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Aug 27, 2014|

What's trending in news, sports & social media?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Aren't here that sensational proof it is a wonderful Wednesday. And we're going to be trending with those guys but wanted to let you know that in our second hour we'll be speaking with New Orleans inspector general and -- ribeiro. About his latest report on the NO PD this classification. Of robbery cases over a three year period. And that's in the first half hour in the second half hour we'll have a rough feel going in -- Executive director of the metropolitan crime commission is going to discuss his latest report on Orleans parish prison. And believe me you don't wanna miss either of these. And then at 3 o'clock and very special hour with Phyllis Taylor. Who with your husband pat Taylor created what is now known as tops. The scholarship program that offers a free college education. To any state school for Louisiana high school students. Who graduate with a certain grade point average. And twining on the CT it is helped hundreds of thousands of Louisiana -- college degrees. And I also hope we get to know Phyllis Taylor she's just a great moment. But Morgan to begin with what is trending on the stay with day Colin and new stricter WL radio happy and we have been missing you. Top Manassas co host of first take with Steve court have -- -- me I haven't it's always nice to see him and Stevie G. The other -- Of the afternoon -- on B 97 we had your other half yesterday the current -- I've heard she is a delight she she is I mean. She is she had a better reflection on the hook up -- it's going to be a fun day. I almost wanna start with a Stevie -- because you have a great -- about in serious but let's go ahead and start because we also relived it yesterday that truck fire. Was unable. The ball on the nineteenth when you have 8500. Gallons of fuel inside of a tanker that turns over and catches on fire at the results. Is not good but in this case. I think a lot of people do have to count their blessings that there was no serious injury it's miraculous he really is the point four year old woman who's driving the truck was able to get out and away from the vehicle before it burst into flames. No one else several drivers actually drove through the flames. As they were so close to her when an overturn it could not stop. But. Everyone either drove through in a way -- stopped before they got to a point. Where there were any explosions or anything like that that seriously injured anybody so the only injury was to the driver. When she was coming off of the -- 510. Getting onto the -- ten she lost control of the truck. It went up on nine wheels and half of the wheels left the ground. She could not correct that the vehicle flipped over caught on fire and then the 8500 gallons of fuel began to bar. She says according to the fire department's report and news release issued and that is still trying to get WWL dot com you can read the entire report there. She says another vehicle caught her off which forced her to swerve out of the way. Which led to her flipping the truck. Witnesses who called WWL radio yesterday some of those who said they were the ones who drove through the flames after the truck ignited. -- that she was just line virus speed coming off of the 510 on died ten. And they didn't see any but he cut -- so the police will continue their investigation along with the fire department. -- why this happened the end result though for thousands of people was going nowhere fast. And has created a nightmare traffic I don't -- Unbelievable I don't know if I've ever seen in eighteen Wheeler and get cut off by anything other than another eighteen Wheeler now. You -- in the English drivers pull a lot of cinema flip cars or they flipped a lot in Tennessee on the roads and why it. There's almost twist and turns and you drive by eighteen -- Obama over all the time. It was just. Un ending black smoke yeah from from the distance and then people on YouTube you know who were there sent great stuff I -- -- and so is -- and nobody was hurt. On our website now -- -- she injured her face in the crash but was not burned. And guys expected to make a complete recovery and we'll see what ends up happening. If there are any charges and if indeed some cutoff if they can identify that driver and that driver if that. Well we're gonna move on to Stevie Jeanne because I find this bearing interest NCI's I think we're all excited that it's coming to New Orleans. And it started as a start -- week or next -- it starts mid September but they're filming in the city right now yes and the highest New -- Scott. -- alone which is not how I thought you pronounce this. Is the star and you know you ever watch quantum -- I did watch quantum I always said Bakula. The cool -- say hook and that's pretty cool because he thought it was cool. But. But and -- has its naval investigation is what is it but I feel like they're not gonna be. Super. Faithful with a home NATO thing especially after the interview that spectacular just did about his -- The all the things that's most unrealistic about it is how they find ways to make all these cases somehow linked to the navy. When you got why would the navy be investigating that but it there's always either of victim who is being able there or at least its terror are that happens on any property or haven't done it but it. What did he -- well he it turns out but apparently they're gonna go into new Orleans city politics a lot -- secularist characters can be in the NC -- he's going to be a former. And a PD officers and he said. -- is definitely not undercover he's got relationship with the politicians in town for the cop on the beat that he worked with fifteen years ago when -- with and a PD. Before joining and the ideas pride that's his name is less -- his pride has a certain amount of notoriety in New Orleans so when he walks into a bar people turn and say hey. And that's that's king which I guess is that. At least on the two -- previews that they crossover games last season yet to call them that they're gonna be bringing in. Politics and corruption in and I'll kinda start and I value or a little level wealth of information I mean this series to go on for decades. They would make a series called unarmed civilian police force if I. I don't know melted that might happen wouldn't that be great CBS procedural in the French Quarter I wrote it. Well usually we should get that yourself and written the screenplay. And he can beat him. My concern that the former two and a half hour at Atlanta let it -- out well let's talk to John about drones now drones and sport. Yeah now apparently one fan wanted to get a real good bird's eye view of the Panthers chiefs pre season games Sony blew a drone over the game it was hovering over the stadium. With the camera. They didn't really notice that no one really notice it until a helicopter shone a light on it nobody saw it. -- ducked behind a building real quick. The FAA has detained the guy that had is that they've found them the operator with a camera had a camera on it was filming the game when I see at the game. No. They have released any more information but they don't think he was at the team. But of course. Airspace over stadiums has banned by both the NFL and the F today it's considered. Because of stadiums and major airports class B airspace which is among the most restricted. And unmanned aircraft are prohibited so. No telling what will happen to this guy and there is no truth to the fact that it was Bill Belichick. That's I wasn't -- guy who has an underlying I gave it to get a sense we're just at the beginning of this whole drone personally I don't think oh my god to do anything with them I think most people realize that. Anyone can get one of these things -- a couple hundred dollars on the Internet and easily and and good ones that. Ira was a kid having a remote control our -- -- flight four. To save my life I can keep it off the ground for more like ten seconds but now they've got like four worked. Four blades that much easier to fly this -- looks like him but here's the problem with the -- thrown. Proposal like that all the different drone proposals that are out there and currently the federal government says it's illegal operator remote controlled aircraft that you cannot see with your own eyes -- immature way. And you wanna use the -- around yarder in the park or whatever. You're okay with that as long as you can see. But in broadcasting we've done some research you know we would once if we can do traffic -- What we can have remote controlled aircraft that monitor traffic or we could send drawn to a crime scene. So that we could see what's going on or whatever the case may be for news coverage traffic coverage even weather coverage that but. Under current law and unless congress changes it which they don't seem inclined to do right now. If you can't see the remote controlled aircraft -- flying. Whether it's one of the 200 dollar models -- anybody can buy -- in better that 200000 dollar ones that some people are building -- there is obvious or for whatever reason they have. If he gets it Melissa was pretty quiet this was pretty sophisticated look. The camera move before -- propellers and everything and he was able to. You know maneuvered up and down -- out of the way when they finally saw it and try to hide so. And the interesting to see what punishment he gets offended that now stay with -- federal and we are trending. And here we are with top Manassas and Dave Cullen and Stevie G we're talking about what's trending up until let's go back to sports real quick on ESPN a little bit. Yeah they're kind of apologizing for report that -- Michael -- you know you know Michael Sam the first openly gay. Player through Andrew would be drafted in the NFL. Well I just seen Anderson did a segment on ESPN's sports are live for brand's camp. And that she was talking about how is he fitting because they were gonna have you know we talk he made the cut final cut -- at that point they had known yet. If you can make the final cut. And she said she talked to a defensive tackle Kendall Langford said -- one of the guys in the locker room everything was fine. But another rams offensive player told her that Sam is respecting our space quote. It seems that he's waiting to take a shower is not to make his teammates feel uncomfortable. She then went on to say. The other guy can elect for the instant well you know -- in the -- are the same time as Michael slam but. He had been charting when he was going in the showers trying to backtrack from it. And saying you know maybe he's working out more that's why he's not chairman or maybe he's. So ESPN's kind of apologizing for -- they've taken the video down although it once it's out there are several other news agencies have grabbed it it's up and you concede the report. They said they released a statement that said. Yesterday saying that it should not have been reported in -- failed to meet the standards that have reported they've reported on LG BT related topics in sports. In the past they said they don't. They don't want report that -- he's not taking showers with the team to make them feel uncomfortable. As the world turns guys like put a bit but the thing is that really wasn't. Now. Anything that had to do with what the sports center guy asked her he just said. How's Michael Sam fitting in will he make the team and and she comes back with all the showers out. It sort of became an expose say on whether or not Mickelson takes a shout yeah I was it was the weirdest and where is video of it received a report and I and that Chris Long of the rams tweeted afterwards here ESPN everyone's over it by writing now well that's good. So that team is saying. ESPN's still thinks this whole gay guy in the showers story may have an interest staying eggs -- thing among the teammates. Nobody -- Atlanta towers where each hour they say he's just a one of the guys and play in football. Let us talk to Stevie -- is this the story be cut is just evolving it's like I'm doing an onion for -- -- Miley Cyrus is. Homeless guy that accepts her award for her. Yesterday. Teapot was talking about. He effect was not homeless he may have been some point in his life. And technically right my -- it turned out it was one of those stories where somebody wants to be famous they moved to LA. Leave their parents house and they can go back and any time that they don't -- as anyone frame so he was staying at a homeless shelter yet. But. He he had a mom in -- he just didn't wanna go back to organ which you know OK I understand. But. I wouldn't equate that with the homeless epidemic in America right now right plus he was super GQ model attractive. It seemed like a publicity stunt to me especially with the way Miley Cyrus was standing there. Think we keep being a right under a giant spotlight. As if it was rehearse the you know but. Now everybody's going after this guy who lies and aspiring model and now of course has been dug up he he was wanted back in or again. On charges of criminal mischief and -- That -- like I'm gonna go back didn't run away so much as he was chasing his dream of being a mom being a model and even had party content and he said it. During the acceptance speech. I'm just like. Everyone else -- you've been have been in some of your movies well that's like everyone else he's been in so moving emotional most people probably have an amendment right so I think he was just by accident he was just one of those Hollywood stories where. Where he wanted to. Be be famous and it didn't happen quick enough and so you would you would think publicist though for like Miley Cyrus and that would research this a little more before they they side -- this great idea and with a -- FaceBook or by volume and we went to the homeless shelter outside this whole lot of dead gorgeous guys write it could be a model. It was the other thing -- for if for more information how you can help the homeless guy -- like Miley to FaceBook page right exactly -- -- like 200 grand. Yes and I mean there's a lot and you can't shelter you can raise the money and it's always good to raise money. But I always look at it and and ask myself is that what -- doing it for because if you Lar it's it. Some people are doing it just for credit and it just rubs me the wrong way. Even if the good it happens. You know you may if you're doing it's a lot of people know -- great person instead of because it's good. Maybe you shouldn't be getting all -- credit for you this wonderful person. You know that's why we like quiet heroes what would you do and get them. -- would we prefer the foam finger and they inappropriate touching or the scam with the not necessarily almost almost got. The combine these finally grown up. Look she's grown up and she's helping people she's inching along let's say that -- -- -- so -- to. A -- -- -- let's talk about the Guerrero woman whose arrest on channel. Sex trafficking charges yes date charges they say that this woman I'm a mother and Guerrero has been running an Internet based. -- called surfer. This will call illegal operation. Where she was apparently providing. Childs sex slaves. To people via the Internet from her Marrero home. She now faces up to 200 years in prison and according to Louisiana attorney general a buddy Caldwell they say that 38 year old Candace Caulfield. Was arrested on charges of human trafficking trafficking of children for sexual purposes. Second degree cruelty to juveniles. Contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile promoting prostitution. And enticing people into prostitution it's very long list. A very serious charges and they say this calls attention to just how huge the problem is common. I think often people hear that term human trafficking. And I'm not sure it sounds like such a clinical term and I'm not sure many people realize they usually when we're talking about human trafficking. Most of these cases according the experts and they say they're happening every day in just about every major city in the US. When it is this summer with kidnapping children often homeless or runaway children. But not always sometimes it's -- Snatch and grab kind of you know a crime of opportunity. And then selling these children to people. So they can have sex with that and raising them in this culture for years and years and years so they've become adult prostitutes. And you know -- -- just heartbreak he -- the spotlight on it it's happening from a woman 38 year old mother living in -- Guerrero who they say it was the brains or lack there I would love behind her neighbors -- -- again we sure 200 all they can -- 200 years should anymore yeah. We're gonna take a break go to the newsroom but we'll be back with our trending well we are trending with yes -- Manassas Stevie GA. And Dave -- and Dave Cohen if our governor is suing the federal government a common core. Bobby Jindal now. It's already involved in the lawsuits at the state level after taking executive action to try and stop the implementation of the common course standards in the queasy and I. He his hinted about this for the last couple of weeks and today he went ahead and filed a lawsuit in federal court. Claiming the Obama administration has violated the US constitution and other federal laws. By providing more than four billion dollars. In education funding. Two states that implement common core but not to states that don't. And he's saying that this is a violation of federal law and he also says that the federal laws that it's a violation of states' rights by mandating. Educational standards. Thereby mandating curriculum. It's not clear different legal analysts are kind of split those that we've talked about whether or not this thing has legs. A political analysts many think that this is Bobby Jindal using the courts to make a political statement or Bobby Jindal. Who still has. Aspirations to be president of the United States trying to use the courts to get. Political headlines to draw attention to himself nationwide. Particularly from those. Right wing conservatives who will say. -- yes the federal government to stay out of my kids' school. And so will see if it has any actual legal legs and if it goes anywhere but he is definitely. Whether reason doing it because of his ideals because he thinks coming -- wrong or thinks he can win political points. He is getting headlines the story is trending not only on WWL dot com but on many of the major national news website right now. And it's getting the attention across the country so. Whether it's right or wrong whatever the motivation as it appears that it's working. And the question still remains in Louisiana what will happen with common core. They are implementing right now honestly our courts have allowed the board of elementary and secondary education and the Department of Education go ahead and implement common core this school year. We still don't know in the state -- I don't. But we know why. Did we know exactly why because the first where is the first primary this year for the first. Trial -- Iowa Iowa yeah Iowa is. Completely against common core of the people there don't like it and that's lives frequent trips Bobby Jindal suddenly changed his position on it after making a visit. There -- yet and that's likely but let. I don't know if if if -- that we know the answer this or not but is this the first time you said death. There giving funding -- for content just for people who use comic or is this the first time an administration. Has done anything like that. That weaken it in a -- of education but there's their previous examples of the federal government. Mandating. Changes in law in states I mean the drinking age drinking -- got to help America. Funding for road runs round doesn't -- -- -- everything when he 121 you've got more money for interstate highways if you didn't why heat and the Pennsylvania. We held up the longest to Louisiana -- -- would you know you don't get the money to there are other examples of congress and the federal government the administration. Encouraging states to adopt certain laws or policies in order to get fund. And if anyone ever sued the federal government over that before work. We can't find president -- at this point at least not to the point where the Supreme Court has been asked to answer that question whether this case -- go that far not. Isn't -- Well we're gonna move along just says that the kids are moving along learning -- common core in the state Louisiana at least for a while. Let's go back over to sports very quickly this USC investigators is introduces. Cores the at seven trending all over. Josh Shaw who's a a senior quarterback with the USC. Reports came out yesterday. That he was the hero but. -- he indeed he he injured his he had to pair of high ankle sprains. And when he told -- happened was. He injured himself saving his nephew from drowning. Apparently the nephew was in the pool he was on the balcony and jumped from the second story balcony into the pool and saved him in spring that. Well USC is seen him and that too sure about that story because is now. A police report comes out for about the same time this all happened. With -- Josh show law. Burglarizing a possible. A possible break in and burglary of an apartment a few miles from the campus. And is -- -- police officer. Yet. When the officers interviewed the woman who was a resident of the complex. Neighbors reported seeing a man running across the scale of balcony in gave a general description of the individual. They told her she said sounds like my boyfriend Josh Shaw. Who is. This thing -- -- so according to lieutenant Andrew Newman of the LAPD spokesman -- and also to bill to show was at dinner with friends. There she said so. There you go there another missed out his sister has spoken up and says -- on though he was here and he saved my son. So USC is USC head coach Steve -- in saying. We got conflicting reports are gonna do their own internal investigation find out exactly what happened but is just totally bizarre. Notices all going on them on this -- in this. Is a classic case of guy claiming it was rescue his son drowning in the NF Longoria is -- -- -- really -- and I really burglarizing an apartment classic case. -- and on from that too because this is very interesting Stevie G. Celebs doing the ice bucket challenge with. Oil water. And breast milk. Well I'm in due to ice bucket challenge has become sort of phenomenon that the longer it goes on the more people. Need to do extra stuff to stand out my favorite still Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters reenacting a scene from Carrie. Did you guys accountant. But -- Olivia Wilde a -- Who is a breast feeding advocate. Decided she was she claimed it was breast milk and and said it was it couldn't have been breast milk she said it was breast milk but it was a tale filled that the top quality gaze upon. -- A sense of -- -- probably just regular milk she dumped on her head. And then Matt Damon. He he has. A separate charity about. How there's a shortage of water in places and many people in. He is charity that he works -- were complaining about the -- but the challenge because it was wasting water that. And -- they were gonna bring the water to the places that didn't happen or not but it was just a bad example for Matt Damon to Matt Damon decided he was going to use recycled water. That we don't toilet water. On -- it and now has raised awareness for -- and it's chaired yes. But that nothing you know we -- we're lucky we don't have water charges but for areas that do. They take dirty dish water and water their plants they do reuse water and I just wanted to go -- but. Matt Damon must -- had that toilet -- really well I would hope before they got the water rise. So much water they use cleaning the Wilson wasn't blowing that water was in the water out of the people around the tankers a big difference yes. -- I can he was still gonna be used to flush the -- That having already let everybody is driving around and think about that and the difference between the bowl in the tank top we're gonna start with sports because this is kind of upsetting. Adam -- and. Well it is and it isn't NFL media columnist Adam Schein gave his early prediction for the Super Bowl this year he says it's going to be the Green Bay Packers against the Denver Broncos. Now saints fans should take heart in the fact that last year he picked. The falcons and the Texans to be in the Super Bowl. Neither of those teams were the first two teams eliminated from playoff contention were so bad let's oh OK we should be we should be happy that he's pick in the -- He's pretty brave to speak out -- he had the -- and we'd be so now I'm like that's it we would worry. I wanna know a jumble iPad is coming. Well it's been reported in it I think apple is just leaking things on purpose now in pretending that they're not they don't want it out because everything's getting out and -- Excuse me and -- now they're saying there's going to be an iPad it's thirteen inches. Which is. I just about as big -- that a large laptop screen. That's gonna come out which they're hoping will revitalize the whole -- an iPad sales have been steadily going down from. Year to you know what that will do to the the business of iPad. Purses and things like that carriers well it depends on what size screen you went to they have the smaller ones now have you been in regular size ones and now they have the bigger ones and if you want -- -- and smaller there's a phone and I guess there eventually gonna -- TV I asked. I think I think that Microsoft. The surface is really meant to them into their their iPad thing that the bigger screen with a. Don't you know I think it's not just made that people want a seat. You know bigger is better. He had utilized -- a huge big screen TV that teeny tiny screen on your right in the middle I think it's no now. We had talked yesterday day when you were not hear about the -- faring in young man. Who was they were questioning whether -- back to school but in fact they look back in school. Yet the interesting thing now is whether or not this is case is gonna settle out of court. Or if it's gonna continue on through the system there is precedent in the US fifth Circuit Court of Appeals right here in downtown New Orleans where it was a case. Native American who didn't wanna cut his hair. And the court ruled. That schools could not make him pin up this there cannot make him cut his hair cannot make him hide its -- behind his shirt that because of his religious. Reasons for having his long hair had to let it happen and so there is precedent for this. In this circuit then and so will see in a few agrees depended upper hide it or is in just determined to fight it and if the school system -- taken all the way to the Supreme Court. Very interesting. Let this go back to sports and and I love this. Are ravens tomorrow. Yeah assays for the ravens tomorrow final pre season game but the dirty birds that most fans are waiting for is the opening season game against the falcons tomorrow. For all intents and purposes is a meaningless game for fans. But not for the players on the field who are trying to make the team and were on the bubble right they're the ones that -- this release its final game four is four. But yet the saints will see the ravens again and home in the dome during the regular season. And interestingly enough they are the only team in the NFL they Drew Brees and Sean Payton have not beaten in the regular season. So -- that is bearing interest. Thirty beaten everyone now but third and every every new blood cells western thirty teams everyone well I don't know I don't think I -- oh game. -- 32 they've beaten everyone but the ravens. So far I always have to do our -- factoid thanks to William Taylor 1967. What happened on the -- think about that 1967. Early days of that team. This is a little far fetched but it it's still very interesting to me. -- start part two of their training camp August 27. Where on the North Shore. Where on the North Shore. Things heat and -- in 1967. On the north for Covington. Covington but wearing coming in good night school. Saint Paul's private Saint Paul to let these little until now and another little factoid. I'm related to sports the number one paid model. In the United States. Giselle. Bunch and is married the 47 million dollar. She makes way more than time Gregory I was about descent and -- after the premiere -- recently sent me last year yeah. Yes but also endorsed that's why you don't see too many endorsements with Tom Brady had meet Clinton at a I he took a pay cut. Are exactly the go take a -- -- why I'm doing just fine and an. -- ST BG full house really gonna -- well. They teased us before but this time it seems like it career I was shocked when I woke up this morning and once that I need to get from trending topic of the which trading the top than on FaceBook this morning. With the prospect of a full out for union. I don't know if anyone's ever watched full house in the past ten years of my thirteen year old son lost it's not nickel and I don't remember being so popular when it was new but how without knowledge of but. Found something interesting because it seems that John -- amounts. Is the one who always seems to be trying to get back on other counts the most hated yogurt commercial he made any deal. He made a deal in the late season the full house when they wanted to keep him because he has star was the biggest one rising where they gave him a piece of the shelf for ever. Oh then pushed that so. He's pushing he has a stake. In the shelter comes back. Very interesting we will see. You know doing yoga commercials isn't half bad it gets. Everything was also interested -- that when Jimmy Fallon did that little thing with the three of them when he was we've been. Late -- to go to the Tonight Show. He did that little skit with -- coming in like he was a -- the child via. Stay with the second one we'll be right back. We are back trending in -- some final thoughts let's go to Todd in sports. Pete Carroll the Seahawks have been fine 300000. Dollars for violating rules during three seasons that three months that the illegal contact rules too much practice and to -- Much practice dvd you may though Jessica Alba at the movie star but it turns out he has a company that is now worth a billion dollars of the eighty products company. -- -- -- -- Am I doing wrong side. David -- -- doing things wrong if you haven't seen this video that -- all over the Internet and nine year old girl is taking firearms instruction. A nine year old girl after shooting a fully automatic gun -- -- -- She pulls the trigger and loses control the gun and shoots and kills her firearms instructor -- to benefit that is set way to end this thing I thank all of -- guys we'll see you tomorrow.