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8-28 7:15am Tommy, start school later for teens?

Aug 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Christopher Winter, the Medical Director of the Sleep Medicine Center at the Martha Jefferson Hospital in Virginia, about teens and sleep

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David when you were. I don't know when you -- -- -- even have high schools real low in one room how'd they do -- it was a one room school house on the field as a thought -- The sarcasm and Andy school my arm would come in every now and and give you some lessons out of -- that would do whatever. Actually I really do is go to one room rule -- yup just for months in Maine. We are up there for summer vacation. -- -- decided to stay in September and so mom put me and though little school house must be nice when -- privileged. Our media member how much sleep you get when you were in high school. I really don't I don't think there was a huge slate. Non I would I I can remember watching Johnny Carson on dvd does not old enough for you know -- actually -- ED yes. Until lag midnight from 1030 until midnight even though I'm not old enough I chose to watch it yes. -- you know cable. Has -- to be realistic him. No but seriously I would watch Carson from 1030 until midnight and and go to bed around 1230 get up -- Guess six and go to school and -- to be their freight -- how I was gonna say about 6 o'clock was -- wake up time but now is so much of the so many schools start earlier earlier -- started out at three at 330. And there's new study out that says. American academy of pediatrics and high schoolers should begin no earlier than 830 because they aren't getting enough sleep they need eight and a half. But -- if you just post on the starting time might think it is to stay up later on you pie yeah. So we'll CNN and just glanced yell how much sleep do you getter you kids how much do you need -- -- I'm doing better than that I do on December and down by. You learn about and trying to get eight it's not account. -- just trying to get eight I wanna get the right answer to a better. Parents. Better than. This is sleeping better and act. You know David when you're in the second tallest man in the world there are two ways to move up true. One of them is to grow. Right so more -- -- and the other is if number one on the -- abdicate his thrown so to speak or really how much they're joining the NBA is on hospital outside changes height -- thing isn't done now. I will -- a Ukrainian man thought to be the tallest person world died at age forty Ford needs help people a lot of times -- Some hormone problems some other disease and yeah other stretched out what was then it was. On a and it's exactly that happened yet there and against threats -- those are. Not only to better suited at what does that. Hearts of all -- was -- it stretched out again I was 88 foot five and -- 00 goodness. Announcement that he and his name was Lee -- step. It is and then the next guy in line is. Is Ahmad who is eight foot three tied I might -- with. -- coasts and -- they'd put three but the thing that's interesting about this is if you look at the top ten people in the world. Like in terms of heights. -- scheme Tyco whole -- eight feet one inches tall. -- from some kind of European or Asian countries Hong Joon Ky is seven feet eleven inches tall now -- -- -- -- you gives you the feeling a rod who line chart beat them. Seven feet 89 Evans I don't see any you don't Donald -- -- -- Blake so -- -- Smith did not Lozada a son and offered something that they're doing that we're not and we don't want to but. A tell you this. Not to be indelicate here. But when you're eight finance. An 816 vote. All bodies until long when he especially main flow not ready yet. It's nothing else from that day remember would David Blake to use that. Tall people -- that are ridiculously exceptionally tall they die early because they stretched out. Tabernacle talk about teenagers -- sleep but WWL you're. I Tommy -- 718 I think any of us that have been teenagers sort of tried to awaken a teenager when it's time for school. Had has had the struggle of either five more minutes ten more minutes where you almost. And that's the irony in his I think the older they get the Hartford is to get out of bed. And doctor Chris -- joins us right now medical director of the sleep medicine center at the Martha Jefferson hospital in Charlottesville Virginia. Got to study out by the American academy of pediatrics. It says you should push back the times starting time for school for older kids especially teens because it's better for their mental. And physical health morning doctor. More and date and time limits. Are waiting to jump too early -- I thought that this is this is -- That's standard way to have time for our kids do. I'd tell me beyond what the study shows and and the possibility of any of -- any changes being made here. The study essentially and so. Real acting on orders to but he did basically say that in terms prototype -- orbit a person and natural body clock. Younger people tend to want to be going to sleep later and -- up later where people in the -- immigrant parents like. Go to bed early in an -- week early and these are generalizations. Under rules and certainly units it's sort of wakes up in the morning accuse them brackets were -- to do that would is natural written. Did the wrong with that is that average school start times typically are pushing children to be it their best when there. Biologically not wanting to. I wonder if that's because. Trying and hours of the educational Baylor is it about accommodating parents have to drop them off. I think that I think I think when you look at this school days. In particular when you look at the way. And schools' situations like these setup. There's probably a lot of down time or. I guess less efficient -- being used during the day so we could make changes that would be much more advantageous to children about it. Junior in high school. And -- simply does not have to up the deficit efficient worker. He didn't work and so the idea that she. Every night. It's a sword -- until this week expert having. In my the now I'm speaking to people particularly people at the deepest sleep a requirement what they've got to get -- they do. It's essential part that performance. When you simply don't have the time to do that there -- severe in. It does create situations -- kids want to sleep in on the weak in the Arctic cat obviously in the cycle continues to Egypt to fix things. It would be. And probably difficult for people that depend on schools. As a as a place that their kids love it work. It's I don't know do what you do doc I got a senior high school and it's same thing by the time yet on extra curriculars by the time in on. The homework a lot of homework and then you got to give them limited down time for a lot of guys they got a -- they -- people like to limited TV maybe when he men and sync to clear their head. I can do I don't know the answers. I mean that. Is an educator and we had this discussion literally two nights ago. Does that. Peace front and -- -- cute scene and and and I said yeah it really. We need to radically re think our school days and you say that it has been talked about and written about for years it's it's would come down to it. These. Difficult nature in terms that you can keep choosing between the livelihood of appear in the library which I think it -- that's where the stumbling block get it would be very difficult for a school system to work otherwise I think. You were trying to integrate some of the extracurricular activities. Into the school day here immediately after the school day -- -- the ups and creative solutions. -- with -- work and things of that nature class is working more together where that math teacher understands more what the science teachers doing it now -- -- a lot -- our agreement out of time. But the other time at -- -- or not so they just try to be more even in terms that we think is based could help you right. About data seems like when it rains it pours everything -- the same time whether there you should he had nothing to do mountain can make. On -- locker room -- when it comes -- ill adults and younger adults older adults does. The need for sleep or the amount of sleep increase decrease is it in me directly related very universally related when it comes. Young and old adults. It probably decreases that we get older if you look at apply from the time the child born and took to become an elderly individual. There's always seems to be -- deep crease in these -- we needed at that time. If you look at the time. The child needs the -- according to order to do. Can get radical change in term we needed I was off. But there's probably always a little bit the draw in terms on which we need to an older person needs let's say the person that. Again these just these would however that it doesn't mean necessarily. Applies to every individual -- went out to my agent that that you suddenly field in the for more forcefully. I'm in your life. That's probably a red flag should be checked out and suddenly you become forty. A game if you you feel like he need to get an hour's sleep to figure out swears before you set an -- eight. That might -- reasoned that it investigate it'll. Further and in your reading my mind because I'm wondering if you know you go home you're sluggish every night you're in bed by -- -- 7 o'clock you get another 7 o'clock -- and 1112 hours sleep at night I would presume at some point they're going to be too much and and there could be other issues. And so what you're looking -- is and you need sleep. You're really talking about quality and quantity. So a lot of time with the quality of a person's sleep become diminished. They're quantities starts to arise in the effort to make up for the poor quality and eventually. Even that and work your patience -- -- go for more on Friday. Pretty much spin the entire that we can trying to sleep -- expendable cure -- the next to target your doctor doctor. Tag of one goofy question formula together this thing on TV where you can't awaken sleep walker. Do people actually did do a lot of sleepwalking may not on Ambien or anything but just to be. Naturally and then isn't a problem if you -- come tempers are just a TV device. I don't think it's a problem if you wait them out and got a lot of times we in the -- candidates oriented. In -- That a lot Caitlin Hewitt teaching. Now and it's very rigorous schedule now the medical school. He would it's -- sleep walkers we talked a fair amount and the easiest thing to do it has to go along with that and remember when we're watching the X-Files. It sold so these Bianchi a supernatural types of things you woke up and said. And before you come to -- -- the other dead bodies off the outlawed and it's a lot easier to just say yeah. Of the dead body into a -- Short if they would -- talking about it is. Wrong -- to get them back in the better. Back to sleep that seemed to work that but it's not dangerous securely give its people you have very educated man and a bit it's still reaching out. It is not a lot of language was referring to where he is chocolate chip cookies and again it's sort of does go wrong with it gesture chocolates or cookies inclined has gone to bed at about the morning to take some whenever she had a -- I appreciate. Appreciate you primarily do you have a great epidemics and tertiary if it does appear in Virginia we've been popular fruit -- yeah. They love gone up there I believe they'll be back. They get -- actor Chris winner medical director of the sleep medicine center at the Martha Jefferson hospital in Charlottesville. Virginia -- a whole lot of questions here are one of which is like MC teenage kids is there's something the school could do. It make it easier on them so they could get some more sleep -- enough rest and do you kids get enough rest or are they so overburdened with homework or extra curriculars. That they're burning candle at both ends and using -- adversely affecting him and finally what's the right amount of sleep for you. I feel better if I get eight and a half hours when I first. No weighted toward toward the middle of the day I got more energy and stamina but it's hard to mitigate go on now I get six hours. Then man I'm ready to go but and I kind of start to -- around 11:12 o'clock you call me let me know seven Tony seven satellite extravagant -- -- -- -- Robinson. Ladies and gentlemen it gives me great pleasure. To be the first one to introduce to you. Mr. and mrs. Brandon. Angelina Pitt Brad Angelina Joseph late red. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Brad Angelina made Brad Angelina Brad Pitt Jolie. Got married. Really in France yes they I don't think they are right now can you. So let's have a nice round of applause -- -- It's gonna be up a giant reception huge reception -- and their kids. It's. All come on and are gonna -- one of those big Hollywood jobs with a million dollars as of -- to be huge to be them and kids are all I got like 58 -- -- -- it out of view me adopted -- maverick decent well. -- the power ball as it is up that we don't know about knotted at one crazy. Tell -- -- answered now there's been a long -- You know -- -- -- miles to eat well first let me ask you since your honor roll. Is the do you think less of people with kids that are not married. The last of them via -- hours of now. Are really don't I honestly don't need the -- that's on a divorce and element to young people that that are living together like this. Kurt Russell and go gold les Swanson what's the name. Kate whatever holding on school -- on Nancy yes. I'd rather see people married with kids you know I'd rather -- I just you know I'd just feel better about it but I don't. Disdain those who don't look. Does that make sense well let's talk about that David -- is a -- out why you feel better about people who are Mary. It's just a moral thing now. Personal morals and adding it's easy for the kids if everybody's Mary and Alice that may -- what I'm thinking of for so I don't know what he'd get Brad and Angelina and it. Pretty much have everything I'd say they're doing really good when you get for the couple that already has half of Africa. Will would you get I I'd imagine point. Did he get her rang discern anything about a ring Jordan says the other -- that's totally. For charity ago statement as did Jordan -- -- -- Now he's not because we're talking about your story in the news about this car in the happen GPS and Macedonia. As in -- and you know a GPS stands for global positioning satellite. And he looked David as though he were going to explode like he was just trying to. To keep himself from from blurring out -- and then tell him look a go ahead look it up you think I'm wrong correct me if you -- -- much he corrects me. You know are now and sure enough he couldn't wait to get to the computer with -- as little fingers type in on -- to tell me it's stood for Global Positioning Systems. So. Hope he has a great day correct and once again and that's not good with -- -- as an 85 show on nothing. -- you know but I do I do think it's interesting about this app that. The parents can control radio out of volume volume of the radio and the the -- need to. Which I guess if you wanna I don't know what you'd cap for that seventy. Vietnam and seventy I guess that might have to for an interstate gas. But standing here is CNN GPS about Global Positioning Systems about where they are and I just. Here's my thought on this and I'd like to hear from from the audience out there -- 26018720386. Exit 89087. And if you need all of that I don't think you should trust your kid. -- behind the wheels. Because OK you put the maximum speed it's ebony and be doing seventy and a 35 zone but yet if they use a Carney interstate you got to make its Anthony. And I think it's the same thing you know and and we can really expanded topic here feel like it is. Com. You know you try to monitor the Internet activity you'd you'd try to keep an eye on everything their deal -- that ultimately I think it comes -- to -- and -- more you can trust them because we all know is kids what we were able to get away with. Right thing to -- in Sonoma throughout. And now and as high tech age you know I think that the kids teenagers are always step of ahead of everybody else. They are and and you know in your day or my day we might have snuck up Playboy. Or something you know and headed under the bed and these days vacancy. You know Crawford porno what does that -- to do with anything well she's pregnant well I'm just saying if you're gonna monitor your kids you know that the dangers are just every. Well but at the and I will say that David -- -- in with you but you're right back in the day if you found a magazine worry relegate your hands on that was something and you know what -- -- they want just and you can put it look you can put whatever safeguards you want on a computer. But they go to somebody else's house used their computer. And I just wonder how you handle your kids in the Internet retirement teenagers and sleeping in. When it comes to trusting teenagers how to how to handle it in your house do you do you just instill those values that you can and hope. That when you're not around they adhere to them idea to check up on him every every couple of days every couple laments you're constantly I'll open a business. And Betty do you do that does she sank and I think you said this earlier about something else this morning though they may go the other way. I didn't say that but I do believe that that you -- yeah you we want to do some. And they're not doing it treat them like they are in and they will go do it. But I'd -- -- different it to six -- 187 he till 386 exit 89087. When an app like that be of any use to you where you could. Control how -- the radio is played would speed the -- goes and then. A GPS system where needed. It's -- that means Global Positioning Systems system. UNC. Anyway GPS. -- seeking constantly tell where they are Tommy Tucker in a column in -- you think when we combat under evidently well. I Tommy Tucker talking about teenagers and sleep and how much they need India think yours gets enough. And would you be in favor of the school's starting later which is what the studies studies at around 830 the American academy of pediatrics. Says -- started 830 Latina -- get enough sleep them tell you want. If they get up later they're gonna stay up later manages means more time -- damn phone if you apparent in on time now Ricardo good morning on -- WL. Good hello we're talking about the you want to learn about the app that. The tracks and GPA as controls speed in the car vibe of the radio. All of that is good you know I believe that for safety and retain ultimate outcome. Acting here or there so nobody told me to do well and post not a -- can kill you just like ago. So you know keep your. Level of speed because and then when you had people tell you what you -- that accurate. Here now McCain's. Couldn't hear you expect that being that -- handle them but put fear in -- strongly believe. Would -- all that out what to do all. You know. I think too it's teach him responsibility because. I don't think this app is gonna help anything because if you do that -- new challenge and find another way and and my daughter and I think you know as far as I know grow up very very well and polite and everything -- You know you never know but I believe she's due in an act of water like you'd you never now and I guess we Ricardo when you go back to when we were kids. This stuff everybody pulled on their parents. Even even if you are all up in their business 2.4 hours a day they're they'll find a way. To do stuff you don't know about anything in a way that encourages them to do that. That's exactly right you ought to let it -- so sorry to do things and then when it got hit -- -- world. And I one. Call call call call and I told them speeding and driving with a -- kicked out of -- I told cameras everywhere I go to do at all times. And I think it would. You know not -- would bet that none of them got in accident -- for it that they don't. After all we. All are the things that I told them. You know to -- just people on the street now you know. -- -- -- -- Originally a recurrence and the other point is in his high tech world. There -- an idiot there's -- Andy -- -- about even on some colors to my daughter when it was age appropriate when he's like fourteen of fifteen. I'm going -- on -- -- worry here on -- and you don't screw me on this deal is gonna come back on me. And still. -- eggs that's exactly right like look I'm doing you a favor. I'm on on on a limb and make myself on rubles a year unanimous meal money -- please do. And -- -- -- Haven't. You TI 752848. More calls. Welcome back now reads in text as well right now that it's time for debit reveal Traficant for them. I Tommy -- 757. We've been telling you in at least ten teams steeler tickets to giveaway. And we do. So one and I do right now is play eight point seven seconds. On -- James -- -- -- -- first correct answer. And 260946726. OWY -- You -- identified as James Taylor song correctly you're gonna win tickets to see him in concert in November year ago. And this afternoon god. He is. -- don't mean. 9609467260. WI NS if you can correctly identified it's on -- -- its seed James Taylor. On November the eleventh team beat the box office negated tickets here will have another chance -- when later on today and and to again tomorrow. When we come back to talk about seatbelts. Since June 5 people have died. Because they were under strained in the vehicle and -- had not buckled up. And a -- like to ask you do you Wear your seatbelt for safety or because it's the law. And even though logically. I know that I should Wear it for safety I would go first here and tell you that I probably where it. Because it's the law however. If the kids in the car with me I would definitely make sure that she was buckled up so it's. Just crazy when you think about it you know it's gonna save your life you know how important it is but yet. And that's another question to win do you buckle up because for whatever reason I got this bad habit. I gotta be at least roll -- through the parking lot before I put the seatbelt on I can't do it before I start drive and she do you think that should be mandated by the government if you wanna be ejected from the vehicle. Your card your life. You do have the rights away camera not in when you see drivers. Go -- around town and hand these -- column free range kids that are just Roman all around the vehicle the Everett told him anything. And I until you awhile back I saw a woman with a little bitty babies and on her lap with a Honda Accord and until -- that -- -- goes up that tells gonna be killed instantly. It's changed anything but at least I feel like. I told it will be back on -- WL.

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