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8-27 Scoot Show 9pm, Uzi & Knee Defender

Aug 27, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot Show: It’s called the Knee Defender. It’s a device an airline passenger can put on the seat directly in front to prevent that passenger from reclining the seat and cramping the space in the seat behind. The Knee Defender, which costs about $22, led to a confrontation between 2 passengers on a United Airlines flight that had to be diverted. Should anyone have the right to stop you from reclining your seat on a flight? What annoys you most about travelers on planes? THEN: A 9-year-old girl killed a gun instructor with an Uzi at a shooting range in Arizona. Should charges be filed? Why would a 9-year-old girl need to shoot an Uzi? How old were you when you fired your first gun? And what kind of gun was it?

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Are you excited tomorrow night at this time right here on WW LH 70 AM at 1053 WW LS then you'll be hearing the saints to the final pre season game against the Baltimore Ravens. In a Mercedes-Benz superdome and our coverage begins at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon with first take the time Manassas and Steve court like from Oceanic real. -- and can't -- and the French Quarter delicious food great atmosphere -- to get psyched -- you have to -- their crab cakes there really truly amazing and I eat tuna. It's incredible but at least save room for dessert. A game time is it 7 o'clock we've got ten hours of wall to wall coverage that begins at 3 o'clock. A tomorrow afternoon if you -- -- -- on the trending topic aided dates were talking about tonight of the show we'd start every show with the topic today. I was -- tonight is on our website at W -- -- -- the outcome of this -- the top shows -- click on -- page and get an update. We're talking about this a nine year old girl who killed a gun instructor with an -- at a shooting range and Arizona. She was supervised she worries that -- shooting range and she was allowed to use and -- She was apparently visiting with her family from New Jersey and this is something they wanted to go out and do while labor. In Arizona but this is what 25 miles south of the Las Vegas so they've given that part of the country and they decided to go to the shooting range and let their nine year old girl she reducing. She wasn't strong enough to maintain control of the weapon he went out of control with the recoil and in. So why is a nine year old girl shooting an Uzi. Submachine gun. Was -- wrong in the first place. If you wanna join our show with your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven or text number is 8778. -- are talking about a new study that shows that married couples who smoked pot together or less violent toward each other. And here's our WW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight do you work could you live with someone who smokes pot cigarettes or drinks but you don't. 13% say they do 33% say they could. And 54% say they do not and would not live with somebody that does those things if they don't know. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW overcome the other thing we're talking about tonight is just it's a really interesting I never heard this before. It's called a knee defender. And it's a device that airline passengers can put on the seat in front of them to prevent the passenger in front of him from declining their seat those cramping the space. In their seats right behind -- course 122 dollars. It led to a confrontation between two passengers on United Airlines flight from New Jersey to Colorado. Had to be diverted to Chicago where the two people were met by. A TSA officials at Chicago police. Should people have the right to stop you from reclining your seat on a flight. And what annoys you most about travelers on a plane before we get back to your calls are gonna need to stick text here that says the the knee defender reinforces my point. The worst part of flying hands down. Is the passengers. It's not the flight attendants it's not the TSA guys it's not even the crowd is CD and I'm a big guy by the way. It's every pushy impatient. Over accessorized jerk crammed into the plane with me. Why must we turn every flight into a series of -- turf wars. Arm rest need space etc. That culminates in an elbow throwing scramble. To be the first off the plane chill out already. The -- can incompetent. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seven -- -- number is eight Seve -- more of your techs are coming up from the nor short Darius -- on the -- show and every WL. Face Tuesday. And generate. -- economic -- ball club but the meeting people grow and use these patches that it is commanding. They're in the behaviors that you -- you know so. Unfortunately that happened at that but. About that. -- Joker you know wondering will understand. -- -- a lot of what reclined in order enjoyed so that makes perfect trip. However. Recently. Experience of play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My knees were hurting so like those remote comparable. Eight out of it and like. That it is my experience. If I had been -- -- -- -- -- -- It but Darius he has it he has a right to do that he he's not doing any he's not doing anything -- like -- it's cramped -- did and then in the airlines try to figure out how to make the seats smaller and cram more of this into the plane at one time. Absolutely you'd you'd go live right here at that right to do it -- Oh that's bill in open -- Like you need to worry that with the global situation. A little bit later -- Uncle let -- work. I'll feel like it's it's right into that they apparently that perhaps you -- a couple of about to relax. And you know it. What properly. And that wasn't compelled to. It but in the complaint Padilla there have been in bad device from being volatile report. Well United Airlines does span the device and one thing that went to the confrontation was the flight attendant telling the guys to remove it from the seat and he didn't and that's what led to. The confrontation -- -- -- and by the way I want to clear out of the the the word rights will talk about you have a right to lean back it's not a constitutional right but it. It's it's it's the right of passengers we -- we get on a plane we know the C declines publisher on one of the one of the unfortunate -- where there's an exit in some seats that don't recline or fear in the final wrote the seats don't recline but for the -- the seats recline. And we all know that guy if you if you buy an airline tickets you understand that the person for a few -- recline their seat. Absolutely absolutely you're you're very correct you know yeah -- we eat the right -- and correct the top right. It is. -- but -- people would be democracy in the world number. Over the hit that little bit more courteous about a lot more so and -- Proper -- race. We don't know anything about current view common respect. So. Let you know now. Than thrilled and so -- from me think about. -- -- -- phenomenal. That the gentleman from really legitimately needs so reclined in that and appreciate it too much you know I don't. I don't like when the person for your clients deceit because it does not -- -- -- laptop or -- taking notes and writing something I'm using the tray table it it does -- the does grant distaste. -- it's it's something that you put up with I don't like the people who who. Forcibly pushed back the seat. Think you the gonna force it to go further back in -- -- -- -- -- character he can't hear circle Holtz -- when they. Right bill bill bill nobody like they can put out -- -- is because. All right. In -- global auto -- the biggest problem flying other passengers. President because it -- the war. You know he cavities helpers become all the people who permanently I hope that they get a debate that it took me. And -- -- -- what could be people alike can be people at each other legal Eagles you know companies. Police could -- up expert in the middle and so -- in fortunately because in the situations in the intention or your elbow room. -- -- -- So even when your when you if you if you get on a plane you're sitting at a window where you're sitting in the island at middle seat is -- you're just praying to god it terribly sits in that middle seat. Right yeah exactly. Google bring in note that people we have ever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at where you look. There is -- magical the showed that thanks listening to -- VW -- ninth. Life is a turf war literally as in Manama when I'm on a plane or in any situation like that it's a turf war we fight over our turf we get more and more crowded. I started thinking about this the other day. When somebody was tailgating. And I started to to get to get anxious and and thank you don't get him there in MySpace because you know you you have this this logical sense of space. That's behind you when you're driving. And if somebody creeps into that space. Not only is it dangerous -- that in your space. And I thought about a way to to cope with debt and so far it's worked for me. Don't I don't get involved and road rage or anything but honestly with somebody -- tailgate me I know it's dangerous but I feel like -- wait a minute due to rate my space this is this is wrong. And I think that's what causes a lot of people to go to road rage because life is turf war. I thought about instead of thinking about that space outside of the car. Vets being invaded. I look at the seat next to me. And it sent to. And I started to focus on I mean I have a very tight -- but I'd look at the space in my car and I think OK this is MySpace. Nobody's invading this. So rather than focus on the space that somebody's invading -- focus on the space that I have. And maybe that's something that you might do you find yourself in traffic and Felix companies invading your space on the road you might just take a deep breath. And look around you in your vehicle. You control that space you have that space. To think about the space that you have rather than the space that you feel what you have lost. If you wanna join us with a comic tonight about anything we're talking about -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Year -- seventy. And a text number is 87870. This is this Puccio who -- for New Orleans on Wednesday night -- be right back with your calls on WW well life is a turf war. So also tonight let's let us talk about -- you feel like your fighting deter foreign life at their summertime so we feel like. Supporters to engage you feel like they're there in your space and only that but it's really dangers of tailgate. And they do -- talking about this because of this device known as and need defender I'd never even knew this existed costs about 22 dollars. And people use it on -- an airline flights to keep the seat in front of them from reclining. Is that just -- from Gulfport Wayne your and evidently well. -- -- -- And it could be that. It's it's. It. No it's too it's too locks to metal locks are treated it did fit on both sides of the the they traded they traded comes down and it prevents the seat from a reclining front of you. Well. That's not that this government is gonna. Well they know they dated notes. But you know all about. What you're flying to recline receipt election. Absolutely a couple of -- And and you -- we are not -- guy saw me not like they. But not a big guy but I like MySpace and I even feel -- when somebody records -- but I don't think it's up to meet tellem they can't do it. I agree I agree that it. -- -- he -- -- -- now they've got. Another -- are. I don't either and and Wayne I'm I'm wondering if there's going to be a lawsuit following this if the parents may file a lawsuit against the the shooting range because they allow ordered to do this saying that this was part of their rules. And it was okay. And even though the girl was in danger she is going to live with an emotional trauma for the rest of her life. -- that is true but it should -- you they are currently. You know about that they are guaranteed it would await -- About it. You know about that you don't -- opted to go at it like that but you know as you all did not year old draw interest -- -- -- And what -- the company you call it. Don't call you when you pick you -- -- but she is Robert. Who knows what it's doing well. It'll come to camp out there -- -- camp that people go to. And an -- A lot. -- the thought of really interesting point though about somebody playing a video game and girls play video games as well and maybe she was adjusted to what it was like in in real life due to shoot that kind of weapon if she does. You movie. You know right yeah and its own global outlook. Yesterday. With the -- -- Are you at all news cast their. Like -- out that way. -- -- -- -- Now. Just like you who live remind. -- how many World -- Would have. And I don't know that that didn't do you know why don't. -- in nine in in many cities every every television station has a helicopter -- -- are all in the year. It would this year -- would -- -- don't have the people. That every newscast. You know I mean you could. I like it like oh cup you know that we media -- to get -- into the. Wait I'm going to parliament -- you. Are. Right nationalistic. There's XX series I'm 63250. Towns. The last three times I flew I flew first class. Just so nobody could lean back into my niece. Well if you can afford to fly first class or you've got the upgrade -- the fly first class obviously that's a great option. Also tonight we're talking about this nine year old girl if you just joined a similar bring it to be honest. You may have heard about this and lenders she killed the gun instructor. With a doozy and it had a shooting range in Arizona shooting range was the last stop outdoor shooting range in white hills Arizona about 25 miles south of Los Vegas. Apparently the families on vacation from New Jersey. So I guess what she goes back to school what did you do during your summer vacation I mean imagine this kid having to think about what she did our summer vacation. The instructor Charles -- -- 39 years old was standing right next of the girl the last thing he said before she fired the weapon was all right full auto. The nine year old girl didn't have the strength to maintain control of the recoil of the weapon. He went out of control and shot the instructor and head. He's dead. Former -- have a Sioux City Council member who operates the shooting range said. I have regrets that we let this child shoots I have regret that Charles was killed in the incident. And a lot of people are asking questions what kind of parent would do this. And really the the only logical explanation is that it's it's just the thrill of it because I don't think there's any reason and I support the Second Amendment I feel like I need to say that every time I say anything negative about gun. I support gun rights in the Second Amendment but I don't support you responsible behavior with guns. And some people should -- guns but here's a case of a young girl who was supervised. A gun instructor was right there with. An -- and still -- this was truly an accident. -- no charges have been filed a doping charges should be filed this was just a pure accident. But there was a failure in accurate human judgement. To determine whether or not this nine year old girl was going to be able to control this this this weapon now I don't know what her history -- I don't know if this is the first countries ever shot if he why's that would be a huge mistake because obviously this is -- -- that has never shot reducing. But it's a -- that does have -- So if this was who won the first weapon she's ever shot was totally inexperienced and shooting. That's enacted explosions on the part of the adults. And this girl's gonna have to live with this the rest of her life and and so will her parents. But she's gonna have to live with this because of bad decisions. By adults. And adults are put here to take care of children and to keep him safe. Is it wrong to elect a child shoot -- -- like and it was if you and enjoying our show at your comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688970. -- number state 77. This study shows that -- married couples who smoke pot together are less violent toward each other. Until it comes to fighting over the is next for munchies. Do you were could you live with somebody who smokes pot cigarettes or drinks if you don't -- a -- to view a pretty general opinion poll tonight. 11%. Say they do live with somebody who smokes pot cigarettes or drinks that they don't 30% say they could. And 59 cents at 59% say they do not and could not. Leave for Sony did these things if they did do it in there are a lot of people who are alcoholics and have dignity of marries somebody. Who drinks. And they -- both drinking at a certain time. And and one person realizes -- can't trick anymore so there are a lot of -- A lot of people who are alcoholics who are no longer drinking who are with somebody who who drinks all the time -- that's. Is that a problem how to join our -- I don't numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every attacks -- -- 77. We're also talking about the things it is because of this Disney protector did -- defender. High incidence on this this plane we're talking about the and knowing things that people do when they fly in. Maybe you've flown recently or you have a recent memory of annoying thing that somebody did. You know there is a -- forcibly brought this up and attacks is a big turf war on every plane. Turf moreover there. Did the the -- -- all the little that turf moreover where you put your overheads. Bags in the overhead compartment. Sort talking about the turf wars in life -- you feel like -- fighting for but for turf war. Here's a text Wal-Mart grocery store parking lots now that's a turf war. How would appear to her with a I guess it would be over the the of the parking places but I mean everybody supposed to have their designated. Parking place. Here's an update on our -- give you a pretty -- opinion poll it has changed again dealer could you live with somebody who smokes pot cigarettes or drinks if you don't 11% -- Toward -- percent could and 61% say they could not. Here's a text about the a nine year old girl. Why would a parent allow a nine year old to handle a firearm at all the problem is not held a nine year old knows what news he is. It's the parents. -- while the kid to actually shoot any gun at all. What about hunting families. -- about the the tradition the culture of -- Younger kids learn how to shoot and learn how to safely use god I can understand if she shooting at -- to. A shotgun. A hunting rifle. But reducing well. It doesn't make sense for nine year old to be shooting in new CME even if you're a Second Amendment supporter gun rights supporter. I can't imagine that there would be widespread. Support for. A nine year old using and those sort of things are talking about tonight. Here's a text morning draws a turf war money -- a turf war and let's say that's a turf war nobody wins. And -- flying first class on an airline -- there isn't much room. In or around your seat in Maryland. And the airlines continue to try to find more ways to squeeze in more passengers into smaller and more seats. So you know it's understandable that somebody would invent something called the knee defender. They need defenders a device. That a passenger can attach to the seat in front of them that prevents the passenger from declining their seat back. Because that does threaten dating. The precious space that you do have as a as a passenger. -- -- defender cost about 22 dollars in the Federal Aviation Administration does allow each airline to make the decision on whether the device can be used on their flights. At a recent United Airlines flight from Newark, New Jersey to Denver Colorado a confrontation erupted in flight between. A forty year old male and forty year old female passenger. The male passenger used his knee defender on the seat in front of him the female passenger became angry when she was unable to -- seat during the flight. A flight attendant intervened in requested that the male passenger removed the device from the seat. It's apparent refusal is what led to the female passenger standing up and throwing a couple quarter. On the male passenger. That's when the pilots made the decision to divert the flight into Chicago. The two passengers were then meant by Chicago police and TSA officials. No arrests were made the flight continued on without those two passengers and into the passengers have not yet been released. United Airlines does have a policy that prohibits the use of the knee defender on all flights. Spirit and Allegiant airlines. Have got something interesting. They have removed the option to recline any seat on the flights. So all seats remain in the upright position. Flying on an airline is not his luxurious. As it used to be an issue -- luxurious experience in years ago planes had fewer seats bigger seats. They had actionable curtains you can draw the curtains at the windows instead of that. Hard plastic. Cold looking shield it comes down to to block out the -- and actually it curtains on play and if you see old movies and seized ammonium plane. You see the curtains. Many airlines actually had -- lounges. For passengers who wanted to take a break from their seats and at. I remember on a flight as a kid I think -- going to land or or supplies to remember but there was a lounge in the back of the plane with a -- round so far. And magazines and my Brothers and sisters and my Brothers sisters and I -- we went to the back of the plane and just kind of hung I don't know we thought that was really cool. I remember as a kid. I remember even now wearing a code time. But reported -- mean it's it's it's quite different at that the dress code years ago was a self imposed dress code as society was I guess a little more formal and but it's a lot different and dress code that many travelers choose to adhere to today love the sweaty guy sitting next to me who's wearing a tank top. In the summertime thank you sir lovely lovely site. Airline travel today's casual. It's crowded. Everyone's trying to protect what little space -- given -- desperate attempt to preserve sanity on this flight. Now we all know the challenges flying today. It's comfortable to recline your seat but I mean let's be honest about it. The seat doesn't really -- that much. The degree of the -- is is not really that significant. But you know we know when we -- a plane that somebody might recline the seat in front of us. So if somebody purchases a device that prevents the passenger in front of them from declining their seat is that not an act of aggression. Or at least it's obnoxious we -- -- -- know what should argue that it's legal to invent and to sell a device that enables a person to aggravated other person. Or no nobody can deny that everybody has a right to buy such a product. But there's one question that has to be cast. What about the mentality of anybody who would buy something that prevents your freedom to recline. In a -- or an airline. While protecting your space you what the person fun of you to recline their seat. In my opinion the knee defender. Is the perfect product for anybody who enjoys being rude to others. And I worded exactly that way -- purpose who enjoys being rude to others. That means there's obviously a huge market. -- in the defender. -- blog tonight is titled space wars on airlines it's a turning on our website at WW dot com you can read it and this year with others. And if you want to send me your comments my email address is why I think gets attached to the blog it's astute. And it's WWL dot com. So this really leads to a broader question about it about rudeness and things that people do that annoyance and in life being the turf war. And that's what's -- on this conversation tonight about the knee defender in this incident happened on this. -- United Airlines flight was diverted to Chicago. We -- -- for constantly. And and I mentioned that I feel like -- time. Having MySpace in -- when somebody gets too close to me it's very dangerous tailgate but also when somebody gets too close affiliate there invading my space. So rather than get too upset. Dan I just look around me realize that okay I'm in my car and I have MySpace small as it is it's MySpace. And nobody can invade that. So instead of focusing on the space -- being invaded by a driver on the road -- focus on the space that I have in my vehicle and you know maybe that's something that we chip which should should pay more attention to. Instead of thinking about the seat that is reclining back into your space. If you fly an airline. Then focus on the fact OK I still have this space this is still -- And I got a text a moment ago from somebody that says feels the way I do. It's not that people recline it's how labor -- Mean they're people who push that seat back with. You know that the force of a bulldozer. And it's sometimes it it almost seems as if they're they're pushing the seat back trying to get it to recline even further back than it's supposed to recline. So like there's a turf war windy you feel like you're fighting for your turf. I just thought about and the time of the microphone for turf. Why do people have to stand so closely to you when you're in line. I noticed that sometimes if you're in line and oh at a bank or. When somebody feels like they have to stand really close to me I used to notice as I have and into a cafeteria a long time. But -- have -- of that person behind you was almost bumping your tree. It's like whoa whoa. Back -- grandma. I mean seriously. You only gonna get -- so fast and I'm not I'm not -- to hold you up at all but you know back couple. So if like -- a turf war windy you feel like you're fighting for your turf. And what's the best way to deal with the frustration when you feel like your turf has been invaded. Because this lead to road rage at least of people getting angry. If you wanna join -- -- -- tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Texas 87870. Here's a text that sorts out you -- 100%. Wrong. Solve finish that text when we come back this is the -- chill Debbie WL got a text from somebody who said Kelly talk about it. Jindal. Suing to stop common core. Of course you talk about that what's interesting is the in the spell correction. On the text. Said can we get jingle just missed out. The lawsuit to get it it's a waste of taxpayers' money -- I will probably never have a conversation with -- region because I don't imagine that he would have recruited to come on the show maybe if he thinks he -- -- shot -- running for legacy thinks he has a shot at being president now. Mean I can't let that stop me from being honest about the governor. I don't know if I have ever seen. Such a political chameleon and such a political opportunist. As a provision. I mean he should at least. Have enough respect for you and me. To explain why he changed his position on common -- Because he was part of the committee that it. Was involved in in promoting common core. And so now that he's trying to appeal to the right and run for president. Now is against common core and he's wasting taxpayers' dollars in this lawsuit. Against on the court but it's strictly about political movement of course -- can talk about that a -- joiner showed their comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven attacks interstate 77. When do you feel like you're fighting a turf war. Is it when somebody tailgate you somebody stands to close to you when you're in line somebody gets right up on your tray and a at a at a place like done a cafeteria. Summary declines their seats on an airline. Here's a Texas could you wanna talk about fighting for turf war right now I'm fighting for my right to keep my shell met home safe. Because were having. We're having trouble with. With blacks. I don't know if I understand I don't understand what the problem is why why we should not be able to keep your home safe. Had to understand that and owners and -- at all at your respond to any of our text you can do that is well. Here's attacks to this is the Texas sorts out you're wrong 100%. -- lovely sort -- it. I had a couple that declined all three seats. Even the empty seat. So the female could put her head on his lap. Now I'm trying to think about this. The seat declines. But the lower part of the seat doesn't. Doesn't really go anywhere. Mean it's -- -- that the biggest degree for -- would be the middle and upper part of the seat. I can't explain this in in in terms of physics it. That the top part would have more of a lean to that so I don't understand how putting that seat back the middle seat would would make it easier for a woman to put her. Had on the guy's lap. Far be -- from me to make any suggestions about that but anyway that you decide you need to put the up. You put the arm rest up and you can cut -- -- There have been times when. There's been a divisive they usually it's a late night flights a lot of this was when congress and living in Portland Denver going to see my son are coming back to new worlds have long flights. I would take -- three -- breast and just stretch out it's like get a a look at a couple of pillows and like him -- like flying first class. If you rejoice at a comic tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Series -- at Texas 87870. It's a text that read so although the FAA has since said they're illegal yet the need defenders. Modify the plane's structure. And should be declared illegal immediately. Well. Now I don't I don't see I don't think that's a legitimate concern. Because. This would -- be an argument that you. You what you would have to recline your seat in order for the plane to fly safely and you don't have to recline your seat and that's something that happens within the structure of the playing on the outside the plane. And would not be. Subject to any of the aerodynamic forces that. That keep the plane in flight. Here is attacks to their reads how receptive when my son was younger. We almost didn't get on righted and decent part because of height requirement. But they let a nine year old girl handle a new -- doesn't make sense such stupidity. On everyone's part especially young girl. She was counting on adults to make the right choices crazy to me. But I'm serious -- but seriously. You'd have to be eighteen to smoke. Can't believe. You can handle news he would not. Now there are some places that I think would have -- and you can you can correct me Barbara but there are some some shooting ranges that would have restrictions on how old you can be. Before you can could use something like that analogy could be -- at a shooting range but in this particular case. This was not against the rules and I'm wondering is are going to be subsequent lawsuit against the shooting range in Arizona because they had rules that allow a nine year old girl to. -- -- But the restrict the instructor was right there so this is not about total negligence. Other than making a -- decision to let a nine year old. Computer news I don't see how that's necessary. This is coach Joseph we're coming right back at a BWL a -- of a lot of text on this trending story about the nine year old girl who actually shot and killed instructors shooting range in Arizona. Just a 25 miles south of Las Vegas. She was shooting an -- and during the recoil lost control and one of the one of at least one of the policy at the instructor and head. On he's dead. Here is attacks if someone broke into the girl's parents home and she got the Uzi and shot the pervert traitor she would be hero. And no one wouldn't -- nothing. Well you know I understand the points so it's okay. To have a nine year old girl using news. And if the nine year old girl is in the hall first of all what is a nine year old girl doing alone and home with -- -- if somebody breaks it. Mean if you're nine years old to parent should be there at the parent should be the ones getting the UC but they are are those people who will defend gun use by any one. Any time anywhere. I support gun rights. But I don't think there's a reason for nine year old girl to be shooting an Uzi even if it's at shooting range this is the -- show we're coming right back with more of your comments -- your text. -- WL.