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Aug 26, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot Show: Burger King appears to be working on a plan to buy a smaller Canadian company that sells coffee and donuts. This would allow Burge King to move its headquarters from Miami to Toronto, where the corporate tax is about 15% compared to 35% in the United States. There is already a campaign to boycott Burger King. President Obama has called companies that move to escape higher U.S. taxes – “corporate deserters.” Do you agree? Will you boycott Burger King if the company moves its headquarters to Canada? Do you buy only American-made products? THEN: President Obama has ordered drone surveillance flights over Syria and the speculation is that the flights are preparation for attacked against ISIS in Syria. There are warnings that further attacks against ISIS will lead to attacks on America. Should we leave ISIS alone? ALSO: Should dreadlocks be allowed if they represent religious conviction? The Superintendent of Plaquemines Parish schools is hoping to resolve a dispute over a student who was suspended because his dreads violated the school system’s policy on hairstyles. AND: Are celebrities and athletes paid too much? There is outrage over the huge salaries of CEOs – should there be equal outrage over what celebrities and athletes are paid? What does it say about our society if teachers, police and firefighters are paid so little – while celebrities and athletes are paid so much?

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Welcome back to our show this Tuesday night you know actually that this afternoon it was very very breezy it got quite windy actually. And it was was was somewhat pleasant but the heat's gonna return and -- a chance of showers over the weekend. -- we're talking about on our show tonight to Burger King appears to be working on a plan to buy a smaller Canadian company that sells coffee and doughnuts. This would allow Burger King to move its headquarters from Miami in the United States to Toronto in Canada where the corporate tax for Burger King would be about 15%. Compared to 35%. In the United States and has already campaign to boycott Burger King. President Obama has called companies that move to escape higher taxes corporate. Deserters. Do you agree. Here's a -- to do a project by opinion poll tonight if an American business moves to another country to afford higher taxes here is that unpatriotic or Smart. 48% say it's martz 52% say it's unpatriotic. A British chart that -- throughout our show giving other days coming up it just few minutes you can never give us your opinion Michael -- web site WW real dot com. Also President Obama has ordered their drone surveillance flights over Syria this is amid speculation that these flights or preparation for an attack against crisis in Syria and and the -- like tonight is titled America vs crisis. It's complicated. The threats that we now have for quite different when countries threatened us. A you can read the blog and share with others it's on our website at WW real dot com also last night the Emmy Awards were presented. And so tonight we're talking about the current TV show that you wanna watch every week what -- do you make an appointment to watch. What show in the past Jamaican department to watch. And what show do you watch reruns every day for me I've I've said -- Frazier it's conveniently on when I get off the year ended midnight. Got to go home and relax and and watch Frazier but I think the show is brilliantly written as well and what TV show could you never watch. Because it was either too stupid or just to sand. Some are brought the Balkans earlier -- I could never watch the Balkans because they just thought it was two to set a medal. And the question is should dreadlocks be allowed if they represent religious conviction. And -- you follow when he school dress codes that you totally disagree with if you wanna join our show with your comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Or Saudi text number is 87870. And from uptown Carroll here on -- -- -- one to be WL. Oh are right I want my talk about the young man -- got a lot of cool yeah I'm wondered what I'm not running board cultural client strategy is. They the issue. You and I thought about the military before a -- there. We could -- the issues that her out the military ethnic. In April. I'm on. An order in regulation and then -- got dressed I -- -- art that he actually. When they came up with a later beaten in all of this -- in secretary -- Me in -- department. What opera took a look at -- regulation indicated in India. Prince who are people of -- took a look at it -- you know that they couldn't -- -- like in the war -- people can't. And it really had more to do -- -- cultural opinions of a certain things that it had to do with with safety or uniformity. -- mean the problem. Beat him out there and apple the decade. And that we were in the military could be an award of one. Here -- where. Didn't get it criteria is quite different cap. If you -- -- you'd expect it. You could basically. -- -- I'm gonna work. -- caught in what could easily colder air put an abundant and make -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When -- -- -- on inflation. Gay men and there. You can see they try to where he couldn't -- experience and it it. It became a bit and when we do. Hear people by the content. We do it can't be a problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because it's going to protect -- -- the woman. Yeah and the FC yeah. -- -- But because he wore gray hair she would have to be on. But back lot in the back -- the pack -- Wonder -- don't -- creating such issues packet. -- wonder you know. How about the power. Let me. -- -- I don't know that wish that was that that but seat that was the rule Carol when I was in high school I was in a public high school in the new -- area in -- east Jefferson high school. And my -- could not be below my collar. So that was a standard that -- sets by the establishment. At the time. To just make students abide by this rule I guess it was part of the the disciplinary action. -- to keep kids in line I don't know I mean it didn't it didn't change my personality all the same person weathering assuring her or longer hair. So I never really agreed with that the the the error codes however this is something that you know it did touched off a lot of white kids along time ago as well. And and that I had make -- a black and white issues but I -- on the day. You know at every person not welcome no matter what their protection. They get comfortable in the game. And expect that out. You know that. On me you know my aunt that. Content regulation out all the opponent let you can hear it actually I can't Wear and actual content. -- -- -- -- -- Our goal. And -- the year and -- And given. And soul. At that -- that you bring. -- understand that would anyone want to do between -- and -- they make a credible advocate. That was a column actually out. But on the day and -- did wonders. I would go with what it would -- -- lead and I have all. I know a lot -- -- And no way that. There -- -- when I was with and the and they still. Impacted discretionary action. Because somebody thought it would exhibit better poet. If there compared banned because this problem. It will. It was appropriate. -- there in regulation. Do it. And -- really collect on a form of outlaw caller mentioned that he. But. But to make a law or should all. I can on the on the position. And know. Why no one called. And yeah man his. What they've been involved in -- because. Is saying oh. -- eagle on what they need them probably in the air he needs. Him. That eight point oh culture here that -- got an equal. Yeah I agree that there. It is sometimes it's about discipline and not necessarily safety and and sometimes the the word distraction comes in it's you can't have your hair certain color because it's. It's a distraction Carol I have got to move on but I appreciate you calling and I'd really appreciate what you do for our country. Aren't explicit. -- Texas Howard -- to -- -- to WL. Did not finish is that American -- he watched it or not I've seen I seen a few episodes. An eagle on. And the country India on the blue -- to back whether it's. Engaging chances he would have the kind of people live in different areas my wife and I enjoyed -- application areas -- -- 66 and back. They showed up that and beat the spring until this year but did you see him missing him. But -- -- he would use the on this thing. -- is that it's going to be spreading it -- on the same kind of whimsical. The stocky. Being with. Quote keep missing them that you really need to go see it take break it's. It's the UC and museum yes sir. And it's going to be this spring tried to an area. They diets all kind of this style vehicle now. What does -- -- -- stand for have no idea. I wonder if you're supposed to be like a word it's an acronym but I wanted to supposedly we're like you see them you see him. Yeah you might be but it's -- visit. And the great getting toward Eric they get scenes in the wall with the guys models it's it's court. Really quirky in this one but the American tickets to go -- Abu -- And that's why Dorsey you know really Jordan when he stopped in the -- this Brinks. I enjoy seeing small town America and I have talked about it quite often of the show I like when. I had an opportunity it's not often but I have an opportunity to travel off the interstate and go on. A highway that goes through small towns in in Louisiana or in any states it's it's refreshing to see people. Live. When I would consider to be simpler and in many ways happier life than many people live in the city. Dylan and Ali 92 me -- -- -- people ago coaches like it was 66 on the coast. But when did you start checked that the used in this -- is going to particularly enjoy. Aren't logical place listening in Texas from a rural Peggy you're now on -- WL. Well I do I think. Talk about the this year yeah. I mean that we are we likely -- -- current educator. Mom a legitimate question. Hit it green where they're our our children learning. Yet with little military. Victory. Two you know barrel Tuesday at the party -- me. Com I think it. -- so. Maybe that should be were able. Lecture at our children learning partly Ernie tolerance. Other people's beliefs and culture. Are we these little world. -- I I I agree if you think the rules about here whether it's color or land the ridiculous you don't the world as a distracting place when you get out in the workplace you conceal kinds of things. Have kids can't be taught to among other things focus on their work and not steer the color somebody's here if they don't learn that in school. When they elect. Good thing is apparently this young and -- -- arena. And it sounds like the school board as we calibrate each year expectations so bad that maybe -- development. I don't fishing that lawyers have to -- didn't. Education policy. Getting back to a trip down on the lately you can remember when they choose. Public school in Portland. And stay calm everyone was and a huge tour Sterger about girl wearing. They can't have like multiple meetings about it. Girl wearing pants that part that was going to be accounts while civilization modern civilization is the world war paints. And we we learned that really didn't take place isn't. Are you much. I think think things have gotten worse and more intolerance. And -- Old schooler because -- -- What was. Suspended from school -- -- went into the teacher -- more concerned at. Sure. As opposed to -- that was selling drugs right now call. The. I'm you don't -- do agree that -- kids should have rules and -- year due to several senior house -- need to learn to follow rules. Respect sure. You can you can yes you can oppose our -- I don't think that should spend your -- picture well. Again it was a repeat to -- I don't know I would ago on the on the equipment you're. -- -- -- -- And go home schooled he now go to college and you wanna talk about war room. I distraction have you -- -- -- as a you know a bit of higher education. Every track because they're apparently into learning. I DIA I agree with your thinker and dress codes where it comes your sponsor comes to things like there are ridiculous are -- to -- the show and thanks for listening. Here's a text about whether or not whether or not celebrities are. Paid too much and athletes are paid too much talked about teachers and firefighters. Says -- screwed firefighters. Do their job but not for the pay a to use an old saying it's a calling. I started back in 82 was paid 940 a month retired after 34 years making 83000. To raise the pay a police and firemen would mean paying more taxes and no one wants to pay more. Great topic -- If you wanna join our show with your comment about it they were talking about tonight on numbers 2601870. It's all free 86688970. And a text number -- -- 77 this is the -- show like for new worlds on Tuesday nights and we'll be back on WWL. It was a fiery accident on I ten east a new -- -- -- late this afternoon -- I saw the smoke from my apartment in downtown I can tell that it was dark black smoke I could tell that. Something was burning that is -- burning in that part of the city. The -- was closed the I ten eastbound is still closed I ten is being diverted to 510. After the bullet exit. The I ten westbound into the city from Slidell. Is open. On the six play Thursday nights we got a game here and WWL and LSU plays their first game against the Wisconsin Badgers in Houston. And we get that game for LSU Saturday on a programming and in the game starts at 8 o'clock Saturday night. Tiger radio WWL we've got all of the information on our website at WQL dot com here's a quick update on tonight's -- WL pretty general opinion poll. If an American business like -- moves to another country like Canada to avoid higher taxes here. Is that unpatriotic or Smart. 47% say it's Smart. 53% say it's unpatriotic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dress codes at school not to meet khaki dockers and polo is our offensive and distract. Many -- for some people polo things like that polo -- dockers to be fair. Distracting and very offensive. Here's a text how about being clean shaven my son can have a sweet porno mustache at school no beard. What is this about. Here's a -- my ex husband told by school principal hair could not touch his eyebrows. So we shaved his eyebrows off. Here's. Texas' that are wearing a blue set the sport coach. Mites. Or costs. Rather than earned -- for heard rumors. Of this. Incident before where there's smoke there's not exactly sure what this is referring to but I did get a potentially from somebody says they have some memory of me. In a blue satin jumpsuit that you would know which. By the way I don't really remember that and I'm just hoping that there there are no pictures. If you order your history your comment to anybody they were talking about our numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 866889070. And protection for states have VA seventy that the and we were given out last night we're talking about the TV shows that you watch every week what's current TV she'll. Did you make an appointment to watch every week. And is or showing reruns that you make an appointment to watch almost every day. It's relaxing you remember from the pastor brings beverage you've seen it before mr. love watching it in reruns. And what TV show is just too stupid or -- -- for you to watch in the past -- now. Here's a text beating of mindless shows on TV I think the most repulsive -- show right now is here comes honey boo -- and that's from Lisa in handling. Yeah that in you know I never could understand the Kardashians. I don't know where they came from -- I know that once married to Bruce Jenner who is US Olympic champion. But I just I don't understand it. There's a lot of stuff that state of Ottoman foreign if you watch the -- -- -- I'm not criticizing I'm just being honest with you I don't get it and I don't understand why anybody. Cares about what they do Paula Euro -- showing -- BWO. Part -- they're rooting for taxpayer. Yeah. People thought about the move to Toronto. You're caught out of I'll. State. Out there on the car. All -- great -- Bill. Upstart New York is do it on the chart at -- Or are her -- Catches per year mission and then we start as they. Struggle. So -- or. One. Matt where you start. Well people retarded Texas for a long time we are going to have to -- nobody likes taxes again -- do you blame the company for warning to lower its corporate. -- on descent for. Our corporate quarters. We beat the cars. -- out so. -- Options are so cheap -- or. Do I care in. Yeah that truly effective got an article here that says that this may surprise. A lot of people. Can't -- and find it here just you know at least papers economy that -- Ago all mixed up but. It's like apple and Microsoft. And Pfizer they have like close to a hundred billion dollars. It's being kept outside this country for tax purposes so even though they don't move their corporate headquarters are still benefiting from QB that -- -- Don't let. People to improve their. -- -- here or. Eight jobs -- And out the carpet -- watch. It -- you. All recourse state or at an attack. People are people are very sensitive about any move that makes it appears if a company or an individual is unpatriotic. And if they're still doing business in America and if they're doing this and business more efficiently and if there. Helping their stockholders make more money can't you argue that they're still very patriotic -- contribute to America. Absolutely. So that I changed -- just -- -- back money not a partner. Trickled -- to -- print and there are those these -- -- local shelter -- sorry I -- thought that your finished a bicycle if you wanna join us with your comment tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text Amber's late 70s70. Here's a text watch every night all of the family funny -- however. Yeah that's and not meet TV horror antenna TV one of those channels it shows all the old shows. That is a classic at every once a while a -- every -- of all the -- if I'm not working -- -- and filling it this -- during the day. I want some of those three runs and it's amazing. To think about what that show on a wayward. The issues that they dealt with and the way that they dealt with those issues. Very very. Edgy TV show from 1970s that was part of the Norman Lear a contribution to energy television. From Harry Joseph you're under VW well. And I don't want. You can -- Oregon -- because -- assists. This goal. -- assessment mission creep but I think even Stevie -- could say that. Student dead June since I don't know that it Specter apparently believes Ortiz didn't have a good apropos considering the world -- -- It's it's obvious that world where -- be held -- to spend trillions and trillions and trillions of dolls more. Fighting wars are not on in -- -- -- the world that we can't plan. So that the end result will be at some point. The financial collapse of these states in turn that will totally destabilize the world economy. Triggering and I inevitably I -- at some point a world war world war for. And whether or not occurs action here are some time. Happened here but yeah it's it's it's inevitable. And I and I I don't want to me it's. You know it's -- it's a conspiracy. But. -- that you can't imagine the possibility of this scenario play -- You know apparently we're we're you know you're still following the -- world. -- going -- military outlook for the military. I thought we passed Wednesday. Joseph a Glaser called -- I think you're wrong about world war three being inevitable living a world this is changing and I've really addressed that in the blog tonight two -- America vs crisis that this is a different kind of enemy along the lines of al-Qaeda and tell -- Our military traditionally has been in on established and trained to fight countries. Not smaller. Individual. Militant cells that act as if they're. Military's. -- country but they don't rivers in the country. And so you know again my yeah. My a my hat's off to any commander in chief who has to deal with this kind of issue today. Here's attacks or watch the rifle and here's another text entertainers are created to be false gods. Who created that. We did. The fans to. Is it takes effort son. My all time favorite dirty phony shows Hillary so you know what's what's -- show that it to this day you in effect many of these shows it re runs on every day. So what's -- show that its -- and re runs that you still watch. On a daily basis and is there a current show on television. If you make an appointment to watch. Every week our numbers 2601. A seventy toll free 866889. Certainly seven or text numbers 877. Here's a text that read -- public -- taxpayer supported schools need to spend their efforts and time educating students rather than judging. What they -- Wear their hair and us from doing in Georgia. I agree with that I had to submit to rules about here inside personalities Jefferson. About it was stupid. What does it -- to do with anything and yet I had I could have my hair below the collar -- mice hybrids could be below my ear -- Why. And I -- I'm kind of envious of high school students who didn't go to school looking the way. They look today they're free to do it and they should be was there a school dress code hair code that you disagreed with. This is -- jail will be back. WL. One of thanks are talking about tonight is planned apparently by Burger King to buy a smaller Canadian company that sells coffee and doughnuts in order to move their headquarters from the United States in Miami. To Toronto Canada to save on taxes it would have a corporate tax of about 15% compared to 34% in the United States. Here's an update on RW a pretty general opinion poll which just got closer. It's an American business moves a note to another company to avoid higher taxes here is that unpatriotic or Smart. 50%. Say it's Smart 50% say unpatriotic. If your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com here's a text that reads we lose attacks. Oh we'd lose when tax revenues go down. Somebody has to pay for infrastructure. And service to suffer once again corporations do what's best for them. -- cut company provided health care. Pensions and workers' hours all in the name of what's best for corporate America. And here's -- about TV shows Cosby show was the best show of all time. Off from New Orleans -- you're on WW a good evening. -- The you. Show. Israel you equal opportunity -- I wanted to comment basically act that. You know. Well that is treated. It different jobs and what their title and -- -- or three has been like this coaching teachers or anybody can really appreciate. The due diligence. These kids. These animals as I understand that aptly. Ensure that people deserve the reason being is because in this world. Create old values in MarketWatch. You -- commodity product. Millions. What sort of course. I mean respect. Of the future but the fact is -- there's. -- Professional. If you could do certain things that -- -- you demand that -- Sure I understand why did I understand why it is that way why celebrities professional athletes for example our -- so much money but. We the the people of this country. Also create your values and we -- we should and it's a shame that as a society. Talking from an emotional standpoint is that our practices are seen as a society that we don't elevate. Those who teach race and do the things that -- that your wife does to the point where they are the superstars in our society rather than people that simply entertains. Look what -- -- -- could not be a bigger a chip on your side. -- -- -- -- How this world war record equity value from fortunately some we do please sort -- meet meet all the law that when I appreciate your. Rick I appreciate you calling -- and on marry -- on the -- show under the W well. I -- I want to say this about being key element there. -- -- might attack they go is because it helped compensate. For every one making him fully. And you can't create it. -- -- Which in -- Did they currently in the middle class and -- more action and everything -- and China is there out of high quality. Week. We're saying to be meeting certain fabric. -- get it. And it's not made that way we get it could end. And -- From. Whatever shape they were. Not every game. -- -- their country. To say money. Society. No you're right but since Americans will buy a the best product at the lowest price and and the lowest price sometimes is more important than the best product. Then companies are going to be. Encouraged to manufacture overseas and manufacturing is it is overall as a dying industry in this country where. We know we're transforming from a manufacturing -- Guess the industrial -- was part of that too. And technology and our service industry. Well not net and mr. of course of course. OK but that does it look at ease -- it. You are sending a rule. Over the -- many years are -- to college. To get an accounting decree. In Kenya and there and then -- like it when you make our own. Do you credit card in the top connect someone in India -- team content that you can have earned it seemed like they say. And it everybody would say. Shoot that in the United States when you fill well. -- wing making com. It would be an attempt the term they. Say. Well I would say half the time and I've had those situations or deal with somebody who sounds like there in India I don't know exactly where they are. But for the most part they understand what I say I understand that a lot of Americans are offended by that but that's part of the global economy and it. We're just totally involved in right now McCain and well. We may have created -- global economy. But they don't deal I am and Norman even be -- the FBI Kaymer said. -- -- Corporal Asian in America has been spied on by the Chinese station to tips that you guys made. The only war. -- don't know I don't walk back out now there have been -- on and what they -- Afghanistan. And then the actual one closes. And then now when. Today at -- and call the computer system and -- other corporation. -- and and they can't be. But -- you made it sound like you. I worked for a company that does business with China in terms of material. Well not too wet -- In goods. And now come from. Lol is it critical for use to sell products to have this stance it to sell products from another country lotteries only American. Because I can't control. And one -- to come from a man who's live in America out our injury. Won't say that. Oh I so OK you don't you don't own your own business and you know make the decision you -- to reach minus. We're way -- what that income and not. Actually. Count and you know. What is or you know -- dollar -- it and it may here. And -- corporation and compact. And techniques -- because Bob but -- hate -- say. I mean you how many illegal worker and -- already. OK. A lot. Well eight idiots and Americans and American businesses are hiring illegals because it's cost efficient -- got to get to break up I'm going to call -- show. But the question is. Are enough Americans willing to only buy American to send that message to American companies. Or are we so entrenched in the global economy which we didn't create. Mean if you if you go back throughout history remained -- that the Philippines in Columbus immunity it's it's all based on on on trade and opening up new markets. Can we change that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would remind you that if you're part of -- -- nation states and LSU at tiger fans meet Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Deke Bellavia tomorrow at -- is on the best bank. They're gonna broadcast a sports talk live tomorrow afternoon from the new Rouse is supermarkets -- and the West Bank expressway. Stop by and say hi -- -- grand opening talks saints -- LSU football with a cajun cannon. And the big chief that is tomorrow for 47. Right here on WB real here's a quick update on WW a pretty general opinion poll with the business moves it to another country to avoid higher taxes is that unpatriotic or Smart. 52% say it's Smart. 40% say it's unpatriotic. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com also this group blog is about America and crisis and how -- we -- this this enemy. On America vs crisis is the -- blog and -- turning on our website -- tentative deal to account all right hang on we're coming right back after the news. -- -- W well.