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WWL>Topics>>8-26 9:45am Tommy, toll refund program

8-26 9:45am Tommy, toll refund program

Aug 26, 2014|

Tommy talks to Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy about the CCC toll refunds given out

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker 940 denying and I was getting a -- a couple of months ago I guess it was and I had been putting off my. Told Ted -- and men get the money were funded -- and what to my wondering eyes should appear but it checked in a mailbox. From Louisiana State treasurer John Kennedy and he took -- forming and he joins us now on Morningstar. Out enjoying your discretion. About. Where bearish well it's an abstract concept for me John. Or you're joke because nobody looked somber when it comes of this stolen money the refund I was really surprised to sign a check in the mail box. As very seriously now I mean it's honestly I was very. Thankful that you took the time to do that forming. Well we returned. Under 27000. Checks if you will gates and a 127. Out subjects. The legislature. Gave me until June 30 two were on the total. We didn't get on the responded that I wish we had but we didn't we ran out. But we did do report one million dollars which -- crowd 227000. People and. It was -- money. And you legally entitled to it. And I was glad to retarded I'm glad I think the legislature for giving me -- struggle which it did me a little more but urged. The money that we didn't return will be spent on all the good call -- good -- lighting the bridge. And the they're. Let me clean this up you didn't do it for me you did it for everybody legislature of people know -- -- -- on a -- money. No you did this for everybody. Critique I know what you -- clean it up because sounded terrible. And -- is real quick and and he didn't come on for this but guys the story here about colonel Edmondson and in the retirement package. For people that don't know. Exactly what happened here McCain gaining a missile brief background and where we are in and. It's minute in the legislative session was flat session behind closed doors they added an amendment. To give -- state troopers. Special treatment and hundreds of thousands of dollars extra retirement benefit. And they got all. And we're trying to get the law books because it's unfair. To all the other retirees and state trooper for rob and their families. Who don't get that extra. Governor signed. The governor's plan. But he just recently came out to his credit and should it. Made in the state and we need to undo it the next legislative session. And yeah. He's right about we need to undo it but undo now by our losses are are touts its. It's blatantly unconstitutional. And it's not writing and I are open he'll help me get a lawsuit filed so we don't have to wait. For the legislature. Maybe undies opting it to change its map. And just be fair believe colonel Edmondson has come out saying -- not to take it correct. He is set up. Not they'll take it but I'll reserve my right to take it light. -- catch it and in terms of the governor mistakenly lower award signing and I'm missing is that isn't buying. The governor city oh what he did he thought it was ordered. He thought it was a purchase order for paper clips is something that well. And he's got a lot of papers on his desk but it. He's said that that he hedonism -- change retirement benefits but he did know they'll be effected. Two of the senior people two to publishing your troop. Last say this in nearly governor in -- signing a bill in the law and it's taxpayer money and have time to read everything. John you can stay out of that it was my own sarcastic comment -- -- -- -- I have a great day and he'll be -- again thank you sir it.

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