WWL>Topics>>8-27-14 5:10pm Bobby & Deke: on college football picks and LSU-Wisconsin

8-27-14 5:10pm Bobby & Deke: on college football picks and LSU-Wisconsin

Aug 27, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk to sports bettor Vegas Runner about who to pick this weekend in college football and talk with the Big Ten Network's Gerry DiNardo about LSU's season opener against Wisconsin.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Negating a welcome to our number 20 sports I'll go to 70 -- this evening at 7 o'clock it is the last mile -- so it is game week this week. It's a big game to the Southeastern Conference tomorrow idea CC debut as far as one of their 45 like lives out -- think now with football -- there will be two tomorrow night. South Carolina at Texas Stadium. And Vanderbilt. It temple Alves tomorrow night LSU police on Saturday at its Wisconsin we are and Ralph has come on out and Jonas we are here to senate he would have nots of the sports network. We'll be. Lesson I'll show. On the West Bank expressway get off -- stopped -- -- anyone with make expressway suite 600 opened up this morning. And there are a lot of folks and it taking advantage of some great deals we will let you know about him as we can take you. To have the program to 6018786688908. -- economic involve a couple of Friday right here at the U -- is. -- Saints out of -- Christie Garrett and hope you guys down for the first edition of the fans' approval for 8 PM this Friday. They will be broadcasting right where we are broadcasting from. Prostate won the national championship a year ago defeating Auburn. Who is the best team entering the 2014. College -- eighteenth start at -- the Florida State Seminoles is it them. If the Alabama Crimson Tide is our ducks -- Auburn tiger at Oklahoma Sooners all other cancer vote online at if you do -- a backup body. One of the most pride that -- recruit recruited all of high school football last year. My back at -- you know. He will become one of the first freshmen true freshman just bought a college football game. Or UCLA. This week he would UCLA travels cross country to take on the team here as a true freshman starring in effect welcome. Well -- and you look good at Virginia what every government lately. They're not very good on a coach who wants to go to dominant there in the united at twelve point underdog at home yet yet there I mean. I don't know the Cavaliers. You know you almost think basketball yet -- they don't ever play baseball baseball forget the baseball program but. When you look at I don't know Florida State I think you have to look at how can you get. And that final four to be in the playoffs. How could you not look at the schedule yeah I mean you look who Florida's they got coming back in it defending national champs. I mean. Ami and the do you think who's going to be far -- -- and you tell me. And -- conference. I don't know who can't beat you know they were they would have to help someone beat me. Right you know it be one of those games where rush them I had heard area to a turnover I don't made and -- it's a big game like -- -- they went out to Boston College about the palace home would have forehand. Beating looking as good as you thought everybody if you don't manage to be so good any -- any balance so yes I would say. They have the easiest path. 21 of the fourth spot yes the easiest path to report about the pac twelve of them locked up for the big team is tough especially now Braxton Miller. That they can -- as I think Wisconsin has a good chance -- Ohio State does now. Nebraska is coming alone and and of course BP would think. That did these intimate -- states -- could be the front runner now it biscuit state and arguably Bobby -- two week. Not that that's -- game I wanna yes that's an -- to go could shoot if you look at. Now that would be impressive. He's seeing at Oregon at Michigan State with their defense -- you go there and and win in Eugene bright. Policy -- -- -- to be inoculate him for the UPN and how -- now and how Stanford's the -- respect and a -- yeah and a and a ball cap -- since this is they like that that that's it's those that dumb idea a good formula to win on the road. But -- you view -- -- speculating you know SEC fans you know they kind of took approach who went to playoff system. That well we'll get two out of four in the playoffs with a but I don't know this year when you look do you think they'll be two SEC teams in that final four. Well our I don't think it -- he won one. It but you know in an incident that some people say let's say that fifteenth. Is SEC team they'll still take the approach. That that they should be and -- -- -- you. Knowing -- no doubt about it you know walking up -- is -- for the -- conference as a conference champions and now that I did that day. Although play Al team eating Ian. In that winning your own division. -- not having the fourteenth now this is what this was established as much as we down here like to believe it all yet it would it would go get asked that all happen. That's why this was established so that conference champion is gonna go -- Over a team that -- in their own division. If you got up by 21 also is out there it's something else I don't I don't think it's going to have a pocket be -- Now now the eight is I don't know you could see his competition and and now look at their running back like Melvin Goran and all I know as I look at. -- average per carry in seven point 27 yards a carry. That if you look at that. That is like the Big Ten career rushing record right now identical back there now he'd do anything with the Singleton NFL could John Carter. Back when I was playing. In NFL 92 with the united Adrian and 94. So okay. I get Ellis shoot you don't think right now with continent Melvin garden they would take. The city's average in in the team. Instead of a seven point 27 -- four point 27 in before the the -- you know if you are safe to me. Even if you think you stop -- are you really stop -- they can possess the ball you know it is not turning over. And and you getting that kind of project -- production average per carry. Because -- you're moving the chains. And it didn't matter how quick. You know the opponent is all of those when you say what we can outflank him. But if you head north and south that's -- still think right now I'm looking that -- Christian -- -- two or. And those young teammates that that is what they can do. Why I they would DT Walter whoever's it you know in the middle linebacker banquet whoever's in that situation. Made you got to almost beat -- cuts and those guys up front you can not get knocked back I don't care who you -- get to go to get to NFL. Guy you've got to -- all makeup dollars up than. But you can't -- not backed -- four yards and to me that's the beauty Campbell looked right at the beginning right when they were in between that that was that's out. That the point of attack. Oh what where's the line movement. If they hold their -- and a live bagged it he'll make plays that it that that's great Belichick nobody could be a double digit victory but it not. I think you keep going around that Allard Bobby -- Nobody who always comes. Season's been over his -- -- -- they always with his ought to main duties sixties that you forgot to -- the biggest game tomorrow night he would listen our problem we were talking about. Ole miss him Boise -- he says some of us has to work yet few is expensive as it well how would I -- I'm -- a pop up a pickle boat don't run around whom he has absolutely. No Ole miss Bobby Ole miss some people think that. Behind Alabama and Auburn which the majority would think go to two top teams in the ACC west. Some people feel I hope this could be that third team. Well that their team has been the you tell me and they are one of very few -- that a conference that returns. A thought a quarterback well. You tell me this also. If you look in the history maybe as of late. SEC football on expectations that high expectation Mississippi State if they do with as all of this in Mississippi State. They've been this optimistic if if that's the right there. I would pride in Kuwait back dig out the low low ball I guess some sort of made I don't know yeah I mean when you look back. And -- could Mississippi State they -- elegy forever they've dominated before yeah and have so you look at -- state agency with their quarterback situation you look at our oldest is that. No I think you got a fan base. And in the Bulldog nation that being used to -- stayed in the revels Ole miss. That that they think note you know the stars -- him got a chance. Maybe so we'll come back at the so called plus we'll start looking ahead to the big matchup between LSU and Wisconsin joining us so up next. They have gained tomorrow night at college and pro each and every Thursday that throughout the college and pro season. We get a view from Vegas what are the picks of the week whereas all the money going biggest from a -- -- next. And fall -- LSU at Indiana football coach current analyst for the Big Ten network. Jaret and our coach don't get to talk about LSU and Wisconsin at 6 o'clock hour the -- dictate the Louisiana Lafayette. Any even elite class of teams across the country in college football that have that ball went to the last three seasons is about twelve local. The -- decades of Louisiana Lafayette or in that -- they open up this season. What coach -- equipment Saturday in a swamp a it's so that was beaten both of those coaches at 7 o'clock it's the less I'll show here. What -- get BO we are -- is off the boulevard on the West Bank on out on a sort -- -- -- I'm all right thank you very much we're at arouses. All weeklong a truckload Seau from now through. September 2 call on out to the new Rouse is not always make expressway suite 600. At stomped by the volatile Friday Christie Garrett it'll be guys out here from 48 PM with fans and pearl before we get -- picks of the week. Let's go to mood we -- we've got Peter on Iowa Peter thank you for calling WW -- Do the things there debut. And good militia -- -- -- it was -- but I wanted to bring back but it. What if in this outplayed -- -- They're not being in. -- -- Arnold is ready pop the top spot on the opposite. Of the odd major -- Well some might get left out they acted against trip is scheduled to try and justify it that's that's that's when it -- Blanton makes audited. And that's an -- and Condoleezza. Condoleezza Rice that'll -- -- but it could happen -- definitely big and if you could happen you got the big fat and you can have five teams. You know -- did not at all and no doubt about it and yet you talk about I have to say. It will full from the Powell -- is they -- with from a not a good deal happen. But it would be a difficult -- -- -- same if you talk about. Packed well it will. Beat team ACC SEC -- all of -- -- of the team's undefeated. Yes you have a very good team that now and yeah -- mean the team but that's defeating had a chance but he your premise. Would be way to -- conference and we bought bought become a weakness on the weakest schedule. Conference and yet yep so well I'll let things that scenario you'd have to learn about and -- -- -- -- don't know because I know you hit it. -- Floor all night all looked at all policy okay. -- Got out -- we are and they're trying to beat me Oklahoma State in and out. Well Peter I think I think without question for our state has the have been shot to be in the fourth for sure. The off big -- -- just now it's off picks of the week full slate of NFL game that is. We talk about college football because they have something to play ball. Some big ones to Bob -- next -- here and hopefully be our ballclub that was hot on their win streak. It the other one I think at thirteen games they covered bank and the Tulane green wave on a 61 of the -- it's both. And the continued decline. That the and that it reaches. I'll bet that that -- number you don't see why -- on it they'll care and economy could. And has been on the -- In this game and I think it's. I mean in two. Now I have been doing two jobs. And I thought I don't think I'll get the money been. Now told the guy. Really reflect what the treatment should be perfect but I spoke to make this around probably what's playing -- hand. And -- just. -- -- -- -- -- all the excitement to this state that probably won't try to help not the perfection and -- -- -- options and that's the -- And not. Everybody you're probably. And personally -- like it like -- off the sixth and the horse that they peak again. The all of is hospice of games he's with a generic there's at night giving us off picks of the week. Pro sports -- of Philly got father dot com the outlook on hold title card back so we get a clear connection. Get a few more picks will -- -- to pickup -- with the all it -- auto the Big Ten network -- to be a new start is 530 is that the first due to go to Japan so. Amanda took note sale has gone all missed the -- smokes us his lab nanny nanny with three -- -- get -- out hot on -- -- -- for -- a -- has beef -- -- and -- -- we don't -- 34 and and a pound and the they've got all four of the first pro whose baby book on -- that ripped two and eight now are as Frank's. A pack of -- -- just 65 cents all weeklong the brand new routes is that it went West Bank expressway sixth. Hundred -- -- -- kimono and Jonas we need to save him for the last mile so be off. -- showed -- and it got by the dot com it's serious business I went back -- -- -- as last year be off all those -- mediate. You what ninety games over 500 in all the polls and all the picks week it so far BR is like it to me plus six. I'll get a couple ball beyond new book it Joseph lap or you best pick of the week also tomorrow night into ACC teams in action. South Carolina -- -- and a half point favorite over Texas Stadium. Yeah and him into thinking that -- this year it's going to be quarterback but it didn't win. I -- -- -- at the airport that top team moral. And because of the things we're seeing -- -- And when you look at this game. Think the right now that they not a total -- but we detected in them. Yeah and the and didn't that this evening. -- like that happen. In fact it's. Gotten in -- That's what BP. -- agree with the white -- yeah. And personally I'd bet the over I think we're at one point. Think -- see it being anything but if they can keep popped into. What they're comfortable doing -- -- teams put -- some point but again. In the game -- even. Put up -- -- the points and three games that was. Sure but. Don't think we're at some point here so I think it was because of the gonna be getting your opinion from the right and look at the -- and that this gesture is important. It depicts the week the off before we get your two best plays of the week. LSU and was not to attack us a five point favorite over the bad. Added weight gain but we want it to only get better in this and these -- two. Schools which kept on very well. But we -- -- in Wisconsin. Hasn't more a season opener at T here and LSU just as important it's you have to go. The 2002. Against Virginia Tech where they are home opener. I'm in an open excuse me pumped up and got -- people would think more along with them but we know that they would like -- Quarterback can step -- -- now let smiled -- went out here on both quarterbacks that play come Saturday you guys probably know better than they do. Here that's going to be -- and Timmy Jennings. Don't get in time. -- I don't think that the good thing I'm wrong too short too many people so I don't think that's good. On the flip -- at this point with. I think -- I don't have them -- top twenties most professional. -- in their ops point eight. And yet here they are on number thirteen -- number fourteen more relaxed. I think there's something. LSU I'm not trying to be home or anything like that. I do think -- few offers them down you. I would like to do at this point at minus three at at the local but that was the case I think everyone would be LSU for the -- -- probably more than nineteen number that's the only reason I worry. But -- the -- is to become. A few hit points and think that this team is gonna come out and played two game against Wisconsin. -- be -- couple routes we. It was 22 best player of the week -- again and -- -- and I'm mostly as a team that -- -- anything to do it. And that to me. Pleasant and it's no. November. Late October when -- fifteen point one and he want now. And it your gear put up freshman redshirt freshman -- You know you'd thought it might not active -- you know we we don't think it and what that's that he. Is there -- everything -- had been sitting on Andy there has been for a black and Miller. And I think in this. -- makers which I've been around for a a matchup like this I will you know I had the fourteen. Stay at least -- what stage it's now thirteen. I think it's probably gonna -- Once the actual batters it got to remember it's that the people are excited they're gonna that the money comes Saturday and make a lot of smoke and I think they're going to be that. Here -- -- -- be and feet and take the points were maybe in defense. The prepare for is -- -- option -- -- off and whenever anyone more than one week to prepare for maybe they usually on its. Extremely well -- I mean last year first we didn't see him a little now I think people of the same thing I like being here easily. Com minus two touchdowns it's my fifteenth -- whatever I don't think it's as twenty or 21 plus points they're going to be. I'd be ops auto -- time out break it down give me your other best pick. -- That's correct it looked at Florida Atlantic team get deeply touched down. Way too many. The post. We get a football season so take it and possibly -- and waited and such as well as. Sure it's we want to win the ought to be the body won't -- -- now. Can't see into. The. Every -- at night the all Vegas front of but it got by the dot com will be with the topic is so much we'll talk next week on our side. All the Big Ten network former LA shooting Indiana Colts among other places coach Garrett at auto -- just now coach the spot of the season. Everybody's excited some very big -- -- -- this week in some early season matchup to the big the end. We're focused on Wisconsin and -- and issue your thought coach would you saw his match -- come together. I think it's great if -- I was putting the tying gains stretching night games in September I think it's -- -- -- -- -- -- do more like the -- to make our conference games. And so to have much like the FBC epic yet -- Has talked a lot of people around college football level you were put out more for their product and and I think we'll -- -- a great job take this game. The article that it's gonna be you got the best team in recent years and -- -- -- well. They're ranked like next to one another thing I I don't the audience but he wasn't sure about the proper welcome -- about. This conference but I do this week with Wisconsin. Ellis who played Missouri in a couple of topic that felt offensively to bring their game who will -- -- a lot. Well maybe not the favorites in each conference but -- should be changed things -- -- what. Now -- coach Gerardo when you look at Melvin garden the nation's second leading. Returning rusher in. And -- -- career leading and in rushing average. I mean when you look at that number seven point 27. Obviously SEC fans the disabled Kenny did do that again today SEC defense and I think to approach. You look at inexperienced. LSU's -- on their. And you know not necessarily looking at may be NFL middle linebacker. That if he covered that game we can average I don't know four point 27 that it's that's -- like that be a big win for Wisconsin as far as controlling the tempo. Time of possession moving the change as long as they don't turn it over. Well obviously I would like -- You know I expect every time here that are that but I'll report. I do like go home conference games back in the like those old. Kings -- in conference light and so just like a lot of -- as you go out and outmanned but the bottom of the week I think make the extra but the wide belt and to -- order. And then the other smoke. -- against the competition. It needs to be more of the course topic obviously whispers that the adult should. Just -- to -- there. And really it was forward Al. What he's great mentally and we would be numbers would change -- into legitimate guy to play him more. Now our coach -- when you look at obviously the cat and mouse game or when utilized it to quarterbacks are you Columbus one. You look first season -- coach Gary Anderson. You look at inexperienced quarterback. But then all of us think decide to go to guy like ten -- -- avoid. Now I mean explain that to me play wide receiver he's been as safety. Is that -- primarily used in him maybe. The because they relishes feet to outflank him at times they had to be that dual threat is that approach you think they're taking utilizing him game one. Yeah I. I think it's its depth but a dramatic your area and -- been very better coach the true war sort. So here because you know that the -- of the evolution of college football where ten years. It eagle and a pro formation and one that like with -- -- part of their they have historically. I don't play good defense which -- report that you can beat them in the box. 00101. That means you have to draw the ball play -- that problem where. What was -- and they don't have explosive player -- -- so they don't know -- haven't had to being outnumbered and I'm. They break the formations they line tensions -- running right at quarterback. And and so little help them -- relish perhaps he helps them in the best ball. In in that what I mean you get to my approach it's very went through as well right and so that is all about government. What I last June has been built the spread teams are integrating the pro formation. Into the game -- -- for sure yours come out golden goal line. And and I mentioned -- are in Great Britain that there it's not because at some point. If potentially upwards of -- whether they need to get the numbers right away you've got pummeled quarterback and run the option so. But this is really good Matta was an area. Posted on all it did stand up. Is it more wide open now coach with -- Braxton -- be an out or did you maybe see it -- it's -- state Ohio State to begin with. Well it wasn't that -- to begin -- You know. Again go back to -- and we program. You know they are here you don't these programs that that would have been. Split off the court which would certainly. It gonna break the big dual threat quarterback he just doesn't work until. Well I bit -- fourteen schools. Ohio State still the most Howell who food I've -- emotional state the best thing. But the spread formation that risky proposition for anybody. It program because how the quarterback also goes between them in a pro formation obviously you want a quarterback mr. They hit the big plays and I'm actually listened but yeah. I mean he takes some pressure off work out by so little buckle it up to read the primary. Coach -- out all analyst now for the Big Ten network coach. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the Big Ten network I think it's a big matchup early on Wisconsin LA issue coming up this week in Wisconsin actually open the season next year against Alabama and the second week of the season with CB CS bowl caliber teams. Our game in Michigan State yes the college football season. -- -- -- And yet we -- that you look at it as three consecutive high profile putters for the badges you know obviously Houston in RG stadium. But then got -- you did this against target they can it be in the Cowboys classy it's Alabama's to about the fifteenth season the 2016. Out Lambeau Field. That'd be great road trip -- tiger offense to go up the considering. The tradition of Green Bay and into that museum but -- they -- with -- trying to hang with the big dogs and haven't those openers come the next three season. Always saw the Rouse has struggled sales at their brand new location and here and -- off stump boulevard -- -- West Bank expressway suite 600 large -- spirit that dollar nineteen around. -- what we want -- Vick -- just in time for maybe eight to 98 pounds all in check out a tackle bought in his -- 65 since you've got to come on out routes this has got to be in. They have a new location right here on the west make it critic and I'll stop and you received an academy we get to 7 PM. What did you do if you. I'll write that tomorrow is game action. Fans first take that -- the court at 3 o'clock and they. Will be broadcast -- Oceana restaurant and they're not contact the world famous for its -- 5 o'clock it's the Bud Light countdown to pick up by the attitude to be at the Saints outside the gate C at the Mercedes being stupid -- -- 7 -- -- -- New Orleans. And Baltimore went on game day crew Chris again I hope you guys on and Jim Anderson then afterwards it's the locker room show. And a point after with a -- to get him Bobbi bit -- when he opted out of the water also its coverage here on W give you ago.