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8-26-14 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on LSU and Tulane football

Aug 26, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk with the SEC Network's Anthony "Booger" McFarland about LSU's upcoming season opener against Wisconsin and Tulane coach Curtis Johnson about the Green Wave's opener against Tulsa.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports -- our number three. Allow the -- to get him Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia LSU -- and -- Wisconsin Saturday it was talk a little college football this hour with former tiger date and current. Analysts put the SEC network of Anthony -- -- Talk to -- about some big games the SEC -- week in Georgia Clemson Alabama West Virginia. Ole miss in Boise State Thursday night and LSU and Wisconsin. The truly angry wait a remarkable season last year got to a bowl for the first time in over a decade. To -- statistically him one of the best defensive units in all of college football. What will happen this year and the coach Kurt Johnson the opening of a new stadium. With the defense -- glad they got a lot of us out of his back in the second there -- some future NFL players that and -- it in there. And is a new -- a quarterback intently is that the different. Will talk to coach Johnson at the bottom of the now and LSU continuing game preparations for Saturday night's showdown with Wisconsin in -- stadium. In Houston Mike's Cabrera tiger -- dot com will be with -- Vote online at -- -- -- knock on could Texas and 87870. LSU it was content Saturday night what's your biggest concern about the Tigers. Usefulness -- quarterback unproven. Jennings starts you'll have a quarterback it's sort of just one game. Pair -- -- the quarterback it's starting his first game both cornerback would play according to go to less amount. Could it be the LSU defense or is it Wisconsin's running game in the day you know Gordon can show vote on line. It -- have you -- Dot com well Bobby said to take a battle coming down to the while the battle to see who may be the number two quarterback is also coming down to the -- between two in the count. And former Tulane quarterback Ryan Griffin Ryan Rivet spoke to the media today after today's saint practice. He's back up quarterback Ryan group -- -- -- -- -- count right now don't. No allergies yes -- no experience who can beat at the quarterback. Look -- while. Because experience. I think. Right Griffin they were just constantly blitz him he looked a little uneasy at times against the Colts now. It would not now like cover zero blitz who does those saved a lot of times there's a dog will you bring in linebackers. In not a traditional four man rush. But I think if you put. -- ought to be put right driven to me right now on the price is quite some money snatches him up -- -- keep all three -- quarterbacks. And I think Luke McCown has done enough and it's been impressive. That they just would feel more comfortable. And I you know one inning obviously to have it to drew would have sounded. I think short term. That. This in Luke -- is that Drew Brees but I think he has enough experience. -- thing he could quarterback of victory. For the Saints sociology. One to take your chance and see if Brian Griffin. Can handle pressure and I think he's matured. Compared to last year. But he hasn't played a real NFL game. And it's a whole lot different. You know you go from practice to even their pre season game. A regular season game it and ultimately the playoffs at all. It all goes up -- -- so that's why I think they go with Luke McCown but -- like -- Griffin and his promise and nothing. Of people Perry. Commented to Mike in New Orleans us from a tiger great in SEC television network analyst Anthony bottoming followed John does this is sports talk on to be Debbie Lugo. And welcome back to sports talk. Big big week in college football. There are some big woods. Tomorrow on the show. We will have all week segment because will be a game that night on Thursday and Antonio Thursday night games we obviously had to get to the peaks and -- -- The all will be with -- of Philly -- -- dot com probably. Pregame dot com -- give us his take you ride him all season alone at the end of the year. You have bowl. Did you start to. We've -- green over the years well all the 500 to will give his top plays of the week tomorrow and get the beat picks. There's some big college game's evolving SEC team this week in Clemson and Georgia Ole miss Boise State. West Virginia Alabama in battle in issue and with counts former LA issue great. And world champion in the NFL and able to make -- of the SEC network and radio was down in Tampa. -- just out Anthony thank you so much all the time it. It's kind of gotten -- now Anthony that college football. Into a big gain and now comes out the gate with some big games in it it's very pretty much known. When teams are in these big a match ups they get the majority of attention. First opened I think we all oh. And especially now when you have the player more reps more. I'll skip -- that you start and bring. There. Mr. load before and Butler team did not -- won the first game that year. -- -- Plot it's the only time in the NC double team chemistry equal -- It'll be really go out in in most situations both teams just grow up ball you know. Oh. -- so I think the big games currency. Obviously it started with the war years ago. He follows. Now I pity you look at their opponent Wisconsin. And you look at -- the kinda have a chip on their shoulder in a sense where. You know he was saying saw Ellis who's gonna run all over him. When you look at the difference. Wisconsin Stevens is undersized inexperienced. Especially you know when you look at their front seven. But it was -- -- looking at their offensive line and the way they do things -- considering Melvin garden. Here's a guy I mean it's unbelievable. You know seven almost seven point three yards a carry. That -- we get around right at -- -- and you being a -- sublime and that it just target of fans about. Boy they can beat a slug through as an out talent and could be a pretty young at LSU front seven linebackers in and also does. Want to do their -- there's no gore I think he's not the best quarterback countries want a victory in and so it's it appeared there. It really shoot replacing you know Johnson and Ferguson and battle -- young defenders. -- it is going to be good it's really neat. Who got -- lined up and to try to get the ball or out of the illusion. -- response specifically in the park so. There's going to be skepticism that the quarterback position. -- so I figured it goes into the game for the first round a few years not really no point. What they keep positions quarterback and -- -- the -- Now and did you look at this is -- becoming the player this is maybe a bit of a gamesmanship. When you look at. I think the Milwaukee journal sentinel. They kind of -- and not anonymous source that is is last Friday. That Tanner Mecca boy will start instead of jewels to. Who started last year for them -- you look at -- -- voice he was a wide receivers safety. For the badgers. But you fame board dual threat and sometimes I guess coach Mike -- go approaches that of pro style quarterback maybe need a dual threat. And and going with tenement -- that Angels though what is your take on that. Well. Obviously we all hit it -- -- it -- -- -- -- -- are indeed it was not a war admiral Greg quarterback these huge huge options. -- keep your opportunity to have two big storm passed for a cheaper options. And Annie get your chance departure or -- inspirational. I understand wanting to -- I'm not really. Of the dual threat quarterback but I do understand why did it. A case that. Andy LSU and Wisconsin Alabama West Virginia ball -- state and Ole miss Clinton and talk to some big games in the SEC. This weekend went where we UBS this weekend. -- -- -- A lot has to New York -- it -- be random. Act while. Anthony -- -- feel on Ellis who was not to how you think his game shakes out. RL a few more -- -- the bill for more on that work this year and all from what I'm hearing Anthony -- more than likely start a label on. I'm very interested to see how that team gravitate toward Beijing that he makes mistake -- -- -- Because he could play well here -- now in his only start out at all well. I just wanna see out the guys responded you know we're in the bigger questions to start on topic to physical rectitude. I want to be number one net under the between B it could be a special night. Coming up for Portland. Anthony -- meant -- and they could people follow you on Twitter. Andy thank you so much we appreciate it. All right and going back to you know Dolan is when Utah State was good WG win team a few years ago. The coach who now was not seeing Gary Anderson Wednesday coach. One of the reason why he's saying a quarterback be Nazis and Wisconsin is the quarterback that is expected to start Bobby. Is more of that -- dual threat quarterback. In which that is -- -- offers to coach Anderson ran he was in Utah State his first you know I was the ground and pound the cause of running backs weigh in place. You wanna see a team that may do a few more things with their quarterback. And that's something. Arab -- disadvantage but to me -- and it really puts him issued disadvantage because -- when you think he's cute but no. -- no Deke and they haven't put his offense on with the Dodgers came out you know I guess that in Milwaukee journal sentinel their paper. On Friday. And he's a wide receiver safety. These Toledo's Ashley -- that's -- that and Antwaan Randle hell yeah I mean he's an NFL quarterback but he played coach Cam Cameron mills and Indians and they remain if you Allen right and it's gone because like he's -- him when he decided to opening Gould field right. Much ball on that must -- -- open -- this season Thursday night against Tulsa without a coach Kurt Johnson -- the Knicks. It'd be a -- time is 630 wanna go to first -- with him hands. And welcome back to sports talk back to the phone to go here in New Orleans for -- -- and I won Mike thank you for calling WW. Bank I thought he's. A good request. -- Upstart back. Out of -- let outside of that. They start. Well then I gotta go David Hawthorne. -- I don't know how they gonna sign him in the future. Now when you look at I think it's B situation -- at times that that you're leaving the Ramon Humber. You know pass coverage situation I think Rob Ryan really likes. His ability and in that regard. Now to say it's a slam dunk that you know they brought in Parys Harrelson last year. 49ers. I mean. -- mean he's steady and mean is that in that never going to be a pro bowler but he is still still a nine year veteran. You know he was starting sort of 49ers in today in them by upgrading and and he was kind of odd man out. When I came about. Kenyatta adults that Dawson you know that the kid who at the evangels. Seven united Texas Tech. You know you memory scheme -- -- their big play on and a caused fumble in the red zone against the Falcons. In Atlanta. I still think they like him currently four. A linebacker from cal who was you know from Connecticut as it -- They didn't transfered I think that's injured reserve. A tight situation there I think you know turned a corner. Is the Ronald pol. That I thought he was real active had a big fourth down stop on the goal line against the Colts and demean him is like 63 to forty. If he does it make it is because he has too many middle bucks I think mentally. I'm -- get on top of things. That he got -- -- about but I think he has a lot of promise. And regular at a guy like Kyle Knox I think he got an edge over Kevin Redick. And let him go he's the one you've got to Fresno -- had experience. As of late with the hurricane that just think that the Jaguars. So it is still a lot of competition out there ever I don't see. Any significant changes that -- starter. But it but I always take that approach. That it Rob Ryan defense. -- on the but that play your starter. The demanding you to play like this starter in and get the job done so. On a different packages. There's more than just let eleven starters consider it Rob Ryan wants to do. Correct read and at our normal course I'll. Ellis who are. Out though they -- out our doctors. Will it like all. Short rest are -- she's. Young real young of the love of the -- I think it's an eleven they've got the depth chart you've got seven freshmen two. Our rock high school guys as a true freshman at Dupree and -- -- -- but you know. You basically -- to go about what the coach isn't total because nobody can see anything you practice and from what we've made double of the people who have been able to see as much as they could see. -- they -- Quinn make about the gate smoking mine and -- if you look at. With the kids trauma that caused the long ball against rebel against Arkansas. The touchdown to beat him. And and a look at him gate he was third on the team in receptions in hit Kevin. He had seven total receptions last year. And just goes to show you how -- zero yards yet yet he had seven. I mean he's I did a leader. But you know as a with the right inexperience. -- but that was the sky's the limit as far as potential but it is having played. Are you out a lot. You know. -- -- I had a -- they -- I don't know to me and ranked limousine thing. The first -- -- this team against Wisconsin though wages speculating because when the team stress or you gonna try. And beat a team like Wisconsin considering. -- like it said earlier. That's 11 thing how we are inexperienced. There inexperienced and undersized. Deference asked of them today. Have been low how they people. Get excited -- -- -- -- -- -- -- college football thing it's what's all pro football things are more excited about this on a college football. Because you don't know yeah have you seen anything you -- he practices. You can have a report kimono any part of clubs as a -- camp on -- want to practice we had. Not a college it is no college pre season so when you sealed that's the first time you've seen -- -- has been a long time since you've seen since well. January -- -- that's slide in and so confident. -- Jennings is the guy wise because. The last actual game about spring ball but actually I -- notable you know but I kind of wonder kind of one. How alone. It'll be if one of just good looks so good that they do is you just say they go with Harris because. Which one can get the ball to the Joan talented receivers the quickest this is sport felt all right UW. He enters his third season as a football coach of the Tulane green -- Thursday if they take on it. Tulsa American athletic conference play coach Curtis Johnson Johnson is now coach CJ how are you. Were great or we do a good coach -- would you go back to lanes you're coaching you look. It was so successful why -- turn things apparently went straight. Eighteenth in scoring defense you attack at fifty that -- turnover margin. Number two it forced terminal with seventy rushing defense and number two tackles while coaching an eight and tackles. Four loss each game be donated there with a turnover margin -- that that was impressive and his defense -- again. You know you never know we could duplicate or could surpass whatever you do you know kind and I would say it is hypocritical idol and it down some low and try to. Ya -- -- -- basically bicker about going to be -- also. Topic I'd -- put a stamp without pain. The players bought in and they did everything they had to do you don't know what may not be picked in the country. Coach a beat emotional day there's no doubt about -- the last time you guys who -- cause it changed everyone's life including a Devin. David goes back. Through the -- place when he got into it to give thanks because in and I'm gone back to talk do you have to this event happen. Coach a couple years ago how important it was awful both sides Tulane and -- trainers and let people medical staff. To -- -- Walcott they did and he returns and I can only imagine. How -- be for you and everyone it's been. Absolutely Corey -- lane you know when. This is this is -- -- -- you'll be here you know we want accurately portraying like or you don't and if things would put people who trade to -- a Major League manager dale and it feels you're one ball horrific injuries that you could get the match in Chicago and they don't want to go back I'm telling you -- -- Coach tenderly his quarterback is battle and a Powell. Montana was it we've -- -- -- Lee owed it to him he didn't win the job. About one job for me. Go out -- Your -- -- ago quarterback. There's a lot of beer. -- body which you know he could make him throw it grew commander all of it or pick -- a one out wondered about -- so he's very probable guys would he leads by example wanted to you know we should deal. The the better prepare. -- Coach a secondary did media feel as one of the best secondaries in the country. What they do statistically a year ago in a -- entitlements -- the hall did depth back there is solid. Is that this -- for the second industry at the defense. Can't think we may have lost coach Johnson a for a moment. And we'll get back to a year voluntarily but tuning really taking on Tulsa. That is coming up. Saturday to see immediate playing Thursday an airplane in Tulsa 7 o'clock and as you heard just a moment ago coach -- to talk about the emotional. How emotionally it will be. In Tulsa as David Walker who suffered a cervical spine fracture of paralyzed will go back to Tulsa and -- people in the medical staff and athletic trainers but also. Who were very important in violent game to him giving him in the proper care about. Well the game. If you look at the matchup to also had two -- number. Now I haven't read enough -- see -- -- tells is that the -- Goran to this season. But I know in their path in the past that you want to health of this ceremony is scheduled. Because. If you look at this significant NFL player that we have a -- walker -- I mean -- you know they have that kind of individual -- I'll -- who have been able coach Curtis Jackson coached it -- defense dissect and it looks like a strength on defense. Absolutely. You know -- -- conflict Lou Reid's adult social everyone actually is Sam's goal -- to be a big player as a barrier Mungro. Again I don't watch other guys back to Colorado -- cover in look at it. Played like really believe there. Coach Johnson also a team and -- spread things out their big offensive group on Thursday night match up. What recipes for -- team against Collison could be successful. -- we will only. Now apply and we got the ball to the checkered situation. We just real world you. Can do have a create balance between. Epic. Because. They. -- aren't involved with these actively -- get up there. But it. -- were originally went to secondary. It happened that the going to be materialistic. Sam being involved it's not -- televised CBS sports network at Champion Stadium Tulane. Is at Tulsa Thursday night at the Tulane green wave opening up their season before they return home. To take on Georgia Tech in the first in the game means you'll Wednesday in. Follow Tulane football to an angry white guy coming keep the vocal CJ on Twitter at TU coach CD OC they always a pleasure. Thank you so much ago look there is -- -- record. Or were all right. Go back to the folded nobody let's go to submit to the -- can't thank you for calling WW TO. If you're not on the ball. And you know policy speculated that that out in the year what you are stationed which -- to deal in. I'll tell you think about expectations -- -- but you're it would have been -- -- two years. You know we we know she's got. Some of the top players in the country so that's a given -- well or -- or or whatever. It this year recruiting class. So the real question is how to coach about you know I think there that the key to make sure that we put all this talent where at -- ago. What bloodshed aren't too optimistic. And I and I say this objectively that violently Cam Cameron cable board. That I -- segment Bernard they had another year on the Cam Cameron. As far as because he has NFL quarterback in his development that. But I look at Cam Cameron and when he has talent the weapons. I just look at his track record and who he's coached in. When you -- accolades. From Drew Brees Philip Rivers. Joseph Flacco. They praise him. And then you look at what he did Indiana -- Antwaan Randle El who's really a wide receiver playing quarterback. And all the numbers that that he put up an in -- you know be an NFL receiver. So that that's why I mean as far as getting coached and then in a good athlete and goes Jay was -- then be offensively and -- last year but it. I mean. I would make that big inning get coached up and played the highest level. Can't take you so much that it's now come acted doc and the rest you cause traffic updates see what's going on out there in new all of these -- problem. In a day here and a moment this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back. Dockett got mad he's sick is this all goes. You got. Not a lot. -- -- right now I can't shoot very well unless you bowl players. That mentality you can hear my name is a bit. Car got that -- -- I. Don't. On the court that into the big now I may want to -- at every every day every time. Store golf -- and the people well. In experience particularly on the last two years as -- April. And then. It's -- But it is one talent like hey I went -- Iowa. This year. I -- Cameron's second year. We got dual threat quarterbacks there you can -- you point. He got shut out the where they -- on delivered for -- and Gary McGhee. Or you got shut out and kind of thing it can't play like. -- can go to single -- they're -- be like -- you know. -- want to go to L. -- you can follow the action -- -- -- all the action called me. Secondary got the best one backing -- It might not -- on them. Which -- -- Q Aaron picnic arguable. Can bank popped. It like being -- Doubt got to go to -- -- news thank you so much for the call -- -- sports talk on WW.