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8-27 8:15am Tommy, kids and bullies

Aug 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Susan Tortolero, Director of the Prevention Research Center at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health, about bullying

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David -- talk about bullying when we come back in and we'll talk about there right number of kids they have and so forth and what's right for you. New research indicates. Boys that are obese. Are more likely to be bullied not meg cents end to bully. And thinner kids it's not something and we picked on in school -- picked on four and ends and there's some other research that says. Bullying my -- always be a bad thing. That it can tough and kids up for when life gets rough time. And I was kinda bullied I was a little jumpy kinda thing and I got the lifting weights 'cause I was tired of them not trying you know was -- Charles Atlas or anything. Who's who ever but the -- keep people from economic. I remember that phase. And -- I can't remember the exact age but it was a slight. I was involved a couple of bodies were we were tired getting sand kicked in the face legal -- it and everybody started working out it was like going into self defense program. And maybe a little karate book. You know on we were -- of it and be defensive ended alert. Labatt. The NC would would got me with a working out was you know people would just look at and they wouldn't. They are less inclined he gave -- trouble I didn't want any trouble I just was trying to avoid trouble more than anything guy that's who we were trying to do just keep out of the trouble but I know as a chubby little boy it can be tough because I was. A chubby little boy and my daughter made a great point yes it is I was talking to about this and she said you know what it's changed because ironically. Bullies are more cowardly than they were before but they can inflict more damage -- They camp because with social media. Now -- -- they tend assassinate your characters spread rumors about you that are not true and you know unfortunately people always -- believe the worst. And when it comes to boys you can't. Jordan when you went to jazz would be when they throw -- -- -- and a he said yeah they would and a lot of schools it's not like. In the old days are the big schoolyard brawl right a medal I remember about you it's not like that at all even with boys if there's a bullying problem many try to settle it between them. Dale dale -- you right out of school -- matter who's right who's wrong did jazz would have any policy Jordan about. Did they wanna hear anything have you both like new went out. Vietnam exhibit and I am -- avoided trouble. -- talk about that won't come back and also this hour James Taylor tickets to giveaway -- -- Baby James here when results are been common in all ends November the eleventh that the you know Lakefront arena don't sing these songs any names of song I want. -- because we've got you tickets and -- he went beat the box office and Winfrey ones does. What's gonna happen is. Wouldn't know because. What I'm gonna do is that get a place to eight point seven seconds of a song. How many seconds eight point seven Selig a serenade seventy S on trying to avoid any mention of any songs as I don't give anybody any hints or anything so hopefully eight point seven seconds of a song. And you identify it and we'll give you -- number to call in and when they knew when the James Taylor tickets. So it's not going to be the one that you may have just heard a little bit of I'm just trying to avoid any mention of sorrow master just as I don't want it to coincidentally happens okay. Eight point seven seconds of a James Taylor song coming up and argued the number to call in. And it became the be the first to correctly identify the song you win general contest rules apply to its seed James Taylor coming up under the W -- I Tommy Tucker aged seventeen -- to be hot and -- on August 27 this. They just about all large two point percent chance spotty showers thunderstorms some downpours possible highs around 92 to feel like 95. A 105 that depends on mother -- get some rain right now it's 84 degrees. There's new study out that says obese boys are more likely to be bullied. And who bullied and aren't there -- thinner counterparts and you know I'll admit I was a chubby little kid -- idolized -- weights and working out and I guess in a way it had a positive image -- -- but that was. A positive effect on the ebitda as a long time ago and it's not like it is today doctor Susan total -- joins us right now director of the prevention research center. At the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston school public health. Morning doctor -- aren't your business card must be eight by ten. -- Like you know academic yeah tell me what the study showed in and specifically is I guess is it related to obesity in was it. Boys more than girls. Since -- -- a study done among a large sample of children and it would cross sectional. And it showed. Children who are obese. Japan both. Bully others can be a victim couple link at the same time. And the study is an elementary school children so it's really the first study that showed. That is start -- the currently. On the is there any reason and still buying. It yeah I can understand chubby kids because I was one the end. Picked on but in terms of being the bully does it in his -- on the physical size or is that a a self fulfilling prophecy where. They they think that they're going to be -- donor had been picked on so then they start expressing their behavior themselves. Right -- this study really doesn't talent but there's a number hypotheses. It could be that the children have been picked time and they may have some aggression. That they are taking out on the other. It could be that. They're bigger than others and they feel like they can pick on other people. And we know that bullies are often you don't have good to help sustain themselves so bad about themselves and Serbia -- city. Low self esteem that on a plane and two wanting to take advantage of others. You know any age old questions is what to do with the bully the best way to handle -- If you sometimes because I think this study addresses that it not that if you make him get my -- confused if you report. The bully sometimes the treatment intensifies there's worsen if he -- deal with it. Bright -- this study doesn't going to that Thatcher variety. That evidence relations -- that. Sometimes when you purport to believe that it can escalate. Oh not to say that you shouldn't report that our talent adult but the first thing -- chipped it. -- really work with. Your child. Building up check off concept of self esteem. And all those skills to be able to be inserted -- to. Handle purple. -- bomb when it comes to today's bullying because again interesting comment from my daughter yes it is we're talking about pisses. You know back in the day in and you know you guy get in fights and and the boys would in the -- girls would be sometimes caddie I guess and and I had a pretty good record 5050. But when it comes -- when it comes to today's bullies. If she said it's ironic because they are meaner but less tough because it's all done on social mania media. Right so there's so much bullying that occurred on social media. And and they -- -- -- that problem is that that. Social media can have widespread. Impact -- not just you and another boy fighting in the schoolyard. And several kids -- it it could be a whole school that. Could receive that information about you or a whole community could get information about you don't have. Mark imaging and lasting effect on the -- And they are less there's less tolerance now. You know back in the day you see it in movies where you know the bully either the -- it's being bullied finally stands up punches a bully in the nose and their body goes on their happy way. But it's not like that anymore because there's so many anti violence campaigns in schools. Did they kid that was bullied as he stands up for himself is likely to get tossed out for punch in the bully in the nose. Right. I don't think that total. I don't think we really figured out how to hand has handled this. Constructively. Really children need to -- -- very early on. On how to stand up for them around how to have healthy relationship. -- How to get out of awkward situation. And we -- we're not really getting that we really need to train kids and teach them about. How to handle relationships right and it's a problem for adults as well not just children. Is that behavior learned. From a parent from one parent -- in the others. Both parents bully and somebody else alert. It doesn't happen where and -- generally speaking now where. Two parents that are well adjusted treat people decently all of a sudden have a bully and science. Well it I'll -- to yes when parents are bullies and their unhealthy relationship cannot come between parents are between siblings. That -- spillover. All. There can be too well adjusted parents and they may not realize what's going on what their child. And their child could be acting at all. And bullying others. And it could have nothing to do with the parents so you know really paying attention to your child and sort of what they're doing and how they're treating others is very important. I appreciate your time doctor doctor Susan total arrow director of the prevention research center at the university of Texas health science center at the Houston school. A public health or taking calls and we come back to six 187 until 38668890. Rates of any worry you or your kid bullied. And -- so how'd you deal with -- and would it be better if we went back to the old days you know he we got a -- let's don't schoolyard and settle. -- -- Arctic Cairo Kwame with a Crescent City boxing club he's got something going on Golden Globes not guns which teaches kids. To settlers disputes in the rings and not. With clocks in the ring rent rates when he three time to take a look at Traficant that we of the terror it's. It's because yet another game tomorrow night's. Yet the detonation final pre season game when the saints battle ravens at home in the dome we kick things off at 3 o'clock Thursday. Resident pro former saints offensive tackle Steve court going to be in while with Todd Manassas in Oceanic grow at 739 -- tonight. In a French Quarter than at 5 o'clock it's the Bud Light countdown to kick off. You meet Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia live from gate C at the Mercedes-Benz superdome. 7 o'clock game time best play by play team in football from kick off to the final play. Boys of the -- Jim Anderson saints color analyst -- guy John and saint sideline reporter -- -- And then after the gaming and joining cajun cannon. In the big chief for the point after until 1 AM and it comes out to ten hours of wall walls saints coverage tomorrow. Already time for another game on saints radio -- gates Anthony AM. At 1053 FM got -- W well. -- want to talk tomorrow about the saints in pre season and I know this sounds stupid. But it's just the way I can be sometimes. And that is. I hope the saints lose to mart because I think I'm going undefeated in the pre season is a jinx. I know that sounds crazy none of the first stringers and gonna play tomorrow night few if any. It's going to be a battle to see who makes a team and who doesn't. But I just I don't feel good putt that. Undefeated thing in pre season. At all and we'll talk to you tomorrow to see if you feel that way -- not -- and talk about bullying this hour. You think boys or girls are easier to raise. If you have one of each I'd really like to talk to you and who is more likely to be a -- A boy or girl. And it's gonna manifests itself in vastly different ways and also -- James to -- it's coming up right now -- time for WWL first news. They'll get a David Blake and David were all thrilled him mentally ill and radio family is always got a great show planned for you today at 1 o'clock. What's trending on WW well -- yesterday. -- Ron has now Albion and trending higher. My guest today Prada but mile on and jump around which not editing on not candid funny and yet. Discussions about the day's top trending stories in news sports on social media today's crude Dave Cullen at a -- news director. AVG -- to -- ninety seven's afternoon swirling Todd Manassas co host of first take. With Steve court they gusty BG. Yes wow. It's good stop. Bennett to the inspector general released another report on the NO PD. Do you think these independent reports are making a difference in a police force. -- at 230 house safety field on the streets of New Orleans metropolitan crime commission identifies. Another impending crisis with public safety in the criminal justice system. And at 3 o'clock is tops this state scholarship program for Louisiana residents at risk. Founder of the Taylor opportunity program for students Phyllis Taylor -- recent changes. And challenges brought on by some state legislators. And the uphill battle she has the fight. Phyllis for my sake please keep fighting it. Pricing in the programs while 53 million in the late nineties two hundred million today but more than 2121000. Students. Have received tops grants since 1999. And you're someone eleven benefited from Topps. Frozen money level will largely the program along. You make arguments about big budgets about spending this at the other thing I don't care because this is all about me yeah I get that feeling permanent. I think a lot of people think about that -- They have a philosophy but then when it actually comes down to them. Screw the philosophy to -- it's your pocketbook exactly an open mind with the legendary Angela hill weekday afternoons from until four right here on WWL. 840 when we come back as we continue our conversation I thought was an interesting thing. Carol Kwame with a Crescent City boxing club he's got it. Program called globes not guns. Any deals with bullies and crimes and payback is. It's setter in the Crescent City says -- will be interesting to talk to him and -- when we come back right here on WW. Tonic to record eleven WL talking about bullying a new survey says that kids boys particularly that are obese are more likely to him being bullied and bully. Then other kids that might be thin and manned tanks and comes in and says. Respect on line -- as a kid and we moved around a lot islands and about twelve different states before it was thirteen. So I was always in new -- for some reason when you're the new kid everyone has -- he'll finally in pushy. And a lot of fights and am not proud of it but the by the time I was in high school her body it's not picking on me and you got to stand up for yourself. And it read that taxes we welcome in our next guest because I think a lot of the violence on the streets. Has to do with the personal interactions has to do with and the lack of respect has to do with one beef that some money man with -- another and immediately. Go to guns Cairo Kwame joins -- with a Crescent City boxing glove good morning sir how are. Hey I don't think you grab a meal. You but I want my son and TV the other than I found this intriguing so. Tell me about the Crescent City boxing club in what it Asia hope to accomplish. While the -- that in boxing club is to go out called lauded boxing facility at 151000 square feet located at very dirty one award Iraq street. -- we hold the program here. Called -- not guns that is a huge balance. -- program. That is aimed at reducing about it that's plaguing out city currently. We we have them like yeah we actually before. Members of the program. They will be competing. At 6 PM and our -- annual credit because it is the grand re opening of the club. And it would take place this Saturday. August 30. And allocation -- quarter around street Regis totally renovated -- the facility. And we -- the temple it's this urban in the community. So how realistic is it Carol with all respect to your program what you're trying to do. That you'll somehow -- kids to resort to and it's ironic to save boxing and set of violence but. To settle things in the ring not outside on the streets with guns. Well it's is that. Education and couldn't contain control that you need it's control. And on top of bad we have hold them towards here where -- located in. An area that really needs it. We believe personally -- Would each achieve that we get into the program and mature at least in the program. Actually it was basically. Like almost a terrible drop into -- that been called the ripple effect trickles. Throughout the entire power. So we believe that with education and be physical fitness. And -- Rekindle the curb. A lot of the -- to be making -- -- -- holes. But the kid can go with that message back into the community and -- in acute in. We believe the problem. You know -- -- you and you when you walk into -- and really really there in you even aware. -- gospel that small thought a lot more flexible than. And two we believe. Each cubic. Into. To be here and an opportunity. I think that that is back out and fix our city -- that. You know I anybody's ever -- knows there's tremendous amount of discipline involved and I guess there's something. To be said Cairo just for the you know the old idle hands of the double doubles were jumping in and there's a lot of training and a and a lot of practicing involved. Absolutely archaic it takes an incredible amount of discipline an incredible amount of mental focus. That's why each kid that in our program is required. You have the average in school before they actually compete. All the kids that will be competing they do they do a respected that you saw on the television. Our program yesterday morning and all of them have -- averages. And we really -- Academics with athletics as well because again which would be a champion inside the ring and outside during. Does this cost anything for the people involved and you get any help from any government agency yard nonprofit. Currently we don't need any help from the government reached out actually use our own -- volunteers. Great -- -- come -- and invested time and effort into this facility and -- the children. And I'll also on the kids helping each other. They each before each track is there a couple birdies nationally -- on the cute -- at a roundtable. And they actually worked well together and and so would do well but we can always do bill that we can always use more more volunteers. On the more violent it is the better. -- that shelled the children. People actually do care about them and a lot of times. Apparently it did in the community comes from the fact a lot of people bill -- themselves to -- -- -- -- -- -- anyone -- -- a lot of people. Don't doubt that -- because -- -- -- bigger than the value in them so just the fact that so many parents come out and keep the program will. You know if the bullet thing and how we are looking for. More backing from local businesses. And it would that you took them back and from. City government and also. State and federal government as possible well. When they are. Was when -- volunteers see necessarily. Need to have boxing experience. Well absolutely -- so many different toward. Everybody fall we we can we need policy isn't constitute children. And dental studies -- violent is that -- it like for example we need it. Expecting a policy that has so many different ways that people can bring it to the table. And it's and a physical up and make it grow from the program. I did some I want to know more get involved how to do it. -- you can compare to that occurred in boxing club located 31. Street. An awful -- Bible for. Five to the war. -- -- The roll out web site is W don't read our current city boxing club or. -- liked him by although it out did security certitude. Their annual. Any ground and they will be at the club in the third quarter mostly. Opening -- -- sixteen year we about a week off by and we also somewhat warm and we call -- confession. -- the competition. And if -- would wait for people look at the bee champion that was developing here. Gate bridge called Google calls for the competing in the -- yesterday we collect samples that bill. Entitled there and we -- -- -- -- and also you know we -- do we also -- And we also -- professional return -- Two economy professionals thought that your -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so. And also to. Competitive and beat everybody but physical fitness -- everywhere and -- intellectual. We didn't start off -- we just -- -- -- water. But a lot of people can be intimidated. Competitive context -- Again I -- days. Whitaker and didn't hit in the face a lot of people to be a little a little startled by that never happened. But it is a work in progress is not who don't just -- -- in the war itself on the bid and but also boxing at one of the best ways to get in shape. -- I Hillary Cairo were at a time I appreciate what you're doing and many times we hear about you know nobody talks about the community nobody once again involved in. And do anything in the seems like you and I appreciate your time. Cairo Kwame Crescent City boxing club I Tommy to record Connie scenario good morning you -- Jordan tells me you're number you're the first number revenue correctly -- you're the first person correctly identify the song which ones. Glitzy. Yeah. -- -- he thought he was gonna get an apartment handyman. And things. -- Villages and an -- It really changes and he didn't -- Kabul. News -- -- night in night. Trust me the name of the song is handyman Connie you got they appeared to get seed James Taylor's concert. On Tuesday November 11 that the you know Lakefront arena which hopefully will be produced better than this segment. Thank you back congratulations against that -- -- and they go on sale Friday September visit Ticketmaster.

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