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Aug 26, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our show on this Tuesday night you heard that the the -- Stanley has welcomed into a new member of baby girl we've got the pictures on our website at WW dot com. As we -- showed tonight I want to personally thank all of you who. Voted for me I was really shocked and surprised to see this is quite an honor. Voted for me to be among the the top three best radio hosts in New Orleans in doing gambit -- best of a series on it was really not that the weird that it was going on so I'm I'm truly honored. -- toughest Morse was number one Garland Robinette is -- tie for number two and two my -- number -- so thank you very much. It's time for tonight's trending topic today to hear that top trending -- things -- like you know was we begin our show tonight. -- VW well number eight. We talked last night about Miley Cyrus winning the MTV music video awards for this disorder where people -- for the -- Initially had this twenty year old homeless person give her acceptance speech. And he was promoting. People to do something about the homeless people in in Los Angeles and across the country. While the 42 year old Jesse helped. Who made the speech is what it. Is ordered an org. He was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and criminal trespass. In 2010. He was eighteen years old the arrest was issued on November the November of 2011. And when he violated probation he moved to Los Angeles. Not long after the arrest and tried to find work as a model. So authorities now say that as soon as they find and they're going to arrest him. I guess at this point he -- a great deal of thanks to Miley Cyrus number seven tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- hot hand -- sponsor at Colorado state Health Department. Is attracting some criticism for marijuana activist in those who support the recreational use of marijuana. They tag line in the anti pot campaign is. Don't be a lab rat. When Colorado school district is refusing to display a human sized cage which is used in the campaign. Now his campaign is obviously suggesting that. By allowing the use of of pot for recreational purposes in the state of Colorado they're turning human beings in two. -- -- Now the bolt of Elliott school district says that it will not participate school officials say they don't believe the lab rat cage is an effective display for twelve to fifteen year old. About -- potential. Dangers the campaign is being paid for biopharmaceutical settlement funds that raises awareness for substance abuse. You know if if any. State Department in any state if if if any medical research needs to be done. On the long terms effect the long term effects of marijuana on the human body. I say you study willing -- number six on tonight's list the top needed eight. Audio allegedly. -- the actual shooting of eighteen year old Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri. A man was recording an on line chat with the French when the shooting is allegedly heard in the background I've heard the video I mean I heard the Gaudio and their perhaps she -- well it's it's video. Of this guy having this this chat but it's it's audio and in the background. The -- the family ordered autopsy shows that Michael Brown was shot six times but this new audio reveals. That he was shot about ten times with pauses between the rallies. What's and what's interesting about this is that six shots can be heard. Anderson. A definite pause. And then more shots ring out. And I I you know I guess this is going to assist and support whatever your opinion already years I don't know that this is revealing any new information those who believe that he wished. Shot and fairly fine what'd they need to find in this to interpret that this means that he he was indeed shot and didn't need to be shot. And in those who arm automatically defending the police officer -- Wilson. They'll say well see this does point out that there was -- anyway what's interesting about this is both sides are going to find what they need to find in this new audio. To support what they believe neither side really looking for the truth now there are a lot of people who are looking for the truth. But there are still far too many in this country who aren't looking for the truth they're looking for. Things that support what they want to have happened. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- -- -- Emmy Awards were presented breaking bad in modern family were among the huge winners and it was kind of a repeat of last year's Emmys. -- -- great that we we have some serious things to talk about tonight but let's also talk about your your favorite TV shows -- a -- to discuss Charlotte talk about something -- something lighter. Is there -- current TV show that you watch every week. I have to admit that there's -- -- -- there's there's not a current TV show that I watch. It every week. Maybe I guess it's partly due to the fact that it assignment filling it and I about it worked this could show -- to midnight so I'm not at home went primetime shows are on. And I don't really have an appointment to watch a show every week there was a time in my life and I would sit down and watch. How's that was an example the show recently that I I had to make it hard to watch I would watch house every week. And there have been other shows as well assigned felt it was sent when it was on the year Frazier what was on the air. Friends at the time difference which popular -- that must must see Thursday night TV on NBC. But I make absolutely no appointment to watch any show I don't even off I had the ability to. To DVR stuff. Even if I have that ability so it's not something that I do. But are there any current TV shows in Europe a fan of -- the Big Bang theory I guess that's one of the shows. -- what are the popular TV shows that you're making an appointment to watch. Every week. In fact they're so important to you. But you'll actually turned to show off to watch this to TV -- during prime time. And is there -- still that's now in reruns. That you tend to watch every day. I have to admit for me it's Frazier. That means it's all wanna get off the year at midnight it's only get -- and it's it's a great -- relaxed too I think it is just brilliantly brilliantly written. Seinfeld. Used to be my all time favorite and I I still love Seinfeld. But Frazier has now kind of taken over my my favorite show and -- so. Among the lighter things -- talk about tonight will be the -- current TV show what current TV -- do you make an appointment to watch every week. And what show is now in -- that you tend to watch every day. If you would join us with a -- are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. At a text -- is -- 77. -- for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- in this country over the huge salaries of CEOs. What about the huge salaries of celebrities. And professional athletes are they paid too much. And if there's outrage over the huge salaries -- CEOs should also be equal outrage. Over what celebrities and athletes are paid. And what does this say about our society if teachers. Police officers. And firefighters. Are paid as little as they are while celebrities are paid as much as they're paid and professional athletes as well. I mean it's unfair. In in in terms of thought I guess in terms of morals and if that's one way to put -- it's it's it's unfair. -- in terms of our free enterprise capitalistic society. Is it fair. And the staff of the Big Bang theory that the -- is now back to work getting ready for their hour long eighth season premiere. September the sectors are coming a pretty soon. Now there was a big controversy in years ago win the cast -- signed failed. Got a contract that paid them eight outside the pay them. A hunt and paid him one million dollars each one million dollars each per episode. May just think about it that's that's a million dollars a week. You know -- in production. The million dollars -- since it was -- that was popular that was says. It was a major a contract breakthrough -- -- remember years ago during cheers it was a big controversy of how much -- Ted Danson was demanding to dance it was demanding I think 400000. Episode. And that was huge at the time and a cycle comes along and each cast member received a million dollars per episode. You ready for this. The stars of the Big Bang theory. Has now negotiated a new three year contract. It will pay each of them at least. Ninety. Million. Over the next few years. Ninety million over the next few years. They get one million dollars in salary per episode and an increase in the return from syndication rights. To the series. Is it too much. Well think about this for CBS over there admitted to ten seasons the shows on the year. It's going to generate even paying even paying all these salaries it's gonna still generate. At least a billion dollars in revenue. And possibly even twice that much. Is that fair now it's unfair. But I think we learned very early in our allies that that life isn't fair. Is this just part of the free enterprise system that area occasionally people will say well celebrities are worth it. Professional athletes aren't worth all that money. But. They're worth it if they generate enough money in the same way to CEOs generated enough money for the companies they work for isn't that the free enterprise system. If you order to understand an account at our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Recipient tech's number is 87870. And -- also tonight as we talk about some of the things I -- wanna talk about what is your favorite TV show what current TV -- do you watch every week and you just you look forward to it every week. And what goes in reruns you still watch it but to really excited when there's new episodes. And obviously new episodes coming up in the fall. And let's also talk about the shows that you watched in re runs. Every day number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Should dreadlocks be allowed to represents religious conviction. If somebody has dreadlocks and those dreadlocks violate school hairstyle policies. Should they be allowed. While the superintendent of plaque -- parish schools is hoping to resolve this dispute with a student who was suspended because his dreads violated the school systems policy. On hair styles. I'm Dennis Roussel who is the superintendent of -- -- parachute school system says quote. Is -- the student honestly in his heart is a roster far yeah. I -- is practicing that. And he's not trying to circumvent the school systems policy I have no problem with it he will be allowed to grow his hair long. But he's going to have to pick it up. To where it's about his collar. To keep him in compliance with school system policy the ACLU got involved in this in this debate. Is this okay with you is a conversation tummy -- recover station with the superintendent at dinners for Celek like mr. school system. And you can hear that on our website at WQL dot com also. Tommy had a conversation with the ACL Louisiana director Marjorie Eastman and you can find that on and -- -- if you well. A dot com as well but. Should dreadlocks be respected mean I remember when I was -- Jefferson they had. They had serious. Dress code violations are serious stress coats in in effect in and you couldn't violate the dress codes and I want in my -- to be -- I -- my sideburns to be law. That was stylish. Which forced -- here. And forced to cut my side birds because your sideburns could be no lower than your your -- so much had really huge droopy ears you sideburns. Weren't very law. Should there be. Policies like that in schools mean I hated I didn't think it was fair that I see high school students today walked around long there is it they look the way I wish I could've looked when I was in high school. Private school it's different but in a public school east Jefferson a strict haircut code I thought that was ridiculous something else to talk about it. Number -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Obama has ordered drone surveillance flights over Syria and the speculation is that the flights are preparation for. An attack. Against crisis in it Syria. Now they are warnings that further attacks against crisis will lead to attacks. On America. And on Americans. So should we -- crisis alone. This is a very complicated issues -- blog tonight is titled America vs nicest. And you could read that you share with others it's on our website at WW real dot com. Following the beheading of an American journalist by an Islamic. Militants and in his group crisis. This was in retaliation for US airstrikes against the group's effort to take control of Iraq Americans are being warned that there's a growing threat. By crisis to the United States. -- -- stands for the Islamic states of Iraq and Syria. Begin operating in Syria and Iraq well organized well funded now they have all a lot of weapons. A lot of military assets that they took from the Iraqis. Which we gave to the Iraqis. So we have. Vicariously. Equipped. Ices. And there are continuing. Comments being made about threats to the United States and the fact that since Americans and westerners. Have become part of vices. It would be very easy for some of these people the slip back into the United States with the intent. A committee terrorist acts. Scoop like tonight's title America vs crisis. Read it -- you can send me your comments -- in an email to my email address which is scoot. That's WWL dot com and we'll be talking about that on the show tonight you -- join -- for your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every text is a 7870. And finally tonight's. Number one yeah. On tonight's list of toppings and it's. Working appears to be working on a plan to -- more Canadian company that sells coffee and doughnuts. This would allow Burger King. To move its headquarters from Miami to Toronto Canada. Where the corporate tax would be for Burger King according to what I've read about 15%. That's a corporate tax of 15% compared to 35%. In the United States. It's already campaign to boycott perking. President Obama has called companies like Burger King that move to escape higher US taxes. He's labeled them corporate deserters. Do you agree. Will you boycott Burger King. Because the companies moving it's that we're already at the company for that matter if they move their headquarters from the United States to the candidate or another country. And if if you're if you're that. Much of a purist. When it comes to doing business in America with America. You only buy American. And would -- be hypocritical for use to say I'm gonna boycott Burger King because they're moving their headquarters to Canada. When you don't always buy American. If you wanna join Russia with a comment about any of -- -- talking about tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. At Texas a 7870. Here's -- -- to -- a pretty -- by opinion poll tonight if an American business moves to another country to avoid higher taxes here. Is it unpatriotic. Or is -- Smart. Give your opinion by going to our web site W real dot com we're gonna track the activity that poll throughout our shooter -- -- you -- update coming up just few minutes if you just joined us on the Scotia relate and you won an update on everything we're talking about tonight. The trending topic to date. It's posted on. The -- page to be WL dot -- -- at the top shows and schedules click on shows the schedule click on the -- page and you've got an update of everything we're talking about you can actually printed out haven't front if you. Kind of as a syllabus I guess this year. Talk to us on the shooter like if your -- stay -- site studio were coming right back at your comments on WQL -- back -- here -- some of the primary things are talking about on the show tonight should dreadlocks be allowed if they represent religious conviction that's a controversy. At a plaque in his parish high school and did you have to follow any school dress codes for here are closed. That you totally disagreed with. If you -- to join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines -- recipient -- overstate 7070. I -- I'm hesitant to read this text that are critical and read it I remember scoot in a blue satin jumpsuit. And you know in 1974. I hope that's not true. And I hope there are no photographs of it. Also last -- the -- were presented breaking bad modern family or among the -- big winners so tell us about your favorite TV show what TV show that's currently on. Do you find yourself wanting to watch every week you sit down you make an appointment and you watch the show every week is the -- TV show you do that list. I don't and maybe part of it is because I'm -- at night. And what shall we Sony reruns as you watch every day from uptown -- you're on the -- show on WWL. -- -- Yeah. I've been watching today a mini series called man. -- actually. Look forward to it needed you know. For every week. It's about the guys shoot design and build a nuclear bomb. In world war you I don't know if you heard about it. But it's it's got out and be you know it's. It's. You know probably twelve of fourteen episodes. It's -- Cory great show. What do workers -- Be. On cable -- and this season Chicago. Yeah. And it's on the table and New Orleans. Well it's a great show it's like that -- -- -- Short break and Cheerios. Completely draw so rarely watch those. -- -- -- -- Where thirty I appreciate you calling you have a great -- ledger listing. Delta in Euro on WW elegant evening. Definitely talk about TV shows you did mention the this story I don't think one of the deputies and -- -- down -- -- into the rescue boat captain didn't. Thanks Syria appear argument sheriff's department that did a great job for a united and the deputy in the all of them great people. Wanted to give them a little -- kudos. And I collegiate and it's it -- and it's great to hear those stories because so often we're faced with talking about the police officers who get publicity because they he do wrong so it's great to hear that and congratulations to them. And you and -- if you're down there in the plaque was parish sheriff's department you do all you can't protect that orange crop because I am a big fan of -- reflect this parish. Yeah I think back now I am stuck -- -- -- -- -- -- and reduce some of the charges down way that people good good fruits and then and match. And I enjoyed the trip and make down that way. Be sure I have a hole by that the favorite all time you about the next what much more but we're looking at it -- favorite of ours. We get a much. They think I'll be watching and that -- because the Stewart. We don't -- a couple of more which you're actually you know. There are a twenty year old daughter and we every -- to. The -- And that they know about -- area and my great great years but it. Is that all. What did you pay equity. It shouldn't. We're not. Or what would you like different from the at all. I never could never bring myself to watch the ball pins because it always seemed like he was going to be sad and it's -- -- -- and that was something that -- for my own personal survival as a as a kid and even isn't it don't -- I had to distance myself from things that were too sentimental just just for survival. Well you depth that we that we watch went last night -- be -- grandfather died in an adult which brings its its. It's a great deal. -- -- but I think -- today for a younger here and and we enjoy what this kid and it's. It's really really that's -- it it's interesting how the that the stories told at the time and sent in that era on a show like a Walton were Little House on the Prairie. It's interesting how those on those stories are still relevant today. Yeah yeah the Great Depression -- the the -- uses is aware that it to a lot of it and and the characters. The senate -- watched as a kid that certainly enjoyed it here. Probably a lot. But we've been watching animal -- into the afternoon and generally. Delta and enjoy a conversation thanks for releasing. A from Baton Rouge Mary you're now on the -- showed good evening -- I remember from your -- the -- Yeah I immediately back. Yeah it was a it was a law actually was it was W and we've -- those two stations were battling for the don't you know that the top forty stations on AM at the time. It start up one -- yes I'm. Out chair that you and -- in the plot that's back when these people. Where America that now. I think -- you wanted to look at what it like stereotype there and now I'm sure she eager. I didn't like that you know I don't sit and watch it every night that I know that why you so I get out of there. It's like more and to train for it. It's a -- right. And it -- These people think they're gonna get away with it in and with the technology today I don't know anybody gets away with -- anything imminent or congressman bans McAllister in Louisiana. Did something a lot of people do but he got caught because of surveillance cameras. Making out with. A staffer but yeah I I have seen the show cheaters and I I hate that it happens but I can't help would be entertained by watching. And that's our society not. He hit it what it it but -- You would have been. People -- very old. Skill and a lot again. Sex appeal are bringing -- -- Nobody put any value on people that ankle is joking about what's -- complicated topic -- to -- the almighty dollar. That's a really good point -- and if you just joined -- sets of one of -- are talking about tonight to their says so much outrage over the big salaries of CEOs but. I should there be equal outrage over the salaries of celebrities in the money the professional athletes make. But I don't know how you curtail that it's based on what their worth in the free enterprise system based on what degenerate the money that they generate for a business or for a company. It's not about -- you -- it in the hands somewhat likely going to be Archie. And it again. But -- are very -- from from from a standpoint of being human beings. We have created a society. That honors. And pays very well financially rewards. People like celebrities and professional athletes over. Teachers who should be among the superstars in our society. Well at the start of the people paperwork for comic war. You're absolutely correct on activity fill out paperwork common core. Advocates at a -- on the high stakes testing that they can beat you read it here. Speaking -- yes. Okay. You know kind of -- doesn't get old -- the problem. And it is per day -- -- trying to cut back on -- -- that out and support somebody. Has figured. If he's in there. You can't have him working people. And that's why we are. Not happy that it's like yeah. That art but -- not. There were a lot of American general this is still a trend that there were a lot of Americans who were leaving America and taking there and even small retirement system Costa Rica because the exchange -- so great. That they could just half an incredible life in Costa Rica as opposed to struggling America is that unpatriotic. It would be there -- work there. Wednesday. And -- -- I'm going to be. More. Mary what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to break where -- a special song just for you and I appreciate you listening. God bless yet and very happy birthday. All right. If you were to join us for your comment about anything we're talking about tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series every text. Is -- 78711. Update on the I ten eastbound coming up this. It's from Mary who is celebrating her birthday today. -- last night the Emmy Awards were presented its breaking bad modern family among the big winners size so. This got me thinking about some of the favorite TV shows that it may be worth the big winners the TV shows that you watch. Every week what's a team with the current TV show that you make an appointment to watch. Every week you look forward to it or watch a TV show in reruns now that you tend to watch every day. -- -- -- mention the Walton I mention I could never watch the -- and it was just too -- medal. I had to distance myself even as a young person I did distance myself from really sad sentiment will show us. So -- also tonight talk about the TV shows that you could not watch. Because they were either -- sand. Or just too stupid. Our numbers 2601870. -- free 866. 889 series having -- is a 7870. Also Burger King appears to be making him a plan to buy him a smaller company in Canada so they can move to Canada. Because Burger King -- corporation pays about 35% in taxes in America. They will apparently pay about 15% in taxes -- Canada here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. If an American business moved to another country to avoid higher taxes here. Is that unpatriotic. We're Smart. Right now 53% say it's marked 47% say it's unpatriotic. It was shipping by going to our web site WW dot com and there's a call for boycott of Burger King will you boycott. And and also what -- they were talking about this controversy like this parish at a high school involving a student who is a roster Florian. And he is dreadlocks should he be allowed to have his read like a get to a number of your text tears -- -- poured in concerning TV shows. Which of those here just emitted from Gonzales change your on this crucial into the WL. Go to appreciate. Use Adobe video. Provide a platform for. Person Barbara by the speaks. A -- The freedom of speech is very important. Or does as well but all of the constant -- Room which includes the freedom of religion. Two boys and speaking of the young -- -- -- You know I have two boys in school and I agree that young man that -- freedom of religion. And war in. You're able to express that. I have to warn you every year for schools -- we goat to. You know meetings were forced to sorts lays out the rules and Eric singer -- Marc -- concern that this is. You know this young man is. Possibly become a victim of circumstance. When the rules were laid out before his school years border. And that may have been a -- to address. The concern. For the uniformity is fair. Problem. Thought you know I'm -- at that point about it in the way were missing school it is. Advantageous. To. It should I guess there's a couple of things to discuss here first of all -- should the school -- to have any kind of a dress code that involved -- air land which which in effect when I was in high school and I I didn't think it was spirited like it but I had to abide by it. And then if they do have a dress code should somebody based on religious principles be allowed to break the trust. I think that if you agree to go to host Indy. Institution. That this clearly stated the rules. You need to abide by the rules. It is a touchy subject -- not agree or disagree one other but I know that there's rules and I don't agree with it. When our children's sports too. But apple that those -- in what is Paramount. Is there education. Okay. So. The rules yes may need to be changed masters on either. We and that child is -- screw it it is kind of mock concern you know. Our rules that would columnist who agree with -- -- problems to a rude about it like either. Express myself that way. Tidbit there at the time -- we know you could challenge the system the way people challenge the system today. We we went along with the roles. And I agree but it is the time the challenge a lot of child who now he's mr. and -- screw. You know in the time that sound a lot he's disk do or should you take -- -- The challenge be in and what -- young man pressure on the -- great season high school did you take it. On the back Carter allowed in the go to school put its Sarah -- -- prep -- say it -- therapy. And challenge the rule on them on you know the backside. And maybe the next school year ago to an agreement. She unit that you bring up -- good point I'm going to took time to a -- shown thanks for listening at night. Here's a text about TV shows house of cards on Netflix best show ever had you know what I need to I need to sign up for Netflix. Here's another tax about a TV show Arrested Development. Here's another when America gets dumber as they watch the Kardashians. Can't and won't watch it and that's from Jeff. Yeah I can't -- -- I've never I don't understand I don't get it. Watt who aren't. What are -- they get a TV show. Here's a traffic report on idea I ten indoor Aziz it was a big fire -- the truck that overturned over there and exploded. I ten eastbound is being diverted to 510 after the bullet exit westbound lanes are open coming in. For slight -- if -- stay where -- this is the schoolchildren were coming right back. I let's get right back to your calls from New Orleans east Rico you're on the -- show on WW -- There is Google -- and I have well but kind of formal comment. -- the celebrity's. I think you know but he gave operator you'd pay too much. There's outrage in this country over the big salaries of CEOs went about the big salaries of celebrities and professional athletes. Yeah I'm. I'm not obligated to pay I mean it in a way it should bother what could have been in position to their money. It would take it when you have teachers that underpaid. Comment and a policeman in army and police were especially on the that could be from a regional -- you know. Other groups there's two guys -- kilometers. Do you got frustrated -- -- you know he could be got a bit frustrated or anything on me if you pay these people -- what they're told to pay them a ball. -- I don't know if you're it would -- about if you think about the role that teachers and police officers and firefighters have paid in play in our our our society and and you think about. The role that celebrities and professional athletes playing you think about the the pay differential. It it it doesn't make logical sense but that's the way our society is built. Yeah I mean what do you think. Cook could be done so 44 you know five minutes -- simply to me go to let -- get some some you know dictate. Probably too you know Olympic at least it did get what they were you know visited. -- -- pretty well. I would think the first thing Victor it could happen would be the Department of Education could find ways to stop spending so much money stop wasting money on on bureaucratic maneuvers in and just. Bureaucracy BS. And and pay teachers more -- I think the money is there it's just it's just -- recall and have to get to a news break here are really appreciate you calling as far as firefighters and police officers -- are concerned. We have to look at ourselves as a society -- say OK what can we do. To make sure they're paid more because in a lot of ways the superstars in a society are not paid like real superstars. And those that well they're just there for entertainment. They get paid the big bucks if you're on hold be patient stay would decide scoot over coming right back after the noose on WWO.