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8-26 Scoot Show 10pm, Taxes

Aug 27, 2014|

Burger King appears to be working on a plan to buy a smaller Canadian company that sells coffee and donuts. This would allow Burge King to move its headquarters from Miami to Toronto, where the corporate tax is about 15% compared to 35% in the United States. There is already a campaign to boycott Burger King. President Obama has called companies that move to escape higher U.S. taxes – “corporate deserters.” Do you agree? Will you boycott Burger King if the company moves its headquarters to Canada? Do you buy only American-made products?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As we start this hour out of one -- personally thank those of you who really surprised me I was honored to be among the the top three best. Radio host in New Orleans according to gambit so best of -- series and I was totally surprised lead. Did note this was going -- unsold until -- for instance. Anyway -- just a totally honored by that trumpets Morse was number one girl in Providence but tied for number two in school was number -- -- to personally thank those have you. Listen to their show and whose name via an honor and quite surprised. Should dreadlocks be allowed if they represent religious conviction controversy at the itself like commits parish or school. Involving a student who claims to be rushed for him. And if he used the schools went along and have dreadlocks basically have to pin and up he was suspended now I remember when I was an east Jefferson. There were codes about hair like it couldn't be below my collar and money to buy side -- couldn't be globally your low. I didn't like it. -- -- to file of the -- thought it was ridiculous and have always been envious of all the high school students that you may be. Among them in in more recent years have been able to Wear their hair anyway they want. I don't think it which you worry about that that distraction that's my opinion you may disagree. But the world is -- distracting place. And I don't think it's anything wrong with getting kids. Acclimated to all the distractions that they're gonna find in the workplace or anywhere in the world. It is somebody claims that they're not studying because of somebody's here. Can you really blamed hair because the kids not study are not doing well in school. If you wanna join us with your comet tonight about it and they were talking about our numbers 2601870. -- -- 866889. Here which nobody attacks number is 87070. And if -- a full update on everything we talk about every night to the top eight dates is on our website at WW dot com. Go to the top issues and schedules cyclical and that click on this two page and the top eight is they're here's an update on tonight's WW will pretty -- opinion poll. It's an American business moves to another country to avoid higher taxes here is that unpatriotic or Smart. 55% a growing number say it's marked. 45% say it's unpatriotic give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com from Georgia do a year on the Scotia good evening. The -- couldn't. Now you're doing. -- -- Remember I'm sure that it's. A country station the year ago. Right now after that it was did Dave Nemo. -- to do is. Lipitor so my vote count on. -- -- to a cost problem for -- though so I'm kinda. -- to actually use. You -- nine which. Ultimately the leader elected official in this country that -- -- major major company -- their country. I got my ego problem awful -- Well -- yeah it was your attitude it. -- likely above board or two ago and -- wrong and who tool. The country didn't raise taxes. To -- the war should target -- fool or. So with the women that we. Are people know that while there victories in the right direction of where it was of great great deal of money finish. We elected official company. Show it foresee -- accompany -- upon trust. And our company's corporate headquarters in bush called group. Through. Google -- -- -- vote in what are you. It's it's -- that every unify Iraq can't and the United Arab Emirates yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why is it it's smarter and patriotic to move -- because it taxes. Look -- he -- It actually work for the war but modeled on the in the opposition to work one. Doing I where -- we don't know exactly who you're talking about in the company. VW good evening. All right on court ordered -- and talk about. Fine overseas partner. Yeah. Is the Smart thing to do if you need a tax break you're -- ago if you got a bit of a regular. He. -- -- -- Well anybody can also be argued that if a company like Burger King. Moves to lower their taxes and improves the bottom line that that are benefiting the stockholders that don't the company in many of them are Americans. And that's what it's all about their stockholders that are. They're not there in the field it did it make money one way of the art is -- is -- unpatriotic. Really today. Feature needs. -- look at the joke we -- politicians. I mean pitcher is on. Quote board peace now. Our coarsely -- that's a good point I appreciate you calling to let me give you this update this is the last and I've heard if you have any information if you're out their driving in you know more than that. And we know about this right now here's an update on the I ten into -- Aziz it was a big fire truck explosion. And they're huge fires I ten eastbound was a close the I ten westbound into the city from Slidell is open. The last we heard I ten diverted at 510 after the -- exit. That's heading east now if you wanna join our show with your comments -- light on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines are simply Texas 87870. And for the West Bank keys here on WWL. Yeah -- used to. Our talk about it a critical. As a crop so school college General Electric. -- also -- they have money -- sure. I don't know how many billions word. What he's been making -- -- it because. They call democratic supporters. Enable big support of president Barack Obama in Israel election -- I don't know who the supporters are -- to. Right amount is Iranian. It tonight on PBS these days short about Robert -- -- that have billions and they would now -- sure and one moment General Electric. Now remember the lightbulb field goal that you can't -- it like all the regular light carbon -- -- -- -- get so there -- next to. General Electric. Imagine that the regular medical I don't know what he's complain about looking -- and a little bit -- -- Their President Obama calls companies that lead this country calls -- corporate deserters. And is that an accurate keep -- going to call according to some information I have. Apple. Has over a hundred billion dollars. Sitting in offshore accounts cash hundred billion dollars in cash sitting a sitting United States. Microsoft. 93 billion. -- 69. Billion. And these are just a few of the companies that have money offshore is the is that is that unpatriotic. And from. Thomas ASEAN a little Euro and the -- showing -- BW well. Hi -- I wanted to come here -- own what I heard comment earlier about the start being paid a lot of money at all. Yeah I'm very probably bring everybody at two days later and we are talking about the outrage over huge salaries. CEOs so we should -- be equal outrage over the huge amounts of money to celebrities and firefighters on celebrities and athletes are are paid. Compared to firefighters teachers and police. I think so. Because I am brother at all debt and -- -- you. Get it and law enforcement. And I also am pretty sure. It is in the armed services and has recently been sober you know you know vote. And I was really appalled. At the pay rate that nothing -- Hit some of the law enforcement. In hand with that they. What I believe is putting their life well. Cover Camille Little active. And here we get all. Movie star and and like these and other players that are made in Manitoba. And it's not fair but you know it's it's our society their ports that value on them and as a society we. Value of those who entertainers as opposed to those who teaches and protect us. Right I mean I remembered. And about fifty years ago in Miami in the long -- he. That it did that they paid person had broken ankle and that can pop it. And apparently. Had -- kept them currently about four our. Atlanta and in later. He got caught but it feels someone afterward in the process and again. Opera are our priorities straight. Let it happen. Because he -- these people are sitting on the line. Including. You know that the service that you know that you wonder all of these other -- in megabyte per play in the game. There are -- they're not they're not protecting us they're not saving airlines they're simply. Providing us with entertainment and you know it IP if it's if it's going to be that way -- and that I think it -- we owe it to to everybody to at least understand that -- -- it's not fair. And we should understand that it's part of the free enterprise capitalist society we live in. And while it's not fair we're the ones who actually created that we give them their value. All right I hope I open up an appointment and that I haven't had to cut a lot of a lot of about that I used to do like. With entertainment thing that. It it isn't and -- to me this thing. You know we guardians in their lives and in in this that was something on lap and I think. I appreciate you calling our show and we're very appreciative of what your son is doing for our country. Have a good night. Here's a Texan reads athletes and movie stars are salespeople they get paid commission basically I I understand that. Bytes they're entertaining us. They're not performing a real function I'm not being critical -- possibly putting it out. It is outrage over the huge salaries of CEOs and should there be equal outrage over the pay of celebrities and professional athletes when you consider what teachers firefighters and police officers for example. Are paid. If your policy with a side -- -- we'll be right back at W well. The saints play their final pre season game in the Mercedes-Benz superdome Thursday night against the Baltimore Ravens we've got all the information on our website at WB will not -- And everybody's getting ready for -- issue season opener in Houston against the Wisconsin Badgers. And last -- says there's going to be a bowl atmosphere at this game Deke Bellavia goes one on one with LSU coach less files all of that information is also. On our website at W if you don't on top let's go to new worlds Easter morning as a traffic update forests on the air traffic -- world's these Warren. I can still closed here on I can now. -- -- -- You are -- stock and turn it towards Slidell and about options to that you can loop around and get on to highly in an excellent head -- to -- -- OK I appreciate it out there or transfer of nationalistic and if you're driving around -- you have any traffic update to give us we try to get to you right away. And just illicit foreign number and -- to -- a traffic update or. If you have a designated text her you can have that person not you if you're driving didn't have to say that because. Some people are still texting and driving. I you can in this Indus a text traffic alert -- from -- Brian -- under the WL. Dude I'm a little about the corporate tax -- okay now. Rarely does me in the back. It seems like it's not that politicians -- a lot of -- You know I have any problem with any company that what the -- to. An environment more conducive to that bottom on but the fact that this is even a topic on tonight show that we just speaks it -- both Omar and you know when you have such high taxes. This is this is the difference between fifteen different people want picking different and six people having it be cooking job because the panel the reason why when you go to one caller. It -- already did open up fifteen. -- American people and it's it's ridiculous says that about these the government can do it. Golf company cowards but we don't. Yeah I think it's unfair because our our nation is just so. So integrated into a global economy that there's no way around it in a fifth the bottom line is important in our free enterprise system and can you blame the company for going to another country. To improve the bottom line and their President Obama refers to companies that do that and -- -- corporate deserters. That's like me not calling somebody -- award for not wanting to go until the full of smoke. City every extra -- oil on the market cant believe. How out of college. Earned this government here and -- and it still column a problem like in general you know it gets below Lamotte can't believe -- this -- -- -- Like that movie -- secrecy. And compute thousands sick -- it just it absolutely does mine below. Brian I'm going to go to show here's a text about -- dress codes at schools my son went to Catholic school in Jefferson Parish. In third grade new principal first day of school I get a note saying he cannot return until his hair color is back to the natural color. It was his natural color just so blind it was nearly white. Wow. That just goes to show you just how out of touch this whole. Ideas are how out needed this idea is of -- -- about it somebody's hair in school or worrying about and a dress code. And we talked about this tonight because there's been controversy in plaque in -- parish south like this parish or school with a student who's a -- foreign. And for religious reasons he. Where's dreadlocks and some people passed judgment on that and other people understand that it's part of his religious beliefs if you rejoice -- the comic tonight about -- they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- early Saturday -- tech's number is 87870. All right we are cutting -- on this. On the show couple weeks ago. James Taylor. It is all star -- -- coming to New Orleans UN a Lakefront arena November the eleventh at WW Ellis got your tickets you can beat the box office and win free tickets. Listen for your five chances to win joint Tommy Tucker tomorrow through Friday. From six to 10 in the morning -- -- if you -- when Tommy plays eight point seven seconds of the James Taylor song. He'll give out the number to call in. And be the first to correctly identify the song and you win the tickets to see James Taylor how sweet it is to win tickets to see James Taylor from WWL. Following the -- and hopefully first of all let's go to Brian he's got a traffic update forward Brian where are you. I'm on I ten. -- spent a lot open. Preparing. To -- page you can see it from your vantage point as you drive by. There are -- I appreciate that sir appreciate that information. It -- huge. Explosions aren't I saw video smoke from my apartment downtown. And I you know I knew -- and you look at your windows and you could tell when something different if I can tell that something -- I was hoping that it wasn't a plane crash. I mean because it was black smoke and it looked like fuel -- something significant ways which burning. And -- I try to figure out where Lakefront airport was it was into the airport authority could be playing coming I mean I knew was some kind of vote a -- -- source or something like that. A fire because of the black smoke and amazing to see that says they did -- get it out and. According to the the female driver of the truck somebody. Hold in front of her and caused her to swerve. You know quite often we we love to blame accidents on truck drivers and quite often it is the truck driver's fault for quite often it's not the truck driver's fault. And people are really sometimes really dumb when it comes to. Negotiating with trucks on the highway and you can't do that. And as I always like to -- -- I love to welcome the year the truckers. In this area and across America who -- our show every night to appreciate you being with us. Here is attacks to -- my hair doesn't grow downpours it grows in two. An Afro so my question is if it's nine inches out. But still above the collar is that all right yeah as far as I know I guess it would be okay. EO Vince Vance and Vince -- in the -- -- at high hair well. If it's not below his collar I guess he could go to high school but it's my hair. Following the beheading of an American journalist by the Islamic militant group crisis in retaliation for US airstrikes against the group's efforts to take control of Iraq. Are Americans are being warned that there's a growing threats by nicest to Americans and the United States. Ice this is an Akron in the stands for the Islamic state to by Iraq and Syria. And they've been operating in Syria and director well organized. Well funded. There -- militants their intent on gaining power and attacking Americans and everything that America stands for. They also have a lot of military equipment and weapons the came for the United States. We gave them to the Iraqis. They win and overtook the Iraqis. And still the equipment. So they're -- seeing our equipment. To fight their battle which years in the big picture against America and the west. US airstrikes against crisis in Iraq appear to have been effective. -- a lot of experts are now warning that crisis has the ability especially to Americans and westerners. There are now in its ranks. To execute acts of terrorism within the borders. Of the US. President Obama has ordered drone surveillance flights over Syria in what is an apparent effort to select -- nicest targets. In Syria. Now what I fear is that we're not united as a nation. We often talk about this but it's times like this that it becomes just obvious and in my opinion. Dangerous. Even if the current commander in chief is making all the right decisions to stop license and protect this country. There will be many voices who will condemn. Any action because it comes from President Obama. The debate over what to do about crisis or any threat to America. It's gonna include condemnation. Even in the face of no viable alternative plants. Terrorist threats. Are relatively new to the history of our our military in this country meet our military was to -- And if you're a military strategist or an expert in human of -- -- on this issue by no means can can call the show. But it's always been my understanding from the beginning our military was essentially designed to protect our borders. And to protect the borders of our allies. As we have learned more recent years finding in fighting militant terrorist groups presents new challenges. And further complicating this fight against a group like crisis lies in the fact that there are Americans and westerners. That a -- joined the crusade and join the militants. It's been made public that an American for San Diego Douglas MacArthur McCain an interesting name. He was killed over the weekend fighting for ices in Syria. The concern is that Americans and westerners who have joined us this group crisis could easily connect to the United States without any alarm. And could commit an act of terrorist. The fact that American citizens have joined -- militant group with the intent of attacking Americans -- biggest further indication. Of the deep divide in this country. Can you imagine US citizens joining the Japanese. But the German military's. At the outset of World War II to fight against the United States and all this country stands for. Could you imagine that it's not many -- join nicest. But there are feeling it's it is dangerous. But I just can't imagine citizens joining the Japanese or at the Germany military. Because they hated the United States. And so maybe this phenomenon shows that there are few Americans so disconnected. With the course of the station the values of this nation. That they become part of a brutal militant group with the goal of destroying America and the west. Now how and exactly where do we fight nicest. Terrorist organizations present a big problem but the -- just trying to. And I keep the military force from crossing a border that that's easier than fighting a terrorist group. So I don't -- any modern commander in chief who faces this challenge. The American people expect and I guess you could even say demand. That the president of the United States keeps this country safe and secure. But the rules of war the rules of engagement have changed significantly. And the current commander in chief and congress. Make decisions on how to effectively fight another threat this time from another organized militant terrorist group -- Maybe we should not be so quick to criticize the decisions especially considering. That no one is embracing the idea of putting boots on the ground. And that might be. I'm not for that. But that might be the only way to really effectively eradicate. Crisis. I'd -- I don't know for going to be able to do it with strategic. Drone an air strikes. In reality we can destroy the soldiers. That fighting against us. We can destroy their equipment we can destroy their weapons. America struck back and we heard Elkhart. We heard the telephone. I don't think it's fair to say we defeated them put those words have been used by some people. Anyway we struck back -- week we heard a -- we -- the telephone. But the spirit of those types of militants. Leave -- groups like crisis. So the real question is if we killed the militants. If we destroy their equipment. Have we killed the passion of the crusade. Against America. These are changing times at any commander in chief. He's going to have a difficult time figuring out exactly. What is the best course of action for our country with no boots on the ground. To stop a group it's not trying to cross a border. The good crosses borders but it's not it's not a definite. Border crossing for example the first gulf war. What do we do it was very successful because our job. Our military's goal was to get the Iraqis out of Kuwait we were protecting and now. It's much more complicated when a country. It's partially dominated by one group. And big group is also in another country right now Syria and Iraq or did as far as I know that the primary the primary countries for. Prices. I ended it seems to me that. This is not an EC battle to fight in their people who -- just eradicate. Everybody. Well he can't do that. And again if we destroying. The equipment if we destroy the soldiers. Have we done anything. To destroy the spirit of the crusade. That continues to be our biggest enemy. And we need to. We need to be strong enough as a nation. And united enough as a nation that if god forbid anything happens. We don't point fingers. We don't jump on political band -- We worked together. And two we've become. The United States. Of America. If you at a -- pressure with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And -- numbers 87870. Here's a double W a -- general opinion poll tonight if an American business moves to another country to avoid higher taxes here. Is that unpatriotic or Smart. It is your opinion Michael and -- WL dot com. -- blog tonight is titled America vs prices you can read it surely others it's on our website at WW -- dot com and will be. Right back -- more a description. I've got a couple of text from one of our regular listeners Kasi who is in the hospital so like Cassie thanks for listening in again well and I'm sure that if -- -- -- listening to discuss you know. You could probably get in just out of sympathy to increase your payments. They were thrilled had actually -- part of a radio family she got another great show playing for you tomorrow and I was filling in for Angela I love doing that first hour of what's trending and WL. -- conversation about the top trending stories in news sports entertainment and on social media. A tomorrow Angela welcome to the studio Dave Cohen WL news director. Steve EG from the afternoon and beat me seven -- world anti Manassas the host of first take with Steve court -- -- game days. It took -- the inspector general. Releases another report on it'll PD do you think these independent reports are making a difference in our police force also in an hour -- talk about. How safe do you feel the streets of New Orleans at 3 o'clock is tops. Which is the states. Scholarship program for Louisiana residents is that it -- Great conversations a lot of information tomorrow an open mind privilege -- -- -- the WWL. From one to four. From Gretna -- you're on the -- showed good evening. -- -- Unanswered questions do you do you think it's fair if -- person lives in Louisiana. But it goes over the Texans and opens up PO box and claim that that's really where he lives. So that he doesn't have to pay income tax and Louisiana because Texas has no income tax statement. Do you think that there. Technically I guess that wouldn't be fair. Well I think that's what Burger King is doing because. When the name of the company to Canada. There are no longer gonna pay income tax. On -- income earned in the United States even though. The majority of their business and income -- from the United States so I have a big problem with them the same thing. The same just done on the large scale so your listeners need to think about that. But -- I would suggest that the the person who goes to Texas and is deceiving. Is deceiving people by claiming two -- one place and not. Live in another place for tax benefits say in the in this case Burger King is honest about moving to Canada side they weren't done yet. But that's out there and -- their moving their corporate headquarters to Canada the right but all their employees and burger king and now they're Stanton police there in the United States. That's where their money is made now President Obama. And the Democrats have opposed. To simply tax companies based on the money easily in this country that can put their headquarters rightly want. But he wants them to pay income tax based on the money they earned in this country which is based on. Our universities our highways bridges our medical institutions. All of those things are what enables companies to make money. But right now they can make money here and simply move their corporate headquarters to. Another country and not pay any income taxes on the money they -- here are you aware of that. Yeah but how could you stop that. How can you stop Burger King from from while they were they're buying a smaller company. Well there's a proposal for them to buy a smaller company I think Walgreens made an attempt to do is to -- I didn't move actually moved to Switzerland. And I believe discovery that we're gonna move to right but Tim Burger King is. Working -- a plan to -- company who sells coffee and doughnuts a smaller company in right. It candidate for the purpose of a movie there. But in the global economy how can you stop that. I don't have a problem with them movies I have a problem with them not saying. Income tax on the profits made in this country that's my point. Out my point Republicans. Are opposed to that because they -- percent. The very wealthy and the corporations and Democrats represent the people that affects people don't know what because they keep voting for Republicans. Well there's a Democrat in the White House. But there's a Democrat in the White House but. They Republicans controlled house. Even though the majority of people on the state may be Democrat. Yeah I understand the torture making Philip and I find this I I find it very ironic this observation and and I think it's an -- general observation but is it it is very general. Because there are a lot of successful business men and women who are Democrats. Well I'm a wealthy person. And I am a Democrat and I feel like I'm have a -- -- probably paid about 50000 compact last year I have no problem with making money -- -- I have a problem with people that make a lot of money. And pay less tax rate and I let and I day that the problem. I think those eggs aren't there I -- and I I'm. You know I'm just saying that these people voting that they're saying it's a good -- for companies to move to another country. That's OK if they moved but I'm saying that when they do that. We that the United States gets no benefit from the profits they make in this country. And that the people should be aware that when they make their vote at all. But your program I think you're fantastic. Vote. -- I appreciate you were listening thanks for calling. If you wanna join us with your your comment tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688907. -- tech's number is 87870. Among other things have been talking about Burger King appearing to be working on a plan to buy a smaller Canadian company in order to move its headquarters from Miami in the United States to Toronto Canada. Where the corporate tax rate would be about 15% compared to 35%. In the United States. And it's already campaign to boycott Burger King President Obama has called companies that move to escape higher taxes in the US corporate deserters. Do you agree. When you boycott Burger King if the company moved its headquarters to Canada. And if you don't buy only American is -- hypocritical for you to be. Critical of Burger King or any company for moving its corporate headquarters. Somewhere else to another country for the bottom line. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Texas a 7870. I'm scheduled to be right back on -- WL if an American business moves to another country to avoid higher taxes here is that unpatriotic or smartest or -- -- -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Here's an update 53% the majority say it's Smart 47% say it is unpatriotic. You can give us your opinion by going to our web site of communal dot com coming over the next hour -- focus a little more on the -- at present it last night. Breaking bad modern family were among the big winners but you know tightly they're talking about your favorite TV show is -- current show that you make an appointment to watch every week. And what are the shows that are on in reruns that you watched. Every day even -- -- Ford is still laugh for Tyler town Brenda year old dispute showing WL. Steady and good. So I urge you mentioned something about you being in but the real particular list -- and in particular the people but I don't -- -- list. Well it was again it's -- best stuff they do best -- the issue every year we festive restaurant this restaurant to best. Morning girl walking club like it was one of the part of the new categories this year and I was really surprised in Goddard said to. To be named number three is this radio host and in New Orleans. Our chat catching every night at its and it. It unpatriotic that's what I understand they take no taxes whatsoever. And we don't Sadat and then felt is that gentleman and that the taxpayers stolen. I mean is that patriot. Well I guess some people could make that argument that we don't perceive them as being unpatriotic. Now without the means and not change that this year tax system in previous column was. Upset about Burger King do in match. I'm amber making it blew them a lot of money at this point and maybe the south Atlantic inside their company disparaging those Sunday how many people live did you. Well a lot of people would lose their jobs. A question about that. You know it's it's kind of hard to criticize -- company for improving the bottom line. But it's also disheartening when companies do that at the expense of of employees. And I'm gonna get to do great I really appreciate you calling her show. Pessimistic there's attacks and resist go to Obama is strongly criticized because. He's black period look around that we -- is on dirt for state it benefits from Obama's programs. But fights his policies tremendously. And therein lies the grand hypocrisy. Of politics. In the year of 2014. This is this crucial -- coming back right after the news.