WWL>Topics>>8-27-14 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: with Les Miles plus talking Saints-Ravens

8-27-14 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: with Les Miles plus talking Saints-Ravens

Aug 27, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk with LSU coach Les Miles about the Tigers' season opener against Wisconsin and talk with Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun about the Saints' final preseason game against the Ravens.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon and welcome to sports talk as -- it's closer to game day between the LSU track -- and the Wisconsin -- -- I think you know at the stadium in Houston at the saints' final pre season game tomorrow night at the Mercedes super -- We continued talking about game week at the brand new routes is here of the west making -- it is now open West Bank expressway. And it's not boulevard that he while West -- expressway sweet. Six opportunity you know to exit UC -- -- accident in around disease in the back -- a cat that you can't -- it. Also to break that cool all right now and routes that we will the team to you about these different specials and think that they can't hear. At our losses. 2601878668890. Rights of the he would -- nobody gave all the Florida State Seminoles won last year's national championship they are they. Reigning national champion they ought to double what team going to the college football season. We're asking you. Who has the best team entering the 2014. College football season is at Florida State is at the Oregon Ducks the Alabama Crimson Tide. But Oklahoma sealed the Auburn Tigers all of you can't you'll vote. On line. At that you do you know. Complicate became big -- 3 o'clock on Saturday. The Saints have to get him to 53 man roster that went to clear waivers they can follow that practice squad who don't I'll who don't PUP. That is forthcoming. College football tomorrow night's a big matchups including South Carolina Texas say camp and Ole miss at Boise State football season is here. Football season is here at the -- what's awesome in and I think the contest tomorrow night for the Saints against the Ravens is could be. You know obviously the final tune up but. A good measuring stick you look at the Ravens they're always Cardinals and and I I think it's a perfect tune out on both sides of the ball offensively and defensively in. And now what's exciting. -- gonna get excited by preceded both teams are three you know now the Saints have a chance to go of porno for the first time in their history. But if you look at it now Baltimore's. There aim it to go undefeated to preceded -- -- fifth time. In franchise history isn't Michael had the damn they've been in in 9899. 20082009. But -- be a big challenge. If you look at the end of return -- all the talk about special teams didn't. And one thing. When you look good coverage units -- return units. The Ravens rank among the best right now in the NFL kick return average -- it right. And a 34 yards so be a big challenge it if they do take it out to end zone -- -- you know it is written. Christ died but you know kind of shape guys. As the kind of guys. It always to processing plants shoot -- doubles like that she'd like this -- so you had a special on odds of I think it bosses the Leavitt wants it ain't gonna hear it arouses. These must -- -- seafood apartment when he picked -- fees and again but that no red eyes sash over the media feel with the is now the go to guys -- as the that I huge at all to remain its obviously a good news no bonds' case it made you act that Rezko. No. Because as -- right -- I know how you love life in that you are on Missouri analyzes but I think looking at a kick off coverage no that'll be a good challenge to evaluate. You know -- get down there and make a big play. Also all right rush defense artillery that was one area that I think. We got to get better at and that's run defense overall and when you look at it. Right now we giving up. Four point nine yards a carry almost five yards -- -- -- we getting four point two yards. But a great challenge again when you look at the Ravens as right now they beat the arrest of a 1567. Yards it gained a stumble one. In the NFL the preceded me in putting you know points on the board. The third right now average right in the 28 point two games so. A good measuring stick it that you -- defensively. They're number two and NFL given up only to a 64 yards a game. Scoring defense they're given up a -- in the seventeen point ability to be a tough challenge I'll backups. Good to be in this type ascetic. So you know -- you gonna evaluate -- talent who who makes it or not make it and -- and I took out like this yesterday. That right now even though it is pre season I think we -- creature of habit. Right now the Saints rank first and NFL in the give away take we ratio at plus five and also first eight takeaways with -- eight. If that continues. I mean that that's how you get to thirteen fourteen wins in and hopefully that'll be the case and the if you look at it we just being very opportunistic. What you wanna say -- the ball bouncing your way. But that that you need to have because. You know can you record those interceptions and you cause fumbles. And not only cause -- -- end up recover tournament. It's a hole with that'll be the case come week one against Atlanta. He advocating cannon Bobby -- I'd be -- -- -- and arouses a sports talk to 7 o'clock tonight it went out to the lesson I'll always show to do -- -- balk all the way is making Gretna. I always make expressway suite 600. Just and it's -- -- a walk on out and Jonas we -- a 71 had at all to the less polish show. It coming up best our conversation accomplice trying to Omaha over the Tigers that you get you -- -- will go back -- sports not the start of college football season 2014. For the LSU Tigers up big match of fourteenth ranked Wisconsin thirteenth regular you have this thing with LSU coach. Less -- coach miles houses some of them before he got back to work with. Some was greatly. To the family played a lot of sports -- Assignments and -- -- -- Makes you use any effort successful fast pitch softball pitcher and -- -- he was -- stuck between now his football practices. Football camps in baseball pitching. And I'm Ben miles -- flat around trying to prepare to play Catholic and and football in. Spec while -- this headed in very productive summer and swimming and now. And agree freshman year in college coach about a local belong to an early ACC network squeezed a little time with him like a little smoothie thing that they don't I just think that part of summertime that. I'm. Not. That's certainly an irate that that was a commercial that said OK listen guys. Can't get coach to -- a year and when I came and they handed me pretty. Pretty good greens -- And had no grass until after right I drink Kitna threw it pretty and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where LSU coach that's my coach miles obviously it's a New -- so when she was into the overnight percent of all that's now gone to the National Football League. And I would think the rules -- if you look at backing that you got to. This is not coming back is. If you could have one area back on an offense that -- the majority of experience and veteran leadership. It will be the offensive line in your case the -- do. Yeah we're era -- -- veteran there. Group of guys in Willie. Can compete. And they should make it easier for the quarterback they should make the issue for -- action. It's. You know it's just like it's it's it's key piece in lap counts and left sides. Really had a great summer camp and now. Your -- on the right side saying we should be very very good there and senator with and a heck of a run there with. Even post it you know importer in both cards -- from actually. In Aaron he's really. He has very good so. Coach you come to this point on the season starts and has so many things they had to happen coming here for camp is no way -- my house the geez if you feel. Internally we used to it you got the reputation you've got production. You meet what you need to do to get at a camp at certain amount of days but did you -- at a camp what you need to do. We will improve the camp and we really improved offense defense special teams and we improved. You know and that's what is yours you know individual players -- We've -- no question but really were looking for thinking we now. Put fine. Finishing touches on really quality game plan. In practice where. We we have to improve each day it's that time of year. Teamed and proved the team put to work him teammates unsatisfied with the score performs well. This team talking -- if you refuse to play. LSU Wisconsin Saturday night that started 3 PM here on talk radio WW a unit and dot com it's a huge matchup -- -- that we can't thirteenth ranked. -- and fourteen point Wisconsin you know. He and Houston coach on the on the sat veteran guy who knows a lot about the game especially defense and painful -- chief James. A lot of people look at the optimism a staple in the LSU football program has been fun to the football hard nosed physical players. You've got up watching guys that is somewhat experienced some up but the potential and the optimism is high on the -- those -- grow interest in -- And hunting these guys look like they're ready to -- You know era to accountant -- ends and let -- back sessions -- -- and -- thicker inside than we thought we would be. Thomas back story. Christian lecture the other starter in the and the guys behind them or to assume will -- the players -- and you won. In. -- the line. So will be really -- front office linebackers. Who knows -- he experiences. Any group we've had here. -- to be there in secondary. Really corners safety and we expected. That defense will play very very. Peter you coached special teams that have been -- kicking game winning in return you lose all the luck in the standpoint of special teams how violence and did you sign your return -- want to call this is all. We know we have really -- we. Expect yours indeed. Comedian can you take kick off back. May be sworn. -- were looked at it. Hurts us you know yeah. It is -- Punt return in behind him now and win. And out trees and trees grow so were good to return spots as well. One now called -- last -- -- -- look at the opponent the Wisconsin Badgers coach Peter Hanson's first season nine and four. Very good performance against South Carolina cut the SEC team in their bowl game. When you look at a running team you know this from -- -- days in which can do some things you can point to mount position. Least likely turn to blow you -- care. This is zero kind of offensive running machine was when you see what they do off the football what impressed you. Whether they know to do and there you seldom see a missed assignment. And they -- keep him -- -- guys that line up against their backs -- good so. You know what they do they do as good as it. You know coach when you look at Wisconsin in the -- on the other side of the ball when I was looking at the numbers that -- I didn't really realize -- they did lose a lot to graduation in the film on defense involvement. You finished seventh in the nation in total defense that's a very special moment you can expect coach Anderson and his Cornelius and this team well prepared for this game no. Question that is the area that yourself among position players day. Very veteran group even -- who were starters guys play every game shall. We would see him on film we think that there. You know discipline talent. But matchup along with lecture. But you know there and provide. -- apartment. Finally coach a -- impressed term LSU Wisconsin you've got your hands in some of these big season kickoff game to North Carolina obviously we saw the wanted to organ. Now Wisconsin whole world will be watching election expected in total offense -- game. Your thoughts keys to a type of victory against the managed. Well it's. Our office -- the net com. And all have talented guys Alan Ball. They protect -- and opportunities. You know because some spots and places to one. And now. On the ball -- office that would be certainly at peace defensively. We stopped the run and long situations and after the media for the pasture handle mobile quarterback can handle. A that's one quality catcher -- -- special teams. We it's an advantage there and we need to search be ticked off -- -- on and punt coverage and we need to punt it kick it we've done if we do that. What will likely outcome but it will be four quarters and will be very competitive game and we have great respect for scouts and coaches are tractor before. And things. Coach miles thank you so much starters season they'll look at you look at Wisconsin's it. My -- thinks the. LHU coach less amounts info weekly conversation talking about -- at the end Bobby says he feels like they have a certain advantages in this special teams sit and also he is not listed. It kick -- return or -- proper term but he did hitting into these stated that it won't it be positive plays in the special things which he sailed so -- if. Yeah I mean he's a playmaker -- I get his hands on the ball I mean the more touches it's not about purely running just the running back. Though he's explosive this inning -- unexpected -- Matthews any player. That you know can make the difference makers can make that special play you gotta get him the touches and the guys that think -- Look the blueprint of Wisconsin is you know running the ball. I didn't realize this and actually started investigating them. Not only Melvin guard but they had two running backs that topped the 14100 yard mark. Now you look run the pass ratio. That they show you they gonna wanna run the ball even if you have eight in the box. They ran the ball 557. Times. -- 2013. Compared to 355. Passes. So you don't he's put eight in the box now that you that it only three points then it that -- -- -- you got to go to stop. I mean -- what I mean by stop them third alone it there -- getting. Like if they get we now have four yards a pop. And all of a sudden it's 33. Well there even maybe thirty Florida may be a rundown for them and they still think they gonna run the ball and get a first at that is going to be to challenge him. Like Christian Lockett tourists that he's a midwest guys that look Big Ten teams love to run the ball. And he could stop that. And that's the key to it that's great for the defense in and that's what is truly gonna take. Try to make them one dimensional -- to be in the passing game we got to hats off to them but you cannot let him just keep continually gash with a run. We'll get back to Jack in a moment also ticket on the three you know Baltimore Ravens to just a few moments where and Rouse is on the West Bank Pomona at north of new routes that you always make experts -- sweet. Six on the West Bank expressway it's -- well or studied video -- time he's before 33 time first team to put him and so. Go back college football season begins tomorrow night to big games coming up the squeaky Clemson it -- Alabama was it -- yet. Oklahoma State Florida State offense at Wisconsin -- Allen shoot to related action tomorrow night against also. We preview day yesterday with my coach courtesy -- Johnson at podcast is up on line if you if you will. Dot com before we thought about tomorrow night's game between a three in Arabia that agree don't think that's the -- Lafayette on -- one -- thank you for calling that you give you real. -- -- a month ago so we'll cases got out quick question for you. Always you are ignorant something. Motor sport and it may possibly. Equipped quarterback spectrum that and that -- I have not heard that at all I mean if you're putting them a quarterback went through in the wildcat system and maybe that situation but I mean is that like traditional quarterback and the senator. And you know drop back and throw him not. I mean I don't know the -- -- any -- and -- -- all I mean it the news -- one again he threw a touchdown Panasik without financing he ran a touchdown while hockey tell you this. Cam Cameron. Has enough. I guess his mind is news broad enough to where. Look Antwaan Randle held Indiana. When -- early today a traditional college quarterback in that being NFL receiver right you know in the Steelers so mean. If they came out with that it would be like oh wow look at is a but it beat however make you would be -- lay off packet this -- that -- design but for him accompany him line up on the son -- at that would be wasted in -- -- he would be like third and long okay -- we got let it foreign and as tight and no it would be. I'd feel like somebody goes out. Sushi it in expert sushi you gave it through ticket you know up saying he he's an expert run him back he can -- quarterback he could be good special teams but especially. In front of the football that's why he was the number one player -- -- -- -- Now they got it if these are not not think about this you know the wildcat. Has yet they capabilities. That if he can read now like RG three a kind of thing you look litigated Baylor and let's say he's just riding. Kenny Hilliard. All our McKee. In 83 team and that they come down hard if he pulls it out it gets outside. What would beanie like a running back right and then at the -- assignment and then he can handle that part of it. They his hand and -- that you got to may be a first down the yards -- Thirty charts that you -- shoot the 30 Baltimore Ravens for the first time under coach John Harbaugh did not make the post season. A year ago Baltimore is expected to be the thick of things in the AFC north division -- the Ravens the Baltimore Sun -- Wilson. Don't just now and you have been around Baltimore for awhile you see this team. Under coach how about you some company wanted to win a Super Bowl. What is your take on the AM as they into the final pre season game to make these -- houses Baltimore teams that can help but it's other -- you've seen. I think in the past years the additions he's made -- the pot heavily on the sand. And toughness. An experience outside and think Wimbledon on the team they. Unfortunately legal contract dispute they traded he won last year they knew he'd probably handle that Yankee group that -- the 49ers. But now they try to make that mistake with Steve Smith and it was did he them. Against the Washington Redskins last week Clinton's first substantial arrangements I think it. Users cheat them pretty well there wouldn't be out right it was suspension for the first two games but. Click -- and react well and made this running game a lot better and they were terrible last year they were thirtieth man up Russian. And Ray -- was twenty pounds heavier and all the way. And yeah I think it -- better you know told him and ends and offensive line. If they can protect Joseph Flacco gets sacked 48 times slashing to 22 interceptions and he can play better. They got to protect the matter. I really like is speed and especially. This rookie linebackers feasible now drama. Be in this country in many times you know what -- do he's special player. Now Aaron I know but expectations whenever you have a winning organization the fan base in. Is that if you don't go to playoffs ago what the hell's going on you know 500 an acceptable. When I was reading that the Ravens were there 88 record with the first season not above 500 he got to go back out since 2007. -- that you'd have to say that anything less than a well they appearances unacceptable. I know coach Harbaugh I read a quote where he said. If we applied a way to score another a couple of touchdowns and in the red zone we're in the playoffs that we can find a way to eliminate a couple of turnovers. When the playoffs within -- and I've further investigated. The red zone offense. That the coach talked about what they were Russian -- what they want before last also not being able to budget in. In obviously I'll wouldn't have thought it because you think the Ravens are heavily taken away the ball more. -- given up but they were minus five so I knew exactly when -- looked at the -- bomb making that statement. How you might think it's up. -- thin line between success. And lose losing that old cliche but when he -- arguably in the red zone. And you know I getting touchdowns that you lose that turnover battle yet that's why you 500 instead of maybe ten or eleven wins. Absolutely there yet think. They have so many problems in the -- injury problems they were just problems where you didn't have. Then efficiency obviously made him look like the most disappointing -- I think they had opened that Beckett syndrome after suitable. Got more mature physically in one cheap. And some of the personnel inspect fire they had terrible starting -- that -- -- And that's what they treated the -- -- in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So yeah that's an important spot in the network. It Christians in this in -- -- and leadership and would make line calls and just hold. They were pushed back in the backfield. He dissenters he can hold them. You can do anything and he's been pushed back into the quarterback mentioned Rory Ian. Shall go on the morning so that problem and then if she's with protection in the -- treat their left tackle in the middle of the season. For Eugene in. It just. Seems like it's even when you know just -- and a doomed from the start against a broken hand and dislocated it. There were a lot of these tees back and help the. We don't have. These guys talk about -- when we get to watch them there in the right it's gonna be you know -- the other guys that the junior varsity out there. And wasn't covering the Baltimore Ravens and how can people keep up with you and it's social media and at the ball to also. Won't social media I'm on Twitter at Ravens insider appreciate all of when he -- stands I was to a. He got my updates tomorrow night when I'm down the superdome and then on the Internet I'm a bit in the Big Apple two walks the outcome. And Willis and thank you so but you don't the game to Mari are probably great all right I think there are trying to come back to get hairy duel at -- address you cause we had to do Rouse is so West Bank expressway get off and it's not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And best of -- market on the Gulf Coast. And now seven years in a role in the Big -- forty forced dole is the first one since 1960 so my aunt my. Averages right typical the average and open new story every year. Yet all started out so amazing that Wallace already although wonderful in my country home to Louisiana and nine and sixteen now even at five you located in Alabama. And we gotta be their next Wednesday in bold feelings that. You -- he's when he's been worked need to do a feature alone on this this is -- -- and they'd be well that day and I only label you get around this thing yet neighborhood they'd do it right. And you don't have to go anywhere else they do it the is this puts off. On home for the Saints and -- -- -- two weeks that Knicks head -- -- -- -- Two of the country's best programs over the course of the last several seasons squared off that many people of these ball at people with Big Ten football but Wisconsin. Has been doing extremely well regular season not -- record since September of 2002. LSU is a perfect 45 and -- -- number two Wisconsin. 43. And three. These two ball clubs are doing extremely well L issues streak began back on September 7 2000 YouTube. What LSU last not to. Conference regular season loss was -- loot of 2002 season no go to nickel state at Blacksburg because it 46 to eight. To the -- -- it take -- of a thirteenth or fourteenth or else Saturday night and let the 8 o'clock right here. Point that you Tokyo radio let's go to hairy -- New Orleans on line to Harry thank you for calling. It and he brought that up with them easier I was use you know get paid well and such it was stadium. Problem so my question is. You know what. Jennings Aaron. Aaron. One thing is. Looking up in -- it would be back -- you know that's when you were back I don't. I don't think might I don't. I don't think you go to see that simply because they got a better coach -- coach -- -- -- -- better coaches coached at this time but personally I think that. -- its owner shot leads yet because they've seen him I think they saw what parents can do. And I think what they feel Hanson Israeli. -- -- be that -- I just I think he's gonna be that guy Williams thought that the B needs gain. In a perfect world you'd like to be set on a quarterback and having a four time. At least about the conflict so -- know what to say a pivotal meeting is Tuesday if not. The about a time you go to road October when he got to go to our operative Laura I think Brett enhances is that guy -- But I think he's got a lot of potential to be a very very good quarterback well yet that you -- about it just get past Wisconsin. And did he did all of a sudden he gains some experience before you start as seize the day you get three yards you get three games in of course I receive is to be state before you can order room to offer him right or. In October where Ralph is here at the top the West Bank expressway it's up with a walk around Jonas. Not always make expressway suite 600 was sports talk on a 7 PM it would don't the last -- -- or if you if you --