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8-28 6:15am Tommy, Saints final preseason game

Aug 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints game against the Ravens

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Do you plan on traveling this Labor Day weekend no. On -- -- -- -- phone them up and all I'm sorry didn't mean -- -- Tripoli in -- and yet dawned -- -- and answer -- -- do you plan on traveling -- that. And now party planned on. -- thanks a lot. Ark charity will because he's at how many thousands of people yeah I know millions. A lot of angles like 34 say hi good morning you plan on traveling on Labor Day weekend. No it was taken calls it one -- and about it -- know those people would drive and Melissa call. It's just I guess it's -- -- eight million people 34 million so I mean I don't. Do you really have time to make 31 million phone calls. -- -- -- it -- out where you aren't labeling business and are you just miles yeah I what are you just got to travel love 42 miles and just didn't get yelled at dizzy miles or more. I don't know it's floating and it's fifty at it depends on in my swing by Kevin's house or not. You know us lancing on lava but she takes up in -- and -- just difficult though because I think that if we don't think I just wonder about that how do you know. That 34 million people are gonna be tramp you -- how you now yeah there's some of them change their mind their curiosity. Thing you just have to delve endured and twisted around you only bring what. Bring in cheesecake day ago now we're down a 34999000. Wouldn't aren't. -- resettled I'm a little cranky because I'm hurting today I actually got back on the elliptical machine in my house yesterday we took the clothes often they're running well and it's not the -- of the bank it's bothering in his truth I think had a sinus infections -- the dust that was on -- they collected all. Gone but out the Al. I David saints pre season do you want to go undefeated and he thinks it's the kiss of death. I I'm not into that whole thing group -- agree agree. In you know losses and -- its pre season. I don't really give them and then next week we have to just like here we have to error into those problems. -- Yeah right that's right now he said it totally and concentrate on the dirty birds. Concentrated in the dirty birds. Yes exactly now that once again you've nailed it. And average regular opinion polls -- AM I'm superstitious and you know look I think so many weird things down just look at the world you're right I I'd -- it upside down and look at it from if you do you do it but it's not me who David. I know somebody -- in your pants and dirty job bride. Do you think it's bad -- for the saints go undefeated in the pre season I gotta tell you I think it is I think at some point you gotta lose a game you're gonna lose a game. I don't want anybody on in the game too cocky even though I know it's not any -- -- sort -- -- starters if any will be playing unused. But he humility served accounts and -- -- it to be as hungry as we can for the whose dirty bird falcons and we have and it's all body. That every haven't mentioned yet that's -- I was stuck in Dominican program and -- -- our regular guest on. Nobody really seriously I would I would I don't want them to purposely throw the game tonight. -- You wouldn't bug me if they laws and if not I'm not implying any -- I'm just saying go out and can't sent or do you do you just drop out right wondering ought to pick it up -- -- can guarantee you'll Manhattan because you know forget I -- -- -- -- people's names down because I forget that somebody called. The first game of the pre season and said you know it does the best reality TV you concede because this is not stage this is not fake these of people trying to beat each other's brains out. Even if there in the same position not playing at the same time. Just hang on in the NFL and got a job keep their job -- yet a job exactly footer for other teams impressed you know everything the guy and this guy doesn't lie innings captured on tape so. I think whoever called and said that it was a brilliant observation I've never thought about pre season that way but it really is that is. The that the best reality TV that he ever gonna fines and a -- -- talked to Mike it to create. About who can change their life tonight do they have to do it. Stay on the saints team who may not be here when they cut it down a 53 who's gonna wind up on the practice squad who might be picked up from. Another team and who we may pick up. From another team. And also what you can expect tonight Tommy Tucker glad you -- Thursday morning saints game day here at WWI. Tommy Tucker talking about the saints game the -- final pre season game. Of the year and then get ready to take on the falcons. Next Sunday. And who Drew Brees you know has never beaten the ravens nine guarantee it. That's not an opening night win or lose because I don't think Drew Brees would even play. I think Thomas Moore said would probably play quarterback before Drew Brees tonight might retaliate joins us right now are -- WL. NFL and college football analyst and when Microsoft morning Martin secondly I would think get -- action's going to be limited to sunflower seeds -- Yeah I mean welcome on having this would preclude to game it means open economy the raw. And -- because in doing tomatoes you go out about people failure -- -- useless we ended. -- -- think that the economy had been a convict somebody else's -- Are you got a bit of practice squad that could be cultivated over that we can't and so. -- you a lot of guys like overall the spot in the naked here quite possibly they can get on memorial. It's important those young guys try to make it. Football team but. Like you know Jimmy Graham -- To breathe you know you know what's involved well well well we didn't start but he's not against Atlanta. Who Lama who who has a really shows something tonight if they're gonna make the team -- does it matter. -- -- for a few no matter what happens at fifty threes were to assess. Always. Great debate on the final. And -- -- it to me at that place kicking position. Where you have him you win you cheer him on money. An immediate and so there between -- -- Well I'll let them come -- -- They didn't know. Dreaming squad. If you walk into. And so that they watched as we get. On immutable and that now. Mike and actual accuracy because the acting field is nursing home. Actually. You know offensive lineman for whatever reason I think they keep record. Well you know actual it would -- elected just to this point three quarterbacks on this football team. So you're still a lot of -- yeah it would it would. It's debatable exactly which you. And you know what. I think that place kicker spot is it wouldn't want it it was canceled last week about to publish. In -- -- mean we've seen this game. Jonathan -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The beginning of the season one job and one beat out -- -- That spot but certainly keeping both. Although no question because when you've got the truth you know which you have. And jump and -- you know you. This day. Probably. -- in a position so. You know it was a pretty good news today. -- -- In Scotland that would in fact the -- but not all of them well and one day. And yet always. -- problem that's. What the cause the although I think it was that Obama was strong and yet really it hasn't been healthy. Every -- money that day in that way he and you can't wait. You're not going to be out Kevin that was the surprise that the deeply they'll all wore special -- And normally. That would mean you know. Which you beat this team. Because. You know he's got in the final cut. Let's take a break we'll come back we'll talk about who we're likely. To see tonight that that matches. To isolate on. Because somebody called Leo and Mike in and it's really is true and has -- reality TV you can see if you got. He got people are really struggling here and -- and out doing their absolute best for them it is Super Bowl. Try to stick around -- with this team in the NFL six when he three more with Mike to tell -- when we come back right now though tempered evidently well traffic. And I would go to Terrell Robinson I Tommy -- -- -- -- -- to tell DA about the final pre season game tonight. -- -- Do all of the NFL teams wrap it up tonight -- it they have the same time frame. Pretty much. Happening the way that we're pocketbook but he opening game report acute treatment there. What you want to do. In different game -- -- try to do it all but. An angle to this special team and special edition. Because. They specialize in every you do in football. Special teams -- probably the biggest change. -- on every team. Then anything you -- city. Intimacy and that's why he's more returns. Kickoff return that they changed the rule. -- back at school boards but he did that in -- -- Because as you get people publicly comment that. With one another for that continuity. So you'll get it now with the -- today. You know you game and argue and attack. That first game of the season what you would do it again that specialists like the on certain and the situation. In the middle. Insulin is standing by special scenes and that is that important final cut. Injuries. Slipping to second -- I would take a break we'll come back might get a couple more minutes talking about the finances of training camp and for the guys whose careers -- and after tonight's game. How much they make during camp and where they go from -- isn't. You know the idea go to the Arena Football League DA garden get a real job -- Hang out and and take a job there it's below perhaps with your educational skill level is hoping that you get the call of course we got all the coverage for you here. Right on WWL right here on that WL I should say it starts at. 3 o'clock first take resident -- former saints offensive lineman Steve -- Todd Manassas they will be live from Oceanic grill. 739 -- tie in the French Quarter than at 5 o'clock in the Bud Light come down to kick off. Mean Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia live from gate -- at the Mercedes-Benz -- And 7 o'clock game time the best play by play team in football. The voice of the saints Jim Henderson sings color analyst -- guy John and -- sideline reporter Christian -- and after the game joining -- can in the big chief. For the point after 218 am. It's ten hours of wall -- saints coverage today right here on saints radio. The big 870 AM and 1053 double WL FM right now time for -- WL first news. As a that we go to David like David I got to Texas somebody saying all eyes will be on the saints and the ravens tonight it's the only game while not really every NFL team wraps up their pre season tonight and I guess that's to be fair to everybody in terms of you know valuation cuts pick up this one drop that one and and get ready for the season starts got Alaska and their all on action on everybody's -- -- -- in terms of being undefeated during the pre season and winning the Super Bowl. Seahawks that it last year. I'll -- very ago there's an example doesn't mean a thing might tell EA rejoins -- W -- NFL and college football analyst and like when it comes when it comes these guys economy and sometimes. Yeah I think the coaches know -- -- beginning -- -- have a shot -- looking for. Agassi tackling dummies -- guys deserve a lot more respect than -- you gotta be gifted athlete even be invited to a training camp but. Or maybe a camp army and the and the saints' fourth quarterback was in name. Might -- a little bit yes. Com. Do they get paid a lot for training camp below. It it's really not much at all you basically don't get paid in -- money in here you make an NFL roster. And that's where -- -- I mean it's it's commonplace sound. If you'll all of them via the 53 man squad you give me. Your salary for the Nazis and and if you get cut from the game and it. And that's to be the league minimum -- any idea what that is for first year player. Handed it right on the board now and what I understand so there. Coming -- -- went back and it was. Really -- couple days ago the hatred triggered all will be making. That Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They hate him and it would take a pay cut which you've refused to do so they should be able to tip of the day. And it is part of the duke and while wanting you'll hopefully you make that first we -- into it. If you've seen a lot of that the players get cut they get -- them too important. You can walk in pro -- done at that point you get any basically. Per game. But it -- -- -- that the squad. You get paid -- argue salary you would get cut too late. You know let the been. Involved with this and put something it doesn't make much difference. But I think you've seen more veterans get cut wounds that say you know what he does hang around. -- that we want to pick him back. And didn't a lot of Korean accident happened in week two -- three -- veteran players and then all of a sudden the rookie gets hurt. You get shuffled around the practice squad there is also open that chest. -- -- -- I put a player and practice squad you kind of have to sneak in there if you below -- says a shot -- -- -- -- Everybody else got a shot at once you get cut -- you -- -- game design with who you want now once you sign a player. The practice law. He can't move from one practice squad for the next. Ought not only where another team can grab your practice squad later it -- big -- all on their active -- -- man's law. You come out throughout the season a player can be claimed off of somebody else is practicing. Practice -- If this sank one and got it on the practice squad they can claim him as long. He is on your 53 man squad but you can't grab another practice squad player they put on your practice squad and. There's blood for the rest of the season or from one game. Well however. And there is someone bringing -- -- -- -- little bit light grip was actually started the season. All the developmental squad. Our injuries to Sam Bradford. -- -- am trying to get you know and it will go put him on active 53 man squad. The saints decided that they activated they would have won there it remains well -- -- Mike appreciate your time are really deal we'll talk to a lot throughout the season you guys second guessing tomorrow or Monday. -- -- My episodes -- the casino -- -- will talk more about that as it gets close that you might. 64317. Before seven when we come back here for you know 2601 point seven he told 3866. 88908. Sammy who should be the saints kicker for this year should be seeing Graham. Who had one too many misses against the Seahawks to I think Islam. I believe. And lord this new identity. Stronger leg on tests of cheating Graham older not as strong globally. Hopefully more trustworthy tell me when we come back and -- -- human instinct kick him manners. Until it's late in the mean when you needed to win will be back in a flash and evidently well I it's not a target -- WL this morning we are taking your calls about the saints and the pre season game tonight of course on what coverage here. For you beginning at 3 o'clock is saints tee it up for the final pre season game we tee it up at 3 o'clock first take resonant -- former saints offensive lineman. Tied Steve Portland Todd masses like from Oceanic grow at 739 -- tie in the French Quarter. Then at 5 o'clock Bud -- count down they kick off the -- Bobby Hebert of the cajun cannon. And big chief Deke Bellavia who has no winners Big Easy used to be. At the live competes in the Mercedes-Benz superdome 7 o'clock kick off. Best play by play team in football voice of those things Jim Henderson color analyst of the guys on and sideline reporter Kristin -- And after the gaming and join cajun cannon and the big chief for the point after until 1 AM yet it all up. Comes out to ten hours of wall to wall saints coverage today on saints radio big 8:7 AM and 1053 FM. WW well of course last pre season game tonight. So who -- you want Sean Payton and keep as the kicker do you want Shayne Graham -- down. Eight and but he did in his two against Seattle. They -- turned the game around you stick with Shayne Graham do you go it is ninety empty. Who doesn't have experience but he's got the stronger lake. But he bring in somebody else. Colin you know to think and owner reminded too that we have James Taylor tickets to get the way you have two chances to win this morning. James and is also our band coming at a Crescent City November 11. The you know Lakefront arena and we got you tickets beat the box office went to opportunities for you today. What's gonna happen as a -- eight point seven seconds averaging Steelers on TV's number to call when a few of the first to correctly identify it. You're gonna win tickets seed James Taylor from WWL morning Chris I don't. -- atomic ecstatic and mark are both good. Problems so there's an. We are. Being able to play that suspension. You know for the first two cities being. I think I think the question is. Answerable in a lot of different ways he's a veteran -- to see him play tonight first off in terms of suspension that's going to be for the regular season games. -- strong ticket in my player here you hope we. Just like it is like -- -- -- I've got to thank -- -- who do you -- to say to keep his -- -- you know -- It's it's -- matters on this board as a man at -- -- in 1990%. On mental little of that it. Thank you Chris I'm glad you called. 6528 before seven more calls -- comeback -- tell you something and they could clear up a mystery. That has been going on for years. And years. When we return. Right now tempered at W out traffic to net but I did Terrell Robinson. I Tommy Tucker 6573. Before seven next hour to get a teenager in the car with you on the school. And here she thinks it's rather early they're not alone there's some evidence at least from some research that shows. School for high school teenage -- till 830. And of course before breaking bad there was. The Sopranos. To. Which generated as much buzz and it's day as did this breaking bad and of course there was. A lot of talk a lot of chatter a lot of discussion lot of arguments over the final episode. Yeah. Focus on the good time. We shot can. -- we said one time. Trying to remembers times are good. -- -- and music bills mantle back in the car up. She finally gets it arts guys getting up from the town -- walk in in the bathroom. Some my contacts made they need some onion rings and all of a sudden. That's -- screen goes black. Did Tony Soprano -- or not well. The creator of the show David Chase has taken all of the mystery out of it he says absolutely. Not Tony Soprano did not die. He said it was this in inspired the ending by. Edgar Allan prose poem dream within a dream. And it's all he said and you know a lot of us there was soprano fans were all hoping. That Tony had not died because we wanted to see more and we want to see a sequel and maybe a movie. But the irony in that is that. James Gandolfini passed away again played Tony Soprano threatened and about the morning on double WL talk about saints kickers. Hey what do you think usually keep. Them. Tell me why. It. There. OK Andy did you even have to Seattle you count on him as if it comes -- -- an extra point or field bowling game. Or like that positive that he friend. I would act we got a bad it would not like that gave it up. On that. Don't Fred I'm glad you called a name on my want pace yourself though. Market -- long day and -- how. I get -- thanks a lot appreciate always come back we'll talk about. Sleep and teenagers -- even if you delay the start of school. Is -- gonna help because I think they just to stay up later and get the same amount of sleep anyway we'll talk when we come back under the W.

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