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8-26-14 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints roster cuts

Aug 26, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk about today's round of roster cuts as the Saints cut down to 75 players.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And camp has done final practice of training camp 2014 today out of the -- -- facility on airline Holloway good evening and welcome to sports talk on the 18 in this evening on the -- -- the Tigers and the New Orleans pelicans WW radio 878 am and FM 1053 -- nearly 7870. It was a bonus 866889. 087 our resident pro OK guys I'm Bobby Higginson to give you their take on practice and overall how they felt training -- -- from beginning to Ian. Graeme brown come tobacco is it some in green grass on the New Orleans and now the Saints at their final test before the things keep the real. You know -- three you know multiple college football. Thursday night. It's some big ones on the way in the insanity -- huge gain an issue number thirteen Wisconsin. Number fourteen operating jaguar paid to impose opponent site WW dot com. The Tigers the badgers Saturday in RG stadium -- -- for the seasonal. What is your biggest concern. About LSU. Is it unproven. At quarterback position. Much experienced it and LSU defense that on the John Tate has been a guy it's. Now that's a disappointing but it wasn't a DePaul with some of the other teams defense all -- beat Melvin Gordon. -- the Wisconsin badger running game. Cast a vote on line. It W did you go. All the site and saint finest -- guys on. Don't just now hope the Saints -- a practice today you'll take on what you saw. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't Malkin walk could lead in the late -- well -- -- And the ball. -- -- -- -- -- And eleven of -- one again one picking up -- -- and yeah. Ball short ball and it won't work because each week it is equal. Cool -- Being real cold. One thing you want it to me again and you know it. -- everything like that. The only period that you know ATP. They threw in Italy and like. Once they need pick and they bobbled. It. We're we're -- you blow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Police. Or attic a little bit with a kicker -- they are being in the field goal in period and -- -- romantic pop putrid. Com. Senior -- and all that they. Well it equated. Or. Shortly in much bigger crowd out there. Well here and we -- days -- could be out in control all day. -- guys on saint -- with a saint breaking camp the game against the Ravens Thursday night in -- -- final cuts coming up on Saturday that reset at -- so many hours a clear waivers you can formulate practice squad I'll. The UP all of that in the we -- in game week the Saints and Falcons. Next Sunday -- This -- a bit on -- to sign a ball. To a three no number up a few players that may be. I don't say surprised I had good camps in your eyes. -- That any one guy in particular -- we talked battle in it's certainly not played them like angry and Eric Booker can't complain you know like the -- pat. But the -- looked all right I like well he's you know. Eight Forman Burton -- well in short period at any rate through the first cut so media that are -- buckle. If you tactical -- and we -- big hit and Erica and he'd make it bad. You know -- -- OK I'll recently all. I don't think it really did what -- college product. Oh there you might look at a couple of -- opted linemen. They have been in there. -- -- You know and any element that you. -- -- coming out and not -- -- you know they. Really although it could well all figure out who the -- and guys are. About the only thing in the main because he is who will be -- where he will it be. Joseph Morgan won't -- -- and will be Robert Meachem -- It anybody yet they've all. They're a road course training camp -- yeah all. Well baker in anybody in pride they take pride like Indian -- control. Well we'll take -- more than that. In marked a lot in at all Ian ball. Off off an old bomb will need to come back here and check it at all. All of it without walking into their practice today you had. I still. Don't think that or is it all. In all but I think if anything I think. You -- surprise because it. Okay now offensively may be some guys that disappoints. Ought to do it didn't have a great camp eight what was that what they want -- -- -- and I I think the first come to mind penalty disappoint me. I think the way he started out and and it was just like who he didn't go to great skater with Manny a higher. -- during the concert audience laughed off a little bit. -- -- feel bad -- -- That 1 other morning. In that everybody figured it was going to be or -- -- and -- concluded. And you know what Morgan. And -- pop stars battle it well it's -- a great track. It can't long ball. Not really one guy at least it made. I had a good solid all it can't going to be pretty. It light that they show you more. He had been -- -- -- As atrophy in. At any thought all actual -- -- can abuse him. As a blocker. And hey you know ball. I -- it's cool actually that -- equal more all. Can't or won't be -- -- (%expletive) Only get at a pretty forget -- -- -- -- The big tight -- -- eighth inning lead but he looks like that I'm one people around well well well. A couple -- like being in and make sure and all of. Would be -- Big Ten would be a disappointment and start in the game and you know. I went to work and then actually that. He's not we didn't make the final victory buried at -- quietly at all. They're in there. It will all be -- ball. Which would be cool -- can make it next week when we get that ball I think it will be tightened it and he would sure what all the while they -- disappeared while we -- and even in game slightly bad that wouldn't be shocked at all. -- color analyst former -- OK guys I'm getting Hokies -- on today's practice and training camp we'll take a timeout -- -- with -- poking the Kasey Kahne will be was. Who gonna hear from Saints coach Sean Payton. Drew Brees became -- Joseph Morgan. Champ Bailey and Ryan -- and all that saint sounds coming -- -- great in the National Football League former LSU great now a radio host and just on new ACC network. Anthony Booker met Bob will be what is thought about the big opening games this week in the two angry way taking all one. Also Thursday Curtis Johnson will be -- -- tickled to the green wave and Hogan update on the Tigers game week preparations as they take on. Wisconsin from -- Scarborough tiger -- dot com this is sports talk on the home of the -- that I goes and appellate WW. And welcome back campus -- -- -- making some cuts. Tight end Travis -- my back a victim Butler. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If it's a bad rod sweeting in defense in Jones -- Though lose all the Saints players that went in Oklahoma Saints players Saturday they had to get down to their -- -- three man roster. Indian during our pregame show with LSU was counting Christie Garrett every Saturday always breaks inning gives us the saints' final cook outs. Operated jaguar team coalition Wisconsin we're two biggest concern about the Tigers a game number one unproven quarterback the -- defense all the other side of the ball the big. And Wisconsin -- rushing offense. Cast a vote online at WW -- Dot com giving hope you guys and count folks thing training camp we talk a bit about the offense -- highest Tokyo few questions including -- some players that he thought. It stood out and we also talk a hokey about them maybe some that started out good or did have been go to the camp -- on the defense this side of the ball. The theme going into training camp was obviously be fast available aggressive everyone can improve on tackling. And create turnovers last week before that final drive. In the first half one don't want their prime players to saint prime players Indianapolis had fourteenth place with 54 yours so. I think -- that the move to try and create. Be able congress -- about forcing turnover is. The goal all season I think they met their goal now we'll see how it translates into -- Well but it's definitely translate into the -- beaten in it not been that we. Clean up their practice. But he -- -- institute had been put on that it's much. When Greg was here. They get things like when we greatly improved period it was always -- -- that every day art if you don't. Would it -- incomplete pass whether somebody fumbled but it. Whether statement that got dropped intercepted the ball hit the ground all the coaches are only hit the ball get the ball. Group or whatever he could predict I think pretty I mean you get picked it up at. It -- it be that the ball that perhaps he would be back to perk and now. Going after an outlook on how training camp was and it's certainly. Mean to their benefit in the last two ball games so treated bad there bacterial their -- Okay I'll only be -- decide on a ball out of the defensive backs and I think the competition. But but just the plate. I don't know if we follow going to camp we go to saint. The best camp from. Corey -- yet. The -- camp from Patrick Robinson as a year Keenan Lewis is consistent so. And even on a -- in we start to see you could see that the weeks the picking things up what he picked up in a meeting room to all star of the show up on the field more. With rookie standings GB at least your thoughts are on the second their strides -- me. Well not get that piece. He's big and very basic integrity. All of the draft pick with the exception of branding coach. Were halfway through camp when I think it's important that everybody in the -- of the doubt. The learning curve and how much it's been -- on the tree you'd be people that do a whole lot and Nadal looked like big part in. Now could very will always Greg you don't expect these. But being seen again I gave him make the tackle and knock the ball away -- eating dinner that trail. And our game you know they're and it widely directed it it got a hold the ball and be effective pain and now -- While outlaw in the early part trying to -- the -- point that you treat. That he did well what -- And -- which -- completely. In his mind state in. Well we will determine that not -- Batman and all the sudden now. Look at it back the other night make triple -- move around -- people expect me if you. Registered tackles there. So that you haven't -- part he would be you know aren't aren't brought it over now that football. We -- or am I figured -- -- -- a bit ointment about had it. He panicked yet can't direct begat bill now injury ya so he cannot -- incomplete. Great right now but it. Yeah it did but it. Dairy. You'd -- a -- crime -- he had an interception the other night. In -- Q that touchdown pass but today he made a couple of one night late they're -- -- they're again that it's. Right now now that now that there is that far off that the -- will it bring. Target around football a lot like -- we did last year look at it you start making a name on you know. Problem -- the -- back position he was begat that we saw. Early on. Not get it in training camp but -- PA in mini camp. Did you know that amount would -- -- -- back to back days and you analyze. It got in the wave it around were all that. 08 -- be that we could have been right to let Kevin -- ago. Last year it made the PP during man roster and I feel like that problem options and -- -- come along at all that the created. At the ninety yeah. -- Overall the Patriots is what it's gotten now -- at least -- I think they -- and quality yet. And you know which is not well you know located at all -- this Iraq Iran. They call a pretty good players so to me I think that should be -- thing that exciting about if you beat it. Along with the global perspective it is terrible start to get it back up and go out there are good players and there they're going to be and because it's week in the article it back well. Saints color analyst from a saint -- guys and hope thank you so much may have been another can't work out here Thursday evening for on the final preceding game. Alright hope that's our resident pro Hogan got zones take on camp and today's practice the final practice. Anna nix the cage and can spot to go through isn't to -- to be -- who's done is bought 31 as time the first news we'll go to Jim hands -- And welcome back to sports talk about the case again -- there. I'm Deke Bellavia New Orleans Saints making some cuts today. Travis -- -- and I'm back a victim Butler offensive lineman. Nominees okay. Ruth Chris Johnson it's -- I'm back on defense at the end quarterback Logan -- Bogor. As you heard Hokies say a couple of guys that have been had. There with the team. Total time linebacker Kevin Riddick and defense that rod sweeting right also. -- with the incident Jones -- -- page again and Bobby bare your thoughts first on the -- Well the only surprise is similar because that they've been on the roster before. He was my dark horse last year Kevin ready. Out of North Carolina he was a free agent. And 2013 season where you. When you say what you took the -- surprises me is in mall may be so I made it got somebody better yes I don't think it is sometimes we look and say it all he wasn't good enough now you -- he may have had a very I can't somewhere else and make it team right I mean he might even be picked up by someone else. Rod sweeting. I think he was -- those practice squad guys active roster guys a lot of potential. We've heard Keenan Lewis a comment or him. That he reminded him a lot of wind making you say when he was young. So then you get that appoint. Here's as someone maybe potentially better. I could tell you one thing. Now deacon you brought him up. He had an outstanding. Interception against the Colts but he also. Got -- and we've seen yet in training camp that being Brian Dixon ya from Northwest Missouri State I think this scouts love him. You know you gonna find a diamond in the rough. Remember Brian Dixon number 44. I don't see how he -- be out of the gimmick upon our roster but they gonna cut him put him on the practice squad. And UK go -- once practice got squad to another prize squad and have to put him. On active roster I don't think he's quite there yet. But six foot about a 195200. Pounds. He made a couple of plays out there today. And I think he's just wondered -- dark horses. That the scouts would love. Silly because. Northwest Missouri State subdued even -- they had a school name. Northwest Missouri State we -- -- Louisiana. You know a number of directional schools and not necessarily. Northwest. Of Missouri State but he's one of those. Target date right now there's not much dimmer than him in -- on bad -- It just shows you how a competitive college football is you know the scene as far as individual talent. Stanley John Baptiste I think you know he's a lot higher on him than I am and the -- the second round -- he's not going nowhere he's gonna make the roster. But to say oh yeah you can tell he's wave and a bright Dixon. I don't think so you have to be a numbers game for him again and I yet yet -- that that they get against daily job that he says it's is that develop. We look at the top cover guys and I think -- -- objective about this and that the united top five. I know when you look at the gonna give kilos noble one. And I think whether you love -- -- packed rounds have been hard on him. You have to give paction Robin Mehmet Robinson in the two got to go by what you don't feel Corey white number three. Miss it I think -- why it's getting better better Champ Bailey them before are you duplicated the Cairo three or four. -- carols and and that number I would say. -- five if not for. And then that's why Nextel as John -- no mistakes. So they gonna give me a chance to develop but you'd think. I don't know who as much a reach but drafted him in the second round you'd think -- -- contribute right away. Because I know branding coach is to -- being right away and he was a noble and draft pick and how we targeted him. But I think we thought maybe. Diamond in the rough you know receiver turned -- -- you look at it size if he ever does turned a corner. You know at the -- German like. -- any talk Korda 63 to eighteen can run. That that's steadily a project -- but if you ever works out. Boy talk about play man to man impressed Yamon. Stanley -- about keys would be ideal would be on the youth program and a computer. It has -- out that time cornerback but. You gotta have the skills that -- that he didn't mirror. Keenan Lewis Corey white Patrick Robinson right now and not even a better like Champ Bailey. Are even. You know when you look at -- -- a Carroll who's a hybrid a player but you know it's still. Always go to him but you'd have to say Victor Butler obviously. Him getting cut. Every player respond differently the injuries. You feel kind of bad form because he was projected as a started they brought him in here to be a starter. All of us and he gets hurt never has an opportunity. He comes back. Still injured -- oddest sight out of mine. I don't know who was old school whatever as far as they cut them. Or the procedure Briscoe ID get you back on the field that gets on film. And in the end. You know releasing news so Victor Butler that it does surprises. Based on goal it to the training camp. And their contribution to -- being on the roster when they -- -- 2013. Would -- Kevin Redick -- bowler and rod sweeting. The cornerback. Out of Georgia Tech but other than that no of the tough cuts are gonna come. When you get that a 53 man roster that's when you gonna have. And a handful of guys that can go either way. I mean. Whether they make the roster or not who comes out healthy after the Ravens game. You look at the depth at receiver with the status of Kenny said -- thing right now and you'd think the -- keeping six receivers. Is that I'm going to help of Kenny -- sobbing on the back -- It. I mean I don't know is it good for nick toon Joseph Morgan. Robert Meachem and especially Robin meet you got to say yes. -- and -- you make an opening day roster so there's still going to be some tough cuts coming up I think Austin Johnson. I think he's almost earned it fullback position and UB. The fullback on the opening -- think Google -- that -- Greg Jones. You know the veteran. Eleven year veteran out of Florida State. But say that. Then there -- that you could predict it a 100% I mean that syllables. I mean I Kasey -- do it. But -- is always to be five guys -- after the game you know -- well I can't believe they cut him. Far more car they kept him. Now as far as kickers I don't know indicators QB. Today and I'm beat -- a break down the competition right quick. You know going to the well take our time what -- could you get like -- unit. That essence and it's a bit Debbie Debbie -- com. There's a possibility. It gave him on any and be here yet and what they are and that right that after the break this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports I would Kasey Kahne and Bobby a -- -- about practiced Bobby and with the break you talk about the competition -- kicker. He had big. You know of course they needed fund. You know like teammate pagan aside. About how you run sprints. Offense defense that kind of who's representing. And I'd be between Shayne Graham and they're against you now they had two sessions. In the first session. -- game -- had edged. He never miss in exchange Graham. Had a myth but then and in the second session. It was vice Versa -- and Shayne Graham was stronger. And and -- damn -- was to force Ingram was a three full force out in them have been. A bowl to miss the -- -- the deal with the elements. And to win. And David Thomas More center is amazing to watch him punt on -- he's still control the ball with him putting with the win. Vs against the wind and as far as that Hugo caters a -- aided him it was like a -- 33. 39 yards 45 and fifty yards. Dealing with the wind and so to say. That is a front runner and I even ex Coach Green. You know as it isn't just a gut feeling. Who'd you go -- do you go with the season better and Shayne Graham. Who's right below 85 percent. Of his career the goal of -- stronger leg who -- prettier cakes. -- game -- then -- Ingram or could it be maybe a guidance on the street united Internet team. We've seen another position. Maybe like. I never knew -- one thing about the the team had to make a move today. -- it can -- before a suspension I think the PD the you know who. Well we'll see once and while I was available and yet available -- you don't -- -- got the idea yet they -- they have a list they have a handful. Guys an opportunity. The bottom line is. If via the game winning -- NFL you gotta make. And that talking about them -- the -- something -- If you got a reasonable -- even if it's a high thirties. Like our our party to the artery it has to indicate he's got to make it right are you know eight and again a kicker. I mean you look at about his fair argument that a team helped his colors Kubel and two bowl record. In all that you get to where a year only converting 73%. And there's no job security. You gotta go somewhere else and it's amazing I think apartments even and other team. No issues he's dealing with a guitar. All of the field. Colleges he's speculating. But do you would have thought that he would. And -- some. Somebody else's team it. Just amazing with the -- what are -- department lately especially accuracy. As the kicker now the ligament what do card it was really and it -- -- considering the game is Thursday night. They start out 101. Patrick Robinson on Joseph Morgan to -- -- nice catch -- -- continue to hustle he caused the fumble. Organize Mitchell Brian Dixon. Northwest Missouri State. Coming up with two nice. Plays on defense as far as -- dependent. Beneath his theory. Coming of organized at the pin and I think. You possibly -- to see him on that final roster at 53. The safety position grip labor accord to light need to makes it nice catch. -- like continues to global arena hustled. Put the ball out on the ice cost probably love to see him in the beavis and obviously. Dolphins can be elected is but he got to protect the ball a Joseph Morgan. Utley and nice route to be generous bird there's Byrd tried to cut him off. Drew Brees threw it behind them almost like stop the money and cut. Would have been a fifteen yard 181009. And communication between drew reason Joseph Morgan. Robert -- -- -- competition at receiver. Blocked anyway. He looks move down the field. All of the receivers -- thought. And then have a good practice today and they had a special team unit dealing with the wind will be kickers and Thomas More rested and go to 707 Brandon cooks. Look at -- -- beat Timmy he looks healthy and ready to roll right now he got -- of like a good chance the group claiming is the Ravens might want them. Negates an expired system. That he looks moved down the side line to look good today now he needs to do any gain. You know it gets about threw four balls and actually gain into account at 250 yards. If he would come back I'll break down the next hour the team -- that was kind of the 101. And 707 as session real competitive. Considering. The games Thursday night at Doug maybe more like a -- pie walked through it was not. And a lot of competition out there were two in all of it to the ID is a sports talk Saints and Ravens Thursday night right here on WW.