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Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- talk about the cigarettes the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. I don't know if it's tacitly. Have endorsed these things -- lowered. Back in off of how dangerous they might be or if they know. Anyway. They both seem to say that. The easy cigarettes could be a last resort to help smokers kick the habit. And I like to talk to you if you use them have they helped you quit tobacco lawyer. Our -- now addicted -- seedings. And about secondhand paper doesn't exist do you mind if somebody dates in your car home next he would work. Doctor a -- But I think our opener got that right. Professor medicine and distinguished university scholar at the University of Louisville. Joins us now it and to to talk about -- morning sir how -- Good to only -- I guess about both organizations about Easter eggs about what the research shows of them. What that is very spot at least it could be did not have any concrete facts so we did not know where there to what extent these things are -- So our position is that the would discourage the use -- -- whatever reforms there are. Because they contain nicotine and nicotine itself as a highly addictive substance that has. That he seems significant. Cardiovascular effects though. Of course we think that patient that they have people should not be using cigarettes. On in terms of of the American Cancer Society national heart association American Heart Association. Com. -- is it better than regular smoking -- another researches bars but. Is anything I guess better regular smoking if that helps he would get yourself off the cigarettes. So if it's not get what they actually -- help anybody get -- cigarettes there have been some -- daddy's showing. That at least they as effective as the nicotine replacement therapy and show you out of the patches of madame. And so but the steady as a very small and dead we need to investigate that further. But the position of the American Heart Association. Is that. If everything -- deals and that the person is resistant to quitting completely. That these secrets use would not be discouraged because they bite and again we did not know Russia. Help some individuals to transition from conventional cigarettes. Which I definitely much more toxic to. We -- the caveat that. They should have spent a quick date that they'd -- to stop. Any follow up nicotine altogether. And that they should not continue using them and then dual use so you can smoke cigarettes and sometime and it's not convenient to use these cigarettes that's not. Of that strategy because that continues deep fields nicotine addicts. I lament of back to the beginning your doctor -- your scientists and has studied this a lot -- -- and the American Heart Association committee and when it comes -- cigarettes. When when people first thirty growing tobacco and Virginian colonies and using it. Was it as addictive then as it is now was it always addictive did it becomes so. So initially. They could have gone through a lot of different. Three and so. They initiative if you go to is that the tobacco was used mostly in a highly. And later on resulted paper and now it is -- paper and -- military and -- that. These cigarette companies have done is to DE treaties. The size of the -- the particle that it -- that would indicate that stroke right. So they have batted down to a point where he detonated tape that -- it goes right into not so they have developed a perfect killing. Com. So in terms of these CA examine you talk about sparse research and I did keep coming back to that but to compare one and the other. Is it isn't the nicotine. That is the most damaging in terms of cancer is at the end it is to regular cigarettes. Adult so I'll let me do little push that beat. Some of the chemical that it generated cigarettes as a caught combustible product -- that abundantly. Those are the ones that cause most of the heart disease and most of -- there. Nicotine by itself. Has the peak activity because it -- -- you have got patiently hydrated. And that people smoke cigarettes but nicotine's but these guys from the combustion products. So the difference between the national bank credit easing and that is that. But the reason they need at least that is because we do not at all that the nicotine backed out of the few mine additives that David. Put it views as significant harm. I was sorry about what comes out. I would presume it's become -- pools and secondhand smoke that are dangerous and -- are there any chemicals during this dating process that could harm other people in the room mark Karr aware effort. Big yet still they do this to -- So audit comes out is what you exactly. And these contains more particles which have been shelved -- -- -- that needs to be harmful to the quote the problem but we do not know that for a fact. But the important issue here is that. If you are smoking ban are the people exposed to try to BP. At the -- exposed to that basically it's still contains nicotine and you even audit integrity exposing people to nicotine's. And we do know that -- he'd like to developing fetuses audience that donut and brain's nicotine could have to have a profound problem affects. All right so I have never smoked anything in my life and not yet but I'm because I don't know much about it doctor -- I'm asking these questions and I hope they aren't foolish but. When it when it comes to take even taping is that a good idea. In jest -- anything like this sooner or bring in into your lungs even if I get a tax incision -- cigarettes with no nicotine and I and I see these things in the in the stores and they think of flavored. Is that what you wanna do anyway have a civil lungs when you state. When when -- even if there's no cigarette no nicotine and it would what are you doing actually physiologically to your -- lungs when you inhalers vapor. So the link there is an idiot don't have any nicotine that there isn't much there there it's usually property black audit act like. What do you look beautiful. And so that -- that -- -- been approved by the FDA for use in medication. But we did not -- continues in the long term use of this but instead of that paper would cause. But of course and you have nicotine in it most of the nicotine and that some debate about that. These ships off the ball -- -- -- -- -- and so it gets too -- to upgrade to deviate instant high. And so you get you can deliver significant levels of nicotine -- -- black right away. I gave the com. -- the nicotine aspect of it but. If you if I were to be talking no pulmonary we guy or girl right now man -- lady and and asking -- what happens within the lungs when I ingests as vapor does it. Dilate belongs hasn't hurt him in any way does it clear -- doesn't make is stuffed up and and I asses because I get occasional asthma and those kind of things are just curious what the sensation would be. Yes so it. Indication that might increase. What equality for expatriate volume which is the way you. Expelled an -- and -- and it increases the resistance of the -- a little bit to make. Cent increase or decrease in three of the system. Great though so that makes it a little bit potted -- breed but that maybe the effects of nicotine by itself and then. Increases of operation increases your heart rate. So that does not -- L one other question for -- doctor before we let geology -- understand what any of this means but it says. Is there any research discussing their health differences between pro -- glycol. And vegetable glycerin -- You know all those that -- constituent that the president needs cigarettes can be did not know what -- definitely would do. Doctor I appreciate your time I really do is there anything we're missing in this conversation on and bring up. Well I've been important part W tried to make it a policy statement was very concerned about. The accident -- cigarettes to young people and two children and I think. The additional neighbors -- 7000 different types of flavors that the so be very concerned about that and be according put strict laws and that you need to use taxes to cigarettes. -- Thank you doctor I appreciate your time they're our hope we talk again doctor Art Rooney. But I think our professor of medicine and distinguished university scholar at the University of Louisville and a member of the committee of the American Heart Association.

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