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Aug 27, 2014|

Dave talks about US companies moving HQ out of America, Just Because day, and what's the right amount of kids to have

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL offers news it's August 27 it's 2014. You know what it is I do you know. Yet he's on a year you know that's me -- -- it's some -- yes happy hump day two years now yours and on hump day you know -- -- That that is correct that is the that is the correct answers that are. It's we kind of can play its. Chipped it up. There ago everybody do. To drive and do it cautiously and conservatively please. It carried away. -- it like it right and you're still out on the interstate you can right now -- O'Malley Vietnamese still and you match. And they detoured traffic around I was a nightmare is an afternoon was just off -- -- -- enjoy it opting out. But it lets -- -- and being happy -- forget all about that stuff. Man. Doesn't take much doesn't know. Now. Witnesses. Who were telling us what they decide this on the -- common from the I five Canada on the -- tentative. Very high rated speed and lose control go up all the wheels up once I come off the ground then over she went. The driver 24 year old woman able to run away from the truck before it exploded. She does have some facial injuries from the -- -- but is expected to make complete recovery. She told. Investigators to my cutter -- she was swerving to avoid them. We'll see how that all works out but you're right the good news is that it 1:30 this morning -- The eastbound lanes of the -- ten at -- at 510 finally reopened it should not impact. Anybody's morning commute now. The controversy about burger. Have you heard this idea is this all about the a doughnut and coffee shop chain. In Canada. That most of us have ever heard out well now I'm just candidate vendor Canada had donuts and coffee in the morning now. Or anything that I would imagine places probably pretty good I'd just assume well but critics are calling and I BS Lou that is they don't really care about. -- the donuts and coffee should know there are only doing it's so that they can have a Canadian headquarters. Are being claimed it's moving its headquarters to Canada. For the umbrella company that will on both. The Canadian company and the American companies that constant continued to sell burgers and Fries and that -- gas there are tax ramifications. -- mixing and mingling in the inning and noticed our current death I thought so yet and a lot of them are calling it. On Americans. Unpatriotic. Because. Burger -- not gonna move its Burger King headquarters it's gonna remain in the United States -- -- it's not going to add the coffee were -- from the Canadian company to its menu in America. At least according to initial reports. So really all it's doing is buying this company. And saying well the headquarters that will oversee both companies will be in Canada so -- can pay far less tax burdens. I can -- Canadian corporate taxes at last in the American corporate taxes. And other companies have done it many companies have moved their headquarters out of the US because they wanna pay less in taxes. Now. Anecdotally. Any time I go to -- Burger King which isn't terribly off. There's nobody there. I never have to wait in line in the Merrill Cain is very rare for me usually -- right Gupta goes to the window and now yet or the counter if I walk out and I never have trouble finding seats. I guess during the launch Russia ST some out vaccines number of people like them but I -- I'm thanking his Burger King has -- out -- -- to stay alive. Because. Britain mcdonalds and subway -- their -- it's. Financially. Going down to pay less taxes and if they hope. By -- isn't really saying much publicly about the controversy I just curious to anybody really cares. Because I know that a lot of media as big deal now but to have people really care of people care yes some are calling on Americans. Move your headquarters out of the country to pay last. In US federal taxes when you continue to operate here in the US. So that's how popular tech and it's him it's -- do you care. If Burger King. In theory. Or even in reality amount of the gonna have any personnel staff for what they're gonna have this Canadian office but they're gonna say that there headquarters in Canada. To pay less tax -- and no taxes corporate taxes in America pay their corporate taxes and that. I'm hearing a lot about it in the media is curious accountable care and nine Canada being so close almost like a brother like a member of the family at least is not Beijing has something you know I would become -- Now Burger King setting up headquarters in China. As a matter if -- you know I. Maybe maybe it dozens of people you know and -- Staying in the neighborhood with different but just oh that's right right -- And and and in addition. You go to Burger -- what's your favorite fast for a few. Are making a run for fast. I even if you don't do it off. Where he -- -- with the number one choice now if you're doing a fast food me -- -- ago please go to one place. Text -- them and then they called chew on that for back at the bottom for an. For breakfast lunch or dinner for them. It is the breakfast battle sequences really. Next creativity that these sports with Steve -- at the first day of the saints practicing and not in training camp. They -- that -- pre season game. Also today. Weather forecast wildlife warrior activists hump day home a happy one -- and your. 5:19 good morning I'm Dave -- haven't vaccinated 78 avenue about this Burger King moving its headquarters to Canada controversies does Dave with -- American -- the land of the free having some of the highest axes. In the world another person says they prefer Wendy's the burgers are always fresh most of my favorite is. Pop eyes noses I really don't care I could pay less taxes. I would so would you move to Canada if he could continue to work here early on a house in Canada and say yes that's where I live I live in Canada. By the way today according to national day calendar dot com. Is national -- decree Monday and national just because today. Naturally you're supposed to do on national just because I guess you do something. In today instances like that just a couple of the weather just because you proud of one note it's going to be like. So with the forecast from the channel four pinpoint forecasts -- What that easterly flow over is again today a few isolated downpours look for another 20% chance this afternoon and -- just a little bit above average at 92 we'll stay at 92 for tomorrow with a 30% rain chance. Friday a little higher chance that 40% and heights of 91. From the pinpoint forecast Fenner I -- -- rolled -- -- -- -- out. Yeah if you miss that the top of the show around 1:30 this morning they finally got the eastbound lanes of the I ten opener and I 510. Many hours after the west bound -- had reopened all lanes open again accidents fires explode. The saints. One more -- to their final pre season game training camp is officially over. Steve Geller in this morning happy -- -- union -- a low almost through the weekend through training camp I'm feeling -- -- tank -- over. They've officially wrapped camp it seemed longer this year I think because they've written West Virginia and I had to travel back and forth and back for at. Time now get this fourth preceding game out of the way tomorrow and then it's -- -- the regular season -- of another Lotta cuts to make -- all that more we say. Cornerback Champ Bailey says the team feels good about where they are now and they're going. I feel like we got some cases they're waited so we just got to make sure we just. Don't worry about looking too far -- just look at what's in front of us and let's take care of yourself. Quarterback Drew Brees was back at practice that day after his wife Britney delivered their fourth child. Leave it to the pro bowler to break down the birth of his new baby girl like you would break down gain you know. Actually got to take this now so it was -- independent and I don't know how to. Yeah. You catch -- catch on the way out so that was that's -- -- will have forever. In other NFL news Tampa Bay has bolstered their offensive line the -- treated for six time Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins sending tight end Tim Wright and a draft pick to the New England Patriots. LSU football opens the season just three more days here as the big chief braking and the tigers' top 25 matchup against Wisconsin. A stable and the LSU football program has been a tenacious defense judge davis' defense. Kind of slump some last season but in 2014. That she says he expects a much better defensive unit. We got some guys that that really understand what it is war game and how they have to prepare and you know when Hume working. You know and achieving energy that you're working and we CTB side. A tiger defense will be tested Saturday taking on Wisconsin offense that averaged 284. Rushing yards per game in 2013. Deke Bellavia WW real sports well too -- football season opener is tomorrow on the road against Tulsa. Green wave head coach Curtis Johnson says the quarterback -- nearly. Short doesn't look like a redshirt freshman this. Confidence is beginning to rise and rise and ensue because he sees that his. Or if that bad. And pelicans all star Anthony Davis led the way for the US basketball team in their final exhibition game before the feeble World Cup. Davis scored eighteen points leading the United States to a 101 to 71 win over Slovenia. Therefore on sports talk live from the new -- is supermarket on stump and West Bank expressway. Which are you most anxious about the start of the saints season in Atlanta or LSU's opener against Wisconsin I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. Like panic. Can be excited about both. You can pick just one to be that -- you more now marks and about Alice you're going to happen stars after that then I'll be more excited about saints. Open -- and in Atlanta Drew Brees active practice. After helping deliver his baby girl on. You know I couldn't believe it drew says too he's like well if I knew she was gonna give birth at 742. I would have been a practice in the morning. A tackle along it and anticipate this -- the labor is imported via exactly. So he -- left his wife in the labor gone to practice come back in time for the baby to be able as it was I was shocked to see him yes and -- once again putting all of us to shame by being at work the next following day. Now. He does have a job where. He's really. The team does really need. You know that was tell you know employees irreplaceable right Drew Brees is pretty irreplaceable disfigured because it's pre season game number four coming up he's not gonna see any action -- a couple days -- with the -- in the new baby. But now drew back on the -- I couldn't believe what I saw and -- out there was like troops. I don't think many fans expected him to be there either because when I was there -- with practices beginning. Was maybe you know forty fans in the stands today at one nobody now allowed to -- for the last day of training camp -- -- People and don't get out there yet we're gonna rush out there but not a big crowd Ysidro on the boys in the final practice. Training can't thank these people talking point five minutes more sports here on WW well -- fourth kid. And the right number of kids talk about that coming up here on WWL I am an attack on your forecast the mere text messages about Burger -- moving its headquarters and activist. One person taxman about Burger King kind of moving their -- their their headquarters still be in the US with an umbrella company beat Canada so they can pay Canadian taxes one person says the purpose of a corporation as a maximize profits. For shareholders not enrich the US treasury. US tax laws are aggressive at the corporation's right and duty to do what must be done. On another ultimately -- some point people in America what is pretty stupid to stay in the US and pay a 35% tax. While not of people angry that Burger King is in theory moving its headquarters to Canada your forecast. Usual Wednesday outlook court kicking things off with a mix of signing clouds ended up around 92 later today. And 820% chance for an isolated storm that is rain chances to increase a little bit for Thursday and Friday. 30% tomorrow 40% on Friday and highs in the lower nineties for the pinpoint forecast -- I'm meteorologist Clark knocked out. 81 in -- 74 in slide down line gave on while also asking you Texas on your favorite place for fast food. Stick a licensed line not a hurricane says another canes as another Taco Bell Mickey d.'s. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this August 27 when he fourteen pairs -- carrier. It's the golf. Everybody's there. Do -- you know about my own version. I guess driving everybody has their own version yet if you're driving please do them gently. And everybody else and -- for Baghdad. Put everything into getting value gap -- are -- Who feel better okay yeah man. This controversy over first game. At least in theory moving it. Headquarters to Canada now as a vehicle is a very strong opinions a lot of people are texting us saying that. Ideas and they in my burger and it really then -- July in the US and they think it makes. Totals. Another person -- says. Corporate gritty. On American knows as yet it's so on Americans to avoid American taxes. But I -- -- burdening the -- but apparently it's not setting them enough that they would meet there now. And on prisons has -- -- to move the whole operation Canada. -- -- -- Every once and a while long whopper hits the spot it and access via I was down folks a little while ago that that today amongst the national days today is just because -- To someone and I wasn't amateur supposed to do one just I'm not sure at all but some attacks to mediate 78 that places just because states and the -- some roses. Song it never hurts -- Speak speak goes and this thanks in from a husband. Passes as a wife or husband that's -- maybe as a -- trying to get flowers but now with the husband who's apparently innocent is quite -- thing that would be offset by. Just because honestly I just because. Pulling back and speaking of strong opinions. Man of the people we talked to here in downtown New Orleans about how many kids -- the perfect number. And what genders is the perfect way to do it I mean a lot of thought this through role -- they have. Definite ideas out on how many they want in what order they want them. If they wanted to at all and I wonder where in life you actually formulate that plan. You know is that when you're younger middle Ager wobbling around or work before it's too late yet. While curious -- has decided that after three Boise one to keep trying in girls his four kids. So I have to work its issued and we -- boy girl. Girl boy. Man perfectly happy with the way an award that worked out I ended up with that are weather girl and a boy in that -- ya wanna beat up and that was one Ephraim. And you know just interesting how people decide. How many kids they want to have and I guess what you have determines if you keep trying to meet some people. I'd just really want to have one or the other. And so mechanic keep trying nothing I get two Brothers. Before my parents that I guess -- have a girls. I was yet three boys. But people really have a strong opinion about the -- text vote today it's 7870. And let me know what is the perfect number of kids. And what you want the -- to be I think I got very lucky Miami 2.2 girls. My wife actually. We will originally planned at six kids but then like got in the way in now with Warren were very happy with that. I'm wondering how much financial planning these days goes into that decision you know I've -- an accountant you know and the first one is the most expensive because he had applies -- -- -- the rockers the -- seed in the booster seat and create and then -- -- -- -- out of all of that right but you have it. -- out the next kid you don't gotta buy that stuff is wide in my diapers and food obviously goes up with each game yet have. But I find increasingly the additional children cost last evening and beat -- closed the -- don't have to buy clothes. Sorry I mean it all works out. Now I will say this my first not look pretty weird in all the boy clothes and that we didn't do I. Of course she's looking into that but I tell folks text me and it's 78 that what is the perfect number of kids that have. And in one orders to attack does anyone know the name of the baby -- -- I've seen about 8000 different names line I think people are just -- name manner Adams now yeah they -- where there is no officials -- that drew is not yet in these wives officially that with the name of the day though. It is we note that well you thank you David we'll talk in about twenty minutes more person is Chris Miller joins us. With more on this a story about. Deadbeat parents. Have lost two million dollars casinos in the state has taken it. To give to the custodial parent. I have to admit I was totally wrong about this law I thought it was still -- it would never work I said first of all how many deadbeat parents go to casinos and second of all how many of them are winning at. At casinos enough that the state says -- we gotta take your winnings. Nobody Windsor casino host wins -- capable of deadbeat parents have won over two million dollars a casinos more on the coming up and. I just meteorologists are about delicate -- to get up. -- that our fans are yeah. Yeah yeah up and away yeah. It's your chance to do all it -- -- -- yeah. And we bring this encore presentation of the on it and just. You know he's so much every day everybody out there it's like please no more the -- these tall but now I don't think it's. Not right I'm. I yesterday I was having everybody else. Our audience but cupid stuff you -- that only gets it right on your face now gently bump them together. After congratulatory fist bump for most it was for surviving Monday go to QA to I was congratulating yourself for surviving -- spot your form. You just it yeah. And I hear you can go blind doing that but that's another story altogether if you want to exert caution at the net and yet we want to -- gently driving. And exert caution when giving yourself of this area. You might exhibit some content outdoors today it's going to be one. Warm again let ninety's again for the rest of the week at -- rate is still pretty low today. Coastal waters it's in the best chance of rain past couple of days since that. Person gonna keep may be -- a little high your chance along the coast grand dial -- areas that an accurate and land. It's just about a 20% chance for straight storm were to eat today right does that -- can't -- -- and it went this way -- the weekend I would think more so Friday Saturday. Looks like them better rain chances scattered storms were so kind of a forty to 50% chance heading into the holiday weekend. Okay yeah it is holiday. Well. And I -- if I asked a hundred people right now yet. The holiday coming up this weekend at the Memorial Day -- Labor Day but -- part of bomb would get it wrong or they wouldn't care one idea and I think people for whatever reason don't know the meaning of you know either holiday -- Aaron -- -- there -- one of them starts this summer and one of the -- Now as we know the difference in the war and eat it more Hewitt thinks now. And for folks who work which is most of yes right finals beating another day this. Now other work out -- unit will be working Labor Day right. But a lot of people of -- That's -- -- off the joint unit just typical summertime heat early September he lived ninety's it's at its next week -- today go folks there's your forecast all the way through the Labor Day they. Missed you around this world now. -- a favorite fast food when you do go to festive. Tree street tells the health. At about fat. Pack and it's been a long time like there it's -- out there they act. Out. You've got -- -- yeah I got to drive -- island -- right across street to cut -- It's not hard to eat a meal at McDonald's. You get the desert -- -- got -- we just aren't Americans the accuracy over Burger King. Saying they're moving their headquarters to Canada. But they're not really moving their offices that it is buying on any other comment I'd never heard it. It's on him or Tom or -- important. That you know is a hockey player. -- -- -- in Canada and they. Name the donut coffee cup after I'm gonna bring in donuts and coffee burger. It is kind of thing yeah that's where recorders as yet. That's artists that would not make corporate taxes and I asked you questions if someone steals something. And then later gives it back should they be charged with a crime. For each individual. I want this case there's an -- in Juneau Alaska. Who walked out of -- jewelry store with a gold nugget worth 5000 now now after. He signed his face on television. In crime stoppers. Ads. He called. The jewelry store. And then hit here you're looking for. That's a quote I hear you're looking for that is true and -- He returned the gold market. The police and prosecutors will decide in a week. Whether or not restaurant. I don't know what you like him and then he got caught and that's why he and it turned himself right when he walked out that you know what. The bad idea walk right back in apparently snapped at his conscience got the best of them as he saw a picture on TV -- whatever and that there and they want me now. I don't know I'm not quite as forgiving about that I -- maybe it. Somebody did it you know it was probably get away with it decided to turn themselves and and and at the right -- like you were the prosecutor may -- this guy's face of them. I might maybe -- -- -- a little extra credit points for you know. Not many right right and had to -- maybe you know work work with whatever I don't know I don't I don't think it is a great everything it. Why think when he should have done was call crime stoppers give them an anonymous tip a but it's anonymous and -- never known it was him. Turn himself and -- gets the reward maybe is that based on. While it is anonymous I don't know I don't know that there are acting as a can't. Wait for meant that it may be that regular. But -- alive and direct from the -- point sport -- -- sports. Steve -- after the one person to exceed 78 Emmys is we have two boys couldn't be -- -- -- zero children. Is the best in the murder past -- those as I've got three -- 7638. I'm 49. And we've been asking you this because Drew Brees now has four children with the arrival of his daughter who publicly -- think we've found out what her name yet. Side -- we've been asking folks Steve Geller what's the -- number of kids that I love that I have four. It perfect for -- Blake is very happy with this -- He's got a -- August 2 boys and girls I think obviously at the numbers that exist between him and the family whatever you guys you know -- comfortable with I think that kids -- come from big families usually -- have lots of kids. And maybe only children wanna have just once they left and that's my case I'm an only child and I'm very happy which is the -- just thought at that. Burnett the wife's been pushing for two well been -- it was a rat race at night at a practice for awhile three -- practice the saints are done with training camp practice as they get ready for the fourth pre season games Steve Geller was. -- the morning everyone and saints training camp has concluded in the team had just one more pre season contest to deal with tomorrow and it's on to the real -- as week one is September 7 against the falcons. Bettering corner Champ Bailey missed a ton of time last year with a foot injury and a lot of this year's training camp but assures us that he'll be ready for the start of the season. It was the same foot but it was a little different thing to do -- was encouraging because I didn't want anything lingering from last year. And I feel good about Wimbledon. Quarterback Drew Brees was back on the practice field yesterday despite just hours earlier his wife gave birth to their fourth child a baby girl. Three says the outpouring of love and congratulations from fans via social media has really been amazing. It goes well beyond just the playing field you know we doing super dollars Sunday which I'd say that is most unique across all professional sports on. I don't know it's really like that any other place. The Denver Broncos have found a replacement for suspended kicker Matt Prater acquired rookie Brandon McManus from the New York Giants for conditional seventh round draft day. In 2015. Brady Prater was banished for the first four games of the season for violating the league's substance abuse policy. We'll fight tiger football takes on Wisconsin in the top 25 matchup in their season opener on Saturday here's the big chief with the latest. LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has a strong resume of -- the great quarterbacks so what does it take to make a successful quarterback in the SEC. His camp camp. You have to be a multiplier to be a great quarterback you have to bill inspire your your unit to play their best great quarterbacks inspire their defense the -- -- -- around the defense is over there -- Watson and look at the scoreboard every staff v.s out there. LSU is expected to use both Brandon Harrison and Anthony -- Saturday night when they take on fourteen point Wisconsin in URG stadium in Houston Deke Bellavia WW real sports for the green wave are an action tomorrow in their season opener against Tulsa. Tulane head coach Curtis Johnson says. He's been stressing to his players just how important this opening game news. We want treat this game as a as a football team like this is a must win game for us this early but this must win. You know you -- -- -- conference that that's a big big big shots you go and if we wanna turn this program and a direction that initially turned and we got to go on a road win some games. And pelicans all star Anthony Davis scored eighteen points leading the US national team to a 101 to 71 victory over Slovenia in its final exhibition game before the feeble world cup of basketball. The Americans now -- to Spain for the tournament opener Saturday against Finland. Therefore on sports talk live from the new routes a supermarket on stump and West Bank expressway. What are you more anxious about this harvesting season in Atlanta or LSU's opener against Wisconsin I'm Steve Geller with your early morning looks at sports. I which once you marks -- right now. I would daggers are saying I gotta go states just because I've been entrenched in training camp this long it's like I'm ready to see these guys in. You know real action in the regular season contest. In Atlanta against the hated dirty birds on L issue obviously I don't think expectations are as high this -- so kind of going in with a little bit of less expectations but still. Anxious deceit -- how both quarterbacks react to that for the tigers. I will see you react to another -- about fifteen minutes here on WWL thank you Steve I'm Dave -- The early edition of WWL first. -- attackers and for the next four hours upon what you got well at a time but his new audio of the Michael -- shooting and you can -- it shots applause and then one more -- I'm so confused now with what happened I have no earthly idea peace in this thing back together nine year old daughter. Firearms instructor and it hit in Las Vegas. So well how old is too young and done. -- --

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