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8-27 Scoot Show 11pm, Uzi & Knee Defender

Aug 28, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot Show: It’s called the Knee Defender. It’s a device an airline passenger can put on the seat directly in front to prevent that passenger from reclining the seat and cramping the space in the seat behind. The Knee Defender, which costs about $22, led to a confrontation between 2 passengers on a United Airlines flight that had to be diverted. Should anyone have the right to stop you from reclining your seat on a flight? What annoys you most about travelers on planes? THEN: A 9-year-old girl killed a gun instructor with an Uzi at a shooting range in Arizona. Should charges be filed? Why would a 9-year-old girl need to shoot an Uzi? How old were you when you fired your first gun? And what kind of gun was it? ALSO: A new study shows that married couples who smoke pot together are less violent toward each other. Do you or could you live with someone who smokes pot – cigarettes – or drinks if you don’t do any of those things?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I mentioned something at the very beginning of a show tonight here in the top -- -- dates and for those of you who have joined us late I want to mention this again. But you know I I am sorry if I'm bringing you -- shocking news. Two people were arrested. And 61 were given citations -- Jimmy Buffett concert in Wisconsin over the weekend. Most of the citations were given to people for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia the very idea that people with smoke pot and Jimmy Buffett concert. I know is sending shock waves throughout the -- had world. And it's just but I don't mean to be criticizing those who go to Jimmy -- concerts. I know this is shocking news but I just felt like I needed to share it with here's an update on our -- -- to a project -- opinion poll tonight. Do your could you live with somebody who smokes pot cigarettes or drinks and you don't 12% say I do. Only the Simonyi a dose of sings and I don't 47% say I could and 61% say they do not and could not. Here's a text I wouldn't -- really care for person I was dating endure living -- I'd like to drink. But if they smoked either reefer or cigarettes. I'd make him brush their teeth six times and Garko with -- borscht. And eat a handful of -- before I kissed him. It's understandable. Little severe. Obviously don't like the taste of smoke in somebody's mouth. -- -- -- -- -- -- what bothers me about the the 61% to say they do not -- could not live with somebody. Who smokes cigarettes smoked pot or drinks. I can't help think about all the people who have quit drinking. Because it got to the process of understanding of their alcoholics. They were in a relationship. They're married. And I know sometimes people change after they they quit drinking in people don't like the person anymore. They elect pursuant drank but sometimes it like 2% more after the drinks I know that all the recent -- don't work out. Because a person does to some degree change. However. It seems to me that. If you're not willing to stay with somebody who. Drinks and -- who doesn't drink if you drink or -- if -- if you stop drinking could you still be with your your wife or husband if they continue to drink. That's just suggests that if somebody goes through this process of according drinking because they have to. That they couldn't be with a person more cautious on which is gonna say it also -- where we're talking about. Talking about the need defender -- but this is a really interesting story it's a device that an airline passenger can used to put on the seat directly in front of him or her. To prevent the passenger from reclining deceit encrypting the space in the seat behind. The -- defender cost about 22 dollars. And it led to a confrontation between two passengers on United Airlines flights. It had to be diverted -- heading from Newark, New Jersey to Denver. Had to be diverted to Chicago the two passengers both forty years old or escorted off the plane by Chicago police in TSA officials. And -- charges have been filed haven't heard an update on that. I would think that anybody who buys the indeed defender. And puts this device on the seats which by the way United Airlines does not allow. And that's one of the things that I think who edited the confrontation was when the flight attendant told the guy to remove that the knee defender any any didn't do. It seems that anybody who would buy that. It's really rude selfish person. And you you go on a plane and you you know it's going to be -- militia and first class plane to -- And seems like they're trying to find ways to make the seats even smaller and get more people on the plane. So it's crowded and you do know that one of the inconveniences is that people might put the seat back and that's critic Roger space a -- it. But for somebody to buy a device it's legal to make it legal to buy it but for some way to buy device in use that I think is the epitome. Of rudeness. If you enjoy an issue with a comedies is also aware of what you're talking about you know what annoys you most about travelers on a plane and I'm my -- that list at least as long. If you've traveled recently. If you know you're gonna travel -- -- anticipating the problems with a traveling on a plane we know we're locked in the cylinder together yet a lot of people. I don't really have respect for on I just I just thought of one of the things that really bothers me most. And that is the loud talker. I guess I should be respectful of somebody sort of hearing and they don't know they're talking loud. But I have a feeling that some people -- loud talkers because they feel like everybody needs to hear they think everybody. Needs to hear what they're saying. And to me that's just and he can mean -- -- obviously -- and his jets but -- sort of equipment and they're always a few people who weren't loud talkers over. Everybody else that's by just being respectful of everybody around you if you wanna join our show with your comment tonight at numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every text numbers activities sanity. His comment about the people who Jimmy Buffett concert those folks at the buffet concert should have known -- offering a cop a choke on some good -- Might have been a bad move personal responsibility. That's true you know you really need to accept personal responsibility for the -- -- mean you can't be offering just anybody. You know what spark off the -- for a hit off the pipe but -- again as. And I'm thinking why is this news to me there which by the way they were 25000 people. At this Jimmy Buffett concert which Jimmy -- in the coral reefer band and Alpine valley music theater in Wisconsin town of Lafayette Wisconsin. 25000 people. Only two people were arrested. Six he wants citations were handed out. -- about four for marijuana used to beat the boy is this even a story. I mean that seems like it would just speed you know part of the hold Jimmy Buffett see I'm not condone it but you know let's be honest it would just be kind of part of the scene. Here is attacks that reads high scoot to number one would not marry one who smokes or uses harmful or illegal substances. Number two. The girl's parents and the gun range. He to have used appropriate judgment. Number three in terms of space I am space invaded when someone is talking to me and starting. And standing within inches instead of feet of my face most aggravating is at work when customers stand in front of the door. Or I keep my cleaning supplies. I cleaned. An affair and at a very fast paced fast food store I have to open and close the door often the customers. Could move. Closer in order to account customers could move closer. To the order counter but keep standing backed by the Sony is getting in my way customers. Trying to get their sonus. Understand the frustration. And it talking about the need defenders that really also led to an expanded discussion about how life has become a turf war. Reid really has any week we there's we have such little space. We have such little time to ourselves but the slightest little thing makes us feel like our space has been invaded. And I talked about this tonight. Recently I'd -- I tried doing something that really has worked for me. When somebody starts to tailgate. -- just -- this I have this this just this feeling of anxiety. I don't -- anything that woods. Would amount to road rage I don't react. But when somebody's tail gates mean not only is it dangerous. But I also feel like my space is invaded. And there is this. Conceptual. Space. That we all think should be between us in the car behind -- some people violate that space psychologically I I get anxious. So I take a deep breath and I started to think about OK instead of focusing on the space that's invaded. Let me just focus on the space that I have in my car I'm very small car. I focus on net. And this is something that that I can control I have MySpace. So instead of thinking about the space that's invaded thinking I think about the space that I have. In my vehicle and and that might be one way to help you deal with the -- the temptation to feel -- rage when you're on the road and somebody violates your your space out there. I also feel. Like MySpace is so violated to some degree when the passenger front and he does recline their seat but they certainly have a right to do it never -- -- try to stop that are discovered that. It's part of the travelling process. Which is why did the -- defender really really offends me it's it's it's just again it's a product for people who work very very rude. But it it it in -- MySpace but instead of thinking about the space that I've lost. Because you do get this emotional feeling that you lost space when they recline the seat I think about the space there was still half and still in my seat nobody else is in my seat except me. And I just think about a guest artists focus on the space that I have for a business space that I've lost. It also bothers me when people stand too close to me in line. Whether it's -- the bank corps you know I mentioned earlier about it's time to haven't been in the cafeteria in a very very part time. But I remember going to cafeterias. And there was that that person right behind you always like -- coming up it is sometimes bopping your tray. It's like whoa wait wait a minute you know grandmother Brussels sprouts are going to be there the macaroni cheese is going to be there when you get there. Don't be so anxious. But that drives me crazy when people invade their space. And and and there are few people who are close talkers was something that came out brilliantly in an episode assigned failed to close talker. Percent it's right up on it. -- Again life has become a turf war. Windy you feel like you fight for turf. If if you felt like you you fight for turf at times and I haven't mentioned yet. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- -- seventy and a text interstate 77. From -- as we go to Steve -- on this good show good evening. -- -- But it don't work by the call and -- -- that operates out. Yeah I did and I you know that's not it's not the safest thing to do I have to admit that I have done that a few times. And I got it back -- unit on. And it'll be Wednesday -- to -- you you know. There are no no tail gating is it is truly dangerous and I'm I'm surprised there -- an -- accidents. Yet at red light and not been on bail while yeah yeah and they're back and look back. At. The no they're not that you and a in a car -- he would. There are no call. It was all -- light. Well police should Obey the law went in there in uniform or out of uniform I would think. -- Wright State you have a good night to thanks for listening on to WW Illinois. Here's a Texan reads the person buying the knee defender is combating the rudeness of the person reclining deceit. Interest as interesting way to look at. However if you border plane you know that people recline the seats. You accept that reality. And therefore it shouldn't be up to you to make a decision about whether or not somebody declines the -- think it's an act of aggression. And I see an act of aggression not like in war or in. Combat between street gains or something like that aggression with a gun but within the context of the flying a plane I think it's an act of aggression to prevent somebody from reclaiming their -- so. I don't think the person who buys the knee defender and and uses it -- combating the rudeness of the person coining the seat I think that person is committing an act of rudeness. Here is attacks the reason -- here's the story from the Jimmy Buffett article a Smart thing. Smarter thing in Ferguson might have DN. To have. An -- to wind. Burning of marijuana we'd. Forum. For a mellow evening. It would have. And good for all -- Well that's kind of a joke because I'd I don't know how high. You'd get smoking our for breathing in secondhand. Pot smoke I don't know if that's possible. -- I don't think it is because I didn't do enough concerts to where I don't know if that really happens but John wicker studio producer shaiken said yes it is possible. Apparently John goes out of his way to stand next to people who smoke pot. Or are just happens by accident here's a text that reads the last time I took a flight from New Orleans to Las Vegas. And sat next to a guy who snow holds. -- Now of old steel corn chips and sour French onion soup. Sits that's. That's a rather distinguished. And definitive way to describe -- somebody's smells. Quite a -- yeah. And what really -- is every seat on the plane was taken so like couldn't move. Here's attacks many times you pay for receipts. -- declines severe line has given you the right to do you know we talk about the right to recline on a plane we're talking about this again in the context to fly. It's not a constitutional right. But. During this this moment of traveling. In this shared space of a plane. Ever right departure sit back. Now I mentioned it to two airlines says spear and Allegiant airlines. They have now disabled all of the seats of none of the seats recline. All of the seats remain upright. And I know the seats don't -- that much you know if you're if you kind of fall asleep but I I've dosed off on planes and yeah head bounces down you'd you know you're next stretch of the head bounces down at the seats up bright. It does tended laid back a little bit if you if you have the seat -- just a little bit. So a couple of airlines don't have. Down to disable the -- -- to recline at all. If you were to join us with a comic tonight about -- we're talking about a numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And a -- -- 877. When do you feel like you're fighting a turf wars -- a time in your life when you feel like you're fighting for turf because life has become mature for. In -- yet reclining seats or somebody mentioned -- passengers. On a plane. And -- -- -- -- people -- customers this person was mentioning customers in a movie theater they're open seats everywhere. -- said some people have to come sit by him anyway and the use of cellphones which of course is -- aggravating and sometimes people in the movie -- I just. Gotta take a break just thought of something else that. I find really rude and you might not think it's -- all you might think it's perfectly acceptable in your entitled to that I find it rude. I will talk about that when we come back I'm screwed it's Wednesday night six by tomorrow night's. Here -- WWL and we'll be back. I it's saints are going to be on tomorrow night and then get ready for LA shoe this season opener against Wisconsin Saturday night you're gonna get a game right here -- Debbie WL. And Bobby -- are gonna be live on location. -- about gonna be there as well in Houston and -- I'll tell you about those -- details here in just a moment. Here's a quick update on our ride -- slightly changing W a pretty general opinion poll. Do you -- could you live with someone who smokes pot cigarettes or drinks but you don't 14% say they do. 27% say they could but 59% say they could not and would not live with anybody who did those things. And they don't. Here is a text about the need defender. One of our top trending stories tonight. I wonder if the guy who used the knee defender reclined his own seat or at least could have if he wanted to. I wonder if he did I wonder how the guy who use the need defender. Well now you know there's a possibility that he is respectful and not hypocritical. Possibility that he wouldn't reclining seat because he doesn't like it it would be great if everybody treated everybody the way they want to be treated. So if you have a guy here who is using the -- defender. And he so respectful of others he doesn't like the C declined in front of him so he -- a reclining seat. However you and I know. That there are so many -- people. And so many hypocritical people that they will stop somebody else from doing something. That they're doing. But I I would like to think that this guy would not declined his seat if that's something that he totally. On the post this but really all of this deals with our all of the steals a car. Our our our turf war like this become a -- for. What was that -- -- what are we talking about going into the break -- reading all these things during the break -- tell -- what we were at what was there's talk about a in the break being wrote. Rebellious. What really is rude I was gonna say that something is for what was I thinking about and I lost my train of thought. You know I think about I think about all these things going into a break -- and -- reading all these things that I have -- economy during a break if it's not gonna talk about. Coming out of the break something that something that makes me that that people do that's. It's really a thick of it in in in just a moment. Here's a text that read so we should let kids be kids no need to give a three year old coffee. Make up five year old girls like grown women. No need to give a nine year old a sip of alcohol obviously and nine year old has no need to fire an -- Parents rush kids to adulthood. Wonder what went wrong. Here is another tax the res and I know this may sound really like a really don't request but could you please please email me yesterday's podcasts it's like can't downloaded. Pretty pleased sugar on topic that's of Cassie and -- get a taste catches a regular listener to dispute show. And she's laid up in a hospital. And I think that's one reason why that are she should probably increase or pain medication and going to deal with what she's dealing with in the hospital but to deal with her listen to this show policies like there every night. I can't see get well and I wouldn't be able to do that but -- don't try to figure out a way to do it send me an email if you can scoot it Debbie WL. And I'll try to figure out a way to do that I can't believe I forgot what I was gonna talk about going into the break. We're talking about people being rude and it was something that people do that's it's really -- upon I've talked about loud talkers. Arrive talked about reclining the seats have talked about and just I absolutely lost -- you don't need to start to any district taking notes when I go to break second remember -- it is that I actually. More publicity there's always something new and our website at WWL dot com look at the latest on the saints issued dissipate the game tomorrow against the ravens. And the latest on everything if you're not checking in on a regular basis you should it's agree website WWL dot com. Also there's a new report that says that NO PD is under reporting robberies. Also Deke Bellavia says that the young players could have a big impact on LSU's offense in the game against Wisconsin this weekend throughout the year a T Bob. Says so planning. Planning will go out of the window when LSU meets Wisconsin. That's going to be quite a battle and less miles has said that there's going to be a bowl like atmosphere. In the I think it's the and honestly it's the it's it's the NRG stadium used to be I think he's to be Regis it's it's the energy stadium. It used to. And -- I think this is going to be a really great panel for a for real issue also you connect check outs but sellers new cartoon about the newest -- baby. And the -- blog is space wars on airlines all of that in more trending on our web site. At WWL dot com I'm sure before the show's over and literally think about it when I was gonna say about people being -- you know what it probably wasn't an important anyway. -- People for the ethical treatment of animals. Has. Filed a complaint against party Cliburn it's turtle and alligator farm -- two -- near Hammond. For forcing animals to live in deplorable conditions. Also a complaint has been filed with child protection services regarding the -- six year old son. So -- says that this turtle and alligator farm in two -- the alligators crocodiles and turtles. Are packed in too small murky pools. By the hundreds or even thousands. Where they fight for food and space. And the Peter represented says that reptiles are releasing suffering in the wild because it takes years for them to die of stress -- attrition and infection. By encouraging -- also they had a problem with putting by putting employees at risk. Because by encouraging or requiring them to hand feed alligators. And even -- the alligators to bite their hey happens for the two -- there endangering the lives and limbs of their employees. Well. If you accept the job -- an alligator might bite you. Then you accept the job. I can't see how that's the fault of the people who were -- I -- if you if you -- are perform in that way. And the alligator gets close to biting your hand if you get bitten is that really the -- fault -- is it your fault for accepting. Nearly job. He also was filed a complaint with the occupational health and the safety administration to investigate reports of employees being required to taunt the animals. I -- to put on a show. And child protection services received a complaint regarding the manager six year old son. Who was allowed to wrangle with alligators the kid has already been bitten once. And apparently. They believe the child's life is in danger. Because he wrangles with the alligators if you wanna join our show with a -- tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688970. And a text number is 877. Here is attacks was looking forward to a quiet breakfast and reading my newspaper my favorite restaurant this morning someone sat at the table next to me. And carry on a conversation on their cell phone with the speakerphone. On. MySpace was invaded. Rude. So much for peaceful breakfast. That's from -- Saint Louis. I agree with you -- You know why can't we just be a little more considerate of each other. What -- we have to force our conversations on other people. And to sit at a table. And use a speakerphone. That's another. Sign of great great -- We totally unnecessary. Here's a text liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you're willing to share with others. Wow that's. That's a great thought liberty is the only thing you cannot have. Unless you're willing to share with the others. And yes we should. Share with others. Here's a text talking on Bluetooth walking in a store or out in public. You know there was a time when you were really concerned about people walking around talking to themselves. But now you see people doing that they're on a cellphone. I've gotten used to it did I guess it did started to bother me in the beginning but really doesn't bother me anymore. And I just -- I I I accept it now using a cellphone when you go in a store to order when you're an owner using a cellphone that's that's really rude. And you if you think about it we could really make life. A lot more pleasant for everybody and life would be a lot more pleasant for us if we just took a little time to be more considerate about each other. Instead of being proud to be rude. Be proud to be polite. And I guess this guess or something macho about being rude I guess or something. Attention getting about being rude. And most of the people who are rude appear to be people who were starved for attention. And by being rude they get attention it's negative attention they get looks but maybe that's the problem with people who are -- they they need the attention. And did the loud talkers -- media Tracy. Here is a text you were saying after the break you're gonna talk about something you think is rude. But we may not agree. But that's okay hope that helps. I don't mean I have just absolutely had this. This void in my brain about what I was gonna talk about going again it was just something. Something about being -- -- wasn't anything that important and obviously I sort lighting up the next segment of the show during the break and sometimes they forget. When I was gonna talk about I'm sure will come to me. Before the end of the shelled by the way I've not had one text. Or one phone call. From anybody. Who has had any thing negative to say about police wearing body cameras to record every incident with the individuals. I can't think of a downside to that. And so far nobody has called -- nobody has sent a text with any downside. Of police officers -- and cameras -- we would probably. Probably not guaranteed that we would probably know more about exactly what happened between. The white police officer and then the black used in Ferguson Missouri now cameras can malfunction. There might be a possibility that the camera would not taking and all of the action. So it would still come down to interpretation it's. It's like instant -- with football. You know there's no guarantee that the officials are gonna still get it right even if they've they have the replay because the replay is still under. Consideration by human being. So there's still. Human judgement. So did the did the video that would come would still be under interpretation so it wouldn't be guaranteed but it would make it easier. To determine what happens in a lot of situations and we're talking about this if you just -- this because there's a congressman Adam Schiff Democrat from California. Who is pushing congress to encourage local law enforcement officers to all Wear body cameras to record everything that happens with individuals mean. Not a bad idea. On this -- study that shows that married couples who smoked pot together or less violent toward each other this is set coming from researchers at the university of buffalo. It shows that they find significantly lower incidents of domestic violence against married couples who smoked pot. Couples in which both spouses use marijuana frequently. Are reported the fewest intimate partner violence perpetrators should. The authors studied 634. Couples over in nine year period of marriage starting in 1996. They were given questionnaires about recent drug and alcohol use instances of physical aggression toward their spouses. Now some studies have had to have made a link between marijuana use and or abuse and domestic violence while others have not. You know so often there there are studies and and there are studies that counted the studies. And sometimes you just have to use common sense. I think somebody needs to do a study on the studies that are done. Because. It's seems to me that there are a lot of people who get a lot of federal grant money. Get a ton of money from from different people. Get a ton of money from causes. To do studies. And they do studies. Really with a certain. Outcome in mind. Sometimes researches done. By a group funding the research. And they want -- to be certain outcome of the research. But that doesn't always. Doesn't always heard that should always happened. But when when a group forms a study. And the study comes out and it benefits the group. I can't help would be sometimes. I'm skeptical. Of the results. So we know there are studies in the their studies that owner of the study so it really comes down to common sense which I know is not as common as it used to be. Here is a text facts are facts judge wisely thank god for -- Yeah of course you know we don't really think god for for everybody's -- Steve here on WWL. I'm off agreed. I thought about but. Into -- vocal about that won't vote. Last week. And I had via -- period pick my seven year old daughter. And in upper. -- -- want all it was unable or. I agree with -- -- I talked of our wrote a blog about it for our website. I -- I thought they were phenomenal and you know here I was going to the one republic concerted Lakefront arena and then a couple of days later is going to see Crosby, Stills and Nash. At this anger theater. So I was going to see these elections. And I'm seeing on a new -- seems to have the ability to be a legendary band in the future but those guys ourselves so talented and I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm sure your kids enjoyed it. They say they absolutely love it even now in bulk it was a good night out. But I I just occurred it'll work out how. -- we're. Especially guitar player -- -- -- -- you know it only. On the. Phenomenal there's a lot of really great talented young bands out there and a lot of people in our generation Steve dismissed just because it's new and it's not Led Zeppelin it's not what they knew but. You know one republic is one of those bands that you know one night on the show we were talking about bands today that have the ability to maybe be real superstars for degeneration today in the future. And I -- -- for when Republicans won a spans I thoroughly enjoyed the concert Stephen glad -- called. -- if you -- -- like your comment about any were talking about. Our numbers 260187. In toll free 866889. Series every text 870 eights having we'll be right back on WWL. It was driving me crazy I remember -- -- like a couple of these attacks one says so you -- the subject of movie theaters. And so wanted to tell us something that you find very rooted many might not find a big deal here's another win. Could it to have been something to do with movie theaters textures are moviegoers. Feet on the chair in front review another when you're saying. That after the break you're gonna talk about something that you think is rude to but we may not agree. Thank you very much. I find this rude and you may not think this is route at all and I think on the very tolerant person. But if I'm in a movie. If I had a saints game. And the seat next to me is and I don't want somebody's feet. From behind me. On the chair next to me. Now it's not my chair. I realize especially if the person's wearing sandals. And hasn't had a pedicure in the last five or ten years. A problem with that. I find it very -- -- thing I do about it because it's not my seat now it's not their CD player. But it's fair I I just I think it is are a rude. Act by human to put your feet on the seats. Because it's right in your fan I mean you turn in somebody's feet -- right there in your face and I find it to be very very -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I still which is what they -- a member called a radio station and also thank appreciate. Well I want to talk about Hewitt at something about calm people kind of -- vested interest whenever they hate or certain -- go. Actually disputed pat -- -- -- center for sure as therapy. Arm in what I want to -- would that be you make an interesting point that people do all Indian debt by. I think in particular that you were talking about it they're being less domestic violence -- couples smoke marijuana. Something I would think about that change is that. The people who were actually. Did did this whole view -- -- stroke but this whole marijuana in Colorado and and lost to organ. They don't really have the money. Yet you really churn or should tell people how to calm. How you try as he study. But what I would say is that you actually have the alcohol. Groups that are in United States to have. Billions upon billions of dollars to actually go yet. The legalization of marijuana can be crawling we chewed -- it's Jim that. Yeah I mean that's a good point there and and again I don't know about this specific study but it really did make me think about how studies are are are funded by some groups that that may be curious about the the objectivity of the of the study. And I you know I I first became aware of this site in the mid -- swing and our right after the re election of Ronald Reagan Ed Meese was the attorney general. And the Meese commission. Setup that an investigation. Into whether or not this was a payback to the religious right for helping get Ronald Reagan reelected. On Ed -- the attorney general set of a commission to study pornography. And in reading about this. Their goal was to find a direct link between pornography. And deviant behavior. Andy. They even then they even came out with a in the report it to penthouse. And Playboy were pornographic. And that turned out to be something that they had to take back guy I think this went to maybe the Supreme Court so this was clearly. This was clearly an opportunity to do a study with. The intent of the results already in mind they wanted to -- they were looking for instead of doing an objective study they were looking for ways to find -- link between. On pornography and deviant behavior and no such link has really been directly directly made. I'd say at the very good point but in the same in Ankara also make -- get it at work which -- -- a similar point she's talking about. Global warming and study found that. I -- I I totally I totally agree with him I'm part of a generation that you know in the I guess it was a late sixties early seventies mean been nearly seven he's. There was such concern about pollution that the that the fear wise and you know that the media always thrives on fear because that gets people start up and it attracts attention. But there was -- there was a theory that did the the the polar caps were going to grow and the earth was gonna become. Iced over because pollution was going till you gonna block outs so much of the sun that vegetation we start to die off. And if this trend continued of pollution. We would we would see the polar caps getting larger in the earth would would ultimately -- for. So now it's its global warming you know I don't know how much man has contributed to two global warming. It it might be more of a cyclical thing to me but I'd I do agree with you and it's not -- that we've really discussed yet on the show. And I see both sides of this I'm not totally convinced to go one way or the other but there are good there are groups that are. -- trying to. Make sure that everybody believes that this is of man made this is a man -- problem because they benefit from a financial. Well but that you could say the other side into the they have other groups out there that one picture that. People don't think that man -- problem mean you'd -- sixty you nervous. If you grow up during that time there was also were at issue in the in the let it out from that was on the lead. Higher levels in the items here which was causing us see -- people to have much higher lead content in the ever had -- the pointer history. And -- companies that actually letting gasoline. And there. Quote unquote experts out there to make sure that people understood that it was going to be the winner in in all you really big deal you -- make the same. Sure I I I am I agree and that's why we that's why we shouldn't always be so accepting of of research because we have to sometimes follow the money and look at two was sponsoring research. -- I really appreciate you calling a show glad your first time caller and thanks for listening. -- This is -- good show and we'll be right back but WWL and -- -- coming to the end of the show let me finish -- the show with a couple of really -- -- here's -- Texas has to be -- about research a lot of research with good methodology -- sound conclusions. Is dismissed by people who don't understand it or are ideologically or personally opposed to the implications. Is true silly -- bring up a lot on this show. There are people who will denounce. A poll that says something. Something negative about the president. But they'll accept the same poll that says something relative they're -- people who denounce it does something positive about the president. In a poll. They. -- believe that but don't believe the same poll that says something negative about the president does that does that make sense. -- what they John -- studio producer ulcers a text about wearing the body -- police officer says as long as they don't put something that we do stupid on YouTube. Eight which -- the saints to our night we'll be back Friday bloody New Orleans.