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Aug 28, 2014|

Dave talks about controlling kids cars, the death of the mall, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition WWL first news on this the 28. Of August 2014. It's -- day before Friday it has happy Friday eve the last Friday of August before you know will be in December. Getaway day yeah for folks who won a stake in law. Extended. Happy Labor Day weekend and I think that's more and other parts of the country where kids have not gone back to school now you know you were using -- differently. In that that or are not or wait a minute or greater things differently I don't. Well one yeah gala across the country must -- haven't gone back yet so. This is -- opportunity to have that last summer here I think them in the -- nice three day weekend but it. It's at school today tomorrow. And then on Monday. That to you by the way it just came in from Metairie. They've got two planes now open it's starting on a -- all the way cute Carrollton the bad news is a couple of people who. One it really speed up as soon as they open that second plane crashed into it. There's a crash right at the I ten X ten when it's off to the right but it was enough to back things. Solid abominable and then they'll open up again to become so I hope I never have to start Wednesday. Especially -- Over an accident began his comments standing outside of arm man standing outside of his far -- pieces of car all over the interest and the guys 10610 -- that's up. Add that way. -- and 450. GA and you bet it's just a larger markets worsened now I mean nobody was hurt -- out -- again everybody's fine. But they pulled over not always the shoulder just in the cones and they're trying to pick up accounts I think. If you're coming from Metairie in the city just slowed down to get -- -- because these people did not make it -- Traffic. To. We got out of saints play -- -- -- -- -- wanted to talk about people driving too -- -- ago right in this story from it's -- hands that -- -- you have some cars now are offering new device and the -- -- the -- ideal way to describe but. This device that allows you to slow your kids down -- -- that you as a parent. In some vehicles. Are now being given the option of setting -- maximum speed for the car and another -- to limit the volume. On the radio. So they can't turn their radio up past a certain point all what's Alpharma is not. -- their teens discipline and paying attention while they're driving and not crashing cars. I think I blew out my parents speakers in the bloom out and I -- blue law turned it all the way out you have. Used to take the air cleaner off on dad's Buick and and then read that gave the the old car. Kind of and accurately reflect and had a Turbo wanted to at least our imagination. And -- -- we could use some of those southerners. You know the slow us down here's my -- I'll probably setting the limits on the radio line. If you set that limit on how -- your kids car -- ago. It just seems to me there are some circumstances where you can if you need to speed up. They appear on the interstate. And there's someone merging in there about to hit junior Joyce's slam on the brakes sometimes -- gallon for gas it to get away from a bad situation. Sometimes you wanna speed up and if you have the -- -- -- -- seventy and maybe they got to go 75 to get out of the way of a car that's merging on. And their only after the slam on the brakes the guy behind him -- them out of it seems to interest me when -- -- maybe senator about hundred. It's gone on and most cars now have a governor -- shut down under anyway yeah it is literally turned the engine off when he gets 200 miles now the safety feature just in case. Them and gone wrong with you -- Your read on this -- device not not so hot I don't know I'm kind of -- And text sedate them be them. You -- the saints and it the last tree he. Hit the ball. -- I think is not a Kelly shot rubber ball we'll talk more about that. And thank you sir that it fifteen minutes efforts it is going to be well I am adamant that count. We will talk about that -- kind of game tonight with Steve Geller coming up next is the game and it's really important to those guys around the bubbles if they can make this team. By the start line. That would be real football. And but we'll talk about that was Steve gallon next to your forecast. And talk about more about that was us anywhere between mall nice surprise that many malls not just the -- in Canada many malls across the country. Our CN businesses just leave by the droves because they can't compete with the Internet talk about them more after the WWL happy Friday. I've got my date with Angela at 1 o'clock this afternoon if you wanted to -- as we -- would appreciate it everyone is welcome. We'll be talking about what's trending today at 1 o'clock again going to be WL am FM. And comeback today about the way -- national day calendar tells us. The today is national cherry turnovers day. And I liked it its -- not just one national cherry turnover day. It's national cherry turnovers day because he after make -- cherry turnovers and you know with the flaky crust and just a little bit of the -- Drizzle on the top it its sweet icing. Just a little bit too much in need just one of your forecast for today. Heat and humidity continue today look for -- close to 91 degrees a mix of sunny clouds overhead and about a 30% chance. For a few spotty showers or thunderstorms this afternoon. Tonight at 20% chance and tomorrow will update to about 50%. For a few scattered showers and thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon highs around ninety degrees. Looking ahead to Saturday looks a little on the weather side. A fifty to 60% chance for some scattered showers and storms and highs around 89. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra cramp bird. Cloudy both sides of the -- now 79 at the airport in -- 76 the National Weather Service office in Slidell no surprise that it's muggy with a relative humidity. At nine B 1% I'm Dave Cohen at the early edition of WWL first news barrier from coming in from Metairie or any points west of the city limits of New Orleans. I would continue to take airline coming in for the next -- fifteen to twenty minutes or so. Because they do have that overnight construction that wasn't scheduled to be picked up till 530 then it was a crash right at the I 106 tenths split that's been moved up to the right. Bottom line is it's going to be a slow go from -- ball until you get Q -- roads. Just my little bit of advice. Another bit of advice is don't expect real football tonight in the super. It's going to be the scrubs battling -- -- you can cling to -- -- bottom wrongs of the roster for your New Orleans Saints coach. Well it's the fourth pre season games. I don't know -- columns drugs. Hey these guys are making a whole lot more -- that we. If they make the roster you're right. By then -- you know these guys are fighting for maybe some time on special teams and may be for a spot on the bad trend. Raymond also be backup quarterback job as well the group. -- Who hopefully that person never sees the feel most are holding for kicks right there and -- -- play at all tonight Drew Brees take the field even for the first snap. I highly doubt just as he looked so sharp in that third pre season contacted looked like there was any rust factor with him despite missing time with the oblique strain. Let him get more rest enjoy time with the maple will be on the silent so on the debate will be in the super go with -- -- now two days old I don't Brandan began to -- -- to the game apartment so yeah I think drew will be given the night off and just -- in coaching -- might be calling plays for the. The quarterback Steve -- was sports folks on this Friday local morning everyone pre season play wraps up across the NFL tonight in the saints are in the superdome to take on the Baltimore Ravens. While the majority of starters won't see action this team means a lot to players who are fighting for a spot on the 53 man roster just ask quarterback Ryan Griffin. For guys like me that the first thing you guys sounds kind of our Super Bowl bizarre season that now so. It's a chance to go around them yourself and get better. Cleveland receiver Josh Gordon has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL for violating the league's substance abuse policy again. He missed two games last season due to another violation of the policy but still led the team -- 1646. Yards and receptions. Gordon will have to apply for reinstatement following season. Well LSU tigers opened the year with a top 25 matchup against Wisconsin and just two more days is big chief with the latest. LSU's defense what have their hands full Saturday night against one of the nation's best rushing attacks in the Wisconsin back to LSU defensive being Jeremiah arrest -- into the tiger's goals this season all very high starting out. Against the -- So does our vote to be leading mobile first scene and -- -- and didn't. The playoff system and good to win an -- Number thirteen LSU fourteen Wisconsin. Saturday -- eight Houston Deke Bellavia -- -- -- real sports all the green -- get their first taste of the college football season time night in -- Two -- coming off a 76 season and when he thirteen when the team earned a berth in the 2002. Steve's -- he hasn't coached the game for USC yet but he's already dealt with their first firestorm since leaving Washington after last season. Trojans quarterback Josh Shaw has been indefinitely suspended by the team after meeting. He lied to school officials about how we sprained his ankle last weekend. You retracted a story about jumping off -- balcony to save his drowning nephew. The school didn't explain in the statement how -- actually got injured but USC officials say they regret posting a story loading shall -- tail on their website on Monday. And the IndyCar Series has committed to an April 12 race date for next season's inaugural Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana. -- motorsports park will host the race. Today at three -- pregame coverage starts and will -- you up to kick off against the ravens that Saturday and I'm Steve Geller and that is your early morning. Lord how I feel that. Because Ryan Griffin says this is our Super Bowl yeah this is our season's over the back up QB battle I mean this is it ran he -- that he'll probably not see any significant playing time for the rest of this NFL season. And -- out to him this is the super ball. And I talked about. Certain jobs clinging to the bottom wrongs of the round roster latter is the last time he's gonna throw a pass in a game whole year likely. Most hopeful right now it personal but we went through restaurant analyst at some amazing like saints 82 nothing blow out the fourth quarter I would imagine drew comes out a game like that. The economic that you right now I'm not making you you'll be back -- twenty -- more sports here on WWL. Am not that into account take a look at your forecast right after the your forecast. Still on the drier side today with just its when he tip 30% chance for a few spotty showers and storms this afternoon. Still hot and humid from coast of us through the day highs around 91. Feeling more like upper nineties tonight it's 20% chance for overnight showers. Tomorrow a 50%. Chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms. As our weather pattern changes a little bit. Highs tomorrow around ninety degrees. And Saturday for higher rain chance continues about a fifty to 60%. Chance from the pinpoint forecast center and meteorologist Alexander cramp -- Haven't uniting -- 76 in Slidell good news they've opened up all the planes from Metairie in to New Orleans the I ten is moving freely. And I coming up as the Internet killing the mall and with people after the news dot WWL. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's August the 28 it's when he fourteen -- and even -- -- day before Friday happy Friday eve you and yours mr. blind man on man it's not a happy Friday for one person who's listening tour and that right I have made him very angry. And now. -- like we're not target mild anger now I don't know this person gets knowing they picked up there. Smart. Started texting me all kinds of profanity out. You know it was that -- that now I said that I didn't think that tonight's final pre season game in the superdome was going to be very interesting because -- -- bunch of scrubs. Fighting. Pot on the bottom of the roster. Latter on the bottom wrongs of the roster is that not the truth well I was just trying to make the point. That. If you're looking for you know. Edge of your seat football -- can hold your attention yeah it's gonna really be exciting like the regular season -- and get that you know and that's for full disclosure. Making clear that the fourth pre season game is typically not -- interest and no chances seeing. The stars -- not much you know maybe a couple of guys who haven't gotten wrapped in the have been hurt. They might stay in for a little while Drew Brees I want tickets -- at all. The purse strings you guys are going to be you know given rest ready for the regular season but it dispersant. You are piece of you're taking about your talking about fighting for a paycheck I hope your boss makes you fight for yours and you lose you. Paul. It is -- yeah. -- called me a piece of and a own. Just because. -- point the game would be politics. But now -- -- he's right I could not. Ever. Even -- The field. In a pre season game France felt well these guys who are fighting for these 53 rosters. Are. Some of the finest athletes. In the most elite category in the world around us to have an opportunity. Now to play Indiana and if they don't make it or steal great athletes yet. But there are also in terms of NFL rosters the scrubs. And if they do make it the guys who are fighting for the final spot that will be on the bottom rung of the roster latter. And if you don't make -- Jane and I guess you know by the that's got to be just a tough road to hold actors then you get you wait for the phone there. To ring and hope somebody else -- hey we need job appear. Okay and then he would well so they aren't it's recognizing that the -- it was no I have not. I think I go to malls. If I can't. Avoid it three times a year maybe. Yeah out there is no worse feeling for me and walking around the mall with my wife and daughters. And it is. Wishing banking and praying they'll be done sometimes significantly. IE I really I'm one of those and and there are a lot of man I know that flawless night column and you find that out satin. Always wears the men fighting for a spot on the -- because -- Frustrated with having to walk on the Malta and you're right it goes on. And on it's like you're looking at your watch every you know couple and their mesmerized by every I'll I'll Iraq in every sign in every sale everything yet they can't get by a single window without going to I gotta go in just a bit more single yeah well and and and try everything on it. Anyway I'll I'll I'll shop on the Internet when given a chance any time and the struggles of the esplanade -- tanner are stereotypical of struggles of many malls across the country yes. There are strong -- that this surviving and thriving mind. This online shopping craze but -- balls that are kind of in the second here. The bottom wrongs of the ball roster it's not done so hot now not to and so hot enough to bring out how they can get people to go to the escalating tanner. And so far network and mountains stores leaving in droves and I'm just -- people can text Elizabeth and no problem -- and you love to go to the -- hate to go to the mall. Or -- somewhere in the met. I will say the last on my one answer and I don't know one of was -- to me if I'm at the beginning of the year or something. And I got I went to lakeside and I've got to say that I had. Fabulous service usually I feel like I'm just left there. In a day she's you and I are opposite fabulous service to me is when no one talks to me no one approaches me just leave me -- -- -- something I'll ask you. Don't come up to me ask me I know I I I did go up but then she was just like you know brought me every east you because I'm hard to fit. And so you know it was like one insured one -- until I got everything I needed and are which are so pleased -- I'd still probably be there. My perfect -- shopping experiences I go -- fine what I want. I get out and a whole thing classless and I'm very ego that that's perfect executive talked about twenty minutes markers -- Chris Miller joins us. With the latest from Saint John -- for three communities. Are being told at 7 o'clock this morning they're gonna start infusing their water with a massive doses of chlorine to kill brain eating amoeba the good news is. The only way -- your brain is if you give up your nose and get that are burning your nose and you almost have to inhale it up your nose to get the amoeba in your brain. More details coming up to. Oppose god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast center and say good morning. From the pinpoint forecast center to -- meteorologist Alexandra cram for the lady read this morning. Get an -- about how I'm doing well at the date before Friday. Yes yes and the weekend is just upon upon as a long holiday weekend you know -- Labor Day already -- really -- that -- this is the last Friday eve. Of August. Will be in September next week. And we're going out about the way we came -- with pretty normal temperatures not an extremely hot and no extreme rain on. Yeah you know it isn't the time that you're an average temperature actually begins to its rock. Right Philly you know we've been so hot for so long it's it's finally that kind of breaking point where at the end of August in that averages near 92. We're looking for averages -- 91 honestly hold the Greek cooler. That's right I mean that's that's kind of a -- that that we have heading into -- all right in and I can't wait until we can get a little eclipsed it it is comfortable temperature -- to a Nazi that -- -- it really ties. In 1991. Wouldn't -- and little shot -- a shower. Yes exactly 30% chance of rain that by the way is very average for this type of -- and it's typical target date today. And we get more of the same up to the weekend but rain chances go up a bit is that what you're telling us that's right to tomorrow about a 40% chance of what we're going with a little higher for some areas and Saturday to it looks like about 60% chance so we'll have -- kind of scattered downpours more in the picture for tomorrow and Saturday and the -- long holiday weekend not much change. But yes this person they have gone back to about 30% chance for -- same story on Monday so that high pressure kind of being built for instance. Short form of the -- Can answer your question what. People. My goodness markets to us Arkansas State University. A -- after having a party. And a couple of guys were goofing around with some sports equipment one guy threw a football to another guy who was holding a golf club. They got with a golf club hits the football. And breaks the golf club in half. The neck of the golf club 530 feet any of pails and eighteen year old girl Natalee Joseph eaten right in the next. Whole week now this is look in that a couple of guys rush over and hold her very very stale. The golf club actually went into part of her spinal. And doctors and now you saved your life which -- never gonna walk again -- paralyzed from the neck. The good news is. Her dad now says. He had spewing on both sides of her body and it moved her arms and they don't know her long term prognosis yet. But all of this because a couple of guys at a frat party one -- you know football with a golf. Hailed from thirty feet away. Well the good as if she might make a full recovery yeah she's getting better but. Wow you know talk about unintended consequences. And not fully appreciating the possible consequences of your actions. I just hit a football with a golf club not what the equipment designed to do. You know again -- thirty feet away -- on the sidewalk. -- people. The only time I've ever had any. And then hitting a golf ball with a baseball -- And kind of get hit with baseball bat. So don't make horn at the bottom line that's that's the moral of this story don't make it sports equipment. Because when you do people get hurt. That's a good lesson to learn guesstimate hope that. In the long run Natali -- makes a full recovery. Police are still investigating. Not clear anyone's -- -- -- -- -- Thank Alexander have a great day Alexander Akron -- director of the pin point -- at that. Real sports with people using the equipment the right away coming up next with Steve Galileo on WW. Five if he gave nearly addition to beat him two offers is like coming out -- man real or not it saints game game may be rat. Once again and made them and then watch the game and I'm gonna enjoy I'm just make that point the shouldn't expect it to be. The first Lehman's. Kind of football that were Tennessee next week I think it is interesting to the big backup quarterback battle it is heartening to see which guys are up and coming in have a shot at being future stars for the new world. I'm just and that the guys who are gonna be playing tonight and the guys -- in the regular. The people activated seventieth via I appreciated -- Steve Geller you'll be. Covering saying. Tonight. Malia and you'll find it interesting. -- on the edge of months now you will not that tiger line. It'll be good for the first probably quarter. And -- -- like please let's -- over again because probably gonna head to Atlanta but. It counts for real tonight for two -- Saturday for relatives so it's not that that's real football right around the corner yes the galaxy. Good morning everybody it's game day in the superdome as the saints host the ravens in the pre season finale. While this game is exciting for the fans players like quarterback Luke McCown looked to prove their worthy of a spot on the 53 man roster. My -- that I'm working to keep my the rest that I did only the most they'll be the most efficient accurate that ball player that I can -- Carolina quarterback Cam Newton says he feels great and there's no doubt in his mind that he'll be ready to play in the panthers' season opener against Tampa today. The fourth year quarterback recovering from a hairline fracture to multiple ribs and says he's improving with each day. Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL for violating the league's substance abuse policy again. He missed two games last season due to another violation of the policy but still with the team with 16100 yards in receptions Gordon will have to apply for reinstatement. Following the season. We'll look college football season is here and LSU opened with a top 25 matchup against Wisconsin on Saturday is the big chief with -- rate gap. After -- all hot month. Plus some. Hitting each other the tigers finally get to line up against someone else other than their own teammates linebacker DJ well this is he it is tiger teammates are ready to face someone different. Just there was already if someone else's over the votes in the game you know -- in -- -- I think this that these days he better now. If you download from the very risky handle. It's arguably the biggest and best matchup of the first week and a college football -- about thirteen -- doubled fourteen Wisconsin Saturday night in Houston Deke Bellavia WWL sports well two -- in told that the take on the golden hurricane tonight at 7 PM. The green wave return of fifteen starters from last year including all American cornerback Lorenzo -- And -- thirteen conference USA -- freshman of the year -- morally. Southern California cornerback Josh -- has been suspended by the team after admitting he liked the school officials. About how he sprained his ankle last weekend retracting his story about choking off a balcony to save his drowning nephew. The school didn't explain how shall -- actually was injured but USC officials say they regret posting a story loading -- -- on the web site. -- a fifth year senior team captain and key starter in USC's defensive secondary. And the IndyCar Series has committed to an April 12 race date for next season's inaugural Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana. Analyst -- more. No look motorsports park. Will be hosting the race. Today at three scenes pregame coverage starts and will be -- of the kickoff against the ravens at seven. Been following the games they -- for the point after with Bobby there and beat Bolivia till 1 AM I'm Steve Geller and that is your early morning look it's. Were excited before they've gone Steve -- with you on your radio to line how does this isn't a lock and they open tonight at -- they get the went. I'm looking forward to this season for too -- because it's definitely a really telling sign of how Curtis Johnson has been building this team. Wanna see how fresh their freshman quarterback does. It's going to be it's helpful on the road I see them squeaking out the victory though riding this wave of momentum wing opponents Bennett right. But -- and then they got to come home for a really tough. Season opener at home against Georgia tag that wanna be. Pretty brutal Holman Stadium you'll mean yes -- -- maybe the momentum from -- -- right they win and then their opening their first game ever at the new stadium. Maybe they get after tuneup start let's hope writes I'm a Texan -- 78. And just say how not excited. I am about the fourth pre season game I didn't play. Stand up and -- crown today he's an -- degree agree on the saints because I didn't play well it doesn't matter if they win -- lose its pre season game by. Hey I'll play every. How old. Okay okay okay if I. Think it was like fifteen minutes before -- here at WW AM mountain that. Get yourself a little ground folks. The saints are playing tonight at least some of the things. On again -- playing tonight you'll -- play in the black gold ever again they get to enjoy it while last. I -- -- -- for the next four hours upon which again let me be the first to issue happy Friday. Now this second but -- what I guess in which to myself so you are the first gutsy idea bad idea Q what it's not about the saints about Bobby Jindal coming cooler. Seat --

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