WWL>Topics>>8-26-14 3:10pm Angela: on healthy eating

8-26-14 3:10pm Angela: on healthy eating

Aug 26, 2014|

Angela talks healthy eating with Elmwood Fitness Center dietician Molly Kimball and Chefs Ben Thibodeaux and Stephanie Bernard of Tableau.

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Really really enjoyed meeting Michael sets the new president to -- going to be a tremendous addition to this community. I'm very enthusiastic. Just two very passionate about what he does send. And Arty feels the New Orleans embrace and I think that's very important but hopefully he'll come back and visit us again. According to a real mental shift here from the world of academics to our favorite world food. And we have to start at least thinking a little more help and that's why we have delightful. Malik Campbell in our lines. We love food it's that simple and and why shouldn't way it's a great weather at your grandmother's red beans or a dish from a super restaurant. But sometimes our food is not the healthiest. -- and it can be and that's what we're gonna talk about for the next hour. With our favor nutritionist Molly Campbell from Oscars elm wood fitness center. And with her how lucky are we need to get back the executive chef of tableau. -- to the -- and also from tableau. Woman yes the pastry chef Stephanie Bernard no pressure Stephanie. And no pressure whatsoever. And I want all of our -- all of our listeners. Who have recipes or something they have done with the dish to make it healthier to calling 2601870. 260170. Were not gonna give up on good food we're just -- sort of fix a little bit and I know everybody has a special thing they've done. And we want you to share that but we're gonna talk with these two specialist right now. Ben and Stephanie. We can eat beautifully and healthy. Absolutely yeah man I love this manually shaking -- -- -- on radio and there's no head shaking and I can't cook. If you could only see what's in front of first of all -- Yet we grudges and treats every app one of ours are Ethan Miller traditions it's our white truffle. -- leaders -- in electrical immigrant. And then we also brought article women icebox. Which looks like up costs you think I'm mean that living your life and I -- And we had a little sprite or deputies really -- Should I start with a sweeter go to the cramped I think even now -- thank you -- this week. Yeah sorry I -- -- cutting to the chase me aren't here recount it is beautiful ladies and gentlemen listening it's big high Lemony. But the wonderful thing on top I had a wonderful thing on -- -- it's magnificent pretty it's not pretty good it's excellent it's tart which dialogue. Light which is good is this a blueberry sauce from the moment yes I am. That's. Now that's Italian meringue on the laying on top. The the thing on -- -- -- -- -- actually I'm more than a few -- everywhere that I got a top. And Angelina that we love you and I also -- as a dietitian and sugar is terrific witness so we would never bring something here. And wave in front of you -- as if it was an actually cared for -- whole outlook and it is good government. And right say you know arc -- criterion it Ethan Allen no white cards lesson tees in about a check Aronson. Stephanie is incredibly talented she's made this to set our criteria. It is they're afraid it it is totally -- referring from the socks so that. On seven -- to element to -- Famer rang everything answer for. But the great thing is she doesn't use any artificial sweeteners says she uses a plant based no calorie sweetener. -- at all. Multi tong multiples and I'm a product that anybody combined meant he might have to special ordered on line until things. But yet and get it it it tastes. Perfect it actually it was funny when we were testing these -- before the restaurant open. We tried it with sugar and instead of cattlemen -- -- -- -- today. We tried it with the sugar and everybody liked him and try to win them -- to talk sugar substitute. Way better with -- with actual -- it just taste. Is multi at all granular or is it it's a powder form him yeah Michael White powder that you would see -- and any other sugar substitute. But it's a one a one ratios have I used one cup pusher and a recipe. I would use one cup of -- song that's kind of the best part about it. Is that there's no we -- aftertaste. And it's of one of one ratios -- really any recipe can be transformed. Into this year free. -- Do you have many people who say. I want something sugar free. It you know it's that kind of thing where people don't ask. Because a lot of times it they might get found upon like now aperture printing -- that as something that we playing kind of common and have something for those people so that you don't have to be uncomfortable assay can give me issued a pretty some other prisoners. So we just it on the front and. Well I have to say that was I was reminded in shame on my brain that. Not bend to the dole has been on the show before and it was in part talking about your own conquering of your health. Yeah yeah absolutely got together and Molly we are working on and recipes for don't there are recipes to see which dishes at the restaurant workers three -- now. And off topic I was like -- now with my doctor the other it and she's. A set and you know just kind of need to pointers. And I probably should patent -- an articulate -- and I yeah that's. But yeah I'd just make him better choices in in just watch and when I was eating. I was sure he saves exercising but that's why -- was an exercise. Well that you were twelve hours a day -- fourteen hours a day sentence a yeah. In other words there is hope I think that's what this program is about we love our food here is as much tradition as anything. And we don't wanna sacrifice too much right right. And it's it's actually easier than you think it's just beaten just because we've been Clinton butter in in in import sausage and red beans for a hundred years. Doesn't mean there's other ways that you can't still have very full flavored food. Without -- -- about four. So you make your red -- with what. I usually at home a lot of times Ali and whatever pork products are put into it I'll take him out. And just not even use and afterwards our use them for something else but. -- people who just don't you support -- great chicken products milk chicken products out there that you can use. But it'd be smoked chicken I spoke chickens hostage whatever it is. Didn't get any grocery store. Now this is music to my ears with let's put our -- it's orcas were getting some callers and I'm so appreciative. But let's start with Paula you have a question about sugar substitutes. Yeah -- And doing should. Column and -- in yeah. And though a lot of the. Four connection. The fact that they yet on why. -- -- -- A lot of these. Institute news. And blood. Good news is well -- all you college. -- add them all the time it's the exact same amount shakers so that's the best part about it is that it is a one and one ratios have your recipe called for one cup. Each surely would use one cup with sweet -- and those other substitute sometimes it does get a little. At the aftertaste is there is a product action on the market called swerve. And with the exact same and I think it's a fruit and vegetable. I'm byproduct of -- can crack from wrong. It's also 11 ratio and that product is amazing I'm not as familiar where it is in grocery stores maybe mine is more about. It's called swerve. -- -- Amazing -- the cup for cup thing makes all the difference all the difference in the war and went on to high math here never. If it's accomplish Ares one -- as we know it just doesn't even taste in its. Those two. Again. Yes is the aftertaste and as Stephanie would tell you that. The sugar performs he's there for the -- usher performs other things has to sweetness and says there's decriminalization and there's things in some of these products that measure cup for cup lecture. They behave more like -- when it comes to moisture Carmela station. Much more than a sweet land resplendent. And like she had swear that's available locally and Rouse says hasn't if it hasn't happily for repairs has it. And so an -- online and if you're. If -- went to shop on -- Martha Thomas and other product via this issue in front is substitute cup for pat. Not only are they easier to use Austin plant based unnatural and they're not technically processed artificial sweetener. -- that a lot of them on oh is that there's a lot of people I'm not have a -- You used to -- -- it is. Potato and then yeah. And the the current -- that goes Schuettler care. Let me say I wish I could share dissent magnificently and -- because. This it it. You just can't tell it's just it is. I wish I could hit it probably aren't all that call I appreciate it we're gonna take a quick break but Jane -- stay with this. We'll be right back financial under the W. Well by golly weakened eat in this town and still -- health. And that's the whole theme of the show with Molly -- our very favorite nutritionist in the world. Then to Politico and Stephanie Bernard. The -- at tableau. And and again and I look at then and say he's a living example of somebody who can not only cook right eat right. Enjoy life. Andy hill thanks Angela yeah you look adorable. We have a couple of calls -- real quick let's go to -- you've been so nice to hold on -- Oh I was just curious because you were talking about sweeteners. I'd definitely but I get kicked perhaps -- I'm -- with the splendor -- or something other than. So the nurturing and the court was patient factors that -- Ulster word from -- From this Linda. From nutritional perspective. You know it's it's FDA approved. Research on it shows that it's probably safe with my concern with that is it's relatively news. Partner to share his -- has been around our. And so we just I try to minimize anything that's and chemically to Iraq enters synthetic lead to Iraq. Because we just don't know the long term effects of it and says so -- uses a little -- -- here -- there any of the artificial sweeteners that reason just a packet every so often. No big deal that when Simmons as consumed large amounts of it that has cosmic concerns that we don't know for sure in the long term effects. Soccer ball different airports it was a lot of struck out there that -- -- when -- free. That first -- -- not a tricky toward your career -- still you know that would just increase via sugary. And all you know we're not the case like rubber -- -- now all sorts and -- a -- If you pusher British fat Swiss cheese and a couple of things that can be -- almost just like regular what he's in the college world -- Stuff like that will work out analog for what fellow Virginian yeah but I look fat sour cream which were different and India but he's not like. -- and in that to me to where he knocked it in the hole bigger -- And in -- Park City ritual is a while back a stroke Ezekiel bread. That up to me is urged to got there and there's also a product called Joseph's I'll make -- what -- products. Which also partnered with community -- were it is probably the best thing doctor's orders being helped your bread but you can go box and make our girls. He definitely got a lot of great ideas for people and like your slot to them light sour cream but have you tried using -- -- factory character instead to make your French and in depth. -- I I don't get it you are and get -- -- Darker things. Try it just one time in -- just try. Yeah I like yogurt like you -- -- -- to -- and there's there's something about you know. There at Augusta you know that that that was what they were covering the problem would vote for in the early stages of that -- three home. -- is getting that goal that structure that change not just the flavor of the old wooden structure of that but. Now as well. I hear that tried and -- IAEA 2% our country can't Britain place at this -- -- When we use it people dead and even or better yet get some -- did taste test with the -- of blind taste test that it -- contrary net investment. Know -- wonderful to Colin -- those are great ideas. Yeah -- It is not sacrificing that much she's made some changes you should be very proud of themselves. I Sherry in Metairie that some thoughts on sweeteners. I didn't use the a point at the natural called BBN. And beaten Fiat -- I think it's so rude. And I've heard it's replaced because nobody is completely natural -- for I get hundreds of years out of this country. And a radio talk show host actually promotes that a whole lot you know he's got off sugar on state but the coffee. And I got used to it is very good. Have you heard -- Yes it nutritionally and Leavitt. With second and a second about earlier and things that give kind of the bulk of that texture shaker. Stevie and doesn't because it is so intensely sweet killing units have -- that you have the people putting it in your coffee UT year you know I'd love that and it's. Completely natural and zero calories. You got a grocery and at dollar stores that is not expensive though. I'm real happy with that not out of play it a -- to hear your thoughts. Sherri if you made anything. Dessert with that I would suspected that you know. I'm mainly -- he's been incompetent Patrick on a copy but that's great you're not putting it on insurance. Yeah that's right you know your wonderful to Cole thank you very very much okay. I love that these people were calling with what they're doing and so I appeal to anybody out there listening if you modified of a recipe. To cut back on fats sugars and still delicious senate's New Orleans let us now to 60187. To our great chef than to the dome. What what have you done at the restaurant for the if that no. First each Adobe we can actually just makes small adjustments. Take out one of the -- is that we offers a six ounce -- that normally we sort of -- -- sauce on top which it is and California. It's delicious but -- Portland I hate to ask what is burning for days is it's -- -- -- derivative so it's an emotion of a duking clarify border. Probably two hours things in the world for years cardiac -- But it -- says the addition -- military on reduction. So in that in classic -- on top of a full day here in impeached and -- ointment you. Well one of the substitutions that we offer instead of that sauce on top and instead of the voters that we liked put on top of it is -- -- -- -- a red line -- -- Which has gotten better core values it's gotten better and traditions nutritional value. Then have all. Great idea and I was actually surprised -- -- became concerned -- and he can have six ounces of beef. And are you anti egg -- No no no I'm kind of everything in moderation Pampers her in my personal. I learned early on especially without much of Molly in my doctor that I can eat. -- -- I'm craving. I just got to be really careful lead up to that and whatever I do after that and portion control is something that at the restaurant we interest law. And we do that through portion sizes. We offered to sized portions of many -- entrees as but the smaller damning. And then a full portion in the event is so Smart it seeking Renault and ends in joy and you know without happening you know instead of eight ounces of fish you can have for up to. Instead of brown butter on we can have a little bit of crab -- seemed to have a problem. The the crab dish I'm looking I'm just so beautiful and about to attack and still -- and a lemon. When you said that as of vinegar vinaigrette of -- correct -- so there's no oil in there there's truffle oil traders. Some. Dutch oil canola oil. And then -- rice wine vinegar. Little to salt pepper and we really don't use a lot of salt for -- -- regrets because vinegar acts as a great accompaniment. Are not accompaniment great substitute for her personal HealthSpring flavor out of -- without -- answered him. They're screaming at me in the news department -- taken of the break that I loved that to Angela and Joni stay with -- we'll be right back. We're back talking with Molly -- nutritionist at posh dinner. And -- invented it and who was executive chef fat tableau Stephanie Benard the beautiful pastry Shia and she has created art. And I'm so thrilled that our callers hung on Joni you have something about being in French toast. Yeah. Where he -- stay calm and within the last six months gonna be an -- he's a big fan of French toast and she makes them French toast split up with the banana and I -- some. Honoring milk -- there milk as they hit it straight. 10 I can't get the and the texture. This is a beautiful thing that your share. They were kind of looking up how -- we do this so you have variations -- think but that sounds great. Yeah I think that island you know we we we try boredom at its top I'm not ready to go -- That we support -- what they do and they're in great out. And it sounds like it and just that Spain and it just kind of a -- -- Intakes and in. Particularly happy and make it again and sacrifice. Senator Clinton. And that really is what we're talking about is we were just very spoiled here and but hang on to her. Fight the vacant for a little while and then you know learn that's what I've learned I've -- for people who have been vegetarians. And integrate that and then. Still little piece of meat. Thank you Tony. Thanks so much Angela in -- to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It sounds outstanding. But yeah I really can't substitute option another option to to try and as we've done this a couple times the restaurant is to get a fig preserves. And to -- really get that into a nice paste you can also cut come Samir Karo syrup and add the fig preserve to it. And -- -- -- keep the same -- begun -- your book onto you wanna keep your coconut. Extract in your cinnamon you can do all that but. The papers -- helps cut a little bit of that unnatural. Kind of sugar strong sugar and it kind of gives you a nice balance. I. Oh thank you for calling very much I love this I love that people have ideas to 601 and seventy. We'll take another break we're going to be back with the shafts and knowledgeable right after this. Nutritionist Molly Campbell -- guest along with the executive chef of tableau. Benson -- and also from tableau the pastry chef Stephanie Benard. Giving us some wonderful tips on how we can still enjoy many of the foods we love but not going into overkill killing cents. So let's start with let's start with that some things you were talking about frying foods for instance. For both of right trees trees such -- items especially for such a -- and a great alternative to -- in -- can even get burned out on how well I don't care what people say like -- like you need outlook on Saturday in a canned but sometimes you want something different. And again next orders novel and I am very -- oh points or -- you try to cook something unity price something in extra virgin olive oil. High temperature. Like for instance like if you're gonna blackened -- You're you really want -- that oil to -- resources smoke it's basically carcinogenic in at that point. It's actually worse for any theories and -- From us from -- So some. That's out there that are great for salting and for high temperature cooking coconut -- his wonderful and camping went up about 375 degrees before any any kind of chemical breakdown there. It's great for -- saying it's great for. Low temperature deep frying. And -- Yasser and other items like a potato oil which is got high smoke point vegetable -- It's a little bit on the pricey side but it is also available in most grocery stores from the bigger -- -- -- right now. And that's great for something Fisher are any different number of things now says a really nice flavor to kind of almost gives you the techsters if you think about biting into and out he. And -- it's a lot of fun. Today. It's just been mentioned. That cabinet oil and his -- has an experimented with a before at room temperature has a texture like butter. Am and it acts allot like -- people so I thought and that oil -- bad for me that it's been a lot of research in the past years at senate. Senator McCain may be be beneficial for our waistline but it can also be good for our heart as my -- this -- they saturated -- totally different. Says you're listening music can happen and kind of Leary and it meant for again a lot of good research behind it. And it's a great way today they even have and coconut. That and can an aerosol form which is great not only can you can't quit him but. I like it for if I'm doing in you know fishers shrimpers on and off the grill. I despray constitute afterwards moon after its dollar changed it enough that little thing kind of coconut flavor. Without. I don't know many people myself included to go pick up coconuts well your husband has been here -- -- -- -- coconuts and then starts smashing about you know ankle. -- on you addressed. It yet and that's something you some of the ideas you have about the chocolate chip cookies kind of so this is kind of just. A -- healthier to happen just kind of fun -- plus I like many morsels. I would say better than a larger but if you're doing chocolate chip cookies or anything with chocolate ships. You can always about Cyrus tackles for two cups of large. Morsels. Go get them anyone's use one cup and you get more per cookie your arm per month and compared to the big mark mark -- morsels where you're -- that. Not get his mania and so I would use half the amount and the -- morsels for. Any -- calls. And some other things even if year making a cake you wanna be somewhat healthy year. And that's an incredibly healthy -- Instead of -- is icing out of butter making a butter cream and nonfat -- top paying. Kind of smear that on it I mean it's like ten calories her -- Hispanic -- table -- it's not much at all on -- -- that's really -- substitute. And even if you just are taking a recipe. Cut this year by a quarter. You know I mean I think things now are getting so sweet NetSuite for no reason. So if you have a -- that's one cup of sugar maybe just bump it down three quarters of a cup and I don't really think the currency that much difference. Plus I think. Which is not necessary you know -- not going to affect the baking part of it no I mean it wouldn't cut it by you know from one cup to a quarter -- because I think that's gonna change chemically what's gonna happen in the -- but. I think from a -- to it requires Africa I think will be fine. And just echo those of great ideas they really are also about two or dinner table some things that you. Russia well but he kind of touched on an earlier but for me. Salt is it's kind of necessary evil against you don't like your -- sodium in some capacity. But I think vendors are great ways to substitute out -- And you can use there's so many different than yours out there that he. Virtually limitless in terms of flavors. And using that to finish your food instead of salt is is a great way to keep yourself. And I don't think there's really anything. Bad about their fingers of vinegar is great and you as a with the Dickie Brennan's family restaurant shall have your and kind of house cajun type seasoning planners -- We do we have our creole seasoning which is duties families recipe for forty plus years now you know share with any no we shouldn't read -- -- yeah. I can tell you everything that's and it it's a combination. Black pepper cayenne pepper onion powder. Our granulated onion granulated garlic and so -- how much it's absolutely. Just a bit. A lot of our. Wait shaft then just set in and making your currencies England -- -- and we talked before about to some easy shots lots of someone's buying an. Off the shelf. Cajun seasoning and making the switch from your regular popular line which has yet Tony has 325 milligrams sodium. To just pop and blackening seasoning has 95 milligrams of him. On to ask as an honest -- hot -- and there's some really easy slots. If you're not super man. Comfortable in the kitchen using different in making your spice Nazis. It acceptance that the senators. -- and pressures and things. Make a huge and suggesting any time you can incorporate fresh flavors into your food it's gonna it's gonna lighten things up for you and in some capacity. But as far as the this season makes his go I think a pretty safe bet this is after sitting now with culprit on the blacks and those are are a -- forest. If you get to a point where years seasoning mixes pushing 10% sodium cool way away ideally you wanna be somewhere in the three to 5%. Sodium in total contact there so it really simple grab your seasoning take on the back and see what percentage proportion. He really wants on -- it's going to be under 5%. The things like. Can could be helping Mac and cheese 00 absolutely yeah. It it might not be in the way go about it might not be what you expect but yet we can talk but that team. We'll be right back stay with us. We're gonna have them back. Executive chef of tableau -- to the -- pastry chef Stephanie Bernard and a beloved -- Campbell they will be back and they're going to save our lives.