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8-27 Scoot Show 10pm, Uzi & Knee Defender

Aug 28, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot Show: It’s called the Knee Defender. It’s a device an airline passenger can put on the seat directly in front to prevent that passenger from reclining the seat and cramping the space in the seat behind. The Knee Defender, which costs about $22, led to a confrontation between 2 passengers on a United Airlines flight that had to be diverted. Should anyone have the right to stop you from reclining your seat on a flight? What annoys you most about travelers on planes? THEN: A 9-year-old girl killed a gun instructor with an Uzi at a shooting range in Arizona. Should charges be filed? Why would a 9-year-old girl need to shoot an Uzi? How old were you when you fired your first gun? And what kind of gun was it? ALSO: A new study shows that married couples who smoke pot together are less violent toward each other. Do you or could you live with someone who smokes pot – cigarettes – or drinks if you don’t do any of those things?

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Tomorrow night the saints will play their final pre season game in the Mercedes-Benz superdome against. The Baltimore Ravens is this the first time the ravens are going to be in the Mercedes-Benz superdome since it won the the Super Bowl. I guess so. Final pre season you know -- -- here right here on the big gates avenue WULAM and 1053. Debbie WL FM. There's a lot of buzz that continues to grow about this 2014. Saints team. Even from outsiders. A lot of reasons to be excited. But let's not get too excited. This is something the coaches don't do. The players don't do this they don't after one victory they don't -- we're going to the Super Bowl but they don't assume we're going to the Super Bowl because all the pieces are in place. So if you're a fan. I'll try not to be too fanatical about it not known I know that's difficult. But realizing it is a long season. And if everything stays together. On paper this is maybe the best saints team we've ever had and I am so excited about the season. I'm also very excited about the saints' opening -- talked about this on the show I'm excited about the saints starting the season on the road against Atlanta. Because they were such a poor road team last year. That by starting out this season preparing for. A rival like the Atlanta Falcons on the road they're mindset might be better for road games throughout the season. And tomorrow our coverage and a BWL begins at 3 o'clock and jewel will be on from one to three. -- usually went before but should be on from one to 3 at 3 o'clock its first take with our president pro former -- offensive lineman Steve -- Todd -- life from Oceanic -- This is just off of performance can't -- it's a great place if you're downtown go into the game or you're not gonna go to the game you're downtown work and you -- just go somewhere and get in the states emisphere. It's Oceanic real and the food is delicious than 5 o'clock. It's a bond like countdown to kickoff meet Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia live from -- seat the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And -- 7 o'clock game time with the best play by play team in football. Voice of the saints Jim Anderson color analyst -- guys -- sideline reporter Kristin Garrick. And then after the game to indicating Canon and the big chief for the point after 2:1 AM ten hours of wall to wall saint coverage begins tomorrow. At 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon big 8786. Radio but he -- 7153. To VW helped FM a sort of issue we're talking about this a device called the knee defender. And I ever heard this before but it's a device that somebody invented that an airline passenger can put on the the tray table in front of them. And it's. It prevents the passenger in front of you from reclaiming their seat. Many defender cost about 42 dollars and it was to a confrontation between two passengers on United Airlines flight from Newark. To a Denver it was diverted to Chicago where the passengers were escorted off the plane by Chicago police in TSA officials. And I guess that the question is it. You know we should anybody really impede your right to recline the seat on the on on the plane but I know it's it's kind of irritating and there's just a little bit of space on planes anyway. But you can't really stop somebody from reclining their seat and how ironic would it be if the this selfish guy. Who tried to stop the woman from claiming her seat anybody who buys the need defender. Mean if it's. It -- me this is sort of an active -- as well as a passive aggression this an act of aggression and I don't mean in terms of serious aggression but uneven that within the context of a flight. It's it's an act of aggression. It's nothing short of being totally completely -- Two well you can't I don't -- you -- seat -- it be ironic if the guy put his seat back but did what the person in front of him to put her seat back. In any event these were two adults they're both 48 years old. And I just can't imagine that the -- defender would be a product for anybody except an extremely rude person. Who else would do that. Spirits at Allegiant airlines have both and taken away the capability of reclining seats. So nobody can recliner seats on the -- And every seat is as a price consideration the flight of what's been up to me this seat doesn't -- decline that much. So I mean honestly it's not that much more comfortable when you recline -- but I have to admit that if I'm flying a recline the seat. Because it does -- enough to hear. If you're if if you kind of falling asleep in dozing off your head will bounced down the seats -- right. But -- the seats back keep your your head doesn't doesn't bounce down. So it is a little more comfortable. But to these two airlines dispirited -- have. Prevented people from from doing that but okay but that's their decision. And by the way United Airlines where this incident took place United Airlines does not allow the need defender to be used is going to be using it in apparently. Via -- whole thing erupted when a flight attendant intervened in requested that the male passenger remove the remove the device from the state. And his apparent refusal to remove the device a link to this. Confrontation a woman stood up and she threw water and then the guy's face and that's when they decided to defer to play. The scoop like tonight is titled space wars on -- you can read picture with others it's on our website at WW well not count if you graduate Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight -- numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. It's having a tech's number is 8787. We're also talking about a new study that shows that married couples who smoked pot together. Are less violent toward each other. And I can understand it in and I don't smoke pot but I've I've admitted that before the half. Time in my life that I did. They'd be very passive. Very relax and at a tight I think that's actually one reason I've as a sub doing it did like to feel. But I just don't think that -- makes it very many people very aggressive I don't know obviously everybody's different everybody's body chemistry is different. But I can understand the study showing it to people with smoke pot together or less violent toward each other. But this brings up the bigger question here's our -- if you are pretty general opinion poll tonight. Do you. Or could you live with someone who smokes pot cigarettes or drinks. But you don't. 14% say they do 46% say they could. And 60%. Majority say they do not and could not -- with anybody that does those things if they don't deal. I give is your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. And one of the big trending stories on the show tonight is this a nine year old girl. Who killed a gun instructor with an Uzi at a shooting range in Arizona. They were on vacation for Arizona which are shooting range and sort of semi attacks and said that there's a big signed a shoot machine guns. And it was one of things that promoted the the shooting range. I support the Second Amendment. Gun rights and feel the need to say that every time say anything negative about a gun because there are people who hear what they wanna hear. I do not support. Reckless gun use I do not support. Not that -- the Second Amendment notwithstanding I do not support. Those who are you responsible with got news. With every right comes responsibility. And with the right to own a -- comes responsibility to use it properly however there are those who will defend people using a gun. Any age any time anywhere. And then there's no there are some people who just cannot it's not in their DNA. To ever say anything negative about anybody. Using a -- And yet here's a nine year old girl who's gonna have to live with -- the rest of her life and it's the fault of the adults around her that made made bad decisions. Why is a nine year old girl. Shooting a -- A sub machine that. Was it wrong to let this. Young -- shoot the gun. If you didn't hear this story yet. The outlasting the instructor told -- instructor a series she's in the control situation. Adult supervision a gun instructors right there with a the last thing you said was all right follow. She fired. She didn't have the strength to maintain control the weapon because the Rico. The weapon went out of control shot and killed. The instructor. Really sad story. That was truly an accident. Charges have not been filed I don't think they should be because this to me is truly an accident. However it's an accident it could have been avoided. And truly believe there are adults around her parents and the people who owned the the shooting range and operated the shooting range. Who in my opinion were -- If you wanna join us for the comet tonight at numbers 2601878. To all free 8668890. A separate text numbers 87 -- -- from Picayune senior on the -- show good evening. Very scared don't good deed. In -- out -- -- -- first -- -- long ago. The little girl struck. Don't structure -- home. Is there a law. Another is the Mississippi where. If you have all fully automatic weapon you have to have a certain -- and my bad on the gun store here. And I was wondered there was a lobbyist then there. Well it's my understanding that no rules were broken in Arizona at this -- shooting range in the child was clearly under adult supervision -- assuming that this shooting range was operating. Under under the -- legally. So this was permitted on news -- states -- very with their rules regarding guns and and and ages since this would not be permitted I don't think it every state but I guess is permitted in Arizona. -- Art world. I would think there's some Mars should be -- very special prayer. Well but here's but -- -- a shooting range that says okay well you can you can -- I mean I I don't disagree with -- But I wonder if the shooting ranges are going to be negligent ultimately because. Because they allow this it's it's within their rules for something to have have taken place and it was really proven to be very dangerous. You know if somebody sent a text earlier about their young son couldn't get on an amusement park ride once because of his height. And here's a nine year old Garland is strong enough to handle it using those and I can answer I would assume that the only reason that she wanted to do this or parents want to do it. With her. Is because it was a thrill because is. No nine year old needs to know how to use and -- Now that's that's. That's phenomenal operator. You know and she spoke to both are. You need shooters and later in -- lottery -- -- Yeah. Some you know -- Well it's going to be interesting to see what -- I don't know about criminal charges sparked I would be surprised if there's not a lawsuit filed may -- by the parents against the shooting range or by somebody again it will. We'll follow this story it is one incident involving a gun but he is a tragedy that didn't have to take place and there are many other incidents where people were killed with guns and there are. Are true accidents that have happened so this is not about to gun rights it's not about more and horrible as this is about simply common cents. Exactly and I bet for -- support the Euro the right to bear arms. As you noted in their grip. It is. Well if if it's a young person is part of a hunting family and their practicing with a 22. A -- time hunting rifle. That's different and that's different than a nine year old using -- -- But I you know supposed to rushers -- practical. Well you know what's really sad. Obviously people hunt humans. With -- -- premise that it is right yeah. But that's wrong. Terry's wrong tireless and of course Warren -- a different story. I do appreciate you calling a short night. Our current thanks solicit here's attacks a racecar thanks for we might taxed I really enjoy your show my boyfriend and I both listened to you all the time. And just wanted to clarify my Tex I think you said that I had written especially the young girl when I said was everybody was accountable except. The young girl she's a cute -- and -- if I did make that mistake English you you cleared that up. Because I don't see how she could be at fault you know kids wanna do things. That are dangerous. Kids wanna do things that aren't good for and it's up to parents and adults to be responsible enough to make sure that kids don't do things that are too dangerous for them to do. What we're also talking tonight about life being -- -- Fortis was inspired by this discussion about the need defender and people reclaim their seats on on planes it. It's it's not only the reclaim the seat but it's kind of the way people do it sometimes so abruptly number I I've almost had -- spiel on my trade because somebody has to abruptly. Odd push their their seat back and then you know you got the bouncers in you got the speed the balance in their -- or jerk in the seat around especially kids like whoa whoa whoa. They ominously to. So you know Adobe jerk and that will be -- receiver -- -- and I've had kids -- the back of my seat where I've had the parents haven't done anything. So I gonna Toronto -- to stop. That's a tough situation to the I shouldn't have to tell it to stop doing something that is annoying to two other people parent should recognize that. So if life has become a -- war where do you feel like you're fighting turf war. Is when the passenger reclined the seat is it when somebody dominates the armrest. Is when somebody tailgate you were stands to close to you and in line. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 866889070. A -- receipts and create seventy. Here's a text -- turf war I absolutely hate when I go to the movies and there are plenty of empty seats the kids come in and seats. And sit right in my area and play with their phones I hate it. You know I hate it when adults play with phones as well. And you know this so easily leads into a conversation about rude people and I think anybody it would buy in. It's legal to sell it. Legal to buy it. But it's legal to call -- -- This is the -- show. Like for new worlds and Wednesday night's it will be right back on every WL. We're an update on the trending top eight which we begin our show with every night here at 8 o'clock -- WW all you can go to our website WW dot com and as a part of the talk shows and schedules click on the scoop paging and it's they're tomorrow night at this time. To be hearing the the point after with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia a saints game should be wrapped up by this time tomorrow night. -- in the proceedings -- superdome against the ravens says saints are undefeated so far will they go undefeated for the entire pre season and does that matter to our morning with Tommy Tucker and a WL first news the saints are getting ready for this final pre season game. Are you superstitious when it comes to the black and gold going undefeated in the pre season. Are you secretly hoping they lose to the ravens. Or does the fact that few if any of the starters are gonna actually play just make the game meaningless. As one of things atomic talk about tomorrow also Bobby Jindal is suing the Obama administration. Saying defense hijacked Indian and destroyed common core initiative which -- force the states into accepting it. Is any of that true and as the governor standing. Up for our kids or standing on them to raise his political standing. -- -- -- conversations tomorrow morning with Tommy Tucker wake up and feel goods tomorrow morning Tommy -- six to ten. To be WL first news and it -- earlier estimate what to talk about that and and I don't mind. -- -- like talking about a governor Jindal vacation. -- -- I just think he's such a political opportunist that it's going to be -- discussion tomorrow morning with Tommy Tucker here's a quick update on tonight's WWL party general opinion poll. Do you or could you live with someone who smokes pot cigarettes. Or drinks. But you don't. 13% say they do. 26% say they could. But 61% say they do not and could not. Be with anybody who smokes cigarettes pot or drank if they don't. Now that's interesting because what about the person who is what about the person who you marry to. And you're an alcoholic. So you have to quit drinking. Would you expect your your husband your wife to leave you. Because. You don't drink and they do could you be around them if you can entry can you be around them. I mean there are a lot of alcoholics who are in relationships and they were they were drinkers when they were in the relationship and the relationship. Is still together I know they don't all last but they're still together after the person. Stops drinking. So to suggest that you could not -- live with anybody would suggest that. If there was somebody drinks and somebody stopped shrinking in the relationship -- he couldn't be with a if you gonna give us say your opinion go to our website WW dot com we're -- in a post or SharePoint together updated just few minutes. It -- attacks were -- teach their sons how to use a rifle to hunt. No one says anything. A lot of families teach their kids how to use a gun. And the burglar breaks in all the family is home she little girl. Here's the commotion and gets the news she kills the Borger and -- the family. Would -- be an issue. It was an accident. Last time I checked accidents happen every day. This is not a perfect world also do not try to. Don't play Michael Brown's murder by all of a sudden putting a ton of coverage on this. That was an accident with a girl. Michael Brown was murdered. We talk about a lot of different things on the show is -- perceived as somebody words would have that impression we're not shying away from talking about Michael Brown. But they are -- their peaks and valleys with everything we talk about it. To be quite often follows. They've added that the trend in news in general. And there's nothing really new to report so it naturally the story about Michael Brown. At naturally subsites to -- it that's a natural phenomena I've never shied away from talking about Federer or anything like that. Here is a text about reclining seats reclining seats our past luxury that will no longer be available airlines due to deregulation. And competition except in first class. Here's a text about the a nine year old girl who accidentally shot and killed instructor -- shooting range in Arizona. A -- I don't feel sorry for anybody but the little girl the parents are ignorant and the instructor who lost his life for being ignorant. At the same kind of people who think he should be able to carry guns in Wal-Mart and our rooms sand sand sand. If you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about Ernie detects that we get our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here which seventy. And a text number 677. And talking about this this need defender this device that you can put on the seat in front of view that prevents that person in front of view from reclining deceit. And I mean that's brawl that's obnoxious we rude. And you shouldn't do that he might be able to legally buy it but you shouldn't do it. And yet some people do it caused an incident on a United Airlines flight from Newark to Denver had to -- Chicago -- -- the two people who are arguing off the flight. It's him but this has really led to a bigger discussion also about the things differently when it comes to traveling especially by air. Because -- a world where all locked in this metal cylinder together. And -- there should be some kind of -- appreciation for each other. And quite often there really isn't. I'm getting a number of text about that. Here's a text -- one thing that bothers me on an airline flights is the fact that the seats are not cleaned in between users. I use my pipes on the headrest. So someone with -- higher or lice. Could be they're. Also wiped down the arm rest planes are dirty. But you have to use them reclining seats reclining seats are the least of my worries. You know I'm a -- a fault and I got I have to suspend a lot of my germ phobia when -- get on a fly a plane because I realized it on the slights. People are discussed I'll never forget one time I want to go aboard a plane it was a continuation of flight. Howard to get on a plane. And I want to go sit down in the seat. And somebody had clipped their fingernails and their toenails and left all of the clippings. On -- That was one of the most repulsive things. I've ever seen and I just wondered about the mentality of -- person would do. You know again I wonder about the mentality of person who use the knee defender. Would like tonight is -- space wars on airlines all about that it's on our website WWL. -- dot com here is taxed please refrain from saying the nine year old girl killed the shooting instructor. When you say she killed. It sounds like she intended to shoot. The instructor. There was a terrible accident. It was caused by human errors the instructor was. Was not an NRA certified shooting instructor he made several mistakes. That cost him his life. I don't really get too much into. Semantics. You know she. It's not her fault but and I'm still concerned about saying she killed she and I think that just point out how serious this is you -- -- Why diminish the magnitude of of this. -- diminish the the magnitude of of of talking about. A horrific accident like this because this is 100% avoidable. Here is attacks that reads. I don't know if it's still stands but at one time the saints also had a regular. Season. The saints all this it's always had a good regular season if they did poorly in the pre season. -- to this point by all indications the saints are not gonna have a very good season but I don't think that's true I think we're gonna have a great season I don't you know I don't buy into that it. I kind of look at the pre season as all the -- happened to win that game. Because after the a's starters are going in the game and then troop recently in the first two games. At that point is just who happens to win. -- it's I know both teams try to win the but the victory or the lost his daughter real indication of the team during the pre season because he got so many people going in. And out John richest pointed out that during the Super Bowl year we were forgo in the pre season OK so that takes care of that little miss. Here is a text about the -- defender of people who use the knee defender are incredibly selfish. They assume they are more important than the stranger they sit behind. It's the same sense of entitlement common in America today. And unintended consequence. A part individualistic culture. Very prophetic -- expressed. Yet it is entitlement. And for those who bash certain segments of society for having an entitlement mentality. I think they failed to see how many times in their own lives that they might feel like -- year. Entitled to something if you wanna join -- show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Series seventy. And a text number is 87870. And RW WL pretty -- opinion poll is do you or could you live with someone who smokes pot cigarettes or drinks and you don't. Give me your opinion they're going to be of google.com we'll give you an update on that coming up here in just a few minutes. I'm getting a number of add text here about suffering as administration was passed on to me the saints have never been -- dollar pre season and number texting the saints were three and one. In the Super Bowl season it in any event it's a myth that if the saints have a bad pre season they're gonna have a good season if they have a good pre season they're gonna have a bad season. So there were 312 point still is the saints can have a good season if they have a good pre season and again I look at the pre season is all the -- happened to win that game. You know I think it's important in these. When I see how some players play and and I see how. Seep out of the starters play against other starters from other teams but in terms of -- the final score being really really doesn't matter. Here's a quick update on tonight's WW a party -- opinion poll do you -- could you live with somebody who smokes pot. Cigarettes. Or drinks but you don't. 12% say they do 27% say they -- 61% say they do not and would not live with anybody that did those things. If they don't give your opinion by going to our web site W if you will not count. Which -- had Angeles part of our WWL family every day at 1 o'clock she opens up the show with what's trending on Demi WL. It's a candid fund in depth discussion about the top trending stories of the day weren't selling it for I do enjoy doing it a tomorrow don't during Dave Cohen for WL news. A cat from buy you 95 point seven Todd Manassas co host a first take. -- court. To be talking about what's trending news sports entertainment and social media and then at 2 o'clock Angelo we'll talk about it pregnancy discrimination. Paternity leave and unequal pay for women. Interesting news -- Boston attorney for the law firm. Blue Wilson on answers character questions about that an open mind with the legendary Angela -- starts 1 o'clock with what's trending on Debian you'll tomorrow and we pace went for. Under the WL a tonight I talk -- stories in this and nine year old girl. Who accidentally killed gun instructor. With a doozy of shooting range and Arizona. Should charges be filed -- a nine year old learning to shoot an Uzi submachine gun. The girl's parents were visiting from New Jersey. And one of the things that she wanted to do our summer vacation I guess. Issued a news -- brought up an interesting point earlier in the show may be this coral please. Video games we're one of the choices of weapons is is a submachine gun is a new -- you're an Uzi type weapon. And so maybe in playing the video games she was curious about what it was like to fire that weapon in real life. Which I understand. And hear this -- is shooting range she's under the supervision of an instructor and adult. So those were not mistakes that was a controlled situation. But the mistake came in the assumption that the nine year old girl could handle the recoil of the use. And as it turned out she couldn't and the instructor. Instead truly an accident truly a sad story if you would join us with -- -- tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text numbers 87070. Also in our topic today earlier tonight we were talking about how that the various eyewitness reports tell different stories about what happened to the white police officer who shot the young black male. In Ferguson Missouri. Representative Adam -- Democrat from California. Is pushing for congress to encourage -- law enforcement. To have officers all we're body cameras. To record every incident but every individual. Is there a downside to officers wearing body cameras. And you're in the past this wasn't possible. Because. Technology didn't allow for body cameras to be so inexpensive. And so polite in need I mean it's it's practically nothing. In the -- it's a time when you would have had to have a about a relatively large backpack to have a camera on. So with technology today it's relatively affordable. And also it's done something that is is physically possible majestically -- it's totally possible. So is there a downside to officers wearing him bring about a care if Auburn officer I'd put that body camera. That would tell us exactly what happened between the officer Darren Wilson. An eighteen year old Michael Brown Ferguson Missouri. That would tell us exactly what happens in a lot of different cases. And his Democrat from California or -- percentage shift. He says that the evidence. From the early adopters who have done this is highly promising. And body worn cameras have garner support from police chiefs rank and file officers community organizations and civil rights advocates. He says we believe that. He dedicated. Federal grant program. Would be a worthy addition to the support of the Department of Justice. Has historically provided the state and local law enforcement agencies. And he's pushing for congress to encourage. Local law enforcement to all Wear body -- Is there a downside. If you enjoy it tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. Nines here which seventy -- -- -- receipts have heats up from Covington JP year on the -- show good evening. -- -- to -- a comment on the broke the shutter and sharper you. American. Appear in person that is. It will enable me are you feel like that a you know adjusting. That happened you know she shouldn't feel like. Because she played or video game that she can come on real I think that them in the. Well I understand your point I I understand the curiosity. And I don't think that there's any excuse for. Violent behavior in society based on and on playing violent video games. But he fight for example a five if I constantly played a flight simulator. I would I would -- flight -- where no it felt like it real life. But the different story and -- -- well grew up or you're gonna grow up playing Mario Brothers and you know the big guys eat mushrooms and it's dropping below the you know I think like emotions because -- -- You know that would that would happen -- -- -- and that's what I wanted to. I understand but it but does that mean I -- too many a look at emotion you're talking about a mean I was younger generation I never did I was part of a generation they a lot of mushrooms. We ask her. I didn't into this second but Mario Brothers didn't make it lightly mushrooms and -- up and break the patent for. I understand -- -- -- were just talking about the curiosity if you if you do that in in a video game I don't think there's anything wrong with understanding the reality shooting done. If you if you are in a controlled situation. But -- that doesn't mean I think video games and -- all violent and aren't. Barrel to the nine year old girl. Patient in an actual code on machine I I don't agree to that appeared to have. Well I I agree added that it should've happened. But I understand. That she might just part of the idea that what would that -- the question is why would she do it why would she be interested in that. And somebody -- the possibility that maybe she played violent video games and was interested in what one of those weapons would do in real life. But obviously it's not. Is that something that she's learning to do on a regular basis it was just the thrill of it and I guess. You know what. She might not be in school again you know lot of schools -- already back but. And much of the country schools don't start until after Labor Day is -- on vacation what is she gonna right now about what I did a much summer vacation. But I is that she should that bother bother what you did -- appeared in mine and my. In you know I'm I would never have a daughter -- -- I would never amount while the greens -- imagination letter. -- -- Fourteen teenagers -- week. -- that's needed it. I I understand JP I I agree with you I don't I don't think the -- should have allowed it but then the parents may turn around and take action against the shooting range. For allowing it to happen saying. These are the rules put in somebody pointed out I'm sure a waiver was signed at some point. Yeah I'm -- Europe and now that the parents well you know high commission failed because they. -- together she drove there -- you know extremely prepared properly their. Yeah I I agree that it's ultimately the parents it's 100% avoidable -- -- tragic accident. -- should be they should suffer the repercussions of whatever happened. It would record an accident but somebody died. JB I'm going to all the -- That's gotta -- it's a brave man thanks for listening. Here's a text did they say she was playing a video game just wondering no they didn't say that -- of -- just brought up. What might have caused her curiosity about a doozy if indeed cheated out of curiosity about it is. Here is attacks that reads my wife drinks wine every night. But it doesn't smoke either one. I do all three we've been together for fifteen years -- the white trench line and the guy smokes cigarettes. Pot and drinks line. And then it together for fifteen years. That god bless you. Maybe she's having fun while you're sleeping I'm scoop will be right back on WWL. Welcome back to a show and it's a Wednesday night tomorrow night it's the saints game the saints in the ravens from the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And we'll be back on Friday night to lead you into the weekend here's an update on our WW a party jaguar opinion poll tonight. Do you could you live with someone who smokes pot cigarettes or drinks but you don't only 12% say they they do. 47% say they could 61% say they could not. Ever do it they don't or or couldn't do it. -- was your opinion by going to our web site at W real dot com here's a Texas got the saints are gonna roll this season they're going to win the Super Bowl just thought I'd let you know it. -- tastes like chicken. You know I've never tasted falcons so I'm gonna have to take your report -- but I understand the that the symbolism there. Here's a text about says the governor the governor is so abusive to the citizens of Louisiana and turns around and blames it on the president to confuse the issue. First he refuses said Medicaid money. For all of Medicaid but the four. The -- were costing the poor and lower middle class a federal support to which would help people have -- better medical care to the text goes on from there. That's a controversy will be discussed tomorrow morning into the WL first news with Tommy Tucker this is this coach Joseph get caught up on the news and we'll be right back -- WL.