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8-26-14 5:10pm Bobby & Deke: on all things football

Aug 26, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk Saints and LSU football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening welcome to our number 20 sports talk allow the case you came Bobbie -- I'm Deke Bellavia coming up this now start. Bringing in some Saints sound when -- hear from Saints coach Sean Payton quarterback Drew Brees if it's a nominee came X wide receiver Joseph Morgan. If -- to back Champ Bailey quarterback Ryan Griffin plus operated jaguar opinion poll it's up on line for you at WW dot com. Game would this week LSU taking on the Wisconsin Badgers sending you know -- stadium in Houston only Reliant Stadium. What is your biggest concern about the -- is it. Very useful at the quarterback position. Could be to tigers' defense. All the Wisconsin running me. Asked to vote online at W a big what do you think I I think that -- today. Point of -- -- With that if I don't I'll be straight right at eligible that's a bad thing because the it's beat him out goodies they before -- -- be your game right. But I -- -- you know it's a really really surprised me. Was content with seventh in total defense in the nation and here you haven't either of those guys that there. Your body I -- my -- right now it's about finding -- right front Sam my opponent later though the big reason why did defense was ranked them. Is the cause of all things. They also talked him into a position to keep -- divas well rest it won at least analyzed the mean it's one of the least teams that. Has -- says no no you keep you. Miss him if you controlled time position at the end of the season as they don't feel right and the only thing and I think LSU's gonna -- But I think -- in my gash LSU run of the middle north and -- I doubt about that all of this he has got some good -- that and they got that he you know you know when you say like speed -- the relishes the -- we use if you are running a straight line. About between the tackles north and south. And you follow Pollard for five yards six yards speed doesn't come and play like either -- lowered the boom. So I think in -- got to be taken have a Gordon with the young inexperienced defensive tackles and an inferior blood do we. Patrick Willis. You have to locate and whoever in the middle. And linebacker do we have dominant to have Glenn Dorsey are. Our Ricky Jean-Francois. Or whatever in that interior. Better to stalemate -- its July that's what I'm thinking in. That'd -- relishes stuff that he did you have eight in the box almost like old school wedge rugby type play that you going right have been cut. And as you get okay we get 45 yards maybe six yards a pop. That's pretty damn good could you possessed in the ball he might have a 1011. Well played drive and you being real conservative but you keep doing the same thing in that they thought the. And an -- him at follow will be what is the next hour to talk a little college football to truly angry way taken on Tulsa Tulane last season was a tremendous defensive ball club. -- a fifteen in the country in turnover margin that was second in the nation in forced turnovers and I this year. They -- -- defense -- now they have a new quarterback is that the answer to being a more complete team Curtis Johnson joins us at the bottom of the 6 o'clock Allen will be to a Max -- or -- compete. Dot com let's go out to Dustin Bobby first have been patiently waiting Dustin thank you for calling Debbie did you know. Yeah until they did a bummer requires. -- cute cute. -- you won't want to do. Because he's not accurate enough and the dude his legs -- -- I mean I think -- make you think the Arturo. But you have to look at that accuracy that's an -- Garrett Hartley. He was an Packard and a system you gotta get rid of -- you totally K 87 had a hand. That you don't have a job in the NFL that they get rid of it you got to be eighty. At least 8182 precedent. Now are higher. Even -- you have a game winning kick depression -- to make as -- -- that had to do it makes it. -- he more or any. Of them would. Allow if you -- gonna -- and then in -- he would demand more money. If you get a kick guides the -- in the field okay. Know him and his agent. Now we've rewarded Thomas horse that would agree contract. Policy we guarantee him like about eighteen million Indies amongst the bad so he deserves that. That's what he does as far as you position as the potter. And if he's taken it 78 yards the did not I'll be -- about it and he's doing his job but it's a right now no I would say the is that a competition. With Shayne Graham larger game of -- They would beat them out. Because that they more factored in him. Okay. Arguably you're going to when you that contribute to the student. They're being used to somebody do it oh you don't enjoy. -- -- about now it's so it's so technical. I mean it it's so. Precise about what you skills that is even have as the Champ Bailey could be doing his job for the Saints this year. If he just comes in an obvious passing down. A covers the -- both the cover. We've got door but no run support though -- -- no big running back in. And maybe getting hurt -- it's like -- what is your responsibility can you do it at the highest level. That's placed LB substitutions. Nickel package dime package is not just like. A Dick Butkus. Right now big bike has played on third passing down -- get -- He played first second third on all the time. In today's football he -- obvious run down they would take him out on passing downs does he get exploited. All right Dustin thank you so much for the call Bobby giving you his count. Of the saints' final practice and his thoughts on how. Now the entire training camp wind in Greenbrier and back here in new war this is sports -- Saints and Ravens Thursday night on WW. British jaguar paid your vote takes the city seven -- -- no concerns you most about the Tigers as they open a visit thirteenth ranked team in the country taking on number. Fourteen Wisconsin Saturday in Houston is that Allen shoot. Having a young quarterback -- inexperience. The tigers' defense on me you more concerned with what meet you feel. He's one of the best running backs and all of college football obviously he -- earlier probably one into an open to you all. -- Gordon of Wisconsin seven yards to Cary. Always having -- executed nearly eight. Point 5% of he's. Runs a year ago over 200. Or fourteen -- double he hit seven rounds of feet deal with a goal so that's companies this last trip. And speed can break -- the New Orleans Saints wrapped up training camp today. Saints quarterback Drew Brees spoke to the media. Day Saints quarterback birdies. Basically -- I was about the birth of these mediocre. Yeah. The Mays is at practice but I guess. You know it's all hat I mean never old hat because his first dollar. But he had four kids now. Aoki kinda regulate can recall as a feeder college -- a -- -- oldest daughter just turned. 54 and August 19 he turned 32 and did you firm ball and yes -- born and now the senior college job they -- Will and they think it -- olds who to a days at least to get to miss a day of practice -- well I can remember. Alive telling me about 11 o'clock at the debate is coming does probably. Falsely. -- you know you know you have to make sure. So she let me -- because that product from about eleven to 12301245. I'm happy with the baby sorry Evan jump up. Get a that a hospital. -- almost to do it naturally to a big deal a bit pain in the glow wears an epidural. You know hot and you know yeah it like. You know you get that approach in your first one is like. The babies come over -- I can't do this W -- I would at the baby's coming. So finally Ryan -- his daughter was born. I was probably around 72730. And so you know you all excited mom and -- everyone's there. And then -- get him is that morning practice. Levee -- because there while I'm tired now get to -- they can nap this afternoon. -- coach Gail Williams comes to the hospital says well. We need your practices afternoon could -- working on two minute offense. Some that you -- became move it Eagles know about we need you to to -- -- price have got to miss a half today. And drew you know obviously missed practice yesterday you know -- two days anymore. So he was able to witness the -- birth that was the obviously participating in it. Abuse out their practice today and looked pretty sharp in. And try to do the wind conditions overall. And I think that was a good practice all the quarterbacks kicking game -- a -- the way it was blown out there are so that was good adversity. To trying to overcome that. A good idea whose time is 5311. News we'll go to Jim -- And welcome back to sports talk he's -- to camp Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia third and I just sank to the Ravens to Ali match above three you know teams in the pre season two teams highly thought of in. Both the AFC and the in and see. Cover sought to 3 o'clock on Thursday fans first take it Oceana restaurants are there that contact the world famous for its quota. It's the but I cab -- -- golf but my official -- the Saints -- -- -- -- the Mercedes-Benz superdome 7 o'clock kick off. The Saints and the Ravens in the point that the two when he him. Take out along the wall saint coverage on WW. I can go wrapping up practice today eight training camp is in the books. -- you're on deck the first we'll go to eight AJ thank you for calling WW ago. Yeah. But that's about. It. But it off at that without. -- Worked. With. I initially had said. You know we took the Cairo. I'd say the worst -- I was gonna win it David direction and take and a linebacker. They got a charge in a way that is Steelers are vindicated the Carol Mann. From day one what's I'll witness what he did. The reason why initially said that if you look at it AJ and you do your homework he was on wanted to words defense does and texas' history. And he and I create turnovers which he's doing now the what you say about that AJ. And I I know he's doing a damn good job I said. After last season going to this year and not only a pro bowler but all pro. And there's a difference when you all pro you the best at Benson ON FL. Nudges the NFC. So I mean I to say whatever department lately I dig -- even Carroll is a hall of Famer. I said that this in the east play one -- got hurt. And I said he's the best Davidson back I think potential wise in Saints history. And I put him in a category. To be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Not the Louisiana hall of fame not the State's hall of fame the pro football hall of -- so what you got to eight AJ eating out isn't it. -- talk about well. -- All right no illicit I'd -- all I was gone by at Texas Texas -- And I'll also be getting a Texas player and their defense was it I go around his physical -- between you -- -- about -- now and you Rio no I'm not and that is at -- I end up avoiding like Eric Harris who -- -- -- -- that. No I know I pay for both teams know how they tell me the case that in my -- -- the linebacker probably martone yes. Now now now this is just reading I have we will see him play this year a call -- what they say dame Pittsburgh. He's supposed to be in -- Big thing anything to Haywood nine he would hit hey Cameron campaign it was both come round. That would did say -- Carroll has already I had a big love about it enemy you what you're supposed to had a best first you know idiot yet it was third in -- -- repudiate a boat without a doubt that not Jarvis Jones they. I don't know. It did they think he's gonna turn according to be dominant Pittsburgh of people without food in the pre season and read the thing that he's both be pretty good. Well this Steelers beat him to be when you mean if he is their defense is good and not be good -- in -- -- back in the playoffs again if you pointed out exactly -- -- -- meals in the Ravens. Back in a phone though still -- a Mack Matt thank you for calling WW. -- an older and -- to you why I decide to go working to this year. I'm but it still strictly superstitious but I. Drew Brees. And -- on line you know he called it as far as low. Three ball longer and little things work not to cry. Willow. When you say that the move was 743. Yeah well -- fourteen for being you know not electorate to -- Law like down lodge -- -- that it will we take -- to win that thing. The road to Arizona to get to this -- comes through and you all. Me and him and it might take fourteen win. Yeah I mean as as ad that's ad part fit what would you think. Now. When you look at last year considering I remember -- bring -- down the schedule which means coming back from bounty gate and the club Brunette that. If you get. That anyway that was that's a great season considering the absence of -- pretty bad now we've Annie. That expectation is now on the -- win. To me I think if they get to eleven went to mine and have been a once these seed. But you get to eleven wins that's hard and that's considered to meet -- a great season. Because you get to level that's hard to do. Now they've got to get off to a great start for one of five and oh. But that's when you break down the schedule but -- that being said. It might take to get back to -- -- Possibly have a thirteen fourteen win season. Where you know Seattle. While Green Bay whoever it might be. San Francisco -- down on him because the pre season than that. Look too short but it is pre season. But you know we got to get him a complete years that us having to go on the -- not that it's impossible which he's trying to have. The percentages and odds in your favor. To try and get back -- this Ruble and requisite NC. I would come -- according to all of these since the yet become a Sean Payton Brian -- Joseph Morgan Champ Bailey came -- and our conversation -- LSU coach lessen my housing is game week. And at Tulane green wait yes folks you look at these numbers the reason why Tulane was a successful club in 2013. Was a decent -- -- as statistically. Ranked among the nation's best in 2013. Now they feel like they've got the right mix at quarterback with Hanley would it be the difference in a wave. Doing better this season Chris Johnson Johnson the 6 o'clock now this is sports -- on WW. And welcome back to sports -- to Korea on line to Corey thank you for calling. Ball. Where. Are. -- -- -- Well according I don't know where today practice. He looked healthy to me. I today when he was agreement on the sidelines Delgado game -- and and this secondary and angle on him and -- -- move past that you know you know look hurt to me. Corey thank you so much speaking of another speed that has had a very good camp or excellent camp. Joseph Morgan spoke to the media after today's practice all right it's Saints receiver Joseph bloke and big accident out toward New Orleans he's traffic that day coming up in new loses well -- had become coach Sean Payton Ryan Griffey. Ten beta team makes -- a conversation with LSU coach. The -- my house you can spoke a little bit folks and a pre season in college for about a sweet. The real season is here football season is it this is sports talk on WW. I'm right. The had a -- a lot of sound again Tupa was next hour -- by the McFarland would be Willis. World champion. Radio host and now from the SEC network beat weekend in the big games to convert to a football coach Curtis Johnson would -- to talk about too many. Taking Owens. Also this week here. And also the final pre season game coming up there tonight ten now as a wall All Saints can't. Saints -- the final day of training camp with today 3 o'clock it's fans first take time minutes since the quote from Oceana. Restaurants and other -- contact in different -- At 5 o'clock if the -- like countdown to kickoff outside of gate C at the Mercedes-Benz superdome 7 o'clock -- at home. Saints on a reporter Kristen Gant hokey guy zone demons have been the Saints. Handed the Ravens took down the sound of that sentencing -- of it apart after 201 any you know it's game day it's Thursday. There -- -- Saints -- you know Ravens right here on WW.