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Aug 27, 2014|

Are celebrities and athletes paid too much? There is outrage over the huge salaries of CEOs – should there be equal outrage over what celebrities and athletes are paid? What does it say about our society if teachers, police and firefighters are paid so little – while celebrities and athletes are paid so much? PLUS: Last night, the Emmy Awards were presented. “Breaking Bad” and “Modern Family” were among the big winners. Tonight – let’s talk about your favorite TV shows. Is there a current TV show that you watch every week? What show now in reruns do you tend to watch every day?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's an anti pot campaign in Colorado that sponsored by the Colorado state Health Department. And has attracted criticism from for those who support marijuana marijuana activists and those who support the new law that makes recreational smoking a marijuana and the purchaser of marijuana for recreational purposes totally legal. Is anti pot campaign is drawing criticism because the tagline of the campaign is. Don't be a lab rat. When Colorado school district is -- boulder outside of Denver is refusing to display a human sized cage. Which issues in the campaign the campaign is obviously. Suggesting that by allowing the recreational use of pot in the state of Colorado they're turning humans. It's a lab rats in the boulder valley school district says that he will not participate school officials say they simply don't believe that the lab rat cage. Is it effective display for twelve to fifteen year old when it comes to trying to convince young people about -- potential harm. The campaign is being a finance biopharmaceutical. Settlement fund it raises the awareness of substance abuse. And -- thinking you know if if anybody really wanted to study the impact the long term impact. A smoking pot on human body. Study Willie Nelson. Last night the Emmys were presented and breaking bad modern family were among the big winners on American horror story they're they're filming and episode that are part of an episode of that in on my apartment building downtown. And that was one of the -- the big winners last night but this. Got me to thinking about those TV shows that at that people watched today and I have to admit and I guess is because I do -- show. Eight to midnight today and -- filling for some later in the day. But I'd really don't have any. Patterns of watching television when it comes to current TV shows. And I don't DVR I don't even know if I have the the equipment to to DVR she'll -- and watch it later so it's not something that I've done up to this point. But I used to make an appointment to watch TV shows. I remember that must see Thursday I would watch friends and I forgot which old college friends but they were a couple of great shows on that policy Thursday night. And then I I remember house. -- was a show that I would watch every Monday here I don't know whenever it was on now I have to admit during the football season. If I'm not doing to show Monday Night Football I make an appointment to watch them but that's a sporting event. Is there a TV show current TV show. That is so attract your attention that you make an appointment to watch it every week. And you look forward to watching every week. And let's also talk about the TV shows that are on in reruns. It even really seen them before you still laugh them. What TV show on every Bruins do you tend to watch every day. I've talked about this for -- -- Frazier preachers on after the show but atomic get home searchable -- Frazier is on. And I think the show is absolutely brilliant and you know signed -- was always my favorite. But it was -- -- on reruns. But right now I think Frazier. Is better than consigned Felder I I don't know if it's just a better show with the writings that mean of writing a silent films Ashley brilliant but I just think the writing -- Frazier. Is extraordinary. What show do you watching reruns in Indy shows that running reruns they usually on every day. Do you make an appointment to watch your show every day of its own agreements. If you -- -- for the comic tonight -- numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. -- seventy. And a text numbers 87070. Here's a Tex I watched gun smoke still. Loss wagon train and the rifleman. What are the reasons that I like to watch. Shows that are on in reruns. Not only are they relaxing for me. But I can also work in think about the show now sometimes have got to shut TV often writer do whatever is -- to do for the show. But I like shows that are familiar because they don't really have to pay attention. And etiquette kind of float in and out of an independent think about the show or think about other things and even sometimes work on other things social things on in the background and I can go in and out of it pay attention when I want to say it's one of the reasons that I've highlight shows that I'm I'm somewhat familiar with -- plus they're just it's a brilliant shows. They got a text earlier from someone who says that they watched show all of the family in reruns and that's either on the TV or antenna TV when those. One of those when the -- so somebody called earlier and said that one of their favorite shows to this day is is cheaters. And they make an appointment to watch cheaters. Now if you haven't seen cheaters. It's a reality show and I don't know how they get these tips but. For example somebody has a feeling that their boyfriend. Or girlfriend. Or cheating -- And so they call the company. And the company -- obviously qualifies people in some way. And then they they decide to follow this person who was allegedly cheating. And they ultimately catch the person cheating. Now at the moment they catch the person they have brought the person who is called the property. The person is being cheated appalling. They bring them with that and there's this confrontation. I watched the show quite often why do I watch that. I -- we know what's gonna happen it's a horrible thing people are cheating. It's it's -- literally like watching a train track. And you know what's gonna happen it's like how could you do this to me I do all this for you would think you really feel badly for the people who were being cheated on. But yet people watch the show. What show do you make an appointment to watch on a regular basis whether to current show or -- run. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroids every text is a 77 here's a -- mistresses. Is the absolute best show. Haven't seen. Here's another text Sons of Anarchy hands down best show. You know it Cilic and I've seen the previews for the endeavor never watched the show. Here's a text -- I watch reruns of criminal minds every day. I also love. Those -- three old westerns. It it's really interesting how how shows from the past. I'll you can find happy days episode or you can even go way back to. The Andy Griffith Show or Leave It to Beaver. It's amazing how some of the the stories. Some of the messages in those shows and there really are great messages in any of those old shows. It's amazing how many of those those story lines are very pertinent. To things that people talk about today. Here is a text Andy Griffith show is the greatest we'll watch it as long as they run it as from doing in Georgia. -- chilies have very popular among very intelligent people. Now I've I've seen. -- as a survey of a couple of a survey that shows that there are a number of really highly intelligent politically minded people who were really into what she remains of the Indy professional. Here's a text and I love watching. Older cartoons like Johnny quest and Speed Racer but as an adult. I think to myself how stupid is this cartoon. You know well look I admit I mean sometimes. I like to go home and I admit I just wanna go -- -- I wanna watch stupid television. Now I don't think Frazier stupid television -- it's it's relaxing because I've seen the episode as I've prepared for the most part know what's gonna happen in the bacillus but I just find it's. -- -- -- -- I hear it's a text a true blood is one of my favorites. That's the series steadied Louisiana. It's on HBO I don't have HBO so it's not a show that I want I need to get Netflix because I I hear that. House of cards is just unbelievable -- -- -- Kevin Spacey is phenomenal and that's something's very relatable to today. So what's which the show that you have to watch -- show war or re runs 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. And it takes a -- 77. And do you find it comforting to watch shows in in reruns because you again you don't. You don't have to totally mentally and emotionally invest in the show it's just kind of there and you can you can tune into it when you want to. Here's a text. Golden girls. Everyone loves Raymond. Hot in Cleveland. And that is from -- Nikki thanks that I Janice you're on WW good evening. Yes I -- -- good. He had dialed in jail Jack Garrity. Let me. It it it was a very it was a very mature oriented show. It was a good in the beginning because the our lady going to take some things. Good wanted to play in the elderly lady and in the economy to keep it coming from again after awhile them McClanahan of the -- -- got -- Now I -- that. Player's character issue isn't -- girl. Yeah it came I -- that it came with. I think it -- -- an appropriate mentioned many things today that I wouldn't I wouldn't buy tickets it's just not. I don't want to go back and I can't don't actually but the feedback and men and mountain. -- -- was -- -- that -- beyond. Now it's those that. I can't go back to if that's going way -- that. Background. About today and their content on the opposite direction that I -- and I can always -- that the -- This city and it was funny -- and it was just -- and and everybody that -- You've got to them I'm an imminent you're either gonna -- you -- you've done that that. Actually I would send money and I -- -- -- like really a lot like the talk without licences. That I liked getting behind the community. Yeah I would say it I say it'll make an appointment to watch your show I'm talking about dramas or comedies because I'm I'm constantly. Opportunities. That. I've seen an episode modern family and it looks great and and I need to invest -- this and other shows that you totally brilliant it's is about family. My wife and kids with -- weights and that is just a really. So -- should now step that it's just not a I mean if this. And I can't read. It was it was and then. In one direction to go and it's making it look like you know -- taken -- -- and a payment. I don't have a constant. I I would think -- There's something that would say sometimes. And if it's ever -- and its Haniyeh. He definitely can never happen again. Nobody that I was not necessary. At Talladega because it was too close to something. I am innocent and I got that effect and want to. Well you can see it in your own house which you can. I'm bad management. Bad and the blanket and it -- that you know -- -- that. It became a student. And -- Why do you can't do that. You -- -- except about one thing to do about it. Janice I'm going to go to show here's attacks Sanford and Son that was another classic here's a text the Carol Burnett show along with Mary Tyler Moore Alice. And -- in those shows that were over were reflecting. The -- the women's liberation movement and I in the seventies and in the the quest for. The passage of the equal rights amendment remember that. It was a big question this country to pass an equal rights amendment for women. And did did not pass two thirds of the states so it did not become -- -- amendment to the constitution. Here's a text no matter how many times I see them The Three Stooges always make me laugh that's from cellar shall meant. I know why don't -- we wanted to laugh at it's it's not realistic. And I love using this comparison. It's a three stooges was on today. And some kid imitated. What he or she saw three stooges. Their parents would blamed them. Not the TV show. Today. Is some kid imitates a violent act from the TV show what happens. Parents tend to blame the TV show. How times have changed from -- -- Antoinette you're under the WL. I'm. Aaron let me tell ballot and I am but adamant that are older and ready come. And my -- 1980 shill who is the -- hill. -- I mean I'm like it yeah I mean. And Cokie. -- case stats and yet there you know I -- that says that's another show that I used to make an appointment to watch every week and yet love it. And the way they did such a great job in casting a younger characters that look like the older -- the characters. And and I love the way lenient. Wendell would all receive the person who had been killed as as the younger. Into the Arizona -- and -- that they know and I love the. So and -- -- on TV land there are a lot of and there's a lot as a block programming because you show on a marathon on the weekends. And -- and pledged -- Flexilis to tonight's Jonathan your -- -- shown to be WL. It's certainly do a job that. Are you mentioned in the family earlier and it's funny because Tom that's what that your idea to me I'm. I'm only thirty years old and show would definitely. Had ended by the time you know it was. You know when I was -- -- or anything like that. I remember watching it in high school in reruns on on not -- and stuff like that that is watched every episode need to have a on dvd collection which is what it shows that. Panic you know it it's speaks -- in different ways. I was at an amazing. The issues they dealt with and how blatantly they dealt with the issues. Absolutely especially in that time I mean have -- -- you know kind of out of its time in a lot of ways and a lot of it reminded me. My grand parents and and and away not specifically everything which -- kind of -- That deal drove back ways of life in and the waited a while staying inside can't account related to it and read into it that way too but. I tell you that there's days but what this shows that that just -- stay with you and you know thirty years later have a long experience and that's been on the -- or should it still resonates. And. And that's it's it is amazing to see how they handled issues in -- Archie Bunker it was such a hard court conservatives and yeah he was always getting into battles with a third and the meat on it who is liberal -- It's very reflective of the tension between conservatives and liberals today. It it absolutely is and it and it ended and it shows in other early date of that divide that we still see him. In our society today but I like it -- do I mean I am very big. And it HBO's the true blood and before that sopranos and and a lot all that religiously. That Lakeland and I'm going to be tenement TV show like Albany stepped -- -- all the match -- And it you know it reminded me of how you know Fonda wasn't instill them so. Janice thanks thanks for calling Jonathan appreciate you listening tonight a from Texas Charlie you're on the -- showing WWL. Exclude I really enjoyed your show my favorite TV show of all time with the old store tour. Are really -- tuxedo ball blood. -- -- all I'll stop whatever I'm doing and watch the old Star Trek with captain Kirk. -- -- -- -- -- Does it come on in reruns on a regular basis to the point where you actually planned to watch the re runs a Star Trek when it's on. Well what I do is our host and this is comparable store for the panel and the like. Cult well take a year and I will go to the belt tail library. And you can rent the old store for -- so. And I'll just weren't a whole box adding watchable were awkward in and that course. I go to the store traffic and picture Sampras Siskel. The globe the Star Trek convention featured captain Kirk William Shatner. And captain call or I'll I'll. Actor extra work and very surprised that. There. You I stared at all. Both our branch in what you Shatner he just short struck -- dollars for he has. -- pregnant you're right he charged 200 dollars three years. 10. So I'm really tricky. That -- I'm going to Seattle. Littered anymore. Person will be up in Seattle. Born of that one in I went to Canada and so that he'd. The people in waddle and step up I and there are. Would surely have fun. -- -- -- I would love to get into show like Star Trek. Because -- -- in and people who were into these science fiction shows. Futuristic shows. It's such -- mental escape for them. And yet I I I have to admit that I nada a scifi if it doesn't mean I don't rejoice and scifi movies or. I -- -- respects 51. Of the old twilight zones some of those those shows. But I just I'm I'm I'm I'm not into to -- strikes -- I would love to be into because it seems like it's really great escape. Although I have to notice one thing about store tracked. It seems as if -- Star Trek is accurate it seems as if there are no pets in our future. Because I don't think of any pets let's -- Here's a text Kurt showed the Mindy project black list. Through the worm hole past the Jefferson's northern exposure. Does -- -- run anymore. And and you know. I just thought I. Got it to break the right to the I just out of another show that I used to make an appointment to watch I loved it I love the characters I love the writing I love the show. And I'm really surprised it's not only reports. This is the Scotia will be right back with your calls -- of -- bureau LSI the Emmys were presented and just made me start to think about. People who do make an appointment to watch shows every week and I don't do it anymore I guess part of it is working eight to midnight. On that show which I've loved doing so I just don't make appointments to watch any of the current shows have a lot of respect for a lot of the shows I would love to -- into. Walking -- I'd love to be into breaking bad. I saw him an episode to a modern of modern family and I just thought that she was brilliantly brilliantly written. So this is that criticism the fact that I'm not into the -- -- don't make an appointment to watch him. Is is certainly not a suggestion that I'm criticizing current TV shows. But I find myself. Finding comfort in watching some of the issues that -- -- in reruns and make an appointment to watch almost almost every day. And one of the reasons I said earlier that I like reruns. Is because I can do other things while watching the show and I can invest in the show and pay attention when I want to and then hinges. Be working on something else when idea what I need to an -- one in the background his company. I just -- of showed used to make an appointment to watch every week I love the show. And occasionally I thought about. Why this show is not on in reruns. Because I thought it was just so brilliant and it was. A show that was late it was a drama. And it was relatable to so many people. Have wondered why it's not only reports. Thirty something. Did you watch thirty something that I loved that -- I mean I've I've who's kind of intrigued by the whole advertising agency business in -- my dad was in an advertising for. Not much of of my young life soreness -- that way it was relatable and being at radio actively to the advertising business but it. The characters in mean it was that they've -- could character there was the cutthroat smiled cut -- miles Trent -- I loved Thirtysomething. It showed at least always have always watched. And also tonight reflect talked about some of the shows that you just could never watch even though other people thought they were popular shows you -- could not watch because they were either too stupid. Were to say that. And for me and I mentioned this earlier the Walt since. Never watch the Walters. I just got the feeling that it was just too sad to family oriented to set a medal. And it was a hard hard show for me to watch. A got a text him for someone who said that -- here -- is I enjoyed -- I also love monk. Mike is a really interest to shield very intelligently died and since I've never obsessive compulsive disorder can totally relate to the character. Of of month. And you know I've I've briefly talked about this of the showed it was a book that I read so many years ago. It was titled TV twins. And it was written by a psychiatrist. Who. Said that we all have TV twins. -- characters on television. It whether we realize it or not. We actually watch these characters on television. And and watch them how to how to watch how they deal with conflicts. How they deal with. Problems that come up in their lives. And we so relate to these characters that we see ourselves in these characters and we actually is this this book suggest that we actually look to TV characters. To sometimes. Help us in our real life. If you gonna join our show with that thought or comment tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688970. Tech's number is 8787. From Pascagoula Fred you're now on the Scotia good evening. Still won't show I really enjoyed it not so much already -- is almost a political. I never watch it but I heard really great things have. Well so should her older but. Stronger and -- -- You'd like nobody. It was -- that let's go we have. Well -- Acute. As they. Can show. Courts as well district. Not site and show currently. And it is it is -- new house. You don't that was another show now that I think about it that I made an appointment to watch every week. While watching Dallas I haven't gotten into the then the new version. It does it to does it does it kind of -- pick up where reveal what left offer as it is it a natural evolution of the characters from the original. Then of course. A -- or be out so well now. Concern or like Jeremy Alter urges stoke. Park. Now. You. Course when when when did you know. Deal with. Saw out there that much possibly buried in the states and nobody expected. So and so so -- and passed away so that old. Salt and Fred that was one of the great cliffhanger is of all time who shot JR. I'll look that show year ordered a version riding in -- Fred I'm going to called La Lotta drama I remember Shirley -- this character will Lucy. She was she was kind of Lucy if you ordering. I here's detects a reason Miami Vice used to watch it before going out on Friday night's LO well. Enjoy your pastel shirt with the white jacket in the -- -- oh wow. There. The and slight -- Miami Vice weighs in -- and it's time here's -- of the text cheers and the text twin peaks was a great show. Yeah I live when I lived outside of Seattle as the -- in in Seattle I lived in the the talent north bend. Which is about 35 miles west and of territory by miles east of Seattle thirty miles west of Seattle. Well you on the ocean yet but you'd be closer to the ocean this is about 35 miles west and east of Seattle. And the the twin peaks that was -- side and the good town of the north dentists say exactly where the show was which sent. Here is a text. That reminds us of the show so. It was a stupid kind of funny show. Also Charlie's Angels was one I made it a point to watch weekly as a kid. If you know what I mean. LO well. Yes I do what you mean. LO well if you had -- -- your comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. It's every attacks -- 7870. Is it takes -- in must be something wrong with me but I never thought the sign -- show was funny. That's from -- in Saint Louis and I have I I met a few people who didn't think signed Phil was funny. I thought it was funny very relatable brilliantly done. But I gotta tell you right now my favorite showing reruns I make an appointment to watch is is Frazier and and honestly if Seinfeld -- Frazier -- the same time. I think that would actually picked Frazier and I never thought I would say that there's a text after admitted that I really don't get into science fiction. I have nothing against it I'm just got to scifi -- but here's a text with the -- suggestion -- if you want some entry level site five. Tried Doctor Who on BBC America. It's a fifty year old show we got a rebooting 2005. And has been gaining legions of fans both young and not so -- -- It's an exciting good hearted show with something for everyone. Interesting how have to try to find doctor drew I remember the name but it never watched the show here's a text quantum leap. Here's a text best show ever. That '70s Show I'm 34 seen every show at least 25 times. So what's -- show that you still find comfort in watching one of the things are talking about tonight a description of our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. -- semi tech's number is 877. The Big Bang theory one of the most popular shows on television today I hear great things about it but I really haven't. I haven't -- it and I'm not gonna watch a regular basis because. I work at night when it's on and I guess I could catch it reruns I've seen one episode after somebody sit if you like signed feel what you like the Big Bang theory. And I thought it was funny. Maybe at a given another chance but the cast of Big Bang theory is back and he signed new contracts or negotiations were going on there they have returned to work. Just in time to work on the hourlong season premiere which is coming up really -- September the second. The stars of the show OK let's let's do a little history here. I were called a big controversy over Ted Danson. Ted Danson was demanding for years he was demanding 400000. Dollars an episode which at the time was on her. An -- trickle -- now amount of money. Then. The -- to sign failed. Demanded and got a million dollars per episode. And that was outrageous. So the stars of the Big Bang theory has now negotiated a new three year contract. We will pay each of them at least. Ninety million dollars. Over the next three years. It's a guarantee of one million in salary per episode. Not bad for a week's work. And an increased amount in the return on the syndication rights of the series. -- even paying the actors this much money. The show is still expected to to. To net. CBS. A billion dollars over the tenure seasons. And in summer estimating even twice that much. So this really led to a discussion earlier about celebrities and athletes in the amount of money they're paid. If there's such outrage over the huge salaries of CEOs then should there be equal outrage over the salaries of celebrities and athletes of what they're paid to do what they do. And what does it say about our society of teachers police and firefighters. Are paid so little while celebrities and athletes are paid so much. To -- I'm not being critical it's it's an observation about our society because like I understand. I understand the phenomena. We -- to be entertained. And it is -- society. It creates. The market for the entertainers. And the professional athletes who are essentially entertainers you know athletes but -- they still entertain us. Those people that really perform. Significant functions in our society. Like teachers. That teaches. Police and firefighters and people like that they protect us take care of us. And yet. Their pace a little while those who simply entertain yes. Make us laugh make us cry make this man that make us happy distract us today. -- paid. Mega bucks to join our show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And -- -- number is 87870%. Double debut a pretty general opinion poll tonight if an American business like Burger King moved to another country like Canada to avoid paying higher taxes here. Is that unpatriotic or Smart. Give us your opinion by going to our web site W dual dot com. And we'll give you an update on that when we come back here's a text married with children. And other text tool time with Tim Allen. Where a man took time was a show within the show the home improvement -- time with him. You know that was a funny show. And and other text here. Northern exposure I don't know where that came from -- just I just channel Tim Allen I guess in some way. I was -- we'll be right back are on every WL. Last night we talked about one of the standout moments at the MTV V in days and it did fall Miley Cyrus winning for best video for this song reckon ball. And Miley Cyrus instead of making except this speech herself she set up a 22 year old homeless person named Jesse helped. He made the acceptance speech on behalf of Miley Cyrus and all of the homeless young people in America. The 22 year old is want it in origin. He was arrested on criminal charges of mischief and criminal trespass in 2010. And now with his appearance on the GMA news authorities a look at for a minute arrest him as soon as they find him when he was eighteen the arrest warrant was issued. Because he after he violate her probation. He then moved to Los Angeles. Not long after the arrest. Tried to find work is a model. -- -- He he makes his grand appearance on the MTV DNA is in now the authorities. I don't know -- areas and look at foreign soil I -- he is a big thank you shout out to give the Miley Cyrus -- from Algiers John here on this crucial and having -- -- Sharpton are -- this year which you one -- in your news on the number thirteen my uncle uncle work where our television in -- We get to a chair and called. On his chair. I'm. Out. Trying to blow. Looking out in -- years singing net birdie and a pop neck he pounds. -- My body cannot describe it. You know in general I think this really brings up a good point that I I often talk about and that is that it doesn't take. Graphic things to make people think about sex at certain times early in their lives and all the concern about things that are so graphic -- remember all the things that made us think about sex. All right -- a political Flexilis thing. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Series semi at Texas State 787. -- is attacks that Brees says Suzanne Somers held up for larger salary at three's company she didn't get it. But was replaced by other actresses. Who no one can remember now. Yeah that's true. She held offer for more money and that fracture the doctor. Got river. And -- the show was really never the same after I was channel surfing. A couple of weeks ago and I came across a show that I I never remember that the show existed. But obviously did -- on reruns. And it was a title three's a crowd. With John Ridder. And I I I watched it just curiously trying to figure the show loud and something about he's living with. A girl and her father lives in the same apartment complex or nearby or something like I have no recollection of this show whatsoever. Three's a crowd that there was a spinoff of three's company. Here's a text is tonight while we should be with which would be well Wednesday morning so essentially tonight at ten to 1230. Tactically tomorrow morning at about forty minutes from now. Is tonight Wednesday at twelve -- 30 AM. Is -- the correct date and time for this area to see the moon and Mars. In the sky at the same time I don't know. But I know that we have a lot of people who were into this kind of thing. It was an additional because of my ever mention anything about the moon or the stars are -- -- quite awful we get into India discussions about constellations. I'm just getting we don't get an in depth conversation about constellations. But somebody will inevitably and -- up to -- -- it and and call us if you know anything about is this the time to see your. In you know a little over thirty minutes from now is this the correct time and date. The series see the mood in bars in the sky the same time sent me a text oracle or short or text number is. 87870. Here is. Text I seriously doubt anyone remembers the show but I watched high Lander. With a street Paul religiously. And by the way I was dozing off and I heard you. Send me a little give will shout out thank you so much for that screwed you made me smile Edison -- is listing it in the hospital. It is selling shares -- that was contributor to write these shifts so the called a variety show they don't have those anymore but Sony's share it was a big variety show and lot of people remember growing up watching this. This is Cisco show and will be back on -- WL. Talking about celebrities and athletes being paid so much while teachers and police and firefighters are paid so little that is inspired this text that reads to millions of people. Sit in front of television and watch a teacher teach. Stadiums sellout to watch firefighters or -- performed. Now I totally understand. Why celebrities and professional athletes are paid what their pay. Again it. But I think as a society we should recognize. Who we turn into superstars. Is second to change the we should at least admit that we. Turn. Those people who really. Don't do anything to protect us or teachers or savers. We turned them into the superstar I -- not being critical of it is just an interesting observation. Here's a vital update on tonight's W a project opinion poll it is it close all night and it's very close now. If an American business like Burger King moved to another country like candidate to avoid -- -- Texas here is that unpatriotic or Smart 49% say Smart. 51% say unpatriotic thanks for your participation in the poll tonight it's -- blog is titled America vs crisis -- just how difficult. It is to fight an organized terrorist group like ices you know we may have heard al-Qaeda and the talent on some say we destroyed them they're still around. But whatever spirit was part of those this crusade against America is now part of places in this is not an easy enemy to hand. Here's a text. Dean Martin show another -- -- last in his attacks that they got three's a crowd was when they got married and the wife's father sold in his restaurant. And they lived on top of the restaurant so I just I really didn't get it -- had a blast tonight will be back tomorrow night. Thanks John quicker studio producer and have a great evening -- New Orleans.