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8-26-14 7:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints and LSU football

Aug 26, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk Saints football and discuss LSU's upcoming season opener with Mike Scarborough of Tigerbait.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And even you over the final hour sports talk a lot to give Duke coming up at the operas break all coming up just fuel it's Mike's Khobar attack -- Jack around game week LSU Wisconsin. The Saints making cuts today the Saints have their final practice of training camp they'll take on the Baltimore Ravens Thursday night. After the they say -- practice Saints coach Sean Payton spoke to the -- And it is Saints coach Sean -- talking about today's. Training camp -- you know 2014. And also the but I go make in the coats. Go along with team tied it Travis Beckham my back -- -- Obama offensive -- he's the caddie. -- -- to their roof is Johnson quarterback Logan Kilgore linebacker Kevin Redick defensive back rod sweeting and defense and enjoy -- you co. No longer with the team we'll get traffic update here on WW. And welcome back to sports saw he -- camp Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia L issue Wisconsin Saturday night in RG stadium in Houston. Will concern Jew both about LSU gone to the season cast -- vote online at WWL. Dot com. Mike scar borrow a tie debate dot com dog does now Mike. Well I think a lot of people would just you know as some people think would be a big deal to win. -- -- -- It is completely. Tied game and -- -- -- -- in. That that kind of that. Right before this season began -- LSU. -- what you learn it is it they've become more clear as far as some question marks you ain't going to season wide receiver. That start -- -- down look at the depth chart of the man -- seven a freshman. Yeah well and in that that the reason why she's been discounted. Between that the quarterback position. You know if you feel a couple of juniors there. And then. In via the same. In India. But cornerback -- that guidance and John and it is it is. That was maybe redshirt junior. You know that you can shoot it can possibly win -- you know we're gonna know until they cranked up. I think the big question mark this week it will be defense lines going to be much improved from last year. I think the body's there I think you know the OK -- you know make -- -- combination. But it would content gonna pound football they're very good inside. Between the tackles in connect and then -- -- at -- -- stopped them. And you know -- now. My what's up on a site. Lot of pregame coverage a lot of recruiting stuff. He knows the hotel he recruited we've got that for you -- it tiger -- we got a big chat room tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. Mike. Now I guess this is true what I've heard. But I'm an askew as far as you know position changes. We might. Perceive as the starter our projections. Eat it policy starting is that Eliot Porter -- -- thinner. Yeah. You know what it was a top rated league in the country. A year ago pain ends. You know played last year -- and you know Grimes comes about in and obviously he's he won the job reporter. -- You know it was a little bit of nicks here and there. I think is close to being in being a better player. But he way to contribute to the depth -- got a guy like Porter it was a very good performance. Is that after lineup yeah. Now how about like the right guard position. Evan Washington or -- easiest thing for not opening up yet innately yeah. We. You know -- which of those guys -- get the majority of reps and actually be the end -- being the starter. I can't think it's going to be phonetic of the you know is this is this town probably come -- Evan Washington. Assert themselves and win that job that that was amusing to watch that everybody looks at the left sideline -- LSU. And and that being in the strike but you know open make is that the only guy they would ready last year. You know big enough -- like -- Joan Hawkins it is going to be a very -- if it tackle. To 310 pounds so. You know that is contribute to well inevitably she got the -- -- line in the SEC this year. Now -- we talked about breakout season in and a difference maker as far as maybe -- wrecking having. Wreaking Havoc that should say and in. You know creating turnovers. And dale -- I mean can that be. I don't know this -- coming maybe marquis V is mingle as far as the impact what is your take on them. Well I -- and -- look at it is not that there are better than him to. Be that dominant outside. There's been some flashes. But you know that that. Lectures Stevenson at the -- didn't get much pressure the inside guys did -- deal audio. You know not just he has escalated to provide pressure gives you quarterback trees and in possibly get the sack totals. -- this year but. It is a lot of big expectations for the -- in Glasgow whose very healthy now. Both those guys that did decent damaged and on and get that Sean Bauer who we've got a lot of great things about. It is the truth is a sophomore. You know Neal who could play inside as well. You know on the other side back in the water. But you know there's also been no talk of him. Do some things inside it at the tackle spot. In miles singled and now multiple times throughout fall camp. Mike again I'm not how to get on line with the latest on the buy you didn't regular. Tiger -- to accommodate a crazy special right now on a subscription. Package if you're big LSU they need to check itself it is it tiger big dot -- My discover a Michael talk later in the week is this one gets sick but LSU in Wisconsin there's an. Hour I might take you name it I made that -- -- the -- -- comeback but to board this is sports at all. On a hole on LSU fight -- as a coach begins at 3 o'clock Saturday Cologne out and Jonas we will be in the H town. A big wardrobes 311. To Iraq grew -- is set. But the Tigers and the bad it's it's all brought Dubai. The great people of Crosby two weeks this is sports talk on WW. -- yeah and you can't block me then yeah. -- seafood city cars every day and they wanna see what they have is he doing well tomorrow at the grand opening of the new Rouse is -- heated year long. West -- Celtics. Al musical will be singing at -- dissidents. You know fans want me. And if he's there so government -- -- the Butte creek and am not going to be there he's going to be there -- -- -- yet I mean why you'd think he's obedient because he's the -- hour -- yet but yet again. Where Libya we gonna be doing a show you can't -- don't that's the first thing I say -- You gotta follow OK you're right Joseph Haden aren't brought on in a position opened doors are always know that you read there at least you from all of us know with the idea that the commercial -- -- anyway no girls and students. In your fault of nude at the grand opening that you else's marketing Greg and his size shopping and and interest sensitive stuff and the way they express its right -- -- NC game is this -- brand new star arouses opens tomorrow -- eight a year we will be a. 47. With sports talk the our route nine in a row last time around our amusement and Talbot family of lucky dog fame will be there. And this is a total by a success story about it. -- -- Want stole home in 1960. I am 445. Locations in the state of Alabama which we will be in mobile week from tomorrow at on Friday yeah. The will be on the -- Wednesday and have you after. Oh -- in Mobile, Alabama. That's a road trip but you know. Look -- -- -- it's like to be apart we are glad to be apart of and indeed again tomorrow sports talk originate live from a Rouse is a brand new Rouse is on the center on the -- -- an essential stop and the west break expressways and take the time mount comebacks some more sound -- to indicate to gain it puts a bowl. On -- training camp 2014. This is -- that. On couldn't get them. And welcome back before we hear from Champ Bailey let's go to the phones to John all I want John thank you for calling go to WTO. -- -- What college by the direction they're known eagle on an out route tomorrow. When you get taught eagle on both hired the Walgreens. -- now back. On expressed. Anyway it is that the -- one guy a question -- -- and Ellis and that line and easily. How did you miserable. Ask my question. But now -- what are you know giant -- about those of the tackles. Boy you'd rather quit your day will -- -- -- who did they lose did you theoretical -- John. Then they lost a couple of lucky demeanor and the other out how did you have a. If you eagle for -- because if I ever fascinated lose not to -- him -- and he was getting not get drafted he was not back into their linebackers. Being able flawed at when he lost the -- cheap one autumn look young boy they're coming up fights and bigger and -- -- through you know. Yeah well we will we'll find out Saturday night they got a ton of tennis that of a ballclub it's average in over eight year old to Kerry combined with. Obviously. The head guy is Melvin -- seven point eight yards per rushing -- yeah but the I think -- -- thing because. Of the makeup of the coach and you've heard -- say is for every coach has a background. Coach Gary Anderson came from Utah State it was primarily -- create kind of Ron Paul Saints he didn't get it and last year now he's got to get better as the quarterback. How does that play into this and if they're running game gets on -- that opens things up much better for a first of override any -- It's now been containment there by responsibility you know right. All -- know is being you could be the bad its linebackers and I don't know what's gonna come bow. You know we've been critical DJ welter. One Alexander. Lamar -- whoever. You know what you look. Duke rally you know whoever's in bow on knows if -- of them lines getting knocked back to you rank even if you make that tackle you've given up in a six yard catch a good defense and -- and has. Interior defense than Nesbitt -- That has the make you -- I get half back in those two can occupy three. But sometimes to go with occupy awful but if those two can occupy three divisional you know. They have back a lot about it yeah I would feel total -- and I think the best game EDT it will hand. Was in the bowl game a year ago yet now thinking back on the ball early days to get some hail yes and I will we will see is that this may be that the best run team that they face all of these well. I agree all right. Champ Bailey spoke to the media at today's final training camp practice with a black go. I -- future hall of fame what chance -- the and it's a chance Keenan called us the arrow Byrd. Looks and sounds will -- be good. Well no because I don't I don't -- champ champ is going to be a situation where -- be truly can utilize him but he's -- Robbins is known as Peter Rodman daylight I -- rather lose the caliber yet and and I think the city to see repeat -- that. Come week one and what greater challenge some times not -- of the get a flip flop and and put Keenan Lewis always and Julio Jones. The Falcons at three deep at wide receivers saw. Every -- coverage has to step up. -- that being said I EC champ Bailey's role. If they appear rob Patrick Robinson works out. Agassi Corey white on that slot receiver. But champ -- but Bailey an obvious -- -- situation. Being -- cornerback on the outside and playing you know 56 the visa he'd be in that number. All you know before it was another -- -- -- -- he beat. You lose that I -- between these. -- what a wonderful week. Close to shoot thanks almost Jim handle all of a call as all the text all of August and are. We estimate that all kinds of it's -- it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- Tomorrow we will be at the routes at the new routes is on the West Bank from four to seven and -- -- -- in -- the last -- so it will head coach -- all the show tomorrow -- of most of often aren't. -- beat Bolivia and X is this coach has always on job by the cajun cannon Bobby a bear bluntly as well and I've people.