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8-28 8:15am Tommy, seat belt laws

Aug 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Col. John Leblanc, the Executive Dir. of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, about selt belt and driving safety

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are going to being in a very serious conversation David about seat belts and about five under -- drivers that have died since June. Does it warrant buckled up then do you have a problem with -- a. And -- you. Just what you were saying before we wanted to in the news is exactly what I do and it drives me nuts I'm sitting in the car. That is the time in to block a lot but I can do it. I start rolling and -- then I do it I'm struggling with. The worst thing is try our one and trying to pull it exactly why don't you do the same thing -- do the exact same thing and I got Italian. Logically I know it saves lives it's your idiotic to ride around without a seat -- -- but if it wasn't illegal and I wouldn't get a ticket chances are probably wouldn't do it you don't first off I don't think I don't know I would hope it's Havoc now on it would make sure anybody with me. If they were underage was definitely buckled up -- that we -- before we get to the serious part of it we have James Taylor tickets to giveaway. And we give away a -- now we're gonna have another appeared to give away before 10 o'clock this is the clue we played eight point seven seconds of this song. And so as soon god. He is. Don't mean. Right now my understanding. That Clara Gould who joins us now in the morning Clara. That you understood you know revenue -- the first to greatly identify the song don't tell me what it is but you do know it. I am a player right now feel free to sing along you -- -- very. And this afternoon god. He is. Don't mean it's. You know me now. -- I don't think you sing and. -- So you don't want a dramatic reading. Bad bad on my. I'll put a cap that they can't. -- I don't we don't like it when it comes here well. -- -- And I don't let me tell you congratulations you got tickets appeared to -- -- game sealer and concert. November 11 you know Lakefront arena and you beat the box office tickets valued at 210 dollars an -- sale. Until Friday September 5 so congratulations. Enjoy the -- Clara and quickly let me ask you about the seat belts yet. The -- do you have a problem buckling up he would do it before even start the car moving and tell me. Not. The bit about and it mattered back out there. -- -- Good for you and I appreciate you listening -- and enjoyed a -- You. When we come back we'll talk about seatbelts and find out what you do. An honest if it wasn't. Illegal -- -- and in other ads and idiotic thing you'll talk to mark who's this and tragic experience with this go back into the W. -- Tommy Tucker talking about seatbelts -- in five people have died because they were unrestrained. In their vehicle would be joined by colonel John will -- on a second executive director of Louisiana highway safety commission that. Right now mark -- new loans nice enough to -- and good morning Mark Mallory. Thank you tell me you story. -- restrict -- Bridge. Work art -- hit the -- in this -- and all you know. There's a seat belt aren't there. We -- -- outburst. Thank you spoke well. They. I am richer -- From -- the chippy chipped or. Jack. We're all over. That occur saw were in there and lost control vehicles. That many were there and enjoy it. And the or. Our. Water little -- and our life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or are restrained by they'll. -- century are. Separated shoulder and restore and he. There or soccer injury. You know all. Watching. In the there. Are in the end I wish that bird. Ma -- -- -- the people that chain shouldn't mean it helped -- Talking about my daughter. Interpret vehicle broker beamer trying to crawl out. Get to. -- or broken fortunately. The orchard. If you go. To -- that you're going to -- You were going to survive. -- -- -- or -- like that really urged people if you were fired. Should they are going to although were just -- -- -- and I believe it. Although we're actually teaching drivers. You. Just try per carry it to the next stop and in we. Mark I'm so sorry that happened to a man ask how long ago it happened. Sport years ago he can't. Should they -- their. Opportunity to raise our children. Problem. A single father all along the -- now I'm pretty hairy. Earl like this great -- and you were ordered. Search you. -- -- But here were people. In particular case picnic there and -- But they were eleven at night they were and they were not perhaps their work. Or debate now auction we don't really we don't know I think ejected from our. You know I just don't. Make -- aren't operating in -- and can certainly. Smart and let you called in and so -- that haven't they got bless your audio family when we come back we'll talk to -- -- -- executive director of the Louisiana highway safety commission. -- cult and not just about. Seatbelts but about. Driving when you're exhausted because a lot of people to be hidden. Highway this Labor Day weekend and try to cram as much fun into their weekend as they possibly can -- to do this safely. Eight going one time it's regulated traffic may get a text that comes in says. Sitting in traffic waiting on a train on saint Clark's -- second in a row is there anything we can do. To get these trains to delay their activities until after 9 AM. Italy even signed her name -- homes Gerald Robinson. Tommy Tucker talking about seatbelts in the importance of them big Labor Day weekend coming up a lot of people will be traveling colonel John LeBlanc joins us. Executive director of the Louisiana highway safety commission and one John raid on. Thanks to take in a time five people since June died from. Not being restrained in their vehicles. But why is it you think that. People don't quite understand how important seat belts are not going on call myself club sport where. If it wouldn't be illegal like I don't know if I'd do it or not but it is illegal so -- do. -- it just doesn't he called mark and -- I'm gonna talk a little bit about statistics and numbers that the real story is the but the people who worked well the people were killed and treated and marketer -- Java company that's got to answer your question I think it's happened. I think not wearing -- seatbelt is that they weren't too good we just have to develop happen. You know it's weird because after I'm buckled up I feel better I feel more secure but it -- and about. I don't know if it's trying to acted pull it over this no the problem is the let's talk numbers in terms of and Hughes saving lives not saving lives -- under. Sure mark -- let's talk about the seat belt use and we haven't early eighties before a law. Only about 12% of the people we can't vocal. Once the law went into effect and an apple changed to a primary law. That rate increased. Right now where G four point 1% -- for the State's ever percent last year and twelve and thirteen it was indeed 2.5. 2012 and 79 point three sourcing and good trade going -- -- The compliance rate in the backseat. It slowed to 54 point 9% a couple of years ago we helped get a law passed to include backseat passengers. We need help in getting that message out they need ballclub. The important thing to remember with these statues. Statisticians and policy tools that time the compliance rate goes up one percentage point. That equates to about -- line exceed. Com did people often text and ask me in and get in a couple of him coming in right now. Tom why why no safety belts on school buses. Because there are habitable it's called the speed than a little speed to the bottom of the street to precautions school boards want safest forms of transportation. But -- so for somebody that he would complain elegance and techsters wells saying. Do you why -- why don't I have the right to ride around on restrained if I want to and just assume the risk. Well there is a risk. You know people like you and not everyone else pretty increased insurance premiums every year because of people who were injured. One of the reasons he enters sources here perhaps outrage because they're not wearing seat -- the thinking goes compete at the -- So the cost is spread out all struck just one individual. And for people as -- -- that -- drive and and they -- squeeze as much fun and rightfully so and of their Labor Day weekend as they can but he heard part of mark's story just now was. That the driver was fatigued and fell asleep at the wheel how long is too long and what are some of the signs where it's timed it to get from behind the wheel. Well you know -- -- he's only gonna do so much. If you feel. The individual feels like they're fatigue. Think -- -- they need to pull over rest. Is a fatigue driver can -- -- that should -- Thank you appreciate your time. Thank you -- colonel John -- -- executive director Louisiana highway safety commission. Some -- deal about all that when we come back. Do you Wear your seatbelt. Do you do it because the law requires it or because you know it's gonna save your life. And I guess the other question is when it comes to do do you think it should be illegal should you have the right to ride around without it if you want. And when it comes to seeing people on the road with kids that are just roaming around and car lose have you ever told to many things. And if you did -- as a result -- have you ever regretted. Not talent many things some of the text they come in. Eight Tommy would have insurance company's mineral that no bodily injury claims would be paid -- seat belts were not used. Balances Tommy what is so many people handle a problem when they were blocked by a train. Don't they realize life would be a tough without him thing about it commodities in the stores bumper to bumper truck traffic fuel and Ellison makes life better is on trains. Leave a little earlier and enjoy your day well I think would Vicki was saying is maybe the train could. Can -- a bit different schedules so it didn't block. To drive time traffic when people rush hour traffic when people are trying to get. Here there one other context about seatbelts I teaching -- know we have a certain population. That refuses to follow many traffic laws. Their children are seldom buckled up even young children writing without car seats. The drivers make U turns in the middle of the street at dismissal time and although notes have gone out continue to talk and her cell phones in the school zones. Analog sound of just through personal experience some of the worst offenders. Are the people he picked up their own kids and goes speeding through school zone. We'll talk when we come back 830 time for -- WL first news isn't that I would go to David. Well David apparently they like -- -- and around and let us keep coming back you do it every day -- that is nice -- elevator announced an NFL action flee if I can Atlanta Jacksonville. Tied at 00 Detroit buffalo no story yet. Indianapolis taken on the Bengals in Cincinnati Valentine added 00. Kansas City planet Green Bay legendary Lambeau Field that one and not enough and sailors Miami we can't seem to score -- All the games haven't started yet. I alone. My nicely and then dramatization. Every NFL team concludes its pre season tonight every single one including of course the saints when they host the Baltimore Ravens team that Drew Brees has never beaten but. Is an account tonight at the saints win his drew I can guarantee you. The -- the most energy he's gonna get is spinning this in what you do with the sunflower seeds in the coyote. -- -- they deal with a cup do you break in my opinion now -- London and any little -- yeah I think he's got a little thing in the news rooted in the Koplan says however a time -- thing then and he and things really right out there and their economists salty you know us. -- I don't like about you know miles heat the sunflower seed. You get the salt off of it and yeah. You do is -- apart with the amount that little bitty thing and and the -- at the seed in the cup. It's a little bitty thing I'm Underwood -- in the middle of -- it's it's the past you'll. Oh well. Looks Smart in east Tennessee people react to that one. Schedule is going crazy and talking enemy army against it went -- it's Tyson got a chip that you took is. Is is banana -- -- yeah not as he gets any Google's immediately. -- wrong putting -- -- that's a word -- you'll but it should be -- sounded Wright anyway who dat nation get ready saints battle in the ravens at home tonight and don't we kick it off at 3 o'clock Thursday. -- resident. Saints offensive lineman Steve courtside Manassas live. God it sunny with a -- Oceanic -- 739 count time and a quarter. 5 o'clock count down a tick off Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia live from gates -- the Mercedes-Benz superdome. That's right either wind whistling around -- and speak. 7 o'clock game time but this play by play team in football voice of the saint Jim Anderson. Helping you make so that stuff up I think sometimes is. -- loaded up going into the game give herself in Harare. Get ready to party with the Lombardi knew all -- you know all the volume you don't think regulars and -- a little bit right united Allen ran across him and his -- there you have -- is something Els and you know I liked him a lot but I think now he's even write more stuff for NFL films because he's thinking about. How's -- gonna sound. When apparently this bad now use the soundbites Lisa showtime insanity NFL was at the show. Pre season whatever way they played highlights the play by play announcer in light on that criticized and amended the same thing. On the on the teacher that he was just up near the other day he dropped in on the Angeles show on congress there. Really and and yeah and you know you -- -- good company and Jim Anderson Angela. Man I try to colony of and any -- number blocked. 7 o'clock game time so we get Jim Anderson oh -- guys John and Christine Gary. And after the game cajun cannon big chief Deke Bellavia for the point after until 1 AM so if you add it all up. -- -- ten hours of fall below saints coverage today. Right here on saints radio big 8:7 AM 1053 FM evidently well who do you think the saints kicker should be -- you -- on with. Shayne Graham -- you go on with the NT RE you know wait till the cuts happen. But anybody's going to be down to 53 man roster same time. You know wait to see who's available on the -- You may call about that -- T 60187803866. 889087. You're also talking about seatbelts five drivers have been killed. Since June because they were not wearing their seat belts on restrained in the vehicle. Do you from always Wear your seatbelt when you drive and you can be anonymous here do you do it because. It's the law and -- afraid to get that ticket or do you do it because it makes cents and keep you safe behind the real. -- you know somebody or -- May be that just refuses to do -- and and not necessarily because it's a it's a pain but because they're protesting that the government makes him do it cut off the nose to spite the face so to speak. And he make the people who ride with you buckle up and one other thing I want to throw in here. If you go on into is Labor Day weekend doing some traveling. How do you know when it's time to pull over when you're too tired to drive. I'll tell you mine when we come back and only hear yours -- 260187. Still free 86 exit 890878. Tommy Tucker neck and a slash under the W. Tommy Tucker evident Leo Evans fun getting ready for the Labor Day weekend and I believe we will be here with you all of us together on Monday I think I'm. I'm more consuming street -- Monday morning. Which amounts seat belts and Nextel retired about Bobby Jindal and common core in the city has against federal government. And then the question and we're getting ready to posters is a pretty jaguar opinion poll bottom line. Is the governor's standing up for our kids. Or is he standing on barricades trying to raises own political ambitions. So we'll talk about it try to get the facts on all of it and and see what you think in the next hour Texans in about seatbelt Tommy Tucker hey I Wear my seat belt above 50% of the time I remember when my car was hit. I know the car knocked into the west says one main canal I bounced around inside the truck like a pinball. But luckily when the water came in as swam I swim right under the window. Wear my seat -- 100% of the time this other taxes I am glad I do because I just went through a seatbelt check. Ten minutes ago I'd also like to hear if you've ever been pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt. Because I don't know of anybody that that's ever happened to. My daughter and I and it might not be a primary offense. Mean wouldn't talk analysts and Melissa may but I think it is a primary offense where they see you not wearing a seatbelt thing and pull you over. My daughter -- of the need to stay alive for each other her dad died two years after Katrina when we're sorry for that. My brother slash my son died two years after her -- -- definitely yes to seat belts. Others and -- texting while I am part just leaving the post office in west we go buckled in LB home in five minutes. Okay. I would Wear a seatbelt even if it wasn't the law have you ever seen a face after smashing this steering wheel or the windshield. Enough said. And indeed and I wanted to ask you also about how do you know when it's time to pull over when you're too tired and you know lawyers -- an hour limit does embody different is -- four hours five hours and some people go more when I start to see things. And then I greatly over exaggerate them like you see. A small reflection in the mirror or a bug or something else that goes by and -- And you reacted you'd jerked the wheel that to me is when it's time to poll you've had enough. You reflexes are inaccurate obviously obviously be would be another time but. Even if he if you just all wired up and ready to go win when that happens I think you were far too fatigued. To be behind the wheel some more text. You should lose your right facility now -- seat belt on so if you are indirect URS OL. Which of course is a legal term Tommy went on to make automatic seat -- like they did back in the eighty's and ninety's I know my Ford Escort had one. And it retracted from the door to the seat I think. Com. Some higher end cars might still have that like. Your Benz is and so forth but then again there may have been a technical issue where it was doing more harm. Then good. I got a text here about. They -- Wearing a seatbelt how -- debt if they would not have had the seatbelt on. -- -- if they would have had the seatbelt on their neck would have been broken in two places. And -- many -- here having a hard time. Finding it. I was objective from a vehicle WW LTV news covered it Tommy might be surprised to hear my dot said if I had been wearing a seatbelt. It would have broken my neck in several places that I would have to believe that's the anomaly not not what normally happens Larry applause thanks. Colin your W -- morning are good normally -- good timing and -- Well or two ago or -- -- go on what it's not. Getting off that morning. I just so it just went to sleep that that would sleep almost part and just sort out what I want an -- Construction Ronald. And the tropical stock Oreo. -- -- know what -- -- what went on the court has now on -- I know what to borrow at all. And mostly get marble floor might. To get out floor. And and there's just one civilian. What does go cardinals. Need god -- mark my truck. Up the court for me and according of course the monster. Are you -- seat -- apostles now Larry -- -- I don't know to where it would be but it you know where you go around pass in this message around. You know you know -- model I'm. When gave president. It well robredo -- Is we gotta go he -- -- that would not knowing I wanna ask you if you see somebody with a kid roam around in the backseat. -- Man. -- do market. You know Communist -- and I do and I can't thank you Larry appreciate -- 54 coming back under the WL right now though time to look at traffic and I will remind you. Next hour more James Taylor tickets to giveaway terror Robbins and now we look and I Tommy tack another WL when we come aggregate talk about common cooler. Won't go away governors filed suit against the Obama administration. But is it just for him to the kids.

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