming up later in the show we'll be right back but I mean if you'll. So we've got a number of text here about the a slap your mama a logo are just -- slap you -- -- which I. I never I never -- I never grew up a hearing at -- done a lot of people have. I am not opposed to -- select your mama based on the phrase as much as I'm opposed to. Two I I'm in favor rather banding the the giant logo with -- team gets in in the red zone. Bring it back to our view texture just a moment also got a text say give us a review of Saturday's concert that was a Crosby, Stills and Nash concert at the center. I don't talk about concert tour after the news at 10 o'clock from -- Robert you're under the W out -- Thank you. You know already idiot preachers become all Asian allies. In this shot and it won't start as the actual rights. Movement. You want them. As it should anything about. Mr. walk and sidewalk she should have been on the sidewalk. -- listen to this radio for forty admonition all about it talk about. This out desktop board it's not an accident and these people calling about this cup. -- Would never have happened in this case it would have been on the sidewalk. Asia. And so you're in favor of shooting people who -- the street. Are we what. Are you in favor of -- are you in favor of shooting people who -- People. On its. -- walk on sidewalks. That. -- some sort -- You don't want. -- he actually. Sold him. Robert I've got to get to a news -- a really arm I'm really going to call to I think it's just amazing that somebody woods. Think that somebody should be shot because there what -- industry you don't kill people because they're disorderly. I'm student will be right back.