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8-27 6:15am Tommy, new audio from the Michael Brown shooting

Aug 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS News Correspondent Jim Krasula about the latest in Ferguson

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Yeah we go to David Wednesday already August 27 count down to the end of -- my gravy and KJ yes not today no no no no but Friday I don't think you'd want it to beat today because and you have a -- -- long stretch it. You had an arrest and would be lane after the bills and stuff so Friday he'll be fine Labor Day weekend coming up gas haven't seen the schedule done often market and doesn't matter got nowhere to -- nothing to do exactly commodity -- and spent with my radio friend -- you to be here. Now I want. Jordan you have you -- now to. Check the schedules equates would be I know I am I know it's going to be -- while. Maybe it won't be spending actually will be the moment yes well have a wonderful time bomb you know David -- week we'll hand. Individual's feelings when it comes the shooting in Ferguson with Michael brown and place them audio we come back. -- electorate split right now in me today what fascinates you to -- they had two facets of this both of which fascinate me. One album is the pace of the gunfire that you hear in the background. The other is that big guy that's talking to a girl on a video chat. Doesn't notice any of this at all. He's still play any game this player are coming off land with an alliance and is the only way you. Just gonna -- it is. And I've got to -- laugh about this have really done to get six shots. Pause I shot pause for more shot or and they just round law but in the meantime. Is. One with -- jointly and again. You. So it's not just going to simulate it -- it's -- you've been. -- -- Ten shots being fired up -- on his door. And it's been going to look at mormons or on Sonia -- conceded he did he don't miss would be knowing did not you arsenal fine. And just you know some -- videos -- you know I hate to say there's been some neighborhoods. Back kind of gunfire is pretty routine. Evidently to thank you bring them ready now. That's what it is and try to make everybody feel good. -- -- fine and a lighter out view of all of yes. And what what do you have to say well a neck and a neighborhood you know gunshots some neighborhoods -- sell -- Long long or do. W right to make it good but that is and look I'm not trying to make fun shooting and all producers rapid as some. What about the guy a video chatting with the lady well -- it just seems like guys sometimes when they get enthralled with the lady. A nuclear bomb could go -- extent that it would merit and there aren't -- -- Emma you know cure. It's fine you're fine. Thank you David appreciate just a teacher. And so his -- to talk about today. You know it's good when -- starts with the Wednesday when it's not about the shooting and burgers and pretty jaguar opinion poll which we are in the process. Of posting and we are -- to date -- more about it. And in a really weird themselves going to be one of those so let's roll tape on this when this and you go to the broadcasting hall of fame. Would be evidence we don't know yet idea thank you understand what happened with the Michael Brown shooting. And as it stands now from 50% are saying yes 50% are saying no I think it's very unclear for a lot of people -- I'm gonna talk to Jim crucible from CBS when we come back because. I'm still confused with the wrestling in the coffee hour and I -- John. I'm a rare and on the star guy comes out and glances cigars back and I mean you know I really need to have -- have the runs through -- yeah I'm more concerned with the the shooting part of it because I don't understand if someone who was in the car he was supposed to be in the car with the police stories. And there are so many stories float around I don't think we're talking about. Today so much com. You know who is in right it was a horrible what actually happened out while the grand jury. Is meeting again today in Ferguson so well and they're obviously looking at all of those incidents I David. Thanks a lot Turkey calls and we come back at 260187. Until 3866. 89087. Do you think you know. What happened with the Michael ground shooting in a column let me know what did happen when we come back and evidently well. -- Tommy Tucker Wednesday August 27. A mix of clouds and sunshine today hot and humid 20% chance for showers. -- how many do to feel like 95 down 105 unless it rains where you -- and depending upon for how long it rains. An English is not correct which in on mean Jim Caruso joins us right now CBS news correspondent. In Ferguson and it first of gym the morning Horry. Thanks for taking the time. They have been so many stories so much speculation. So many official versions of what happened we wanted to take a step back this morning. And they're shooting itself this new audio release purporting to be the shooting of Michael Brown I think the FBI is looking into that. Is there any movement on that as far as whether that audio is credible or not. Well you know obviously the investigations on going and they're being very very tight lipped in fact I can play -- the grand jury. That is considering the states and will decide ultimately. Whether or not to -- resumption Derrick Wilson is meeting again today. Is that decision likely probably not but again we don't know that are sure. Deals that only knows if they're listening that audio that's been presented to him. But it's been verified. And we don't know at this point in order that's been verified. The state police. The -- jobs in the capital Roger out it was asked about that last night -- I have no comedies that you know I'm not involved in that so again we really don't know. So what is the I guess police version of what happened is there one. Well -- certainly -- you know an all out there and they are reports that. The officer was attacked physically punched in the face injured pretty seriously while he was in the car -- Yeah Shaquille while he was in the car the Lisa Michael Brown reached yet gotten to some kind of confrontation. Probably at Michael brought reached into the police car. This is at least what police sent early out what investigators early on and and the officer Cole is we know what happened after that. So this story says bared their versions says that shots were fired inside of the vehicle what the officer was still seated. Yes now actually of course they said the and after the autopsy. That and Michael Brown have been shot six touched the ball which requires six times now this audio the cheap talk about. Indicates that eleven shots were -- so again there's a discrepancy there as there is. Summit as there are so many discrepancies. In at all what's been reported so far at all what we know so for. And didn't deny I see a coroner's report or Michael -- or somebody saying there was no stapling which would indicate that shots were not fired from close range which. I presume. If somebody is struggling with you when you're sitting in a car. The dead it's got a chance to come pretty close. The other match you with like short and again you know early on the -- -- Investigators release of the Michael Brown has -- the -- coupled with the police officer in the car. He made a move for the officers -- and and that's what the -- -- important presumably. You know shop -- Michael Brown. And now witnesses are saying that. They were both out of the car or is that the officer was in the car when I'm just trying to get a handle on knowledge and understand I was gonna happen. Well I picked up in what was. What witnesses and again of the few witnesses. Have changed stories -- Through all of this but initially started you know with the car in the -- circuit and not outside of the car. One of the things that really has you riled people up and Ferguson is the fact that after Michael -- shot. His body lay in the street the middle can't feel dry for four hours. In broad daylight this happened in the middle of the afternoon. And not like in my -- shooting rate that's something that really wild a couple of people. The fact that his body was just respected in some way that the investigation took so long. So. As it stands now. If they are the police viewing -- resources sane as a stone cold who done it. They they think they know what happened today the that it can and evidence is matching up with the officer's story -- is everybody so tightlipped you're getting no feel about the. Well everybody's really -- I can tell you that disable -- and -- the problems -- and there's so many different. Police jurisdictions involved and all this and in Saint Louis county and Saint Louis at Saint Louis city police -- Saint Louis -- as a police chief. But that all of these little -- all of these suburbs around saint analysts kept police street so. And the Saint Louis county police chiefs yesterday -- yes by detectives have -- offers -- there will sit in exactly did it twice. That they are the shooting and then that they at. After the shoot where -- officer Wilson again we have no idea yet to believe that he's probably other protections. But he simply as bad. One more question now -- to go Jim -- and you're busy so has anybody brought up or question anyone on the discrepancy of of the shots. No stapling -- -- the autopsy indicating that the shots were not fired from close range and how some but do people could be tussling. What the officer and a driver's seat I presume that the Michael Brown in the driver's window according to police version. If he tried to grab his gun and a worldwide there are the shots are not from a close range I guess when Damascus. Khatami we simply don't know because they haven't released but they have information you know they're they're trying to do -- On the cutesy I think as much as they can't and and probably again. To help defuse the tension in the outrage here which is ready subsided in an island a lot of regards -- -- -- to get the credit. Much of the credit for that so local clergy they've been out of the community they've been talking to people. Saying look into it serves no purpose produce violence on the looting in the city of. One other question -- Texas pops up was supposed to be the driver's window or the passenger's window through which they struggled. My driver and a -- thank you Jim appreciate your time we'll talk to you again I'm sure. You idea to Jim pursue CBS news correspondent in Ferguson and it would retirement -- yesterday in just in terms of you know CSI -- whodunit. Do you think you know what happened in Ferguson with the Michael ground shooting 60% are saying no 40% are saying yes. And I talking about the will play the audio for you get in a second I'm not talking about the motivation who did this why it was that. But here's the actual event itself I don't understand how this struggle could have been going on. I mean imagine how close somebody would be with you. It to you rather they were struggling with you when you're fighting through the passenger window of a card and you manage to get a gun and shoot him. And and how coroner corner and then saying that the shot didn't come. Our shots didn't come from close range and then all of this happen inside the car -- a -- know if you think you know what happened in for the sixty 40% rather that are saying yes. I'd love to hear from tell me what happened solve this mystery of what happened with the shooting six point five timely to Traficant that would have its problems. I Tommy Tucker talking about the actual shooting itself with Michael brown and Ferguson did do you think you know what happened. And I get a couple of text here one of them says. Do you think the cause was when mr. brown. Stopped and rush the officers in charge -- officer in the offices started firing and other -- says. The police version of what happened was not that the shooting occurred in the vehicle it happened after in the street when brown -- the officer. I get your facts straight -- the facts are street the police chief Ferguson told Fox News that. All the shots happen from inside of the officers vehicles so. If you think the police Steve doesn't have his facts straight I guess you -- talked to him and I'm just telling you what was reported will take -- calls and we come back. At T six 170 -- 386 candidate nine's 087 -- ready jaguar painful. 40% are saying yes if you do I'd love for you to call and and tell me. What it is that happen -- thing the whole incident went down if you will. Now we'll get to in the second if you're on hold right now time for double WL first news for that we go to David -- we're talking about and -- ready jaguar opinion poll is asking you do you think you know what happened with the Michael ground shooting in 45% are saying yes. While I would love to hear from -- this is some new audio that was released it has not been verified but it. Is reported to. Have captured the shooting of Michael Brown. While some money was doing video chat and try to ignore the video chat and focus on -- shots if you will you. Just gonna simulate it is. So. -- can count this judge you can. Do the pausing government every wonder. Timing of and I guess on trying to say and is trying to figure out what happened fell out of the text I'm getting. Are about race and about -- you know that if the black kid -- gave a black cabbage cutting and be here in a word about it. The people that. Better taken up for Michael Brown don't realize this I was not I don't care about any of that I'm just trying to figure out what happened because of police say. The police chief said. That the officer was in the vehicle and that this entire scuffle. Happened while the officer and Michael Brown was scuffling from the driver's seat of the vehicles to the driver's window of the vehicle got through the window. -- it just seems like that's incredibly close. Combat -- -- saying yeah dark think it would be easy to tell. That the shot was fired. From the car. That there would be residue all over the place and I just don't understand how it -- could've happened if the coroner says rulers no incidents no evidence at all that the shooting occurred closeup. So -- is trying to figure this out biggest. I was and also reported that there were no shots in the back. When the coroner came up with that. I was my understanding that maybe analysts they've changed out again. But -- somebody inside the car Sears job and he was the struggle was still going on. But I don't understand how eleven shots get fired aggressive I guess he couldn't grab the gun and and -- -- -- anybody is guilty or innocent knowledge knowledge is trying to get out of what happened why it happens again if if the offices in the car any any student and a struggle and and Michael Brown is -- and with the gun. You know Graham and gun and explain why anything was it eight times was -- nine. I've always -- and then what about the officer's eye socket injury Rutland on and then I'm okay. I'm and it's just another in another ingredient in right. Is so the if it was a close up struggle. And there's eleven shots instead audio is accurate then you would think somewhat of misty could regret the barrel etc. So I know continued talk about this I'm just curious just in terms of solving. A big case and figure out what happened from what we know so far keys on the West Bank -- morning aren't evidently well. Yet been more times thank you. On your poll question comfortable with that no I don't know what happened. But this one to let you in your listeners know last night on media and they had a spokesman. For representative from the paternal order police. And he. Red state rule. That text police -- in case like this. So right now -- at -- lol. And you know at one optic he's got every -- so what do you think happened. Are being personally. -- -- -- he's guilty if you don't have a theory on money happen an anomaly and talk about who's got one on the side. Well I'm on -- saying that that the the brown family wasn't satisfied that one autopsy ordered out of all the when they aren't satisfied and they got third when. Most of federal government -- -- federal government oh lord. The third one and ninety would you seemed to me follow this happen from inside of the car. Then that forensic evidence would indicate that will talk more thank you Keith for the call we come back to 260187. Until free. 8668890817. Michael Brown was shot six times this audio. Is they're -- and Clayton captured more -- captured the and get in a moment here captured the shooting. As it occurred. You. Just going to Soviet it is. It could be ten shots six. And then three will talk more when we come back on -- W. I Tommy Tucker some attacks coming in about this Michael ground shooting in trying to figure out what happened at that is new audio was released it. Would indicate ten shots were fired a text items and don't mean to sound comic and one gun hold eleven shots -- -- -- Johnson doesn't take two guns to get that many shots and if the police officer was carrying. A Glock nineteen. Which I think is the standard issue could be wrong on that model but -- magazine capacities fifteen shots so. Balances were -- the police academy never speak with suspects inside your vehicle always get out your vehicle and talked to suspects I was the first mistake. There are other means to subdue suspects shoot don't shoot unarmed suspects. But I would ask win then. Do you know if there armed or not. From sibling does happen and you fired too close to someone but when you Wear clothes that can prevent stapling and as far as. I gunshot residue the tester and consistent police department is no longer use it well actually when it comes -- -- The the coroner's tell you that the corners associations say whether it's nine inches of 36 feet stake in Italian. It's begun is it more than nine inches away from the the person that was shot. It may as well -- four feet ten feet or fifty feet so that's going to be inconclusive Michael Bodden who performed. One of the autopsy is or at least reviewed the results of them says that there might be evidence may be in the car you would think the police cars if they get the shots were fired from inside of a car. But a lot of autopsy is are totally inconclusive. So in terms of if it's more than nine inches away. Being shot six times nobody knows would distances was from however -- -- scientifically. But the police chief did say. That all of the all of the shots were and all of the incident the whole entire thing happen inside the car I will continue to conversational we come back to talk about them. And -- -- NN Las Vegas a nine year old girl accidentally shot her firearms instructor in the head with an Uzi. Now I did the nine year old get the gun. Pomp and why would with the instructor put himself in that position I have no idea but would -- talk to you but what's the right age to let -- kids handle guns. And how old were you when you're fired you for shot have you ever. Fired a gun. And did you ever went to bridges and have the opportunity. To guns scare you know always the people that own them I'd gone in and of itself is like a hammer that. They can't army buddy if -- issues it. Lake strike yourself and -- whether or somebody else hits you with a belly ache and hurt you so that's -- way I feel I was eight yeah. Eighth grade so I guess had been -- twelve years old when I fired on for the first time. And I guess I held one -- safely may be when I was six. When it comes you kids DA do you shield him from weapons -- he would go out to the range and shown. 'cause I would like to. I would like to go my kid and spend some time on the range and and maybe. You know get certified vote that old yet to be about like get a concealed carry permit. 652 more we come back right now time for debit WL Traficant that would go to Terrell Robinson. I Tommy Tucker -- WL com. Somebody texted me about the audio. Bad. Is supposed to be of the Michael -- shooting captured accidentally on video chat and it says who records video chants. I don't know enough about it I know you can I don't know if you normally do it I'm not trying to Brian -- -- guy's business I don't know of it depends on the nature of the video chat when he won -- recorded to review it later on -- out. It's interesting taxis into mourning -- seems to me the sequence from many reports I've I've cobbled together. One the opposite 2000 get out of the road to they -- back foolishness. Knowing that they had been at the convenience store three. The officer not knowing what happened backs up and attempts to get out for they shot -- the Delorean in him and the instigate the struggle five. Brown attempts to get begun after striking Wilson in the face six gun goes off seven brown and robbery accomplice begin Iran. Eight Wilson gets ounces -- nine they turn around ten. Brown begins charged royals -- eleven -- fires to stop him from advancing twelve tragedy yes thirteen murder. I don't think so. And on you know lead as far as -- legitimacy of that audio and I'll play that for you one more time is and kittens and text on this. That was released. Yesterday if I can find where this. News. I can play Jordan. You. So. Just going to simulate it is. Now you know the FBI's look at this when I -- my initial response was you would think. That big guy talked and would have reacted somehow Denny what does it you know viewers when it was at what. And that there would be some other ambient noise to me just my theory it's sounds entirely to clean. That the only thing you hear the gunshots loud and clear. And the and the man talk and but you know I'm now understand that's my opinion after I hear it. I -- in Mississippi to weigh in on next hour's top and about using on for the first time the morning -- Good tell me how were you when you fire again for the first time. I'm O yeah out there. And not sell or how we look and I am about -- -- Up all the topic though young age on all the weapons and what to do what not to do. And taught you how you respectful and then. Has not who has children grew they also taught how to handle a weapon. It weapons in all of understood that they could be dangerous that we're told up front they were curious. So in debt irony is what I think it all comes down to you is it better to teach him so they respect the weapon and know how to use and etc. But then they might be tempted to play when it or not let him know about it at all and find out -- -- Dylan and on the with the governor's about it we'll talk more when we come back thanks for the call.

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