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Aug 27, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right tomorrow night at this time right here on WWL the big day seven EAM to qualify for ES and you'll be hearing the saints and -- final pre season game against the Baltimore Ravens from the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And our coverage begins at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon with first take with -- Manassas in former saints offensive climate Steve court. That happens at 10:3 o'clock for three to five and it's going to be an associate a grill downtown right off or street. This is now -- -- write off for urban it's a great place starts search your festivities before any home game. And it should be up to be lot of fun as it always is in the food there is just incredible and a great atmosphere. You know between Todd and -- Stevie really here -- some some really good things about the game to watch that particular day. That pitcher not a great saints fan and don't know what to watch what you hear a lot of great insight between. Todd and Steve and also that the people who call it then tomorrow afternoon at 5 o'clock it's the -- like countdown to kickoff meet Bobby bare Deke Bellavia life from -- C. At the Mercedes-Benz superdome then at 7 o'clock it's game time but the best play by play team in football the voice of the saints Jim Henderson color analyst -- -- John and sideline reporter for the saints. Fishing -- and after the game it's a cajun cannon and the big chief for the point after 2:1 AM. It's ten hours a wall to wall saints coverage tomorrow sinks radio the big 870 AM what a 53 a VW don't ask him. It's time for tonight's top eight days you're the top trending -- things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL number eight. Two people were arrested in 61 were given citations -- Jimmy Buffett concert in Wisconsin. Most of the citations were given to people for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia I realize this comes as a shock to a lot of people. Many view -- parrot heads if -- Jimmy Buffett I know this is a shock and a story that I'm the one I have to tell you this. But yes people smoke dope and Jimmy Buffett concerts shocking as that might be. Now they were 25000 people there are so I don't know if it's a big deal with two people were arrested. And this is -- like a big deal to me. And 61 citations. Were handed out to its citations were handed out for different things but mainly the majority of them. Where for either of marijuana possession or drug paraphernalia and you know the day may come win. They won't be writing tickets for. Possession marijuana anymore but anyway I I hated to open up the show with it shocking news to many -- There are people who smoke pot Jimmy -- concerts number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. He -- which stands for the people for the ethical treatment of animals. They have filed a complaint against. Party Cliburn it's turtle and alligator farm and tourists near Hammond. For forcing animals to live in deplorable conditions but also filed a complaint to -- child protection services regarding the -- six year old son. Who -- allowed to mess with the alligators. The according to this this. Report filed for Peta. The alligators crocodiles and turtles are all packed into small murky pools by the hundreds or even thousands. Where they fight for food. And space. He goes on to say that reptiles rarely are seen suffering in the wild because it takes years for them to die from stress malnutrition added faction. And is also problem with the putting in place at risk by encouraging or requiring the employees to feed the alligators. By hand. Even tip the alligators to bite their hands after the tourist. There endangering their employees they made a complaint with the occupational health and safety administration to investigate reports of employees being required to taunt the animals. And child protection services has been. Contacted regarding the manager six year old son who was allowed to wrangle with the alligators. He's apparently already been bitten once. We got the full story on our website at WW dot com I admitted -- -- -- the other day. I've I've never been in May be a do it this fall before the weather before the weather gets cold in the alligators go away I've never been a -- tour I'm gonna find time to you to do that. I've heard that their great my son and his girlfriend visited here not long ago and they went on swap tore my son's first off toward they'd love to -- -- she's from Portland Oregon and has never seen anything like that her life before. But it was phenomenal. But I I've always wondered if fund. If if the animals just loved the -- tours because I'd get a if that if the places that are turtle form. It is an alligator and turtle farm and -- Juan -- route there'll corralled in these these small murky pools well that's one thing. But these are that we think that these alligators. And this wildlife it gets better and a regular basis by the -- is to go through the -- I would think that they'd be very happy. I mean you're you're an alligator out in the swap when you hear the end of the of the -- the -- -- -- OK it's time to eat. And they -- it but -- I've always -- I always thought about. Since these alligators are trained to eat at that moment. What is somebody actually fell off the boat. I mean the alligators are -- to eat if you just actually a lot of the small -- at that point I would think that. They would treat you like a piece of raw chicken number six on tonight's list of the top eight at hates. Various eyewitness reports tell us about the stories of what happened with the white police officer who shot a young black -- -- Ferguson Missouri. Representative Adam Schiff a Democrat from California. Is pushing for congress to encourage a law enforcement officers all across the country. To all Wear body camcorders. To record every incident with the individuals. And I I can't think of a downside to this mean obviously there's money involved but I can't imagine that there wouldn't be. Some corporate sponsor. It in every major city in even small cities across the country. That would help fund its. Torre if if the Pentagon has all this money from the equipment he may beat Celek you know they've they're giving the equipment essentially the equipment from beyond military. Two local law enforcement maybe that could somehow translate into money but camera serve very inexpensive these days. There was a time in years ago when the idea of everybody have a small camera on them that would have been expensive and probably would have been a nickel giant backpack with it. But with technology the way it is today doesn't seem like it would be very expensive and it would be very practical. For every police officer. To have a body -- -- according to this senate representative for shifted Democrat of California and the evidence from early adopters. Is it is highly promising. And body worn cameras have garner support from police chiefs rank and file officers community organizations and civil rights advocates. We believe that the dedicated federal grants program would be a worthy addition to support the Department of Justice. That is historically provided to the state and local law enforcement agencies. I don't I don't see a downside. If you could think of a downside. To every police officer in this country. Wearing a body can now. There is still the possibility that something could happen. It would be captured in the body camp. And says it is technology. It could break it could malfunction. So nothing is gonna be 100%. I guess it's kind of like and replace in the NFL in replace of of of penalties are good. Replace if spotting the ball things like that. Although it's good but. It's not 100%. Because there's still going to be human judgement. So if something is recorded there's still is going to be human judgement in judging that particular recording. But is that -- there is a real downside to every law enforcement officer. Having a body care. If you gonna join us with a comet tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87070. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Nearly 700000 dollars in donations has been collected for the police officer who shot and killed eighteen year old Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri. 700000. Dollars has been collected in donations. The Michael Brown memorial fund has collected close to 280000. Dollars I'm not sure. What if anything there is too -- to read into this. It's interesting I think this parallels the fund raising. They went on for Trayvon Martin's family and also for. George Zimmerman I think Georgia -- Funds were a lot a lot higher and and maybe it's because there's a perception of neat. Because in both of those cases George -- and and the police officer Darren Wilson. Are facing huge. Legal bills. And in the case of for -- -- we don't know if he's gonna face legal bills but he's obviously have legal organization reputation about a wide. He also has been in hiding in needs it needs security on what is interesting about the donations is that those who donate to the brown family. Our. Revealing their names. And a great many supporters who have donated money to. Darren office Daryn the officer Roger Wilson many of those refuse to give their names concerned about retaliation. Number for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- right the saints play their final pre season game tomorrow night in the Mercedes-Benz superdome against the Baltimore Ravens. And our coverage begins at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. There's a lot of buzz about the 2014 -- even from outsiders and we talked about the comments made on the NFL. Dot com network recently well here's a comment -- we've got this on our website at W if you don't -- conflict. But here -- some comments from Sean Clark who is a sports network contributing NFL editor. The article is titled saints 2014. Season preview from outsiders feelings for John Clark -- -- NFL editor. As well as the New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees stays healthy. The team will be Super Bowl contender it has been at four times in the last five years in 2014 should be no different. -- who once again leave one of the NFL's most potent passing attacks and has thrown for more than 5000 yards in each of the past three seasons. Reason the saints have finished all finished eleven and five last season and made it to the divisional rounds of the postseason. When they lost to the eventual Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks all five of the State's losses came on the road. But they exercise their demons and as the Victor. As the visitor when they defeated Philadelphia. In the opening round of the playoffs. He goes on to say the saints were eight and -- in the Mercedes-Benz superdome for the second time in three seasons and ranks fourth in the NFL on both offense and defense. And five players were elected to the Pro -- goes into a. Little bit of the controversy with grant's contract but you know that is ancient history at this point. And at this article goes on to say that the saints will not half pint sized all purpose back Darren Sproles. Who joined forces with the Eagles in the offseason they hope the draft pick Brandon cooks can replace what Sproles brought to the table in both running the football and catching passes. Out of the backfield. So -- very very positive buzz about the New Orleans Saints even from outsiders around the league. I'm sure you feel great about the saints I -- but it's a long season. And I and I can't help but think that there will be those people who very early in the season and we'll be shouting and chanting we're going to the Super Bowl. Well we don't know that. The coaches don't say that the players don't say that's the real experts don't say that a lot of fans get excited and and -- that -- a long season. And things can happen and you can't. You can't demand that something happened you can hope that it happens but right now it looks as if the saints team is. Even more potent in the 2019. And they're just so many weapons and so many positive things but that doesn't mean the saints are gonna go in defeat it. They might but it hasn't been able necessarily go undefeated but as always we will have all the latest information. At WWL dot com in fact if you would like sports alerts on the saints. LSU and pelicans throughout the season. You can get free -- -- from us we don't charge for text messages but your generates message -- rate may apply. So if you want these free alerts from WWL. Simply text the word sports. 2878 -- Tech support sports to wait 7870. And throughout the season with the saints -- -- in the pelicans. You'll get instant updates when there's breaking news. You might be sitting at a car with other people he might be sick if you're in the car I hope your driving future acting your checking your text messages. You might be sitting in the office you might be a party and you would get the text alert. Exactly what's going on with with the saints the pelicans and the Alicia -- so text the word sports. 28787. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A new study shows that married couples who smoke pot together. Are less violent toward each other. Mean I guess that kinda makes sense. Mean I've experienced. What part does studio I don't smoke Dow's been a long time but I smoked pot is maybe kind of passive. Relaxed person. To make -- image of a smoke pot before went on the air here. And I'd be in the air saying things like. Our man. All right so we disagree -- big deal. I can practice field different attitude from me but I'm not really surprised about this but here's the question and this is our dot VW property general opinion poll question tonight. Do you. Or could you live with someone who smokes pot. Cigarettes. Or drinks. But you don't. Do you work could you live with somebody who smokes pot cigarettes or drinks. But you don't. It is your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com and there will check the trends of that poll throughout our showed tonight. And to give you an update coming up here in just a few minutes and it's it's I mean I I have dated people who smoked and I didn't smoke. One. I dated people who were drank a lot more than I did that in my life. But is it is it something that can be done and I'm sure there's really no argument here. Debt to assess study is accurate to marry couples who smoke pot together. Are less violent toward each other because you know I guess the only violence would come -- in fighting over the munchies. The snacks for the -- number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Debate about guns in America and kids and nine year old girl was killed 19 year old a nine year old girl killed in gun instructor with and Lucy. At a shooting range in Arizona. Should charges be filed charges are not -- Why -- a nine year old girl need to shoot. A news why why would she need to learn it mean that's I think that's a legitimate question. Writes. This girl was. At a shooting range. She was under the supervision. Of a gun instructor. And apparently it was the recoil from the weapon. That -- caused her to lose control of the gun. And it fired at least one shot in the instructors head. And killed. And the last thing he said to the girl was all right full auto. And that she fired. And there's video of it up to the point where I mean I guess there's video for being shot and killed and I -- cnet's that on the news are not hurt but him being shot field. I'm sure that's so on hitters I've sought -- measures up to the point where. She's she's firing but she does -- lose control of the weapon at that point but this has set -- -- of the debate about kids and guns and what kind of parent would allow their child to handle a -- -- Now it is is this a big deal. First of all I don't know how this could spark any debate about gun control whatsoever. Because she's in -- controlled environment. I don't know why and nine year old is. Is learning to use an Uzi and and maybe you've got a good reason for that to happen. I've don't think there should be any charges filed against this girl. It's something that happened but you know I would think that's. You would take into consideration the strength. And nine year old girl or nine year old boy and consider whether or not they would have the power to keep the weapon under control. On there are a lot of people who are speaking out about this in the a guy who is the owner of the shooting range which is the at the white -- a shooting range of last stop outdoor shooting range from white -- Arizona a 25 miles south of Vegas. He's a former -- have a Sioux City Council member he operates a shooting range and he said. I have regrets that we let this child shoots I have regrets that Charlie who was the instructor. Which killed in the incident. Should she not have been shooting this this this weapon I heard a lot of really responsible gun owners on the network news tonight. When I -- channel surfing a lot of very responsible -- orders to. And who -- who admit that their their gun owners and they advocate gun rights but they think this was the wrong situation. If you're gonna owner what's your take on this. Nine year old girl kills the gun instructor. Using an -- -- a shooting range in Arizona. Should she had been firing and using. And what would be the purpose of allowing somebody that young to learn how to use a gun like that if you and join us with your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 and a text number is 877. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list. Toppings and -- us. And one trending story. It's called the need defender. It's a device that an airline passenger can put on the seat in front of him. That would prevent the passenger in front of them from reclining the seat back encrypting their space in the seat behind. The new defender cost about 22 dollars. It led to a confrontation between two passengers on -- United Airlines flight from Newark, New Jersey to Denver Colorado. The plane had to be diverted to Chicago. With two passengers were met by Chicago police. And TSA officials. Should anybody have the right to stop you from reclining in your seat on a flight. And also what annoys you most. About travelers on a -- Many view they have traveled recently because it's summertime many -- may be traveling down many view may be ready to travel again or you've traveled recently your plan to travel sometime in the near future. What is it that really irritates she would annoys you about travelers on a plane. And what's your reaction to the knee defender. Mean honestly it's isn't this an idea and it just really helps people be rude to what the people. I -- I understand that that seat does not reliever -- that much. But it does -- Clyde. I don't like it. I'm working on a laptop or Rodman and taking notes are doing something on but by tray table down and the person fun and the like just the seat back. The crowds MySpace. I don't like it but they have a right to do it because -- -- right to put my seat down as well. Is the need defender. Device. For just rude people. If you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight about -- they were talking about now numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Tex is a 77 tireless get started here here's our WW a pretty -- opinion poll do you or could you live with someone who smokes pot cigarettes or drinks. But you don't and why as a nine year old girl. Shooting an -- even at a shooting range I'm open to a recent why she might be doing it. They debate about it and what parents what their kids learn how to shoot an -- at the age of nine. This is the -- -- Wednesday nights and we'll be right back with your comments. Under the W -- we're -- a lot of reaction to this attorney sort of like there were talking about the nine year old girl who killed a gun instructor with an Uzi at a shooting range in Arizona. It's my understanding that the girl or Paris or visiting from New Jersey. So why is in nine year old girl and I'm not saying this with any kind of spin on it. And ask the question why is in nine year old girl learning to shoot an Uzi submachine. I mean I can understand Tony to and shotgun because of hunting tradition in families but why is in nine year old girl learning to shoot an -- Is it wrong to let kids shoot a -- like that if you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every protects -- its -- having the two architects here in just a moment. Here is an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Do you or could you live with someone who smokes pot cigarettes. Or drinks but you don't 23% say they do. 31% say they could 46% say they do not. And would not. Give your opinion by going to -- -- -- -- WL dot com and discuss blog it's a trending is titled space wars on airplanes and it's about the the fight for for space on a plane in this. This story that ended up with two people being taken off the plane that diverted to Chicago -- wait to. Denver from New Jersey. The guy puts a need defender. On here's his seat on the -- fun of him modesty tray table they did did allow the woman to recliner seat. Is that an item that is just made for rude people. Here's a text that says is the person with the protector rude with a person -- I would think the person who is telling the person in front of them you cannot recline your seat I'm making that decision for you I would think that's the -- person. Not the person who does something. That is. An acknowledged in the people do which is recline in their seats on a plane Bob -- on this crucial and a VW good evening. Here are good. -- it. And -- -- -- at commanders got -- you instructing -- nine year old girl. Who -- I don't understand. -- there right mind that there. And -- You should treat -- that the that the oil port rather than learning. Putin who not going to be trying to be there on the the world. And secondly. -- not thought through -- it be like any girl in Jack ever I can't pull that lever and it opens you she doesn't let it go. I -- bounces around and hit your fort. -- fortunate that she didn't drop the gun and then a couple of ground while the crowd behind him that you. Cure for it for me it's to no thought whatsoever. You've got to hold those weapons down there is spitting political upbeat and and what I'm back immediately after it sold here. At work you've got to if they're all that being treated as you heard Alec and movies read you again. You know. And that's up to the adults and the parents and instructors to determine whether or not this particular individual has the the physical strength to maintain control of the weapon. And disgrace. She couldn't completely completely appropriate point two empire and you know something that a child can learn that you are killers you all have a ballot tenure though the 22. But -- there high caliber weapons but like that fiscal full -- utility incurable coaster. There but I'm glad you called a show thanks for listening. A -- New Orleans like you're under the W -- leading. Group where it might -- like -- thanks. I'll bet anything -- -- that said you know the bureau than these it's unfortunate. And that is exactly that the act the I don't believe at least -- yet. You know there were actually trying to murder out to shoot it and yet think they've been injured -- You know my that they don't want the lifetime chance. To be able to go. How would she do when you went out west did you see the Grand Canyon now. What did you do I -- -- Our sport it'll -- Saint reconnect people. I don't warts or you know -- killer whale at SeaWorld I don't think -- you know intentions. Were. Of course who aren't and and and I don't think charges should be filed this is trolling this is truly an accident. But it's an accident it might have easily been avoided so you you think it's just the thrill of it. Only so it is saying you know one of them like that then they get such a limelight. -- dummy company other people died you know that thing car wreck the chance to put it -- -- -- it but. You don't start all -- hamburger when it's done. Bottle he you know slowly work your way into it on the Internet pointed out which gave. Things not people want -- -- You know gone and then you know burn the fuel. I -- have this discussion and I've never promoted the idea that guns kill people I support the Second Amendment I support gun rights but I support responsible gun ownership. And that's where hands and not everybody should own a gun because not everybody is responsible enough to own a gun and with the right to own a -- comes responsibility. That's that's my point of view while I'm I'm never for gun control what I mean -- for sensible gun control laws it was used the laws we have on the books but. You know the laws that are proposed or never laws that are going to stop mass shootings are all the things that. That cause these crusades to to rise up about we need new gun control laws I don't see how those new laws are going to prevent. The things that they're supposed to prevent from from happening like a -- time to caller -- Patrick your under -- W real good evening. Getting him he got a good answer. That don't see why apparently even have a nice you know slowed our. Semi automatic weapon -- should start tomorrow what -- smaller caliber rifle maybe a 22. It has something you know that's going to be easier -- -- and it is not you know I don't think to -- scandal. He. You have to recall because it is you don't give it. Well that's exactly what happened there at the recoil cause her to lose controls a weapon and it fired at least one round in the head of the instructor and he's dead. And name I think extradition -- and that then the parent should have been more responsible. But I abused the I'd do you know. The Second Amendment -- shouldn't have guns you know do it. He's going to be more. It aren't hot start you go out until like I was well. Well Patrick you know this is a good point you know you however you have a you have the opportunity drunk driving is not a right but you have the privilege to drive. But if somebody just gets their driver's license it doesn't mean you should put him in a Ferrari. That's true Ezra and also the second thing will that they would be. What despite the restricting mr. That Dutch approach you'd be on it like if you don't want them with honesty and -- bought. It's a good point Patrick I'm glad you called Flexilis you Debbie WL a night. If your -- stay with us if you -- an update on our trending topic -- the top trending stories that we have bring up every night as we begin our -- right -- and every night at 8 o'clock. It's on our website you can go to whatever WL dot com. Up at the top players banner shows and schedules click on that click on the escapades. And you can even now printed out and having fun idea that's an update on what we're talking about tonight we'll continue to while a patient with things as we. Go through the shooter like our here's our -- you'll pretty general opinion poll tonight do York could you live with someone who smokes pot cigarettes or drinks but you don't. It is your opinion it's -- to be able dot com this is the -- -- will be right -- -- -- Q well one of the top trending stories today is about this and nine year old girl who killed a gun instructor at a shooting range in Arizona killed him with a -- receipt. Apparently the recoil from the weapon and caused her to lose control she'd have the strength to maintain control of the UC and it to rent control and good shot and killed. By the instructors so why as a nine year old girl learning to shoot or shooting an Uzi submachine. Is it something that should just on it happened in the first place if you wanna join us for your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines here were seven and a Texan resort 770 -- detect perhaps the nine year old is Islamic and in training for Jihad. Am I doubt it here's attacks I don't think he was learning to shoot you're on vacation. Like at an amusement park. And it is seems to me that this really is about just giving your your nine year old girl the thrill. Of of shooting and -- Here's a text heading alligators in nine year old shooting -- is a good way to weed out the population. Survival of the fittest. And more intelligent. Here's the text I have allowed all three of my children to fire every weapon that I -- obviously this was done under much. After much teaching of gun control I feel if there's a weapon in the house they should know how to safely operated but who needs and news. You know I understand hunting culture especially in in the BC and sportsman's paradise and as part of the country. So the young person is is is using a 22 Laura. Shot -- hunting rifle of some some kind and I can totally understand that I'm. I'm confused about why you would even introduce your child to thrill. Do you see -- news. Join our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Texas -- 77. We -- talking about this a new study that shows that married couples who smoked pot together. Are less violence toward each other. I mean it makes sense to me because you know most people -- know -- smoked pot. Have been kind of laid back and really not very aggressive but here's our -- -- project opinion poll tonight. Do you work could you live with someone who smokes pot cigarettes or drinks. But you don't 18% say they do. -- 9% say they could and 53% say they do not. And could not where it was somebody who smoked pot cigarettes or drank. If they didn't give us your opinion by going to our web site to be WL dot com. Also tonight we're talking about this said the story that in fall two adults who got into an argument over what's known as and he defender. And it's a device that you could put on the airline seat in front -- you -- -- the tray table that you have. And it prevents the person for a -- from declining. So. Is the person who uses the knee defender are rude person to me. Why would you take away somebody's opportunity to reclined if the seats to Brookline I mean isn't that just something for rude people. This could blog tonight is titled space wars on airlines. And that's honored to be if you website WW dot com are also talking about that to my from home a Josh here on description good evening. I don't do that Josh. The comment I heard it -- mr. It up. Audacity of somebody to say maybe -- early on. And training. Eight. They should be sick of the girl the little. Girl and her parents. Got under an apparent and Pamela you know the training -- that -- feel yeah you know I mean. How is she how we -- -- -- she's gonna need to I would think that she would need it and this is not. This is not a negative comment but I would think that she would need serious therapy be I would need therapy if I had to deal with that. -- very much so. -- -- though. Even a young -- color and the training. You know part weapons and large safety you know. You don't you know if the bears -- electrocuted. Or your weapon. -- Powerful -- Betty that's their own rocket myself colored BB gun not a small shotgun. Or rifle and pistol in his. They say it's their prerogative and I mean you eat your right except that parents have the responsibility. To. Make sure that their kids are not in dangerous situation to mean that -- and -- shot and killed. Her there there their own child because kids don't know what's best for and so it's up to parents and adults to. To guide them and I I guess since this was something that was permitted a -- the gun range in fact. I wonder if there's going to be a lawsuit from the parents against the the gun range saying we should have allowed our kid to do this and that will be another topic of discussion. -- exactly mean you know later Tuesday. A lot of a lot of parents are planned out this is in no water on them. Errors are just a side of Vegas. Yeah a lot of people out here I mean we learned it when we're when we're kids you know you're taught their rights that they're the right rules that say -- rules. You know should you put it. The weapon don't fully automatic no and you know I mean its inaugural -- and I saw the video you know until -- been deliberately very small her agent -- billion. You want to protect our situation and they're not -- no outward markers would never give -- anything like it. But again then again think about I think about the lawsuit that they ended -- followed -- Josh are going to call the show. The parents might argue that wall. You told us this was safe in our daughter could do this -- your head instructor there are daughter killed your instructor look at our daughter's gonna have to live with. The last thing the instructor said was all right full auto. The kid shot the UC lost control of it. A bullet hit the construction head instead. This is the Scotia we're coming right back with more of your comments on WL. We are rapidly coming to the end of our first hours so I wanna give you a chance to express your opinion and your thoughts of your -- -- stay with us -- coming right back with a more of your calls after the leaders. I read all of the text I don't have a chance to read all of them on the -- so -- I thank all of you for your tax and I've got a ton of text to get to. Here's a text about the nine year old girl who is a shooting a doozy -- out of control of their shooting range guilty instructor. The sad thing about this is that this girl is going to be scared for the rest of her life because of bad decisions made by adults. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll do you will or could you live with someone who smokes pot cigarettes or drinks but you don't. 14% say they do. 33% say they could. And 52% say they do not and would not live with somebody that smokes pot cigarettes -- drinks. If they don't -- is your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com -- talking about this this need defenders that people used to keep the seat from reclining front of them on an airline. We'll be right back on -- WL.