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8-26 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Aug 26, 2014|

Dave talks about the Emmy's, Saints, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this August 26 2014. -- it is to choose a week means it's not Monday yes thank goodness -- -- -- take both your hands. Put him out in front view and make you forests most prepared and give yourself a little congratulatory fist bump I'll go and yeah you -- -- -- through Monday and here we aren't too far. Cause it's not Monday ladies and gentleman's that in and of itself with something and I think you should be prepared progress not to be proud. Is. Eighteen year old Terry Jones. Who allegedly. Robbed a mother and her infant child. Of -- diaper man. Just down the street from the Slidell police department. And the right word news. Thank goodness. Neither the thirty year old woman nor her infant child were injured. But. -- -- Had to pay his probation fees according to slide down but not so he sticks up a woman is holding an incident. Thinking he stealing her purse according to detective -- and but instead steals the diaper bag which he says that nothing of significant value. Now unless you're a mother who as a -- with a dirty diaper in the clean diapers are. Pretty significant value yes but if you're looking for black market value now Annan are going to be easier to type -- hey -- -- -- -- And that's gonna give them the money needed for a probation now. The Orioles can't make this stuff flop now and and and I am gonna go action -- eighteen year old Terry Jones who we understand is innocent until proven guilty. Buy it has allegedly confessed according to police ride in the people five immediately. Obama and we've got more details on that at WW well. Dot com com. The ME awards -- -- -- yeah the little awarded out to be honest with -- A ball you did the MTV thing I know watch the MTV -- views and video music awards on Sunday night and then the Emmy Awards on Monday. That's a lot of award it is and yeah obviously they can't have embarked on one night or drive people crazy yet but back to back nights and watch a -- and hours of watching award. Yeah it's a little too much. Ash by. I did think that the tribute to Robin Williams was. Touching -- that it was done well. And and in a little -- -- a lot of people died since the last Emmy Awards and they did the in memorial. And you know they discount waited to the end -- okay now that we tell everybody else who died now we're really talk about the only care about now. And Billy Crystal came out and did make us laugh and they showed some great clips from Robin Williams over the years. And it was well done room you know I wonder about the families of the other people who died who. You know it is but the picture -- there it. Obviously Robin Williams beings to resent and having such an impact on television the Emmys. Do little bit extra for. Any impact it's so many people. It's I don't remember a celebrity. Death of any kind in recent years were -- it was like one week later people were still buzzing about it. That was that of course breaking bad was gonna do dual bully you know I feel. Bad for anybody else who had to go up against breaking bad in its final opportunity to win Emmys -- You know that the voters were swayed by the fact that the show is gone it was critically acclaimed accurate ratings. IU was no one of your favorite probably ya know last season was just oh boy. You knockout mutate breaking bad out of the scenario and I think -- detected -- right here in Portland and across Louisiana. Probably would have cleaned up any other year -- it -- -- -- -- I believe your absolutely right because it was right. It really was and I I wish that it. Somehow the could have -- -- them you know. -- we got some women who want how about not yeah a couple of women who were involved in Hollywood south right here in new house. Who walked away and you awards all the details. Of the common -- felt more. Yes we well thank you David he's David -- I'm gave Tony the early edition of WWL first news now I national day is today follow its national dog today. And national women's equality day. Are right -- -- -- dissent but those two days on the same day strange national dog day. And national women's equality. No -- user ice cream -- -- national -- national they counted outcome well only two days for today. So you can beat pies and -- in the if you want but -- you're not celebrating and it particularly today I'm Dave -- the saints have to cut their roster. Fifteen people get the -- today. Victor Butler among them that surprised as Steve Gallo knows more about that coming up next in sports we'll take a look your forecasting more of those. Crazy heavy rain showers like the ones that moved through late last night. Headed for us today we'll find out. From the pin point forecaster and meteorologist -- about to thank you so much for joining us on this -- that is not Monday. But the and -- David Blake will be joining. -- -- Doing its sensational work this afternoon at 1 o'clock tell you what's trending in news sports. And everything else social media and entertainment. Coming up at 1 o'clock I am so honored and privileged and powerful and went on important people. I it's at the saints have to cut from nine the to 75 today which is with the NFL rules say. But saints' sideline reporter Kristian -- called me and let me know that'd be going into the -- game there were only at 86 and then they cut four more players yesterday. So now they just have to cut seven -- players. All that are left to cut for the saints get down 75 today. And then they'll be another round cuts because they gotta get down to 53 before the real season began more on that coming up right now you forecast. Or your Tuesday partly cloudy skies highs right at 91 at 830% chance -- spotty storms -- chances up just a little bit on Wednesday and Thursday. To 40% both afternoons so partly cloudy. Although the high around 9291. The pinpoint forecast setter and -- just Clark backed out. Man -- last night with some strong showers move through affair remnants of those are still around along the coast and a few other places in May find a shower here or there or otherwise mostly cloudy at the airport in Kenner. Eighty degrees northeast wind at six miles an hour we have a relative humidity at 85% in Slidell. Where it's clear and 74 degrees to get your morning starts. -- sports morning started Steve Geller. Seven rights as players will be shown the door today. In addition to those who are -- been let go from rosters they've moved through training camp with ninety players. So getting out of 53. Yeah hope drew wasn't one of those cuts he wasn't at practice yesterday. Yeah I want to ask your airline Drew Brees and if we've really found out yet. So we'll talk about that with Steve Geller and everything else in this sports report. Good morning everybody happy Tuesday today marks the final day of saints training camp and the team will trim down its roster to 75 by 3 o'clock. -- coach Sean Payton on the difficulties of cutting players. The most important thing is is -- right 53 and it's it's one thing you coach is always fear is that did you get enough. A valuation on every player. Wide receiver indeed it was one of those three cuts made yesterday. Meanwhile saints' sideline reporter Christian Garrett reports that linebacker Victor Butler will be among those let go later today. Butler missed all of 2013 with a torn ACL and is now played in any pre season contests this year due to an injury. Tampa Bay Bucs coach Lovie Smith has confirmed he was going to meet with offensive lineman Richie in -- -- 1 of the central figures of the bullying scandal that engulfed the Miami Dolphins last season. Smith also caution caution though that the visit may not necessarily and the free to guard resuming his career with a box. Arizona Cardinals safety to ram Matthew is also close to making a quicker than expected return to the team back he's coming back from surgery. From a torn ACL and LCL suffered during week fourteen last year. He remains optimistic about being ready for Arizona's season opener against San Diego. -- thirteenth ranked LSU is now just four days away from the season opener against number fourteen Wisconsin. It remains a mystery to the public will be the starting quarterback for the tigers coach less miles is staying tight lipped. But says that -- Jennings and Brad Harris will both play in the game. We're not certain if we were certain that I promise shall we play that. One guy that would give us all the advantage but it's two guys can give us greater advantage than one guy. Then -- let's certainly play to. And Tiger Woods announced on his website that he's leading swing coach -- full -- after four years and no majors. Woods has had back trouble last year and it's taking the next three months to get stronger. They have -- sports talk you from head coach Sean Payton in key scenes players after the final day of training camp. Who will make it past the initial cuts I'm Steve Geller that your early morning look at sports. I guess we should address this right now because he's scared the crap out of people just a few minutes ago Drew Brees and no show at practice yesterday. Let's make it perfectly clear he is not getting caught though it was a joke -- have to walk -- saints. But many questions about where is Drew -- well we saw Brittany and the rest of the -- showed up for a training camp practice I believe it was Sunday. She looked like she was ready to pops oh. Speculation is nine months -- writes it looked like that speculation started amongst us in the media going well -- -- it -- the hospital. And Sean Payton was -- after practice about that and he wouldn't say. Too much only that it was he Brees was excused for a family matter and that we should be finding out shortly I haven't seen anything on whose Twitter page about it. Now arrival yet I just checked through a Twitter page he's -- we did a few things in the last 24 hours but it hasn't really isn't anything significant. I did enjoy wet heat weeded though. At 1240. -- while Twitter time at specific times it was 2:40 AM. On August 24 so this was after they came back from Indy. He's at cruising down saint Charles avenue headed home from the game windows down blasting the stroke. By Billy Squier I just need a 79 trans -- Gotta figure he was through to buy you blast that right here today 2:30 AM. That it Drew Brees. Wake everybody up uptown. Root isn't down saint Charles avenue play in the stroke. But that's -- a. As I saw it to a got a good chuckle -- withdrew his note this enjoyed his time and I guess when it's. You know we got a little mild evening he enrolled on the windows and not be black -- The let's keep -- to -- this these avenues by himself drive another with the windows down Boston. Classic rock and singing probably at full pit stops -- maybe -- and Wednesday will with the drumbeat of like a regular guy. Guess -- -- -- it as an accurate one. Today a hundred million dollar contract by the get it today again right now that it thank -- -- looked like it when it madness and sports. Iran WWL. AM mask them and dot now. Five point seven okay Sheldon master control. -- mysteries impersonation and blast and the stroke and it's -- your forecast. A mix of stunning clouds very warm and humid again but close to normal highs about 91 is what we should hit later on. Turkey spotty downpours working and 30% chance today topping out at 20% overnight. And Wednesday and Thursday -- and 9291. -- after earnings every chance is just a bit higher at 40%. For the pinpoint forecast setter -- -- urologist Clark. Now there are few scattered showers still left over from that blast of rain we got late last night otherwise mostly cloudy at the airport eighty degrees and -- slide out clear. And 74 degrees I'm Dave -- at the early edition. WWL first -- vaccinated 77 to. Just one question. Why would anyone watch that much award shows. Well I just feel it's kind of my responsibility. As the host this program to kind of know what's going on and pop culture's so that if I have to talk about it I cancel I want. The bulk of the MTV video music awards. And the can't the Emmy Awards last night I have some more thoughts on the coming up. Coming up. Wrong with people tell -- about why a flight had to be diverted because mile couple people want and capital what is wrong with people final. You know that more after the news here at WWL IMF and the dot com happy not Monday 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the. While we already up to August 26 just about over. And Tuesday. I had an Afghan I think that usually congratulate yourself for making it through Monday so. Make you -- hold up the hair give yourself a finger to congratulatory. Fist in here. Act -- break -- what do you know how. No. Hitter got carried away with the celebration here. A plane bloody knuckles here. That is the kid by the knuckles and never did -- -- other kids playing in that -- open this thing in the world. Out of their -- and you just punch each other in the knuckles until someone starts bleeding and says I pop. -- instantly that yeah they do is you can never played no I didn't -- on nine that's the. Our system please don't do that again giving me horrible flashbacks of childhood now ground here to witness that so kids. Punching each other's faiths outfits on his gentle easy. -- -- Knives and everybody's doing it it's -- -- sanitary as close as you can people do the high and open their hand real page after they do it. Some people. Discount. The B level rituals and in others between handshakes and ritual. Of the first person narrative fist bump to me was my doctor. -- -- You open the -- you know the -- examining room came and I don't and here comes a fist bump. I don't to do it. Yeah I didn't see it on television I AM when power outages kind of OK Juan and makes cents. Who doesn't need to shake everybody's hand -- god now with some desperate for -- I am baffled and befuddled by a picture them looking at a WWL dot com. A bright blue. Lobster. I mean this thing -- lol -- wanna vote lead out of Maine lobster and says he and his fourteen year old daughter. Caught the one in two million cross station. The blue. Lobster. Says that. The picked it up around 10:45 AM Saturday. And as he and his daughter were on and traps and it is there a delight and surprise. A fourteen year old girl founded which people one of the -- Imus is super got -- W all the economic click on I BetaNews throw it in the pot and needed. I was wondering now -- they boil it what color would it turn it's gonna have probably guys you know the kind of aquarius ground just like. You know I'd just like a crawfish when you -- yeah -- usually most of -- are dark green collar -- but it turned red hot water. But we will not find out what -- this lobster turns one boiled grill does. The story as a happy ending for the lobster. Megan who is the fourteen year old girl has named its guy -- In donated to the Maine state aquarium. Far from any dinner rolls were melted. -- Has three other blue lobsters. And an orange one. She accident he says this person she -- a little you know. Lobsters are so delicious -- god I'd be so tempted to want it now. Yeah but I icing the value of its and one and a million -- you're -- two to the -- Now about to do with it but it is pretty striking so (%expletive) go to WW -- -- not checked out out and take a look at that. It's very for -- -- melt any butter just look at the picture well maybe you wanna go get a lot Terry you. While some -- which is not really the -- not. -- act like David -- and about twenty minutes more first is Chris Miller joins us from plaque commenced -- Should a roster Florian be allowed to keep his long dreadlocks even though it violates the school dress -- He says it's for religious reasons -- on Mormon coming up. With David in the news at 6 o'clock. Oh god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News pinpoint forecast center and stated more paying -- Don't -- meteorologist for a month now I'll idea I don't know how you do. It. Yeah it's Tuesday it's not Monday -- -- -- yeah that's no consolation to you -- Tuesday but that's as -- -- do your own congratulatory fist -- tomorrow moralist who -- We're doing it today you'll do with them doing it to well now we can. A man I was caught in a rainstorm last night where you how well I yeah. I had to watch the Emmy award. Seconds PM arguing this does and it was like ten I. Think that's that's a. Now home. Only you're -- -- via that and other people go out. Currently. I don't. And and anyway but I was like wow and it wasn't just a little drizzle that things -- was. Thunderstorm that well wrap up on yeah and I have all that I have gone. Yeah it's all gone the streets so wet at this point so if you waking up like me going. Minute rain. Because if you were asleep at 7 o'clock that yet because we get those thunderstorms late last night and act as they actually did here a couple of rumbles of thunder -- Kind of piqued by my eye opening checked my radar often quick to to make sure it was an evening this is an -- you eliminate aren't your editor at what I -- I found by my head and it's -- -- -- -- at the jacket yeah I don't ever get that life fully relax and sleep I guess -- -- vacation always got one year. You know worried there's going to be some kind of weather phenomenon going on that after a couple of rumbles that -- that that's long gone this morning it's just the coastal showers early on. And -- downpours are expected for later to. And is this really weird vision bedroom with like these huge screens and and radars and like -- -- on the road map on the topic that we are -- -- protect my rate. Yeah whenever there's bad weather coming through my poor husband I have like three laptop -- up on different things I'll have I had by the floor. And I Ralph that alarm and wake up like every hour on the hour and make sure you ask where's he's at -- and. To tell people say that's clear evidence of a -- each other -- -- that clear evidence that somebody is committed right to helping her community by always being on the job. Basis which you gotta do yet as -- of the night that I'll get a whole lot of sleep that you might like this they'll alarms going off again I'm like yes but said it every hour on the hour sorry babe. So but all those laptops and then tablets and computers and doppler radars are showing not much right now. No I just a 30% later today it's a couple of bodies of the South Shore may feel a little bit more than -- -- if you're north of like -- to drink. It may be a little dryer and little hotter for you. Now all right stand but not quite as oppressively hot as we have. How normal he would just feel hot at this time a year 91 -- our average -- -- be right around there in 1991. Audibly through that we. Variety of folks a little chance of a shower but otherwise just kind of warm astonished. All week long -- -- you around the world. Did you know that there is a device. You probably did that your mother's a flight that public need defending their right after I read. Historians warn that this -- you do -- you ever heard of this thing yet or their their idol out on on that most flights and I know what he can't break it to fight on because -- person in front EU. -- be able to recline -- right well apparently someone decided that they were going to bring this on a flight. That was supposed to be from New Jersey to Denver writes. But they use this thing called the knee defender of the present prevent the person in front of them from reclining at high -- to Google I don't know what it looks. Well yes you know what it looks like I I don't I'm reading about it somehow it keeps the -- person came out and use the ice and it from being able to work. Well so the United Airlines flight was diverted to Chicago. After the two passengers got into it over this reclining seats tonight. That started when one of the passengers use the need offender preventing the president from reclining want ports an official says. A woman asked the man to please allow -- To lean back. And recline and he refused. So they sent Pollard and fight an -- -- became such a big deal that the flight crews did you know what. We're gonna land this plane. After taking two off here while she threw a couple water at hand and and now they -- you know that we don't need this -- them off the point of a land at Chicago get them off the plane. Authorities say they were not charged with any criminal charges. They didn't there. Disobedience in raise that level but they could face civil fine. William hat and a -- that the one thing in that we. She asked a recently I mean have you ever had somebody very rarely -- people turn around. The person behind them and say. Do you mind if I mean I like the Mac but it's time it's -- well you know it has come back to Latvia you I'd get a time to prepare your -- goes everywhere yet that. I mean at least CC. I mean left asking after she couldn't even make it definitely it for a winner go back it's like -- -- you. Whatever you're doing and you stop doing it's -- and back at it now. The problem I -- the fact that it's not there and -- -- to -- while out on planes at a cut out out out you know. But I understand you'll want to openly in him back on yet but c'mon. I'll just be friends in the air -- You lean back and an expert I mean it it's a domino effect apple logo yes -- -- an audience that it count that person at a stand up at a football game and -- -- the -- -- -- that you have to stand up right behind -- wanted to. Right. I think that kind of a yeah I'm cool the present economy when McNamee and I think that's needed -- that's -- -- yours -- -- well I ask is the person next to me. Stay in their own belt dumping out of my -- -- your head over on my shoulder when you play socially and what about the arm rest who gets the -- you do it's gonna have to work that. Yeah I think it's if it's wrote the re in the middle for the arm Grameen Bank acted crappy. The date again thank you Laura and have a -- -- down at that point where sports Steve -- -- for the saint. By the way but thanks guys who had -- -- defended device in the why would people file cloture if the woman deserves that you shouldn't just -- the sentiment that -- throwing water. Tolerance agreement. Hollering and screaming at the saints can't. Gotta make cuts today at the last practice of training camp. You haven't seen the saints practiced yet want to you today's your last chance as we hear from Steve Geller and what Nancy. Good morning David and happy Tuesday everyone besieged rebel training camp today and also must trim on the roster to 75 players by 3 o'clock. Receiver -- has already among the team cuts and -- -- reporter Christian Derek says expect a linebacker Victor Butler to be let go later today. With this afternoon's practice being -- final day of training camp coach Sean Payton was asked if they start preparing for week one of the regular season yet. No we're not for an extra time in the Atlanta week. It's really fundamentals. So it's really more areas that we feel like we still need to work on. Today's practice is open to the public and starts at 11 AM. Cardinals safety to -- Matthew is close to making a quicker than expected return to the team. Matthew and inside linebacker Kevin -- are optimistic he'll be ready for Arizona season opener against San Diego. Matthews coming back from surgery to repair a torn ACL and LCL suffered during week fourteen last season. Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles and safety Eric Berry have returned to practice after dealing with injuries Barry missed most of the past couple of weeks with a heel injury. Charles has been out the past few pre season games after hurting his foot -- moving out of the dorms at chiefs training camp. Washington Redskins safety Brandon -- Mayweather. Has been suspended for the first two games of the regular season for -- too ahead of a receiver. UN FL announced the suspension saying it's the sixth time that meriwether has violated rules aimed at improving players' safety. -- -- has not been named yet LSU coach less miles the stated that both quarterbacks if -- Jennings and Brendan Harris. Will play in their season opener against Wisconsin. Miles that's how both perform we'll determine how long the team goes with eight to QB system. At some point -- time that guy would be our starter after he determined you know that it was an advantage to Eckstein to play him in all situations. From start to finish. That separation is not a Kirk. The tigers and -- kick off at 8 PM Saturday right here on WWL. Therefore on sports talk here from saints head coach Sean Payton in key players after the final day of training camp. Who will make it past the initial cuts I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. I'm 53 days -- on Steve Geller with you on your radio -- 11 o'clock this morning weather permitting. Fans can go out and see the saints practiced since the last chance you have to do that until next year. After the season is over because this is it after this they closed practice everything secret as they get ready for the race yet what would have -- -- today's temperatures are going to be like kind of weren't 1991. Heat index under comment -- last night that yesterday was gorgeous we have -- -- -- an overcast the breeze coming through so. That was a good practice yet for that it was a breeze coming through but there was no breeze on the field people are texting any news on Drew Brees he was a practice yesterday. I don't guess we should expect them to be at practice today -- -- wait to hear his daughter has been born. And if the fourth addition to the -- family has arrive -- looking forward to hearing about that and what the new babies named Shelby I know we had a run on these for a while until last. Boy three boys and now finally his first girl. She is going to be spoiled rotten he's only girl the youngest of all the children. You talk about difference. Well and I tell you the three boys they were going out and practiced with -- on Sunday they're all flight -- it all like oh man that poor girl is in force that. -- We'll be in for more sports in fifteen minutes here at WWL IMF now we'll take a look at your forecast if they had not saints camp this afternoon. After the. -- -- -- -- in for the next four hours on what you got coming up -- will be able to talk about. The saints bigger rivals in the NFL is that the traditional divisional one's door Eric -- from the 49ers say now its its teams and better would block each other from the suitable for example forty niners Seattle etc. yet to get pants so the question is is. Is the rivalry now bigger with the falcons -- the Seahawks I guess that's how I kind of picture or argue anymore -- the 49ers I think it's. And they get a win the division first and I think the real big rivals now because this internal -- team would be the other relief teams that we -- I can -- -- yadda let's -- -- -- talk about high schoolers get -- eight and a half hours of sleep. That's our yet. You plug this thing that. Yes -- two different stories now but it might be a I'll receive repeated it a victory not Monday folks Tommy's.