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8-27 7:15am Tommy, kids and gun safety

Aug 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dave Newman with Concealed Carry Nola about gun safety

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We will continue our conversation David about is this tragedy happened in Las Vegas and nine year old girl on vacation with a family decided to go to shooting range. Pan am I guess you make your own money happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas comment but she's firing an -- the -- Apparently caused the gun go up and then she fired another shot at the instructor and Anthony's dead -- So it goes how old is the right age to handle firearm I think in Heidi teach kids be responsible and I think in this case I hate to say it. Another guy should have been instruct and anybody. Analysts firearm at all increased. The. -- so here we are on Wednesday morning you wake up a little grumpy right gets -- days between you and -- Yeah. Other things just try to get to the weekend is stuck in your craw up how is your problem my -- colonel Sherri Kelenna and hope they get it takes me to. Let's got to be better any in your morning has got to be better than. -- -- -- -- Cal there's one that's sounds good to marry again. He allowed because you have a better name now just. Go over the first involved a trio of Al bell Dellucci out -- trio 54 year old Dellucci -- and the other. Com. -- do well coroner told his family that he had died of respiratory and multiple organ failure following a payroll heart -- sorry to hear that -- on the body could be identified at the morgue. In Salvador Brazil. So the workers at the morgue let the family and they showed him where it was lying zipped up buddy Vega stuff. But as. Now Dellucci is rather get closer he could see the day moving out. Then he saw -- rising and falling as if he was breeding ground. He shot for the medical team lenders became so what's happening and apparently WTO -- checked out yet. Has Imus and if the if the -- checked -- -- Can you imagine -- you hear about -- -- -- and I don't understand what today's medical technology how that can happen now -- as. Like they come back by yeah like it was a mistake sorry. A game you we're gonna send you back today a lot of -- finally -- and the more I wouldn't expect that -- -- -- Hey he is moving. Yeah. Yeah. -- Some of the funeral -- It's just me. Reaction now take a break when we come back. I will talk about safety when it comes of firearms in kids after a tragic incident. In Las Vegas Tommy Tucker glad you -- -- on this steamy Wednesday morning WW. Tommy Tucker at 716 name of the places bullets and burgers a firing range recreational firing range in Las Vegas and what you're about to hear are the final moments in the life of firearms instructors the shows a nine year old girl how to fire news a year ago. And what. Billions. And and to bring him. What we're. Standing on sign of bird wouldn't. That is in -- of her back turns sideways still on side with what it. Now it was at that point that the recoil les in the gun. Force the gun up and hit the instructor. In the head eventually killing him dead Dave Newman joins right now concealed carry Nolan. Talk about citizens young people winning -- comes to guns and handling them responsibly -- senator Moore and Dave. Mark. Good that's chilling video -- you know watch it and in the video and at that point -- note that a second later that instructing its. -- an anti I don't know where you begin with this huge you'd even be standing on side of somebody when Everest and on sign them and -- Obama using an audio is make sure you're behind them. How. Does it Danny age maybe. A few things this situation number one -- nine Euro fully automatic Uzi. Ever -- belonging to switch to all the other. So that debt and don't know. I mean personally. I think that. You know it's not so much did -- -- That's -- rule about which start teaching people about firearms that people are outraged. Are you just have to do we call free courses are and then involved. -- -- they have a healthy respect for the basic currency you'll keep an opponent in the -- direction and that struggle. Ordered to shoot it. And they -- who they're following orders you're that you. Have them load and unload using dummy rounds first and that that we you can mr. Understanding that safety issues involved. I'm from there you would start him one shot in the -- with him fired twenty should do about it fully automatic -- And progress media -- action as someone argued though people will automatically. On the -- even legally. Well I don't want you have to have a light on automatic where here. I can go to ranges and then just too -- -- with someone there right. I got it palm. When it comes to this recreational kind of thing where -- you know bullets and burgers and these people were visiting. From month California I think it was and and does it ever is it ever appropriate says. Have a have a recreational kind of thing and then ammunition and a Mike bowling waiting to do it -- putt putt and then they do it's a little while and then go home. Sure I mean that -- aren't. You know him and unjust and somebody that. This doesn't know anything about guns and not what you got it from construction effort on what you do and make sure state courts let -- Seemed like this instruction was gone on Miley gun was on full auto and it was a first time shooting that's what I mean it's like it's now we just go. Go to arrange I don't think you can run a gun but just aren't shooting without -- showing you what the Hickey got to do to keep the people XT is safe. Well argued yeah you can't granite -- -- -- Brett you usually have to go through some safety training are to them let you go on the and then there's supposed to be -- green state deal so which Rainsy who are serve well. Who is supposed to monitor people to make sure they don't do well. Let's take a break going come back and nasty about you know. Eight users in the in terms of -- somebody proficient with a gun in and -- shooting -- for recreational purposes but where generally speak in Macon. You know that you can trust him and that they can handle written and I guess the other question is. When it comes to gun safety or there's some people just don't get it in and shouldn't own a gun because I know people's say. Com I'm afraid of guns and hunting its guns that they should be afraid of it's irresponsible use so more the criminal use them etc. Dave Newman. With concealed carry no -- gas talking about. Ridiculously horrible incident on -- house supported then this so called instructor. Put in an -- on full auto standing on side -- -- recoil. Forced the gone up in the air she still had a finger on the trigger and hit him in the head and killed in Iowa last Q how old -- you when you're fired you for a shot and what's your philosophy when it comes -- your kids. And guns. And are you love the guilt that you don't even want anything to -- with a gun and you don't wanna own it you don't wanna. I -- in your house -- own it or anything Tommy Tucker back in a flash 722 now so afflicted traffic with them Gerald Robinson. Tommy Tucker -- WL talking with Dave Newman with concealed carry -- -- about this incident it. Horrible mistake full -- what everyone a call it in Las Vegas where in a place called birders and bullets. A recreational shooting ranges the instructors so called instructor gives a nine year old girl. And who an -- puts it on full automatic. And as a result of the recall oil the gun goes up in the air shoots him and Anthony's dead. And I get a text here a couple of insane basically the same things sad part other than the death. Of the instructors this little girl has now live witness and why perhaps so dead could brag to his friend's house little girls shot an -- on full auto. If you if you wanna -- vessels start -- -- David if you wanna teaching kids -- -- issued putting up getting an instructor. Well. You can check out there were viewed on line personally out onto the amount. People into court all. You can yeah. District them I mean you know. Guidelines -- there all the same -- in the area usually. And kind of just -- contribute to like Hewitt and apartment. The same kind of thing you know -- you talked to them and see what kind of -- you've got from the response and the question. How mom how would -- in terms of age is there an average age that. -- really you want a child to handle a gun or not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they have done amount they wanted to their children do you understand straight -- great respect for. Figured they would listen better the management -- the daughter thirteen in the hunt and and we'll -- Mitchell now they didn't shoot any fully automatic uzis and shoot. Twenty to one jab at the time. A 22 -- that we there's no way can just don't recall could have a blah accidentally discharge after that if you shoot one shot at a more. And then shot a rifle the same day and then a lot of should more than one shot the most shot that they shot in the growth. And the whole time I'm standing behind your question earlier should be armed -- them. -- and -- that you're going to be you wanna be right on top of basically market umpire kind of big picture. You know you want to be ready to do anything goes wrong moments you know. That's that's Kenneth on that seem like we have been positioning by the getting questions or comments for Dave Newman about concealed carry permits etc. I -- this call at 2601870. Till 3866. 889087. And I think the other I think we talk about is when it comes to. -- awareness if you haven't done enough home naturally you wanna keep it secure but is it. Battered towed to let the children know about it and explain to them what it is and how would you go about that. Or keep it hidden and hope they don't find it because I could see both sides of -- I could see where. OK if you tell them about it then they're going to be tempted to either go -- teller French almanac an anchor. Occurred because kids be kids on the other side if you don't tell many saying. Then maybe they think it's a toy in a horrible accident happens as well will address all we come back right now 730 time for -- WL first news. -- go to David -- CMO play this again doesn't get a lot of tax on this that you're gonna hear the final moments of 39 year old Charles Charles backers life. As the attempts to instruct a nine year old girl. And bullets and -- shooting range how to shoot a fully automatic. Uzi. -- -- -- I've got -- aren't getting. We'll -- I don't fully auto. Given it to the girl ending the guns and his nine year old girl standing outside of show on -- Wouldn't. It. Turns around sideways still standing inside. With. -- And at that point the video ends because the recoil. Of the gun -- barrel up she still had a finger on the trigger. Simon and eventually -- Dave Newman's I guess just got I want minutes with him that talk about. Kids in shooting and responsible. Behavior David -- from being your experience and opinion using it's better to explain. To a child. And I guess who win ask what aides knew what gunning is a respected to leave it alone etc. And then secure it ordered to not say anything if you don't instill any curiosity and just keep it secured. Well I would say -- the general rule is that better I mean there's no one's right to interpret or put it. But then again I want -- -- that cool would it better to give them help -- respect for our apartment get some education. So that the you know understand it and let's curious about it. And that the same time it is one of your main parties at the comptroller to make sure that people that shouldn't have access to that. Don't have access to -- Thank you Dave I appreciate your time -- some elements of find out more about concealed carry no no -- learn how to get a concealed carry Herman. But they can go to my. My web site concealed carry no arm. And at the schedule up there where we are -- rooster to clap your -- quite well that and the. At banks -- appreciated when we come back we'll take your calls at 260187203866. 8890878. Com would like how do you handle guns when it comes your kids and -- the -- metaphorically I guess him talking about here idiot. -- tell him about guns he -- won in -- house you refused to hand one in the house are you afraid of guns. And as far as your experience how old were you when you've fired your first one. Who taught you and how did you learn to use a gun responsibly and when it comes this terrible incident. Actually outside of Las Vegas. Do you blame the parents should they have even put this girl in the position is little nine year old -- the instructor I don't blame the little nine year old girl at all Tommy Tucker back in a -- wait and hear from you. On WWL. I Tommy -- have a WL we have some James Taylor tickets to giveaway today tomorrow and Friday James Taylor and his all star band. Coming in Rawlins November 11 at the UNL Lakefront arena and we hear heavy tickets Adobe WL. In beat the box office went free tickets and you got five chances to win between now and then. So what's gonna happen is -- you eight point seven seconds. 87 yen at eight points and you witness. Some of -- James Taylor song and the first correct caller to identify it. Is gonna win and argued in the -- to do that when it's time for the contest which is gonna happen. Next hour and maybe even than 9 o'clock hour will see general contest rules apply. Just keep listening to win tickets seed James Taylor from WW well. -- as soon as Drew Brees. Announced the birth of his baby yesterday again mean -- thing -- mullets number four for the -- household and how many kids is the right number. And I I think I would have liked to have had three I think notably in the ideal number but. Didn't happen just one. -- it comes to EU. What do you think the ride -- money kids to have is how'd it work out for you. And do you wish you could -- more I do I -- you gonna add two more but pretty jaguar opinion poll what's the ideal number of kids stamp. And you have a range of zero to four or more. As he comes in L a 50% the leader at 25%. One point 5% 39%. Four or more. And is this is a component of this is well 0%. 11% say zero. So did you do you did you decide not to have kids do you wish you would have had some and are you thankful that you did or didn't have them. -- if you if you not happy with the kids I don't think you need to call and tell everybody that but it just if you if you don't have kids and you're happy with that. Or if you have a -- you wish you would have had more we'd love to hear from. Again I don't think if you have three and you say you don't want that -- one. And -- about that -- I don't think we need to hear that either I think. And all right fellas I'm all right yeah Ameren. A year ago. It's ridiculous about the nine year old shooting the Uzi fully auto. The instructor gave the gun and then the -- force the barrel up and she had a finger on the trigger and -- gag and it struck in the head and he's dead and it's ridiculous taxes that you would think a nine year old needs this type of training -- I don't I guess -- -- -- the father. We have arrives on kids killing siblings as. Parents. And parents why put fuel on that fired that baby girl should have had a book in her hand wake up America please wake up. Right number of kids is access for Gymboree should be number 91 thing -- wondered about he helped deliver the baby. And I wondered if he called it taken a snap. I just wonder how he held the baby for the first time a team maybe in the ams in hands and at quarterback position. And my right fellas I'm direct camera right you can't treason trying to break in here. Another tax was a little girl used to using guns many kids an age of done a lot of shooting before and I've done it safely. If so maybe it was a reward that she would get to shoot this type of gun. The Texas guy I'm gonna presume it's a typo. But someone did not realize the record Elena is a bad choice for a small person if she had never shot a gun -- just plain stupid to putter in that position. Nine year old this text says. Should learn with BB guns no nine year old should have their hands on an automatic weapon shame on the parents and the facility. Another tax blame falls squarely on the instructors still another from my experience as a trainer I would have shadow shadowed her by -- my arms next errors. Amy on the road to talk about kids Amy -- got a W -- the morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and it and it happens same with boys and girls whip Seattle boy -- Like it's got the holes and you're done. I I actually -- that -- it. But I. And it could help. Lead it. Outgrow it and it. Is that. Their. Car. -- -- -- Have you -- rationalize that or at least. Reconciliation what the Bible where you said three because you didn't think I'm guessing you could provide for anymore. -- It -- -- war there. It. It is it is part of it how many you want is it's selfish to want a big family if he can't provide form later or -- that even enter into it'll work. You just have as many as as you conceive and and do you think Donald provide Foreman take care of them. At it. That it. -- -- -- Arctic air. And we will act as. Thank you Amy I'm glad you called I -- -- -- kid that this kid that never gets a nuclear -- feels about that. If if he thinks he's being. Taking care of and I just hitting sevens at TCU eight before I don't talking about kids she did you. And what Drew Brees and -- amazing haven't -- have more kids and not till mom and provide from all. But should that be a consideration. -- kids to nature of the -- financially provides form first because. A lot of times when it comes to. Welfare and people that are warrants of federal support so many people say -- they should be able to have so many kids but then you're saying. That the Bible says you should welcome children so Heidi at somebody should somebody shouldn't it be and take care of home -- the united take care and tell me what the philosophy is an instant next year drew didn't sexy he took the snap. When he helped delivers maybe that was on sports talk yesterday which I -- 7528. Before eight time related traffic that would go to Terrell Robinson. I tummy -- it out WL talking about kids and Drew Brees and what's the ideal number of kids that heaven and should that be an economic going to emotional loving decision DeDe -- do you strategize and -- you know one. And I did. Probably only be able provide for one. And little -- that I know at that time while anyway. Armed so yeah idea was connected to an economic decision because I grew up war known to make sure that I can provide for any child that I had before. Mom the child was born. And how would you Stansky who do you think that. However many kids you have what herself what do you think the right number is do you wish you could have had more. Did you make a decision based on finances and and you found yourself older. And wealthier than you thought you'd -- me and you wish you know wanna wish we'd had a couple of more. -- or you do kids just not free you. As we get a couple of text here's and it a couple of dogs no other one says I have three cats I don't need to aliens. There's never go to college. So it is 60187803866889087. -- And is it different when it comes to kids then. You know I hate to say it is and buying a house or car or something like that are -- do you think you know what we want -- Morgan Hamm on the it's going to be. Obviously -- can't love you back or anything like that but we're gonna have a memorial at the good lord take care matters no matter how much we have to sacrifice we're gonna make sure. Everybody's happy. And I think another part of this is does it really have anything to do with finances because you wanna give your kid every advantage in life. But if if I think back to the good times I had. When I was a kid. And I review all four of them. I would say the best times were when you were spending time with your parents haven't fun. As opposed to anything that you got for Christmas or any guest skimming colony on to 960187803866. 889087. Tommy Tucker back in a flash and other W.

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