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8-26 7:15am Tommy, dreadlocks for religion?

Aug 26, 2014|

Tommy talks to Marjorie Esman, the Director of the Louisiana ACLU, about whether a student who has dreadlocks for religious reasons should have to cut his hair

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I David Blake we'll continue our conversation about. The roster of Arian religion yeah Amman and I'll give you a commonality that they an accident you wouldn't catch me -- -- and a let me tell -- what they believe in. According to the BBC you know and I was in -- laden. The Belfast I stayed right across from the BBC did you now heavily fortified man on old audience walked in there off or not and Ireland to. One million worldwide adherents of Ross safari as -- faith. 5000 -- of Americans living in England and Wales. They're known by -- safari and Ross rosters sufferers Watson and dreads or dreadlocks. All right spread globally following the success of Bob Marley and the winters his music in the 1970s. -- Roster ferry and believe that blacks -- the chosen people of god but that from colonization and a slave trade. They're role has been suppressed. So this young man in them if the south black commencement of wears dreadlocks he says that's my religion -- darn right against the religion a Cottam. And this school boards and now our rules say you gotta. Have drought here or not. It beneath the collar and they'll pony tails now. He's been home for ten days EA CLU is getting involved and we'll talk to Marjorie yes men gallantly and because they want a quick decision yes well yea -- -- What you got here. Story. -- we're gonna try to connect this undermine yeah page and website under recommended hearing. -- record of the bearish recommended hearing what we do here every morning is recommend hearing that recommended reading. Is what you would do when you go to the website. Sort of put this picture up there for you Jason -- with the Seattle Seahawks. Brought down Andre Ellington. He did yet and that he had like a trophy to show support which was a handful with dreadlocks. -- -- and worried about that is not the first time players been brought down by is here 2003. NFL said you know what. Legally in jail like that yep it's -- of the uniform and he beats tackled by that yikes my wife always worries about that she season dreadlocks and she's somebody's got to grab votes. While again. You might get a pretty good life of the hour -- Israel would like to -- -- DeAngelo Williams complete about being tackled by the dreads. Torrey Smith dragged down by the dreads and game against the bagels. And the good news for Ellington is there was apparently waiting for him in a plastic bag after the games so Jason Babin didn't keep it. And you know attack and on lawless I. -- -- We'll trophies in the -- and even right. You know how many people in wearing -- and -- Easily cross the barrier and a really good for session state I think it's mostly fashion. That's just a wild -- I believe me. It's okay hundreds doesn't room. I think when an -- just my opinion when you see these these this talented football player rotted running down the field and he's. Secure enough in his manhood and I was here that long and is bouncing around as he's running for -- art and it doesn't have to be it doesn't have to be dreadlocks again just be in the long archives Negroponte in the seventies I think in elderly and very little -- I think you don't lie and here's why David because and again thanks for being my therapist. Com. The reason is I think it has nothing to do with anything. Yet because you know back in a day you know on Johnny unite is if you look at the pictures and I'm not old enough to remember this -- cut crew cut and -- name it came along had a hair and it was kind of like. You know you this city got along here you -- that if you have short hair now especially today. I don't think it matters I really don't the only here that offends me would be up bad comb over. And general lottery gods blessing. Say what you want about in a little rough on them against got a bad comb -- he really really does 714 Tommy Tucker coming back. Don't know what do you think -- 60187803866889087. Who should. -- who should they did back off on this that. Young man and his parents and as the roster fiery in dreadlocks in his out of school for ten days or the like humans -- school board because it's a religious issue. Tommy Tucker back in a flash on -- WL I Tommy -- thorough with the on this Tuesday morning talking about a young man and like humans Parrish who's been out of school ten days. He says he's a roster far yen and drug cutting the dreadlocks and being dances religion a plaque -- Mary's school. Dress code says we -- maybe that's -- Marjorie clear that a force in the second says no here. Below the collar and you can't Wear and and a pony tailed casino about rust the fiery and and -- been trying to shed little light. On his religion from. They did the religious practice includes ritual in elation of marijuana to increase their spiritual awareness but. They they don't use alcohol the refrain from that and they are opposed to abortion and contraception. So it's almost sometimes. Then I've done enough about religion will come back to that Marjorie has been Louisiana ACLU director joins us -- morning how are you aren't good morning. Marjorie I get a text that comes -- ACLU. America's Communist lawyers' union. I always like to start by asking you about the ACLU because -- -- give -- in cases that both the right and the left were glad that you've got involved him. And that's exactly. How people misunderstand that. Unity you know unity to defend constitutional rights everybody in this country and I mean all of the rights for all of the people. They had nothing to do was that he -- what your political beliefs are like you or demographic are all of now. The fact that everybody in the country -- and -- the only organizations countries did until all the rightful people. Logically I don't see how you can be. Against big government and against the ACLU out here. I let's talk about this case in black -- perish because -- got a young man says he's roster fiery and I think I don't -- it mean that the jarred it Williams is saying that's a story. Well I. I didn't want interjected this and not just the young -- if he's fine for the man -- has been attending last green church for quite some time. Has been gone through religious -- -- a letter from pre. -- -- month lady corrected that so. I got a call from some money and I promised him that I would ask you this question and it is how is this different than allowing people to pray in school right morning prayer was that the question yes Trojan. Look at the difference is that typical -- the -- the difference is that. Everybody that has the right to pray in school and anybody who says otherwise is incorrect which he did not get the right to do. It forced by the people who listen to your -- So if anybody wants to pray silently in school they actually have the right to -- that -- feel you will jump to their differences between the government down. And mentally -- How would they know I was you know whoever is hasn't objections of money praying silently and handed -- You talk and -- and here's something. But I mean he recently gladness -- is different. -- a lot of -- did you know he can't say a silent prayer every immediately needed something like. They didn't -- have the right to pray in school absolutely and you have the right to get in the -- and will continue to send them right. I'll what you did -- happen is it to make other people. Listen to prayer and this is essentially. That situation is the young man is not asking anybody good around here. He cannot count anybody else that they have to share -- police. But it relates to acquired him not to cut back. Moving away from dreads and -- safari and having been through this in the late seventies and dirty eighties with parent. Bell bottoms it's generally are -- we -- on this ridiculous hair debate again about. Well long hair causes misery and indicates that in. And the legality. Of dress codes and schools and not allowing the hair past the collar that's been. Upheld as far as a freedom of expression thing. Again the difference it means you know electrical lines maintain a certain candidate dressed for whatever reasons school to do that. And you know why you what we -- the conflict between that and religion and the constitution of the United States. And that the government cannot interfere with anyone forget to -- of their religion. And -- the constitution. Protects the free exercise at people's religions. In in the situation. Such as this the constitution passed the -- The constitution doesn't required schools address that it does require schools allowed student. Get to practice religion and for that reason his religious -- -- the school's track. By Danica question here that is an excellent one and it is about how long has even -- in his hair. And what school they go to leg issue wise as an issue now. Well -- and the -- that question in this case he's been going to the saint rule the world you know he's the senior high school. And last year that Amy -- -- and his mother cut his hair because she didn't know. What the law lives and she didn't know that he had legal rights. And part of make sure that he could continue to attend school she cut -- there anyway. And -- that aren't they learned that they have legal rights and they -- and so here we are. It's unfortunate that she didn't know last year and put him in the prediction center and it finally his religion in order to attend the. -- continuing -- across anywhere starred David Adler a crescent and star accurately if you wanted to publics who you can no absolutely. -- and absolutely. You know if any who would interfere with that rightly be right there to help it didn't. So in essence this is his cross that he's wearing it's his cross David because. I -- throughout an even more beyond that because then they'll religious rules say that he. So what if a religious rule would say it's required that you pray outline. At the annual damned good question and it's the next question and and what would happen happen in this situation like that. Is that the school would have to provocative accommodations for the student can do that. Out of the shadows of -- I'm glad you called Marjorie we appreciate your time is always and dom will go to real quick what to -- the always go from here how committed are the parents that are listed. -- -- -- -- -- it was not backing. We are awaiting. Response from the school board -- there attorney indicated yesterday afternoon that they wanted to get back at this morning. So -- electric. And there is no compromise on this at least I don't because a religion says you can't cut your hair. That's right it is no compromise and they you know the camera cut back again say that. It -- is the mother didn't know who writes for instance she can cut it there you know against his religion but -- -- and now because they learned that they have a legal right. Relate to win away late but again -- -- two questions real quick it was suspension for kids and published in Tennessee are great. So you'd get on the side of -- so clearly completely being. Hope that the credit is represented and mrs. seems like the ALC the ACLU the sexes doesn't know what they supported don't support what do you support market. To put the constitutional rights everybody in the country we are very clear that we. You know exactly what we support we support what the constitution says. And you'd say that this glanced. I thank you have a great day that it. That Marjorie -- Louisiana ACLU director don't want our deal about -- -- 2601878038668890878. Who's right here is that the school board or is it from being the young man a family and its roster ferry and and it's against their religion and cut the hair. And I guess the other question is does he really matter how long year here is when you go to school 727 timely to -- and that would get a Terrell Robinson. Hi Tommy Tucker more calls we come back about dreadlocks and -- the firing in religion and stay in out of school because of the suspension. And really a perception of somebody with long hair a male not a female although we can talk about -- to appeal like right now time for -- WL first news for that would go to David -- David -- talking about here this morning. Under the WL column and I. Fun wow. Way before my time in the town house bills and there. And I house real reality is this all you members on -- I guess you were born evil minds and the only -- this we're talking about. I kid and now black -- marriage and a school for ten days south plaque humans. He has dreadlocks he has roster far Ian Marjorie -- tells as he has been the church's letter from a roster firing increased while there you go it is again but. While there you go a letter from -- saudis got evidence against you know the background so. He -- route -- safari and say you can't cut your hair is mother last year. Cutters -- thing and has only go to school and that he couldn't be forced to even -- it was against a religion so now they they they think. That legally this is they can't be forced to cut his hair well. He's been home ten days in and they're talking with the school people I don't see you compromise on this because cutting their hair would be. Against the religion. So who do you side with downloaded violates the this -- -- -- of -- out of pocket -- so do you side with the school here in the administration or do you side with. The young man who says he's roster -- who is -- safari and I got to clean and a beyond he definitely as so. Here's my thing. I I don't care I think that guy should be able to go to school that's -- his religion says but beyond that. I don't know about this this foolish here I think because they get a text that says. Short hair shows discipline. And I would actually make the case logically you're not emotionally because again I believe you should be able -- your hero every one but in terms of discipline. Look. I like my -- with a towel and I'm done. -- on you assured -- novel that's a shine appears -- I've ever since I got none and and I put that -- don't even put the plastic thing on it and cut my own hair and and I'm done. But I would think if you have long flowing hair. Anyway when they shampoo it -- got -- -- -- it yeah dry and in coma I would suggest that may take more discipline on doing what I do it might. So will talk about that in and let me ask you this -- Do you handle -- financial advisor come in this media. Events. Like they'd come to see me to invest your money. And you got one guy two guys. They're twins are -- where any exact same suit one of them hands short. Haircut any looks nicely trimmed. The other one has long hair in a pony tail and a beard which when you -- business I'm undergo their short a year ago why. I don't know yet so my point we do we all do things based on perception and yeah on how they got the short hair might have barely graduated and got along here condiments and Michael -- well that's sort of the way we are so we'll talk -- -- you walk out. It's so let's talk about that 2601 needs heavily toll free 8668890878. I will defer this question to David because it says does Blake have any hair left. -- I'm gonna ask you as my son -- argument. And -- you answer of that however -- I'd do it grows like a week. One stock straight up 74218. Before a common back on debit WL -- wanna hear from you know who do you side with here. In the roster fiery and who won't cut his hair the school board who says he has CU has to be above the collar. Does it matter how long a man's hair it's. And if this was a football player wins. Long blond hair without him anything to do with it Steve do you think this school would be as strict. Tommy Tucker one and it Communists at 260187. Until 38668890878. That in -- flash and evident you. Tommy Tucker talking about the -- safari and religion. Young guy and like humans -- miss school for ten days now because. Is a religion says he can't cut his hair this. School policies says man young man can't mail can have his hair below the collar. War. We are in a pony Taylor painted up now after the first day of the family Kolb and the schools that -- ages ten and up and they did and they sending home again. Big game germane -- morning on got a WL thanks occult. Emotional term it you know. Yeah those you know that you know about trillion. -- -- The national war or on the expect -- -- and the country was built on freedom of religion. Well I think would do it. Second and third and I can -- and get the amendments in the commandments confused but whatever it is that says. That in the government chills to establish no religion First Amendment thank you Jordan. The is silly -- yeah I mean their freedom of religion came from a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote on our separation of church and state came from a letter that. Thomas Jefferson wrote to. A group of -- the only point is all it says is congress shall establish no religion and I think. Everything in this country is allowed unless there's a law against it and get a text here -- what does Kagan goes smoke -- It during recess no because that's illegal. -- you know what Tony you know -- that in our country. Document the Stew law what you know purpose -- their own culture and religion that -- -- -- You know not you know everybody. -- -- no I mean. The post you know actually and from get an education. I mean you know. Do you think to a bigger questions remain it matters how long -- -- wears is there. Apartment -- a year. I agree that you big game a lot of people hold delegate to him Jim shall make good morning on -- WL. Oh a retired teacher -- thirty years first off before you go any further you like to be patted on the back verbally. For teaching and educating kids at thirty years that's a noble profession and I know eating get reached one. -- -- and appreciate that very much. You'll. You. Always put. Our pit now lot of kids have graduated if you look back and did -- feel good that. Were good one great Saudi Arabia. -- big appreciate. Which was single or. I thought English at that time about ought to. So and so these geography. And I history and so. It's. Who appreciated. So do. In Brooklyn and. Right that's a great question about. Do you wish you'd listen more in school Kazaa I never thought about it but I certainly wish I had. Well yeah yeah that's what the world. Is in place or tortured our. I you know out on all these what is now law. So. You know oh well. He's allegiance are. They are more -- -- -- or the world situation. That goes on it and tell me you know that -- -- so to them and it. -- talk about that but. Some kids. A lot of kids realize. 00. The you know like. YouTube and so are. So -- areas so. And or but it should but. Saw appreciated. -- so. And maybe stroke will insert. Courses. It let me get -- to haired boy and get to hear Jim Fuller run out of time out -- says Sera school can set the policy however they want but. What it would it would his long hair have to do with education. Well I think it's it's it's like anything else -- sport of vote discipline and drink the public schools and all week what happens to us we did the in every every grain. People -- of -- Because it looks book which in a standard just like well we -- Roscoe we have addressed Rotary Club again mayor. Is -- Do you think they'll help the kid behave. Or make it did in game. Do you think the real quickly got to go to do you think you say discipline. That had to force and -- -- to cut his -- is gonna make him behave or her behave better. Nobody -- if you would be the year that. -- year. Are to me a shortage still pay our debt if you -- job and big companies. Well we really yeah. Page standards that we believe. You should. Follow either got to do -- you know I get that. You know I always loved John Madden is quote when it comes to discipline he said you know -- discipline. Is not wearing a blazer wearing anti kitten on a plane in straight order and in -- -- the equipment -- is yes so discipline. Is when it's third and short fourth and goal in -- going forward and you need that -- down to winning game. Nobody jumps off sides that's discipline we'll see if you agree one comebacks and 53 -- in traffic and we -- -- Terrell Robinson. I talking about -- -- the sorry and kid in Beltre while not Beltre south Blackmon said. Has -- ten days of school so far his religion says I can't cut my hair schools and you have to. And I had a couple of text him in here and say. Com news what kind of world do we live in and you denying a girl and education. Another one says it's not a real religion. And I think. When it comes to is. It all depends on what you believe because. He needed the ACLU will also defend your kids right to make the sign of the cross in class to where. A start David to Wear a cross around their neck to win or whatever. And this kid's hair is in effect his cross. Or at least it's even more than that is it's not assemble its what is religion requires. So continued talk about that if we have. Any calls from people who -- stuck in traffic tell me what you're experiencing tell me what. You which way you win an alternate route to try to get everybody is school. On time and we'll continue this conversation as well as tried to do our investigate -- through the traffic. Because that is our primary duty here at double WL -- to talk about power bills and the ideal temperature -- for a house. When we come back -- have you.