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8-26 6:15am Tommy, Saints biggest rival?

Aug 26, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clark Judge, a senior NFL writer & co-host of the Talk of Fame, about who the Saints biggest rivals are

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Blake is a positive way to start the day attacks comes an -- starting quarterback newsletters miles quote just now idiotic you name leaders starting quarterback -- is a blank blank and boy what a way to start today. -- a blank blank and it's lovely I guarantee you whoever this is if for whatever reason one -- is ninth in the done the starters and they're -- yet to come right out -- put my again up to put men innocent and it the other guy doesn't -- I was able put him back again. Yeah I just don't want this season through turn into one of those. I you know the switching around the due to the dual quarterback and never has worked for it doesn't seem to him it doesn't -- -- worker. Against Hewitt the last thing in the tree at the right guys I would only presume that the competition is. Very very close -- -- every yesterday I was talking kidding around about. Com answered these property in Belle chase might be known him I certainly again. And -- get inquiries. Well what happened is a real estate agent came out yesterday. And took a look around a property. Which -- and over those of you that have been through it no. And you know how they can go with. It's different opinions and name yeah yeah you get your feelings hurt well because sometimes they're very very honest -- mine. Gave me a number. And I called it she said look I know exactly which -- mean as a friend McCain as a friend it's the real estate agent. Give me -- very honest evaluation she took a look around and Sidney -- Take this number column that take care you know you know tend to be much. -- -- Wow this thing you do is bring out the -- dumpsters in the paint. Front loaders guns and just stared down. -- just -- on down. It's. Not a -- figure -- -- I find interesting is David and I are pretty hard boiled people and cynical because you know we've been -- this time -- you do at those -- you get real cynical. And we listened and want stability -- -- facility Emmys last night and we watched Billy chris' tribute to Robin Williams and it touched us and move doesn't you can see that the easiest ways of that -- WL dot com click on my agent -- funded under. Tommy's videos but yet I've heard different things in different people who watched it in context and didn't think in my job now I have heard the same thing kind of kind of mixed reviews yeah but and -- if you watch this. Just by itself and I can't speak to the shield is again that in C yeah but it it was one of the few legitimate. -- -- Sincere. Loving things that I have seen on TV in a long time because. You know let's face it TVs generally known that now it was from the heart and I think you could feel -- would just listening to it and and you said you've got the video of the whole thing. But it is amazing how he sees something in context you get a completely different feel for the -- -- -- isolated. And we take a look -- to think. We're to talk about the saints in the rivals Eric Reed former tiger now 49ers. Says the saints arrivals not because he's pleaded Ellie -- but because there among the NFC's elite. Says that -- losing interest in conversation and as to whether. The saints rivals are the traditional falcons. Buccaneers at Panthers. Or because the NF this saints now or definitely one of the NFC's elite teams. Are the rivals the people that could keep them out of the Super Bowl. For example San Francisco. Seattle yeah. Tom Green Day even I think you make the case for events and Amy column and to think it to six point seven Neitzel three. 866889087. In the American academy of pediatrics is high schools should begin no earlier than 830. No earlier I'm trying to think back in the day I think we had it was -- I cannot now remember saying yeah I wanna say eight. And now it's 715 I think is Stan schools arts but they say that's -- early while lacy teenagers need eight and a half hours sleep and of course the question I have is no matter how long -- But it office. They're just gonna stay up later we're right back to where we started exam they're gonna do what they're gonna do that I think in an electric power monthly -- -- Louisiana has one of the lower prices in the nation when it comes a retail customers does that right yes so do you watch the thermostat like a penny pinching hawk. We're pigeon or -- splurge and make it feel like wintertime in your house during the summer. I'm splurge -- are not watch it pretty carefully -- -- are you got a 75. Ebony five but it would you smoke it -- raised -- to all of you go to 75 a I got an -- -- him to go outside your house to cool off now. Everybody's cigarettes to now the American cancer society and hardest association of votes and my -- a good last resort to help smokers to capitol talking about smoking -- Hannity cigarettes center. Had a full day here advocate the phone will be right back on that it anyway. Tuesday August when he 6 patchy morning fog possible and partly cloudy hot humid 30% chance for isolated showers or thunderstorms. And downpours possible highs around 91 to feel like 952105. Right now it's eighty and -- afternoon actually not to -- outside new late and a clouds and cloud covering a breeze blowing. Clark judge joins us right now senior NFL writer and co hosts of the talk of fame no -- in on -- ready -- my opinion apple. Which is Google is the biggest saints rival of the saints' biggest rival Atlanta Seattle the 49ers someone -- and Eric read them. Started only issue now plays the 49ers and you know line. It's changed and now it's the NFC's elite teams that would stand in each -- way to get to the Super Bowl morning Clark made on. Could tell me what you think of the rivals. Change in for the NFC's elite teams and who would you classify as an elite team in the NFC. Well and an elite team I'd classify. Francisco and Seattle mean does that Tibet -- -- -- up there and there's no question norms that they're back. That took a class by themselves I think you saw that last year that that does that does that. Conference championship game. The last two years and you know it is that the reason that they're awfully good. And active in the last three years but. You look at what's going on with them and enough fatigue is so deep think it was Seattle you know Seattle the ballclub with the summer and has been -- people that -- -- people. But that it wasn't that far behind me of people I thought it would and it it their chief rivals simply because he got -- Division to get to the other big -- So I still think Atlanta and went should bounce back this year and the commitment that they -- bounce back he got to take care to basically get that people it's like Atlantis which is right. Sick -- -- but to me you go to. Teams that you've kind of dominated which Sean Payton has dominated the falcons and I would think. Then then it goes to will who's preventing you from getting what it is that you want and I would have to go to either Seattle -- salmon Cisco when it comes. Yeah Seattle had nowhere last year you know they thought that Philadelphia Philadelphia and even though I didn't think that would happen you know. A couple of them about that but what they did he had thought that was impressive amid a push into the match up -- people into that. And I think the saints in that lot they demonstrated some intimate demonstrated that maybe they can't be -- up maybe became that the superdome in game because -- Philadelphia. They came real close since -- -- side of the court and indicated in the fourth quarter the football game. And I think that that field opened need definitely been there before the market would have been a different story but I look at that statement saying. And yet they're out there with them they're not quite there at that level come to -- still all about the 49ers did he talk. And then actually dealt with teams like that Green Bay and yet known and been. So what in your opinion with the saints have to do decline in that. Easily air that rarefied air with San Francisco and Seattle. Well you gotta be in the -- I mean. You look at those but again I think you look at the two teams in the what have -- done calm over the years that reaching here between defense. That's what the world did last year and that's why they have in this conversation. What -- most of the year before that it defense -- happened circumvent. -- recently -- -- recent great defense team sport when our government appointment that and that. Ninety's mean -- 88 would great defense that but not merely two years that Clark we have. -- -- but you look at last year they played well but elevated and the coming into the left similar. -- what he did and that's support all the attention we paid a passing game. And see Aaron Rodgers and probably the statement Drew Brees is the world. Defense still wins championships and the and the demonstrated that with a resounding exclamation point. In -- palpable and I think the things weren't that what and other teams that too I think. Pick it up people in the hot seat and look what they're doing diplomacy a blueprint so I think once she didn't get to that level go to Seattle. And and -- go to -- go and win and he bit you know. Isn't it and then it. A plant -- Clark because of text. Pops up here and -- they don't mean it I know they don't meted but it goes sports conversations and it says I'd like to punch Clark she touched it. All and come on over it's not -- outlook it's not personal it's not a contest it's just. Somebody tongue in cheek disagreeing with your assessment and you know your friend of ours we -- avenue on nobody really wants. While just say nobody really wants to. Nobody really wants to punch you in the -- I just think it goes the passionate people have when it comes NFL football. And you mentioned dumb it is Seattle destroying everybody during the summer do you really put a lot of credence -- that. Now I don't put it but. I do pay attention to what's going conferences is that it -- -- this struggling. With thought -- the line is struggling with their offense and out of doubt and now the question today Simon not. You looked -- with each game he's getting leverage because they have now moved in the ball and that said that in the league team. And and what they've done with Jim -- is extraordinary. And and yet they're not doing anything this summer and that -- extraordinary. So. You look at -- does that thing. Okay we know more than they're going to be at the end but what's happening right now and begin to get the things straightened out is expected significant injury. With Seattle I don't worry so much about them except that that equipment to deport some of the biggest Super Bowl winners of the -- team they don't get. There he is don't get back elected that -- that the for the patriots so bad debt. Stacked against them and that -- you know -- elements situation I think we wonder that the Super Bowl hangover I don't know the answer to that. But I do note that that that -- that -- -- -- it was about them -- -- but tempered just the might be. It -- New Orleans might be that the that would Green Bay green -- that for the big dream became so. Always pay attention to honestly in a pretty he's in our injuries and have been that significant one Saint Louis -- and bring it to. Clark let let me just clear this up the reason I shared that text with you is compared to the -- I -- I thought it was complimentary. -- iPhone has done a good thing -- It may have. Maybe it came from from mine and it was meant for me anyway. A Clark thank you so much a few times senior NFL writer cohost of the talk of name he's a friend of ours we'll talk to him again six point five nobody. Is punching him in the face right now time for a traffic -- I wouldn't terror problems. I Tommy Tucker. Talking about the saints into their biggest rivals and then. So chuckling over the passion of the NFC -- the NFL actually like to punch Clark judge in his face when you can't. You can't wanna punch somebody in their face just as you disagree with -- money comes to the NFL operating jaguar paying people. Who is the saints' biggest rival is in Atlanta. Anymore 54% are seen as Seattle 31%. Are saying that San Francisco 15%. Somebody else. 0%. And a smattering of the text that I've gotten. Atlanta is an rival rival was the team that wins against you at a competitive rates say forty to 50% of the time Atlanta. Not so much balances at Seattle and new long ones man elements Asia expert is on crack while at least you know a punch him in the face. Another one and I disagree with Clark Kelso the saints are just as good as the -- chickens would date. With they would have played in the dome saint would have won. -- says Seattle has one year success in -- and I agree with that and they are you lead now and and Seattle. Does have a great team but it is very hard to repeat -- in his comments. How they have crush teens and pre season which is interesting because he said if you look at it crush everybody in the summer and sold does that really matter -- now. And I'd wanna be impolite to the next question -- an all -- -- would -- it doesn't mean anything. Where's the saints have been prolific in winnings its -- has been head coach even San Francisco's only started winning just the last three years so this guy. Is out of touch the saints twelve days from now open the regular season. At Atlanta so -- difficulties 6017203866. 890 -- -- -- who is the saints' biggest rival as of right now we'll talk when we come back right now time for -- WL first news. That would go to typically -- on good morning on how are you on. At the mom and solid -- Yeah I that's all you really need to know -- -- you love and a good day mine and mine -- mine. And -- we just an appearance they came Monday each other till like 10 o'clock now. I think it fires on before then -- Appointee on -- -- -- story about this. Young men and suspended for ten days battle flag means parish dress code in case you're wondering beards affairs thing that's not out. Let me say this first in terms of full disclosure I like the way dreadlocks look I don't elements because I'm folic -- challenged. And there's so much I can answer it. Pardon -- and I think that's out thanking them for being my therapist David but. -- the point he gets in line you wanna get that grew up well but the point in -- at -- point on Macon is like an NFL player has those -- running on the back now cellular it's pretty cool. And if I wore. -- offers up I had hair. And secondly I was able to do -- that probably Dillinger yet you -- they got look cool that way. It anyways so. I can't quite see that give up liver painters of the data is -- -- -- -- a cramp and then you guys I I saw you and I saw the dreadlocks and -- -- would be pretty -- wouldn't -- anyway here's what the school board says they -- their dress code policy. Prohibits. Boy's hair from extending lower than the top of a school shirt collar. Which of -- this guy discrimination around my waist. Top I don't think you do that either I'm just saying and Garrett is the -- what's problem -- school. They got anything on sagging pants and there prohibiting that that's not the topic prohibiting boys from pinning up pulling back or putting day here in a pony tails so I think the question here a month. Is is that of you gotta go by the school roles but if you. For example they had a ruling in Texas that said. The kids can Wear the hair along because of native American culture. And I it did that Marjorie essence the ACLU made a comparison of well it's a religious thing for this guy out there are very you know money's -- that area now Mon and that therefore there in hinging on his religious freedom baloney comes a public schools I presume. -- sill where cross if you -- around your neck -- star of David -- crescent and whatever the other thing is -- And in. Whatever them them Muslim people where crescent and star that's what our guys. Or maybe even a hammer and sickle gas early and then bring back we all look Communist maybe a maybe a popsicle -- a fudge sickle if you want. Not the point so little -- the phone lines here's well at T six 187 he -- 3866. 8890 late seventy who's right and who's wrong here should the roster fiery and student. Be allowed to return to school and not cut his hair. War should be diamonds Barry schoolboy realize you know what. -- safari and is a religion and that's part of his religion so he has aware. And also begs the question if you are Muslim student and the religions say you have to grow a beard. Would that be allowed as well in lieu of school rules give us a call an energy thing to six one point 78 till three. 866889087. Whose side John Black women's fashion distrust of Darian student and lose your son. Would you say night you missed ten days school -- and cut you hair would you say absolutely not that's our religion you know cut your hair you keep it like it is. Tommy Tucker will -- and talk to you when we come back to 60 point 78 till 3866. In 890878. Back in a flash under the W well. I Bob Marley there -- and we're talking about this kid in black command sets and it's ten days school already is won't cut -- -- And -- comes enhances any cut his -- shorter well according to our colleagues at the BBC. My source for this roster ferry and religion at a glance they can't. It's against rules forbidden -- safari -- are forbidden to cut their hair instead they grow it and twist it ended dreadlocks. If you wondered how it started. Says -- young African centered religion developed in Jamaica in the 1930s following the coronation of highly Selassie. The one is king and Ethiopian and Ethiopia in 1930 -- of Americans believe. Highly Selassie as god an ideal return to African members of the black community you're living in exile. As a result of colonization. And the slave trade. Carla Franklin and good morning tell me about dreadlocks -- got to be well. It. And when you play. A little higher and -- It. On the count. Your -- A year or year and starting school in who perished. And about -- collar. He's matters along -- It's ridiculous I don't care conference and at the beginning. -- way and he. Oh whoa whoa whoa whoa. Causes and causes tension you don't think girls -- to cause attention. And boys drastic caused enters with a high school's all about. In -- and -- me just actually the -- any and its parent. And -- In August. It. And now it's not sexually discriminated -- Uga to Bobby Jindal. They're still -- support to each other -- now changed -- -- only -- -- Paris. And -- Collapse shoot it turned -- trying to. I get a thank -- Britain OK appreciate callebs around -- time and Texans and yes it doesn't matter how long those students here is it goes to discipline. No disrespect is the same thing with -- seven that if summit long haired hippy freak if you way airline onion this year that -- the other thing and a lot of those people to -- his doctors and lawyers and engineers and and lord knows what else and some more pot heads but -- don't -- it is. Every group is represented equally I don't think it's a function of of a -- -- And then there's this tax and I don't mean to -- -- matter anything but I gotta say it. Users can you -- a full burger at the schools burka at the schools just make up religion and get the ACLU to pick up another ridiculous case. And taxpayers pay forty usual just my opinion but let's face it. I think all religions and made up -- I think eventually group of people had to get together and say well this is. There's a group of beliefs and as our interpretation of the Bible -- of the Koran or what have you. Side I don't know that you can say all religion is not made up wouldn't talk about that as well at T 60187803866. 8890. -- at any do you think this same stink would be made if it was. Say blond hair hanging down like that where is it all because of the dread -- 6528. Before seven time look at Traficant that would go to Terrell Robinson. I tummy -- and evidently well. -- limited a little -- Jamaican movie on music external. Tommy Tucker -- WL a role in little Jamaican music William mine as we talk about -- to ferry in religion and I kid been suspended ten days from high school and like humans only mentally cuts is there. -- -- Rules they can't extend below the collar. And he says essar -- offend and roster ferry and it's against his religion to do that of course the leader. Of the religion highly saw Los Ian and if you remember I'm sure -- highly Selassie -- back where is that coming from let's go to the phone. OJ on the West Bank -- you're on -- WL. Are you don't know I'm all right OJ tell me what you think. Well I just wondered is just train ratio you. -- shall all -- cheap ball Christian school prayer outlaw that school ball. It is an -- shrewd on the separation of church and state. You know what I found with the ACLU OJ is that sometimes they can be your best friend or sometimes they can be your worst enemy depending on how you feel. Because sometimes they come up. And out doctor Marjorie -- about this on some cases that liberals hate them for because they're saying how in the world can you think this. And other times they defend cases where the conservatives say what are you trying to do ruin our country. So are your standard and. -- feel it's important. That christianity. And public schools and as a corporation chart display but not -- on back and friend councilman carmody credit and let any -- -- do as a man's Marjorie -- -- 715. Because elected -- because I don't think it's a double standard. Now and chills. -- you really is justified it goes here. I will definitely ask -- -- EO Jane over a five forget Shelden or Jordan or somebody remind me I. Thank you -- you better have a good day to 601878038668890878. Text comes in and says Tommy the principles of those schools probably had long hair in the seventies. Another one says Jesus was not made up I didn't say Jesus was made up by just said that. There are a lot of different groups that praise him and everybody thinks they have the right way is all insane back in a flash under the W well.

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