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8-25 Scoot Show 11pm, Michael Brown

Aug 26, 2014|

: Today was the funeral of Michael Brown – the 18-year-old who was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer. Questions: Should President Obama have sent 3 White House officials to the funeral? Do you think America has learned anything from the shooting and the protesting and violence that followed?

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We have had some rain in downtown New Orleans and there's really some rain in many parts of this area this is -- most of all most of for the most part come to an end tonight. And is only get 20% chance of rain tomorrow the good news is not quite he's hot today is it was the day before. I was watching the news last night and this is not the the heat index this was the actual temperature at 10 o'clock still ninety degrees. Soul little break from that. And I notice is so hot and sticky and muggy but you remember we're. We're just a couple months away from some really nice fall weather welcome back to -- on this Monday night we're talking about. What we should've learned from for Ferguson today was the funeral of an eighteen year old Michael Brown. And steal a lot of tension on on both sides in still allow a lot to a lot to be the term. As I said -- CNN is reporting that there's a new audio out. The Michael Bryant shooting I don't know whether this is gonna shed new light on the situation but you know we need to work from these situations. We know that racial tension is still a big issue. I thought that was something it was going to be -- when President Obama became the first black president but the opposite has happened. We also should learn from this and not to be so quick to judge. And that justice is not what we want justice to be. The justices truly what is fair. And you might think you know what happened. You might think you know what happened based on. Your perspective of life in and based on what what has happened in the past and what what seems to be a trend but we really don't know what happened. And and also I think -- which are also learned that did Michael Brown represents issues facing a lot of young black males in this country. And -- white police officer Gary Wilson. Has has a right to a fair investigation. And has a right to his supporters on the street. Who I heard this afternoon had raised. There's a group that's raised about 400000 dollars for his protection. He says it still and in hiding and his security. And also his defense fund and grand jury is just starting to hear a testimony but. You know it may be months before we actually get the results of the grand jury if you join us for the comic to write about and they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. Times here which Saturday at tech's number is 878870. Also last night. The last night and early Cyrus. Did something that we should every reputable. She. In accepting the award she she won the best video for wrecking a wrecking ball but she didn't accept the award. She had a young teenage homeless person. -- if rather long hair. Go up and accept the award for on behalf of the homeless teenagers. Across America. Last year she stirred controversy with her sexually charged performance in the working in this tongue stuff and all that. And last -- she made a statement about the young homeless in Los Angeles and across the country. -- we've got the the guys actual acceptance speech a few mr. we're gonna play this week coming up here in just few minutes from -- Larry year on this crucial factoring in on. -- -- -- like which takes it. Earlier on. You know a lot of people live a Coca agree with them. And definitely you know times so. I guess -- -- it is asking two questions one very shortly and who want a little bit wrong. That's okay. I don't wanna comment. On your answer is that okay if you. Look at. The first question very shortest. Do you think that. The idea. White people black people everybody have different race is getting together. Began. It would mark the game. And that it is. You think there ever be a time. Not cool. To make prejudicial and or. Monetary lead an official statement against white people in this country. Whether -- by Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton or likely. Or whoever is connection. Two jump on that that and -- If I had my question if I have to answer honestly not -- and I will answer honestly I don't like my answer. But I'm going to be honest. First question. No I don't think everything began in died was -- Luther king junior. However. I have to be honest and say I do not think. There will be a time. And I can proceed in the future. When there will not the prejudice. And people benefiting. From racial tension. On both sides. It is it's sad that it's going honest answer I wish that weren't my answer I have to be honest I hope. I hope I'm wrong. Larry I appreciate you calling and no answers to questions. If you and enjoy our show -- your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroids every text is a 77. For -- calls here's a quick update on tonight's WW operative -- opinion poll. Did the NFL make the right decision to ban the use of the slapped you -- logo during saints broadcast. 32% say yeah right decision that's that's growing but 68% saying no it was not the right decision. From the North Shore George here on -- -- -- every WL. Still. A good. -- -- me. Really agree with Cuba and our group which you -- -- Jesse Jackson. -- when Michael Brown as it goes against the war. On. Should call -- portion or clerk into the into the display. In an industry. It breaks soccer police. Or. To order -- sure -- Well. And I don't want to wish from one. That the injuries -- treatment could put. If it happened the way he you say it happened the way you think it happened which is is one scenario then. The police officer did exactly what he needed to do but in front. Of Georgia up to. To say it but when you say. When you start out by saying. What a nice guy Michael Brown -- and all -- it. Restored sarcastically. You know but you don't shoot and kill somebody because they're not nice. And duplication. I mean I. I should be able I should be able be to be disrespectful to police officer without being worried about being shot I would doing. So. It appears you record one and -- -- Q1. So of course that's stored so that it would look at the ball and -- -- -- -- a couple of current. Would you. So you don't -- and I got it. Come -- George you don't shoot people because they're not nights. We don't do that is important. I understand it. If it happened that my. George if it happened that way then you're right. -- you think it's gonna tell the midnight -- you know she got positive. Corporate -- So. So. So what's so what what is it what do what do you mean when you say that what do you mean what are you saying. Another or I judge I judge every black. IC at the street. I'm George -- judge and what -- like OK George. -- should why should I judge you are you a white guy. What do you absolutely huddle -- know. OK so what should I judge you. As a white guy living on the -- or sure who's a former police officer. The seemed to have an attitude about blacks and I have an attitude about you should I judge all whites based on the way you'd think. -- -- -- -- -- And specialist. So -- Percival. I don't know -- -- he may be close. With that statistic. But this is that this is what I like to talk about and not everybody. Blix and everybody wants to hear it. I can't bring myself. To judge everybody. And maybe it's because I've been judged in my life in different place. I can't bring myself to judge. Everybody. No matter what the percentages. Of a group that does certain things. I still can't bring myself to judge everybody by that group. And for this former police officers to open up the statement by saying what a nice guy Michael Brown is he winning -- roughed up the store clerk. And he stole the cigars. And I am assuming that that is is Michael Brown I mean I I've heard comments that Michael Brown had heard. Had a gun in his hand -- I see that it -- is that something that is. That is cut out. But here's a white guy on the North Shore. Which is a very conservative part of the -- nothing wrong with that -- -- And he's he's. He's telling me that I should judge every black person. Because of the the crimes that black people connect. To me. That is still. That's the root of the problem we have in this country. From. Robert your W do well. Change right -- could. Actually turn on the radio right. -- -- -- I'll you know our government should and I have to say screw job on -- dark hours. Or just being in -- -- sheltered small regret armed combat in another car. Are they are Caucasian. Asian. -- all types of our nationality. I think where this is such a touchy touchy subject. Adding that they're the real problem -- it. Are you are subject or right it is simply we're we're -- and -- And end. I have heard everybody come manage you know our goal or ignore you are talking about it I would go. It is Swedish. Someone could call and say. -- put a shot into. Well he did say it in fairness to the caller he did say that if if he broke his eye socket is a police officer he would have shot. And if it if it does turn out that that's the way it happened then you know I mean it is possible that Michael Brown deserve to be shot. But it's also possible that the police officer overreacted with we don't know but it's just it's interesting that somebody like a former police -- who would be so quick to say. How to shutting two but he started out by sarcastically say what a nice guy Michael Brown is which is not only profiling. But it's condemning him. I it's it's it's justifying. Shooting. Because he's not a nice guy. Crew as they entered Tuesday. There are laws. That they have to follow their rules there day after follow. And how many terms have you seen who he. Again all warm and pulled some at a police are out there for so long. At a police officer I haven't seen it often them. -- What an emotional state to me he would you know I don't know what happens and I -- personally witnessed it a lot -- -- know. I've ever witnessed it are just seeing it on TV support. I have not seen anyone for a lot of government. Should that person and they have done. I mean you can -- -- ten or you can use others pragmatists. Boy if it's real disappointed to know and it could -- forget that you are right. It will be seeing war. -- -- That king no leisure why -- QB why. It could be any award. What we need to have a problem here and Carlos -- RT. Deep down in the young black men. Seem to be more targeted. I -- from. Him. I will. Put that neither you nor bitter moment in your first lets your personal experience -- -- partner -- purpose rehearsed and I'm telling you what are spared. I can't we. Leave them there and never come. Are really can't go anywhere do you wanna go. You know what it somewhere where farmers. I can I can tell you that racial tension does not exist everywhere in the country the way it exists here. And and you and I look at Missouri I mean there's you know Missouri is not. A lot of Missouri is is part of southern mentality mean this is not. This is not in Northern State means is geographically it's very northern to -- but it. Much of Missouri. Just north of Arkansas. Maintains. Mentality that is closest to mentality in the south. -- are our person and experience gaining. Are important so. Where our work forty steamboat company. Chairman -- down received rivers and how would have to see even as African American person are you get multiple. Key sorts in our stable certain -- What I witnessed at that point. Absolutely I couldn't do you know I can understand what you're saying because there are to. Our home. The leader in the -- Further somewhere else -- definitely not at port out again to -- science art. Bullet. We are -- real issues. Here in this in any one of being commander in that area all our car. And what are things that will make more sinister. Thing in the world is staying there are some errors. -- -- -- Every war. You'll have eight camera in England. -- -- available officers. That is working parent in amber or im sure he I guarantee you. It would -- Way things cool down here in this big market and that would be more important to people. If you have a a dash camera that you know there's still going to be so many angles to the camera wouldn't capture. With technology being the way it is in cameras video cameras being sold inexpensive these days it would seem to me that. Officers. Could have cameras on them. However they haven't always had cameras -- we've as a society we expected them to do. On the right thing and there are so many great police officers I hate Robert that there are. There are some who gave all police officers a bad name and I hate that there are some. Young blacks that give other young blacks have a bad name that is actually it is -- -- Robert I enjoyed our conversation like realistic. Here's a text would we be having this conversation if Michael Brown was light in the officer was black. -- So why are we having a conversation and wise all of that is why did this happen. It's because of America's historical past. Does it make it right. But the media presents what they think will capture our attention and this is a story. That is based on our historical. And painful past. And that's why it's so much attention. Whether that's fair or not that's reality. This is description. And we'll be back on that if you -- I kind of just a few minutes I'm gonna play the speech that this. And this homeless teenager made. When he accepted the award for Miley Cyrus the last night at the MTV video music awards winning the award for on the best video with a wrecking ball. I'm incentive today her making except this speech as she had this. This homeless teenager in Los Angeles and the acceptance speech and it was a way of drawing attention to young homeless people in America so we're gonna play that for you in just a minute. Here is a text that read Cisco. Why do you downplayed the chance the cop acted because though the cop was attacked by Michael Brown. All I hear from you tonight is he should not have been shot. Until all the facts come out stop making the comment because it makes you sound like you agree. The cops shot for no reason. You know I can't control what people here I can only control what I say. And I'd say just a few minutes ago that that Michael pound may have deserved to be shots or guide again I don't know what to which show this -- is listening to. That people hear what they what what they wanna hear is supposed to what is actually said I don't know what happened. But I I do know that there are cases. Where there may be an option to killing somebody. And and I'm getting texts from people. Here's one he wasn't targeted because he was black. He was targeted because he had just committed a strong armed burglary. He knew that he was wanted or soon would be wanted. He'd been responded by allegedly physically attacking an officer. Trying to lawfully detained him. He was much larger and stronger than the officer. You know that's that's possible. But whoever sent this text doesn't know for sure that that's exactly. What happened. -- somehow contacted. Michael Michael Brown from. And it is beyond. And channeled him or contacted him from beyond it to figure out exactly what was going on and there are still things we don't know. If an officer is attacked. And is somebody's attacking an officer somebody's an art. If you going for the guard and it's only a matter of of a second between somebody being armed and unarmed. So it is possible that the officer acted properly. But then what I I hear people call and say. Well he was in the street and he just did this robbery and any he he's he's guilty well. We don't know those six we don't know what the officer -- I'm just hoping and praying for justice. And we don't know what justice should be at this point. Even though some have it all figured out. From New Orleans author you're on WWL. Yes. I'm part about art and -- -- -- yeah shot. You know -- -- yesterday. -- What are. Well first of all I have a problem -- -- somebody who was a police officer. Who. -- judge all blacks because all right at the higher percentage is -- portion about crimes are committed by blacks. As a police -- -- you still can't you can't pass judgment you have to be careful when you approach somebody in -- -- you can't pass it kind of judgment. Right he did included requiring all. Netanyahu well. Now I know it -- it bothers me when I hear people say things like that. -- Well I'm not gonna pass judgment on everybody realism and or shore everybody's whites and everybody who used to be a police officer based on his opinion. Thoughts are glad you called Sharia apparently -- says no longer a police officer here's a quick update until I seven W a pretty general opinion poll. Did the NFL make the right decision to ban the use of the slapped you -- logo during the six broadcast 31% say yes 69% say no. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- counseling as we've been talking about tonight. Does served as your high school or get eight and a half hours sleep. According to the American academy of pediatrics high school students. She gets a half hour sleep. And so generally high school should start no earlier than 830 because kids are not getting enough sleep. So how much sleep to your teenager dead how much sleep do you get a sort of things atomic -- we'll talk about tomorrow morning -- you offers news with Tommy Tucker. Tomorrow morning from 610 here and to be a -- last year Miley Cyrus -- Lotta controversy with her sexually charged performance networking and hold. Tongue thing which I thought was really juvenile and stupid but I mean she's she's young. I don't know one who would find -- attractive but I guess it's not for me to judge Miley Cyrus is is being handled by people who seem to know exactly what they're doing. Miley Cyrus is not the first person who has done this there was Madonna and there have been others who have. John outrageous things that I I think some people forget last night the MTV video music -- Roland. And some people may forget that Madonna caused quite a controversy and I think it was 1984. When she performed like a -- And I think that was the first year the MTV video music awards. In in 84. Everybody the story including MTV was trying to convince Madonna and not to do like a virgin. And she was set on doing it and she did it and that's -- the controversy. So this is that the first and has been controversy so last year. Miley Cyrus stirred up this controversy with a sixty charged performance. I don't think this is gonna make anybody. Then it's a concern that it's going to inspire sexual behavior and young generation. But last night Miley Cyrus won the award for the best video for wrecking ball. But instead of making the acceptance speech herself. She had a young men. Who is a teenager in Los Angeles. Was homeless. Famous Jesse. He made the acceptance speech for her on behalf of the homeless. And here's what he had to say last night and making acceptance speech. And his Jesse. And I am except in the -- on behalf of the one point six million runaways and homeless. In the United States. Were starving Lawson scared for their lives right now. I know this because someone of these people. If you wanna make powerful change in the world right now please join us and go to my distaste -- fish and dreamy. I thought that was but that was ago a good moment mean is this change Miley Cyrus is direction is suits she used a different person now. Last year there was the working in the tongue stuff and go live the activity with. I don't noted that the stuffed animals. Relievers kind of a weird performance and I didn't really understand that again that she's not a appealing to me. I and this year Miley Cyrus brings attention to homeless teenagers. And support in this speech it is lucky he made some reference to. On defected to the industry. Generates so much revenue. And there was an implication that the industry could do more to hire. Teenagers. Who are lost. Scared. Runaways. And there's always going to be this divide between. Those who have and those who don't have. It's unfortunate but it's not always the case of those who have. Using their influence. To take care of everybody who needs to be taking care now when I say taking care of I don't mean. Literally taking care of but there are people who. There are people who were on the street. Who could actually do a better job that some people who have a job. And they've fallen through the cracks for some reason they just can't break out of the situation there in there are a lot of homeless people who just don't care. -- homeless people who love their life because they don't have any rules to follow. They don't have rules compared to the rules that you and I -- They don't wanna go to shelters they don't wanna get help because they don't want to follow the rules. Many of mental problems they have drug and alcohol problems I understand August. But I think -- -- -- did -- -- in this this young homeless guy from Los Angeles were trying to make. Was that. Why can't an industry. That. Brings in so much money why can't that industry employee everybody needs to be employed. And I think that this is actually. You know it's it's a ridiculous. Question to last because. There's never been a direct. Relationship between. The businesses in the industries that have been those who who have them there's always going to be that that divide so it is unfortunate. That this will will always be the case. I would I would hope that everybody would do whatever they could to help somebody. That d.s help. And I mentioned earlier in the show and I've I've talked about this before living downtown. I mean I don't think I have much. But when you when your. Encountering people who were literally homeless. Every day and every night. It reminds you that what little you have. Is a hell of a lot more than what other people. And maybe it's from from their own choice they -- their own decisions whatever the does that matter. You live in the suburbs. You don't see the homeless on a regular basis the way people live downtown -- It's of areas of of cities not -- where it was but in any city for that matter you don't see him. With that kind of regularity. Now if you park downtown you obviously see homeless people on a regular basis. And I would hope that they if you do see many of the people on the street that you do appreciate how much you had. And how wealthy and so many different ways you -- are even if you're not wealthy. In terms of a bank account or. Fancy car. So under the law always fetus in this disconnect between -- you'll be you know there's. There's such a booming industry in Hollywood and yet there's people who are homeless on the street unfortunately. That's. Just a natural function of society that shouldn't be but it is if you join us for the comic tonight our numbers 260187. And toll free 8668890. -- semi tech's number is 87870. Are we gonna talk a little bit more about this slap your mama controversy that's the -- blog tonight. It's on our website at WW well -- come. Here is attacks to that reads Michael Brown was 35 feet from the officer. I guess there's just so much. There's so much that we have yet to conclusively determine. And the thing that I find most distressing about all of this is that so many people know exactly what happened. But it's based on what they think happened what they want to have happened rather than what really happened. This is the -- show. And recovered like that Clinton if you. The saints look degrades in their -- three to seventeen win over the -- Saturday night in Indianapolis Brees played his first and probably his last pre season game. The saints ran the ball well they pass the ball they forced turnovers on defense the final pre season game is this Thursday night. In Mercedes-Benz superdome against the Baltimore Ravens last night on fourth down on for Mike -- chilly -- -- Said that he thinks the saints and the New England Patriots. Are likely to be in the Super Bowl. Also on nfl.com. The web sites there is an article by Bucky Brooks. Titled. New Orleans Saints could ride explosive offense to the Super Bowl here's part of what the article says since Sean -- arrival in 2006 -- New Orleans Saints consistently a field of one of the most explosive offenses in football. But this year is installment in addition. To be the most dynamic and personal unit I've ever seen under his direction. Now I know that's quite a statement. Based on the fireworks typically produced in the superdome. But the saints have assembled an offense like an offensive line up but it lacks a glaring weakness. Combined that with the fearless play calling of Payton who boast a keen understanding of how to maximize schemes. And personal deployment. And New Orleans could feel the scariest offense. In 2014. And that's happening at a time when the defense. Is coming together. So this could be a great year. But it's far too soon. To predict where the saints -- gonna end up. All the pieces seem to be in place. By this. Is also something that. Depends on -- being healthy. And that my guy you know for those people who who wanted Drew Brees to play in every pre season game look what happened -- Saint Louis ramps. Sam Bradford. Tore his ACL. Second time is toward the same ACL while would get a different. ACL but he beat the toward again. He's out for the season. So Munich and have I've I've I've I've had to ACL reconstruction operations. Went from running it went from. A snowboarding and it's really tough to come back from now he said now he should recognize it rip the same one twice. So. He sells for the years really hard to come back from that that I'm not saying that he won't come back and I really admire any answer the site I know what it's like to charter to rehab from that. And I just can't imagine playing football mean I'd buy a jog and I'm still snowboard and do things I wanna do. By two just like I can't imagine getting back on the field after after doing them but the things can happen even in the in the pre season and we've we've seen it happen with the with these players. In the past but right now the team looks really great but injuries play a major role in where -- gonna end up -- remind you that our coverage of the final pre season game Thursday. Begins at 3 o'clock this Thursday afternoon. A first take with our president pro former saints offensive lineman -- court -- Manassas -- from Oceanic real. 730 non -- tie in the French Quarter -- -- just steps away from Bourbon Street. As a great place to go feared especially gonna be downtown for the gamer you're downtown and in here from work you're gonna go to the get go to -- integral first the food is sensational. The atmosphere straight. And it's 5 o'clock it's the Bud -- countdown to kickoff meet Bobby beer and Mercedes-Benz superdome. It's 7 o'clock Thursday night it's a kick off with the best play by play team in football. The voice of the saints Jim Henderson -- color analyst -- guy shot and sings silent reporter Christian -- that after the game join the cajun cannon and the big chief. But the point after until 1 AM. It's ten hours a wall to wall -- coverage Thursday on sinks radio new here right here on the big 870 AM at 1053 FM. WW well. So it is saints are aren't looking really good and a lot of people saying great things about the saints' Drew Brees looked. Looked phenomenal. And so he's kind of quarterback in and has the experience that he has. He does it really need to be in every pre season game and it doesn't look likely that he's even go to. -- play is this weekend which again save him save him for the season opener. I like the fact it will be talking about this before the season over I like the fact that the saints are playing on the road. Against the Atlanta Falcons. For the first game of the season. You know last year the the saints were not known is a really strong road team. And may be preparing for a team like the falcons. And what they're still hated there's still a big rivalry even though they might not be the potent team they were. I mean you never know it's still the Atlanta Falcons and anything can happen in a game. But may be preparing for that game on the road for the first game of the season maybe that will make the saints a better tougher road team throughout the season. I'm from gulf port wing -- on WWL. It could be. Good. Great character. Ever -- on -- barometer -- the ball it looked. Up and down. And talk about it is down. -- -- -- Award percent up for a pre judge kicked off the page let's talk about construction. Option is local police -- -- -- -- what -- C let's give them informational Indo. Well I'd put it to seven million to some degree here right now. Sure so sure that you pull up a pre law and a story. Big four pick in the -- They see somebody walk them down the street. Pete or jingle all open. -- -- trumpet. Correct it via boat in the street. They had no problems. -- think you'll that 90%. Of the problem and in racial tension. He beat war all that -- -- the perception. Albeit. Or copying apple. Are truly believe me -- that black -- eight. People. -- Policeman pay white people. The option off of very small respect and well people want to look like not been put in on these. There are there are people who project bad ass attitude in and -- -- icy terror quite often downtown and they just -- walking around or driving around its. It is unfortunate but you know the problem with that I mean I understand what you're saying -- but you can't shoot somebody. For having a bad -- attitude. -- -- -- -- -- That the whole issue at this point is. Went out and went on opposite or myself or somebody you have. Did you happen to prospective. Not a judgment but perspective to view but it culpable albeit -- away from. Well I -- -- I I'd I totally I totally agree with your analogy for easy priest it's easy in nine if you see a young black dark horse you CO white to punk on the street you gonna approach each one of those. With a different and with a different Springfield -- IT. It did drugs you know what our corporate does not -- did did is that. It's so hard to -- Truth to hit everything on -- on that you know because. I know I know I'd go to people look like -- that's really not go out. He got up there more and you don't know at all as he walked college outlook and what the book you know what ball all day. Well as his big difference between looking like a thug and acting like a -- I understand. The -- but he couldn't go. Out and you -- a problem. Wait and -- importantly he should be can be addressed the. I could win the argument could be made that the mean this with this hit back in the sixties that well you know I shouldn't be able to Wear long hair I -- idea to put an American flag in the back in my jacket because Captain America -- and an easy rider because of police will judge that. I I should be able to do those things. I think it is -- wayward at lightning -- a few. And you learn that in -- racial tension. And really the speed of -- pretty. -- could come a long way a long way into it. And blow -- situations -- that it could. I agree -- I've got to get to break I appreciate you calling we'll be right back on every WL. We're getting some heavy rain in downtown New Orleans if you are on the causeway there is some very heavy rain right now the causeway be -- and drive carefully I guess is as one of those times when. You don't have to tell people turn their lights on. A lot of people driver and the daytime when it's it was storming as dark and it can turn their lights on I wonder if those are the same people who ignite if they turn their lights off. When they're driving it right and right heavy rain coming in from a new world sees discovering new worlds he's right now by denials. Between the interstate in the lake between Metairie -- there's a really heavy thunderstorm. Greg is about to get hits it -- we're gonna answer to that was a 60% chance of rain all day. And it turned out to be if for the most part of a sunny day so we're getting he says showers late and apparently this is gonna move right on through here. And it will be out here by tomorrow and a chance of rain increases a little bit too toward the weekend we'll have a lot of time to talk about that. Here's a final update until I said the W a project -- people. -- did the NFL make the right decision to ban the use of the -- you -- logo during the -- broadcast. 49% say yes 71% say no give assure opinion by going to WWL dot com. And death he would join me on Twitter is acts -- WWL. And my FaceBook pages scoots on the year and you could always communicate with me we can always have a conversation. Through email. Email address is -- at WWL radio. I wanted to started W you -- not -- what do think John quicker studio producer have a great evening if you're in the rain drive carefully. -- New Orleans.