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WWL>Topics>>8-26 8:10am Tommy, cut dreadlocks for school?

8-26 8:10am Tommy, cut dreadlocks for school?

Aug 26, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about whether a student who has dreadlocks for religious reasons should have to cut his hair

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know David I say this with all humility. I have been known. Two handsome witty quips in my day all you certainly have led by guys. Last newscast when you said your hair grew like a weed. And I said Yale one stock and straight out yeah. Hi guys. I think that I was pretty darned cover of one of the. This is where -- listeners it to a because I tried calling an answer all reality I was probably and homer was went out today of likely today at 2 o'clock oddly on the hair. Yeah exact I don't really Arnie -- don't live because -- cheating with Angela -- -- -- Dylan I'm no sign on hangs out with us -- house in the afternoon he's going to be harder Beardsley -- LC and then Anthony's Arnold writes cellphone and you -- All rolling it enough I'm on the air and and tomorrow no. And don't opinions thrilled and mentally -- and radio -- you know we're not -- -- great -- while I don't know what that means great -- -- and waited a 1 o'clock what's trending on death W well. I can't add on in depth discussions with the week's top trending stories in news sports on social media -- crew. David Blake Debbie Debbie wells rightly respected news anchor. Teapot coast of -- ninety -- afternoons -- Earl and -- and rumors about those two rates Epoch liked. And Todd and ESCO super steak with Steve court 2 o'clock. Is higher education sport the cost them -- suing university's new president Michael the Nazis in the talk about higher education. And the future of one of the crescent city's top employers and I accidentally met somebody that worked for two ruling yesterday were talking about the the free tuition if -- an employee there who spent all I was on many miles you know people who market to -- and they had been available to them. And it's -- -- -- -- some I'll come mom and tonight. You would go to two lane -- -- word that two lane and I got to a free ride for. And it three and a Crescent City we'd love to eat but cannot -- new loans meals also be healthy. If you manage to more red beans and rice dumbo. Sorry to say anyway healthy aversion. Colin and share your secrets and illness registered dietitian Molly Campbell and from tableau executive drag champ and tidbit though. And pastry chef Stephanie Bernard an open mind with the legendary mentally ill weekday afternoons. Once -- for special guest appearance. By David Blake. -- at 1 o'clock. When he used to have you know like a guest star on one of these old TV shows like from the eighties and so forth the nineties. Yeah you do look good for you let's go to Martinez in Marrero talking about -- the fairy and hang Eric kitten -- on a school for ten days he says is against religion and cut it. And the school boards has ruled against our rules you go home I don't Martinez. I'm doing good. -- they call. There. Are subject here -- Although like on demand -- all of this alleged. However you do have -- lately since fool. About it. I think that they have -- -- few decisions -- opulence as it's called in and out. Fallen on top fool for the minute that the old where it was back in as election. And the word respect for all who are or put it involves fool there in fact two of them -- -- peaceful. Well wait but it would hang on their own right here would have and -- a second but. I don't think every parent and home schooled you and I know nothing about these young man's mother I mean -- young man is because they're not releasing his identity. But I don't I don't know that everybody can home school in terms of a school where. They don't have the dress code. I think they might have to move to some of you go to school and a different parish if you live in black men's and I would presume. The dress code for plaque in men's all the same. I thought I totally agree with that have opened up that would allow. But. Let's put them and our situation as far as. And our churches. Earlier about my religion. And now. They think they do all the ethnic nationalism. And you know what what are about. Think our -- in school how long you guys serious. No doubt that. You can have -- you haven't sign the airport we're thankful. And make an agent that at the apple was in. And not disrupting school well I don't know if they what are not and I think the point isn't thank you click on Martinez -- ago. I think the point is. Does he go back to the John Madden quote -- talking about before the the news where discipline is not wearing a blue laser in. Breweries is coming or conforming with the dress code it's a boat when you need to do what you need to do do you do it. Any example he gave was fourth and short late in the game need a first down. I don't care if you Wear a -- or not. But he if you don't jump off sides -- disciplined. So we'll talk to you when we come back at 2601878. Toll free 866889087. He got a ton attacks. I gotta get to we'll take your phone calls to 60187. Until 386. Exit 890870. You're your child has to Wear a a white outfit. For. Before their religion and for whatever reason the school says you know what no white outfits. Do you have the right to -- and -- -- of the play under him have the right to Wear the white outfit as a school have the right to -- now all white is distracting. You tell me 260187. He -- 3866889087. And does hair length really matter -- is I don't think it does I think it's all about they haven yourself. And learning in schools Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the WL I Tommy Tucker -- trapping noted -- comes in and says FYI on Jeff highway from you repeated -- wide open so be apprised of that. Dennis Roussel was nice enough to call in the superintendent of plaque -- -- schools. To join in and maybe once in Faxon discussion -- heaven about. The young man and there has been home for ten days. Or thereabouts because of a rule about -- is here and he said he -- the -- and good morning superintendent you Dylan. I'm I'm very well thank you I presume you've been listening tell me where we're right tell me where were wrong and and the -- you can disclose them. What I value I met what -- -- about me the mother of the student. -- we can happen. And she came -- that's what it is. I bet that child let -- act rid of it. I spoke and I told her he did territory. Because you don't -- an attorney. Well hang on -- -- -- after -- and you said what's what's the mother's name. But Bellamy yeah. And I see is the principal of the school named by a felony yet no relation I just declared it -- go ahead and so. -- I -- you met with them mother. Yes and and what I wanted to do it's he had an attorney. Contact my attorney says that we can mediate -- encompass some. Conclusion to this situation. She Batman -- -- here. So I had been eaten by. I've been on techniques so that we could address this situation and Vitale and I'll repeat. It may use. And receive -- matter. I try to contact the market and that I know that I -- on -- -- -- -- -- and it's -- this situation. She gave me she brought me a small paragraph. -- from the police. -- stating that he wise. Sorry about the bar. And this is really enough. Still. Romney do well out out to comment at this school. I'm eating more documentation. And more information and sign that read it in the epic that -- -- at -- -- is that. I did and a and then -- not an expert and we're talking a superintendent Dennis from himself like humans parish about. On business Ron Amadon man with he's roster fiery and he doesn't Monica his dreadlocks as he says it's. Against his religion and as a result he's been home for ten days and you know we've been discussed -- that a lot this morning in the superintendent nice not to call and enjoy -- And I'm just wondering and I'm looking at the letter here that she sent you -- the ACLU said U. It says an exemption for the this young man for from the school's dress code policies. Reversal of his suspension reversal of any right -- disciplinary action and he's allowed to make up work and and none of the days during. His. The absence would be counted against him is there one deal breaker in there. What to me. I immediately one of the child back in school I try to come. To any conclusion that this situation outlined in the matter back when -- got to -- via. -- Maybe it's apple does not that -- in any time call. I immediately that -- can provide him. I would services at home so he is not. Following behind in his what are. As I've already met with those people that that. One but -- It he is. But he in his heart. He would practice things that in -- -- circumvent this school board policy which is my concern. Because apple as students and the district in all the still can't this billboard. Tom I don't know anything about you know island -- -- -- anything about -- safari and churches Dee -- you know if as part of the religion do you go to church -- if there -- charger you just meet with somebody and and where that fit in all this in terms of the legitimacy of his as a nation that these -- safari. Sure. Get -- To support. What he's trying to say. It is now estimate that it can edit cut and it -- about who bought out by. We respect partly it is and we will now. Top that we need to. But the latter the small paragraph that act. On them there. It and I mean now Romney -- say that the job is actually practiced in the street it. Now I do want to say that I -- about lightly my company. Spoke to him and work product at a meeting. With Eric today in the four. Out of our organization today. And it. In the Asian. Ought to support. It -- of -- 08. And he. He will be and that the match the low. Opt out tried yet. I -- -- a week but that. In the day. So tell me again you try descend. Or trying to work out sentence somebody to educate him at home so when the school. Well I did that yesterday because I need to Libya without waiting -- in my. -- me was to get the attorney number so that I could give it to -- -- which iPod immediately so we could stop it. When India and -- the -- again. I doubt that -- eight CEO Larry yesterday. After acting. Now but I immediately -- -- ministry yesterday that -- perhaps someone who are ready. To go. What conservative. At all the only that we -- -- -- In his bat. I'd real quick that the dumb. If if you understand or if it's proven you are you believe. That he is Ross safari -- when he does he get an exemption about goodness there. Well what is being elected he will be out to vote. But it. It can't it -- about it. -- -- tried it one time he gets sent home is an accurate. -- Happened what -- war we can't in the outfield and we can't -- -- -- -- Because with them as it was what can happen we put out at three days it was. Important plank in -- -- cut my hair. Why is he able and it. -- -- and immediately. I directly with the bowl back in your serpent and the school work out in the McCain didn't. And that so we real quick. -- a fiery aside dreadlocks aside so I understand is the the prohibition against long hair below the collar the rationale for that is. Eight COU supported. It is. Obvious that we have is that it ruling party in eight practical power that is well week -- Now that common ground and it is. Beanie. But it each share of that hair they I'd eaten religion. I have a problem. Yet and I don't know anything about school policy and just ask him why. When it was at arbitrarily put in a what was the reasoning behind -- and in a guys can't win their hair below the collar. But there without him at the -- at school and I and it does that Palestinian day. And we feel that we have put policies and -- slip dress code you know -- -- -- that far but yeah I mean. Superintendent I appreciate your time hang on waiting to contact information is on -- as story progresses wave pastime that it wanted to get that information and from the superintendent eight when he nine and we take a look at traffic on got a W out. -- one thing I remember growing up here listen -- WL is always the reports in the stock market like ages -- ha ha and one of these days -- that I might even have some money -- that would mean something to him. Would -- be nice right now we're about. You know the dollar -- and McDonald's value -- gonna -- what is of value on McDonald's is up what am I supposed to do ya know I know you gotta have that dollars thing I mean -- which -- -- -- which is not a dollar anymore by the way I -- -- for the things of value menu -- Double cheeseburger by 69 on so it's you know it's gonna hurt yet let me tell you the superintendent of -- schools -- -- Dennis -- element that's a stand -- thing -- call in and give us that's the school boards -- absolutely it seems like he made every. Every he did everything he could to try to work this out the family that's -- side of it we've not spoken of the family. Some people are taxing in sand at the Stanley wanted to make a big deal out of this rather than settling quietly. And principles that these will want to. To let that that gentleman at once he's got proof of of the religion -- did what he calls substantial proof I guess to put his era and a in a but he -- Pony -- yeah our bond and whenever they can't let him word hanging low down. But one thing -- wonder is an answer superintendent isn't the only answer again. Was it's been that way since I was in school. Is what difference does it made and if you're an educator com -- tell me this is I don't understand it. Okay its own rules is always been a morals but why is it in the rules. How to get there and are right it was just an arbitrary decision. It is Texans in Tommy school teachers more and books in life there are rules granted not only to be followed. But the lesson here is that there are consequences for not in this world learning in school that life is not fair and that their client consequences for your actions as important. And I know that school is about learning far more than just what they teach in the books but. When when I don't think adding injustice. To somebody's life. Is gonna get them ready for more injustices as they go down the road that would that would Timmy is like saying you know what. Kids got to learn eventually if they touch a hot stove they're getting -- so let's take the kids and in hands on hot stoves I don't. I don't get that but I'd love to hear from you know 2601878038668890870. More calls when we come back in this text David make CDs like you were on a diet I am always. Always on a diet. Com and Colin and -- thing doesn't matter how long some of these areas and schools -- different between public and private schools. And I get a text years so I would have to prove to somebody. That I was Catholic. If I wanted to express my religion that way not out loud. And Nolan says. It should be not allowed because people shouldn't have to look at that. Whenever people say look at that I think that in this an old old joke about a woman calls police because the guys Sunday the -- So please guns down and in a civil wars in instances look at that window. And and in the please those of bouncing anything Suzuki take these binoculars. And look a little bit to the left in the point and -- you don't have to look at anything you don't wanna look at. Human colony to thing Tommy Tucker back in a flash and evidently. Hi Tommy Tucker -- -- WL. Shelden Williams bring and it's -- with the bumper music. And attacks comes in and says. From. Me you can always get what you want so sometimes you just got to go to school and accept the rules. Another one says superintendent is wrong doesn't make a difference because is that's the way it always has been mentality is stone age thinking. -- there's there's an instant distractions of learning process anything that redirects one's attention from the primary purpose of learning should be eliminated pants uniforms done. They can be eccentric individuals after they have mastered the basics upon graduation from secondary education. I would go on on a limb and guess that's why the military has similar policies in the military is less about I. And all about I should be same for these kids but. And I appreciate the tax I don't think you make a comparison between high school in the military because and in high school you are Opel and gather I mean in the military you are all pulling together and high school. Let's face -- you poetry itself that's why they have valedictorian saluted story ends and whenever that they're human is done in the North Shore -- here on -- W -- morning. I expect that of a caller -- -- dropped a couple of things don't start tomorrow liked it or not. A -- out of yeah and a Smart ass or not but it's not -- it's Tommy is my she'll have it every day at this time. I. I. No big deal on YouTube. The -- that court order. -- -- The comment earlier about. What. Went. But the top spot at. The court. I think it matters how long some buddies -- areas. Well I agree that they're. Helping -- -- -- -- Or you would you really be distracted by what somebody was wearing in a classroom so long as it wasn't revealing. Because it seems to me the thing that always distracted me in a classroom was that the teacher bored me if I was grown around what some other kid. But it is spit balls what have you passing notes back and forth. It was not. It was not what somebody was wearing and I think that Don is -- goes to a discipline discipline as the pay attention. Do your homework sit there quietly -- not disrupt anybody else I don't think -- learn anything from cut your hair. And -- Sure that we're. Excited by. A particular. Oh absolutely you can't you -- done you know the the other question have -- given the call the other question I have is. You know when it comes to religion and what makes a religion legitimate if for example and I'm not trying to be indelicate here in this goes to distraction. If we create a religion that says. It is forbidden for women -- where members years. Well then I can see where. You have a problem maybe in terms of distraction to boys in the class but if that's what the religions as and I think the bigger question here is. What makes a religion legitimate. Because some would say Ross the -- and served as -- this up like crazy others would say mormons are making this up. Others say lutherans are any Protestant others say Catholics others say Jews so. -- -- and I need this establish what religion is legitimate and what isn't what's weird what isn't. What's acceptable and what is and 26018780386. Exit date nine's 0870. 853 time related traffic in -- that would go to Terrell Robinson. -- tied second next hour we're gonna talk about these cigarettes and I find it strange that the -- American Heart Association and and both the American Cancer Society. Have concluded that electronic cigarettes could be a last resort to help smokers kick the habit now and enough. If that means there harmless -- that means that they are less damaging than. Tobacco cigarettes and I'd like to know if he -- -- they helped you quit or just got you addicted to these sayings. And is there's such a thing is second hand vapor. Doesn't exist in the mind of somebody would stay in your car home -- XT at work Anderson -- glad he -- this coming back under the WL.

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