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8-25 Scoot Show 10pm, Michael Brown

Aug 26, 2014|

: Today was the funeral of Michael Brown – the 18-year-old who was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer. Questions: Should President Obama have sent 3 White House officials to the funeral? Do you think America has learned anything from the shooting and the protesting and violence that followed?

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Saturday night I saw Crosby -- today should the singer theater if you were there I'm sure you'll agree with me it was amazing to see these. Rock collections up on stage and this was this was a group of people that -- Spoke their mind Santa a lot of it was. Anti government toys and time a establishments. They were very revolution this is one of the songs -- they did it and they sounded great. And I thought David Crosby just looked phenomenal. You know he's had his his problems with weight he's had his problems -- -- -- substance abuse drugs and alcohol. Alitalia David Crosby looked great and they all sounded good to me it was just it was great to. It was great to see them doing. The crowd was really amazing to me they were people that gave a standing ovation after every single song. Realizing that. This is such a great moment to see Crosby, Stills and Nash. Back on station this anger theaters just such an incredible place to see any concert. But I love the show I thought it was I thought it was it was was excellent and it really the crowd was. The crowd was really interesting and really really really into. So that was a fun environment to put an arm. To be it. -- CNN is reporting that theory is. A new audio. The Michael Brown shootings oh will find out more about that and maybe we'll be talking about -- again tomorrow night. And we're talking today about the funeral of eighteen year old Michael brown and what do you think America should have learned. From the shooting death of Michael Brown. And everything that -- subsequent to that team the protest and and via the violence in in Ferguson Missouri. It's not that I would've. Thought that I -- have labored this this this topic. But I think this is a clear indication that we haven't finished talking about things that we need to talk about it. And we all need to learn a lesson from -- There're there are people who have decided that they knew exactly what happened. But it's not based on any facts. Is based on their preconceived idea of what they think cap. And in both sides are are very divided it doesn't mean there aren't a lot of people who were in the middle. Because there are and there are a lot of sensible people who on can't make up their minds yet because they don't know all the facts. But it's the nature of news to not focus on reasonable voices. It's the nature of news to focus on the fanatics. To focus on the extremists. With any story. With any group. It's not gonna be the the the average. Sensible logical people within the group it's it's going to be the fanatics within the within the group. They get all the attention. One Williams who I would describe as a liberal voice on the Fox News Channel. And it and maybe you've got another description -- would describing missile liberal voice and Fox News Channel. He's very critical of of the Reverend Al Sharpton for monetizing the civil rights movement and legacy. For his own benefit and I've I've got to some quotes from Campbell talk about them -- might if you -- to join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. -- tech's number is 877. We're also talking about the NFL making a decision to ban the use of the slap your -- logo. During -- broadcast. At a local broadcast on -- Cox is CST. They had the big logo for the products left your mama that cajun seasonings and spices and sauces. And we have been six would get in the red zone they were put the slap you -- -- in the end zone. The two games that are broadcast locally are still rebroadcast I believe on the NFL network. And their four. The nation saw. And there were some points complaints about slap you -- the NFL says that because of domestic violence being an issue. Among some NFL players. There their banning the slap you -- logo but the NFL's also moving to -- the use of any big logo like that -- team gets in in in the red zone. I think it's appropriate I've found that logo to be very very distracting. The scope like tonight's title -- your -- controversies on our website you can read it and share with others it's at WW dot com. And I will continue to. Update you well and we'll continue talk about the a slap him on the controversy as well. I here's a Texan -- saw them and -- to Royal Albert Hall last year so good this was a reference to the Crosby, Stills and Nash concert. We have a few calls from New Orleans chase year and every W out feeding. Hey bill good. It -- -- -- radio station -- and a and it gives them all current mention it differently. I'm -- Security. I'm thinking about the important towel in the bank and I should and the apartment on me yet we. We've been. All races different race is that although it's in its content to -- They re trying to reach out and know who -- -- -- reach out and buddies in them because. There are all out there. And how to party changed and they don't want our electric -- train but I think outlawed that action. American. Cut ultimately. Come together at -- country and field -- a lot I would brought out so we're. Not being it would ghetto. And now. -- -- I know you you and you bring up really good points it is interesting that when you when you think about your your personal life and and maybe not mine or yours but. If people think about their personalized. That they get along with with whites or blacks depending on on the red -- they get along with everybody and and people have friends in different races in generally speaking. -- work. And it play people get along with people they know but when it comes to the biggest but when it comes the bigger picture of everything with something like -- the shooting of Michael Brown happens. Then you find people even though they're close to people of another race in their personalized served their professional lives. They -- Go back and take sides on the all white -- all black side and that's tragic to me. I agree completely right because it's right no matter what happens to land America. Need to stick to Gabbert needs to respect the fact that we go to needy at the white black Spanish are all anything because. -- is it where it is out there and around the world and if I'm Melanie. RRC a number of America. Legal fight wars together. We have been bureau and they got they -- fanatics start if and we have to really get -- they don't come together and they. Anything could break out of this country and it and it will be because American people that is out precise I -- announced. I've often talked about two of my favorite part of the the World War II museum here in New Orleans is the that the section that. That shows the posters send the sign is that -- told Americans to. To sacrifice for the troops and how Americans came together. And -- built the military that did defeated Germany and Japan I mean you know we talk about fighting two wars a one time. It was World War II but we were fighting in the Pacific and we were fighting in Europe. And we did an incredible job but it was because our country came together and it's a shame that it would take something like that to bring us altogether. We should look at each other and realize that we are blessed to be here. And we're different and everybody's different and we can acknowledge that and admit that we don't totally understand each other. But you're absolutely right we should come together as one nation. And actually -- that won't comment right now on the Michael Brown thing because. We -- that we need to open it must be -- blacks and their are being made the strong Americans. So that. We can get -- problem work I think America's -- printer -- and I blame. The American people got Nintendo which just -- we see what they do. What Jason Day and unfortunately it's congress that were brought flex the division in this country congress is divided and and we are divided and they're reflecting the division between the right in the left in this country and and the truth is most of the people are in the middle but those who seemed to make the most noise. Are on the far extremes of of of both sides and the did the Republicans and the Democrats in Washington. Seemed more interested in protecting their party's image or an -- together and doing what's best for America. And -- in my -- site. Absolutely not. NDP. Are no small matter accuracy particularly important. One week -- issue -- -- dishes in America. And and in congress. Do you know policy is. Anybody -- reelection. We we audible somebody went -- merely a mobile. So -- trade and what congress and they act together -- American people need to think about respect. Love reaching out and now you do are all old change. You know would call kind of deep and it Cheney and the change America are strong American and. Jason I really really going to call the show and I appreciate you sharing it with us. A from Slidell bill you're on WW elegant evening. -- -- -- -- -- Burleson. This is great situations is so pretty sad but does so regularly -- going in the Conan. About. You know maybe seen as acceptable she's somebody -- -- don't even -- the second store we haven't heard anything from the other. So for five weeks we've been in not inundated with. You know their size and we don't even know what to -- went. -- Euro -- you know -- rewrote it right but but when he reduced to when the caller reduced to two well he shouldn't have been in the street. It he's given the impression that well if he would have been ministry would have gotten shot he can't shoot somebody for being an industry. No I totally understand that but like some science that we don't know. -- -- happen after that Russian men no we just don't really know what really happen means you know we don't totally as a broken ice rocket. And we haven't heard the other side of the story so everybody's you know just. So it has to be it has to be more than just walking in the street. Okay and that's that was my point. Did you sense of body because they're disrespectful -- walking in the middle of the street it bothers me. You know and I'm driving downtown and I expect time accidentally downtown I mean I I hate it when pedestrians get in the in the crosswalk when they're not supposed to cross and a lot of pedestrians are really dumb as they don't pay attention to win this close to yeah. Really seriously yeah I think that's like not really the issue inmates. He says he videos out he. Bum rush somebody's stolen -- saying consultant cigar in the game any news but the topic came upon I don't think even news. That that was on I think at least some of the things and we don't know what's really that we haven't heard both sides of the story so. It's just it's really but the differences to keep an open mind and and see you know what. But has yet to Jesse Jackson is race -- -- them and do all the stuff that just it's just. Portland because they don't we don't these and Dan I think race relations team before Obama was elected. Have got a lot better you know what impact it would just get along with you know cops picked -- -- -- people were expecting a much. Crap the cops have to go through and put their lives on today. You know every day every. Collect is that we really don't know what's happened yet because we're down one side of the story. That's chancellor related. Like talking about it -- going to call the show it's something that we talked about from the very beginning of this controversy we don't know what happened in their people who. Want me to say. This is the way it happened. I don't know I mean I have a feeling about what may have happened based on what I know but I could be surprised. -- people were demanding justice. Which to them is to put this police officer in jail. And convict him up that may not be justice we don't know yet justices what's fair. And it should be accepted. As justice. Not because you want 11. Thing to happen at their people who want a definite thing to happen. And that's not justice. I'm -- we'll be right back for your comments. What thing that we all should learn from. The shooting of Michael Brown the protests in the violence that Colin Ferguson Missouri is that that justice should not be determined by a preconceived. Opinion. Of what people think happened. Or what's happened in the past it should be based on. On the facts. Now. If Michael Brown was being disrespectful. Walking in the middle of the street and didn't respect an officer. That's a reason to shoot him. But if he if he bum rushed him if he was close to getting his gun. That's a different story. Here's a text kids play and hang out on my -- and street. If you're driving through they give you dirty looks and barely move out of the way. It's like threatening. It's like threading a needle to pass through I understand is that I don't I don't really get this mentality I see this downtown a lot. There are a lot of pedestrians. Who walk when they wanna walk. And it's almost as if they look at you in the year -- hit. On record hit them. But there's an arrogant stay here. And that's something that should be addressed. I I I guess it is people who feel so. Desperately harmless. They're their only sense of power. Is to hold you off. There only sense of power. These two. Make you. Respect them even though -- the crosswalk illegally. And that's just that's just a microcosm of a bad attitude -- Could be prevalent in in many aspects of society I think I think we see this a lot. That's only one aspect of it. But there's this. There's this attempt to notice me. I want attention and you know sometimes. Sometimes I think I think a lot of young people can be like kids. It's unfortunate that that kids will act out. To get negative attention. If if children don't get attention from their parents. If they don't get any positive attention. That they will act out to do something wrong because that at least -- their parents' attention it might be a spanking but at least -- attention. A lot of people were crying out for tension. But balking at a crosswalk core daring somebody to. To hit you. This is something that should not be acceptable and in a civilized society if you wanna join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroids every Texas a 7870. A CNN is reporting that there's a new audio out of the Michael Brown shooting you know we may have more to talk about concerning this a -- night and again I'm I'm not trying to belabor this topic. But it really is an important topic -- we've yet to really. Really have the conversation that we need to have about race and about a lot of things in this country. We're all human beings. We all should want the same things we wanna be happy. We won a job. But it does we nobody's gonna have a job and it -- to me the jobs -- -- falling your lap. We want the same things for kids we want the same things for ourselves. But yet when you watch the news all you see is how separated we really are. -- from Gonzales Wesley you're WWL. -- -- -- I call -- the right thing and I'll say it. While -- at least you're getting some there was. About 60% chance to Ramos of the day and I didn't see any of it. And yet we're all work for it and the -- and Hillary. There. And -- -- Doing. Well where. The -- -- -- Regarding what happened and and the power. On -- Development -- And -- it. But. I'll -- an activity. -- -- And at the annual company that that it didn't duke and and you'll to have somebody like. I've courtroom you know. -- actions. On. The. Wesley I wonder if we as a country again I say we even use a pronoun I don't mean you or me specifically that. But we as a country I wonder if we want the truth or if we're more interested in something that supports our preconceived ideas of the situation. -- that you and I am an applicant about it. And ultimately. Oh -- but with people who want to call it the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I agree. Mean the police need to be respectful to citizens and citizens need to be respectful of police even if neither one deserves it at the moment. Yet. That Stewart. Could. Cool -- but it is all. Can't you look. Into a pocket or that hopefully. You know. Although. It all though. And yeah. People -- Well it -- sure that you know that. It being on an old friend -- -- alcohol and then. -- So the presumption was that this was a person in an -- sports car. That was probably driving somebody else's sports car because he will heated known it. Yet it and it's. -- constant. It. On that one and and that. It's clear it's clearly wrong but you know I feel like we need to say it every time we talk about this that's not all police officers but it is some and that gives a bad name to police in general that's unfair. -- I think. Eight issue of -- -- for a you know at -- the opposite. Being. Damaged. -- -- I join our conversation appreciate it. -- -- Here is attacks. That read it's racism will never be honestly addressed in America unless you're willing to re write history. And world history to reflect the truth about everyone not just like people. -- the biggest obstacle line America pro Nazi. During or -- to before jury declared war -- America. We can't rewrite history. We can try to understand it and we can appreciate it. We don't have to repeat it. And we should not be judged today. And I know this is really hard exercising in and inhuman nature. We should not. Judge each other. Or be judged today. Based on our past. Because. I might not be part of the past. That is a problem for this country you might not be part of the past. But you and I are still victims from what happened in the past. I'd -- you're under the W gaga didn't -- Are you I'm blitzer but this -- here's my. I have an out of respect for. Remember. Alsop in the old being that -- -- -- however. And every one now being going about it long way it is not much thought. Take a step back in wait for all of the -- Right age if you wanna. Costly in blow things lead -- it takes. I went went out such a bit tomorrow. Should the court with no -- and right in the -- when it and it apparently. We have worked out the verdict is in what you think should be because -- what it was to get a court. It now means you. Every. -- to stay handle rich media Internet world at bat. And you -- what do you animal right now. Q what is -- about these individuals. Yellowish green and complain. Picketed a rag and -- and so forth and so but but not in between -- speaker. Our target and want aren't activity. Aren't being present rent an apartment to think that is -- But did you discipline effective there. Out salt in the end Jesse Jackson or anyone else for that matter will strongly does -- in respect community. It didn't think about this and aid deal -- never. -- -- being it's pitched it back going. Well it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't benefit them to. -- -- Tried to advance. Racial tension in this country and and Juan Williams who is a liberal voice on the fox news network has attacked and I'll I'll I'll disown his quotes coming up. As attacked Al Sharpton bashed him for taking advantage of the civil rights movement for his own. Monetary benefits. And and are now I'm prelim from the -- and I don't believe in and pull -- its -- like that moment in America should not leave that option stick together I call it. Well I think news. When -- a black someone. Strong vigilance on the community. It should step forward. And do what I -- suggesting. A group of people to go to court should there and it's it is the -- and go from there the people should should stop. Inciting. Listeners because once again. Away from the attention and it would happen in it too. -- -- an opportunity to. Keep it up for well we don't know what. -- -- it and we don't know. Up and so well -- and at immediate not to focus. -- it inevitably. Get -- being in the war department. Have been through the year and getting -- -- today but never sell because it. That one step out and do something wrong -- to. -- if you know I think immediate. Is in how it and it really does -- -- this track it. Asia and some type of restriction at two dumb things negative -- should put out and and maybe. Out then you get into the -- freedom of speech issue and and they're gonna control that but -- that's why I like to put some responsibility on the audience if you don't like what you see in the media. The media's giving you giving you what they think will attract your attention so look in the mirror and you can't blame the mirror for reflecting the image of yourself that you see in the mirror. Latin school because he shall we wanted to talk collapsing in check -- -- about you know when you -- you are. -- work. Milwaukee car and you need to campus and -- area seat in the tour getting -- -- -- -- at all you do next week. The majority of the public do. But police saw he never yet we are sitting at dinner. Candidates and where we're walking out after the ball which can't -- can't. Look at alma. Happened here I've I've tried to be respectful of the police officers who are always a target and that's something that the average citizen they can't relate to me we can look around us and not see anybody and and feels safe. You wore as a police officer you are a constant target. When you walked out from your. From the UK and beaten India. Wouldn't expect streak you've made the cold air India just he didn't speak well we do. We're character that the black spot because that's where the -- come. On that you know -- -- With the old rules there are attacked police or are you hit it aptly put it. It -- at -- that we do so. What's it all up application components. And you need if you don't you don't do things. You want to do it if everything that you that you think should be scared. And -- no it actually worked at. I appreciate you taking time -- to represents a police officer cited this and also to talk about being a responsible police officer -- always a pleasure talks. Mexico here's a text Spike Lee said he hopes of riots escalate if Mike Brown doesn't get the verdict everyone wants I agree in advance that last week I was in on this who joined by Bob Mitchell was doing the show last week. Obviously differential. -- -- likely they should give said that here's a text brown was feeling guilty for his previous actions. It started the events. Now I don't know whether this person hands hired a medium to contact Michael Brown in the life after. So he could determine that he was feeling guilty at the time. But this is of what people think -- -- they they believe they do exactly what happened and they don't know. This is the -- -- we'll be right back into the well. What are the liberal voices on the Fox News Channel Ron Williams in an op Ed article foxnews.com. Criticizes an early -- says Al Sharpton. So I think he is actually taken the legacy of the civil rights movement monetize it for his own benefits. Goes on to say I think the Obama folks being from Chicago. Felt so distance from Jesse Jackson. That they wanted to punish Jackson. So they have promoted Sharpton in order to minimize Jackson and Jackson's influence. While Williams goes on to say both of them are way past their time. They really don't exercise. Power to benefit the black community. In my mind they exercised power to benefit. Themselves. How often. Have we talked about that and you know that. It's unfortunate. And I think he was wrong for the Obama administration to send three. Officials from the White House to Michael Brown's funeral. I don't know what good that dust. And it diminishes. Did -- of of so many other people. On a regular basis across this country. I think that was inappropriate. From New Orleans we'll Euro on WWW leading. I. -- I was actually but lately although there in orbit and bought it a little something. -- and I'm not. In the mirror there were. Long line. The if people. Want to make the change. But don't you know all solo. Come. Audition RG ODA. It -- in the -- and make change. And we will they don't know where. Else. It watered and what most people -- what what what we know I think he would be very very difficult. Yet I mean you know. At -- begin to -- Now. They. When. You come out and media -- EE. About Michael -- On the. In it in 08 all in -- back in all Beckett all what they are a few oh. And I'm not. And in in and I'm not wait. -- green with that we should. Not. At the same time. At the end of the year when you come out to a police. Are. All respect for. Not what you built in which were where you can -- Now you do everything. We have to -- Where we go to court we can say -- Respectful. And -- The nation are not being out and it would it would have been acting. And -- And it we knew that the court. We have an appeal that -- well you know on days. Police have camera on their call. All everybody they'll fall in the so. I think we have a responsibility. To protect so far in. Not all that. -- -- and nobody can you. How will we you know we we we need do expect to police to be respectful and as citizens need to be respectful of the police. Even if the citizens are wrong -- that the police are wrong if we still think to start out to be respectful. I've got to get to break will I appreciate you listening to be WL and thanks for calling CNN is reporting that there is a new audiotape of the Michael Brown shooting. I don't know whether this is gonna sheds new light on the situation but we may be talking about the information comes from that tomorrow night club description we'll be right back and -- of -- real. I'm convinced that this will be a one of the songs on the soundtrack for the movie fifty shades of gray -- There's a new study that shows that those who read the erotic novel fifty shades of gray are more likely to be involved that unhealthy behavior. Including binge drinking or having more than five sex partners. Now you know it might be that those who choose to meet. That kind of as it's not like you would read the book and at the end goal. -- that what it was about. When you know pretty early on what's going on at fifty shades of gray. So I would think that those says who choose to read it might already. Have certain patterns in their lives and the ball didn't inspire anybody to do anything wrong. If you're on hold stay with this I will come back with more of your calls for is getting very close to the news -- -- give -- chance to express shipping news or just be patient gets you right after the news. Now also I I I thought I would delegate to the story about a visiting with mr. Kirby yesterday than ninety year old to World War II vet that I helped get to the a World War II BC with the help of of others. I'm not gonna get to that tonight I will talk about my visit with mr. Kirby a torn right -- within almost three hours yesterday disturb. A really really. Wonderful wonderful man I enjoyed every moment of this is the Scotia or Monday night to -- -- right now.