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8-27-14 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints and ULL-Southern

Aug 27, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk about tomorrow night's Saints-Ravens preseason finale and talk with ULL coach Mark Hudspeth about the Ragin' Cajuns' season opener against Southern.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And well the final hour sports are coming up and about fifty minutes the last amounts so LSU Wisconsin they'll be talking about that. And the breakdown of the big matchup Saturday in you know at the stadium mean Houston Rocco with -- into 3 o'clock and it -- -- -- Saturday. And Houston where we are at our asses and coming up later this -- of rebuke. Some other big games of the state Louisiana at the rate dictate the Louisiana Lafayette three straight and win seasons three straight through all of the bowl victories. What is Nick's book coat -- it indicated he thought -- -- -- I'll birth rate but we are here at Ralph is the brand new location in -- and it just off the West Bank expressway and it's up boulevard that anyone West Bank expressway suite 600. And total cost them a Rouse has the talent this now we happen -- -- they. That's why I don't well I with. Well welcome the Gretna there's not there's not deep ball upright team has lost about five with a ticketed now waiting that could see Nassau out politicking. On. And all my years around is I think this is the hottest piece of new path at an 88 if everything they've been busy only banks Aaron David and it fried chicken -- -- I'm -- who today objective to show we I via a great judge. Is that -- they would that I tell until Morrissey you know like one Ralph spry chicken he just had a -- kicking competition and at times BQ. You know tonight I think it well and -- that -- has not -- the top five in my medical -- to get the project that this is awesome. We did Minnesota best fried chicken. If they -- -- -- ought when he when he comes out to all and it is there any one of and a look I'd be more practically it's realistic to back days. I've been to eight fried -- hasn't already been in and at the well known and as Andy who I know you know not only good food that great crew food so I'm kind of like. -- they'd finish it before had pitches to let and it's -- spotted eating crackers you are Vienna sausage. So sometimes I mean almost you need anything right but I think he college -- you know it's so whatever the mechanical. Let -- -- ribs are whatever whatever the food a crab cakes and I that they would -- thing. And it'd -- is it a thumbs up. With the -- of my house -- -- we don't drive back with them being. -- -- in my kitchen and he cooks. And Andy is now at my house and kids over the kitchen. And so maligned Beckett play because it speaks to the people will lose -- -- -- -- -- plays so that are all of that so I don't yet. Let them of this story this sort of -- -- -- talk about rounds of the things photo really recruited the kicking the frantic he's so good if they can have no fried -- routes and try to somewhere at another place that it would be success L without a doubt I do believe that here on out that door. Thought it would wanted 1960. Now 44. Yes sir like I said that's forty Ford store right here in -- it's a beautiful store right here and it's nice wonderful little community. We've been in Jordan had a lot of folks come here throughout the day yet everybody in the stores and is the customers are really like and everything in. You know we got a big weekend ahead of us too we got that football week in you know at the Saints last pre season game so we'll be -- -- that. And then you know high school football in the -- in the big gains on a -- it would LSU and then. Labor -- still though the big food week -- and we -- not a great deal throughout the store through all of our stores. On here in the West Bank plus everywhere else too so yeah I want. Question now of all if so we've done it it -- think the US Downey it into the -- -- rambling. Being associated with -- -- you could go to different stores. This one -- -- -- Vietnam. The want to always obviously typical all over and it's a little something different what -- you look back -- now where you gonna go. How do you think you'd like what do people I can see that some -- of -- put it -- what you. Honestly absolutely. You know drilled down into the communities you know maybe we we we. I'm Holland Ghana and that's what they do -- -- the best that it you know do and every search and you know we found -- right. And needed pitches and we go and and we we -- you know give the people what they want right there now communities. Well ABC right here is that it -- shooting threat. Yeah with the white eagle on hang on I'm running out of routes and -- get to -- you it's been hours in here. And you beat itself and just all the different things that you're right close to him. Quit on the way home like right now and ran off the West Bank could see distorts you drive in the flyer body in here and I didn't sue he's eight Canada's salads and in the ribs in the fried chicken a rotisserie chickens and in the morning we have the breakfast or set up so breakfast lunch and dinner we got it -- -- it routes where everybody's opponent. And of course -- 44 this is that the forty -- all thought we want back in 1960. In home and we will be up a week for this win -- it to put it will be an automobile crash in Mobile, Alabama yes -- look. That it to show you how Rouse is because probably syllables is like. How they expand. Like the Buddha nature yeah only if you look at the Florida Panhandle. You look at that we saw -- all the local level of that nation Eric -- would -- nation. Yeah without a doubt today's round of the guys who look at the Florida Panhandle mobile and going to Biloxi Mississippi. How long right all along and coming at home we haven't -- Lafayette and it needed to hold detonation. Right and -- author about it is that. When you look at the proof that the putting. That route that's been voted the best place to work you know you look of a job opportunity best place to work -- best supermarket on the golf goals in right here it. New Orleans seven years in a row voted the best who wore it may be bad routes at that count all the locations. -- both 44 here. It Gretna on the West Bank expressway it's thumb will applaud -- -- -- -- missed anyone West Bank expressway suite 600 big -- -- -- If the hand can't you see the Rouse is. All the build it way out from the front group it is truck we'll see you -- -- now -- -- him well. Sent tonight I just got boulevard you can't miss -- easy easy as it on down here as a -- costs around and I got as always thank you so we'll have a good lately resilient yes that I only -- I -- I -- LA he'll wind comes sat out -- and get an idea -- -- -- thank you TM let's. We embarked on line one -- thank you for calling at UW. Our dirt and the or preceding -- format a great if they'd gone undefeated. Never. Never. Many of them never they have never gone and gotten out to me I mean. I mean I don't care I mean that's a -- might care at that the go undefeated but -- -- You know Whitney but this is kind of old hat. Well when you look at. At the Ravens. The Ravens they've done it's many times before. I thought this is unusual our our unique I don't know what NFL teams he played today it's -- The Ravens have been three you know a number of times and end up going undefeated. In the pre season. For the fifth time in franchise history if they do it against the Saints they did it in 98992002009. So that they've done this before but to me. That shows you to death that the Ravens if they're able to come to New Orleans to win you but I mean to say. In the big picture the reason why tell people Bordeaux three line. On militant Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning and the Colts -- look that one year. And there like 315 or something you know and and the very windy -- the Bears and its global. -- would wedding in the pre season now I think it helps you evaluate your talent. But to say. Got you know that would be special. To beat the Ravens come Thursday night out as you can write that in the immediate guy here as. -- regular the FB some bounces they they went photo prior to the 2014 C. -- -- I thank you all to six so when he 786688. And tears to the inaugural Powell on this that this that people all that -- and things like that it's just. Others who say you were up though you could -- right. You could -- this man to man like truth that they repeat everything in their quarterback competition. So I think Lee Ludwick counts structured. Brian Griffin that they want to obviously put their best foot forward when you try to solidify his spot on the roster. So you wanna have a great outing. But the final score I mean they got to it is that you're value we it'd be. It till 1 o'clock the morning I don't know who break off -- the Saints network might be talking more about -- shoot well through -- through. Truth be told them on I -- logical reason Boise State but -- -- -- reliable and media as different you know -- as -- etc. but I I don't know you don't really -- -- -- people wanna hear what you got there about the same way it will it will. But I think -- does that matter it doesn't matter is going to get nobody hurt AB's so you add in the media guys know that roared over the first it would be not. Miles phone -- comments that you put on the Payton Brees would have a better but has ever have a euphoria because everything else think they pretty much right. This is sports I'll elaborate Rouse is and grab all the West Bank expressways all stop on out Jonas this 7 PM that's the mass amounts shown to be -- -- And welcome back coming up in about 35 minutes this week's edition of the last in my house so the Tigers get set to take on a Wisconsin on Saturday three straight years three straight and wins seasons after the conference championship a year ago. It three straight bowl victories the -- dictate -- Louisiana Lafayette Saturday opened up. There 2014. Season -- 6 PM -- -- -- -- the sweat the Phoenix -- champions southern Jack -- will be a packed house. A cajun field. Coach Bob -- a bit of Louisiana Lafayette joins -- now just get off the practice field. Coach taught how to practice gone and how excited -- -- club about this thought of a Doocy. -- good actor what these -- much speed limit right adults are people after days I think we've been an option of these around here which is unheard of so. Good whether it's a good weather to get some good work done. -- -- writer and all -- run as we speak in. Just general practice real no no up Bobby note that it was ridiculous off the field -- if you could they practice. Well coach Roger don't you know that whenever you have a good outing on the field just feel more confident than you know you can take -- approach -- you can take on the world and I think what you've accomplished yet that we now Lafayette speaks for itself. Any time to be you get 910 wins. But that range and you could see that track record as not a fluke. And I got to be probably you've established -- at Louisiana Lafayette. And as far as the back into the community. That bottom line is that the rate decayed into winners and it is not sugar coating it but the proof that the put it. Well you know you know mr. Bobby we have we want some games the last three years -- careful that you don't what we don't have been here. But you know what we've we've got to that routine coming back we've got to -- used to the possible. That ball in the -- always come together. As -- -- season -- we really think we've got an opportunity to put this thing together we're gonna take it one game at a time gasping LP -- Gotta make a big play here there and and like I get a couple breakers you know sort of thing goes into play but the first thing is we all are healthy we're do you have that -- so that Ortiz is important. Now a coach I think you look at Ottawa you know job ahead what you look at recognition and talked about our national respect that we all know. But what you accomplished accomplice locally when you look at. From a national perspective I don't care of itself. You know high school then they get recognized like John Curtis nationally. -- you look at the college level. NFL what the Saints the Saints have received amongst the best right now. Whoa whoa would like an Ole miss win if you win that game. And considering their rank how can you not help. A -- get national recognition. Well -- you know. We're kind of officially the -- like the board sees them or ovals. And an indication that they're you know in the fifty years ago you know where. You know that -- -- major blow up there and and were able to get some big audience. Get some national publicity -- big wins and then I'll sleep a little bit in recruiting and went to bowl games get more national exposure. Get a little better pretty small ball actually just gradually grew and now she -- -- all of its total to the power. But the real story right where we were. Our goal was playing in and -- -- create baseball -- about you know twenty years ago. And so you know they've always and yeah there are very straight to do that we just -- -- stadium for the first base to make almost 40000. -- or 4243000. Here on Saturday. And in the next series to take it 52002. Years and so. We should continue building one game at a time we -- -- lot of questions about Michael -- and orgy that. After what -- particularly liked champions first they'll come in here charter -- They will called today bring up a lot of fans to them the southern it's it's -- -- at electric atmosphere I wanna say the last time so I always say it was either the Cowboys TV people wanted to. All time Crabbe -- the crowds. In the slot vacated VO if you look at coach -- what he's done it a shot amount of time. Turned that program around they won a conference championship what are some things you had to prepare for a -- -- Saturday. What you know what series -- -- on I'll strike championships so you know they've got a little swagger coach Popovich. And our first game of the year. And so that'll bring a little bit of uncertainty you know what you wrinkles Victoria. -- grade maybe tweak the Rockets should be -- -- it may be a leader kicking game. So you know a lot of uncertainties that always here's your first game of the year when you really don't have any. Current feel more you look at last year's and so. That's always very the serve. As well hopefully we can adjust budget we need to do and I was more Jets play or which announced. Aren't we do there altered line -- changed. Louisiana Lafayette rate dictated head football coach a ball caught that -- up today's practice the Kate didn't attain a southern Jaguars Saturday 6 PM. On the UNL Louisiana Lafayette -- dictating things coach Todd it is always a pleasure thank you so much for joining us and good luck this season. I think -- root for huge yards Sam result as always -- -- as a -- All right coach thank you so much for the time -- boycott by parents -- but why can't run away. They had the -- they out of conference favorite Bobby and you know last year belong to the final three weeks this season. Every school in the state of Louisiana with the exception of Grambling and I forget who knows what will still alive either the -- -- conference championship or post season berth. It is entire state a record season and it -- the and the way it looks the issue is so that is the conference favorite SE as a conference favorite. Are you Louisiana Lafayette -- to -- LA shoot Tulane are highly thought of -- conferences. It could be another good year profitable. Well they because football is a priority in Louisiana. Write an opera I haven't seen in this I think this has made by the two weeks they'll let me tell you but this. You think the Louisiana. That how much we love football you know like politically correct about soccer moms about. I hit in trees right arm or you know you get a head injury you have played soccer or whatever to support regular is -- Now. NFL's word about this but you know what did not get -- word about American football that word about American football we can imitate life. Louisiana football is on the rise. Despite. And national trend. That indicate participation in high school football on the decline. Louisiana rate are on. Rates are on the rise. According to the national federation of state high school associations. The rate of high school participation. Has been on the decline. Over the past five years in 36 states almost 40000. High school football athletes. The report names because should -- commitment. That the key commitment to the sport. Are among the key factors. In Louisiana. Participation in high school football has written. By almost 8000. Well student athlete. With football from 20098. To 2013. Almost 8000 at the most of any state so bottom line is per capita. Football is came. In Louisiana the NFL try to get all the other state film board. But you know promoted that that that that. The art of football the participation of football. Louisiana. We're noble want ahead of the curve. Because football matters and it's all about being committed to the sport. All right W video news that is 630 -- have a first name is available to him hands. I'll write a thank you very much to 6018786688908. -- gone through 2014 college football season. Who do you think is the best team this thought deceit is the -- and still champion Florida State Seminoles to open up. At number one is the Alabama couldn't attack the Oregon Ducks Auburn Tigers. All other you can cast your vote on line. It get you if you will dot com coming up it is the less amount so here it just a few moments of the tiger is getting set to take on the Wisconsin Badgers. And then he's coming up. Saturday evening. And I know we'll be laughed a big -- -- Houston be eating at 3 o'clock to 6 o'clock for the pregame show. And be -- head off to the sports network of LSU at 64807. Kickoff between the Tigers. And the Wisconsin -- That -- Bible for 2601 and 7203866. Feet eight do you rate simply. He's the number two medium ball let's go to Bryant on line one Bryant thank you for calling debuted at -- They'd -- I don't know anything actually updated that you are now the list. A lot of what you know with the waiting game into this year now with the league cup and -- yup you got on the keep the lead the outlook and and that beaten up in the quail split -- already been. The New England Patriots because Jimmy brown got my you know we we don't could -- -- about it but I'll put. Opt out of that he got book up about -- we are looking at you know. Well they were officiating -- in the same panel as you. But -- compete with the topic we don't want we we we as well all regain. I mean you you you probably should want the Patriots gain any way anyway it for a second matchup against Seattle you know if you make those two field go to our game of golf fumble. You know you're better off but I mean well this is Seattle with the best team NFL they -- -- At a at an -- day. I think I was talking -- With -- wait it was either Larry holder -- yet you know talk with Indians it's true. When you look at big game out there and holding you know well we talk about the -- to -- now back marking fumble you know Al market go to. We ran a screen play. It was a perfect called. And it moderately analysts think the 67 yards and Mark Ingram drop you drop the drop that have opted out need that could have been that different thing they gave those kind of that you played Seattle. You've got to make all Bulls police it what did you definitely have to about Bryant yeah. Yeah I mean that those kind of things with it we ought to get the best that advance the same -- -- Green -- -- -- count on the night. You've got to make -- You've got to make those late and that's why you get old -- and it. Well -- negative Bryant you know if you're an NFL man that you -- football we all of the saint. I mean that game all of the it is a Green Bay at Seattle on Thursday night. We know. They'll because I think error rocketed -- -- have a quarterback have a chance without getting to play. If if if if the Seattle Seahawks embarrassed at arrived at Auburn than go out on the ankle everybody intro. Big -- live -- Patriot probably the typical met Aaron rotten. Strictly. But well -- thing is there and I got a call me when that game of them and there's no way out -- and if you think it'll be traded -- I had a good -- and now wait a bribe money uptick in it until I bride there's a lot of people that think Seattle's been a little while but on the Packers. I've cheer for the Packers. Because all I know as we get to play the Packers head to head at New Orleans. Right I'm trying to get that normal NC. I don't know bigger went -- all I know is they got robbed. -- that all there was -- -- -- -- what is -- that the strike season I was there I mean it that Green Bay won that game they got robbed but in the golf which commissioner -- at the caveat that -- how I feel bad if I it was garbage that I guess he -- duly considered don't know now when it -- that officials. But there but but I mean Steve you want the photo OK who could play at Seattle and their tight game. Carson Palmer San Francisco hand Arizona Cardinals Cardinals in that Saint Louis game even that but I think it was about Sam rabbit I don't know but a -- out of -- thing was adamant that -- the media say without Sampras -- they've -- announcing him for a little while to get drafted. This that don't -- his quarterback rating was better than Clement and now political odds on. The thing. Shaun Hill yet maybe -- -- yesterday on its not a -- inability to manage the game within that kind of guy you think he's basically maybe 500. That maybe you could pull off an upset against Seattle all of look at it like when you look at the schedule. And right now it's a who's hot. They the party niners you can't look so much in the pre season and everybody is down on them the ability not -- look at them. I think not everyone is. To me look at the packers' schedule. Look at Seattle's schedule. And popular overtake him -- possibly go number one seed and we get it we got high you watch gave him who -- -- far. That should be that objective you don't like. I'm telling you greens they are Seattle to have a better schedule in the states could back it definitely hinder -- and going back. It's doable and Arizona are -- I grieve their -- a couple of you know. We would not be a favorite come January that happened you'd never be your favorite but by everybody coming here will be -- -- you know that's a exhibit that -- we got to BS that I noble but not bad you know it the one thing we don't have the he would know -- or. It's how we -- dabble in a playoff game motor room. Nellie today Nadia and yet no no -- not only did not advance to meet the bottom of the battle we want -- well on the road so we rush at northeastern. Team in Philadelphia where they cross signal about Duke only no but I'm seeing a sports crush of how we ran for 170 you already -- -- -- -- calico but I think that's what that's I'll look at it like OK I'll go to -- the -- it down made a lot of that -- -- that's -- that a -- that if you could -- that -- you going. Let's go to law I don't -- to Lloyd thank you for calling that you give you know. Yeah I don't know you -- -- problems sleeping under a rock or not actually -- to Wheeler walked. But you know what happened just Stephen Rivers. -- Randy like -- here. A lot of weight transfer defense stood up for event because of that or mega event through. Or what why I really mean more what's the story he did. Played a good putting on a play immediately ended job anyway -- gonna play he'd he'd be out Anthony and for. Yeah. I mean if he was going to play he would have been how -- -- off before these -- -- with came in here he'd have a dvd thing. This day in my in my understanding he wasn't he they have. The -- I mean I come on that's -- you think that gene pool but I heard it was beneath him. And in this same zip code area code it's his brother Philip Rivers so now. But whatever of the -- or another his -- his brother is that like unbelievable. His brother attitude Boller is out there and at the oval 4000 yards. I don't know what the charges are gonna do but Philip Rivers is that good destroyed out good Philip Rivers is 981 up then. But I'll have though is sandy -- decided to get -- Drew Brees to keep Philip Rivers. Because you know you see something on film. And that's only I tell -- -- so. I mean. Really got to went on the particularly count as far as -- football perspective right but I know offensive football of people that love Phillip Rivers they do. Meaning of the -- it. Dodgers -- was highly recruited and now all of a sudden it just seemed like he disappeared proper all right. Oh yeah he he was you know it's kind of the way he left but he was there for a few years that -- ever -- and -- -- Anthony you know to do so I made it into it. And he out of -- -- I think he can be a college. A lot of I wanna say there was an outlet pass a mighty good -- got a big game but it is hard for me to think with when he well. He'd he'd be -- given the field at all. When he was it's got to go back and look at you know in the you know yet anticipation talk for a few seasons ago with the yet the think Larry got -- Out of -- only hit a perfect example but I don't you remember a game a perfect example. Philip Rivers and you look at his brother. Look at Tulane right here and our own backyard right. Jamaica on the gotcha moment tennis. Right what did you -- tennis there are no third string at Tulane -- went in India and I mean Jay got excited and obviously the movie he did a great individual -- -- -- -- and not know coach coach Johnson they had to do what they had to do land here. In hand and fall the future of the program. They hill family back to now. But I only would it gave him a much better chance to make -- -- -- -- you -- -- if they hit consisted. Decent quarterback make it was second -- -- agree. They averaged eight and a half tackles ball lawless. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That many in the accounts -- there I'm just talk about local -- G Dayton -- lie. And that you look at Josh salute the count. They get double -- NFL. And I'm telling you. They don't do is keep giving you good job an opportunity to make eleven as a pro because they like you know you've got to. Produce all right coming up well come back and put -- phoning at City Hall to the last mile -- Alicia was conducted Saturday at 805 here on WW. And welcome back final moment to sports talk out here and Ralph is off the West Bank expressway won't stop. Coming out the truckload Seau goals on that until September 2. Big big week -- football to our first game as the New Orleans Saints taking home. The Baltimore -- with both teams to 30 in the pre season. And -- Saturday at the LSU Tigers -- that was constant bad to ever thought it 3 o'clock tiger it's okay -- a big Woodrow. Outsider you know. From three to six go head off to the LSU sports network. At 6 o'clock he'll civic kick off dale as you. And Wisconsin Bible 460 wait 720386688. Theory to be all beat them was to be involved. Andruzzi with the football written two or three people were asking you go to to the season. The -- had the best team. As we start college football to all eyes -- national champions. Florida State's -- the Oregon Ducks the Alabama Crimson Tide Auburn Tigers Oklahoma some news -- of the kids you'll go on line. It if we did you know dot com. Thirty for opposite view saying Florida State -- ahead of the Knicks which would be other. One of what was it you think it's someone else Alabama's 23%. -- Oklahoma -- explicit. And market is at five or -- well we will be wicket of volcanic after the Saints. Hand. The Ravens at the but like camp and kickoff but that it -- it Mercedes-Benz. Superdome we came to camp. The bar at game time -- before you know it will have college football. Tomorrow night and Saturday night as well there. Season these. Diseases here deacon. You know both teams bring identical three you know pre season -- that the big game. Who was gonna be undefeated that be a -- of those Saints franchise that they can't go porno. The Ravens have done it before that this would be their fifth time it -- and in 98. 992002009. We get off I look at Natalie offered to give it especially teams that delegates could be a big challenge -- coverage units. You look at punt coverage. Kick off coverage. If you look at punt return average last year. That's about as good as it gets the Ravens averaged only double -- like fourteen point two yards. A return. That's so very on Jacoby Jones. When you look at it from Aybar then. Now you got that kind of average of what he brings to detail but this year it pre season. They've also got it done and kick return average gave number one. And almost 34 yards so he'll be a big challenge of course big man in the coverage unit kickoff and punt coverage as they. Amicable and won it five yards or more are you getting it done an -- of a threat 34 almost like up for it is now almost ten yards. Part return you're around ten yards and getting it done. They were a fourteen point -- so big challenge especially look at the back in who's got a picture of an inspection teams. Coverage unit to make the final roster. This a great match up but to challenge especially -- team to see where they can do against the Ravens know they come to town. Tomorrow night. -- a lot of programming note tomorrow's well you could see T by the Christian on it no local manufacturing complex. For. Double coverage from sixteen to 9 AM -- talk about the saint pre season final pre season game the upcoming LSU's season and Leo if you. Their thoughts on the big game tomorrow night it's a lot of big games -- Tulane opens up but it's also Ole miss it for the state. And South Carolina to Texas stadium's ability by the Christian -- succeed in the Manny amateur at all -- -- update. Outlook if Clark two to -- big -- grows come Saturday. You and I NIT Bob did do a pregame the kickoff that the college football season Ellis who was content. At big -- drove right by. One receiver Reliant Stadium but -- cover line anymore weight leading RG and RT stadium that there let things that occurred Crosby. Mr. Fred Palmer. Did that all together. Because I today whether it be a great. A great start to -- -- these are truly believe you look at that LSU fan base in Houston I'm looking apart that'd be a great out. All right thanks so much if you have hands on -- off back in the studio everybody out here and -- always speak to -- so -- -- -- and poke it back out here Friday -- off a stop on the West Bank. Expressway from 4 PM 8 PM. With fans and the proof of what to Landry I'm Deke Bellavia the last miles so it's up -- team that KG can't Bobby -- -- on the way you late goal. Good night people that.